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An Old Farts Lament The Vice Presidents don't understand why the 1st team don't play if it's not a league match. One of them discovered the following poem which sums up their attitude to playing Rugby in the olden days!!!!!

The rugby balls in my day, lad, were made of bloody leather. A bladder stitched, with laces in, to hold the sod together. The ones today have adverts on, in supersonic plastic; They’ll reach the sticks from miles away, toe-poked by any spastic. The boots we wore were leather, too – with toecaps like a brick. We dubbined them to last for years, the leather was that thick. But now they buy them twice a year, at sixty quid a throw, like ballet-shoes, all soft and pink, with f-all on the toe. And we invented tie-ups. Our socks were made of wool. Hung around your ankles, they’d hold a gallon each, half-full. So we tied ‘em up. Or taped ‘em up. Either way, no fuss. Bryan Habana in woolly socks? He couldn’t catch a bus. We didn’t have post-protectors, like cushions in a pram. What rugby-post can do you harm? An advertising scam. And kicking tees. Kicking tees! With some so high, at that, you could HEAD the ball between the posts, and that by any prat. And if the ref should send you off, he didn’t need a card. We didn’t remonstrate at all – we’d make him drink a yard. But now you get a yellow card – Ooh! naughty boy! smacked wrist! Ten minutes off? Within the game? I’d come back on half-pissed! And nowadays, if you should burst a pimple on your head, you can have a blood-replacement – your mate comes on instead! And half-a-Guinness later, or a few more, if you shout Your mate comes off; you go on; what the fk's that about? Gum shields. Body armour. Like that American football farce. And passive scrums. Passive scrums? You can shove ‘em up your arse. What we want is what we played – that’s eighty minutes’ worth of rugby, Rugby Union – the greatest game on Earth. At that, my son, I’ll take “Time out” (another innovation!) And summon up my aches and pains to find some inspiration. We weren’t allowed a substitute: we turned out fifteen men! A buggered shoulder; a broken nose; blood everywhere, we went back on again! And every time the cold wind blows, and crippled with arthritis, We curse the wounds of long ago that come back now to bite us. We made a try; we saved a try: we played on, through the pain And crippled, cursing, bleeding – we loved the bloody game!

18th December 2014 - The Old Boys visit Birmingham for conversation, culture, convivial company & more places to drink!

BURNS NIGHT 23RD JANUARY 2015 Get your kilts ready, it's nearly here 130 tickets requested so far. If you want to come to the biggest and best social of the year be quick before the sold out signs go up! Tickets available from Dave Myatt. Only £5 each. 3 course meal (Haggis, Neeps, Tatties. Dancing from Royal Scottish Highland Troup. Dress code: It's not black tie and posh frocks, wear something with a Scottish bent. Come on gents, you've always wanted an excuse to wear a skirt in public!!

Starting at the Hall of Memories & moving on to the new library and German Market


Then a quick drinks stop along the canal before moving onto the Nib Museum

Any players that are keen In getting involved in helping with the club web page and ensuring that the information is kept up to date and relevant; we are looking for players to take on looking after the team pages. We have first, second and ladies pages; so if you’re interested have a word with Gerwyn.

Ladies Rugby

Then St Philip’s Cathedral on the “ wino’s” bench!

The Ladies are through to Round 3 of the Junior Plate against Mellish Ladies, away on 8th February 2015, ask Maz for more details. Thinking about shopping at Selfridges!!!!

The last watering hole… Cheers!!

The Ladies are looking for Sponsorship to purchase an alternative kit, if you know of anyone who would be interested please contact Maz Grieve. th 18 Jan - Pitch up & Play nd 22 Feb – Home game v Cannock

Cash Back Essington purchased nearly 30 tickets for the England v Samoa International, for which the RFU gave us a cashback of £135 – thank you!

Can you spot the interloper?

WANT TO ADVERTISE If you want to advertise your business in this newsletter please contact Helen Chandler, £10 for members & £20 for non members.

ESSINGTON WATCH THE 1ST WASPS GAME AT THE RICOH STADIUM On 22nd December 2014, 42 members and friends boarded a coach from the Black Cock, Walsall Wood and travel to the new home of Wasps RFC, The Ricoh Stadium, Coventry. Abbie Russell decided this would be a good way to celebrate her birthday. It was a great day out, in good company and left a few people a little delicate the next day- thanks everyone.

FREE MEAL If you work behind the bar for 5 events at the club before the beginning of May 2015, you get a free ticket to the dinner/dance. If you are willing to offer your services can you please contact Mike Chandler. We have got 9 events in the next 2 months and would appreciate your help. Thanks

CHRISTMAS PARTY The children’s party started with children making their own Christmas decorations and playing party games, followed by a visit from Father Christmas. Later in the evening club members paraded their Christmas jumpers, the ladies winner was Gillian Townsend and the winner for the chaps was Rich Carter. INJURIES Gilbert sustained a torn calf muscle during the 1st team game against Stourport (we lost 18-3). Neil Birt has to have another operation on his broken cheek bone because it has become infected.

2015 Tour News Tour will be Easter Weekend (Fri 3rd to Mon 6th April2015). Destination: Amsterdam. Theme: to follow. £275 per person. Book with Stew Russell. Pay Stew or into bank account. Deposit overdue. Balance by end Jan.

TRAINING Men’s training 7.15pm EVERY Wednesday, rain, hail or sunshine! Ladies training 7.00pm every Thursday TRAIN AS A TEAM – PLAY AS A TEAM

FATHER & SONS It is hoped, at a date to be set in September/October, to put together a Father & son team. Graham thinks that there are a possible 35 players!

Essington rufc newsletter 3 : January 2015  
Essington rufc newsletter 3 : January 2015