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The new board represents change and continuity. Continuity which will help to promote the cause of translation studies and change which will help EST to adapt for future challenges. It is also a well balanced board representing different countries as well as a variety of topics and trainers, freelancers and institutions. EST will head East to Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the 5th EST congress in 2007. We are looking forward to see each other again in three years time. In the meantime everybody should feel free to share his/her opinion with the other members of EST in this Newsletter. Any contribution is warmly welcome. The Newsletter will also accompany us during the three years to come. We hope that they will be fruitful for translation studies and research to make Ljubljana a lively demonstration of what will have been achieved, of the direction EST will have taken – and that we will not have got lost in Translation (Studies).

New Editors for the Newsletter Over the past 8 years, the EST Newsletter has been edited by a team of two persons, the Secretary-General, and one rank-and-file member of EST. The advantage of this set up is that it gives the editorial team the benefit of EST infrastructure and a direct link to the Executive Board, while maintaining a certain independence. This format is maintained for the new editors, Reine Meylaerts (Secretary General) and Barbara Ahrens. The Editors

New Address of the EST Secretariat: Reine Meylaerts Faculty of Arts Blijde-Inkomststraat 21 3000 Leuven Belgium Email: Fax: +32 89 46 58 43

Message from the EST Presidential Team Dear EST members, EST was born 12 years ago under the inspired vision of Mary Snell-Hornby, who led it during its six first years of existence. During the following six years, Yves Gambier and a dedicated team of Board Members managed to strengthen it and develop its activities. The

team elected in Lisbon in September will have the formidable task of following in the footsteps of its predecessors. Since 1992, the TS scene has changed somewhat. There are more translator training programs, more TS scholars, more TS conferences and publications, more TS programs. On the technical side, electronic mail and access to Internet have become widely available. The fundamental needs of TS, however, remain the same: obtain academic recognition as a discipline, improve the quality of our scholarly output and improve general access to the literature, as many university libraries, both in rich countries and in less endowed parts of the world, have few TS publications. With a few hundred members and little institutional support, EST is relatively small and far from rich. And yet, we are not without assets. Firstly, we are very international, an enriching factor to all of us. Secondly, we are an open society, with many experienced and well-known scholars who welcome younger scholars in a spirit of friendship and solidarity. Over the past 12 years, EST has demonstrated its ability to fulfil a cohesive function in the TS community. Our Congresses cover a wide spectrum of branches of TS and paradigms, but there is much visiting of sessions not directly related to one’s specific interests and much interaction between participants from across the spectrum. This cohesive function is linked to our apolitical position, which we need to maintain as a scholarly body. Thirdly, we have demonstrated consistency in our quest for better quality of scholarly output in TS, in particular through our links with doctoral schools, the pre-Congress workshops organized at the last two Congresses and the Young Scholar Award. These assets need to be maintained and strengthened. New initiatives might include: - A promotion of online publications for easier access to the literature, - Practical and methodological guidance for beginners in online resources on the EST website (, - Support for acquisition of literature by TS centres with limited resources, - More training initiatives. The new Presidential team and Board will humbly do their best to stimulate and coordinate action that will help EST serve both its members and the wider TS community. We are counting on your cooperation and hope that you will continue to be happy and proud to be on board. Daniel Gile and Gyde Hansen

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