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AmyChilds New Year, New You

Fashion Shoot

Ex-premier league Footballer, Fabian Wilnis Joined us for our big shoot

Reality TV entrepreneur... What she has been up to Since leaving TOWIE


Two fabulous competitions for you to enter!

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Letter From the Editor Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the latest issue of Essex Style Magazine. I trust you have all had a fantastic Christmas of over indulgence, but above all else, spent time with your loved ones. If you think you’re one of those people who might have just had a few too many chocolates, or a bit too much turkey, I am pleased to say, this issue will be right up your street. Not only did we send one of our team, Kerry Lloyd, to try out the latest craze when it comes to losing those extra inches around the waistline, iLipo, but we bring you our review of the superb Obsidian Health Retreat in sunny Spain. With the magazine’s reputation growing with every month that goes by, we’ve actually decided to add eight extra pages. Of course that is great news for you, the readers, as it means we are able to bring you more interviews with local celebrities than ever before. As usual, enjoy your copy of ESM, share it with your friends and family, and above all, keep safe. Your feedback is always appreciated. Lots of Love Terrie Bennett, Acting Editor

Cover Image of Amy Childs courtesy of Can Management Ltd.

On the Cover 6 Amy Childs Exclusive interview wth the former TOWIE star 24 Fashion Shoot Hot looks from Essex brands 38 Competitions! Two fabulous competitons for you to enter!

Contents 8 Coleen Nolan

Exclusive interview with the T.V. star

10 Sweet Dreams


The sweet company tells all about the business

11 Obsidian

The luxury spa retreat in Benissa, Spain

12 Makeover winner

We unveil our Twitter competition winner and show off her new look

16 Human Guinea Pigs

We learn about human cosmetic testing and what it’s all about

Issue 3 - 1st Jan 2013

19 Michelle Beauty Tips

Essex Style Magazine Harbour House, 23 Chandlers Quay, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4LF

The makeup artist tells us all about false lashes

20 iLipo

Tel: 01621 878658

The hottest trend for banishing those problem areas

22 Darren Kennedy

Acting Editor Terrie Bennett Advertising and Sales: Kerry Lloyd Sam Cochrane Website: Simon George Creative: Sheryl Wright Sam Breeze Features Writer: William Taylor Social Media Executive: Nick Moon Hr Manager: Michael Mainstone Food and Restaurant Critic: Barrie Drewitt-Barlow

Our top stylist responds to those burning fashion questions

24 Fashion Shoot

Hot looks from Essex brands

33 Ask The Expert

We ask Harjit Sarang about her week in Family Law

34 Potentia


39 Horoscopes

Find out what’s in store for you this coming month

40 Gianni Golfera

An interview with the Mind Master himself

42 Sugar Hut Column

Our inside man tells us all the latest gossip from the Hut

44 Grand Designs We take a look at the Essex based barn conversion as featured on the show

46 Zara Indian Restaurant Food Review

We review the Indian restaurant on the outskirts of Danbury

48 Jobs New job for the New Year? Have a look at the latest job vacancies


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Amy Childs

Since leaving The Only Way Is Essex, things have gone from strength to strength for Amy Childs. She has just opened her second boutique in addition to her hugely successful salon, made a string of television appearances, and is excited for the future. William Taylor met up with her to find out more. Amy Childs has taken a different approach to life since leaving the hit television series, The Only Way Is Essex. It’s little surprise, of course. In 2010, at the age of just 20, Amy was catapulted to stardom almost overnight. Beforehand, she had been a humble beautician, working hard, but struggling to achieve her ambitions in life. Now she is a household name with more than 1.2 million Twitter followers and a growing business empire that even she cannot believe the success of. “It’s changed my life,â€? Amy admitted. “Two years ago I was just a beautician, doing someone’s nails, but now I’ve got a brand, I’ve got businesses, I’ve got TV ZRUNĂ€OPLQJ,W¡VMXVWLQFUHGLEOHÂľ Indeed, that is the lifestyle she always dreamt of living. She is business-minded, hard-working and ferociously determined – something she says was instilled into her from a very early age, contrary to some of the unfair press stars of TOWIE sometimes get. “My mum and dad have always made me work hard,â€? Amy said. “When I was 15, my mum said I had to get a Saturday job. So obviously I was working hard trying to get all of my GCSE’s, but I was working all day at a beautician’s on a Saturday. “From an early age, I knew what it took to earn money. When I tell people that, they’re quite surprised, but it’s so true. My dad’s got his own business and my mum was a hairdresser.â€? It is testament to Amy’s commitment and drive that she opened her new Basildon boutique last month Her second boutique owes


thanks not only to the success of her salon and boutique in Brentwood, but the roaring trade that she is doing on her website, ZZZ$P\&KLOGV2IĂ€FLDOFRXN Add to that a growing property portfolio – she has recently invested in her third house – you can see Amy Childs has the makings of a shrewd businesswoman. “Oh my God, I’m going to be Mick Norcross,â€? she joked. The fact is, though, there is some element of truth in that. Like Mick, Amy has worked her way up and cleverly taken advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves. She added: “At the end of the day, you don’t know how things are going to be further down the line, you don’t know when your FDUHHU¡VJRLQJWRĂ€QLVK “So you’ve got to make the most of it. That’s what I’m doing and I know I’ve got to be sensible about it. “Some people like to splash out on their Rolexes every week, but there’s me thinking about things a bit more professionally, even though I do like my nights out and my nice shoes.â€? $QRWKHUSHUVRQ$P\Ă€QGV herself often being compared to is the model, Katie Price. Not only do they look alike in many ways, but both are extraordinarily passionate about what they do and know how important it is to work hard. However, whilst Amy admires Katie, she stops short of calling her one of her role models, and believes actually, they are quite different from one another. “I’m not like Katie really,â€? she said. “So I wouldn’t call her one of my role models, but I do admire what she has done.

“People put two and two together and say that I am trying to be Katie. I’ve never tried to be Katie Price – I’ve always tried to be myself. “She’s known as a topless model. I’ve never posed topless, and I would never pose topless. So that is one difference.�

Away from the salon and the boutiques, life and love are better than ever before for Amy. Last year, she started dating former Take Me Out contestant and model, David Peters. The couple have regularly been papped together on dinner dates, holidays and wearing their brightly coloured onesies. It’s safe to say, they look smitten with one another. “My love life is good,â€? Amy said. “I’ve been with Dave for about eight months now, and he’s such a lovely boy. “People are already asking us if we’re going to get married. He’s such a laugh and we enjoy each other’s company, so perhaps wedding bells will be there one day.â€? Pressed as to whether that would be soon, she added: “I don’t think it is on the cards just yet. We’ve not been together that long! “I’m too busy running this boutique, that boutique, on the phone, doing emails. But we get on really well.â€? David’s current job is as a personal trainer – something that will come in handy to Amy in 2013, as she has taken on the daunting task of running the London Marathon. “I am so nervous,â€? Amy admitted with a wry smile. “I can’t run, but I am going to do it. I am also really excited. “I’m going to wake up that day, get all my make-up done, I’m going to have massive hair, and I’ll put my trainers on and be glam when I run.â€? Amy’s decision to run the Marathon could almost be considered fate, and certainly for reasons she considers more important than just looking glamorous on the day. Last year, her Nan tragically died of a heart attack. Amy explained: “It’s really weird actually, she died last year on the 21st April and the marathon is on the 21st April, so it’s meant to be. “I’m doing it for the British Heart Foundation which is such an amazing charity. I can’t wait to do it. I’m now training; I’m at the gym spinning a lot.â€? :KLOVWWKLVZLOOEH$P\¡VĂ€UVW marathon, she admits she has

always been into her sport. In fact, she even became the new face of Lonsdale towards the end of last year. “I love my sport,â€? she said. “I’m at the gym quite a lot, Dave and I go for runs, I’m into my Ă€WQHVV²WKDW¡VZK\,¡PGRLQJWKH Marathon and I’m now the face of Lonsdale. “I’m a professional table tennis player as well, and I was number two in South Essex, but nobody realises now!â€? Meeting Amy, it was clear that despite all the hype and the JORVV\SXEOLFSURĂ€OHVKHLVVWLOO very much a normal, 22-year-old girl. Her cameo appearance on the most recent series of X Factor only served to emphasise that fact to her, she admitted. She said: “When you are a normal girl and Nicole Scherzinger walks into your salon and says how much she likes it, it’s so emotional! I nearly cried. “At the end of the day, I’m still a normal girl. Nicole walked in, and she was like ‘I love this. This is so me.’ It was great for me and

it was great for the salon.� $QGRQDÀQDOQRWH$P\WHOOV Essex Style Magazine that she has an exciting new television show coming up this year, but at WKHWLPHRI ZULWLQJWKHVSHFLÀF details were a TOP SECRET!

Amy Childs Salon is based on Brentwood High Street, to make a booking call: 01277 231314 Follow Amy on Twitter: @MissAmyChilds Follow Essex Style Magazine on Twitter: @EssexStyleMag



It’s been a busy year for Coleen Nolan. She has waved goodbye to daytime TV, rediscovered her musical roots and finished as the runner-up in Celebrity Big Brother. It is safe to say, things were looking good for her when William Taylor sat down for a chat about all things love, freedom and family.

Coleen, I guess this must feel like a completely new chapter in your life. After such a long time working on Loose Women, you waved goodbye to all of that earlier in the year. How does it feel? I love the freedom of not knowing what’s around the corner. For the last 12 years I’ve been on the train on the Sunday night to London and not getting home until Thursday evening. I felt like I was missing out so much at home.

People seem to have this idea that all the Loose Women are the best of friends, that they hang out together outside work and never have a cross word. That’s a fairy story. We were just a normal bunch of women living our lives on and off screen, and yes, that includes the rows. I guess that’s what made it such a big hit for the viewers. They never knew what they were going to get.

Sometimes we’d really go for it on screen as well as off. The viewers related to that though because they fight with their friends and family too. In fact we won all our big awards during those times. So when you finished, was it just a case of relaxing, or did you find new things to keep you busy? Well, I was so lucky that Big Brother came up just weeks later because that show

Was it difficult to leave? It was such a big decision to walk away from first Loose Women, and then second This Morning, but during the last year or so every day I’d think, ‘Right this is it, I’m going to hand my notice in’. Then someone would come up to me in the street and say how much they loved seeing me on the telly and how much the shows cheered their days up and I’d feel guilty all over again. But in the end I had to put my family first. My daughter Ciara was just about to start secondary school and I knew I didn’t have much time left with her being a child, so I jumped.

Sadly you’ve had to postpone that Nolans Farewell Tour, but I suppose you still do a lot together as sisters. Would you say you are very close? Do you fall out much? We are sisters, of course we do! Actually, we have never got on better than we have since the last tour. Even when we were on the PR trail going from city to city in the bus, we never had a cross word. Photo-shoots used to be hell when we were younger but we’ve all changed. Linda and Bernie’s cancer battles have changed all of us. With the Nolans on hold for the time being, then, would you look into launching a solo career, perhaps? I’m not sure really, although I would never say never. If it were to happen, I would go for something a bit more country. I love Shania Twain!

Quite often there would be some strong ‘differences of opinion’ on the show. Was that genuine? Would you continue talking about the topics off air?


pays so well! I wouldn’t have to go back to work for a couple of years if I didn’t want, but bizarrely since leaving I’ve barely stopped working since. I’ve filmed two new pilots, I’ve launched a clothing line with Marisota, and until recently, I was planning to tour again with my sisters.

Nolan. As well as a musician, you are a mother, and your two boys are very much grown up now. What are they doing these days? As a mum, do you find the fact that they’re leaving home difficult to come to terms with? Both my boys, Jake and Shane, are definitely grown up now and have moved out, are living their lives and loving their freedom. Jake is an actor who has been in Emmerdale and the detective drama, Scott and Bailey. He is also in a band. Shane Jr. is a singer and actor too. He’s currently touring in Boogie Nights. I am so proud of them both, they are great boys. But my daughter, Ciara, is only 11 and I’ve already told her she can’t move out until she’s 30! You mention Ciara, she is a lot younger than your boys; is it difficult trying to cater for her different needs and interests? Oh no, not at all – it’s easy! She is pony mad so that is what we do. When I am not working you will probably find me covered in horse manure from mucking out at the stables! One of the things you have been asked about a lot before is your various diets and weight battles. Is it still something that bothers you? Love, I’ve been every size from eight to 22! I am so done with dieting now! I

just want to be healthy and happy and that’s why I was thrilled that Marisota wanted to do a range with me. As a bigger girl you find it harder to find styles you like. Now I have a whole team designing clothes I’ve only ever dreamed of. I’m thrilled, but to be honest, the British public have always been so kind to me. So you’re very appreciative of your fans, then? Absolutely, they’ve never cared if I was fat or thin or anywhere in between when everyone else seemed to have an opinion. I never forget what they’ve done for me, and now they’re buying my Marisota range. That touches me more than anything. I love the public more than any work mate, the people at home are the people who really count. If they don’t want to watch you, they just switch off so it’s a privilege if they do want you in their lives.

You’re married to Ray now, and you once said that your Celebrity Big Brother experience actually brought you closer to him. Is that true? Oh my God, it really did! Spending time in the Celebrity Big Brother house did wonders for my marriage. I bet you don’t hear that often! Ray and I had got into one of those stages where you just take each other for granted. We were just so busy and you almost forget you’re a couple when you’re doing your own thing all the time. But being in there and being away from Ray made me

realise that he really is the only person I want to speak to most of the time, and it was the same for him. He said he would go to phone me over the smallest things and realise he couldn’t. It was weird, and things have been great since I got home.

Check Out! Coleens Marisota Range, “Designed With You In Mind”

What would your advice be to a woman trying to dress in a more flattering way? Make sure something actually fits you, and trust your instincts. If you don’t think you look good in something, take it off. You won’t believe anyone but yourself anyway, so it’s important to know what suits you. For example, I don’t like my arms so I am a sleeve freak!


Business is Sweet For Essex Company


eanne Perkins started Sweet Dreams Candy Bars after trying to find a company to supply a sweet buffet for her 30th birthday. She was shocked when she discovered there was only one out there, and they charged a staggering £500 for just a few jars of sweets. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though, when she realised it was possible to do so much better herself with a beautiful candy bar that she could take to any event. The business quickly grew after friends and family started asking her to provide sweet buffets for weddings and parties. She included sweet displays, jars and sweet filled cones. The possibilities were endless. It was at that point that Deanne took the business to a new level by having a candy cart built with diamante signage, adding ‘Essex glamour’ to the company. Shortly after having the cart built, Deanne spoke to Harry Derbidge who was having his 18th birthday party at Sugar Hut to see if he wanted to book the Candy Cart, he said yes, and it spiralled from there.


The Candy Cart, Candy Sweet Trees and Candy Treats have been enjoyed by a whole host of TOWIE cast members, including Amy Childs, Gemma Collins and Joey Essex. Danny Dyer, Gareth Thomas, and Russell Kane are among the other big name celebrities to have enjoyed them too. Things continue to go from strength to strength for Deanne and her Sweet Dreams Candy Bars business. We at Essex Style Magazine cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.

To find out more, check out their Twitter page: @sweetdreamsbars or search for them on Facebook.

Essex Style Makeover

As Jamie Hoare logged onto Twitter back in October, little did she realise, it was to be the beginning of a remarkable and exciting journey. At Essex Style Magazine we announced that we would be offering one lucky reader the chance to win an incredible makeover. This is Jamie’s story: Every girl dreams of being pampered and treated like a celebrity, and thanks to the help of some truly fantastic Essex companies, that dream became a reality for 23-year-old Jamie. Her story began more than two months ago, when having tweeted and emailed across pictures of herself, she was selected from a huge list of hopefuls to take part in the makeover. Jamie works for the insurance company Aon, commuting from her home in Chelmsford to London every day. Because of her busy schedule, she cannot XVXDOO\ÀQGWLPHWRJHWWKHVRUW

of treatment she was offered by Essex Style Magazine. This really was a one-off. “I couldn’t believe that I was chosen out of all the people that entered,â€? Jamie said. “I saw that the magazine was running this makeover and thought it wouldn’t hurt to enter. I didn’t think much more of it after that though. You never expect to be the person selected from the crowd on things like this.â€? It was not just the makeover that she would be winning, though. 2QWKHĂ€UVWGD\RI 1RYHPEHU Jamie was invited to join stars of television and music at the Essex Style Magazine launch party. It ZDVWKHĂ€UVWFKDQFHZHKDGWR meet her, but more importantly she had a really enjoyable evening. ´7KDWZDVWKHĂ€UVWWLPH,JRWWR see Declan (Fallon), the hairstylist,â€? she added. “He told me he wanted to do something quite radical, but it would all be worth it in the long run.â€? Also present at the launch was Emmaline Baker from Paragon Beauty Studios. Jamie would be meeting up with her a couple of weeks later to get her nails done As with any makeover, it was HVVHQWLDOWRJHWWKHRXWÂżWULJKW The dress had to be stylish, sophisticated and, in this instance, have tangible ties to (VVH[ So who better to provide a gorgeous dress, than the darling of Essex herself, Miss Amy Childs? Amy rose to fame through ITV’s hit television series, The Only Way Is Essex, but her business career was already ZHOOXQGHUZD\6LQFHOHDYLQJ the show in 2011, the 22-yearold beauty has used her fame to her advantage, and has seen her clothing range go IURPVWUHQJWKWRVWUHQJWK


,QM[MTX]VS;\]LQW[ There would have been no point in us doing a makeover feature without the assistance of a professional photographer to capture the ZKROHGD\ Mickey Lake has a fantastic set of studios based in Wickford, but was prepared to go mobile for the day of WKHPDNHRYHU Mickey’s passion for photography became his

profession after going from ballroom to ballroom taking pictures of his GDXJKWHUGDQFLQJ7RERRN a session of photography with friends and family at his studios, visit his website DWZZZGLHVHOSXQNVWXGLRV FRXNRUVHQGDQHPDLOWR FRQWDFW#PLFNH\ODNHFRP

professionally. With the launch party out of the way, Jamie met up with Jade Elliott who would be co-ordinating her look. Jade is ZHOOTXDOLÀHGIRUWKHPDNHRYHU having regularly been involved in styling for popular television shows, such as This Morning. Jade and Jamie met up at Amy Childs’ Boutique in Brentwood, ZKHUHQRWRQO\ZRXOGWKHÀUVW stages of the makeover be put into place, but Jamie would get to meet one of the most recognisable faces in Essex. The original plan, as was the

case with the other companies involved in the makeover, was that Jamie would get to keep the dress that she chose from Amy’s shop. However, testament to how kind and helpful Amy was, she was allowed to pick two. “The dresses were so beautiful,� Jamie admitted. “When I was told I had won the makeover, I was so happy to be getting one of Amy’s dresses. “Finding out that I would be getting two was even better. Amy was so lovely, and so was Jade, meeting them made my day.�


But her business success is not wholly down to her fame, as there is no doubt that the dresses she offers are both IDVKLRQDEOHDQGKLJKTXDOLW\ With the help of stylist, Jade Elliot, Jamie chose the stunning Georgia Navy dress from Amy’s collection, which retails at the very reasonable SULFHRI… On Amy’s website, it is one of the most popular pieces, with indeed any of the dresses in PDQ\VKRSSHUVJLYLQJLW¿YH Amy’s extensive collection, RXWRI¿YHVWDUVDQGOHDYLQJD YLVLWWKHZHEVLWHDWZZZ DP\FKLOGVRI¿FLDOFRXNVWRUH SRVLWLYHUHYLHZ or pop into her store on To buy your own version 2QJDU5RDG%UHQWZRRG of this lovely dress, or

“Amy “Amy was was so so lovely, lovely, and and so so was was Jade, Jade, meeting meeting both both of of them them really really made made my my day.” day.” The photo sent in by Jamie to Essex Style Magazine


A week later, we revealed to Jamie that she would be getting a ring made for her by Hot Pink. But this was not just any ring, as she was to be fully involved in the design process. We had not heard of this process before, but it was so clever and uncomplicated, that it was hard to believe this was not the most common way of buying a ring. Unfortunately, Jamie was ill on the day she was booked in to have her ring designed, but Manu Bhardwaj, the brains behind the business, was able to connect to her iPad and guide her through the process over the phone, while the ring came together right in front of her eyes. With the day of the big photo shoot edging ever closer. Jamie met up with Declan again at the Jasper Anthony hair salon in Chelmsford the weekend before the shoot to have her hair cut and coloured. He said: “Styling Jamie’s hair was a daunting task, but one we felt we would always be capable of doing something really nice with. “Having bleached her hair for however many years before, it wasn’t in the best condition, so we really did have to work hard.� The results were incredible. The bleach blonde locks were soon replaced with a silky brunette style.

Declan, artistic director at the salon, explains how he created Jamie’s look. He said: “Jamie came to me with an all too familiar problem. Her hair was damaged by heat with too many highlights. This was stopping her being able to grow her hair and was affecting the shine and condition. We decided to bring her back to a more natural, easy to maintain colour and used a semipermanent dark blonde with warm tones. We did a conservative trim and used Bumble and Bumble prep

Jasper Anthony

spray and primer as a leavein moisture treatment before adding styling products. -DPLHœVKDLULVTXLWH¿QHVR we used Bumble and Bumble styling spray on the root for VWURQJEXWÀH[LEOHKROGDQG their grooming crème mixed with hairdresser’s invisible oil for the fragile ends. We blow-dried with soft body and set on rollers, adding a quick spritz of Bumble’s Spray de Mode. We undressed the hair from the rollers and used a little EULOOLDQWLQHWRGH¿QHWKH waves, then casually pinned the sections to

the back of Jamie’s hairline for a soft, but fabulous up-do.�

Paragon Beauty

Paragon Beauty Studio offers a wide variety of treatments, ranging from facials to waxing and massages to makeup. But for Jamie’s makeover, Emmaline Baker from the studio lent her expertise in nails. She met up with Jamie at her house the night before the photo shoot, deciding to go for a

bold red nail varnish which would offer a sharp contrast with the dress from Amy’s Boutique. Based in Maldon, Emmaline comes with an impressive CV in beauty treatments and boasts over ten years of experience. To book a treatment call her on 07985302781, or send an email to paragonbeautystudio@

Hot Pink No makeover would be complete without those extra special little accessories that complete the whole look. And when we say accessories in Essex, we mean jewellery, big, shiny jewellery. Whilst we accessorised -DPLHÂśVRXWÂżWZLWKD beautiful pair of sparkly earrings, the main piece was undoubtedly the ring she received from Hot Pink. This was no ordinary, off the shelf ring, however. We wanted this to be something extra special and Hot Pink offered us just that. They provide a bespoke one-to-one service,


allowing the buyer to play an active role in designing the ring. Expert designers run you through the whole process via an internet link, or in their studios (Theydon Bois or London), asking you how you want each and every part of the ring along the way. Jamie’s ring was stunning, cast in silver and set with 17 glistening Swarovski crystals. For a bit more money, you could go for an even higher quality metal, set with top quality diamonds. Founder, Manu Bhardwaj said of Jamie’s makeover: “It was really nice to make

someone feel special for a day. We all helped in our own unique way.� Hot Pink’s main area of business is in WKH¿HOGRI engagement rings. For more information on Hot Pink, check out their website at, or call

their London HQ on 0208 144 0035.

The night before the shoot, Jamie met with Emmaline, to whom she had already been introduced at the launch party. Emmaline offers a wide range of treatments at her studios, but it was the nails that she was keen to focus on for the makeover. However, as she was intent on making the nails look sophisticated, she went for a simple but classy looking red, which would look nice contrasted against the navy blue dress Jamie had chosen. Finally the day of the shoot arrived! Jamie got to the Jasper Anthony salon early so that Declan could SXWWKHÀQLVKLQJWRXFKHVWR her new hairstyle, whilst the photographer, Mickey Lake, arrived soon after. Manu was on hand to personally GHOLYHU-DPLH¡VULQJ²WKHÀUVW WLPHVKHKDGVHHQLWÀQLVKHG Caudalie Paris Cleanser 400ml: £16.20 Grape Spray 75ml: £5.10

New CID Primer: ÂŁ27.00

$OOWKHIDEXORXVRXW¿WV hairstyles, and make-up, Jamie’s makeover simply could not have worked without the expert eye of a professional stylist.

Made from silver and Swarovski crystals, it was a beautiful piece of jewellery and utterly bespoke. One of the biggest treats on the day came when Michelle MacGregor, the make-up artist arrived. Michelle is someone Essex Style Magazine readers will already be familiar with – we caught up with her behind the

Jade Elliot The Saturdays, Peter Andre, Gavin Henson, Amy Childs, Michelle Keegan, Loose Women, the Hollyoaks cast, the Emmerdale cast and many other big names have EHQHÂżWWHGIURPKHUVW\OLVWLF Midas touch. Jade worked closely with style guru Gok Wan on his Channel 4 show ‘Gok’s Fashion Fix’, as well as holding down a regular But ESM doesn’t do things by halves. We weren’t position on ITV’s This Morning. prepared to settle for any old stylist – we had to go for She is no stranger to the the industry leading, hugely glossy world of magazines, either, having co-ordinated talented, highly acclaimed shoots for Closer, Ok!, Jade Elliott, stylist to the Hello, New, The Mirror, stars. You magazine, Celebs on When it comes to fashion, Sunday, Woman and Best. there is no one better TXDOLÂżHGLQ(VVH[WKDQ-DGH @Jadeelliott85 scenes at Essex Fashion Week in October, where she was head make-up artist. Using the Airbase Airbrush foundation, she helped Jamie DFKLHYHDĂ DZOHVVORRN7KH makeover had been a success!

Michelle MacGregor Michelle said: “I asked Jamie what her ideal make-up would be for a night out or special occasion - perhaps something she thought she may not be able to achieve herself. She said that she’d love to have a glamorous smokey eye. The dress she chose from the Amy Childs range was a classic navy blue lace, so I decided on a deep midnight blue smokey eye. “Jamie mentioned that she had trouble with her skin and didn’t know how to look after it, so I gave her some advice and tips. I prepped her skin with organic luxury skincare brand Caudalie Paris. I used the gentle cleanser and then a mist of the organic grape water spray to refresh her skin. I then used one of my favourite primers, i-Prime by New CID Cosmetics.â€? To complete the look, Michelle added: “I used Airbase HD Airbrush Foundation on Jamie’s skin, as it can be built up gradually to the required coverage whilst still remaining weightless and light to touch. Airbase is mainly used in 79ÂżOPDQGSKRWRJUDSK\0DNHXSDUWLVWVDW;)DFWRUDQG 6WULFWO\&RPH'DQFLQJVZHDUE\$LUEDVHIRULWVKLJKGHÂżQLtion properties, as well as being 12 hour long wearing, sweat-proof and tear-proof. I wanted to give Jamie the full celebrity style makeover. She loved it!â€?

ESM was so impressed with the work Michelle did, if you would like any of Michelles treatments, you can get all of this done for just £50. For an extra £10, you can have your hair done too. For more details on the products Michelle used for Jamie’s makeover, send a quick email to, or to book an appointment, call her on 07739353254. Visit her website at


Human Guin W

ith Christmas now well and truly behind us, and bank balances looking bleak, many people are trying to find new ways to scrimp and save. So how about this for an idea: become a human guinea pig! In an age of animal rights activism and economic doom and gloom, this is becoming the new craze for anyone looking to supplement their income. One Essex Company, though, is offering a unique spin on it, with no health risks attached, and better still – free high street cosmetics and paid product-testing days. Aspen Clinical Research, who have been a loyal partner of Essex Style Magazine for some time now, have some exciting trials lined up for 2013. But what does it entail? As all of the cosmetics trialled by Aspen have already undergone extensive clinical testing, there is no risk involved. In this day and age, big cosmetic


companies are constantly doing battle with one another to prove that their product works best. Increasingly marketing and PR companies come up with all sorts of wild claims about the product they represent, claiming that their product works miracles. This is where you come in.

for by the manufacturers, and as far as the layperson is concerned, they don’t cost anything. “Getting the opinion of the public is so important to these companies. At the end of the day, it is the public who buy the products, so it is their opinion that matters most.”

“Marketing companies will do anything to prove that a certain brand is better than just about anything else out there,” Dr Tony Barlow, director of Aspen Clinical Research said.

Signing up is simple. Anyone wishing to volunteer for any of the trials must go to the company’s website,, fill in their details and wait on them to get back to you. You will then have the opportunity “Our job is to prove that the product to collect top quality high street and really does what it says on the tin designer cosmetic products, or have and that these companies are telling them sent out to you. consumers the truth.” Why do you get all of this for free? Dr Tony admits that if he was Well, that is because they want your approached by someone in the street, feedback. The top brands come offering him ‘free products’, he too to them because they want your would be dubious. opinions. He added: “I would always want to know what the catch was. I mean, nothing in this world ever is free, is it? “The fact is, though, this is different. The products have already been paid

You will simply have to test the cosmetics for a specified period of time, before filling out a questionnaire, telling them what you think of the products.

ea Pigs


Flirty, Fluttery False Eyelashes Leading make-up artist, Michelle MacGregor boasts a wealth of experience, having worked with top celebrities and television personalities and as Head Makeup Artist at Essex Fashion Week. Here, she brings you her exclusive beauty tips.


s a Professional make-up artist, I’ve always used false eyelashes on jobs. Photo shoots, London Fashion week, Essex Fashion week, music videos, weddings, red carpet looks, television and theatre – you name it, I’ve done it. Our mothers always tell us how popular false eyelashes were in the 60s and 70s, with supermodels like Twiggy wearing her iconic spikey long lashes for many a Fashion show or advertising campaign. They were all the rage, the height of fashion and most models wore not one, but two pairs – one pair on the top lashes and one on the bottom for that ultimate ‘dolly’ look. Over the last few years, false eyelashes have made a huge comeback, and are now available in almost every high street shop. With Essex being renowned for its glamour, it’s only right that we embrace this beauty comeback and enjoy gorgeous eyelashes.

How to achieve the professional look‌

Tools you will need:

I usually trim from the inside as sometimes the outer edge of eyelashes have a Ă LFNRUGHVLJQWRWKHP

2. Apply a small amount

of lash glue to the lash band (a little goes a long - Your choice of False Eyelashes way). If you’re worried - Eyelash Glue you’ll squeeze out too (see below for my recommendation) much, apply the lash glue to the back of rs Tweeze your hand and sweep - Scissors the base of the false lash along the glue or dip it in a bit at a time. Lots of ladies ask me which Method: eyelash glue I recommend, and 1. Everyone has different shaped I can 100% say ‘Duo’ eyelash adhesive. eyes; false lashes are made to a JHQHULFVL]H6RĂ€UVW\RXQHHGWR check the size of the lashes you 3. Before applying your glued are about to apply. With a pair of lashes to your eye, leave the glue tweezers, place them (no glue at you’ve applied to the false lashes this stage) as close to your lash to dry for 30-60 seconds until it line as you can get them. If the starts to go clear. This will ensure width of the lash goes beyond the glue sticks well and you won’t your own, you’ll need to snip off get the lashes sliding around the excess with a pair of scissors. all over the place. Once you’ve

waited patiently, holding the false lash with your tweezers, look straight into your mirror and aim the middle of the false lash to the middle of your own lash line (get as close to the base of your own lashes if you can). If you tilt the false lash slightly downwards and vertical you can place them down onto the base of your natural lashes to get as close as possible. Once the mid-section is lined up, use your tweezers to attach and adjust the inner and outer corners.

4. Leave for a few seconds – they are dry when the lash glue becomes completely clear. If you’re wearing eye make-up, it’s DOZD\VQLFHWRÀQLVK\RXUODVKHV with a sweep of eyeliner. I’d opt for a gel or liquid eyeliner. 9RLODSHUIHFWO\DSSOLHGà XWWHU\ IDOVHODVKHV$OOPDNHXS artists apply lashes differently EXWSUDFWLVHPDNHVSHUIHFWVR ÀQGDZD\WKDWZRUNVIRU\RX

Gary Cockerill, eyelash extraordinaire‌ I received an invitation to celebrity make-up artist, Gary Cockerill’s eyelash launch recently in Covent Garden, London. Naturally, I was very excited as he had mentioned to me that he would be bringing out his own range of gorgeous lashes. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Melanie Sykes and Katie Price were among the big name celebrities in attendance, as well as industry professionals such as agent Carol Hayes, photographer Alan Strutt, stylist and fashion designer Joey Bevan, and of course us make-up artists. Gary’s new range of professional eyelashes were scattered everywhere. There were eight different styles, each with two pairs of lashes – one suitable for day and a glammed up version for night. I love them! ‡&KHFNRXW*DU\œVIXOOUDQJHKHUHDWZZZJDU\FRFNHULOOFRP ‡,I\RXKDYHDQ\TXHVWLRQVRUPDNHXSGLOHPPDVIHHO free to Tweet me: @Michelle_mua



iLipo: New Year, New You Essex Style Magazine, check out the latest pain free, weight loss craze! You cannot be blamed for over-indulging at Christmas, but chances are, your New Year’s resolution is to get rid of those extra inches. Essex Style Magazine’s Kerry Lloyd went along to Ace Beauty in Shenfield to check out the latest craze in inch-loss.


ow aged 32, Kerry has come to accept that she will probably never be the shape she was during her teenage years and early 20s ever again. She has two children, but as any mother will tell you, carrying a baby takes its toll on their figure. Kerry has tried just about every diet under the sun, held any number of gym memberships and lives an active lifestyle. No matter what she has tried, however, she never felt totally satisfied with the results. Therefore, when Sarah Norris, from Ace Beauty got in touch, Kerry was drawn in at once. Sarah claimed to have the answer to all of Kerry’s problems. She vowed to get rid of those extra inches around her problem areas in just four weeks, and what’s more, there were no needles or pain. It is a procedure called iLipo. It claims to have all the aesthetic benefits of full-blown liposuction, but without surgery, anaesthetic or down time and works on any part of the body. There would be no knives and scars, and it would be totally pain-free. Kerry would be required to visit Sarah’s salon twice a week for a month. Experts suggest that it is possible to drop a dress size, with the average inch-loss being six-to-eight inches. Some people have even been known to lose as much as 12. What’s more, the procedure is not just limited to women; men can try it too. Included in the package was a consultation with Ace Beauty’s resident Nutritional Therapist, Catherine Honeywell. She ran Kerry through the various health conditions, medication and the impact of stress on the body


The beginning of Kerry’s Treatment

cell, so when we take the lasers off, the fat cell shrinks. When you exercise, the fat becomes your first source of energy and is the first place the fat is going to come off.” After the treatment, I was taken into another room where I was put onto a power plate to do some light exercises. The more exercise you do with the procedure, the more effective it will be. Later that week, I turned up for my second session. They say it is pain free, but believe me, I was still aching from the power plate I felt like I had been on a ten mile run the day before. The procedure itself was pretty much the same as it had been in the previous session. Although this time, I knew what to expect.

Week Two: before devising a personal diet plan for her. This is Kerry’s week-by-week diary.

Week One:

The first step was to get my ‘before’ photos done. Sarah offers all her clients this service, and naturally I was eager to see the difference from start to finish. She then measured around my belly button, waist and hips, so that she could accurately determine my inch loss by the end. I climbed onto the treatment table for my first session. We decided the area I needed to target was around my baby belly which I had become selfconscious of following the two pregnancies. Sarah placed the four pads on the target areas and left them

there to do their job for the specified 20 minutes. The pads were placed specifically around the bikini line, targeting the lymph nodes, the body’s natural drainage system. “When we switch the pads on, we see a red light, which basically stimulates the fat cells, and makes them permeable. “The fat then seeps out of the

By the third session, I could already feel the benefits, even if I couldn’t see them in the mirror. Again I was aching from the power plate, but for some reason, my stomach felt firmer and I felt lighter on my feet. On my fourth trip to the salon, I was in for a bit of a treat. I’m originally from Manchester, but I am still a huge fan of TOWIE. So you can imagine my delight



when I bumped into Lucy Mecklenburgh who was having her nails done. Apparently the TOWIE girls regularly pop into the Ace Beauty salon to be plucked, preened and waxed. Sarah’s brother, Matt owns a male grooming shop two doors along, and I am told the TOWIE boys go in there quite a lot too.

Week Three:

I think it was at this stage (my fifth session) that I really began to notice a visible difference. I could see that the cellulite had started to disappear from my bottom, as well as the tops of my legs. What I tend to call my ‘crumpet bum’ was becoming less prominent. Indeed, by the sixth session, I was even sure that the bulges around my hips and stomach really were beginning to reduce in size.

Week Four:

So, here I was, heading into my final week of the iLipo treatment. I could not believe how quickly the time had gone. I was quite excited when Sarah showed me an article about Hollywood superstar, Jessica Alba having the treatment too. If it’s good enough for her, it certainly is good enough for me!

By my eighth and final session at Ace Beauty, I must confess, I was really impressed with the results. I knew the power-plate had made a big difference too, so guess what… I bought one to use at home!

The verdict:

I returned to the salon two weeks later to have my ‘after’ pictures taken and so Sarah could get my final measurements. When Sarah showed me the before and after pictures beside one another, I nearly passed out. The results were truly staggering. In total, I had lost an incredible eight inches around my waist. Where I used to wobble, my skin suddenly appeared firmer and tighter. I would recommend iLipo to anyone. It is absolutely incredible, and I truly believe you will be amazed with the results. The price of a four week course of iLipo normally costs £800. However, as a special New Year’s deal (January only), you can get it for just £500 by quoting Essex Style Magazine when you enquire.





The course includes the nutritional therapy as well as unlimited use of the Power Plate. The Power Plate on its own is £35 a month for unlimited use. For more information or to book an appointment, call Ace Beauty on 01277

201200, or go to


Darren Kennedy Q. I have a big night coming up and I’ve decided to wear an LBD. The problem is it’s quite skimpy so I need a good stylish coat just to wear initially into the event. Any suggestions of the type of thing I should get? Ann-Marie, 26, Dublin.

A. Single breasted Crombie style coats,

favoured by the likes of Fearne Cotton, are proving one of this winter’s must-have garments. Stella McCartney stole a march on other designers with her simple Crombie in grey, navy and bright blue earlier this year. A laid back style that can take you anywhere from business meetings to a cheeky midweek dinner with the girls, it’s a versatile cover-up. What’s more, it’s the perfect piece to bring a touch of sharp, masculine tailoring to an otherwise feminine little black dress ensemble. Cobalt blue is a winning shade this winter and the ‘Alissa’ at Coast £155.28, is a luxurious, straight cut coat that can be worn belted to define your waist. For a little more rock n’ roll, wrap up in some luxe faux fur for a glam look. Pepe Jeans’ black and white ‘Chelsea’ coat £108.71, or the burgundy ‘Pipa’ £109.97, both scream party chic. They are short styles however so you’d need to wear tights. If you’d rather go super cosy, Mint Velvet’s gorgeous silver grey cocoon coat £173.31, has an oversized collar and asymmetric opening. For a pop of colour, try Penney’s peach 60’s swing coat for £21.74.


Q. I’m not exactly what you’d call brave when it comes to fashion but I like to keep with it, so to speak. The baroque look has caught my eye but I’m not sure how to work it into my wardrobe? I fear I may end up looking like some sort of Liberace installation. Lucy, 38, West Meath.

A. The vogue for all things Baroque

this winter show’s no sign of abating. It’s featuring on most garments from coats and dress to jewellery and footwear. This is really useful if you just want to dip your toe in the water. By using key accessories you can inject a touch of baroque into

your current wardrobe without a massive investment. This keeps your look current without loosing the essence of your own personal style. Key elements to look for are ornate embellishments, brocades, gilding and rich fabrics. River Island’s black embellished box clutch with tassel really embodies this opulent look £24.85. While M&S’ cream bejeweled scallop design clutch is an elegant accessory, perfect for a more formal occasion like a wedding. One statement piece, whether it’s a bag or a piece of jewellery, such as the rather cool jewel torque necklace £37.27, is enough to work this trend. Pair with Awear’s big shoulder party dress £37.25, for a killer look.

Q. Darren you mentioned knitted ties in passing a couple of weeks ago and I’m looking to buy a couple of nice stylish ones. Where would you recommend are the best places to look? Donal, 30, Cork.

A. A style staple of the ‘60’s the knitted

tie has made somewhat of a comeback of late. Gary Barlow’s penchant for this stylish wardrobe component on the X Factor has no doubt helped. Soft knit ties inject a lovely sense of texture to a crisp shirt for a neat

modern appearance. Personally I enjoy the way the knitted fabric drapes. Most knit ties have blunt squared off ends, like this one from Asos £6.90, for a look that demands attention. A block colour, such as the green slim knitted silk tie from Brook Brothers £43.47, looks great worn against a pattern or check shirt. For a contemporary preppy look, wear Burberry’s striped design £65.22, or Oliver Spencer’s grey speckled tie £49.59, Indigo & Cloth with a fitted dark blue denim shirt for a slick confident look.


Exclusively Whether it is bling, shoes or certainly no stranger when it comes upon us, Essex Style Magazine most exciting brands for 2013 and swagger and the geek chic. Here


Essex! accessories, the people of Essex are to style. With the New Year now brings together some of the county’s waged war between the urban are the results‌



Geek studded shoulder tee £18 Lace detail denim shorts £45 Lilac studded shorts £45

Sophie: Diamante fringe Converse (left) White leather diamante Converse (Right) £94.99 Burgundy Jacket £85

Call: 07984 656346 Braces £10

Sexy Penguin Utter Nutter

Blingderella Topman


Braces £10

Topman Blue check shirt £70 Charcoal chino £65

Dolly Rocker Kids


Blazer £70 Blue stripe shirt £35 Charcoal chino £65

Dolly Rocker Kids Louis Vuitton shoes (price on request)

Louis Vuitton



White tee (price on request)

SnapBack Boy Diesel Krooley Jeans £120

Utter Nutter


Hot pink diamante vest £25 White tee £25


Hot pink camisole £25 Pink boyfriend briefs £12


Devon: Devon:

Essexy logo vest £25 Essexy diamante boyfriend briefs £12



Essexy black logo vest £25 Essexy vinyl logo briefs £12



Essexy logo camisole £25 Essexy boyfriend briefs £12 Essexy

Essexy diamante vest £25 Essexy Boyfriend briefs £12

Essexy Kewt tee £18

Sexy Penguin




Silvian Heach at Dolly Rocker Kids *UH\PDUOKRRGLH SULFHRQ UHTXHVW



Call: 07984 656346




Diesel at Utter Nutter %URZQ1LNH%OD]HUV…


Fabien: %URZQFKHFNVKLUW… Tweed blazer £195 French Connection at

Gabicci at Utter Nutter Utter Nutter %XUJXQG\MHDQV… Braces £10 Diesel at Utter Nutter






Sexy Penguin





Union Jack cardigan £110 Striped scarf £65

Hackett at Dolly Rocker Kids Charcoal chino trouser £50

Silvian Heach at Dolly Rocker Kids



Silvian Heach at Dolly Rocker Kids Spike shoulder denim jacket £65 Grey marl ‘GEEK’ tee £18



Call: 07984 656346



Topman Brown marl jumper £85

Carhartt at Utter Nutter Coloured jeans £120

Diesel at Utter Nutter Brown Nike Blazers £70




Silvian Heach at Dolly Rocker Kids

Blue and white check shirt £70

Hackett at Dolly Rocker Kids (VVH[\YLQ\OORJREDJ…



Rocker Kids Snapback Boy Trousers models own Black stripe hi-tops £50



Bracelet from £85

By Biehl at Lance James


ASK The Expert.

Families can be so complicated and diverse, and often their problems can go as far as the courts. (Equally, though, they can be the most magical thing ever!) For this month’s Ask the Expert, we’ve taken an alternative route, asking the expert, Harjit Sarang about her average week as a family lawyer. Hertfordshire and their parents paid over £25,000 for the ceremony and reception. The couple remain freinds and the divorce is amicable.


ello Harjit, before we begin, I have a burning question to ask. Many people Ive spoken to have suggested that dealing with people’s family problems must be quite depressing. Is this true? “When I tell people that I am a family law solicitor the most common response is, ‘oh that must be so depressing.’ It’s far from that.”

Monday “A young gentleman who got married when he was 23 has decided at the age of 25 that he can no longer live with his wife. She is also 25. The wedding was lavish in a country home in

Tuesday “A 55 year old man is on his third marriage. He is divorced from his second wife, to whom he had to pay a small fortune by way of a divorce settlement. On this occasion, he has sensibly asked me to prepare a prenuptial agreement. Today he has come to see me with my ‘relationship referee’ hat on to talk through a disagreement that he is having with her. He said that he feels comfortable talking to me because I give him ‘good female perspective’. Who am I to argue?” Wednesday “I have prepared a co-parenting agreement for yet another lovely lesbian couple who are having a baby with their gay best friend. He is the sperm donor and the insemination is happening at home. We have such a laugh about the details of the absolutely wild insemination party but I cannot share that with you! The baby will have two mummies and a dad.”

Thursday “I go to lunch with my favourite lady client to discuss tactics for her divorce settlement. Her husband is bitter and is not being very co-operative, so tactics here are essential. Unfortunately, he is trying to hide assets

and sadly use the children as pawns to upset her. Very soon he will realise that the children will vote with their feet and the hidden assets will be found. He shouldn’t underestimate the skills of a good divorce lawyer together with a robust court system. This case requires me to put my ‘investigation’ hat on. I’ve been doing this for so long; I know all of the tricks.” Friday “Gay dads’ day! By far the most enjoyable part of my job is helping to create families for alternative couples. Another gay couple have found a surrogate to have a child for them thanks to the British Surrogacy Centre (regular advertisers with Essex Style Magazine). Hopefully, they will be pregnant in the New Year. “My day ends with a call from a friend who wants to know whether she should accept a marriage proposal. ‘We still argue so much,’ she says. ‘Well show me a married couple that doesnt argue,’ I say! My advice to her is this: If you ask yourself whether you should marry him after you’ve had a row, your answer will be no. If you ask yourself after a fabulous day, clearly your answer will be yes, so ask yourself on an average evening when nothing has happened good or bad. You’re both sitting watching TOWIE. The answer on that day will be the most reliable.”


A New Year for the next generation With the latest research showing yet another increase in childhood obesity (1 in 3 children in the final year of primary school in England is now considered overweight or obese) we thought we would offer some top tips to help you and your children start this New Year fitter, healthier and happier. If bad eating habits reign, they can be hard to change, especially when they’ve become comfortable routines. But by keeping unhealthy foods out of your home, and bringing healthy foods in, it’s possible to promote better eating habits for you and even the pickiest of kids. Whether you’re trying to cajole your toddler to give peas a chance, or attempting to persuade your teen into drinking something other than fizzy drinks, these healthy eating tips are certainly worth a try. Don’t ban junk food outright, Once kids get their first taste of crunchy, sweet or salty foods, it’s hard to get them unhooked. So limit the number of treats that kids are allowed to eat each day, rather than banning these foods completely. That way, kids won’t be as tempted to want what they can’t have. Banning a specific food is also a bad idea because if the food becomes available to your child outside your home, he or she might eat it despite feeling full. This can lead to a habit of overeating. Parents should also avoid restricting desserts or other treats as punishment for bad behavior, because this can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. This does not mean that sweet treats should be included after every meal, however. Encourage them to eat smart at school,


A New Year for the next generation! Look over your child’s school lunch options, many schools provide a printout of each month’s lunch menu. Go over each day’s meal choices with your child, and challenge him or her to identify the healthiest option. That way, your child will be aware of all the selections they have to choose from, and will gain experience in making nutritious food decisions. If you’re not happy with the choices that are on offer from the school why not consider packed lunches. As for snacks, encourage them to not blow their pocket money on sugary or salty treats, give them plenty of healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, raw nuts or berries to bring to school. Avoid buying unhealthy foods in bulk, If you want to buy a treat, buy the smallest possible packet of that food, instead of the economy family-sized packs. For example, buying a small, single-serving bag of crisps is better than buying one massive, bulk-size bag or a family multi pack. Have you ever noticed how quickly a family pack of crisps can disappear? If you have to buy multi packs of snack foods, store them out of your children’s sight and reach so that they will be less tempted to mindlessly graze throughout the day. Warn kids about drinking calories, While tweens and teenagers may be aware of which unhealthy foods are packed with calories, they may be oblivious to how many empty calories they consume daily from sugary

drinks. For example, a McDonald’s regular Chocolate Shake packs a whopping 880 calories, nearly half of the daily calorie intake recommended for most 9- to 13-year-olds. Make tweens and teens aware of how many empty calories are in their favorite unhealthy drinks, and advise them to choose juice or water. Flavor your own water with fresh berry juice or citrus fruits to make it more appealing. To help kids develop a healthy liquid calorie habit from an early age, give your toddler plenty of water and plain milk to avoid getting them used to sugary juice or chocolate milk. If you do give them juice, give them 100 percent fruit juice and water it down, mixing equal parts water and juice. Promote fruit and vegetables at dinner, When cooking dinner, always make sure to have one healthy item that your child likes and will eat. Cook a limited amount of the meal’s starch dish, such as potatoes, pasta or rice but extras of the vegetables, to encourage your child to fill up on seconds of a healthy food. To further entice your picky eater to try a healthy, vegetablerich dish, let them watch you prepare it and allow them to add in some ingredients themselves under your supervision. Name the food your child helped create, and make a big deal of serving “Tim’s tasty tuna salad” or “Susan’s Shepherd’s pie with root vegetables” for dinner. Lead by example, It may seem that your kids,

especially teenagers, often do the exact opposite of your healthyeating advice, but in fact, your opinion and actions make a big impact on how they view nutrition. Preschoolers especially love to copy what their parents do, and are likely to mimic your meal preferences and willingness to try new foods. Take advantage of this behavior and make healthy eating choices in front of them. Eat snacks and meals with your child whenever possible, so they see how much you enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, and make mealtime fun by trying new foods together. If you have older kids, discourage them from making a “yuck” face or talking negatively about a certain dish around a younger child at the dinner table. Instead encourage them to discuss what they liked or did not like about the meal afterwards. Encourage them to suggest alternatives such as mashing the swede instead of simply boiling it. Start with small portions, Use smaller plates, bowls and utensils for your child to eat with, and allow them to serve themselves when they are old enough to safely do so. You can begin this practice when they are 3 to 5 years old, and start with allowing them to take a serving of salad or some other non-hot food from a small bowl that you hold for them. This will make them feel “like a grown-up,” while helping them learn to measure out how much they want to eat and understand portion size. Encourage them to take one serving at a time and go

Home made shepherd’s pie with root vegetable mash

back for seconds only if they are still hungry. Help them recognise when they’ve eaten enough Remind your children to stop eating once they begin to feel full. Do not urge them to finish all the food on their plate, and do not praise them for completely clearing their plate. Instead, tell them that it’s best to only eat as much as they want at that time, and that the leftovers can be finished later when they become hungry again. Allow your child to stop eating when they feel that they are full, even if you sometimes feel that they have not eaten enough. Making them eat when they are no longer hungry can lead to unhealthy overeating habits. To help your young child learn to listen to their body’s fullness cues at mealtime, ask them questions such as “Is your tummy telling you that you’re full?” Stick to a strict meal and snack schedule Keeping to a regular meal and snack time schedule discourages kids from grazing throughout the day, or becoming too hungry in between meals, which can cause them to compensate by overeating later. Most children require three meals and one or two snacks each day, but consult with your child’s pediatrician, doctor or nutritionist if you’re worried that they’re overeating or not eating enough. If your child skips a meal, do not let them “make up for it” with treats and snack foods. Instead, offer a healthy snack, such as apples or baby carrots, and make sure that they eat enough at their next full meal.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

1lb of minced grass fed beef 1lb of minced lamb 1/2lb of stewing steak cut into bite sized pieces 1 tsp of olive oil Butter 1 large carrot diced 1 large stick of celery diced 1 large onion diced 1/2 tsp of dried thyme leaves 1/2 tsp of rosemary or mint 3/4 pint of beef stock Salt and black pepper to taste

For the top: • • •

3 large carrots, 3 large parsnips and 1 large swede steamed until very soft . Butter Salt and black pepper to taste


In a large saucepan sweat the onion with the oil and butter for 3 minutes. Add the diced veg and sweat until vegetables begin to soften. Add the meat and cook until meat is sealed and browned. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and cook uncovered over medium-low heat. Stir occasionally for about 20 minutes or until most of the stock has evaporated. Transfer the meat and vegetable filling to a large baking dish and using a large spoon flatten out to form an even layer. Using a blender, food processor, or electric mixer puree all the ingredients for the top layer and spread evenly over the meat. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley. Let stand 5 minutes and serve. Crust 1 1/2 cups walnuts; 2 tbsp maple syrup; A pinch of salt;

Chocolate avocado mousse recipe

Mousse • • • •

4 ripe avocados; 10 very soft dates, pitted; 4 tbsp raw honey; 2 tbsp raw cocoa powder or Carob powder


Begin by making the crust. Using a food processor, grind up the walnuts until small chunks are produced. Continue grinding and add the maple syrup and salt. You will know the mixture is combined, as it will be sticky and come together quite easily. Using 8 small ramequins put a few tablespoons of the walnut mixture into each one of them. Press the mixture into the bottom of the individual ramequins so that a round disc forms. Place the individual ramequins in the refrigerator so that the crust can harden in the colder temperatures. Remove the skin and stones of the avocados and place the flesh in a food processor. Process and add the dates, honey and cocoa/carob powder. Make sure you process until completely smooth. Remove the ramequins from the refrigerator. Spoon or pipe the mousse on top of the crust in the individual ramequins.


Big launch party Glamorous salon opens its doors

Having already created radical new hairstyles for several cast members from The Only Way Is Essex, hairstylist Nina Elley has made the brave decision to set up her own hair salon right in the middle of Brentwood. Stars of the show were in attendance at the big opening.





Competitions Spargo Hairdressing

! N

For one of our lucky readers, we have the opportunity to give away a Cut and Blowdry service, with £30 worth of product to keep! A dress as worn by Lauren Goodger from Saturday Night Fashion. As well as a Shellac Manicure and pedicure from Havering Beauty College.


Just answer the following question: What is the name of the girl in the photo (Left)? A) Lauren Pope B) Lauren Goodger C) Lucy Mecklenburgh

Please send your entry to: Entry must be in by the 31st January 2013

National Pool Company


pargo hairdressings main aim is to give the highest level of hairdressing in every area required in the fast changing and rapidly growing hair and beauty industry. We also try to create the atmosphere and friendly environment that will make coming to the hairdressers the wonderful, relaxing and fantastic experience it should, and we hope will be. We are an award winning salon and pride ourselves on being professional, unique and highly creative. Havering Beauty Academy is a family run business in the heart of Hornchurch. We cover a whole range of courses from basic manicures and pedicures to NVQ Beauty Training. Our goal is to give you the finest education with both theory and practical aspects to the course. This is structured so that you can develop your own style for

the rest of your career. We also offer a wide range of beauty treatments under the same roof in our salon. Saturday Night Fashion is a boutique website specialising in women’s fashion. We aim to be a website known for being your first stop for your “Saturday Night” outfit. From head to toe we want to help you get ready for your night or whatever the occasion may be that requires you looking your best. We at Saturday Night Fashion stock fabulous dresses by your favourite brands & also independent labels and to set your look apart we have for you a dazzling range of crystal earring’s, bangles and bags.


For our lucky readers, we have the opportunity to give away a free hot tub from the National Pool Company. Just answer the following question:

What comic Celebrity came down the lift on the Television Show Take Me Out Christmas special 2012? A)Danny Dyer B) David Beckham C)Keith Lemon

! N WI

Please send your entry to: With the subject pools Entry must be in by the 31st January 2013




ational Pool Company is a brand new swimming pool company based in Danbury , Essex. National Pool company offer help with construction ideas implementation, and the installation of filtration, hetaing and water treatment systems. Their clients come from many different backgrounds, from private clients who would like somthings specific fitted, to commercial clients who would like help with their business pools. They also offer a 24 hour technical and call out help service, which many companies do not offer!


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HOROSCOPES. Sagittarius, 22 Nov - 21 Dec 2013 is going to be your year. This month is all about you so use the time wisely as you have a busy year ahead of you.

Aquarius, 20 Jan - 18 Feb

Cancer, 21 June - 22 July

Pisces, 19 Feb - 20 March

Leo, 23 July - 22 August

You know what is important to you so over the next couple of weeks you need to reach that final decision that could change your future.

This is the month for meeting new people, maybe that special someone. It is down to you to make the move. If your in a relationship then your loved up.

Aries, 21 March - 19 April

Virgo, 23 August - 22 Sept

Whilst surfing through the internet you come across something which will luckily help you fulfil your dreams to success.

An opportunity arises which is a lot closer to home than you expected. You should get all excited and start celebrating as 2013 is going to be your year.

The pressure of work has taken it’s toll, maybe a holiday is in order. Book somewhere nice as this will give you something to look forward too.

A relative who you are close to will receive some fantastic news. Let your hair down and join in with the celebrations.

Taurus, 20 April - 20 May

Libra, 23 Sept - 22 Oct

This is a month where your social calender for the month is going to be a busy one. Expect invites everywhere as everyone wants your company.

Gemini, 21 May - 20 June

A change of style is just what you need right now. Go and hit those sales as you never know what you may find.

What has been happening over the last couple of months has actually paid off. Pat yourself on the back and watch everything slot into place.

Scorpio, 23 Oct - 21 Nov

There is a lot to look forward to over this next year Scorpio. Maybe a stoke of luck is just around the corner.

Capricorn, 22 Dec - 19 Jan You are going to be offered something that you can’t refuse. Take it as this will work a lot to your advantage.


Gianni Golfera 40

“Author of the e-book More Memory, and the creator of the Golfera Method”


e has been described by some as ‘The World’s Greatest Mind, while confused scientists claim his memory is limitless. Now based in Essex, Gianni Golfera is without doubt, a modern day genius. Essex Style Mxagazine’s William Taylor caught up with KLPLQ/RQGRQWRÀQGRXW more. Gianni Golfera could easily have followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by becoming a pilot. He certainly had the ability to anyway. Unlike most pilots, though, his late father, Andrea, was able to navigate the complicated ÁLJKWSDWKVDURXQGWKHZRUOG without the use of maps. He knew all the locations off-by-heart and was able to get the frequency, the distance and the location right every time, using just his memory. Hailing from the small town of Lugo in northern Italy, between Ravenna and Bologna, memory is a skill that Gianni, 35, has inherited. He now lives in the small Essex town of Stanford-leHope. “I started to discover this strange situation,” Gianni said. “Speaking with friends once, I said ‘do you remember however many years ago, playing this game, doing this and that, and you were wearing this,’ and they were confused. “I realised I could remember a 500 digit number if you told me it once. Everywhere I

became popular for this small experiment. “When I started, I was not aware of the real potential of my memory. I just worked on it, learnt new methods, put it all together and I created a system.” Because of his memory, it was little surprise that Gianni did very well at school, using the technique he had developed to do better than his classmates. “When I hear a poem, for example,” he explained, “I can immediately remember the poem word-for-word when it is dictated. “My peers were writing it down as fast as they could, but I just closed my eyes and imagined the poem in my mind. “I was able to see this poem as different pictures around the classroom. Then, by looking at the classroom, I was able to remember the poem word-for-word.” Scientists soon became interested in his memory, and decided to put it to the test. Gianni underwent a series of tests in a laboratory in Milan. Gianni said: “The scientist was so amazed when he did the tests that he asked me how I did it. I told him that it was the emotion – the sensation.” Today, he is a published author and oneto-one teacher, with three of his books having become bestsellers in Italy, with his new book, More Memory available from his website:

By Trevor Elsey Well, I suppose I better begin by wishing a happy and prosperous New Year to all you Essex Style Magazine readers from myself and the Sugar Hut team. I cannot believe how quickly 2012 has gone! As I mentioned in my last column, we were expecting December to be a hugely busy month, and in that regard, it certainly didn’t disappoint! One of our most special guests was former Welsh rugby international and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Gareth Thomas. We were delighted to welcome Gareth back to the Sugar Hut to launch his new fitness DVD. Our very own Kirk Norcross features in it, alongside Hollywood SUPERSTAR Mickey Rourke and Celebrity Big Brother housemate and glamour model Nicola McLean. As if one tough guy from Wales wasn’t enough, boxing legend, Joe Calzaghe was also in attendance, supporting his friend and fellow countryman. Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan were another set of A-list celebrities to adorn the Sugar Hut dance floor in

December. The London-born actors hosted ‘The Business Reunion Party’ in honour of their 2005 film, The Business. The night was a great success and the atmosphere was electric. You can see a video and interview from the night by searching YouTube. You are sure to see the guys back again in the New Year! Our Sugar Hut Honeys continue to be a popular attraction amongst visitors to the club, and two of the girls, Danni and Jamie held their joint birthday party, and a great time was had by all. There were also two big arrivals during December. First we launched a new drink ‘XB – Sex on the Beach’ which is now available behind the bar. The people from XB held a big launch party, which was hosted by Mick and the Honeys. Originally launched at the Cannes Film Festival, the drink claims to epitomise the French Riviera, being ‘a vintage cocktail recipe with a fruity twist and a sweet tempered vodka punch.’ Why not give it a try at your next visit to Sugar Hut.

The second arrival was a wide range of cocktails are now available exclusively in The Krug Lounge. In recent years, cocktails have become more and more popular, so we felt it would be good to give our visitors something extra to enjoy. Before I finish, I ought to mention what is coming up this month. With the Christmas celebrations behind us, our attentions turn to the New Year. By the time you read this column, chances are, you will have missed the New Year’s Eve party, but I’ll let you know how it went next month. Don’t worry though; we do still have plenty to look forward to – none more so than the return of our bimonthly resident DJ Michael Andre. Michael is always a big attraction and we love having him back. He is coming on both January 11th and January 25th. Big name celebrities are bound to be present. Well, that’s it from me for another month. It’s been good speaking to you again. If you do come down to Sugar Hut, don’t forget to say hello! Until next time, keep safe, and remember: ‘It’s not just a nightclub, it’s a lifestyle!’

Website:, Tel: 01277 200885, Twitter: @sugarhut, Fb:


Grand Designs When Channel 4 brought its award winning television show, Grand Designs to Essex back in November, we were really keen to go and take a look for ourselves. Ben Coode-Adams and his wife, Freddie Robins, took on the challenging task of converting a huge, rotting 16th century barn just off the Coggeshall Road in Feering, near Kelvedon. Indeed, whilst many barn conversions tend to reek of self-indulgence and are never in keeping with their former industrial life, Ben and Freddie were keen to do things a bit differently. Walking up their driveway, you ZRXOGQRWUHDOLVHDWĂ€UVWWKDWWKH building was inhabited. From the outside, it still looks like an old farm building. The two decrepit looking silos to the left of the front door, and the rugged old out-building to the right appear to have been ignored during the conversion – some ‘self-builders’ would have been tempted to rip those down. That is not the case with Ben and Freddie. Whilst the silos remain untouched, the plan is to ultimately convert them into extra living space. It’s unique –


but that sums up the character of the property’s owners. The couple are both artists, and walking around their home, you could instantly see the artistic touches they have put to the building. The kitchen units are made from off cuts of wood Ben had cut outside the barn. He didn’t want to pay to get rid of it, and he got a kitchen just the way he wanted. Old champagne corks are tastefully used as the door knobs on all of the kitchen units, once again highlighting the artistic, yet economical way the build has been constructed. It’s more than a year since the KRXVHPDGHLWVĂ€UVWDSSHDUDQFH on Grand Designs, and a couple of months since the airing of the ‘year later’ show, but the house UHPDLQVÂśXQĂ€QLVKHG¡ ,QGHHGLWPD\QHYHUEHĂ€QLVKHG and that is precisely the beauty of it. Ben and Freddie will continue to add quirky little bits to the building, here and there. The building will continue to grow.


Restaurant Review

As ever, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, one half of Essex’s famous gay dads and socialite, explores the county’s food scene exclusively for Essex Style Magazine. This month, following a chance visit to the Zara Indian Restaurant in Woodham Mortimer, it certainly was a case of no more Mr Nice Guy. Ever since accepting the role of food and restaurant critic for this magazine, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the best Essex has to offer when it comes to fine dining. This month, however, it was as though the honeymoon period had ended and quickly turned into a food critic’s hell. Like many people, Tony and I enjoy either an Indian or a Chinese on a Friday evening,


and on this occasion it was no different. It is a nice way to unwind after a long week with close friends and family. A table of 15 was booked for the opening week of Zara, recently refurbished to a high standard in the Old Royal Oak pub. The restaurant on Chelmsford Road, at first sight, appears promising. They certainly seem to have found the right setting for it. The nearby wealthy village of Danbury, where I live, has been crying out for a decent Indian for years and the excitement around the

village was high with the expectations that this was going to be something that we all wanted. Our first visit to the place was during the opening week, and we did expect some small teething issues, but to be honest, the food was amazing and the staff were friendly, certainly the ones that served us that day. After such a good experience, we decided to go again, this time a party of 14. In this day and age, any restaurant should be excited at the prospects of getting a table of four, never mind a group booking of 14! When we arrived, we were told that we would need to wait for them to put the table together. This was said in a very rude way by a waiter who did not seem to understand what I was saying and could barely communicate with me in English. We waited for 15 minutes until eventually one of the party decided that it was no good waiting any longer and he would ask what the wait was likely to be. A man, who described himself as the manager, said that he was busy and he was going as fast as he could. He was aggressive and rude. One of the other members of our group decided that they did not want to stay as they felt uncomfortable, so we all ended up leaving.

After several weeks, I decided to order a take away. We had friends at the house and a take away was what everyone wanted, so the order went it and one of the group who was yet to join us agreed to collect it on the way over. The meal was ordered for ten people. I was of the impression that although I found the front of house staff rude on my last visit, the first time we went, the food had been amazing. Being brought up in Manchester on the Curry Mile, trust me when I say, I know a good Indian restaurant when I go to one! One of the things I like about this restaurant is the décor and the great web site that it has, which boasts about its ‘top class’ service and food. I was surprised when a close friend of mine reported a similar experience to our last visit – this time a table of four for the Sunday Buffet. The reports were that the food was great, but the staff were not as friendly as they could have been. Anyway, to be honest, I can put up with the bad front of house staff is the food is great, which on our first visit it was, so I was looking forward to the take away. I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala with boiled rice and chapatti. You can’t go wrong with the country’s most eaten Indian meal.

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Building Services:

Senior Negotiator



Chargehand Required

Estate Agencies:


Cosmetic Review

Cosmetic News, Moroccan Oil Treatment The now famous, Moroccan Oil treatment for all hair types has certainly been selling well in high street salons up and down the UK recently. Some salons are so pleased with the results of this product that they are selling out as soon as they get the bottles on the shelves! But does the product really work? This month we tested the product out on 100 volunteers across Essex. Each of the volunteers had an initial assessment at a salon in Chelmsford, where their hair was assessed by trained hair graders and assessed for dryness, frizz and shine. To enter the test, each volunteer had to be graded with at least two of the issues above. So for example, one volunteer was eligible to take part if they had dry, frizzy hair but not if they only had one of the conditions above. The product claims on its pack, and through its many full page adverts around the country that this “wonder product” has a unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue. The benefits are supposed to include: * Ultra-Light Formula * Restores Shine * Strengthens and Conditions * Reduces Drying Time * So we decided to test all of these claims and see just how good it really is under expert clinical conditions. Once the volunteers were identified, appointments were made for them to go along to the Jasper-Anthony salon on Baddow Road in Chelmsford. Each volunteer had their hair washed with the appropriate shampoo for their hair and they were seated with a professional hair stylist who towel dried the hair, and following the pack instructions, applied a small amount of the oil to the palms of the hands and applied it to the volunteers hair, but only to the left side of the head. No product was applied to the right hand side of the hair. Once applied, the hair was brushed and the

drying started. Each side was dried under strict conditions, the same brush was used for both sides and each side was timed. This procedure was the same for all 100 volunteers. Half the head had the product applied and the other side did not. Each side dried was timed so that we could see if the claim of “reduces drying time is correct”. The aim of the study was to see if the product worked and if the claims on the pack were indeed correct. Surprisingly when the data generated from this trail was assessed, it was clear that the oil did work. It was clear that 82% of hair that was clinically assessed as dry on the treated side was seen to be much more healthy looking and did not show an appearance of being dry. On the side that was untreated, 100% of the hair was re-assessed as being as dry as it was before the wash. Half the subjects, 50 in total, also had another application of the oil once the hair was dried, but only to the part that had already had some product applied too. It was seen from these 50 that the product did take down the frizz even more. It was seen from the 50 volunteers that did not have a second application of the product that frizz was reduced, but not as significantly as it was for those that had applied a second amount of oil once the

hair was dried. Shine is always a big thing for people. Everyone wants to have their hair looking and feeling great. The 100 volunteers were also assessed for shine before their hair was washed and any oil applied. It was also assessed for shine once the hair was dried and styled. A whopping 96% of all the volunteers assessed their own hair as having more shine on the side that the product was applied and 100% of the volunteers said that there was no change in shine to the side that had no product applied to it. 100% of the 50 volunteers who had a second application of the oil product said that they preferred the look and shine of their hair with the second application rather than with just the one application. The expert clinical assessors also agreed with the volunteers’ assessments and graded the product to reduce drying time to the applied side by almost 50% when compared to the side that had no product applied to it. In all, this really was a good reliable product to reduce frizz and add shine. I can recommend this product from the data that the assessors provided. It was clear that it did reduce drying time and it certainly did aid in reducing frizz. Hair looked healthier after just one application.

Product news is brought to you by Tony Barlow, Clinical Director, Consumer Products at Aspen Clinical Research, an independent clinical research organisation that tests the claims on products that companies make. Tony’s 25+ years in the industry brings to ES Magazine all the insider information on newest products market and whats worth getting. Clinical trials will be ongoing on lots of new products that are on the market. Brand leaders of their own field, from cosmetics, to anti-ageing creams. Tony will bring the ES readers the facts on how the products got on during the trials.


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