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EVOLVING THE SOUL continued...


• Next, while breathing slowly and deeply, take each thought pattern, emotion, item, and memory that holds your attention and pose these questions: • Do I need this? Is it essential or redundant and burdensome? • Does it serve me? Is it helpful, useful, and joyful or irritating, harmful, and toxic? • Am I attached to it? Can I let it go, being open to new experiences? • By holding on will a memory perpetuate? Does the memory serve my goals? • If I’m uncomfortable or confused, not ready to let go, what will tip the scale? If you feel anxious, stop being hard on yourself and instead ask these questions: Is that situation relevant now or am I blowing it out of proportion? Was that situation in or out of my control? Is there unfinished business that needs to be addressed? What is in my control


to change? Will it help me with ship with yourself. You’ll retain what supports your self-care, closure? self-respect, and self-worth in LIST YOUR UNPRODUCTIVE stead of stagnant, self-defeating THOUGHTS, THEN emotional patterns. Plus, you’ll REPLACE THEM retain people in your life who One way to help change dis- support and encourage your perempowering or old thoughts is sonal growth, giving you energy by creating a list. Take a sheet instead of blocking you with of paper, making two columns. dysfunctional vortices, manipuIn the left column, write down lative dynamics, and outdated unproductive thoughts. Each scripts. You’ll create a more baltime this memory comes up, re- anced work-life, viewing your place it with a productive one. life and work with invigorating Have compassion for yourself and inspiring gratitude. You’ll be and those involved, not pity or open to a range of opportunities hate. Don’t fool yourself. You that fill your life with nurturing are in control of your emotions truth, gratitude, humility, joy, and resilience. You are in con- and well-being. It could be jourtrol of you. It’s true that many naling, mid-day napping, walkof life’s changes are bewildering, ing briskly, smelling the aromas heart breaking, and even physi- of the seasons, learning to play cally challenging, but your life an instrument, or learning a doesn’t stop. The goal is to strive new dance style. And it could be for gratitude and tranquility to- cherishing simple things, such wards the experience, the old as breathing slowly, calmly. story, and recognize how everyone involved strengthened your SIMPLIFY YOUR psyche’s muscle. De-cluttering your mind ELECTRONIC INPUT also improves your relation- Simply turn off your phone.

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