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winter 2015-2016



winter 2015-2016

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Reflexology Made Easy: Self-help Techniques for Everyday Ailments By Ewald Kliege

Simple tools to move energy and dissolve pain By Melanie L. Metz

12-13 The Ancient Practice of Dowsing By Annette Rugolo

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winter 2015-2016


Reflexology Made Easy: Self-help Techniques for Everyday Ailments


N TH IS EXC ER P T from the book Reflexology Made Easy, Ewald Kliegel provides reflexology techniques for one of the most common human ailments—the headache.


The head is prone to different problems—from throbbing temples with the sensation of being trapped in a vice, while a jackhammer is busy at work in the background, to having a brain that feels as though it is made of cotton wool. Fortunately, however, most of these nasty sensations go away on their own. The symptoms are as varied as the causes that may underlie them: A stiff neck, problems with the spine,

tension headache is the neck. It seems the natural place to reduce the muscle tension that causes it, even with no knowledge of the reflex zones. Important control centers for many of the functions of the head and sensory organs are also located here, just beneath the point where the muscles of the spine meet the muscles of the neck. For this technique, take the back of your head in your hands, with your fingers to the sides and your thumbs in the middle. From this position, make circular strokes with both thumbs to massage the central area gently but thoroughly. After basic unblocking of the maximum release points, finish with effleuREFLEX ZONE MASSAGE Neck reflex zones rage from a line down the back of A typical place to treat a the neck out to the sides. metabolic disturbances, allergies, medicine, unstable blood pressure, too much stress, long periods spent sitting at the computer and much more. Essentially, any organ in the body can have a detrimental effect on the head. Most people suffering from a headache just think of reaching for the usual analgesics but these medicines are often also bad for the head; until the cause has been identified, you are better off using remedies that cause no side effects instead. These include reflex zone massage, which generally works just as quickly as the usual headache pills.



Hand reflex zones


Headaches are and unpleasant; they can stop us from thinking clearly and be impossible to shake off. Two areas of the hand reflex zones may be of some help: The brain stem zones on the joint of the thumb enable you to influence the nerve supply to the head, while the reflex zones of the brain are in the pads of the fingers. Basic unblocking has proven effective for the brain stem zones and, even when used on its own, can often make a situation more bearable. Rubbing the pads of the fingers together gently for a few minutes may often produce results, making a nagging stress pain disappear, or at least be eased considerably.

For recurrent headaches, it’s also worth considering the impact of any possible mental strain in addition to any medical considerations. The expressions ‘racking my brains’ and the need to ‘get my head round’ something hint at this type of underlying cause and some honest self-appraisal may be required to pinpoint where a conflict of this kind may be proving too stressful and burdensome. Essential oils that have a beneficial effect on headaches include lemon balm, cardamom and ginger (give them a try!), while the gemstones amethyst, dumortierite (the ‘take it easy’ stone) and garnet have also demonstrated that they work particularly well.

Ancient Indian medicine teaches the use of meditative finger positions (known as mudras) for many problems. One such mudra is also extremely effective against headaches. Using light pressure, just press the fingers of both hands together for one to three minutes and breathe deeply in and out over the joined fingers. Ewald Kliegel is a healer, teacher, author, masseur and alternative health practitioner. He gives seminars about reflex zones, and gemstone treatment courses for use in therapy and professional wellness. This is what leads him to write about simple and effective self-help methods for everyday life. Book published by Findhorn Press:

winter 2015-2016






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Simple tools to move energy and dissolve pain


AVE YOU EVER found yourself literally stuck on the couch from chronic pain or depression that felt never-ending? I was there for over a year, in constant pain and feeling hopeless when my doctors couldn’t help. The last thing I wanted to do was move. Instead, I focused all my energy on the pain, which resulted in an endless cycle of depression and more pain. Rest is healing and necessary but too much of it can become toxic as your life force energy becomes stagnant.

tual and emotional health. It is important to incorporate some form of it into your daily life, even when you are feeling depleted. You will be amazed at how quickly the pain and debilitating emotions will dissolve and transform as you begin to move the old energy out, rather than sitting in it. There are many simple ways to keep your life force energy flowing. You may have heard of these tools but do you actually use them in times of pain when they are most needed? Let’s explore some options. • Deep breathing or the quick, shallow “breath of fire” is simple and very effective, MOVING IS ESSENTIAL TO HEALTH even when you are confined Intentional energy movement to bed. Try Kundalini Yoga or is essential for physical, spiri- Shamanic breathwork for more


specific techniques. • Listening to uplifting music and, when possible, dancing to it with passion. When I need to move really stuck emotions and pain, I listen to African music with a good drum beat and physically pull that old energy out of my solar plexus as I dance like a mad woman. It works! • Hiking in the woods is another easy option. Walking anywhere is great, but if you can stroll amongst the dense trees and wildlife you will benefit even more from the powerful healing energy of nature. • Ph y s i c a l m ovement of any kind is helpful to get energy moving. We all know this, right? Just remember, you don’t need to run a marathon


or spend hours at the gym. A few very effective, yet gentle, physical energy movement options include various forms of stretching, Qigong, basic Yoga and Tai Chi. Try these out for yourself via free sample videos on YouTube. • Physical bodywork, such as massage or acupuncture, can do wonders for your energy flow. I’ve learned that both of these practices are not just a luxury, but rather a necessity at times. • S p i r i t u a l e n e r g e t i c healing and cleansing sessions, such as traditional Limpias,

Reiki and similar energy healing modalities, help release stuck areas of energy and emotion and remove old energies that no longer serve you. This creates movement and shifts in your physical and emotional health. As we enter the cold, dark season of winter, vow to intentionally move your life force energy daily. Try some of the tools discussed or play, get creative and find your own ways. Make this commitment to yourself because you deserve to be healthy and happy!

Melanie L Metz is a holistic healer, certified Reiki Master, channeler and biomedical scientist (B.S.), offering motivation and tools for better health. She is currently studying Curanderismo and Lakota traditions. Call or email today for a private healing session or group event info. 612-760-3076

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The Ancient Practice of Dowsing An unusual word for a simple practice


T STEMS FROM the Latin root for “radiation” and the Greek word for “perception.” Alexis Bouly, a French priest and dowser who could locate water supplies and identify types of microbes in a test tube using a simple pendulum, coined the term in the 1930s. But dowsing actually dates back more than 5,000 years to the ancient cultures of China, Egypt, and others, who used it to find water, minerals, and other resources and to improve their sleep, health, and wellbeing by working with the flow of energy in their environment. Whether using a pendulum or divining rods, dowsing allows

you to detect and neutralize stressed energy created by disturbances to the earth’s natural, harmonious energy flow. These disturbances include “electromagnetic fields” created by power lines and electrical appliances as well as “geopathic stress” caused by natural underground water flows, geological fractions, and fault lines. Geophysicists, medical specialists, and dowsers are increasingly working in countries around the world to understand the increased risks of certain cancers and immune system dysfunction from long-term exposure to such disturbances.



Even if you’re not a dowser, there are simple things you can do to detect and reduce risks. Look Around You

The impact of geopathic stress can sometimes be seen on the Earth’s surface in the form of cracks in walls or in the ground, even concrete parking areas. Breaks in plant growth such as tree lines or shrubs, where one tree or shrub is dying or is much shorter than the surrounding ones, is another indicator. When you see such indicators, you can follow where they go. If their path leads to a place where you spend a lot of time, such as in your bed or at your


desk, then you can simply move your bed or desk and see if you sleep better or wake up feeling more refreshed. Pay Attention to How You Feel

If you’re restless when sleeping at night, that could be a sign there’s stressed energy passing beneath your bed. Consider moving your bed to a different area of the room. If you have difficulty concentrating at your desk, try working at another location for a week or two. See how your energy level and ability to focus may change. Keep an Eye on Pets

If you have pets, watch where they hang out and sleep. Dogs are attracted to positive energy vortexes and cats to negative ones.

An energy vortex is a spiraling of energy at a specific point. Positive vortexes spiral upward in a clockwise motion and create an enhancing flow of energy. Dogs are attracted to them and may sleep within them. People tend to gather and linger in these locations as well. Negative vortexes spiral downward in a counterclockwise motion and create a draining or depleting energy.  While these areas can create stress for humans, cats tend to be attracted to them. Avoid spending too much time in these areas. Dowsing relies on your natural intuitive ability to sense the energy around you. By simply paying greater attention to your internal sensory perceptions, you

can naturally support your body and mind with more harmonious energy in your life. For more tips on how to become more aware of energy in your environment, email For more information on creating a Conscious Home, visit Annette’s website at http:// Annette Rugolo has been transforming homes though dowsing and space clearing since 2005. She will be speaking at the Edge Life Expo on Sunday, November 8th at 12 pm. Come and learn more about how dowsing can transform your home and your life! Nov 16, Intro to Dowsing class:

winter 2015-2016


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Winter 2015-16 Essential Wellness Magazine  

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Winter 2015-16 Essential Wellness Magazine  

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