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least at this point, such as neuropathy, hair loss, and loss of function due to surgery. But fortunately, in many cases what you eat can lessen the impact of side effects. A lot of my clients have heard of using ginger to soothe an upset stomach. There are dozens of other healing foods, which appear often in the recipes in this book—foods that can help you deal with fatigue, nausea, anemia, constipation, dehydration, diarrhea, mouth sores, swallowing issues, weight loss, and low immune function or low white blood cell counts. You’ll find a listing of these foods in the Culinary Pharmacy, but let me suggest that you first take a look at the listing of side effects and recommended recipes below. I’m steering you toward these sections because consulting them is quick and easy and often offers answers. A glance, a flip of the page, and you’re right where you need to be. Feeling a little queasy? There you are, Ginger Peppermint Green Tea. Flip-flip, sipsip, in no time at all, you may be feeling better. There’s another reason I’m nudging you toward recipes versus individual foods. The experts I consulted generally recommend getting nutrients from multiple foods, like you’ll find in most any recipe, rather than focusing on individual foods. Why? Because we’re all unique, and the same DNA that determines whether you have blue eyes or brown also determines what enzymes you produce to help you break down and assimilate food. Put another way, two people eating grapes off the same bunch may get vastly different health benefits. Science doesn’t yet have a way of figuring out each individual’s digestive “blueprint,” but they’re getting there; it’s a field called proteomics, which eventually will allow us to determine which proteins and enzymes each individual is capable of producing. In the meanwhile, experts suggest that you hedge your bets during treatment by eating a wide variety of healthy foods—just what a chef like me loves to hear. Recipes for Specific Side Effects Anemia

Soups: Minestrone, Pasture Beef Bone Broth, Velvety Red Lentil Dahl Vegetables: Kale with Carrots, Kale with Sweet Potatoes and Pecans Anytime Foods: Mediterranean Lentil Salad Constipation

General recommendations: Drink warm fluids throughout the day and eat fruit. Soups: Chicken Magic Mineral Broth, Italian White Bean Soup, Magic Mineral Broth, Pasture Beef Bone Broth, Velvety Red Lentil Dahl Vegetables: Baby Bok Choy with Yam and Ginger , Basil Broccoli, Emerald Greens