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july-august 2015



july-august 2015

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8-9 Show Me How to Remember Your Power through Self-love and Forgiveness BY ANGELA BLAHA

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12-13 Liberation Through Forgiveness BY JULIANNA MUTHU 16-18 Learn Meditation on Universal Love with Bob Fickes BY ROB RING 20-21 A Deeper Perspective on Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia BY MEGAN CARNARIUS

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Holistic Health Studies

St. Catherine University — Holistic Health ad 2014–15 Essential Wellness 7.25 x 4.5” 4c

Universal Love Seminar and Meditation Activation Featuring Fulfillment Meditation with

Bob Fickes ●Love Mantra Activation and Workshop ●Group Meditation ●$345 until Aug 11/$385 after ●All are welcome

Sep 11 6:30 - 9:00PM Sep 12 & 13 8:30 - 5:30PM U of M Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul Campus MN

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july-august 2015


Show Me How to Rememb through Self-love and Forg An excerpt from Show Me: Why is it We Dislike Talking about Self-Love?


E DON’T T A L K a b o u t self-love because it can sometimes remind us of pain and suffering. Pain comes from many memories of deep wounds that extend from this lifetime or many lifetimes. These wounds have been caused by our perceptions of our actions, thoughts, or words, which are compounded

by what we have been taught about what is right or wrong, good or bad. There is a sense of intense pressure when we think about self-love. This is precisely why we recommend you experience self-love. After all, we are taught not to cry, not to show emotions, not to be afraid (even though we live in a society rooted in fear), and not to give too much. With all of these confinements, why would we want to think about or begin to feel what real selflove is? It will take a whole reprogramming of the mind to allow self-love into our experience. Who has time or even knows where to begin to tackle such a feat?


SELF LOVE IS NOT EGOTISTICAL Wi t h t h es e i n gra ined precepts, we steer away from workshops, books, and practices that attempt to address the subject of unconditional love for ourselves. There is a stereotype of what self-love looks like and feels like, and it seems to be attached to a type of energy that is thought of as either egotistical or lazy. Neither is an accurate assessment. Self-love means nothing of the sort. All self-love really means it that YOU unconditionally love yourself. Love yourself as you are and as you desire to be. Is it really that simple? Yes! It is really that simple.

ber Your Power giveness HOW TO REMEMBER YOUR POWER Show Me How to Remember is a book of channeled messages on some of the most common questions raised by those desiring personal transformation through the deeper understanding and practice of self-love and forgiveness. How to Remember Your Power also includes practical exercises to help readers integrate love and forgiveness into their daily lives and access to a free “Show Me” Meditation Series. “There is no greater gift you can give to yourself and the people you love in your life than to learn to love who you are at a


through Self-love and Forgiveness offers a new way of being that begins with the experience of love at a vibrational level.

soul level,” writes Angela Blaha. “Remembering that I am from Love is the most freeing and empowering gift I have given myself.” The author’s Show Me: How to Remember Your Power

Angela Blaha is a transformational teacher, healer, and personal coach who supports those who desire emotional healing to overcome obstacles to greater joy and fulfillment. She helps her clients transform thoughts, feelings, and emotions to create new patterns that allow them to decrease stress and increase optimism and fulfill their dreams and desires. To learn more and work with Angela, visit

july-august 2015






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july-august 2015


Liberation Through Forg


ANY OF US have heard the idea that forgiveness sets us free. If you are anything like me then your next question might be, “OK. But how?” Years ago I was introduced to an ancient Hawaiian prayer practice of reconciliation and healing, called Ho’oponopono. Since the practice was rooted in Love, which I believe is the primary healing force in this great Universe, I decided to give it a try. Ho’oponopono is the simple prayerful repetition of the words, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Please help to set me free. I love you. Thank you. I began reciting this prayer any time in my life I felt anger, jealousy, blame—any emotion that contracted my heart or my capacity to feel generous and kind. I found eventually a kind of grace descended upon me and my mental thoughts regarding a particular incident abated.

HANG ON TO RESENTMENT, RISK HEALING Any time we snap at a stranger or loved one, harbor resentment, blame someone for some perceived wrongdoing, a part of us is separated from Love. Are you still angry at your sister for something she did years


ago? The effects of holding on to anger or resentment can be subtle and cumulative. Are you jealous over your friend’s new house, car or job? Do you feel abandoned because your father left when you were young? Reciting Ho’oponopono can have miraculously healing effects. Years ago after a painful divorce and hurt feelings, a sense of injustice plagued me. I felt I was “owed” something and I harbored feelings of betrayal and hurt. No one but me could resolve these feelings and I was tired of them infecting my mind and contracting my spirit. As I applied the practice of Ho’oponopono, I felt my heart and my spirit soften, open and release. Grace descending. Was it true that at times the words



were difficult to say? Yes. When my ego mind wanted to stay angry protecting my heart, I focused my mind instead on who I wanted to be: Kind, loving, caring. Free! I chose to release the anger and the hurt and kept reciting the prayer; I’m sorry; please forgive me; please help to set me free; I love you; thank you. Sticking with the practice offered closure and completion leaving in its wake memories of love and respect along with acknowledgment of the lessons and growth the relationship offered. What in your life is asking for liberation through forgiveness? Offer your forgiveness prayers today, and if you are inspired, write me. I love hearing from you! Julianna Muthu is a shamanic and energy healer empowering others with tools that connect to inner wisdom, where joy, peace and stillness reside in the midst of change. Call or email today for a free consultation. 415-517-4013.

july-august 2015


; Master Intuitive ; Healing Practitioner ; Energy Healer ; Ghost Buster ; Master Crystalogist ; Qi Gong Practitioner ; Aura Photos & Readings ; Intuitive Development Classes ; Past Life Regressions & Life’s Progressions Sessions HELPING YOU HEAL CENTER, 5898 Omaha Ave N, Ste 2, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082 651.247.0719




Contact Annette Bruchu for your private healing session

Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA Leilani Hotaling, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP 952-473-1239 Amy Everly, DVM, CVA Preeya Patel, DVM

july-august 2015


Learn Meditation on Uni Love with Bob Fickes


N THIS TIME of demanding human experience, turmoil and chaos on the global scene, and imbalance in our everyday life, it is natural to seek some relief from all these imposing pressures. Little did I know that balance, harmony, and peacefulness could come from sitting still and meditating with Fulfillment Meditation. This fall the founder of Fulfillment Meditation will be in the Twin Cities to offer you this same opportunity for peace. Bob Fickes is a spiritual and meditation guide who has been teaching meditation for 40 years and has developed many comprehensive programs to train

students from the beginner through the advanced practitioner of meditation, even offering courses for those on a path to enlightenment. In the past, he has worked for many years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, John Gray, Barbara De Angelis, and Inter-Dimensional Musician Michael Hammer. John Gray recently made the following comment regarding Bob’s upcoming U.S. workshop. “Bob Fickes has inspired thousands to experience greater enlightenment in their daily lives. His workshop is for everyone looking for greater peace and more love in their life.”—John Gray Author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”


Although many of Bob’s teachings are available through trained teachers (listed on his web site) in Japan and the United States, Bob also encourages individuals to take the opportunity to study directly with him either where he lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or when he is giving a seminar in their country. He is available to both prospective students and advanced practitioners in Chiang Mai and via the internet. Bob travels frequently to Japan and from time to time to the United States to give advanced teachings for larger groups of students. This teaching involves imparting a mantra (sacred CONTINUED PAGE 18...



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sound) and yantra (spiritual geometry) that has been spiritually empowered with a sacred ceremony of activation. It is one of the most powerful meditation styles in the world today. Many of Bob’s students have already developed their inner gifts to not only improve their own lives but to be of assistance to others. The path of becoming a “teacher” is available to everyone who has a sincere desire to learn, for themselves, the highest teachings of the Masters. Bob has been fully trained by an ancient lineage of great enlightened masters and has received the empowerment and permission to pass on this powerful teaching.

ACTIVATING LOVE IN YOUR LIFE Bob is traveling to the United States and would like to invite everyone to join him in experiencing the profound beauty and awareness related to meditating on Universal Love. Love is the most powerful gift in the universe. It is the glue


that holds everything together. Love is sweet and has many forms, the most powerful form is gratitude. When our heart feels gratitude, Love reaches out and touches every soul in the universe. When our heart receives gratitude, Love is created and is returned to us. Love nurtures our hearts with warmth and happiness. Bob will use his vast experience in Fulfillment Meditation to help us feel more love, give more love, and attract more love into our lives. We will learn how to share and feel the wonderful power and magic of love. Bob will be teaching the Love Mantra which he recently discovered. The activation allows us to begin feeling more love, giving more love, and attracting more love into our lives. The Love Mantra can be practiced by and is beneficial to everyone. No previous experience in meditation is required to attend this seminar. This mantra will benefit even the most experienced practitioner.

By activating this mantra, Bob is facilitating, through his student’s meditations, the generation of powerful waves of love for Mother Earth and her children. The bigger the gathering the more we can experience these waves of love, instill them into the energy of Mother Earth, and create a more harmonious and peaceful environment. The Love Mantra can change your life and the world. For more information about Bob visit his website and blog at;, mantra/the-love-mantra/ For more information on Bob’s seminar in the U.S./Minnesota use the following link; site/wp-content/uploads/Sept2015WorkshopFlyer.pdf Check out the above links and see if Bob and his teachings are something that interest you in your journey through life.

july-august 2015


A Deeper Perspective on Disease and Other Dem In this edited excerpt from her book Megan Carnarius advocates for a new perspective of Alzheimer’s disease and finds something positive in the diagnosis for both the patient and their loved ones. HE ALZHEIMER’S J O U R N E Y renders the person unable to communicate their internal experience; it is viewed as wasted time—indeed, to all outward appearances, Alzheimer’s seems to consist of accumulating losses and the inability to function in line with “normal” realities. But what if this is a rich, deeply meaningful period


in the person’s life and their understanding of their innermost aspect of themselves? What if it is part of a larger plan, their destiny? What if they are not a victim? What if their essence has been working in this life on the use of mind, the use of the brain, and now they are experiencing vistas and possibilities of this organ that defy description and cannot be conveyed to others? What if the last years of their life are registering on their souls, and that memory has nothing to do with whether they are whole and intact, but experiencing every moment of it, released from their own conventions?


WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE ALZHEIMER PATIENT? No one in their day-to-day consciousness wants Alzheimer’s. That is not what I am suggesting. No one did anything bad to get it, and people diagnosed with the disease are doing the best they can and also wish this were not happening to them. No matter whether you have lived a full and amazing life or a long and modest life, you may still get Alzheimer’s. So what is happening? I believe the soul is whole and intact and busy gathering experiences, learning from this additional toil at the end of life. This is not wasted expe-

n Alzheimer’s mentia rience. The soul is busy, busy, busy. This is especially true in situations where there has been excellence in the area of mind or use of the brain. It feels to me that the person is discovering something else by having the experience of opposites. To be very cognitively astute, to use the brain and find selfdefinition through the use of mind is very normal. There is also an element of seduction in it. If we are truly authentic, we recognize that our physical package changes over time. We recognize that if we define ourselves according to how we looked at 20 years of age we would spend the rest of our life disappointed.


HOW DO WE EVALUATE A LIFE? How do we assess a lifetime and say it was worthy, it was good? As I said earlier, what I hear sometimes in the tone of the statement “Isn’t it a shame he or she got Alzheimer’s” is that the disease has made the person’s whole life null and void. Are we so materialistic that the mind and the brain are thought of as one thing representing the whole person? We don’t feel that way about the heart. When someone has survived a heart attack, we don’t say, “Oh, what a shame. He was such a loving and kind person,” as if the heart attack stops that kind of emotional expression. We

know that is foolish. Yet we do not feel that way about our brains, our memories, and the use of our minds. For more info on A Deeper Pe r s p e c t i ve o n Al z h e i m e r’s Disease and Other Dementia by Megan Carnarius, click here.

july-august 2015


Live Well.


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July/August 2015 Essential Wellness  

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July/August 2015 Essential Wellness  

Holistic publication on healing and spirituality

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