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Native B2

In Design Keyshot Autocad Illustrator Premiere

Trajectory 1992

Start at the National University

Academic exchange in the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina)

Scholar in the Direction of Industrial Design program

Participation in the development

Start at L´atelier Bogotá as an assistant in the design area

Participation in “Feria de Jóvenes Empresarios

Assignment as control ass L´atelier B

Contact Specialist in Product Design and Development and Industrial Designer. Propositive, capable of synthesis, research, analysis; with skills for conceptualization, management and project development. Ready to face challenges and new work environments.

EMAIL PHONE 3157261587

I am interested in improving my knowledge in production, service design and project management, in order to contribute in an integrated way to the industrial field.


s production sistant in BogotĂĄ

Start at National University in Specialization in Product Design and Development Program

Graduated as an Industrial Designer

Graduated as an Specialist in Product Design and Development

Start as an auxiliary student to the CTA research project

Start as a designer in Moronaz 3D

Start as an designer in SecretarĂ­a Distrital de Hacienda


The design is a tool of knowledge capable of changing the actions and thinking of the human being. It proposes a deep and integral view of the environment, which projects new scenarios of interaction for man. As a profession, design has the capacity to generate culture, associated with the creation of value, products, services, systems and environments that can be designed, which generate change and contribute to the evolution of society.

All ideas, even sacred ones, must adapt to new realities. Salman Rushdie And for a moment I felt that maybe an idea is more important than the fact of being alive, because an idea lives a long time after one has disappeared. Douglas Coupland

Product Design

Crockery based on the work of architect Agustus Pugin. This character presents in his works ogival arches, stained glass windows, high architectural structures and with pointed ends, and expresses in his works his concern for peace and tranquility of the soul. The distribution of the crockery is based on 4 triangles inscribed in one that integrates them. The hierarchy of the pieces is based on the height of these, generating as a central object, the teapot, and as an object that initiates the user's interaction with the dishes: the cup.

CONTRALUZ 2010 Academic project In group

1. Spray jet for kitchen tasks.

Dodo is a modular faucet that can easily be adapted to the different spaces of the home such as the patio, the kitchen, the laundry area and the bathroom. The design aims for an evolution of the generic faucet by implementing new technologies.

2. Full jet for tasks that require water pressure.

3. Empty jet for everyday tasks.

It regulates the time of exit of the water, so that the user

It is necessary since the amount of water must not be the

Dodo is a faucet raised from the problem of waste water. This faucet generates savings in the consumption of this resource. Among the benefits of dodo are: the water timing (by means of an internal system based on springs), the incorporation of 3 types of water jets: 1. spray jet for kitchen tasks, 2. full jet for tasks that require water pressure, and 3. empty jet for everyday tasks. Finally, it makes use of existing technology facilitating its production and commercialization.


2010 Academic project In group

Slicer Faucet Aerators


The push system allows time variations in the water output (by textures and forms) Most components are made of brass with a nickel coating, which gives a finish similar to the generic faucet. In terms of size, the volume is increased compared to the generic faucet, but we must take into account the new benefits provided by this element in a practical and compact way.


Turbin Sensor

The screen generates an alarm and an internal control in the home, in real time. With the objective of creating a sizing of the expense and waste of water. In addition to showing the volume consumed makes a relationship between this and the money to be paid. The screen contains standard graphic elements that allow the person to easily understand the operation. Its simple design fits almost any type of context.

Ando is a food grinder, which proposes a new way of doing this activity in the domestic environment. It consists of turning the cylinder on a surface, in order to roll the blades generating cuts in the food. Between the benefits of Ando is: it reduces the effort and the time that the user must contemplate to obtain a food crushed, the handles to the flanks of the cylinder facilitate the task allowing a better grip, and finally the transparent polyethylene cylinder allows the immediate feedback.


2011 Academic project In group

1 2 3 Ando starts from the idea of generating changes with small actions, going from electrical energy to the use of mechanical energy. Just introduce the food and let it roll to transform your way of feeding yourself.


Laboratory of Ergonomics and Human Factors, is the space destined for the realization of user-object tests. With the eviction of the faculty of architecture it is necessary to relocate and improve this space. The proposal is based on the use of workshops for relocation. The space is divided by a piece of furniture which functions as a stand for the laboratory's library. The spaces are divided by panels in tempered glass, decorated with vinyls that allude to the new image, which resembles the man from Vitrubio.


2011 Academic project In group

Stable and balanced. Determined and bold, Vivacious, more demure. on new paths, walking nimbly through they never forget their roots. Heels semi-formal for office work, has a sole thickness of 1 cm, considering that the woman will be in constant motion, therefore, needs a sturdy shoe. The use of purple tape is optional. Inside it is wide to allow a more comfortable walk.

PRISMĂ TICA 2012 Academic project In group

Warrior woman, that front to life his attitude renews Muta your thoughts, change your feelings Between summer and spring. As a flower that is born in desert, arid and dry, she makes her way towards a new world, with steps of greatness.

FL RA DESÉRTICA collection


Passionate and rambling, in a concrete desert. steady pace. Extravagant wrestler Start your renovation Without fear to take risks.

Design management model




General data



Strategic data



Organizational data

The tool

Desired organization

Application Conclusions













Start up



Value chain



New goals

Process structure

L'atelier Bogotรก is a space for the exploration and planning of new ideas. With the management model of design the organization may make efficient use of design as a resource

Design management model that explores the efficient use of design as a resource within the organization. The exploration and analysis of the organization L'atelier Bogotรก, allowed to establish a specific management model for said organization, through the development of said model it was possible to establish a methodological model for the development of design management models for SME companies.

Design management 2014 Industrial Design Thesis Company: L'atelier Bogotรก Director: Eduardo Naranjo

The Organization

Woods products

A space that integrates all activities

Development of products from of the manufacture

Drive 3 segments of market

Inspired by the today's world

It makes use of multiple channels of communication

Manufacture Installation Repair Advisory

Upholstery Carpentry Painting

Quality Finishes Client Designers and architects

From the contemporary up to classic

Methodological Scheme Strategic System Organizational P





Design management in the organization

PRODUCT Comodity Service Experience PRODUCTIVE UNIT Organizational structure Productive process Logistics VISIBILITY VECTORS Communication Corporate image Packing BUSINESS MODEL Promise of value Business' units Portfolio

STRATEGIC LEVEL - STRATEGIC DESIGN The strategic dimension is what empowers the design with the transcendental decisions about the future of the company. TACTICAL LEVEL - DESIGN MANAGEMENT The tactical dimension is responsible for making possible guidelines set out from the strategic dimension, from the logistics OPERATIONAL LEVEL - PRACTICE OF DESIGN The operational dimension is what specifies the guidelines and organization raised from the other dimensions, their results are immediate palpable in the short term

PAIPA Shower lighting system

"Light that refreshes your life" c

Water fountain for showering in outdoor spaces with a formal, minimalist style that generates a fresh atmosphere with a futuristic touch. Modular Divide Spaces Decorative element Light integrated with water

Paipa 2014 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

PA I PA Shower lighting system


LIGHT THAT REFRESHES YOUR LIFE Ideal for private houses

Enjoy the countryside

Modular shower

It is adapted for any space

Paipa allows you to personalize the colors of laser engraved

Waterfall shower

Lighting system generates an enviroment of comfort.

Advantage: - Provides comfort environment - Integrate light with water - Stable and secure installation system - It's modular - Divide spaces - Decorative element

Design, development and furnishing of stand for the company L'atelier Bogotá, in “Feria Jovenes Empresarios” 2014.

Feria Jovenes Empresarios 2014 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

Basik Rack 2014 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

Coat rack designed for the firm L'atelier Bogotรก. Two pieces easy to assemble. Made in MDF and oak leaf. Due to its minimalist design, it is perfect for any type of environment.

+ : Basik Rack

Portable bakery 2014 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

Design and development of a portable and modular bakery. A metal base supports the wooden panels. Three possible designs are offered for accessories that include activity such as refrigerators and microwaves.

Design and development of the furnishing of different restaurants such as: Sushisan, DoĂąa Elvira, Krispy Kreme and Beer Station; as well as for interior spaces in offices, houses and apartments in BogotĂĄ. In some spaces it was necessary to develop special pieces such as chairs, sofas, beds among others.

Design of spaces 2014-2015 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

One piece is a kitchen integrates the spaces. Gradually the houses have been reducing their spaces, for which it is necessary to rethink the activities and the mediating objects. This module integrates the essential components of the kitchen and combines them with a contemporary and urban language. It mixes the dining room and the kitchen to transform and improve the social area of the homes.

One Piece 2015 Professional Proyect For L'atelier

Currently Bogotรก generates around 4 tons of orange peel every three days. 55% of the fruit is represented by the peel and seeds, without forgetting that it has high potential in its usable components for the human being. 4D are specialized products for the intimate area of man generated from the usable components of the orange peel, aimed at the male market that seeks to create a balance between healthy consumption and care of the environment.

4D 2016 Academic Proyect


The orange is consumed massively

Generating large waste of orange peel

Global and local context

The consumer trends are focus on specialized markets

The use of “citropulpa� promotes the responsible and healthy consumption

The local market has no offer of intimate products for men

The cosmetic sector is a scenario potential for the user MAN

As the cosmetic sector that bet on emerging markets and products of natural origin

Citrus protein still has nutrients that man can take advantage of

For the man, the imaginary that his partner has about him is important

Among the most important areas of personal care is the intimate area masculine

Which still have properties usable by man

Man worries more and more about his image and personal care

The market for man is in increase

The skin of man deserves care adequate, especially in the intimate area

There is an opportunity for intervention at the level of intimate care In the local market there male are no products for intimate male care, therefore they use substitutes inadequately

The user cares about the environment and is a responsable consumer

The user is concerned about the personal care and image

Bรกltico 4d NOZZLE



Hole Rack Check valve

BODY Collapsible faces Rigid faces Support texture Dilations Transparency Content

Supporting surface Adhesive tapes Mooring arms

Aral 4d


NOZZLE Hole Actuator Contact recharge



Dilations Hole Rails for recharging

Drilling rubber Container Content Bumpers


Catalogue Information design 2013 Professional Proyect Support in the development of the catalog for L'atelier Bogotรก




Specialist in Product Design and Development Industrial Designer 2018