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International ambitions with est. 1995

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To dare is to lose footing for a second - not to dare is to lose life. Quote Soren Kirkegaard. We dare and we are pleased to introduce you to our new Est. 1995 universe. We dare to jump into our first collection winter 2013 which is both modern, raw as well as extremely feminine. A complete collection that is easy to combine and where we dare stand up for our values. We dare to say that Kim, I and the whole team are proud of it. We start small and humble, but with strength and courage, with a grandiose show in Copenhagen in connection with the fashion week, and we look forward to hearing your reaction. Uffe Buchard and I have styled a show that should be able to express our thoughts and feelings. A modern and international show to emphasize that we consider you, our customers, as global women who will not settle and would like to have an experience out of the ordinary. On you can see what Uffe and I have made previously. The idea behind our magazine is to update you with our universe. We will inform you if something new is happening. It can for instance be a small story about when we are somewhere in the world, to show you what we’re doing. Perhaps recommendations for good restaurants, books, music or other experiences. If you dear readers have something you think we should be aware of we would love to hear from you. You can write to me at This time it’s the large fashion number. We will show you what you can look forward to see in stores this fall. A little taste of the trend for winter 2013 and what you should be looking for when you go out shopping. You can also read in the Danish magazine “Alt for Damerne” week 5 a great article about what has happened in my life over the past year. “Tekstil” also has a great article about Kim and I, and why we had to establish a company together. You can also in “Femina” read about - my dream car! Already here in Numero 2, much has happened and in the next issue we will for example show you a lot of pictures and reports from the show. We will put some of the reviews up and hopefully a lot of other news. With this introduction to our universe I wish you all an excellent fashion week with lots of inspiration and renewed energy, and hope that you all will experience great success. All the best Benedikte




“To dare is to lose footing for a second – not to dare is to lose life” Quote Søren Kirkegaard



Benedikte Utzon with Kim Rasmussen

Top Designer Benedikte Utzon Chooses Danish Fashion House Danish top designer Benedikte Utzon has been in great demand. Impressive offers from Denmark and abroad have flooded in over the past five months. Now that she has finally made her decision, it is both surprising and makes perfectly good sense at the same time – she has chosen Danish fashion house Womens Wear.

Well-known designer Benedikte Utzon has had her thinking cap on over the summer following her bankruptcy in May. She has had plenty to think about, as offers from great and recognised names across the world have rolled in. One of the many people who contacted her was Kim Rasmussen, Managing Director and owner of the fashion house Womens Wear. He asked whether she would design a dress line for one of the house’s high-end brands, Elinette. At first, Benedikte Utzon said no, but something had caught her imagination. Therefore, she and Kim Rasmussen continued their dialogue while she was in Greenland and he was in the Far East. – We both realised pretty quickly that we were on to something quite unique. It was a match at both a professional and a personal level. Kim was in the Far East and started finding materials for me, and intuitively, his choices were spot on. We found common ground very fast, and neither of us had any further doubt that we wanted to work together, says Benedikte Utzon. Quality first Although Womens Wear is not yet among the biggest names in the industry, it is still one of the businesses that are being noticed. Womens Wear has developed quietly, but steadily, and while the majority of the textile industry has been cutting to the bone, focusing on gross profits, Kim Rasmussen and Womens Wear have refused to compromise on quality. Instead, the company has chosen to maintain the very elaborate and expensive creation and production process that is a prerequisite for the high clothing quality. – Every single design goes through a long and detailed creation process – from the actual design and our designers’ first style, via the model seamstress’ first test sample and adjustment model, to the actual production in the sewing rooms and through to the day where the dealers receive the final collection. We also buy all piece goods and materials ourselves from many different parts of the world. Without doubt, this is the most cumbersome and expensive production process you can imagine, but it is precisely this quality assurance and control of the fit of each item that justify our position on the market, says Kim Rasmussen.

First collection coming up As a private limited company under Womens Wear, Kim Rasmussen and Benedikte Utzon’s newly established company Est. 1995 will develop, manufacture and market Benedikte Utzon’s international collections. The first collection will be made public at a large show in Copenhagen in January, and it will subsequently be on display at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) from 31 January to 3 February. – I cannot disclose too much, but the expression will be modern, raw, sensual and exclusive, featuring beautiful colours and gorgeous qualities. Our first collection will include a major line of luxurious lambskin, sheepskin and stretch lambskin combined with new experimental techniques, Benedikte Utzon reveals. International ambitions With their new company, Est. 1995, Kim Rasmussen and Benedikte Utzon are preparing to move far beyond the borders of Denmark, and the prerequisites are definitely in place. Having been awarded the title of ‘most interesting brand’ at the Tokyo International Fashion Fair, Benedikte Utzon is already a sought-after international name. At the same time, Womens Wear has the know-how and setup that is necessary in order to make an impact on the international market. Even today, the fashion house’s four largest brands, Elinette, Lindon, by Sofie Rasmussen and Magnus Skind, are successful in seven different markets. – We share a vision for Est. 1995 to become a strong, international brand. Until now, we have focused on Scandinavia and Europe, but together with Benedikte, we will look further afield, says Kim Rasmussen, who concludes: – To Womens Wear, Benedikte is a perfect match. We speak the same language and understand one another. I am both incredibly happy and proud that Benedikte has chosen us, and I have no doubt that this is a partnership that will strengthen both parties.

In the best hands possible The good craftsmanship and the commercial professionalism have also been decisive factors for Benedikte Utzon. – Womens Wear are extremely well organised, and they are excellent at running a business. They are capable of the things that I need: quality assurance, design, production, financial control, advanced IT systems, high level of logistics, highly specialised staff, strategy etc. Most importantly, they have great respect for my process and my design. I am in the best hands possible, which allows me to concentrate on what I am best at, because Kim and his team have everything else under control, says Benedikte Utzon.



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The collection is based on the seventies’ sense of abundance. The Bond-girls and super chic women who also want comfort.


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Backstage shooting autumn/winter 2013

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Segment The collections are for the fashion conscious woman 35+ who want to express their personal style with a unique design in beautiful shades. Modern and contemporary classic expression and an exceptional fit. She wants high quality and unique details in a contemporary look, in order to express her raw and feminine personality. The collection is aimed at the modern international woman who will not settle, but also has a great need to work uncomplicated and in addition to signal strength and femininity through her clothes. The collections will always be characterized by high quality and care. Leather, fur and silk will be a key element in the collection which helps to break the norm of what is generally understood by these materials. We always work with many combination options that make it possible to put together the expression of the collection for many personalities. We work a lot with the phrase “kill your darlings�. Before the collection is presented to our sales team, we examine it closely for items that do not fit into the greater whole. This creates a more complete and friendly basis for a professional sales work, which is the ultimately for the benefit of the end consumer.


Benedikte Utzon 47-year-old Benedikte Utzon was born into a creative family that includes designers, furriers and architects. Danish Benedikte Utzon has received a number of accolades and awards for her work, and in 2009, she received the award for the most interesting brand at the Tokyo International Fashion Fair. Benedikte Utzon has previously been chief designer for, among others, Dranella and Great Greenland. She is associated with the latter again. In 1995, she established her own brand and has designed clothing for the Danish royal family, among others, including Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, Queen Anne Marie, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie and Countess Alexandra. Benedikte Utzon’s design, which combines classic and raw elements in stylish and exciting ways, is now carried on in the company Est. 1995, which she has set up with Kim Rasmussen and Womens Wear. The first collection will be shown to the public in January 2013. Kim Rasmussen Womens Wear


41-year-old Kim Rasmussen has already had a long career in the textile industry. When he was just 19 years old, he started his first textile business with production in Greece and Poland, selling the product line in Scandinavia. In 2000, he sold the company, and then went on to be employed by several great players in the industry. In 2005, he purchased Womens Wear, and over the past eight years, he has developed this company into the modern and professional fashion house that it is today. The house’s brands include Elinette, Lindon, by Sofie Rasmussen and Magnus Skind, which are

sold across markets in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Womens Wear is particularly well-known for its high-end clothing collections and good fit and for the very high quality and craftsmanship standard. The company has deliberately chosen a comprehensive and expensive production process that assures the quality of the collections throughout the process. Together, Kim Rasmussen and Benedikte Utzon have established the new company Est. 1995 as an independent company under Womens Wear. In relation to the background for his collaboration with Benedikte Utzon, Kim Rasmussen explains: – We quickly discovered that we had a good chemistry and dialogue, because we share the same passion for the specialised knowledge of our industry. I had spent quite some time looking for a company that would match our requirements and which we could take over and incorporate into our existing platform. However, I had not come across any interesting or obvious options. So, when by coincidence the possibility of working with Benedikte emerged, we quickly realised that there was a great potential in our establishing a new business and player on the market. This is a completely unique opportunity, not least because on my part, I wanted to have a concept collection – and in this respect, I could not wish for a better qualified or more creative force than Benedikte. For further information, please contact Kim Rasmussen on tel. +45 20 30 50 31 or Benedikte Utzon by email





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