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APRIL 25-26


Fargo Holistic Expo is an inspired event focused on sharing the finest holistic approaches available in the Upper Midwest. This annual 2-Day Expo is an emporium of gifts, products and information to support holistic life — including health, ecology,

community and a balance of mind, body and spirit. Over 80 exhibitors including health and wellness providers, Keynote speakers, dozens of Free Workshops, 12 intuitive consultants, Specialty gift products, art, spirituality resources, and much more.


MAY 16-17


St. Cloud Holistic Expo debuted with a splash last year, and it returns in 2015 as a full 2-Day Expo with free workshops offered each day, in addition to exhibitors and keynote speakers! Experience the brilliant diversity of our exhibitors and learn from the wisdom of our speakers. Join us in St. Cloud in May!

NOV. 7-8


The Grandaddy of all Edge Life Expos, the Minneapolis Holistic Expo will celebrate its 15th year in 2015 with all new speakers and exhibitors who continue to amaze and inform! Explore all aspects of holistic living and explore things you don’t know in the dozens of free workshops offered daily. Join us at Earle Brown in November!


KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Edge Life Expos & Events have attracted the biggest names in spirituality, healing and metaphysics to the Upper Midwest since 2001, including Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh, Dolores Cannon, Ian Punnett, Dr. Norm Shealy, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Kathryn Harwig, Echo Bodine, and more. Check in at to learn about speakers coming in 2015. Each speaker ticket includes free access to Expo Hall. FREE WORKSHOPS Edge Life’s two-day expos give attendees a variety of free workshops — 50-minute sessions offering information, inspiration and practical tips that support body, mind & spirit.

EXHIBITORS At each expo, attendees are presented with an entire Expo Hall filled with a diverse array of exhibitors offering intuitive readings, aura photos, crystals and gems, samples of a wide variety of healing modalities, information for personal and spiritual growth, publications, jewelry, art, gifts, candles, body care products, and so much more.

to learn more, visit march-april 2015



march-april 2015

essential wellness digital magazine


Twin Cities Wellness aka Essential Wellness 4270 Honey Tree Pass Danbury, WI 54830

From the Editor: We’ve survived, thrived, after 20 years in business BY LYNN LAFROTH


Use flower essences to heal deeply

PUBLISHERS Dee & Lynn LaFroth


ADVERTISING Dee LaFroth 715.259.3047

Fall into the garden of your own healing

EDITOR Lynn LaFroth




Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive With the New Science and Spirit of Breakthrough BY NICK SENECA JANKEL

ART DIRECTION Soleil Graphics WRITING SUBMISSIONS Click here for Writers Guidelines RECEIVE ESSENTIAL WELLNESS BY EMAIL Send us your email to receive twice-monthly Celebrate Wellness e-news and Monthly digital Essential Wellness 4


Sacro Wedgy® alleviates sciatica, low back, hip, and knee pain


Mind & Body Spiritual Center offers spiritual camaraderie, personal transformation BY REV. JOANNE BIEWALD

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We’ve survived, thrived, after 20 years in business


015 MARKS A milestone for Essential Wellness magazine. It’s been an up and down journey, through twists and turns, to finally arrive at a solid mile marker: 20 years!

We spent a lot of trial and error on e-newsletters to convey timely, supplemental information and finally our semimonthly e-newsletter “Celebrate Wellness” took off; we’ve produced nearly 200 editions. “Celebrate Wellness” publishes events, resources, articles, and other wellness highlights to an email audience of about 4,000, specifically targeted to the healing and spirituality community. Spinning off this is our first-of-the-month topic-based e-newsletters such as “Celebrate Healing Therapies” or “Celebrate Yoga” or any number of other wellness and spirituality based topic e-newsletters.

Dee and I began publishing a print newspaper, Twin Cities Wellness, in 1995. The name and format changed to Essential Wellness in the mid-00s to reflect a larger regionally-based and global market that we were seeking to reach. We survived the 2008 downturn—barely— and in 2011 ceased print publication to become an onlineonly digital magazine. It was the way of the print industry with We have many staff to thank many print publications around who helped us along the 20 us ceasing to exist. past years. Soleil Graphics cur-


rently provides our art direction, and has produced our layout for many years; we feel her work competes with the best in the industry. Melissa May, our former graphic designer, put in her “stint” for many years doing her magic with graphics and layout par excellence. Before that Doug Bronson served many years in the same role and was meticulous, dependable, with beautiful design skills. Others who’ve worked with us are now on their own paths: Steve Hokenson, Della McGee, Sheila Weidendorf, Michelle Frantzen. There have been too many to name but all benefitted us in getting us to where we are today. You know who you are and we thank you!


Dee, my sister and founder of this business, performs as a sales manager, ensuring our survival even during the really rough times. I do the editing and web/e-marketing work. To all who have remained our loyal audience and/or contributors for content and advertising, we thank you so very much! You have made us who we are. Lynn LaFroth, is digital editor, of and can be reached at

march-april 2015





AmericInn & Conference Center

7 - 9 PM



A Water Blessing Event



Stone Reading & Healing Crystal Energy

Harmonic Sound Therapy Workshop

10:30 - 11:00

How to feel Crystal Energies and interpret what these feelings mean.

Two hours of entertainment, laughter, music and engagement


Join Us to Bless Lake Superior’s Water

12:30 - 1:00

"Engaging Intuition" Come learn to "engage" your intuition/psychic ablity, Learn to solicit only what we want and shift gears through intention. Some simple concepts will be shared to get you started right away!

Come together to celebrate and honor the true power of water.

Cert. Harmonic Sound Therapist, Building Biologist, Dowser, Crystal, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioner


1:30 - 2:30 Gallery Event


The Difference Between Our Spirit Messengers Intuitive channel, psychic, and medium, Rev. Kev, explains the differences between, and purposes of, Oracles, Arch-angels, Angels, Shamans, Prophets, and personal Spirit Guides. Sit back and witness the process of invitation to each as Kevin channels, asking them to join the gallery event and deliver messages intended for the specific group that has gathered.

LIMITED SEATING *Not everyone is guaranteed a reading.

All of the music and movement is dedicated to the waters of our planet both inside our bodies and the body of the earth. Acoustic sets with local and regional musicians, co creating and setting our intentions for an abundant supply of fresh water resources for generations to come. water blessings, toning, drumming, African drum and dance and so much more. Bring your drums, shakers, hoop, guitar, your voice and join us in honoring and blessing the waters of our planet and reinforcing the kinetic wave that connects and unifies us.

Event Cost: $10

11:30 - 12:00




Living a Meaningful Spiritual Life


Join an interactive panel of gifted psychics, earth guardians, intuitive mediums,healers, energy balancers, conscious empaths, and visionaries as we create an atmosphere of playfulness and safety for attendees to explore and experience the mysteries of inter-dimensional communication.

4:30 - 5:00

What does this really mean and how you can attain joy spiritually in your own daily living even in a state of chaos! Join us for this uplifting view and delightful discussion with revealing information for your life.


Healing Therapists, Intuitive Consultants, Health Professionals, Psychics, Spirituality Resources, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Specialty Gifts...and More! $5 Admission Daily or $8 For Saturday & Sunday • Free Lectures • Door Prizes

Gift Bags For the First 25 Guests on Saturday Only





Workshop Sunday 10-11:30 - $25

Workshop Sunday 12-1:30 - $25

Workshop Sunday 2-3:30 - $25

Energies and Balance Through the Use of Crystals You will learn about energy and different views of working with it. We will teach ways of sensing energies so that you can be better prepared in your life. There will be lessons given on how to use crystals and other natural items to balance us and help remedy energy issues and others

Rev. Kev helps you explore the use of energy “tools” to open up to the higher realms and begin to understand, identify, and empower your unique abilities and gifts. Unlock the blocks. Communicate with your child within and learn ways to heal the old in order to embrace your gifts and move forward.

"Wisdom of Spirit" In this workshop you will: ~ Discover Ancient Truths. ~ Learn Life Strategies. ~ Meet Your Spirit Guide. Awaken your Soul to universal knowledge & higher understanding. Join us for this very informative & inspirational event.

march-april 2015


Use flower essences to heal deeply


hen I started using flower essences, I always had a shock and trauma blend on hand like Trillium Botanicals Stress Ease. If a bird hit our window and couldn’t fly away, I would run out and place a drop on its beak. It usually recovered and flew away, making me happy, but I was never really sure if I helped or if it just needed a minute to shake off the crash. Then one day, one of my dogs thought that a porcupine was a chew toy and he got quills in his nose, snout, and going all the way through his tongue.

He was writhing on the ground trying to rub away the quills which, of course, only pushed them in farther. By the time I reached him, his eyes were wild with pain. I got him to the house, but his eyes started glazing over with pain. I gave him (and myself ) a quick squirt of flower essences and we hurried to the vet. I was in the back of the car with our dog, trying to comfort him and keep him from causing further damage rubbing the quills into his face. My husband drove faster than usual because we were in crisis-mode, and of course, we got pulled over for speeding. My husband explained the situation and the officer came around the back to check on our dog. As I turned


to show the officer my crazed dog, I realized he was now just calmly looking like a pincushion with his tongue hanging out, quills and all, as though nothing was wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes. TRILLIUM BOTANICALS FLOWER ESSENCES HELP WITH PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL ISSUES

That was when I truly came to understand how powerful flower essences are. I am grateful for, and in awe of, the Healing Energies of the Plant Kingdom. For decades since then, I have been making flower essences for my family. I have spent years getting to know the healing CONTINUED PAGE 14...


march-april 2015



Heal mind, body, spirit. Holistic Health Studies Program • Earn a Master of Arts degree or one-year Graduate Certificate • Expand your view of health and healing • In-depth study of complementary and integrative therapies • Evening classes open to women and men • Apply now to start in February or September To learn more, call 651-690-6933 or visit

Holistic Health Studies

St. Catherine University — Holistic Health ad 2014–15 Essential Wellness 7.25 x 4.5” 4c

Achieve harmony between your mouth and body

6100 Excelsior Blvd, Suite East, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (952) 929 4545 march-april 2015



powers of flowers on our land and I make Trillium Botanicals flower essences to share this healing with others. Trillium Botanicals Flower Essences, or floral remedies, are flower healing preserved in brandy or vinegar, and are typically taken by placing a 5-10 drops under your tongue, or in a beverage. They can also be absorbed through the skin or spritzed in the air, (there’s no scent), to energize a room. Trillium Botanicals flower essences can help with physical, emotional or spiritual issues such as helping with memory, depression, opening your heart to love, stress, connecting with Nature, shock and trauma, night terrors, anxiety, increasing harmony and many more. Trillium Botanicals flower essences are all made from our own naturally grown or wild flowers, that are respectfully and sustainably harvested or wildcrafted. Cindy Cummings, owner of Trillium Botanicals, P.O. Box 1, Sarona, Wi 54870. (715) 635-9580. 14

march-april 2015



; Master Intuitive ; Healing Practitioner ; Energy Healer ; Ghost Buster ; Master Crystalogist ; Qi Gong Practitioner ; Aura Photos & Readings ; Intuitive Development Classes ; Past Life Regressions & Life’s Progressions Sessions HELPING YOU HEAL CENTER, 5898 Omaha Ave N, Ste 2, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082 651.247.0719



Contact Annette Bruchu for your private healing session

Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA Leilani Hotaling, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP 952-473-1239 Amy Everly, DVM, CVA Preeya Patel, DVM

march-april 2015


Fall into the garden of your own healing


R. DEBBIE ENGELM A N N , NHD, owner of Created By Nature Wellness, LLC, is a featured author in Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness, a book created by Älska Publishing and officially released worldwide February 26, 2015. In her chapter, “Falling Into The Garden of Healing,” Debbie shares the details of her two-year fight to find her way back from the darkness of grief, deep depression, despair, and overwhelming anger following the devastating loss of both sisters, just five months apart. She is one of 43 amazing authors, including the well-

known creators of the bestselling book, The Secret, Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle, who also share their personal and inspirational true-life stories of healing. INSPIRING STORIES SHOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Every individual, at some point in time, has asked themselves, “How can I get through this? Why is this happening to me? Am I even strong enough to work through this?” Questions you may be asking yourself daily or even every moment. The good news is this; you already have the ability within you to have a life full of vibrant health and abundance. The stories in this book will help jump-start your


personal healing plan whether you’re facing an illness, nursing a broken heart, battling demons from the past, or simply wish to begin living a brighter and healthier life. Debbie’s story shares her difficult and painful process of not only processing her grief, but how debilitating it was to finally lose control in order to heal. Her chapter shares the following about the path she walked during her healing: “During my healing process, I learned to focus completely on myself, began to cautiously face the truth of me, and slowly released myself from my selfimposed cage of fear. The time estimates of others regarding how long I should grieve were


finally ignored. By allowing myself to lose control, I began to stop controlling myself and others. I screamed; hit pillows; wrote pages and pages of memories, hatred, sadness, and unspeakable things; and when I was finally spent, it was upon Mother Earth I fell to surrender my grief and pain.” Artist Patricia Jerde shares the following review: “Debbie Engelmann’s chapter “Falling Into The Garden of Healing” so beautifully describes the process she had to go through to

heal herself. The path she found to that place of healing within herself is revealed with beautiful and powerful imagery. That path has led her to the peace and strength she now uses to help others heal. Knowing Debbie is a gift, and her story simply reinforces the wisdom she has found on her healing journey. I am so thankful she has shared her path with us in this book, which invites all of us to start the voyage of our own healing.” The message and magic in this book is deep. It stirs the soul, illuminates the path toward healing and shows the reader that anything is possible. Order your copy today at Save 10% by using coupon code SAVE10 at checkout.

march-april 2015



QuestFields, Inc.

The power to change your life

Intuitive Development Program Private Healing Sessions Intuitive Readings

Patrice Connelly 651.222.8282 march-april 2015


Switch On:

Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science and Spirit of Breakthrough


CIENTIFIC JOURNALS SHOW the interconnectedness of the mind and body, and that each influences the other in profound ways. Our guts talk to our brains. Our hearts influence both. If we stubbornly insist on a mind that controls our body, we risk limiting what we can create and how much joy we can experience. Studies show people who think in terms of a split between mind and body make less healthy choices—alcohol, stimulants, and fast food for example. The body-mind is a complex, integrated, adapting system that uses neurons and


nerves, hormones and transmitters, genes and cells to create a human who can feel, think, and act in the world. All of it interacts with every other bit in a two-way conversation. HANDS, HEAD, HEART

I split the unified bodymind into three dimensions: hands, head, and heart. A trinity like this is found in various wisdom traditions around the world. In ancient Greece, there were originally three creative muses: Aoide, the

muse of song (hands), Melete, the muse of contemplation (head), and Mneme, the muse of memories (heart). In the Vedic philosophies of India, there are three paths to enlightenment: karma (actions of the hands); jnana (knowledge of the head); and bhakti (love of the heart). In psychology and the other sciences of human experience, we also see the trio appear. First came behavioral psychology (hands). We worked out ways to use rewards and rules to change how people act. Then came a rev-






Habits and actions




Thoughts and stories



Feeling Emotions Love


olution in the field that brought us cognitive psychology (head). This helped link thoughts to behaviors. This brought new tools for change like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Finally, there is now interest in how our emotions and social engagement drive the whole system (heart). THOUGHTS CAN CREATE CHANGE

Thinking things can change how the body works. In one experiment, one group of hotel maids were informed by scientists that the effort expended changing beds and cleaning rooms each day was equal to

the daily level of exercise recommended for a health. This group started to lose weight and reduce body mass index and blood pressure. The other group, not told this fact, maintained the same weight. Studies indicate people can consciously change how their immune system responds through a series of breathing, meditation, and experiential exercises. People who believe in acupuncture experience a reduction in pain after a session; those that don’t, do not. The pain relief even shows up in brain scans. Our emotions are vitally important in helping us succeed. Rather than suppress them, it pays to acknowledge

them. They signal to our bodymind to move toward or away from something. They provide us with a charge of attraction or repulsion. Fear pulls us away from threats. Love draws us toward people who can care for us. Decision-making may appear as if it relies on the head; but it is ineffective without the heart, and meaningless without hands. We need all three integrated and aligned if we want to have and sustain breakthroughs. Nick Seneca,, is a wisdom teacher, social entrepreneur, and in-demand innovation and leadership expert with a triple First from the University of Cambridge in medicine and philosophy.

march-april 2015



Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

contact Janet Becker 612-247-1198 janetbecker

march-april 2015


Sacro Wedgy alleviates s low back, hip, and knee p ®


LL OF THESE symptoms and more could be the result of a simple muscle imbalance. My father invented a device called the Sacro Wedgy® that has been helping all of us as well as a multitude of sufferers for over 20 years. The concept is anatomically sound in that the “keystone” of our anatomy— the sacrum—is held neutral by the Sacro Wedgy® and gravity does the rest.

hold their sacrum as suggested by an osteopath. After about 20 minutes he could feel muscles that were fighting and resisting finally subside. He did this for years and consistently got great results which led him to create the Sacro Wedgy® to mimic how his hand would isolate, cradle, and elevate only the sacrum. By holding the sacrum slightly elevated, the hips are now free to drop allowing surrounding muscles a reason to change. The psoas, piriformis, and sartorius muscles are the main three muscles that tend to jam HOW SACRO WEDGY the pelvic girdle and symptoms CAME TO BE are created by an imbalance. For For years this now retired instance, the longest muscle in football coach would get his the body starts at the hip and athlete on the training table and ends right below the knee joint


on the inside. Knee pain could be the result of a hip imbalance. All you have to do is relax and rebalance. What could be simpler? The curve of the neck is supported so now both ends of the spine are placed in a neutral position and gravity does the rest. We have many therapists that have incorporated the Sacro Wedgy® into their existing techniques such as CranioSacral Therapy. THE COST IS MINIMAL

The cost for the Sacro Wedgy® is $33.95 and there is a male and female version for our anatomical differences. The exception is some taller, narrower framed women may be more comfortable on the


sciatica, pain male version. If you are not having any “issues,” now is the time to start relaxing on the Sacro Wedgy® to prevent problems. We have thousands of testimonials that are wonderful examples of how people are realizing self-care can be very effective for long term correction and prevention. I had sciatica once and after relaxing five times for 20 minutes each session the

pain was gone. Everyone is different and there are many variables as to what is the cause but balance can help. Prevention is the key to reducing health care costs and leading a more pain free life. Call for more information call 1-800-737-9295 or visit the family owned and operated website

march-april 2015






Mind Body & Spirit jewelry | stones & crystals herbs, oils & incense unique gifts | books & music original artwork | soaps & candles Native American items body & energy work guest speakers spea classes & workshops intuitive/psychic readings

Downtown St. Cloud | 320.203.9630

march-april 2015


Mind & Body Spiritual Center o spiritual camaraderie, personal


RE YOU A spiritual seeker? Are you looking for a likeminded spiritual community? Do you enjoy the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Eckhart Tolle? If so, Mind & Body Spiritual Center may be what you have been looking for! As our name implies, we offer a holistic approach to living life fully. We are committed to nurturing mind, body and soul through healthy daily living practices. Mind and Body Spiritual Center supports the positive transformation of both our personal lives and the world

itself. We teach people how to have a personal relationship with God. When we are deeply connected with Spirit, other areas of our lives fall into place; we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and bring more peace and harmony to the world. ALL PATHS TO GOD ARE GOOD

Spiritually, we believe that the universe is spiritual and has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order. Our beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and we honor all paths to God. Whether we call it God, Spirit, Energy, or Universal Intelligence, we are ever con-


scious that all people, places, and things emanate from this Universal Intelligence that is within us and all around us. We believe you and God are inseparable and that God is a Loving Intelligence, operating in and through all life, never separate from anyone or anything. Through study and spiritual practice we come to understand our oneness with this indwelling Divine Presence. We teach and practice a way of life where we can all learn how to live in accordance with spiritual principles. These principles, which we call the Science of Mind, are as reliable as the laws of physical science. We believe in cause and effect and teach that: “It is done unto

offers transformation you as you believe.” In essence, your thinking and your expectations create your reality. By studying and applying spiritual laws, you can change your unconscious beliefs and create improved conditions in your life. NATURAL HEALING WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE

Physically, we offer yoga, massage, alternative healing therapies, and healthy living workshops. Socially, we offer community service opportunities, outings to see concerts, plays, etc.  Our Center is a place you can get to know positive, healthy people who have like interests—in a safe,

supportive environment. Our mission is to offer a positive, inclusive, inspirational, loving experience to everyone. Some of us use this philosophy as a supplement to more traditional religions. Others use it as the foundation to their life philosophy. We connect with this Power for Good through meditation, visioning, prayer—in addition to our Sunday morning gathering and classes offered at the Center. Our New Thought philosophy allows that each of us has a unique spiritual life.  Sunday morning gatherings are designed to uplift and enhance the quality of your life.  Our gatherings offer spiritual support as well as


helpful guidance in caring for your body and keeping your thoughts positive and constructive. We are reminded that there is a Power for Good, and we can use it, emphasizing the power of our thoughts.  Practitioners are available after each gathering to provide affirmative prayer upon request. We warmly welcome you to our community. 11:00 AM Sunday Morning Gathering Rev. Joanne Biewald, Mind & Body Spiritual Center, The Banks Building, 615 First Avenue NE, Minneapolis MN. 612-759-0870.

march-april 2015



Mar/Apr 2015 Essential Wellness  

Holistic publication about healing and spirituality

Mar/Apr 2015 Essential Wellness  

Holistic publication about healing and spirituality