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May/June 2011 Volume 26 Number 3

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The Big Move Is On

TRG foyer 4150 Carr Ln, Construction Of New Office Space In Shrewsbury, The Respiratory Group is making some room for another member of the Essex family. Steel structures, drywall, and miles of electrical wiring will lend itself to 10 new offices, a streamlined warehouse and, most importantly, about 30 new faces. Beginning early this summer, PB&R will join TRG as we roll out one of Essex’s newest innovations: The EEBD or Emergency Egress Breathing Device. While the product is still in its preliminary phase, the aligning of TRG and PB&R will allow for collaboration of material resources and more efficient communication of information. The progress that the building has seen over the past couple of months is exciting, to say the least. Personnel are being reorganized throughout the office to simplify departmental interaction and centralize knowledge. In addition, an oversized monitor will be installed in the employee lunch room with an “Essex Industries” communication and news feed. The feed will include day-to-day tasks and occurrences as well as upcoming events company-wide. TRG is excited to welcome Essex PB&R to our Carr Lane community.

The Respiratory Group

Fluid Controls


AUSA Scholarship Award Matthew Geisz

Matthew Geisz receiving the AUSA Scholarship Award from Keith Guller Keith Guller had the honor to present the AUSA Scholarship to Matthew Geisz, son of Robert Geisz-V.P. Essex MFG Division. Matt is graduating from DeSmet High School, with virtually a 4.0 GPA and high ACT scores. He has been accepted to the St. Louis University School of Health Sciences. Not only was Matt’s selection based upon academics, but community and civic involvement. Matt has served over 100 hours of volunteer service at the Nazareth Living Center, and helping out at the Shrine of St. Joseph’s. He wrote an essay and discussed the importance of supporting our military troops, that keep our country safe and protect our freedoms. Matt also received the 2011 Hobey Baker Award for outstanding leadership and sportsmanship while playing on the DeSmet ice hockey team. Matt was awarded the SLU Dean’s Scholarship to attend SLU, and received similar offers from the University of Minnesota and Truman State. We congratulate Matt on his academics, graduating from DeSmet and his future at SLU this fall. He would like to play for the SLU Billiken Hockey team and pursue a career in medicine.

Zehner Wedding Congratulations to Andy Zehner (Design Engineer, Mfg. Division) and Lisa Tipton (HR Generalist, Dierbergs) who were married at Pevely Farms Golf Course on April 9, 2011. Andy and Lisa are very thankful that the weather decided to cooperate for their outdoor ceremony. The two of them then promptly headed for the Bahamas for a very relaxing 5 day cruise. We wish Andy and Lisa happiness together for many years to come.

This year, TRG is strengthening our process for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). This will allow us to be better prepared to meet our customers’ needs in a timely fashion. Each month, all TRG personnel having to do with generating sales or production supply come together to validate forecasts, review available capacities, consider relevant financials and, finally, implement the updated S&OP into the business plan. By doing this monthly, we are able to adapt to the rapidly changing and unpredictable medical and industrial gas markets in today’s market. TRG has enrolled some of the main drivers of the planning process in an APICS training course designed to broaden their understanding of the Material Resource Planning (MRP) and other relevant systems. By doing this, all applicable personnel can develop a unified approach to what goes into the planning system. Since their training began, TRG has become more active in considering all aspects of the process. On the forefront of this agenda is developing a better understanding of our customers and how they order. Our customer service representatives are actively approaching our customers as they place orders to gain insight on what we can expect from them in the future.

New Faces in Many Places MFG

Cryogenics Upper left: Corey Bufalo started at MFG as Machine Apprentice, after graduating from Ranken Technical School in Dec 2010.


Above: [l to r] Chris Rader, Overhaul Assembler; Dave Kuelker, General Labor; Peter Arena, Painter; Mike Hennessy, Maintenance Person; Cecil Alberty, Cryo Assembler Left: Beverly Hoffman, Assembler and Charles Steele, Manufacturing Engineer Welcome to our Essex family. Let’s Grow Together!

145 Years of EssExperience The Respiratory Group Bill Dean, Engineering Manager—15 years Chuck Bauman, Divisional V. P. Brian Joachimsthaler, Project Engineer—10 years Albert Vojka, Assembler—10 years Not pictured: Galib-Gale Kladnjakovic, Inspector—10 years Fadil Kladnjakovic, Inspection Lead—10 years Essex Cryogenics of Missouri James Rose, Plater Helper—10 years Renee Ayers, Production Control Assistant—10 years Keith Guller, CEO of Essex Industries

Essex Manufacturing Division Steve Pinkston, Engineering Manager—35 years John Pastori, Shop Lead - 30 years Robert Geisz, Divisional V.P. All of the participants were honored at the quarterly luncheon, held at the corporate headquarters of Essex Industries, on Wednesday, April 6th. We are proud to recognize our employees for their faithfulness and dedication in this manner. When your anniversary ends in a zero or a five, you will get your invitation to dinner. Congratulations to all of our honorees.

Strategic Process/Planning for Essex Industries The corporate senior management team of Essex Industries, met with Anjan Thakor, Director of the Ph.D. Program and John E. Simon, Professor of Finance from Washington University in February to define our goals and corporate level strategy, which centers on a combination of growth from existing products and as well as new, value creation in the form of earnings and economic return on assets. Once the corporate team set the course and direction, each business unit of Essex will be trained on these concepts. In April, each divisional vice-president and a small team met for a two-day training session at

Wash U. concentrating on our corporate strategy and goals, each division’s core competencies, value drivers, organizational competing values, results of an organizational culture diagnostics and definition of metrics to guide our future. At this point in the process, each business unit will have defined their strategy which again is aligned to the corporate strategy and their goals to support their strategy. The divisional VP’s will prepare and present an out briefing to be given to corporate senior management. This out briefing will specifically state the linkage from the business unit strategy and goals to that of the corporation’s. Once all business units have presented, we will begin implementation planning and the launch of our plans. We appreciate support and work towards the design, development and implementation of our Strategic Planning Process. Keith Guller, CEO Essex Industries,

Mother Goose From Fairy Tales Grimm

Recent visitors and employees of the Chivvis Plant have been greeted...or rather—harassed, by an irate pair of nesting geese. You need only make eye contact with the gander, and it’s he coils his neck, hisses...and the chase ensues. And heaven forbid you have an all-plant fire drill and fill the parking lot with 100 anxious employees. Well alls well that ends well, as over Mother’s Day weekend, alas the eggs hatched, and the family has moved on….across the street, that is—to Kerry’s retaining pond. Just think, next year there will be seven of them.

Asthma Vs Allergies Spring and Summer can bring unwanted changes to your body and cause multiple health reactions. Here are a few pointers in the difference between Asthma and Allergies. Asthma: a chronic, inflammatory disease in which the airways become sensitive to allergens, causing the airways to become swollen and inflamed; the muscles that surround the airways tighten; the production of mucus is increased, leading to mucus plugs. Allergies: are physiological reactions caused when the immune system reacts to specific foreign substances [allergens]. Normally the human body defends itself against harmful substances such as viruses or bacteria, but sometimes the defenses attack usually innocuous substances such as dust, mold, or pollen. The immune system generates large amounts of antibodies called immunoglobin E [IgE] to attack and destroy the supposed enemy. Symptoms are itchy, red, watery eyes; nasal stuffiness, sneezing, ; hives, or rash, and yes—even asthma.

NKF Walk ‘FUN’d-raising Our corporate team Essex KEEP’ers raised over $4,000 for kidney research and support of dialysis and transplant patients and their families. A huge Thank-You goes out to all of the Essex Family that helped in this effort through your participation in ‘fun’draisers, getting sponsors, helping with activities, and walking on the team on April 30th. Above is this year’s team, and pictured are some of the fund raising events, Egg Hunt, DiceRolling, and lots and lots of cupcakes. PNC Bank donated an autographed Blues practice jersey that was won by a hockey shootout with eight contestants vying for the winning goal...and the winner was Danielle Kohler….....GOOOOAL!

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