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spring 2017

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6-7 Healing with Quantum Touch By Camille Bernards

10-11 The Wisdom of Your Inner Healer By Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

12-13 Ho’ oponopono & Family Constellations By Ulrich Dupree

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Healing with Quantum Touch By Camille Bernards


MY FIRST EXPERIENCE with Quantum Touch occurred seven years ago, in 2010. After months of not finding relief for a shoulder injury, I decided to meet with a Quantum Touch practitioner. Although I knew nothing about energy healing, or what to expect, I was willing to try anything to avoid surgery. While lying on the massage table, as the practitioner held her hands on my shoulder, I was very relaxed, at first I felt nothing and wondered how this could possibly work. After about 45 minutes, when the session was over, I was surprised to find that my shoulder felt much better. Encouraged, I returned three more times, after which my pain disappeared completely and never came back. Amazed by these results, I decided to learn how to do Quantum Touch myself. After training and getting certified, I opened my own practice in 2012. I love what I do and am passionate about using Quantum Touch on others to help them find relief from their pain.

(i.e. no one can actually “heal” someone else). We can assist other people heal with their healing process. We all have the innate ability to help ourselves and others. Quantum-Touch helps the body’s capacity to heal The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself and Quantum-Touch helps to maximize the body’s own capacity to heal. Quantum-Touch addresses the root cause of disease and creates the space for true healing to occur. Rather than just working on symptoms, Quantum-Touch will address the underlying cause of disease. The body knows how to bring itself back to 100 percent wholeness given the proper conditions.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything

vibrates at different frequencies; there is a tendency for the frequencies to come together. Most often, the slower vibration will rise to match the faster vibration (resonance and entrainment).

A Quantum Touch practitioner learns how to

Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing focus and amplify life-force energy by combining that works with the life-force energy of the body to various breathing and body awareness exercises. By promote optimal wellness. All healing is self-healing working with life-force energy, we use the principles


of resonance and entrainment (meeting and matching the vibration of energy) to facilitate healing. The Quantum Touch Practitioner learns to raise his or her vibration to create a high level of energy. When that energy field is placed around an area of pain, stress, inflammation or disease, that part of the body will entrain to the higher frequency and allow one’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

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Some of the benefits of Quantum Touch: • Pain relief • Stress relief • Reduce inflammation • Minimize digestive disorders • Counter fatigue Quantum Touch does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of Quantum Touch is based on an individual’s ability to heal and results vary.

For more information, Camille Bernards, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, 612-599-1931.,

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spring 2017


The Wisdom of Your Inner Healer By Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD


HOW CAN YOU boost your immunity, repair damage in your body caused by poor health habits, and improve your health? Identifying what you need to do is often much easier than actually doing it. You might have insights into your health challenges but neglect to connect the dots between your actions and your beliefs and emotions. Those thoughts and feelings may be hidden from your conscious mind. To access them, you may have to become still and use techniques such as meditation and shamanic journeying that let you get past the obstacle of your conscious mind’s denial. Your conscious mind may be uncomfortable you are not making progress toward changing old habits and may resist admitting this is the case. The wisdom of your inner healer can help.

as you come to work through what your conscious mind has not wanted to face.

Review habits to see which ones sabotage You may be stuck in old habits that no longer serve you because they make you feel happier in the shortrun. You might not have considered how you might experience pleasure in the now yet also protect your health long-term. Maybe you enjoy bonding with friends when you eat foods you could get away with consuming years ago, before you developed health challenges related to your poor diet. Bonding with them over wine and cheese like you always did might make you feel accepted, loved, and part of a tribe of energetic people who have endless opportunities and their whole lives before them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have that experience. But your inner healer might reveal that you are growing older, and A wise inner healer resides within each of us, that your desire to deny this uncomfortable truth is at and it knows why we continue to snack on sugary the root of your wine and cheese habit you have been and salty treats even though we have vowed to break trying to break. the habit. It knows why we make excuses for not meditating or exercising instead of just doing what Your inner healer might be able to help you resolve we said we were going to do. Awaken to the wisdom this fear by directing you to ways in which you can of your inner healer and the insights you gain might slow any decline in your health or even regain strength lead to breakthroughs. Your self-sabotage might cease and vitality you had in years past. It might also help


you see that your future can be brighter than you think. Too often, we believe that deteriorating health is inevitable when it is often due to poor health habits that we can correct. You might be able to change what you eat when socializing with others yet still feel youthful and vibrant, and part of a community of friends like you. Your wise inner healer might also help you find other ways to feel healthy and strong. Dancing, meeting new people, or trying out new activities that revitalize you and remind you that you still have energy can help you feel happy in the shortterm without jeopardizing your health long-term.

Bringing into the conscious what is unconscious

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allows you to face your fears and find new ways to overcome them. Having gained invaluable insights, you might find it much easier to make positive changes to the story of your health. Awaken your wise inner healer and see what you learn.

Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD, is a practicing clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst and shamanic practitioner. He teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and is on staff at the Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being. Learn more at

spring 2017


Ho’oponopono & Family Constellations By Ulrich Dupree


In this excerpt from Ho’ oponopono and Family Constellations by Ulrich Dupree we learn how this ancient Hawaiian ritual can be used in conjunction with the concept of family constellations as a tool for healing ourselves, our family and our world.

to be balanced, the solution has to be pono: right for you and right for me. Right for people, animals, plants, and for the Earth.

The aim of this method of healing conflict is to achieve a ‘win-win’ relationship. A ‘win-lose’ relationship – for example, is when workers pay with Putting things right again their health because of precarious working conditions Ho‘oponopono can be translated as ‘making things or when pesticides that harm the environment are used rightly right,’ ‘putting things right again’ or ‘restoring in agriculture – this is really a ‘lose-lose’ relationship divine order.’ The idea is that everything flows from – everybody involved loses out, you cannot base your the Source of all things (Hawaiian: ke akua oi’a’io), happiness on the suffering of others. whose essence, mana aloha, is pure love. Right – inside and out To the ancient Hawaiians, life was a great river Ponopono, ‘right, inside and out,’ is based on the (Hawaiian: wai wai) of material and spiritual wealth cosmic principle of resonances (Hawaiian: kuolo). to which one needs only to turn and/or open up This means that external environmental pollution mentally and spiritually. Life itself is richness and for example will resonate within you in the form of a person living in harmony with themselves and a pollution of the heart. Considerate types of people the cosmos is able to live happily, healthily and in who cause fewer problems for others also suffer fewer lifestyle diseases themselves. Everything is created prosperity. twice – first in our imaginations and then on a Re-establishing the cosmic order material level. The word pono appears twice, as two people are always required– both for a harmonious relationship Right for you, right for me in which all concerned can grow together, and for When our thoughts and intentions are loving, conflict, which can be exhausting. For a relationship compassionate and peaceful, the outcome will be


a pleasant one. Just like everything in the universe, ponopono obeys the fundamental law of cause and effect: ka ua mea. Everything we do and everything we fail to do has an effect. The circumstances of our lives are not there by coincidence, they are the result of our thoughts, the decisions we made on the strength of these thoughts and, ultimately, of our conscious and unconscious actions. It makes a difference whether you encourage or discourage a colleague with your remarks. It makes a difference whether you think well or badly of someone. It makes a difference whether you are a good or a bad example to children, whether you shop sustainably or without thinking about the consequences. We harvest today what we sowed yesterday – and the same is true of tomorrow.

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This law of cause and effect contains an incredible opportunity for humanity to heal Nature and bring about world peace; to stop being a ‘spoilsport’ in the ecosystem and return to being a team player in the great family of the world, we have to sow new causes – then we can reap a harvest of peace. Having peace in our hearts will lead to peace in the world.

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Spring 2017 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Publication about healing and spirituality

Spring 2017 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Publication about healing and spirituality