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and again is open to all young researchers doing work in translation studies. The conference is designed to provide a supportive environment for emerging scholars and an opportunity to meet others who are conducting research in the field. There will be several established translation studies scholars and guest speakers in attendance to provide feedback and advice to delegates. Conference fees will be kept to a minimum to encourage widespread participation. The conference is open to: a) those engaged in PhD research in translation studies b) those who have completed their Master’s research and who intend pursuing translation studies at doctoral level c) those who have only recently completed their doctoral studies. Delegates are invited to submit abstracts from all areas relating to translation studies, including fields such as contrastive linguistics, terminography and lexicography, translation and gender, literary translation, translation theory, translation technologies, interpreting studies, localization, audiovisual translation, Bible and religious translation, translator and interpreter training, history of translation, corpus-based translation studies, translation and cultural studies, translation and human rights, etc. Papers should be no longer than 20 minutes, and will be followed by 10 minutes of questions. Deadlines: Abstracts of not more than 300 words should be submitted to John Kearns ( by January 15th 2005. Candidates will be encouraged to speak about their topics rather than reading directly from a prepared script. Selected papers will be published in a special edition of the new, on-line, peerreviewed journal New Voices in Translation Studies, published in association with the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies and DCU Centre for Translation and Textual Studies. Delegates will also have reference access to the extensive collection of translation studies literature in DCU Library for the duration of the conference. Contacts: Michelle Woods ( Rita McCann ( John Kearns ( Centre for Translation and Textual Studies Dublin City University Glasnevin Dublin 9 Ireland. Tel (+3531) 7008217

27th -30th October 2005, University of Bologna's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Translation, Languages and Culture at Forlì, Italy Call for Papers for an international conference on Screen Translation: Between Text and Image: Updating Research in Screen Translation. Information and on-line registration:

Conference on the Metalanguage of Translation In April 2004 a preparatory symposium on the meta-language of translation was held in Antwerp, organized jointly by FIT, CIUTI, EST, CETRA and Lessius ( e.htm). It dealt with the problematic variations of usage and conceptualisation in the theory and practice of translation. The concluding evaluation session of the conference board pointed out that two main tendencies had emerged during the symposium: a more speculative tendency dealing with metalanguage emerging from translation itself (Benjamin, Derrida, etc.), and an approach seeking more to systematize existing usage (Delisle, Shuttleworth, etc.) by means of glossaries and conceptual maps. It was agreed that there should be follow-up activities such as a bigger conference (spring 2007?), and a special issue of a major journal devoted to the topic. One concrete result was an agreement to link the TSB project (Translation Studies Bibliography, see the website with the ongoing MonAKO (Helsinki) project on creating a multilingual glossary of TS terms. All these activities are brought together under the working name METRA: the metalanguage of translation. We invite colleagues to propose ideas or projects that might enrich the METRA enterprise. Luc van Doorslaer (Lessius and CETRA) Andrew Chesterman (Helsinki) Call for Papers: Literary Translation. Special issue of Angles on the English-Speaking World The Danish scholarly periodical of the English Department at Copenhagen University, Angles on the English-Speaking World (, now invites papers for a special issue on ’Literary Translation’ to be published in September 2006. The issue will be guest-edited by Research Fellow Ida Klitgård of the Centre for Translation Studies at Copenhagen University (

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