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90 days

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summer 2016

6-7 Facing Darkness, Finding Light

Twin Cities Wellness


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10-11 The Touch, Healing Miracles and Methods

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14-15 A positive, powerful, and proven solution to stop diabetes once and for all BY EMMA MARDLIN, PHD

16-17 Losing weight with hypnotic gastric band surgery BY ROBERTA FERNANDEZ

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summer 2016


Facing Darkness, Finding Light


“Mom, what’s suicide?” I asked

from the back seat of our family’s Chrysler station wagon as we traveled northbound on the “highway to Heaven,” the road to our fundamental Baptist church. I had first seen the word a few days before. During the closing credits of a rerun of the television show M*A*S*H*, the title of the show’s theme song flashed onscreen: “Suicide is Painless.” Ten years old, a lover of books, a seeker of knowledge, and a student of broadcast television, I wanted only to deepen my vocabulary. My mom, in the passenger seat in front that day, turned


around and looked at me with wide-eyed surprise. Gracious, gentle, and God fearing, she believed in heaven and hell. Every Sunday, she dressed us properly and directed us firmly in church conduct and the Baptist teachings, so that our souls could stay with her into eternity. Her devotion to the church was a blend of sincere spiritual satisfaction mixed with a desire to quell a mother’s inextinguishable grief. She had lost her first child, my brother, when he was just a toddler and before he was christened at the church. Although she believed that he waited for her in Heaven, she ached for him daily and battled breaches of faith and moments of doubt because of her failure to wash his soul clean in baptismal waters. She would not make that mistake twice.

My younger siblings and I had been saved and baptized in the church. Wanting to please my parents, and seeing how happy it made my mom when I learned from my Bible, I set about making a name for myself in the congregation. Quickly, I learned the books of the Bible, memorized the Ten Commandments, knew the 23rd Psalm by heart, and could name every piece in the Armor of God. I committed to memory over 100 verses, and won Bible Trivia Bowl at the tender age of 10. Not only could I be found in church; I was into church. This did my mom’s heart good. Not understanding the meaning of the term “suicide,” unable to fathom the intense and sensitive nature of the topic, and incapable of real-

izing how Mom most likely would imply a personally terrifying meaning to my question, I recoiled at her response: as she turned in her seat and looked me in the eye, she spoke quietly but with an ardent fervor.

Several years later, in a literature class, I stumbled on the word as I read our assigned story. Typed in bold, “suicide” was a term for which we were to write a definition. Dutifully I did so, feeling uneasy. This magnified as I read the true meaning. “That is a sin against God. Never Although I understood, I could speak of that. It is wrong.” not fathom the concept. How? Why? What would cause a I felt my face flush and my person to do that? stomach knot. How I wished I could retract the question! Not In 14 months’ time, though, only had I upset my mom, who I would be thrust headlong, only wanted my safety, but I forever changed, into an experihad also dabbled with defiling ence with suicide. myself against God. I promised myself that I would not use the Steffany Barton, RN, is a proword, nor further my efforts to fessional medium who has a understand its meaning for the personal and professional pasforeseeable future. At the time, sion for assisting those who that seemed the best I could do have been affected by suicide. to make amends, to make my wrong right.


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summer 2016


The Touch, Healing Miracles and Methods Excerpt from THE TOUCH: A Traveler’s Guide to Healing Chapter 13: Core Methods


When I first started working

with these methods, I had no formal training or technique whatsoever. I had a powerful experience and demonstrations that led me to want to explore, develop and expand my relationship with the healing power of Source. As I have continued working with these energies, I have confronted my own resistance and skepticism, which I believe is part of the process of growing and learning. I have been guided by an intention to deepen my own connection to Spirit through this work, a real curiosity about the value of


these methods, and a devotion to being of spiritual service, to making a difference in the world. Not long ago, I could not have imagined that I would have the privilege to work with people in this way, much less be writing a book about it. This, for me, is a true calling, which seems to require a whole new level of acceptance, trust, surrender—ultimately nothing less than a complete realignment of myself with my Self. In many ways, I view the entire process as a rebirth. So here we are. If you’ve made it this far with me, I know you feel an attraction to these principles already. I am certain that you experience some of the same sorts of doubts, uncertainties and misidentifications that I have experienced as I have grown

in this work. Perhaps these inner challenges are a necessary part of our education, evolution and movement along this path. I encourage you to simply take any of those perceived issues with you, as you continue your journey of healing, and allow the presence and power of Spirit to guide you through your own awakening. If you choose to work with these techniques, you will see results. They might be dramatic or subtle. They might look very different from how you thought they would look. They might involve the relief of symptoms, shifting or transformation of events, outcomes, personal feelings, habits, even relationships. You might be inspired to make adjustments in your own life as you come into reso-

nance with the reality of living energy operating through you in service of healing. Whatever happens, there is no way for you to fail. If you are at a point in your life where you can open yourself to the profound possibilities that these practices illuminate, you’ve already succeeded. These techniques work for healing the self and others. They are what we would call “perishable skills.” It is not sufficient to just know about them. They must be practiced to be effective. My master Dr. Wu once told me the secret to mastery of qi gong is to keep doing it and doing it and doing it. My Kung Fu Grandmaster Don Baird says it takes ten thousand repetitions of a move to begin to claim mastery of it. Dr. Yuen put it

this way: “When we first start doing this work, we do a great deal to achieve minimal results. As we progress, we do less and less to achieve more and more. Finally, as we become masters, we achieve our most dramatic results by doing nothing at all.” Let’s all bow in. It’s time to train. Doug Heyes became a healer after his own miraculous recovery from a dramatic and life threatening ski injury left him paralyzed from the neck down. This experience led Heyes to learn his craft by studying with some of the world’s master healers and going back to school where he became educated as a psychologist. As well as his thriving practice in Spiritual Coaching, Transformational Coaching and Ram Healing, Heyes is also a red belt in Pyong An Do Wan (Peaceful Mind Way) Kung Fu.


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summer 2016


A positive and powerful solution to stop diabetes An excerpt from Mind Body various events and how we Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 respond to things that can cause a problem (whether this is conscious to us or totally out of our awareness). In any case it is our response to life’s events that results in diabetes playing up, Having lived with T1 diabetes or leads to the manifestation of for over two decades and a diabetes to begin with. professional in mind-body medicine, Dr Emma Mardlin It is only when we begin talks about a different way of to look beyond the surface of thinking about diabetes that dealing with diabetes and all can really help to see things difits implications that we begin ferently and act as a way to start to see things very differently. experiencing totally different Doing this involves changing results in part of her new book the meaning of diabetes to us Mind Body Diabetes, A positive, as individuals, and creating a powerful, and proven solution to far greater focus in life that puts stop diabetes once and for all, type ‘daily diabetes’ into perspective. 1 and type 2. Remember: we got this condition for a reason, a higher AN INTERESTING WAY TO purpose—to gain the resources THINK ABOUT DIABETES Diabetes itself is never really we need and move on. Diabetes the problem; it is actually life’s is metaphorical as much as it is



physical. (See book for further explanation) So although the development of this condition signifies a loss of sweetness in life, perhaps going full circle, it was always intended for us to release it (once ready) in order to restore that lost sweetness. Thinking more philosophically about diabetes assists in pushing and expanding our boundaries to explore new, unlimited possibilities. Ask yourself: Why are you reading this? What does it mean in a broader context for you? Are you looking to explore a new way of thinking? Are you ready to move to the next level? Do you need some greater focus in life? For the most profound results we often have to explore and trust in the things we can’t always physically yet see. If we

had never thought space travel possible, we wouldn’t have half the knowledge and opportunities we have today.


It all starts with the quality of our thoughts—everything that goes on in our heads. That is what leads to major change! Self-fulfilling prophecies can be positive as well as negative, so changing the way we think and deep down believe is never to be underestimated. Remember: diabetes is just a descriptive word. You can choose what this means to you. Only you really know what has to happen to change this.

Emma Mardlin, PhD, is the author of Mind Body Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2: A Positive, Powerful, and Proven Solution to Stop Diabetes Once and for All (Findhorn Press May 2016) and partner at Pinnacle Practice, Harley Street, London. Em works as a psychotherapist assisting clients in clinic with a host of psychological and psychical challenges.

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summer 2016


Losing weight with hypnotic gastric band surgery


larger portions. It takes more food for you to feel full and satisfied. This is problematic if You diet, but always feel hungry. you are trying to cut back on You make it through the first few the amount you eat to get rid of days or a week, then fall off the those pounds. diet wagon. You chide yourself and feel like a failure. You stress A NEW PERSPECTIVE out about it and lapse once again The first law of the mind is Focus – what you focus on into unhealthy eating habits. Weight issues are typi- expands. So if you are concally 70 percent emotionally stantly watching the scale and based... from boredom to a feeling frustrated for not having traumatic event and everything lost a pound, if you are forbidin between. Couple this with den to eat something and find comfort zone bad habits and it’s all you really want, if you trying to use will power (a tool are obsessively monitoring food with a short attention span) and intake and counting calories it’s no wonder that there is no and still feel hungry; guess what diet in the world that will con- will be expanding? Shifting your focus to the solutions rather sistently solve this challenge.   If you have a lot of weight to than the problems is essential lose, your stomach has probably for your success in achieving been stretched from eating your desired weight.


Hypnosis is the first critical step in changing the programming in your subconscious mind. In other words, getting rid of harmful words, beliefs, thoughts and images. Then it’s time to embrace a more healthy, active way of thinking.  Next you change the relationship you have with food. It’s not the enemy and neither is your body!  Food is meant for nourishment and enjoyment, not stress relief, so recognizing the difference between true hunger and emotional eating is key.   Taking a drastic step like undergoing gastric band surgery in a hospital is expensive and may result in malabsorption of nutrients.  Plus patients often slowly gain back the weight.  ‘Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery’ is an all-natural,

innovative tool to help you feel full and satisfied with small amounts of food without all of the side effects and dangers of actual gastric surgery. HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY WORK? 

Because science experiment after experiment shows that your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. Olympic athletes, for example, know that visualizing success in their sport is as important as putting in actual practice time.  With hypnosis, you work with your subconscious mind and are empowered to take command of your mind/body connection so you feel full after eating only small portions.   Since emotions reside in the

body, old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you are shed along with the physical weight and positive messages/habits are instilled so that you can attain the body size and shape that you want.   Taking back control of your appetite and your life through hypnosis can be learned individually or with the camaraderie of a small group of 10 people. Roberta Fernandez is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor who is her own ‘walking testimonial’ in having used hypnosis for both losing 40 pounds and managing pain during bilateral knee surgery.  She owns and operates FARE Hypnosis Center in Eden Prairie, MN.  For more info on hypnosis for successful weight loss, visit


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Summer 2016 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Holistic publication about healing and spirituality

Summer 2016 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Holistic publication about healing and spirituality

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