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Achieve harmony between your mouth and body

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Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

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october-november 2014

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Feel Better, Look Better! BY KELLY HAWORTH

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Fully Engaged In Life BY CAROLYN VINUP


Scientific Art of Healing and Intuitive Skills BY PROF. SURAJIT SENGUPTA


Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

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Feel Better, Look Better!


H O M AMONG US does not want to feel and look better?

Unfortunately, this requires effort and carry through in varying degrees of difficulty. What would you say if I told you that there is a self-treatment that can relieve physical and mental pain, enhances a feeling of well being, improves breathing sleep, and makes you look and feel younger?

TRU-ALIGN BODY SYSTEM IMPROVES POSTURE The Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia can do all of this and


more. One lies face down on the system for a minimum of 20 minutes a day every day at first. The body is comfortably supported at key points, allowing gravity to do the work. The Tru-Align has been engineered to encourage the sacro-iliac, spinal, shoulder and jaw joints and the pelvis to be realigned and limbered. This helps to restore healthy spinal curves on the side view and it has a straightening effect on scoliosis. Achieving proper posture helps relax related muscles, reduce nerve pressure, and improves bio mechanical resilience. Studies show that there are other surprising effects of having proper posture, like reducing pressure on the heart and lungs, improving balance, increasing


endorphin and testosterone production, and improving digestion.

INCREASE ENDORPHINS WITH TRU-ALIGN Endorphins reduce all pain sensations, improves sleep, and increase a feeling of well-being. Testosterone helps promote bone and muscle building, and increases metabolism, libido, and confidence. Cortisol causes increased heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. It suppresses immunity, inhibits bone, muscle, and collagen production, and increase belly fat and water retention.


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Regular use of the Tru-Align by Kacelia is very effective in decompressing discs because the traction is exerted in the proper spinal shape versus the typical straight line variety. This in combination with improved posture, helps restore lost height. The Kacelia Tru-Align Body System comes with everything needed to fit all heights and weights from 90 to 350 pounds. It is assembled in the United States of the highest quality medical grade materials, and is built to last. Illustrated instructions are provided to achieve


a customized set up, and an instructional tutorial video is available at under products.

EFFECTIVE IN RELIEVING PAIN The Kacelia Tru-Align has been clinically proven to alleviate groin, sacro-iliac, back, neck, shoulder, and jaw pain and stiffness. It has been effective in relieving headaches, sinus pressure, nerve pressure, sciatica, disc problems, depression, low energy, trouble sleeping, and pregnancy discomforts.

Kacelia offers a 100 percent, 30/60 day money back guarantee, because if you use it as directed, it will work. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Tru-Align we will fully refund your money, questions asked. Why? Because we want to learn and improve from your input. For more information, go to and look for our upcoming entertaining and informative videos. Please come and try it for yourself at the Minneapolis Edge Life Holistic Expo Nov. 1-2 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center.

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october-november 2014


Fully engaged in life


IFE IS FULL of infinite possibilities. Fully Engaged in Life means living your life with a heightened level of awareness, and a comfortable, trusting relationship with your personal intuition. Intuition teaches us about boundaries, relationships, what feels safe and fun and where trouble may be looming. Intuition helps us to learn more about ourselves and expands our awareness. Intuition can become a trusted friend and help guide us to people, places, things and experiences that align us to our life’s journey.

my intuitive expansion plan for many years. A powerful Sanskrit mantra is Sat-existence, chit-consciousness, ananda-bliss. This mantra is a building block that supports living a Fully Engaged Life. There is a deep understanding and reverence for the interconnectedness and journey of life. Developing intuition is a life skill that places you on a path to life-long learning and cultivating your consciousness and energy signature. Intuition is like a muscle that needs to be developed, worked and conditioned. I develop my intuitive skills daily by playing games with universal CHANTING energy and it always plays back. EXPANDS INTUITION It’s how I engage and interact Chanting mantras out loud with the world, my environand silently has been part of ment, with people, and with


daily situations. If you listen, respond and act, your intuition will guide you. Carolyn Vinup is Fully Engaged In Life. She lives a fully-engaged career where she shares her strengths, talents and wisdom with others. Whether she’s a business development & partnership consultant, event producer, Feng Shui consultant or performing a sacred sound ceremony she’s always cultivating energy that allows others to gain clarity, eliminate barriers, grow business opportunities, manifest their dreams and experience more love and joy in their lives. Lifestyle Consulting provides direction and support to eliminate barriers to achieve clarity and enjoy life’s riches. 612-325-5162.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR INTUITIVE SKILLS START TO EXPAND? You become aware that everything is energy and everything is connected You hear people talk about your energy signature You know your thoughts are creating your reality You willingly share your strengths, talents and gifts with the world You spread kindness and gratitude You invite playfulness, happiness and joy You experience more synchronicity You radiate goodness You have an expansive mindset You live in a world filled with endless possibilities I invite you to join a community of like-minded people where intuitive development is supported. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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QuestFields, Inc.

The power to change your life

Intuitive Development Program Private Healing Sessions Intuitive Readings

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Scientific art of healing and intuitive skills


O D E R N MEDICINE IS highly successful in terms of i n n ov a t i n g new medical technology to better diagnose a disease. But such diagnosis can only tell more about a disease than improving our long-term health or slowing down aging.

for all diseases.That is why mastering the precise scientific art of healing is not just relevant for alternative medical practitioners but also mainstream medical practitioners.Â

YOGA: AN EFFECTIVE CARDIAC PROGRAM If Hindu medical knowledge is scientific and improves health then it would be helpful to integrate it into modern medicine. It can be documented that Yoga therapy is effective for physical and cardiac rehabilitation.

and chronic fatigue syndrome. Yoga therapy also has a mindbody integration component useful to solve anxiety, depression and stress. It is already documented that smokers after Yoga therapy quit smoking faster because Yoga promotes integration of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga therapy also has a meditation component which can help solve insomnia and overcoming a foggy state of mind in people who are taking either sleep medications or antidepressants.

Critical understanding of the scientific art of healing is very important for improving YOGA GOOD FOR long-term health. In spite of so STRUCTURAL ISSUES much advancement of science Yoga therapy can be highly OF THE BODY and technology still we cannot Yoga therapy can bring say with 100 percent certainty effective to manage and also solve that modern medicine is the many chronic health challenges postural balance, flexibility of solution to find the right cure like back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle and joints, respiratory,;



cardiac and other self-regulatory efficiency to not only complement but also accelerate the outcome of modern medical treatments including recovery time after surgery. An Ayurvedic body type specific diet and wellness plan can be very useful to prevent many lifestyle health challenges. Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis has the potential to create the most advanced predictive medicine to diagnose many health problems early and prevent before the imbalance reaches any disease state.

or haphazard idea of intuitive healing but rather training the doctor’s brain to master multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional knowledge to act like a supercomputer to process information quickly. Medical predictions are then made better than mechanical intuition of any unscientific healer. That is why the Sengupta-method of scientific art of healing is not some mechanical intuition or guesswork but rather systematic analytical power of the mind to correctly predict or design the most effective healing and wellness plan to provide best prevention and restoration of health. Â

In the Sengupta method, the power of medical intuition ŠSeptember 2014 by Acharya is not some voodoo guessing Dr. Surajit Sengupta

V i s i t w w w. a g u c l i n i c . i n f o for diferent health, spirituality and healing programs or visit for different areas of educational programs of Alternative Global University. Call 612-644-6258 for individual consultation. Find freedom from stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and other chronic challenges and gain the wisdom of good health. Start a new Mind-Body integration and Ayurvedic detox programs for vitality, anti-aging and brain efficiency. Follow body type specific diet and weight loss plan to avoid obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and heart or other lifestyle based health risks.

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Live Well.


Oct/Nov 2014 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Publication about healing & spirituality

Oct/Nov 2014 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Publication about healing & spirituality