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Providing A Safe And Secure Environment With Stair Treads For any contractor, business owner and homeowner, safety is probably the # 1 priority. One of the most harmful sites for individuals is a stairway. Stairs can get wet and slick from the outside elements and from spills and leaks. The edges of stairs may become rough or uneven over time, posing a potential risk for tripping and falling. Those who are not able to walk unassisted for example small children or the elderly would be more prone to accidents whenever using those stairways. A wise strategy to help protect against these risks is installing rubber stair treads onto high traffic staircases. Some of the important benefits to installing these particular safety devices can be explained quickly. Many Safety Features To address the slipping, falling problem, stair treads are manufactured from high-quality and durable rubber material. For each step of the stairs, this rubber supplies a slip resistant surface. To help shoes securely grip the tread mat and to allow for a sturdier footing, the material will feature a special raised pattern. Stair treads can be used for both inside and outside staircases and can stand up to any type of weather. The treads cover not merely the flat step surface of the stair, but additionally are designed with a square or curved nose that encases the edge of the step also to further prevent stumbles and tripping. Another helpful aspect from utilizing the stair treads in addition to safety worries is that is makes walking essentially soundless. Easy Installation and Maintenance Installed by specialists or on your own these rubberized treads can be put into position rather easily. Most are adhered to staircase steps with special adhesive strips attached to the back of each tread mat as well as each step surface. Once fixed into place, the tread will be securely attached and immovable for a long time to come. You can actually choose the level of thickness for the tread so you can provide the longest amount of use based on the amount of traffic using the staircase. With a basic wipe of the mat, the rubberized material can be wiped clean effortlessly. You don’t have to Sacrifice Style for Safety There are several attractive colors and tread patterns available in these stair mats from many of the current manufacturers to match the decor and style of the location. Some of the designs you can choose from include a diamond pattern, a horizontal bar pattern, rectangular design as well as raised disc design. As far as colors go, you can select from neutral colors, earthy tones as well as more vivid hues. Old stairs can be enhanced if they are looking worn down where these coverings can add new life to stairways and entrance doors. There are those treads made out of 100% recycled material for all those who are eco-friendly and look for ways to be more ecologically responsible. Similar to the more traditional counterparts, these green treads offer the exact same sturdiness and safety features. Where are Stair Treads Most Needed?

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Providing A Safe And Secure Environment With Stair Treads Stair treads are best used for churches, apartments, stores, stores, offices, medical buildings, dormitories, clubs, institutions and definitely anywhere that receives a large amount of foot traffic. For the elderly and those with disabilities these treads are also advisable for homes where the risk of falls is increased because of limits in mobility. No matter where the stairway is located, they could certainly benefit from using rubber stair treads where the risk of falling is greatly reduced. Safety really should be a top priority no matter where you are, and stair treads should help ensure that safety every time the staircase are used. The decorative rubber stair treads from Robert Brooke & Associates make it possible for your stairs to be safe in addition to look awesome. Take a look at to find out more information regarding Robert Brooke & Associates.

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Providing A Safe And Secure Environment With Stair Treads