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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Firefighters train staff at Iler Lodge

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Issue No. 19

Firefighter Kevin Fram helps Betsabe Zuiderveen of Iler Lodge practice using a fire extinguisher.

by Jennifer Cranston Essex Fire & Rescue was at Iler Lodge last Wednesday to help staff re-enforce their fire safety training. “We have been requested by Iler Lodge to assist them with their annual in-house training,” said Inspector Rick Malott. There were two portions to the training. Outside, each staff member had the opportunity to practice using fire extinguishers to put out small fires. Indoors, there was in-class instruction on evacuation roles and responsibilities. They also looked at the best ways to evacuate residents in case of a fire. Iler Lodge is designed with many fire safety features like a sprinkler system and fire doors that can effectively compartmentalize the building in case of fire. Mallott explained that these features together create a system and that staff also refreshed their memory on how to best utilize that system. This service is a free service provided by Essex Fire & Rescue and is part of their education and prevention mandate. “We will assist with requests for staff training for any organization or business,” said Malott. “This allows the staff to meet us and know what our responsibilities are and what theirs are before we arrive. Those first few minutes are vital in case of fire.” During fire extinguisher training, staff learned of a hazard that is especially prevalent in healthcare fields. Hand sanitizer is extremely flammable and burns invisible. They were even cautioned not to smoke with wet sanitizer on their hands. If your business or organization can benefit from similar assistance with safety training. contact Essex Fire and Rescue Service.

2 I Feature

Essex Free Press

EX S S E at a by Jennifer Cranston Beginning this week, the Essex Free Press will present a series on the economic status and future of Essex Centre. The economy is slowly recovering from the 2008 slump, and like many other small communities, Essex is at a crossroads. It is a crucial time in our community’s history. We will look at what the municipality and local businesses are doing to grow our local economy. We will explore some of the challenges faced by business owners and job creators. Empty storefronts and

by Jennifer Cranston

vacant land: will they be wasted space or fulfilled opportunities? This week we look at some of the current plans of the municipality and the BIA. If we built it, will they come? When it comes to the economy and job creation the role of government is to create an atmosphere where business and job creators can succeed and thrive. According to Essex Town Planner Jeff Watson, that is what the municipality is trying to do. Watson explained that

the approach in each of the town’s communities is different to accommodate the varying needs of each. “Each community has its own problems and it has its own answers,” he said. “In Essex Centre we’ve been working with the BIA and we’ve started work on a streetscape plan.” The Town has hired consultant S. Kelly Associates from Fergus, Ontario. This firm specializes in designs for small towns, taking the unique character and atmosphere of a town and building on it. The Streetscape plan and design for Essex has two main focuses. The main business strip and what is being referred to as the “silo district.” The plan looks at everything from park design to the texture and placement of crosswalks. The idea is to create a uniform look and theme for the area. Watson believes that the area around the silos is a unique opportunity to make Essex Centre a “destination,” especially for cyclists who are expected to take advantage of the extensive trail system that will run through Essex when former railroad tracks are converted. Watson said that with two former railroads becoming a trail convergence in Essex that this area will be a “critical location” for the new trail system. “Cycle tourism is a huge industry in the United States and Ontario is just

starting to take advantage of that,” said Watson. He also said that with or without the silos, the silo district can only be seen as an opportunity. “It’s rare that a municipality has 14 acres of vacant land right in the down town area,” he said. This study included a list of existing concerns for the business district. Some of those concerns include a lack of identity, lack of greenery, and infrastructure and accessibility issues. The hope is that implementing the Streetscape plan will solve these issues. Currently there are two different themes being considered. “The Hub of The County” and “Railroad Heritage” are the most popular. Working with the consultant is a steering committee comprised of representatives from the Essex BIA, Town Administration, Town Council, the Mural Committee, the Accessibility Committee and Communities in Bloom. “We tried to get a broad cross section of stake holders,” explained Watson. President of the BIA Stephen Bjorkman explained how this could improve the economic situation in Essex Centre. “The object is to keep people in Essex; shopping, playing and just spending time,” he said. “Just taking

care of our own people will greatly improve business in Town.” He added that if the residents of Essex enjoy being here and spend time doing business here, they will encourage friends and family to join them. “The pride of a community should be reflected in its downtown,” said Watson. A report including findings and possible plans will be presented to council on May 20. A public open house on the proposed streetscape will be held at the Essex Centre Sports Complex on June 20. Other challenges Watson is hoping to answer are that of perception. He feels that one of our biggest challenges is the perception that we’re really far away from other communities, especially Windsor. “Getting to and from Essex is much faster than people realize,” he said. Many people in Windsor and the rest of the county don’t realize that from Essex, you can get almost anywhere in the county in 15 to 25

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

minutes. A third challenge being faced by our community is lack of industrial land, or what the province refers to as “employment land.” “We have literally no industrial land left,” said Watson. “The only place we can expand is across the highway. We are looking at an industrial park there.” He explained that the process to re-zone that land must go through the County and the Province and takes some time. “In about a year we will know if we can use that for a new industrial park,” he said. Unfortunately there is no magic wand to wave, or special button to push that will instantly fix our local economy. Most experts will say that capitalizing on opportunities, building the required infrastructure and patience are major components for success. The question remains to be answered, if we build it will they come? Only time and patience can give us our answer.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 3

Essex Free Press

Community asked to support troop walk

by Sylene Argent The Cottam community is revving up to host the annual Walk for the Troops event, which supports soldiers and all those who serve and protect. Event coordinator, Pam Squire, is urging people to head to her Cottam-based home on Sunday, June 9 to participate in the 3.8-mile walk, which will start at 2p.m. The event is held each year to raise the morale of Canadian and American troops and show soldiers “they haven’t been forgotten,” Squire said. Her son Sgt. Troy Squire is a Combat Medic with the United States Army. Participants are not asked to raise funds or pledges, they are simply asked to walk in support. “I just want everyone out to support the troops,” Squire said. “They really need it right now.” Anyone participating in the walk with a loved one serving overseas or at home is asked to bring along a picture to hold and display during the walk. There will be a few boxes on site where donations of items can be submitted for soldiers if participants wish to do so. Personal items such as shaving cream, soap, small containers of shampoo and conditioner, DVDs, books, gum, hard candy, and razors are all items Squire said soldiers are often in need of. Baby wipes also help soldiers

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Pam Squire hopes for a great turn out for this year’s Walk for the Troops event.

wash and white socks are appreciated. Squire began the walk several years ago after hearing from many soldiers that they felt overlooked. “I’m trying my best not to let them be forgotten,” she said. “I hope everyone comes out to [show] support.” After the walk, participants will be treated to a barbeque where they can socialize or connect with a soldier or the family of a soldier.

Voice Of Inspiration “What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like.”

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Proceeds Support St. Vincent de Paul Society

from the Canadian and American armed forces attended last year’s event, and were joined by many civilians. She hopes for a great turnout again this year. She urges military orientated groups to also come out to support the troops through the walk.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

The date for the walk has been changed to June 9 this year. Squire has received positive feedback on the new date and is hopeful for a great response from the community. Her home is located next to Cottam United Church at 145 County Road 34 West, Cottam. Over 40 soldiers

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4 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heritage society learns of Hazel’s military contributions

Debbie Honor was happy to share the story of her ancestor Edward Hazel during the Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society’s meeting on Monday.

by Sylene Argent With the many War of 1812 bicentennial celebrations held all over

Essex County this past year, the KingsvilleGosfield Heritage Society was happy to welcome

former club member Debbie Honor to its May meeting at Kingsville’s First Baptist Church on Monday to share the story of one of her ancestors. It was important for the historical society to have Honor share her research at the meeting to recognize some of the local residents’ contributions to historic conflicts in that era. Honor, a retired teacher, has been involved with historical clubs and has been researching history since she was in teacher’s college. Once she began researching her own ancestry she was excited to discover one of her ancestors, Edward Hazel, played a part in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 as a courier and a British Indian Department Interpreter. It wasn’t until Honor retired from her teaching profession that she came to realize Hazel was an ancestor. “In history class at school we were taught certain historical events separately,” she said, such as the American Revolution, the War of 1812, World War I, and World War II. “And sometimes we forget that our ancestors lived through more than one event. That is the case of Edward Hazel.” Honor noted Hazel was a Lieutenant in the British Indian Department who was stationed in Detroit during the American Revolution and stationed at Fort Amherstburg during the War of 1812. “Through his story, I would like to relate

the history of our area during both the American Revolution and the War of 1812,” Honor said. “I have no birthdate, no death date, and no marriage date, but I know a heck of a lot about this guy’s life,” she continued. She noted that Hazel could not read or write. She is sure, however, she came across information that indicated he could write his own name. Through her research, Honor gave Hazel an approximate birth date of 1760. His nickname was red, which probably derived from the colour of his hair. In 1776 Hazel entered into His Majesty’s service under Governor Hamilton at Detroit, Honor said. He was first mentioned in a document on April 23, 1777. He was a courier and would have traveled mostly by foot. In 1778, during the Flight of Tories, Alexander McKee gave Hazel some letters and newspapers to deliver to Governor Hamilton in Detroit. Hazel also took along Simon Girty, who Honor said at that time is known by the British as an enemy. Girty needed someone to take him safely through the lines. “Edward Hazel’s job was to help protect [Girty] all the way up to Fort Detroit,” Honor said. “And then he can give his allegiance to the British Government. The story is that it took the two men three days to make the trip.” Hazel was then sent back with letters for McKee. He then brought

him and Matthew Elliott to Fort Detroit. “Hamilton in another letter describes Hazel as ‘a very spirited young fellow,’” Honor noted. She added that Hazel was connected to the Wyandotte Native American tribe, which settled in Anderdon Township. In October of 1788, Lt. Governor Hamilton decided to attack the Americans and won the battle at Fort Vincennes, pushing out the Americans. Hamilton’s plan was to join all Native American Nations from Detroit to Florida to fight against the American expansion in the west. In February, Hamilton was captured at Vincennes, Honor said. By March, Hazel arrived in Florida to deliver letters. There was a new leader there, Brigadier Campbell. He appointed Hazel as the leader of the Native Americans for the west Florida area. two years, “For Edward Hazel fought the Americans, the French, and the Spanish in the

Florida Peninsula,” Honor said. In 1781, Hazel was captured during the Siege of Augusta. Soon after he was released and was on his way to Detroit. He had messages about things going on across North America. The following year, the Wyandotte gave Hazel land in Sandwich for working with its nation. He was discharged in February, but Honor does not know why. In 1792, Hazel was granted a lot in Mersea Township. This news excited her because she grew up in Leamington. Honor said later the British put Hazel with Tecumseh as a messenger. She shared a document she said helps prove that during the War of 1812. She believes he was the runner between Tecumseh and the British during the Battle of the Thames. Hazel died in 1821. “I don’t know when (and) I don’t know where he is buried,” Honor said. “All those things you usually look for in genealogy I haven’t been able to find. But boy, did he have an interesting life.”

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 5

Essex Free Press

Iron Hawk Duathlon exceeds expectations Horticulture club holds annual plant sale

Lionel Sanders leads the pack at the 2nd Annual Iron Hawk Duathlon in Harrow.

by Jennifer Cranston On Saturday hundreds of runners and their supporters braved chilly weather and gathered at the Harrow Soccer Complex for the 2nd Annual Iron Hawk Duathlon. The event is a fundraiser benefiting the Soaring Hawk Fund at Harrow District High School and W.E. Care for Kids.

Iron Hawk is organized and run by Harrow High School. The Iron Hawk has six separate races. A Duathlon, 5 km run, 30 km bike, 5 km run, a Do-ADu which is 2.5 km run, 15 km bike, 2.5 km run. Each of these events has a matching relay event. There is also a 5 km run and a 10 km run.

Call today for more information

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38 Park St., Kingsville

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Participants ranged in age from under 12 to over 60, and included worldclass athletes, such as Lionel Sanders, as well as first time runners from Essex Public School’s grade six class, and everyone in between. Sanders is the Canadian Duathlete of the Year and is currently training for the Olympics. As an added incentive to participate in the Iron Hawk, he held a runners workshop at the high school following the race Last year, the inaugural Iron Hawk event boasted 96 participants. This year they almost doubled the number of participants with 180 registrants at the beginning of the race. Last year the event earned enough to sponsor a room at the W.E. Care for kids House. This year they expect the gross amount raised to exceed $30,000. “Our focus is on mental wellness and we have to raise the conversation,” said Principal Kyle Berard. The event is a Harrow District High School event but they don’t do it entirely alone. “All the volunteers who came out were fantastic,” said Berard. “It went so smoothly.”

by Jennifer Cranston The Horticulture Club filled the Essex Train Station with floral scents and colours on Saturday with their annual plant sale event. The club also sold baked goods, and books to help raise money for their club. “Today business has been up,” said President Roberta Hernandez. The Horticulture club plants all the tulips and annuals in the business corridor in Essex. They also built and maintain the Heritage Gardens near the Train Station. This year they plan to plant petunias down town and are looking forward to taller planters. The club holds meetings once a month where they feature guest speakers that specialize in horticulture. They also do a bus trip once a year they visit outstanding gardens and do some shopping. Members of the horticulture club will also visit residents who need assistance planning their own garden and offer helpful advice and answer questions. “We’re always looking TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE WWW.FORSYTHTRAVEL.COM for new members and volunteers,” said Hernandez. “You don’t have to have ESSEX 519-776-6439 TRAVELLTD. any skills or experience. Established in 1948 • OT 0046911 76 TALBOT ST. N. You meet wonderful peo- June 19-21 West Virginia & Kentucky, Hatfield & McCoy play. Feud site tour by ple and learn about lots of expert featured on “American Pickers” TV show, Coal Mine Exhibit $479.00 June 27 Summers Bounty, Aylmer, herb farm, lavender farm, winery visit, lunch & plants, flowers and trees.” dinner included $125.00 The club isn’t just July 6-10 Cape Cod Summer Getaway, Martha’s Vineyard, whale watch, lobster dinner & more $969.00 about pretty flowers. They August 16-24 Illinois & America’s heartland, agricultural visits, want to encourage giving Lincoln home, John Deere headquarters $1329.00 3-7 New York and Philadelphia, broadway play, city tours, central back to their community. Sept park carriage ride & more $1049.00 They are giving out packages of seeds so residents can grow a row of food to be donated to the local food bank. “Flowers make you feel wonderful,” she said. “They put a smile on your face.” For more information or to become involved contact Hernandez at 519 776-7408.

6 I Opinion

Editorial & Opinion

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live & Uncensored ••• Comment Richard Parkinson •••

A great place to live Serving Essex and the surrounding communities since 1896.

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In this week’s Essex Free Press there is a letter to the editor about establishing a dog park in Essex Centre. This idea has been circulating for several years and now it appears that people are taking action to make the idea a reality. A dog park for Essex Centre would be a good thing. It’s the type of amenity that makes a community attractive to potential residents. And we need more of that if we want our community to grow. I think billing Essex Centre as a great place to live, rather than just visit, might be the way to go. We have spent time and energy wondering how we are going to attract tourists, and their associated tourist dollars, when it might be in our best interest to simply figure out

how we can attract more residents and their associated tax dollars. We have a decent foundation we can build upon. We have two new elementary schools and the shovel should soon go into the ground for a new high school. We have a new rec complex, an indoor pool complex, baseball diamonds and soccer pitches, a modern youth centre and a decent track facility at the high school. We have parks and are connected to the region’s walking trails. We have swathes of land primed for residential and commercial development. Best of all we are located in the centre of the county with easy access to the Highway #3 Bypass and are 15 minutes by vehicle to anywhere in the region.

We have great potential for tourism as well – but that potential lies in Wards 3 and 4. There, we have water front property, vineyards, a marina, historic sites and some of the most attractive scenery in Essex County. Harrow is well suited as a community that can cater to tourists. It has a rural charm to it that is only amplified by the fact that it plays host to one of the province’s oldest continuous running rural fairs. I think people are starting to see our potential – both as a place to visit and a place to live. Even more, I think people are starting to act on that. Something is happening and I am optimistic that we’ll see some positive change in the next decade or so. It’s certainly something I look forward to.

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Letter To The Editor Calling All Dog Lovers! Wouldn’t it be great if Essex had a dog park? How nice would it be if we had a little place where we could take our furry little friends to run, play and socialise off-leash! If you’ve ever taken your dog to the Tecumseh Dog

Park you know how nice it is. Anyone interested in helping to fundraise for our own dog park in Essex is invited to join us on Tues. May 28 at 6:30 at the Civic Centre in Room E. For more information call Cassandra Finn 995-5757 or Pam Gibb 776-7197. See you there.

Let’s Talk About... by Evelyn Couch As you know I have been complaining about council cutting Youth Centre funding. After I read Caleb Workman’s column about the need for youth activity and interest in town, I suggested young people make an appeal to council. I read in the Free Press two weeks ago that Councillor Sherry Bondy has contacted the writer of the article and made a date for youth to meet with council. That is great news and I commend Bondy on taking such positive action. Now we wait anxiously for the results of that meeting which is set for May 21. If that is the case then I presume it is a special meeting of council and that is good because the youth will have more than five or ten minutes to state their views. Different people have tried different ideas. Some of it was for cultural interests. The late Marshall Sadler thought an orchestra would be an asset to the town. There was good membership in the orchestra but poor response from the public to its concerts. Another group decided to have entertainment from out of town; I think it was twice a month. Again the public showed very little interest. Our seniors try to keep activity alive for that group but again it is difficult. I sincerely hope the young people are successful in their goal of making interesting activity happen here, not only for youth but also for all of us.

And isn’t it great that Caleb got response from his article. That’s what we want from these columns. We need to have people sharing thoughts and ideas and be willing to take criticism from those who don’t agree. And we need to remember that ideas need to be based on what is good for the town over time. Sounds like a lot of wisdom is needed there. I don’t consider myself wise so I must stop now.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Opinion I 7

Essex Free Press

The Voice Of Experience by Evelyn Couch

The world rushes on Does time ever go so fast as when you are getting older? I think the answer is, it does not. It’s the same, year after year. Or almost. Yes, I know there has to be an extra day added every four years but apart from that blip, and even with it, time goes as fast from the start of life to the end no matter how long that is. But when one is older it is time when looking back covers so much time that it seems to be going faster. I think of way back then, when I longed for the day I would be 21, all grown up and independent. As it turned out, I was a mother by then and all of you know how independent I was then. Of course, I had to make decisions for myself and had to stretch money out

to provide our needs if not our wants. By the next year there were four of us and then life without my husband forced me to be independent, or almost. It was years later when I was left with my two youngest children that I experienced as much independence as I was ever going to get. Scrambling to make a living for the three of us was a chore that possessed me with more concern than any glory of being independent. After that I didn’t want it any more. After both children were on their own, I saw it as loneliness. All of that tells me we experience situations in different ways, according to how they affect us and according to our response to them. So we say, we never know how

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it is for the other person, especially if we have not walked in their footsteps. Even then we do not know because we can take different footsteps in the same situation. There is no doubt about it; some of us are more resilient than others. How did we get that way? I can’t answer that question. Maybe it was through the genes we inherited. Maybe it was because of the example that was set for us by parents and grandparents. I gained most of my courage for life’s troubles from my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. I remember clearly sitting in my kitchen amidst a heap of woes and thinking what would grandpa do? There is an old saying that life is what you make it and certainly grandfather taught me that. I doubt that he ever imagined how much he was helping me make it what he expected of me. I hope I have met their goals. Unfortunately they will never know. I am grateful they gave me guidelines by both word and example.

Start with safety this spring By Mark Reusser, Board Member, (OFA) Every year, more than 100 people die in farm accidents across Canada. Most of these accidents are predictable and preventable. With the spring rush on now, we know you are busy planning crop inputs and field activities, and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) urges you to plan for safety too. As farmers, we invest time and money each year planning crop decisions, ordering inputs and making animal health plans. And the OFA encourages you to take this same approach with farm safety. The premise is fairly simple – and we all know it – plan ahead, take precautions and don’t work alone. Developing a farm safety plan helps you identify on-farm hazards and create safety procedures to protect your family, workers and farm operation from unnecessary injury and loss. The Canadian Farm Safety Association has developed some easy-to-use resources to help you build a safety plan – available at no charge at The Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting organization recently released data on agricultural fatalities in Canada from 1990-2008. During that period, nearly 2,000 deaths in Canada oc-

458 TALBOT RD. N., ESSEX, ON 519-776-5287

curred on farms. Of those fatalities, 92% were male, 47% were farmers or farm owners, and an alarming 14% were children. Farm safety is serious business. OFA urges you to pause and consider the potentially devastating impact that farm injuries can have on the emotional and economic wellbeing of your family and farm businesses. Make a commitment to farm safety with a plan that makes safety part of every action on the farm. Safety can be as simple as picking up personal protective equipment when you are out buying other farm supplies. Nobody plans

to get hurt. But we often forget the little details that can prevent an injury, especially when we are in a rush. And if you already have a safety plan written down, take a moment to review it before you head out into the field. As tractors and equipment begin rolling onto the land, start with safety this spring. Time is at a premium with shifting spring weather, limited hours of daylight and machinery breakdowns. Take the time to plan every aspect of your farm operation, including farm safety. Prosperous and sustainable farms are built on careful planning and risk management. Take the time to work smart and work safe, every day.

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8 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Historical Park hosts yard sale fundraiser

Wayne Gunning mans one of the many tables displaying unique items during Kingsville Historical Park’s annual yard sale.

by Sylene Argent Last Friday, the Kingsville Historical Park started its 4th annual 11-

day yard sale on site at the museum, giving area residents an opportunity to view the military and

historical displays while looking through yard sale items to find unique and rare treasures.

The event is a major annual fundraiser for the Park and this year the proceeds will contribute to a new roof the museum is in need of. Volunteer Katherine Gunning was thankful for the volunteers who made the event possible. Many volunteers collect items for the yard sale throughout the year, and student volunteers helped bring the items out of storage and got them on display for the yard sale. Gunning is happy with the community support for the museum’s yard sale. Many area residents visited the sale to purchase items, which created a lot of traffic in the museum. Some of the treasure hunters even returned with a few items to donate to the museum as additional yard sale pieces. The yard sale will continue on until May 21. Gunning hopes the momentum keeps up. The Kingsville Historical Park, Gunning

said, has over 8600 artifacts. The military history and local history featured in the museum’s displays, she said, needs to be preserved for area residents and future generations. Volunteers with the Kingsville Historical Park have been busy remodeling and updating the displays. Gunning said there are two new displays at the museum, one of which is a swords and weaponry exhibit that dates prior to WWI and WWII. Another unique display recognizes the veterans of both World Wars. The volunteers also embarked on a remodeling project to open up the museum. Gunning noted the museum also has an extensive medal and Canadian WWII cap badge displays. The museum still takes in military and

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to find out how to win Tigers vs Blue Jays (in Toronto) including round trip via rail transportation.

reg $10.99

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SATURDAY, MAY 18: 760 ml


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Larry Seguin


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Brent Seguin

local artifacts. The Kingsville Historical Park museum is a site for Elder College programs. Most recently, those interested in late 1500s literature were able to learn about Shakespeare’s works through Elder College at the museum. Over twenty people took the five-week course, museum volunteer Wayne Gunning said. The museum is always welcoming donations. There are a number of things the volunteers would like to do with the museum, including installing a proper cover for its vehicle display.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 9

Essex Free Press

Firefighter and Shoppers Drug Mart join forces

by Jennifer Cranston If you saw fire trucks parked outside of Shoppers Drug Mart on Saturday, rest assured they were not responding to an emergency. They were raising money for two good causes. Lakeshore and Essex

Fire and Rescue Services joined forces with Essex Shoppers Drug Mart to raise money for The Children’s Safety Village and V.O.N. Lakeshore Fire Fighter Brian Shuttleworth explained that the two fire services have been

teaming up with Shoppers for about three years. They hold barbeques, raffles and other activities to help raise money for various charities two or three times a year. This most recent event included flower sales for Mother’s Day and

a raffle. Floral Passion, Schinkels’ Meat Market and Shoppers’ suppliers worked to see that everything was donated for the event. Every dollar brought in that day was turned over to the two charities. Captain Randy

Lakeshore firefighters Derek O’Neil and Brian Shuttleworth enjoy hotdogs with Cole Little at Shoppers Drug Mart in Essex on Saturday.

Kaufmann of The Essex Fire and Rescue Service enjoys the camaraderie of the two services working together. “It’s nice because the two services get together,” he said. The two stations will come together again on May 25 at Canadian Tire in Essex. This fundraiser will be in support of Fire Prevention and Canadian Tire’s Jump Start Program. Shuttleworth is excited because he and his colleagues will be able to bring their fire safety

trailer to the event at Canadian Tire. The trailer contains a kitchen, living room and other parts of a regular house. Children will be able to go through the trailer and find fire hazards, feel a hot door that simulates fire on the opposite side and escape out a window. They will even get to call 911, speak to an operator and get experience making an emergency phone call. “The trailer is a real learning experience,” said Kaufmann.

10 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birders enjoy festivities at Point Pelee

by Sylene Argent Point Pelee National Park will be a popular destination for avid bird watchers over the next several weeks. Birders flocked to Canada’s most southern point on Friday for the beginning of the Festival of Birds. There, they hoped to catch glimpses of many different kinds of birds in the midst of spring migration. Last Friday, bird expert Sarah Rupert was led tours through the park to point out observation hot spots for birders armed with binoculars and scopes. She pointed out several types of bird species on a hike, noting the park attracts many different

types of spectacular birds, including some rare species, such as the SwallowTail Kite. One of the larger birds seen during the celebration, Rupert said, is the Golden Eagle. On Friday, the hikers were happy to spot an Eastern Screech Owl nestled high up in one of the trees. The enthusiasm of birders this year has been exciting. Rupert recalled receiving a call from a birder regarding a rare species prior to the start of the festival. She was told the bird was heading towards Point Pelee. A math expert calculated when the bird would arrive at the park, and many waited in the parking lot for its arrival, which was three minutes off the ex-

pected arrival time. Those awaiting its arrival celebrated with high fives, she said. Last weekend, the park had visitors from all over Ontario, Quebec, and the U.S. A tour group from Japan also enjoyed the park and its annual festival, Rupert said. Linauskas, Karen Visitor Experience Manager at Point Pelee, said the park has had an event that celebrates birding for around 30 years. “The reason people are here is because the birding is so fantastic,” she said. “They are coming because they may see the greatest diversity of species at Point Pelee.” She noted the park is on a major migration

route and added that an advantage of birding this time of year is that the leaves on the trees are not yet fully bloomed, which makes spotting the birds easier. The Festival of Birds lasts 17 days. People begin arriving at the park to bird watch at the end of April, with the peak time being the Mother’s Day weekend. Linauskas noted around 15,000 people visit the area during the popular birding weeks in May. The park is currently

embarking on the Lake Erie Sand Spit Savannah Restoration project to improve the habitat for birds, butterflies, and native plants. A highlight

was observing a Loggerhead Shrike, a species at risk, in one of the park’s restoration spots, Linauskas said.

Law enforcement officers run for Special Olympics

by Jennifer Cranston Members of law enforcement agencies across the province ran, biked and roller bladed in their respective communities to support Special Olympics on Tues. May 7. Essex was no exception as members of the OPP, Amherstburg Police Service, Lasalle Police Service, as well as probation and parole officers made their way around Essex County, stopping in Essex Centre around noon. Acting Sergeant Jim Chauvin has been organizing the regional run since 2001. He says the main purpose of the Torch Run is to show the athletes that law enforcement is here to support them. “It’s important to show that officers get involved in their communities,” he said. “We don’t just arrest bad guys.” There are fundraisers held throughout the year for Special Olympics including local hockey games and the Toonies for Torches Campaign run through local businesses. The Torch Run itself is more to raise awareness. “It’s not often you see officers out of uniform,” said Chauvin. “It’s makes people Continued on Page 11

PROPERTY FOR SALE The following property is offered for sale by tender under the direction of Harrison Pensa LLP (“Selling Agent”). Location: 1175 Concession 2 North, Amherstburg, Ontario legally described as part of the south half of Lot 8, Concession 2, Geographic Township of Anderdon, Town of Amherstburg, County of Essex, being Part 1, Plan 12R-6632, Part 2, Plan 12R-4933 and Part 1, Plan 12R-10818 (PIN 01549-0139). Description: 19,289 sq. ft. concrete block barn and 1680 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick house on 7.84 acres (approximately). Qualifications: Property shall be sold on a strict “as-is” basis. Offerors are responsible to conduct their own due diligence. Acreage is approximate. The highest offer or any offer may not necessarily be accepted. Conditions: All offers must be: 1. 2. 3. 4.

received by the Selling Agent no later than 3 pm on Thursday, May 23, 2013; submitted on a prescribed form to be obtained from the Selling Agent; accompanied by a deposit of not less than $10,000.00 in certified funds; and have a closing date on or before June 18, 2013.

If an accepted offer is not completed on the terms and within the time specified, the accepted Offeror’s deposit will be forfeited. Harrison Pensa LLP Attn: Tom Robson 450 Talbot St., P.O. Box 3237 London, ON, N6A 4K3 Tel: (519) 661-6766 Fax: (519) 667-3362

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community/News I 11

Essex Free Press

Essex Rotary supports local VIP program Law enforcement officers run for

Essex Rotary President Bruce Jaques presents a cheque for $500 to Constable Joe Meloche, OPP Community Services Officer, in support of the VIP Program’s upcoming graduation ceremonies.

submitted to the EFP This year’s VIP (Values, Influences and Peers) Program run by the Essex OPP is well underway in six local schools (Colchester North Public, Essex Public, Harrow Public, Holy Name, St. Anthony’s, and Ecole Sainte-Ursule). There are 12 classes and over 330 students involved. The VIP program has been developed to enhance students’ self-esteem, reinforce

responsible citizenship, positive social behaviour and appreciation for community values. The curriculum delivered is a joint initiative of the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services and the Ministry of Education and Training. Teachers have worked with OPP and municipal police officers to offer VIP programs and resources in Ontario’s schools since 1984. The VIP program is

a values-centered and values-driven curriculum that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies they need to make more effective decisions regarding the challenges they will face along life’s journey. It is constantly being revised to keep the program consistent with new crime prevention initiatives and community and personal safety concerns. Additional program components include bicycle helmet safety, drug awareness, cyber safety, and antibullying campaigns. As part of the local VIP Program, all classes attend an all expenses paid field trip to Gesstwood Camp, which includes a BBQ, sporting events, and swimming. This year’s trip takes place on June 18. Each class also has a graduation party after students successfully complete all the required components of the curriculum, which includes volunteer community service. T-shirts, pizza, and pop are given to every graduating student. The Town of Essex assists in the funding of this program. Additionally, on an annual basis, the Rotary Club of Essex generously donates to this worthwhile program as it realizes the importance of investing in our future through educating our children. Rotary’s theme of “Service Above Self” is exemplified in the community service component that every student must complete before graduating from the program.

Special Olympics...

Continued from Page 10

ask questions and gives us the opportunity to tell them.” The money raised by law enforcement goes to help pay for things like uniforms, accommodations, meals, awards training and training facilities. As the large group of law enforcement officers passed through Essex they were privileged to be joined by Special Olympics Athlete Tara Ducharme from Windsor. She even carried the torch for a small stretch. Ducharme competes in standing long jump, ball throw and running events. She explained that she participated in Special Olympics as a child and her cousin encouraged her to get involved again as an adult. “It was a dream to walk in Essex,” she said. Other OPP officers were waiting with a barbeque lunch near the corner of Talbot St. and Maidstone Ave. to feed the participants. They also sold burgers and hotdogs to residents and passersby to raise money for the cause. Chauvin acknowledged local businesses that contributed to the success of the Torch Run including Essex Foodland, the United Communities Credit Union, Scott’s Discount and Stevenson Bus Lines.

12 I News

Essex Free Press

Essex County OPP Report - The Weekly Blend ESSEX/HARROW The OPP held a “mock impaired crash” at the Harrow arena, on Wednesday for graduating students from Harrow High School to view the demonstration. This event is an effort to deter students from drinking and driving, not only during prom time, but throughout their lives. A similar mock crash will be held at Essex High

$$ - BUYING - $$


WED., MAY 22 9AM - 4PM

Unico Building 37 Beech Street, Kingsville


Behind A&A Flooring


I Thursday, May 16, 2013

driver exhibited signs of impaired driving and police attempted to stop the vehicle. As the vehicle was slowing, the suspect vehicle tapped on his brakes but failed to KINGSVILLE On May 12, at approximately 11:00 am, a tan coloured come to a stop immediately. The vehicle travelled Ford Windstar van was travelling westbound on Essex another few minutes at a slow speed and eventually County Road 34 in Cottam just west of Hill Street, came to a stop after hitting a curb and coming to rest on when it proceeded to make a U-turn in front of # 186. a grass boulevard in the 900 block of Lesperance Road. A vehicle that was travelling behind the van swerved to A 55 year old Tecumseh man, was arrested and charged avoid a collision with the van but was unsuccessful and with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Exceed struck the van. The van subsequently fled the scene at a 80 mgs of Blood Alcohol Content. He will appear in a high rate of speed. Police are asking the public to contact Windsor court on May 21, 2013. Kingsville OPP if you see a vehicle matching the above description, with a licence plate beginning with a B??? ### with possible substantial front driver side damage, or if you witnessed the collision. School on May 23rd, 2013 at 8:25 am.

TECUMSEH On May 10, at approximately 9:00 pm, Tecumseh OPP officers received a report of a possible impaired driver in the McDonalds parking lot at 1631 Manning Road in Tecumseh who had just been involved in an altercation with another driver and left the scene after driving over the curb and grassy area of the McDonalds Drive Thru. The male driver had driven aggressively and erratically through the parking lot with numerous bystanders in the parking lot before fleeing the scene. Officers located the vehicle and driver a few minutes later on Essex County Road 22 near Essex County Road 19. It was later learned that the suspect driver had also assaulted another male in the parking lot, as well as damaged his vehicle. A 39 year old Lakeshore man was arrested and charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Exceed 80 mgs of Blood Alcohol Content, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Assault and Mischief Under $5000. He will appear in a Windsor court on May 23, 2013. On Sunday, May 12, 2013, at approximately 7:50 pm, Tecumseh OPP officers received information regarding a possible impaired driver in the area of Arbour Street in Tecumseh. Officers located a silver Dodge Durango travelling northbound on Lesperance Road. The

What’s Going On May 16 - ECHRS General Meeting 18 Gordon Ave. 7pm. Guest Speaker: Marsha Sadler Topic: Col Thomas Talbot. Info 519-962-9597 or 519-796-3393. May 18-19 Maidstone Museum’s 6th Annual War of 1812 Encampment. 1093 Puce Rd. (Hwy 401, exit 28). Various activities. For details call (519) 819-5318. MAY 18 - WESTERN DAY at the Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village,. Visit our website or call 519-776-6909. MAY 22 - Essex & District Horiticultural Society Meet at Essex Community Centre, 25 Gosfield Twnl. W, Essex. 7:30pm. Topic: Invasive Plants. MAY 25 - Bake Sale, Craft Bazaar & Trunk Sale, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda, 2953 Olinda Side Road, Ruthven. MAY 26 - Squirettes of Mary STEAK & LOBSTER FUNDRAISER, at the K of C, McGregor. Dinner at 6pm, music at 7pm. For more information call 519-726-6494. MAY 26-28 - “The Kingdom Upon You” MANDATE CONFERENCE with Dr. Mike Brown, from 10am-7pm, at Bethel Christian Church, Cottam. Call 519-839-4632. june 1 - Bake Sale at Trinity Anglican Church, Cottam. Barbequed hotdogs and beverages also available. june 7 - GARAGE & Bake Sale Fundraiser, from 8am-2pm at St. Joseph’s Church, River Canard. Rain or shine. JUNE 15 - STRAWBERRY SOCIAL DINNER at Comber St. Andrew United Church. Call Mark 519-687-3413, Betty Lou 519-687-2198, or Eleanor 519-687-6305. JUNE 15 - BBQ RIB DINNER at Woodslee United United Church, 4-7pm. Phone for tickets (Advance Only) and information. 519-975-2461.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Personals I 13

Essex Free Press

From The Heart

53rd Anniversary Remembrance

To place a personal notice, email your photo and content to or drop by our office at 16 Centre St., Essex. Personal notices must be received by Monday at 12:00 noon to appear in the Thursday edition. Ads submitted after that time will appear in the following week’s edition.

“Joan” Ellen Lambier (Kennedy) 55 Years ago I met “Joan”. On May 21st, 1960 “Joan” said yes. After 37 1/2 years, “Joan”was taken from us, way before “Joan’s” time. I lost a one-of-a-kind Wife and Friend. Our children lost the “Best Mother” ever created. “Joan” may be gone, but in our hearts and memories, “Joan” will be with us forever. Things we see and do every day Today Callus remind how k great “Joan” was. nd Spea

Open House

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(NÉE BELLEAU) MARKHAM You are invited for cake & a light lunch to celebrate my 90th birthday.

Come for a visit and some conversation. Monday, May 20th, 2013 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. St. Mary’s Church Hall, Maidstone. Please – no gifts.

A r With Ou g in is Until we join “Joan” rt e v d A Rep alesour WithSall love and memories, ! e e Holl

Cecil, Bill, Ken, Barb, and Families


Advertising Works!

______________________________________________ IN LOVING MEMORY ______________________________________________

Fick, Dorothy

ay Call Todak And Speur With O g in Advertis ep Sales R Greg!


In Loving memory of a Dear Mother, and Grandmother, who was taken from us 19 years ago on May 15, 1994.

If roses grew in heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for us. Place them in our mother’s arms, and tell her they are from us. And when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek, And hold her for a while because we are missing her today. Sadly missed and always remembered by her children Valerie, Linda and Roger, grandchildren Sarah, Steven and Jackie, son-in-law Dennis, daughters-in-law Mary and Nancy.

nnnnnnnnnn Marla Ellis

Loving you and missing you every day! Mom, Dad, Mark, Kristi, Summer, Jake, Kadyn, and Family

nnnnnnnnnn In Loving Memory of

Jack Harrison In loving memory of “Jack” who passed away May 19, 2009.

He has gone across the river to the shore of evergreen. And we long to see his smiling face, but the river flows between. Some day, some time, we shall see the face we love so well. Some day we’ll clasp his loving hand and never say farewell. Loved always and sadly missed - Your Family.


Married May 18, 1963, will celebrate 50 years of marriage on Sunday, May 19, 2013 between 1 - 4 p.m. with an Open House at their home 334 Drew Drive in Viscount Estates, Essex. Best wishes only.

Voice Of Inspiration

In Loving Memory of

A light from our family has gone. A voice we loved is still. A place is vacant in our hearts. No one can ever fill.

______________________________________________ CC IN LOVING MEMORY ______________________________________________

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

- Franklin P. Jones

A lifetime of loving, caring and sharing... Please join us, our children and grandchildren as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary with an Open House on Saturday, May 25th, 2013 from 2 pm to 5 pm. At Cottam United Church in Fellowship Hall 137 Talbot Street West, Cottam Ontario. Your presence will be your gift to us! Diane and Jacques Gagné

Gordon Alan Bernard June 21, 1959 - May 8, 2012

Pl Re You were always there for us offering words of wisdom in tough times, this

Loving husband, sweet father, precious papa, beloved son, dear brother, loyal officer.

comforting others and ready to prepare us for our journeys. We can never forget the blessed memories created in your presence. We love you dearly and we will miss you. Enjoy the heavens above, and our abundant love. Sadly missed by your Wife Maggie, children Nathaniel & Tiffany, Natalie, Nolan, Noah, and Nicole, grandchildren Eliana and Everly.

nnnnnnnnnn ______________________________________________ OBITUARIES ______________________________________________

PARENT, Elsie Beatrice (nee Brownell) Born in Windsor, Ontario on March 3, 1929. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear Elsie, who, surrounded by her family, slipped away peacefully after a lengthy illness on Friday, May 10, 2013. Beloved wife and best friend of Romuald (Romeo). They celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on November 20th, 2012. Beloved mother of Mark, Roger and Maria (Pelandeau), Carol Anne and Dan Taylor, Essex. Loving grandma of Celeste Maurice and the late Matthew (2008), Joel and Brigitte, Aylmer, QC; Martin, Michael and Nathalie, Montreal, QC; Adele, Mississauga; Darryl, London; Olivia, Vincent and Grace. Great-grandma of Jolina, Veronica, Jean-Luc, Elorah and Baby June. Daughter of the late Marshall (1971) and Elsie (1983) Brownell. Sister of Jack (Jill) Brownell, London; Jim Jennie 2011) Brownell, Joyce (Lloyd) Fyke, LaSalle; Carl (Barb) Brownell, Chilliwack, B.C.; Gladys (Rev. Richard) Lemmon, Rocky Mountain House, AB; Earl (Rose) Brownell, Emeryville and predeceased by Grace Louise (1932), Winston (1950), Marshall Jr. (Bud)(1955), Audrey Robertson (1996), Carol Armour (1998), Robert (Bob)(2001) and Shirley (2007). Predeceased by father and motherin-law Hormidas and Emma Parent. Sister-in-law to Gerald and Emily Parent, Gerard and Helen Parent, Gilles and Rena Parent, Yvette and William Bulley, Jeannine and Gerald Halliday, Cecile and Laverne Martins, the late Herve Parent. Survived by many nieces and nephews. The family wishes to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Courtney from St. Elizabeth Healthcare for taking such great care of our mom for many months, Dr. J. Cohen, nurse practitioner Sharon Allen and the dedicated nurses on 7E at Hotel Dieu Hospital and to Julie Harper from CCAC for her care and concern. Special thank to Dr. C. Sheehan, head nurse Sherri LaRose-Rossi and the compassionate nurses at Malden Park Continuing Care 3N, for making her last days comfortable. Elsie was a devoted wife and loving mother. She will be remembered by her Brownell trait of beautiful red hair, her joy of being a Bell telephone operator for many years, for her hospitality, cooking, baking, canning and cake decorating for all the family occasions. Her gift of faith and love of gardening has been passed on to her children and grandchildren. Her gentle laugh and loving nature will never be forgotten by all who knew her. Visitation was at WINDSOR CHAPEL FUNERAL HOME (Banwell Chapel) 519-253-7234, 11677 Tecumseh Rd. E. at Banwell Rd. On Monday, May 13, 2013 from 2-5 and 7-9 p.m. Prayers were at 4:30 p.m. Family and friends met at St. John Vianney (385 Dieppe St.) on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. until time of Funeral Mass to celebrate Elsie’s life at 10:30 a.m. Interment followed at St. Anne’s Cemetery, Tecumseh. Memorial donations may be made to Malden Park Continuing Care or the charity of your choice. Online condolences and cherished memories may be shared with the family at “And He will raise you up on Eagle’s wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, made out to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of his hand.” _____________________________________________

GAGNON, Raymond Joseph It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Raymond Joseph Gagnon on May 9, 2013 at the age of 83 surrounded by his loving family. He was the loving husband to Janet (nee Stiers) for 35 years. Loving father to Michael (Sue), Marilyn, Tina, Bruce (Holly) and predeceased by sons Derek (1999) and Raymond (2012). Step father to Kevin Stiers (Lori) and Kim Drouillard. Cherished grandfather to 15 grandchildren and 5 great- grandchildren. Brother to Gloria, Don (Chere), Claire (Eddie), Richard (Jana) and predeceased by sister Jeanette (2007). Brother-in-law to Darlene Hall and the late Annabelle Carr (2008). Will be sadly missed by many nieces, nephews and extended family and friends. The family would like to thank the staff at Leamington District Memorial Hospital for the kindness, compassion and care that Ray received. Cremation has taken place. A service to celebrate Ray’s life will be held at a later date. In kindness, memorial donations to the Canadian Lung Association would be appreciated. Arrangements entrusted to Victoria Greenlawn Funeral Home & Cemetery 519-969-3939.

Memorial verses available

14 I Classifieds

Essex Free Press

Classifieds _____________________





BINGO 1st & 3rd Fridays 7:15 P.M. 32 Russell St. - Retirees’ hall $ 500.00 JACKPOT _____________________1-tf

For Sale: 4x5 round bales of hay, wrapped. Also, 4x5 round bales of corn stalks. Call 519735-2206. 19-1t _____________________

MINI BAZAAR: MaY 18th at Viscount Estates Rec. Centre. Misc. items, bake sale, Avon products too. From 9:30 am until closing. 18-1t _____________________

FARMING _____________________ WANTED Farm Land to Rent Cash or Share Crop Call Jeff Siefker (cell) 519-7961240 or (home) 519-776-9501 _____________________1-tf Wanted productive land to buy, rent or sharecrop. Top prices paid. Call Dennis today @ R.Rivest Farms Ltd. 519-7966691. 1-tf _____________________ wheat straw For Sale: Call 519-723-4601. 18-2t* _____________________


FOR RENT _____________________ FOR RENT: One bedroom apartment in Cottam. Ph. 519839-5130. 1-tf _____________________ FOR RENT: McGregor - 2 bdrm. apt. $800. Utilities included. Coin laundry. Appliances included. 519-990-7464. 46-tf* _____________________ FOR RENT: 1 bdrm. apt. Fridge & stove included. $450, utilities incl. Available June 1st. 519257-1044. 18-tt _____________________ FOR RENT: 1 lg. bdrm. apt. Excellent condition. Located in downtown Essex. Fridge & stove incl. References required. No pets please. $520 / mo. + utilities. 519-326-5119 or 519987-4866. 49-tf _____________________ Commercial Property for rent in Cottam. Ph. 519-839-5130. 1-tf


55 & OVER

1 bedroom apartment available. Clean, quiet, picturesque surroundings. Fridge, stove, utilities included.

515 Dalhousie, Amherstburg 519-736-7800 Your passion for Country music could lead you to a new career helping businesses find lasting marketing solutions. Are you bright, outgoing and motivated by helping others meet their goals, while achieving your own? Do you live in the County?

If you answered yes, you could be just the person we're looking for.

Placing a classified ad: Classified ads can be obtained in person, by phone or fax from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. There is a $1 surcharge on any classified billing under $15. We accept Visa | MasterCard | Debit | Cash | Cheque. Deadline is Tuesday by 10:00 am

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Classified Rates

Word Ads - 25 words or less .............. $6.00 + HST Extra words . ................................................... 20¢/word Display Classifieds.................................... Call for rates

Phone.519.776.4268 Fax: 519.776.4014 Email: _____________________ _____________________ groomer. Fully insured. Home _____________________ visits for nail trims. Pick up & FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR Sale delivery service available. 519_____________________ _____________________ _____________________ 551-3580. 16-4t* 3BD Houses For Rent in Es- Buying or Selling a farm? Do you 2011 25 foot puma 5th _____________________ sex, On. Available now, $875/m know the right questions and wheel for sale: Sleeps four. +util. 1st/Last required. Con- answers? Farm Experienced Has full bath. Asking $15,500. services _____________________ tact Homes4rent@homestarts. Realtor Carl Idzinski, Real Phone 510-726-5666 for more org or call 519-984-2178 for Choice Realty. 519-817-8891. information. 17-5t* KAHL RECYCLING - We come to 1-tf _____________________ viewing. 12-14t you and haul away your junk. _____________________ _____________________ Metals and appliances are free. Vehicles _____________________ FOR RENT: Office building, in Everything else has a fee. We FOR SALE _____________________ Cottam. 519-839-5130. also take electronics, ballist, 1-tf For Sale: 2004 Grand Marquis, _____________________ For Sale: Greenlawn 180,000 km. Winters in Florida. computers. Kall Ken 519-326FOR RENT: One bdrm. apt. Memorial Garden “Block J” Six Remote Start. $5,500. New 8559. Cell: 519-322-8305. 1-tf _____________________ Upper level. $675, utilities incl. plots (valued at $2095 each). parts, safetied & E-Tested. Call Call 226-350-1943. 16-tf Asking $1400 each o.b.o. Please 519-776-1332, leave message. “ON TIME MOVERS” - Are you _____________________ 19-1t* phone 519-966-3690. _____________________ moving? Need something 16-4t* STORE FOR RENT: On Main St., _____________________ picked up or delivered? Please 69 Tabot, Essex. 226-350-1943. For Sale: Riding Lawnmower. HELP WANTED call Larry or Dave today! 519_____________________ 16-tf 736-7411 or 519-984-7412. 1-tf $900 obo, VCR tapes & DVD _____________________ _____________________ HELP WANTED General discs. Call 519-966-5986. 18-1t* STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT: Labourers wanted. Fax resume MIKE’s painting & Drywall _____________________ Storage available, in Essex, for to 519-723-2336. 49-tfn repairs - Interior, Exterior, _____________________ motor homes, trailers, boats, plants For Sale: Over cars, and trucks. Monthly 90 varieties of tomatoes, Drivers wanted - AZ or DZ Mudding, Taping, Trim. 13 years rentals available. Call for details eggplants and peppers incl. Clean record, Will train qualified exp. Seniors 10% discount. Call and rates 519-776-4875. 13-tf many heirloom varieties. Over applicants. Fax resume to Mike for free estimate at 519776-9445. 18-4t* _____________________ 100 varieties of perennials incl. Quinlan Inc. 519-723-2336. 17-tfn _____________________ _____________________ FOR RENT: Extra lg. 3 BDRM. red hot poker, sedums, painted APT. $975 / mo. utilities incl. daisy, peonies, pond plants, ROOFER’S helper needed. LAWN CUTTING and additional services. Grass cutting, lawn and a 2 BDRM. APT. $675/mo. and more. 108 Langtry St. (near Must have vehicle. No rolling, aerating, dethatching, arena). 19-1t* experience needed. Call Ken at shrub trimming, granular No pets. 1st & last required. _____________________ 519-776-8340. 19-4t* Both downtown Essex. 519_____________________ fertilizer, and minor yard work. 776-6078. 18-tf HELP WANTED: Essex Taxi Call 519-839-4776 or 519-981and ask for Steve. 13-tfn has part time and full time 4519, _____________________ Jack Morris Auctions Inc. available. Ideal for retiree or

Antique Estate Auction Sale Saturday, May 25 at 9:30 am

For Neil & Cheryl McBeth at 8869 Conc. 8, Cottam, west off the Arner Townline ( CR 23). Selling furniture, antiques, and primitives from the estates of Thomas & Esther McBeth and Helen & Kenneth McBeth. Furniture: old roll top desk; very nice wide board wooden sideboard/ jam cupboard; several old wooden rockers, chairs, sideboards, china cabinets, tables; DR suite; bedroom furniture; and numerous other pcs. furniture; China, Glass: large selection of old china, berry bowls, cups & saucers, 2 bowl & pitcher sets; etc.; cornflower; carnival glass; pink depression glass; etc; Clock, Watch: Sessions mantle clock; Elgin pocket watch; Walnut Mantle: 8’ x 13” x 2” one piece walnut mantle w/brackets; Primitives, Old Machinery: wheelbarrow handle scale; walking plow that was used for advertising the ’89 IPM; old 4 wheel buggy; dump rake; steel wheeled drill; MH loose hay loader; grinding wheel; red field tile; quantity of jugs, crocks, lanterns, milk cans; wagon & buggy wheels; old milk bottles – Hunter Dairy & Blenheim Dairy; Beaver canning jar (facing to the right) & other old jars, irons; old trunks; 3 old treadle sewing machines; wall telephone; etc; Musical instruments: old Doherty pump organ; Bandmaster accordion in case; 2 guitars; and numerous other items. Terms cash, debit, Visa, MC, 3% premium (waived for cash). Owner or auctioneer not responsible for accidents day of sale. Lunch provided by the Essex Rotary Club. Auctioneer: Jack Morris, 519-687-2530 Details & photos at

anyone looking to make a couple extra bucks. Preferably from town. Call Kirk or Terry at 519-776-4922. 19-5t* _____________________

PETS _____________________ DIRTY PAWZ DOG GROOMING - Professional, certified dog

KENNETH YARD WORKS Spring Clean Up. Sod, mulch, eavesthrough cleaning, and repairs, power washing. Trees & bushes trimmed or removed. Fully licensed and insured. Free estimates. Call Kenneth 519982-0362 or 519-776-4881.



Sales or marketing experience an asset, but we'll train the right person. Blackburn Radio values diversity in the workplace and is committed to employment equity. We offer a competitive compensation package, benefits, a pension plan and an exciting work environment.

Saturday, May 18th at 8:45 a.m. At the Comber Community Centre in Comber Selling the living Estate of Joseph Tomsich of Windsor plus the liquidation of Nova Goldsmiths of Kingsville. 3-oil paintings by Hortense M. Gordon, large quantity of jewellery, ladies 18kt gold 2.23ct. diamond & moissonite ring $9,625.00, collectibles, Antique guns, lamps & lighting, Pairpoint lamp, Aladdin lamps, High quality glassware & china, sterling silver, Antique oak furniture, Kubota G6200 Diesel lawn tractor 48” cut HST, & much more! Viewing day of sale from 7:00 A.M.

Lacasse Auctions Inc.

Please send your resume to


For photos and listing:

Consistent Multi-Million Dollar Producer ~ 30 Years Experience ~

5199721000 Have Ruth Ann’s Experienced Negotiating Skills Work For You. 24 Hour Pager



28 Cameron Side Rd. W. - 3,800 sq ft. living space, 4 bedroom, 21/2 baths, brick home with 21/2 attached garage, 36’x60’ heated workshop on 3/4 acre.

Tim McGuire, Sales Representative Res. 519-723-4660 or Bus. 519-735-6015.

Thomas A. Lavin Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Classifieds I 15

Essex Free Press













CASH PAID for scrap cars and trucks. Free removal. Please phone: 519-776-9237 or 519791-5046. 1-tfn _____________________

Yard SalE: May 14-19 at 333 County Rd. 14, Cottam. Antique table, furniture, lamps, bedding, household items, computer, couch/loveseat, outdoor items, toos, tractors, tarp, and much more. 19-1t* _____________________

Moving Sale: 6655 Snakelane, Oldcastle – misc. household items, furniture, tools, holiday decorations, jewellery, 1yr old Kubota lawn tractor w/ accessories and much more. Mon. May 13- Mon. May 20, 8am – 4pm daily. 19-1t _____________________ YARD Sale: 217 Woodview Dr., Essex. Fri. & Sat., May 17 & 18. Baby items, household items, and electronics. 19-1t* _____________________ MULTI-FAMILY YARD Sale: Fri. & Sat., May 17 & 18, 9am-3pm. 311 Cty. Rd. 27 W. Follow Arner Townline to 1st road on left pas Kimball Lumber. Appliances, home decor, old records, tools, fishing equip., and much more. “Pink Arrows” posted! 19-1t* _____________________

GIANT YARD Sale: Something for everyone. 62 Road West. Follow signs (Kimball Lumber adn Arner). Sat., May 18 - Mon., May 20, from 8:30am-4:30pm.


_____________________ 11 DAY indoor yard sale fundraiser at the Kingsville Museum, 145 Division St. S. (Behind Legion) 9am-4pm, May 10-21. 519-839-4731. 18-2t* _____________________ Indoor Yard Sale: Essex Retirees, 32 Russell St. Sat. May 25 from 9 - 1:30. 19-2t _____________________

GIGANTIC COMMUNITY Yard SalE: Saturday, May 18th, from 8am-1pm at Wildwood Golf & RV Resort, 11112 - 11th Conc. Rd. McGregor. Many bargains galore. All are welcome. 18-2t*


2 FAMILY YARD Sale: Saturday, May 18, from 8am-?, at 203 & 205 Cty. Rd. 34W, Cottam. Rain date: May 25. Moving sale. 19-1t*

BARN Sale: Country Treasures Sat., May 18, 9am, a 2809 Cty. Rd. 12 (Gesto Rd.), Essex. Furniture, collectables, household goods, vintage items. 19-1t*


_____________________ YARD Sale: Sat. & Sun., May 18 & 19, 9am-3pm, 17 Charles St., McGregor. Cabinets, large dresser, crafts, record albums, material , jewelry, dishes, etc. 19-1t*

_____________________ YARD Sale: Fri. & Sat., May 17 & 18, from 9am-6pm, at 337 Centre St., Essex. Household items, tools, misc., toys, and much more. 19-1t* _____________________ YARD Sale: Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, from 9am, at 2889 Cty. Road 12 (Gesto Rd.) 19-1t*


Network BUSINESS OPPS. $$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start Your Own Business - Driveway Sealing Systems, Lawn Aerating Units, Possible payback in 2 weeks. For More Information CALL Today Toll-Free 1-800-465-0024. Visit: GET FREE VENDING MACHINES Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Year. All C a s h - R e t i r e i n J u s t 3 Ye a r s . Protected Territories. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM

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16 I Community

Essex Free Press

Essex District High School Girls’ Soccer A hard fought season left EDHS’s girls’ soccer team with a record of 4-6. This places them in the middle of the pack. The girls took a hard hit in the beginning of the season, only winning

one out of their first four games and only scoring two goals. With little offensive help in the beginning Mrs. Wilson, soccer coach, and her team were worried. “It’s a rebuilding year. We’re looking to prepare many of the younger

players that we have for the upcoming years, which many other teams are not doing,� said coach Wilson. With six more games left, Essex was determined to boost their goal scoring at the least. In the fifth game Essex

got a 5-1 win against St. Cecile. Momentum on their side, Essex went into the last five games of the season. Winning two of them, Essex was not shut out in any of the games, as scores were close. Essex ended the season against Kingsville last Thursday losing 3-1. Advancing to the playoffs, Essex is ready to play hard.

Special Olympics Track Meet Essex District High School hosted the Special Olympics for elementary students this year. As always the school proved to be a huge help when serving the community in extra circular activities. It was a cool day Monday when the competitions took place and everyone was very anxious to start running, jumping and

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

throwing. The day-long event was a thrill for those who participated, including the volunteers. A special thanks goes out to EDHS for hosting the event, to all the volunteers who came out to help, and to all the family members, friends and supporters who cheered the athletes on this very cold day. See Page 24 for more Weekly Raid articles.

Friday, May 17 to Thursday, May 23, 2013


A long weekend of savings. An extra day to sow and save. Visit your Essex Canadian Tire Garden Centre today.

WEEPING ALASKAN CYPRESS 5G 33-7189-2, Reg. 99.99




DRAGON HEAD HARDY BAMBOO 33-1773-6, Reg. 89.99

ANNUAL 1204 FLATS Reg. 13.99




4995 Advertised items are available at

2495 SALE


300 Maidstone Ave. W., Essex ON Store: 519-776-5224 Auto Service: 519-776-5942

('-!6;(&2 !%)$")%2 , &6;"# "MKCMLMSRDMP?B?WMDDSL?R



&(+-!';<8888$", !%)('(.'-"') 3F?LIQ$QQCV_


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 17

Essex Free Press

Commitment to volunteerism recognized

Michael Coteau, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, presents volunteer Jackie Barraco with the June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award.

submitted to the EFP At a recent ceremony held in Toronto, the Ontario government honoured 12 people from across the province, presenting them with the June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for their commitment to volunteerism and longstanding service to their local communities.

Among those honoured was Essex County resident, Jackie Barraco As a member of the steering committee and Co-chair of the Ruthven Apple Festival, the largest and most demanding fundraising event affiliated with Community Living County, Essex Jackie has demonstrated

tremendous commitment in raising funds while donating hundreds of hours of her personal time. For the past 19 years, Jackie has coordinated the food and craft vendor booths at the fair - a vital, yet timeconsuming and grueling task. Until recently, Jackie who lives in Kingsville, had served as a parent

consultant sharing what she has learned about being a parent of someone with a disability. Afflicted with polio since she was seven months old, Jackie has experienced life as a person with a disability and believes educating the public and inspiring others is important. In presenting the awards, Michael Coteau, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration stated, “This award recognizes the exceptional acts of kindness that the people of Ontario perform every day for their neighbours and communities. By caring for each other, the award recipients are improving the lives of all Ontarians.” “We are extremely proud of Jackie and thankful for her contributions to our organization. Jackie truly serves as an inspiration to other potential volunteers in our community,” said Nancy Wallace-Gero, Executive Director of Community Living Essex County.

18 I Community

Essex Free Press

tants and Job Developers who can assist in searching for employment opportunities. Please feel free to join us.To register for the Job Club please call SECC Employment Services at: 519-326-1873 or 519-733-5784


sponsored by:

Fresh food. Friendly neighbours 191 Talbot St. S., Essex


Essex Community Services The South Essex Community Council’s Employment Services is offering a Job Club every second Tuesday of the month from 1:00 to 2:30 @ Essex Community Services. Through the Job Club we hope to create a dynamic group to offer support and networking to job seekers of all kinds. The Job Club is an informal meeting where job seekers can talk to qualified Employment Consul-


Essex Christian Reformed Church submitted by Beverley van Huizen Join us on Pentecost Sunday May 19, at 10:00 am as we welcome Pastor Aaron Thompson during our morning worship service. Nursery supervision is provided. Our Youth are attending the annual All Ontario Youth Conference at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo over the May long weekend. Every year over 800 Youth from all over Ontario meet for four days of fun, excitement, and opportunity to learn more about God. The theme this year is 180: Old Turned New. Stay safe Youth and have a great time meeting up with old friends and making new friends too! Come and check us out online for service times and directions or just to listen to a sermon or two. www. Harrow United Church submitted by Dennis Graham Last Sunday, our service was presented by our Sunday School with the theme centred around family. Gifts of framed scripture verses were given to families in attendance after being crafted by the Sunday School and their helpers. Both the music and the message from last week are available for viewing on our podcast at www. This Sunday, we are having Apprecia-

tion Sunday... to recognize longstanding members who have volunteered their time to the church in a variety of ways. It’s a wonderful time to say, “Thank you!” Last week our Love Bucket special offering raised $130.98 for the Mennonite Meat Canning Project. Join us Sunday, May 26th for a brunch following church to support our HUC Baseball team. Our Sunday service begins at 10:30 and we always look forward to having visitors join us.

Salvation Army Essex Community Church submitted by Carolyn Barnett We invite you to join us for Family Worship every Sunday at 11 a.m. led by Lt. Kristen Gray. Prayer Meeting takes place at 10 a.m. and all are welcome to share prayer concerns. SA Connections meets Tuesdays from 10 -1 p.m. On May 21st we will be having a Victorian Tea, and you can dress up for the occasion. Lunch will be made up of traditional Victorian Tea items. Join the fun ! Messy Church will be having their year- end party on Thursday May 23rd from 6-8 p.m. Join us for a free family style dinner, crafts and contemporary worship time. Paquette News - submitted by Barb Mactier St. Stephen’s /Church of the Redeemer There is a Dessert Card Party at St. Stephen’s on May 16th at 1 p.m. All are welcome. On May 19th (Pentecost) there will be a joint service

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INSURANCE Wayne Warkentin

Chris Warkentin

Brad Miehls

Ed Fuerth

B.A., CA

B. Comm., CA Essex Office

14 Victoria Avenue 54 Mill St. E. Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Kingsville, Phone ON N9Y 1K7 (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913


I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 P. 519-733-5832 Phone (519) 966-4626 519-733-6674 Fax F. (519) 966-9206

MORTGAGES Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206



Registered Massage Therapist 106 Talbot Street, South Essex, ON

Work#: 519-776-5151 or Cell#: 519-980-6089 Full Time Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 8am - 6pm Tuesdays, 8am - 7pm • Saturdays, 8am - 11am

ACCOUNTING GRAHAM SETTERINGTON McINTOSH DRIEDGER & HICKS LLP Chartered Professional Accountants R. Tyler Hicks Heather L. MacPherson Lindsay L. Rounding Tim C. Driedger P.O. Box 189, 49 Erie St. N., Leamington, Ontario N8H 3W2 Phone 519-326-2681 • Fax 519-326-8044

Don Lassaline

Jeff Ostrow

B. Comm., CA

B. Acc., CA Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

AUDIOLOGY Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913


Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Essex Free Press

Decoration Day Mass on Sunday, June 9th at 9 a.m. in the cemetery. Bring your lawn chairs! Celebrating birthdays are Ruth Quinlan, Justin Pulleyblank, and Kayla Fuerth. Please keep in your prayers Bob McCarthy, Rose Renaud, Fr. Matt George, and Matthew Lemon. of all 3 services at 10 a.m. at St. Stephen’s. SMASH & CAKE Year End BBQ – June 7th from 6-8 p.m. at St. Stephen’s. Deanery Youth Walk-a-thon in partnership with the school boards on Saturday, June 8th. Registration is at 8 a.m. at St. Stephen’s and the walk begins at 9 a.m. followed by fundraiser BBQ for Clay 2014 Proceeds from walk go to ‘Free the Children – We walk 4 Water” Homecoming will be a joint service at 10 a.m. at St. Stephen’s on June 9th. Rev. Paul will officiate at his first service after ordination – luncheon to follow. A Strawberry Social/ Yard Sale / Bake Sale is at Redeemer- Sat June 15 Congratulations to Ruth Demitroff and Dave Jessop and Giselle Martin on the birth of miracle grandson Elijah and to parents Paula and Steve. Birthday wishes to Todd Mactier, Bronwen Reilly and Alexis Reyner and get well wishes to Avery Capstick in London. Brooker News submitted by Ruth Newman Join us for our 10 am Sunday worship service with Pastor Steve Jones. Sunday school is available. Kids club every Tuesday at 3:30 pm led by Rev Linda Hollingsworth. Amanda Gemmell is home to spend a few days with her parents, Jim and Debbie before returning to do an Internship at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. The first two weeks of July she will be going to Malawi in the southern part of Africa on a missionary trip. Please keep those with health needs and those in nursing homes in your thoughts and prayers.

Bakerville News submitted by Evelyn Baker Weather has been beautiful and warm but over the weekend it turner really cool. We hope this is short lived without damage to our fruit trees and tender plants. Celebrating birthdays this week are Laura Dunn, Alexa Dunn, Aunt Irene Baker, Karrie Ferguson, and Shannon Boynto. The Pleasant Valley Community Club euchre party winners were: Elsie Smith, Elaine Taylor, Eileen Salter, Ben Puglia, John Smith, and Robert Mogorodi. Door prizes to Alice Crawford & Ken Salter. Mark your calenders for the McGregor Music Festival for Cancer on June 9, at Co An Park in McGregor.On August 24th is a Sadler’s reunion at the Essex County Steam & Gas Museum in McGregor at Co An Park starting at 10 am. Tell your friends and anyone you know who worked at Sadlers Grocery Store over the years. Sympathy from the community to the Walstedt families on the passing of a dear father and grandfather, Warren was well known around Essex County and far and wide. He truly will be missed.


Essex United Church News Box 189, 49 of Eriecaring St. N.,about Leamington, N8H 3W2 P.O. His message othersOntario and realizing that we don’t all see519-326-2681 things in the •same way, by Bill Wakeley, Phone Fax 519-326-8044 was appreciated. Movie Night will show Blindside, based on a true story, on Friday, May 31. Margaret social is June 8. A Our chicken dinner and strawberry Da Silva limited number of tickets are available. Manager To sign for our UCW bus trip and musical theatre in Port Stanley call 519-776-5897.

St. Paul’s/ Trinity Anglican Participants in the Mini We Day will hold a walk-athon to put their energy and passion into action by contributing to Spencer West’s “We Walk 4 Water” cam180On Talbot Street South, Essex, ON paign. June 8 we encourage young people to join us N8M 1B6 Church 519-776-6488 at St. Stephen’s for a 5 km walk along the Laurier Trail. We need volunteers to assist with registration and supervision. There will be a deanery fundraising barbeque following the walk-a-thon. A planning meeting Cowan will be Sunday, May 19 at Mike 3 p.m. at St. Paul’s. Please let Rev. Chris know if you are ablePartner to help. The Essex Retirees choral group will sing at the Sunday service, May 26.

Golden Years Mini Golf League On May 9, the last day of our 2012/2013 season, 53 golfers managed 86 aces over 36 holes. Leading the way, 180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488

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ACCOUNTING Craig Miller Staff Accountant

Maidstone Cross submitted by Wendy Pulleyblank Think about planting a vegetable garden this year and help provide fresh vegetables to our local food banks. Make it your ‘garden of giving’! St. Mary’s Cemetery Board is hosting our annual


I 19 R. Tyler Hicks, B B A,Community CA Heather L. MacPherson, BAcc CA Lindsay L. Rounding, BAcc, CA

180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488


ACCOUNTING Ted Nantais Manager

On Time Quality Printing • Fax Service • Business Cards • Letterhead • Envelopes • Flyers • Invoices • Bulletins • Binding • Colour Copies • Photocopying

180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488

361 TALBOT STREET NORTH • ESSEX, ONTARIO • N8M 2W3 PHONE (519) 776-6686 • FAX (519) 776-6808




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20 I Community

Essex Free Press

vance tickets only for this event. Contact Shannon at 519975-2461 or any Steward member. Check out our Pie Booth at the Lakeshore Celebrations on July 1, 2013 at the Millen Centre. Sunday Bulletin and special events can be viewed on our website

Woodslee Friendship Club Mark your calendars for an open house celebrating the club’s 30th year on June 2nd. Did you go to school here then reconnect with your classmates. Do you remember the beginning of the Dr. S.F. Millen School 50 years ago? Also were you a part of the Woodslee Friendship Club in 1983? There will be photo’s and memorabilia to view. Be a part of remembering! Contact Joanne 519-975-2634. We are looking for parade entrants as the planning for July 1st ongoing. Contact Donna Roubos at 519-9752634 for more information. Join us at Millen Community Centre, 1925 South Middle Road in Woodslee. Woodslee United Church submitted by Sue Hollman All are welcome to our Sunday Services and Sunday School at 11:15 AM and lunch afterwards. Thank you to Joy Veres who brought us the message last week. This Sunday our gust speaker will be Phil Hernandez. The Door Greeters will be Ed and Connie Reeb. All are welcome to attend Coffee and Conversation on Thursday at 10:00 AM. Our BBQ Rib Dinner is on June 15 from 4-7 PM. Ad-

Cozy Corners - Bethel-Maidstone United submitted by Bev Holland All are welcome to attend our Sunday worship at 10:00 am with Pastor Linda Blair. Sunday school is at 10:15 am. A nursery is available during the service. Thank you to our guest speaker last Sunday, Lonnie Jones. We welcome back Linda and John on May 19th. The Door Greeters are Jean and Gord Moore. Elder on duty is Derrick Rogers and Lock up is Gerry Farough. May 26th is the 5th Annual Fun- Raiser Golf Tournament for the Gesstwood Camp starting at 1pm at the Wildwood Golf & Resort. Friday May 31st we play B-I-N-G-O at 7 pm in the hall with all proceeds going to Iler Lodger and the Essex Food Bank.

Mass at 7:00 p.m. and Life Night to follow. The next K of C Fish Fry is May 24th at 4:30- 7 p.m. Proceeds to our St. Vincent de Paul Society. Please help us support this worthy organization. St. Vincent De Paul Society spring bundle drive is on June 1 &2. Our truck is accepting used clothing and furniture. No mattresses please. Thank you! God bless you all and have a great week.

Holy Name of Jesus Church News submitted by Therese Lecuyer Family Bingo Night has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 25th. Dinner at 6:00 followed by bingo. Congratulations Fr. Rob as he is takes a sabatical to study in Rome. Our next Life Teen will be on Sunday, May 26, with

Essex Retirees Unfortunately, for those who wanted to go on the bus trip to the dinner theatre, the trip has been cancelled. We still need good articles to sell in our yard sale planned for May 25. We will play euchre every other Saturday at 1 p.m. We were tied up in our Pepper games last week. Anna Dobson took high score on Monday night and five were tied with most Peppers - Regina, Evelyn, Eileen, Louise and Cecile. Lawrence Dobson took low spot. On Tuesday afternoon the three tied with most again - Evelyn Vivier, Estelle Spoors and Regina Garrod, with Larry Lane having the high score. Kevin Edwards was low this time. On Wednesday night the ties were for low spot for Eileen Ames and Louise Perrault. Don Ames was high scorer that night and Anna Dobson had most Peppers. Pauline Olafson was the winner at Bridge Thursday night and Lily Hundey placed second. We look forward to a good attendance at the May 17 public bingo at 7:15 p.m. with the proceeds going to the Essex Youth Centre.





LYLE HALL 776-6073


with five was Barry Sweet followed closely by Ethel Ferguson, Marie Lasi and Andy Orsini with four each. A low score of 17, for 9 holes, was shared by Iggy Arner, Mary Binder, Barbara Murphy, Andy Orsini, Barry Sweet and Bill Ward. A low score of 35, for 18 holes, was recorded by Mary Binder and Bill Ward. A 36 hole score, of 74, was recorded by Iggy Arner and Bill Ward. 1st place was secured by team 15 with 238 [Mary Ann Vickery, Al Rutter, Laurie Hylton]. Second went to team 16 with 240 [Frank Lasi, Bill Taylor, Marie Lasi] and third was captured by team 10 [Julia Kos, Barb Murphy, Andy Orsini] Golf resumes on September 5, 2013. Our appreciation to Joe Colasanti and his staff, in particular Patti, for another successful year.

I Thursday, May 16, 2013












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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 21

Essex Free Press

Volunteers needed to help restore 40 acres for 40 years

submitted to EPF The Essex Region Conservation Authority is seeking volunteers to help restore 40 acres of habitat at the Big Creek Conservation Area in Amherstburg. “Throughout the year, ERCA will be hosting a number of special events and initiatives to commemorate 40 years of conservation,” explains

Danielle Breault Stuebing, ERCA’s Director of Community Outreach Services. “This forty acre restoration project is one of our activities, and we’re inviting the whole Windsor-Essex community to get involved.” The community planting event will take place on Saturday, May 25th from 10am – 12

Notice of Meeting to Adopt the 2013 Municipal Budget Council for the Corporation of the Town of Essex will be considering the adoption of the proposed 2013 Municipal Budget on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. An information session will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 33 Talbot Street South, Essex, Ontario. It is the intent of Essex Council to adopt the budget at its Regular Meeting later that evening. Copies of the Proposed Budget will be available for review at the Town Administration Office, 33 Talbot Street South, Essex, Ontario, starting Wednesday, May 1, 2013 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Proposed Budget will also be available on our website at Written submissions relating to the proposed Budget will be accepted until 12:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by the undersigned. Cheryl A. Bondy, Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk Town of Essex 33 Talbot Street South, Essex, Ontario N8M 1A8 Telephone: 519 776-7336, extension 32

noon at Big Creek in Amherstburg. Parking is at Malden Central Public School, and a free shuttle bus, courtesy of the Windsor Islamic Association, will take participants to the planting site. About 1400 trees will be planted. “We will also have a barbecue for all planters,” Breault Stuebing adds. As well, ERCA is providing free entry to Holiday Beach Conservation Area for tree planting participants following the event. “It’s a great opportunity for families and workplace teams to take action for the environment, and then spend the rest of the day exploring Holiday Beach’s trails, picnic area, and beautiful beach.” In addition to the community efforts, ERCA will be reforesting the balance of the 40 acres with machine tree planting. Since 1973, the Essex Region Conservation Authority has served as a community-based organization dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Essex Region.

Holy Name Hawk’s Nest Holy Name School has been very active this past week during Education Week. The theme this year was “Growing Together in Faith.” On Monday, our school started the week with a beautiful Liturgy of the Word in our Gym. Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Coupe’s classes prepared the celebration and it was awesome. Special Thanks goes out to Fr. Rob for coming to our school and getting us off to a great start. On Tuesday and Thursday this week, our grade 3’s had a super day at the Essex Pool. They are participating in the Swim to Survive Program, where they are learning how to swim. The grade 7’s went back in time when they visited Fort Malden in Amherstburg. Their visit brought historical experiences to life. On Wednesday, grades 3-8 went to Cardinal Carter Secondary School for their annual Track and Field meet. Everyone had fun and participated in at least four events. The JK through

grade 2 students had a fun day where they were involved in parachute games, painting bubbles and all sorts of interesting activities.

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Congratulations to our 1st Refer a Friend winner, Elinor Huffman! Want a chance to win great prizes? Simply refer your friends, family, and neighbours to Erie Shores Rehabilitation to be entered in our quarterly draw. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” for your continued support. Erie Shores Rehabilitation Find us on Facebook Ph: 519-733-4008 375 Main Street East, Kingsville E-mail:

22 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cottam United Church fundraiser for new addition extended building to accommodate an office for the minister and for the secretary. This new space has proven to be a very welcoming and productive place for the administration and pastoring of this congregation. Rain barrels capture and store rainwater collected from roofs through downspouts. They provide chlorine-free and fluoride-free water that is ideal for flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees. Collected water has a number of other uses including washing cars, cleaning floors, laundry and more. These many uses can provide cost savings and conservation opportunities for every homeowner. Purchasers have a choice of colours and each rain barrel available through Cottam United Church comes equipped with all the parts you need to set up your barrel. These environmentally friendly products were once used to transport fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and

repurposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels. All orders must be placed online in advance at

cottamunitedchurch/ For more information please contact Herb Bickford at 519-7338011.

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submitted to the EFP Historic Cottam United Church is in the process of adding an office to their 100-year old building and is holding a fundraiser to help cover the cost. Residents can help conserve water and save money while supporting church fundraising efforts by buying a rain barrel. Pre-sale orders are still being accepted for a Truckload Rain Barrel Fundraiser that has been moved to May 25, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Church parking lot located at 137 County Rd. 34W, Cottam. Up until recently the church offices have been in the minister’s home. In 2012 an addition was put onto the church

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Community I 23

Essex Free Press

Local Clinical Lead, Allan McCallum, set for Arizona by Sylene Argent It was a bittersweet celebration for Essex County Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic’s Clinical Lead, Allan McCallum, on Monday. The cofounder of the Essexbased primary healthcare facility celebrated two years of the clinic’s operation and the start of a new beginning during a special open house event. was Wednesday McCallum’s final day at the office in Essex as the nurse practitioner sets out for a new adventure in Arizona. He will continue on with his healthcare career as a family nurse practitioner, but will forever recall his efforts in helping establish the Essex clinic as a definite career highlight. “This project will hold some treasured memories,” he said. The decision to move to Arizona was one McCallum didn’t take lightly. “It was a difficult decision to make,” he said. “Sometimes you have to take on a new opportunity and challenges.” Reflecting on the past two years of operation at the Essex County Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic, McCallum said, “The experience has been absolutely amazing. I got to know Essex significantly. It’s been an absolute pleasure to look after my patients; their care will continue and it will be primary care.” McCallum said he would also miss his colleagues. “We have a great team here, providing great care to the community.” He added that there was a high level of support from the community and those involved with the clinic since its inception. “It’s a wonderful group to work with,” he said. He noted the clinic would not be what it is today without the support of its Board of Directors and Executive Director Pauline Gemmell. “We’re going to miss him,” Gemmell commented. “To have a founder [of the clinic] leave is difficult, but he leaves behind a legacy.” Business will continue

Staff at the Essex County Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic wish Clinical Lead Allan McCallum well as he prepares to leave for Arizona.

as usual at the clinic, McCallum assured. Interviews are currently

underway to replacement.


642 Talbot Road North, Essex



24 I Community / Sports

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

Local Drag Racing Results

Track and Field It’s now track season for schools around the county. Last week, Essex District High School played host to local elementary schools that used the high school’s track area. Volunteer students and teachers helped out every day to help ensure the events ran as smoothly as possible. Around twelve meets will be held at E.D.H.S. over the next few weeks. Gosfield North, Colchester North and Essex Public Schools held their meets last week.

Supporters – family and friends - are encouraged to come out and cheer on the talent of tomorrow. Essex Youth Focus Group The youth focus group we are creating is seeing a lot of support from families and outside parties. People want to help and know what they can do to push forward the cause that our group is going after - a better town experience for youth, in particular. With meetings twice a week, our group is flying through ideas and

Erwin Tiessen Sales Representative

I’ve Come Home! After 25 years in Saskatchewan, mostly as a teacher and principal at Rosthern Junior College, a Mennonite school, I have returned with my wife to our home community and our children and new granddaughter. Presently I am working in real estate with Royal LePage Binder Real Estate, Kingsville. I welcome any former UMEI students and their families, relatives and friends and others to call me if you are looking for a sales person. I look forward to meeting with you to see how I might help. Contact me at 226-787-1787 or Thanks.


Office: 519.733.1028 Fax: 519.733.2044 Email:

we are building a solid foundation to work upon. Layouts for presentation and ideas are being prepared to present to Town Council on May 21. Everyone is encouraged to come and support on that day, especially the youth. The youth focus group is doing what it can, but it still needs the community’s help. We have created a Facebook page called “Essex Youth Focus Group Discussion Page” where youth can go and share their ideas and support. Essex Boys Soccer EDHS’s boys’ soccer team has had a strong final run in the regular season that they hope will carry into the playoffs. They finished the season, 4-3-3. Essex’s last few games were tough as they faced Brennan, General Amherst and Harrow high schools - all of which stood ahead of the Raiders in the standings. First up, Essex played Brennan in the final stretch. With only one win under their belts, the Essex players were ready to make a change and Matt Montello, head defenseman, was pushed

submitted to EFP After dodging cold and rain all Spring, all area drag strips in Ontario and Michigan have had their opening days. Mark Gubinski started the year off right with a win in ONDR Nostalgia Gas. His Essex based 1972 Ford Gran Torino ran 10.64 seconds at 128 mph to defeat Eric Marsh and GBM winners circle-Carol & Mark Gubinski, ONDR President his 1972 Ford Rick Proctor, Eric Marsh. Maverick from London. In Nostalgia Street the winner was John Atherton from LaSalle. Runner-up was Windsor’s Bob Hutnick. Both racers run 1966 Ford Fairlanes. Windsor’s Meighan Bonnet won the opening day Junior dragster race at Michigan’s Milan Dragway.

up to forward to see what he could spark. There was some magic there as Essex got a 4-2 win with Montello getting three of the four goals and Deen Oozeer putting away the fourth. After Brennan, Essex was back on the road and off to face General Amherst. After a solid

performance by Georgy Koumoutsidis in goal and a persistent offence Essex got another win, 2-0. Game three of the final four was the hardest as Essex battled against Harrow. Essex controlled the pace and kept the ball in the Harrow zone for most of the game but could not score. The game

ended in a tie, 0-0. Essex finished the season with a forfeit win against Michel-Gratton. With the three recent wins, the energy is flowing and confidence is high. Essex is looking forward to a promising play-off run.

194 Talbot Street West, Leamington, Ontario N8H 1N9 (519) 326-2373 NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Take notice that the 63rd Annual General Meeting of the members of the Leamington District Memorial Hospital Corporation will be held at the Leamington District Memorial Hospital Cafeteria Tuesday, June 25, 2013 At 3:30 p.m. For further information, contact Linda Harfmann, Executive Assistant to the CEO, 326-2373 ext. 4101. By order of the Board of Directors, Bryan Meyer, Chair


Sports I 25

Essex Free Press

South Buxton racing reports

Photo byJames MacDonald Pictured from May 4th racing, Denis DeSerrano 69 wins Mini-Mod feature.

submitted by Michael Bennett May 4th Racing Results Leamington’s Justin Coulter and Cottam’s Denis DeSerrano earned opening night wins at South Buxton Raceway on Saturday, May 4. Coulter took the lead on lap two and led the final 18 laps to win the UMP Late Model feature, his first victory in two years in this class. “It was nice to get it at home in front of friends … and we needed it as a team,” said Coulter, a former modified

driver who switched to a running a late model last year. He races mainly on the Ohio circuit at Eldora and Oakshade race tracks. Coulter had his hands full holding off strong challenges from Chris Ross, of Charing Cross, and Eric Spengler, of Lake City, Mich., over the final 13 laps. “I seen Chris get inside of me with a couple of laps to go,” Coulter said. “I didn’t know how close he was, I just tried to hold my line and see what the

outcome was going to be.” It was Coulter’s first South Buxton feature win since 2009 in a modified. DeSerrano won all three of his races, including the Tirecraft Mini-Mod feature – even though he crossed the line in second place. DeSerrano was declared the winner when Chatham’s Randy McKinlay, who took the lead with four laps to go, was penalized two laps for jumping the restart a lap earlier. “I thought for sure the 26

had won it,” DeSerrano said of McKinlay. “Obviously I didn’t know what happened behind me, but when he passed me, I figured it was over.” Cottam’s Rob Quick, who challenged DeSerrano for the lead on two separate occasions, finished fourth while Norm DeSerrano – Denis’s father – was seventh. DeSerrano won the heat race with a last-lap pass of Quick and also won the crack-the-whip. DeSerrano also made his debut in the Schinkels Gourmet Meats UMP Modifieds, but crashed on the first laps of both the heat and feature. He nursed his car to a respectable eighthplace finish in the 18-car feature. Shrewsbury’s Jim Dale Jr., the two-time defending series points champion, led all 25 laps to win the Modified feature. Clayton Smith, formerly of Woodslee who now lives in Taylor, Mich., was fourth. Windsor drivers Emerson McIntyre and Shawn Gillis were seventh and ninth respectively. Dan McIntyre, also of Windsor, had a strong top-five run until suffering damage from a late-race collision and finished 11th. Leamington’s Joel Dick finished third in his heat but scratched from the feature. Merlin’s Steve Shaw led



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all 20 laps to win the Windride Transportation Sport Stocks feature. Windsor’s West Bertozzi was fourth, Essex’s Doris Lajeunesse fifth and Wheatley’s Steve Clements sixth. Kingsville’s Rob Young, who won the heat and crack-thewhip preliminary races, ran in the top three for the first 17 laps of the feature until something broke in the front end, as he wound up seventh. Essex’s Patrick Lajeunesse and LaSalle’s Bob Visnjic both went off early with damaged cars and finished 11th and 12th. May 11th Racing Results Cottam’s Denis DeSerrano outskated Chatham’s Randy McKinlay to the line on a slick track to win his second straight Tirecraft Mini-Mod feature race in a rain-shortened Saturday night of racing action at South Buxton Raceway. McKinlay took the lead at the drop of the green on the second attempt of a greenwhite-checkered but DeSerrano caught the Chatham driver on the backstretch on the final lap to set up a classic door-to-door sprint to the finish coming out of turn four. And with the rain starting to pick up, it was DeSerrano who just got his nose to the


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Thursday, May 16, 2013


26 I Opinion/Sports

by Fred Groves Red Raiders win a pair on the diamond Herm Bauer’s 1957 Pontiac Laurentian convertible The EDHS boys’ baseball team had a good week as they picked up a pair of wins. The Red Raiders shutout Belle River 7-0 thanks in part to the two-hit pitching performance of Chris Drouillard and Cory Lemire. They followed that up with another shutout victory, 2-0 against Massey. Cameron Dawson and Matt Krutsch got the win on the mound and Mitch Hudvagner had a two-run rbi double. Essex PHOTO: 1957 Pontiac Laurentian 4-door hardtop (Maclean’s magazine, February 16, 1957). This is the car Herm wishes he had took its 4-2 record against bought instead of the convertible. Note absence of silver streaks on the hood, a Pontiac trademark since 1935. Side trim resembles St. Joseph’s on Monday. • The Essex 73’s will a rocket taking off, now reminding us that Russia launched the world’s first artificial Earth satellite on October 4, 1957. wrap up their 2012-13 Herm Bauer was born in 1941 and grew up on a farm near Staples, Ontario. The season, in which they family had two work horses named Barney and Maude. In 1961, Herm purchased a made it all the way to the baby-blue 1957 Pontiac Laurentian convertible with a black top from Sterling Gee’s provincial final, with a car lot in nearby Kingsville. pair of upcoming events. Canadian Pontiacs in 1957 came in three series: the budget-conscious Strato- On Tuesday they will Chief, the mid-range Laurentian (named after a mountainous region of Quebec), and have their annual general the top-of-the-line Parisienne. Convertibles were available in both the Laurentian and meeting and then on May Parisienne series. Herm’s Laurentian convertible came with a six cylinder engine and 27, they will pass out their three-speed manual transmission with the shift lever on the steering column (“three awards. on the tree” we used to say). Canadian Pontiacs at that time were really Chevrolets • Matt Montello and with Pontiac grilles, taillights, and side trim. Jeff Geschiere each scored Herm’s six cylinder engine had 235 cubic inches with 140 horsepower (138 a goal as the EDHS boys’ more than he had on the farm). He was lucky he did not have an American Pontiac. soccer team blanked GenThey all came with a V8 engine of 347 cubic inches and horsepower up to 310 with eral Amherst 2-0. In girls’ the fuel-injected Bonneville. Rear tires wore out fast on those cars. action, Danielle Dent had Herm’s 1957 Pontiac Laurentian was the only convertible he ever owned. a huge week on the pitch Essex County had many more gravel roads back then compared to now, and dust was as she had a pair of goals always swirling around inside the car, even when the top was up. During my search in a 5-0 win over Kenfor a picture of a ’57 Pontiac convertible to go with this story, I found the picture you nedy in which Tess Robsee here of a ’57 Pontiac 4-door hardtop in a magazine ad. Herm asked me to publish erts also scored twice and this picture with his story because that’s the body style he wished he had bought Alicia Zanier also coninstead of the convertible. nected. Courtney Lee had We know for sure that Herm’s Pontiac is no longer around. He had been driving the shutout. Earlier in the it for about two years when he parked it in front of 80 Victoria St. South in Leamington, week, Dent scored both where he was living at the time. A drunk driver backing up too fast smashed into the goals in a 3-2 loss to Rivfront of his car. The left front wheel was bent 45 degrees, and the frame was probably erside. • The Red Raiders girls also bent. The insurance slo-pitch team had a tough gave Herm $400 for his week as they lost to Leamcar and he applied this ington and came up short toward the purchase of a 9-8 to Harrow. black 1960 Meteor 4-door • Cottam’s Dennis Desedan, which he and his Serrano is having a great wife drove on a vacation start to the season at South to Kentucky and stayed at Buxton Raceway. In his a motel with a swimming #69 car, DeSerrano won pool. his second straight Tire I’m always looking craft Mini-Mod feature for more stories. Email race. He now leads the billtsherk@sympatico. division in points with ca or write Bill Sherk, 25 97 while fellow Cottam John St., P.O. Box 255, driver Rob Quick is fourth Leamington, ON N8H with 84. 3W2. Everyone whose • Outfielder Tyson story is published in this Way of Essex is having a column will receive a good spring for the Windfree autographed copy sor Selects as he is curof my latest book: “Old rently batting .222 with an Car Detective Favourite impressive .462 on base Stories, 1925 to 1965.” percentage.

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, May 16, 2013

EDHS pitcher Matt Krutsch delivers a strike during WECSSAA baseball action Monday afternoon.

• Several track and field athletes from Essex District High School will take their first strides towards what they hope to be a trip to OFSAA as they competed in the WECSSAA meet at the University of Windsor this week. • In Essex County Senior Baseball League action, Essex will host Harrow Seniors on Sunday at 12 noon while the

defending champions, the Woodslee Orioles, host Tecumseh on Wednesday at 7 p.m. • A must read on the Cottam Cubs minor baseball website, ‘Parents and Coaches, we’re all in this Together’. Check it out. If you have anything for the sports roundup, please contact Fred Groves at

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138 Kimball Drive, Essex


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Sports I 27

Essex Free Press

Essex 73’s - without a doubt the best Junior ‘C’ club

by Fred Groves If you want to know all about the Essex 73’s, stop reading the newspaper.

Forget what I have written about this team for the past two years. Seriously, you should be getting all of your information from the online forums. The forums will tell you that the Essex 73’s are undisciplined, a bunch of whiners, cocky, arrogant and, my favourite, have 50 executives who wear suits. What the forums won’t say is that after nearly 65 games, that they won their 17th league championship, went to the Schmalz Cup for the 12th time, put over 1,000 fans in the stands for the finals

and will ice a team next year. They are not relocating, not enjoying their firstever title, nope none of that. If you read the forums closely, it will probably not tell you of a captain who could hardly stand or walk in the last game, or of a forward who was bleeding from his chin, or a head coach who carried the sticks to the bus, or a rookie goalie who we all hope will be here next year. The Essex 73’s are the best Junior ‘C’ hockey club in Ontario. Period. When your executive go above and beyond to make

South Buxton racing...

line ahead of McKinlay to complete a second straight three-for-three night. DeSerrano won the heat and crack-the-whip earlier in the night to start the season with six checkered flags in six races. Blenheim’s Brett Hope, Chatham’s Jamie St. Pierre and Blenheim’s Trevor Jones rounded out the top five. Norm DeSerrano – Denis’ father – was ninth and Cottam’s Rob Quick finished 14th. Quick was running second with eight laps to go when he collided with a lapped car as he eventually went to the pits because of the damage. Tilbury’s Ryan Beaulieu left the race

early and finished16th after placing sixth in his heat. The rain started picking up as the Windride Transportation Sport Stocks were on the track for their parade lap, forcing an early end to the night’s action. The Schinkels’ Gourmet Meats UMP Modifieds, UMP Late Models and Sport Stocks will all run for 150 percent points and pay in feature races this Saturday. Chatham’s Gregg Haskell and Port Lambton’s Drew Smith won the heat and dash races in the Late Models and Modifieds, respectively – the first flags of the year for both drivers.

your players comfortable, when the team rallies around fallen executive members and when you have dedicated and committed volunteers, that is a team. Eat your heart out other franchises. Trust me. There was a time when I was on the other side of the bench. As a former trainer in Kingsville and Wheatley, I was somewhat jealous of my hometown team that kept winning and winning. It was not until this past Christmas when a relative who played in the league asked me, “Why

Continued from Page 25

Four other drivers also won their first races of the season – Chatham’s Rick Balasin in a MiniMod Heat, Merlin’s Joe Brosseau in a Modified heat, Wallaceburg’s Willy Vyse and Harrow’s Patrick Lajeunesse in the Sport Stocks heats. Merlin’s Steve Shaw, who won the feature and heat race a week earlier, won the Sport Stocks dash. Essex’s Doris Lajeunesse was second to his brother Patrick in the second Sport Stocks heat while Windsor’s West Bertozzi was third, Wheatley’s Steve Clements fifth and Kingsville’s Bob Ellis sixth in the first heat.

Windsor’s Dan McIntyre was fourth and Tilbury’s James Beaulieu fifth in the second Modified heat while Leamington’s Joel Dick was fifth, Essex’s Gerald Martin sixth and Belle River’s Mario Toniolo seventh in the first heat. Leamington’s Justin Coulter, who won the Late Model feature on opening night last week, was fourth in the heat and dash this week. The Best Appearing Car awards will be presented before this Saturday’s races. The grandstand opens at 5:30 p.m. and racing starts at 7 p.m.

does Essex do well every year?” Not difficult to answer. 1. They run it like a business. 2. They have local players, and; 3. Yup, they win. Kevin Boggs wore the ‘C’ with pride. A local boy who grew up playing minor hockey in town, he is what this team is all about. I bet he has to look up to hit 5’7” but in my books he is 10 feet tall. Jordan Brohman works and lives in Essex and I bet any team would give up their best prospect to have this guy. And as coach Gil Langlois said, Blaise (Baillargeon) is Blaise, a smile, an ‘A’ on his shirt and another guy with a no quit attitude. Adam Dunmore, in the future Dr. Dunmore, a defensive specialist who puts the puck in the net, grinds it out and stays out of the

box. Essex is in a rebuilding mode simply because it is impossible to replace those four guys. Look for the 73’s to have a new concept, a youthful one and one that no doubt will be there until the final whistle.

NOTICE TO RESIDENT AND PROPERTY OWNERS REGARDING NOXIOUS WEEDS The main purpose of the Weed Control Act R.S.O. 1990, is to reduce the impact of noxious weeds on the industries of agriculture and horticulture. Primarily this act applies to agricultural and horticultural lands that generate income or other benefits to agriculture; this excludes lawns, gardens and private areas for personal enjoyment and leisure. Under the Weed Control Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter w. 5 Sections 3, 13, 16 and 23, you are requested to destroy all noxious weeds on your property. IN URBAN AREAS: Sections 3, 13, 16, and 18 do not apply to noxious weeds or weed seeds that are far enough away from any land used for agricultural or horticultural purposes, as they do not interfere with that use. All properties within the Municipality of the Town of Essex are hereby requested to be in compliance with the Weed Control Act by the 10th day of June, 2013 and throughout the season. Dan Boudreau, Weed Inspector Town of Essex 519-776-6476

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