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July/Aug 2011 Volume 26 Number 4

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Sidney Guller Awarded the Olin Business Dean’s Medal On May 4th, Sidney GullerChairman of the Board-Essex Industries, was awarded the Olin Business School’s Dean’s Medal—the school’s top honor. As a 1947 graduate of the Washington University Business School, Sid has played an active role in Olin achieving it’s world class reputation. The Dean’s Medal has been awarded to an elite few who have consistently provided wise advice, pursued high objectives, and inspired the enthusiasm and support of many others. Sid remembers that his tuition at Wash-U was $125 per semester—that’s 1/164th today’s tuition per semester! Sid says, “I’ve wanted to help improve the Olin Business School and have it recognized as a national treasure at Washington University, to be able to provide more types of degrees to attract more bright young people to business. It pleases me that alumni and friends have stepped forward to build one of the finest institutions in the world.” He further comments, “Olin MBA training will really help today’s graduates in the global society and marketplace. It’s a different ballgame where you’re competing worldwide. The people coming out of this program will help us do that.” Congratulations Sidney. Pictured with Mahendra Gupda, Wash U-Olin School of Business Dean.

Marilyn Sorden Retires There were many well-wishers and people that just wished they could also retire, gathered to give Marilyn Sorden a proper send-off on her retirement. Marilyn started at 8213 Gravois, working her way from receptionist to the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Keith Guller. She was showered with gifts and many hugs. We congratulate her and are lucky to have worked with such an outstanding person for so many years.

New Births

TQM: Sheffer-Wilding

Trenton Clutts Born March 25th, Trenton Avery was 8 lbs 1 oz, 19 3/4 inches, and the second son of Phil Clutts, 2nd Shift Lead Machine Shop-MFG and his wife Leanne. Big brother Jason is really psyched. Congratulations!

Tristan Santos Eunice Pitzer, AssemblerCryo, is the proud grandma of Tristan Cole Santos. He was born April 12th, and is a very healthy baby boy. Congratulations!

TQM is not Total Quality Management. This time it stands for Total Quality Marriage, as Karla Wilding, QA Eng-MFG and her new husband William ‘Bill’ Sheffer, also QA Eng-MFG, were married on May 21st at the Friedens United Church of Christ in St. Charles. This match was not only made in heaven, but also documented, quantified and date-sealed stamped with a Rev number.

New Faces in a Few Places

PB&R welcomes Teresita Seeck, Assembler and Ronnie Harker, Assembler to the PB&R and Essex family. They were hired just in time to ‘help pack up and move.’ Good luck in your new positions and your new work location.

The Respiratory Group welcomes a new trio of smiling faces to their team. [l-r] Lois Adams, Administrative Assistant, Christy McCline, Assembler, and Venessa Kanzler, Assembler. All fill valued roles in our Essex family. Welcome!

Health Fair In the last week of July, TRG will be traveling to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with Wick’s Aircraft Supply to bring our new portable Aviation Oxygen system into the experimental aircraft market. Oshkosh is the largest private aviation show in the country with an attendance rate of about 300,000 aircraft enthusiasts each year. Through our sales of this system, we are pleased to serve as advocates for the St. Louis based Worldwide Rescue Flight organization called “Wings of Hope.” they provide medical airlift services to people in third world countries who could otherwise not afford it. Ten dollars of every Aviation Oxygen system we sell will be donated to their cause. If you would like to make a contribution to Wings of Hope, visit

90 Days to Success We congratulate our most recent graduates from the 90Days to Success class, that wrapped up June 1st. This is a six week course on communication, leadership and teambuilding. CRYOGENICS: Spencer Storey [Foreman], Burhan Ali [Plater/Chem Processing Lead], Katie Ode [Assistant Foreman/Overhaul Dept] MANUFACTURING: Joe Behlmann [Sr/Assy Tech], Tony Delia [Sr/Elec Assy Tech], Tom Gruzeski [Mech Assy Supervisor], Beverly Miller [Assy Tech], Steve Schulte [Electrical Assy Supervisor] PB&R: Mike Wolf [Lead/Packing dept], Fatima Suljic [Lead/QA Inspector], Brad Goodwin [Maintenance Person] TRG: Josh Eberhardt [Shipping & safety Coordinator], Revda Jahic [Asst Supervisor], Kathy Woods [Asst Supervisor], Nermin Fazlic [Asst Supervisor], Amanda Schooler [QA Lead], Fadil Kladnjakovic [ QA Lead].

Mfg July 11; Corp July 12; Cryo July 13; Trg/PB&R July 14 July will be our only HealthFair of 2011, as we are sponsoring our HealthFairs every eight months. This will expose us to different seasons and different options to highlight in the future. Our emphasis on the upcoming HealthFair is ‘Fun in the Sun: Stay Hydrated.” We are honored to have Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, Damaris Karanja, MA, with us to sponsor the Nutrition Table. Damaris works out of the University of Missouri Extension office.

She will emphasize healthy eating in the summer months, portion control, and the importance of hydration throughout the day, and in the heat. Another added bonus will be FREE Glaucoma testing. This is provided by the state, to education and aid in the early detection of the leading cause of blindness in the United States, Glaucoma. The ‘HYDRATION STATION’ will be an important stop as well, promoting proper hydration techniques, what causes dehydration, what are the best ways to stay hydrated, did-youknows about you and hydration. Every attendee will also get the ‘Fun in the Sun’ pouch. This vinyl, weather/water proof zippered pouch will latch on to your pool bag, stroller, golf bag, for easy access. It contains SPF packets of sunscreen, lip balm, anti-septic wipes and band aids. New this year, will be the Wheel of Hydration...modeled after the popular game show, you will be able to win prizes for answering correctly to hydration questions. Our basic stations of blood pressure, flexibility, bodymass index and cardio-step will also be available. As well as everyone’s favorite station, the Personal Trainers, Toni & Brenda, to get you stretched out for Summer activities and stress proper hydration throughout.

Your EAP At Work Not only is your Employee Assistance Program available to all Essex employees and their families, 24/7 every day of the year, but they also offer some added benefits. Just a reminder that our EAP is confidential and prepaid, but that they help our employees with Work/Life issues. Anything you are experiencing outside of work, that effects your ability to concentrate, perform or excel at your job, is cause for utilizing the EAP. H&H Health Associates is our provider and they can be contacted by 1-800-832-8302 or 314-845-8302. Our EAP also offers the following:

Lawnmower Safety On average 80,000 injuries are reported annually from local emergency rooms due to lawnmower related incidents. Please adhere to the following safety precautions, so you can really enjoy your lush green lawn this summer. ⇒ Always follow owner’s manual for operations ⇒ Keep blades sharpened and mower serviced ⇒ Wear proper footwear, covered toe/slip resistant ⇒ Clear debris from area, never mow over debris ⇒ Wear eye protection at all times ⇒ Riding mowers, never allow children to ride ⇒ Operators should be trained first [pre-teens] ⇒ Wear hearing protection if needed ⇒ Avoid mowing between 10a-3pm ⇒ Reduces carbon emissions ⇒ Avoid full sun, overheating ⇒ Keep mower in good repair, never operated if compromised, or known safety hazard ⇒ Self propelled, never override the kill switch/handle ⇒ Adjust the deck to proper height ⇒ Never tip or raise deck while in operation ⇒ Never reach under the deck while in operation ⇒ Keep children & pets indoor or away from debris Most injuries occur from operator error, being in a hurry, slipping on wet grass, or with riding mowers-flipping over. Be alert and aware. Enjoy your lawn.

Elevens Have It In 2011 we have many opportunities for some unusual date combinations of ones and elevens: 1/1/11 1/11/11 11/1/11 11/11/11 9/10/11 Also 2011 has five months with five Saturdays, that’s almost like another week of vacation?

Free Stop Smoking Program Well-Quit is a smoking cessation program paid for by the employer Free Health Coaching Feel and look better with Wellness Coaching Services from H&H Health Associates at no cost to you Help with daily nutrition Accountability for eating and exercising Professional advice on reaching your goals Gym Membership Discounts H&H has teamed up with Global Fit to provide you with a great fitness opportunity. Use this benefit to get a discount on gym memberships in your area

Be Savvy On-Line Shopper Fifty-eight percent of consumers are likely to purchase gifts online. Be safe and follow these tips for a successful transaction in cyberspace: • Use a ‘price comparison’ search engine, such as Before purchasing in a store, check out the same item on the stores’ website • Read buyer’s reviews, and utilize reputable consumer information, like • Don’t click and buy, until you have looked for a coupon or promo code, like at • Consider the retailers reputation and customer service after the sale • Read the retailer’s Privacy Policy • Use sites that offer secure transactions • Ask friends/relatives about sites/experiences they had Thanks to Hans Oesterle for theses online tips —-

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