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Know your Soul as the Christ Light within


ROM READING my books, people have asked me if the soul is real or a myth. Religion teaches that we have a soul but a soul that cannot be understood because it can be destroyed by God (Matthew 10:28). This style of teaching can only assume that after death, the soul, the “I” in “self,” can no longer perform, thus, leaving you in limbo where you are either waiting to reunite with your body in some new world in which death is eradicated or that you no longer exist because of bad behavior. I have been a businessman for over 41 years and yet, my greatest passion has always been with the mystical side of life. I have written three books on the subject of Earth’s beginning, 24

its ending, and I have revealed the true core essence of God, Satan, humanity, sin, and the true nature about how to arouse the soul in manifesting miracles to experience. However, in the way religion portrays the soul, no wonder we struggle over the definition of it more than the physical body housing it.

THE SOUL IS REAL, WELL, ALIVE My friends, the soul is real, alive, and well, and the best part, the soul cannot be destroyed for it is one’s completeness as a sovereign self-governing Godlike being where one’s wisdom highlights one’s consciousness not to be ruled, enslaved, or controlled by beliefs systems and rituals. Once we awaken to the wisdom that we are a divine human and that our core essence is of spirit

first, before time, space, and physicality, the first thing we awaken to is the fact that our soul is the “Christ,” thus we are equal to God and not less than. We have completely forgotten that we were born of spirit first and not of physical form. Hence, the first explosion was not the creation of the universe or earth. It was the implosion and explosion of the Spirit of One, breaking up into gazillions upon gazillions of pieces of her, where each piece was gifted the same divine creative abilities as the Spirit of One. Because of how the Spirit of One shattered into pieces of herself, the Spirit of One is no longer, for she became her children in expression. And, that is when we, the children of the Goddess, beContinued Page 28...

May 2013 Essential Wellness  
May 2013 Essential Wellness  

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