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Essex Cares logo - quick guide The Essex Cares Limited logo should always be used with the strapline. The preference is to use the logo on a white background however a logo is also available with a white wordmark for use on a dark background where necessary. The black-and-white versions must only be used where printing in colour is not possible for technical or cost reasons. ®

For use on white backgrounds ®

To ensure prominence and legibility, the logos are always surrounded by an area of clear space which remains free of other design elements, such as type and other logos. This is also the minimum distance the logo can be placed from the edges of the page.


For the Essex Cares logo, the exclusion zone is the same as the height of the letter ‘e’ in the word ‘essex’. For use on dark backgrounds ®

On A4 publications Use 19mm logo height ®

On A5 publications Use 14mm logo height ®

On DL publications Use 14mm logo height ®

Black and white logo for use on light and dark backgrounds

In the first instance Essex Cares Limited must be written in full, thereafter please use Essex Cares. The acronym ECL should not be used.

The Essex Cares logo is available in .JPG and .EPS formats from the Marketing and communications Team. Email a request to: marketing@ or


logo size = height of symbol

Telephone: 01245 434941

Essex Cares logo Quick Guide  

logo Quick Guide