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Declutter your thought s lifestyle to become peac


MID OUR crowd of over 700 dancers celebrating Luni Gras in Henderson, Louisiana, the Cajun band’s lead vocalist stared at his phone’s lit screen (still playing the accordion) and blurted, “We just won a Grammy!” While the band continued, he texted back to Los Angeles, and then finished the song with a reeling riff. All the while his phone was still on and glowing. Information and adverts bombard us 31,536,000 seconds every year. All day long information flies through the air and into our homes, literally, even if we’re not wired. Every-


thing is sent by signals that penetrate the walls of our homes, vehicles, and bodies. The effects are always there—new emails, more friend requests, vids of the latest global conundrums, jpgs of social outings, countless televised programs. Net result? Clutter and distraction, affecting the flow of qi (energy), bogging down our minds and lives. CLEANSE YOUR LIFESTYLE OF UNDUE CLUTTER

De-cluttering impacts our mindset and surroundings, improving the energy flow and quality of life. Simply organizing and letting go validates the realization that things don’t have to be how they have been. Yet, how do we begin the process?

First, recognize that a lifestyle cleanse is rewarding and liberating, eliminating the nonessentials that hold you captive. Your internal clutter—the worries, should haves, buried emotions, attachments, and repetitive stories that populate your mind—robs you of clarity and enthusiasm for your goals. Letting go means choosing to move your attention away from (and loosen the grip of ) a non-essential thought, mindset, or feeling every time it arises. You choose what you want to nurture with your most precious resource, your attention.

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