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spring 2016

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6-8 Aromaid: Aromatherapy in a hospital setting

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10-11 New book: You Were Not Born to Suffer BY BLAKE D. BAUER

14-15 Mind & Body Spiritual Center: A community for spiritual seekers BY REV. JOANNE BIEWALD

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18-19 The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition BY DEBRA SILVERMAN

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spring 2016


Aromaid: Aromatherapy in a hospital setting


HEN DR. HUNT’S patient c a m e round from anesthesia she reported an overwhelming sensation of nausea. This is not uncommon. Many patients experience similar post-operative queasiness. Anesthesiologist Ron Hunt, M.D., and peri-operative nurse, Amanda Hudgens, BSN RN CAPA, are used to hearing patients complain of it. While Dr. Hunt knew of numerous medications he could prescribe, he was reluctant to do so with many of these medications having undesirable side effects. Amanda, a trained aromatherapist, suggested using a


time,” says Dr. Hunt. “For over 5,000 years it has been used as a way to relieve discomfort and encourage balance of the mind and body. Now more of us in modern medicine are open to its many uses.” Dr. Hunt points to a growing number of studies suggesting certain blends of essential oils can reduce the need for more traditional medicines particularly in cases of chemotherapy induced nausea, stress, anxiety, and sleep. The available scientific research suggests that essential oils can be useful for a variety of issues. Some of these substances can be AROMATHERAPY RELIEVES complex in their chemistry, and DISCOMFORT consequently very powerful in “Aromatherapy is an ancient their effectiveness. practice that has stood the test of Fully aware that numerous blend of essential oils known to ease nausea administered on a gauze pad. The first patient’s response to their offer of an aromatherapy blend instead of a traditional medication was a positive one and they continued to find the aromas relieved their patients’ queasiness. So began many years of research and testing by Dr. Hunt, his nurse, and team of doctors and nurses to find the perfect blend of essential oils and more importantly, a safe and effective delivery system for aromatherapy in a hospital setting.

claims have been made about the curative powers of essential oils in the treatment of diseases (such as ebola and cancer) without any objective, databased research to back up such claims, Dr. Hunt and his team decided to invest the time and resources to do the research. “There is no substitute for thorough objective, data-based research investigation.� RESEARCH PROVES ESSENTIAL OILS HELPFUL

They developed a randomized trial to look at the effectiveness of aromatherapy to ease post-operative nausea discomfort. The results strongly suggested that aromatherapy was helpful for patients recovering from anesthesia. The change

in reported discomfort level was significant for the blend of ginger, peppermint, cardamom and ginger (P < 0.001) as well


spring 2016



as another for ginger only (P = 0.002) versus saline. The number of antiemetic medications requested after aromatherapy was also significantly reduced. So, the research suggested that they’d found a particular blend of ginger, cardamom, peppermint, and spearmint that soothed and relieved users. However, there was still the issue of delivery and controlling the amount of essential oils used in each instance. Mixing essential oils is time consuming, labor intensive, and messy. Dr. Hunt and his team found the development of a practical, personal way to deliver the aromas to the patient to be the most complicated aspect of aromatherapy practice in a hospital setting. Currently, with no available effective way of delivering essential oils by inhalation, oils are diffused into the entire room—irritating to some patients with smell sensitivity— 8

or are inhaled via a personal inhaler or on a cotton ball that may be lost in the blanket or fall away from the patient. REVOLUTIONARY NOSE CLIP DELIVERS OILS EFFECTIVELY

The team devised a special nose clip that includes a pod containing a specific amount and blend of oils tested for their safety and effectiveness. The discreet clip is inserted into the nose and the patient simply breathes in the aroma. The nose clip overcomes the problem of mixing oils, measuring exact proportions or using a diffuser in the hospital room. The patient is the only one who smells the aroma and the clip stays in one place and once in the nose cannot get lost in the sheets of the hospital bed. The oils are also blended in such a way that the aroma will last for days and not simply evaporate over a few hours.

Dr. Hunt says, “What we have developed with our patented nose clip is truly a blend of traditional and complementary medical approaches. As mainstream medicine acknowledges more and more the benefits of aromatherapy, I think we’ll find, in certain instances, it becoming a useful adjunct or alternative to traditional approaches. This is beginning of a true synergism between Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness.” For more information please visit

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spring 2016


New book: You Were Not Born to Suffer


T IS NEVER easy to let go of someone you love. Change is often harder than  we want to admit. Whether it’s death, divorce or another form of separation, trying to move on brings grief and sadness for the joy and connection that’s passed. Or for the unresolved hurt and misunderstanding we’ve felt. But we would not be on the edge of release if it were not meant to be for our highest good.  Sometimes we out grow a relationship. Sometimes a person outgrows us. Sometimes it’s just someone’s time to go. Either way we are forced to befriend the parts of us we have abandoned, rejected, or denied in exchange for love,

comfort or companionship. We are challenged to step into the unknown and to trust this is as it is meant to be. We are all asked by life, the universe and God to come home to ourselves eventually, whether it’s through the death of a relationship or in our physical death. Holding on to someone who limits us or feels limited by us only causes pain. Our underlying fears and insecurities must be healed for us to truly be healthy, happy and free. KNOW WHAT YOU TRULY WANT IN LIFE

In my personal life as well as my professional work with thousands of people, I have found that there is only one effective approach to letting go.


This often forgotten key entails becoming clear about what we actually want in life now, expressing it to the Universe or God, and moving toward it, while focusing our time and energy on what makes us feel good, alive and well each day. We have to train ourselves to choose activities and relationships we can fully be ourselves in, as opposed to ones where we feel compromised or obliged to please. As you become more accustomed to focusing  on things that make you feel good daily, you will naturally move away from anyone or anything that is not healthy for you, without feeling guilty. Those people who are meant to be with you on your destined path


will organically come with you, while those who limit you, do not meet you, or do not value you, will naturally be left behind. Through this process, every unresolved emotion, limiting belief or incomplete situation that needs to be transformed will naturally surface to be addressed when the time is right. Your only task becomes feeling everything that’s present, regardless of how painful or scary, and then making a conscious choice to speak and act honestly, kindly, and respectfully based on your heart’s truth and instinct now. You’re the only person who can give yourself permission to live fully before your time comes to let go of your body in this lifetime. Are you finally ready to stop making yourself wrong for

wanting to be happy, knowing it’s ok to be free to enjoy your precious days as much as possible before  you’re  forced to  let go of everything and everyone?

toward greater health and freedom in mind. Blake can be seen at the Conscious Life Expo (http://www. workshop-folder/w_26.html) in February 19-20 in Los Angeles.   

Blake D. Bauer is an internationally recognized author, counselor, qi gong master and alternative medicine practitioner. His bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer and pioneering work focus on loving yourself unconditionally as the key to healing yourself, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and awakening spiritually. Bringing together what he’s found to be the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to wellbeing, Blake’s work has successfully guided thousands of people internationally

spring 2016


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Mind & Body Spiritual Center: A community for spiritual seekers


F YOU CONSIDER yourself to be spiritual— not religious, or if you are drawn to folks like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer—Mind & Body Spiritual Center might be a good spot for you to visit. We operate on principles such as: There is but One Power in the universe—a Loving Power.  We are one with that Power (God of our understanding).  Our thoughts, intentions, and beliefs are powerful, creative.  Much emphasis is focused on the power of keeping our thoughts positive and constructive.  We are short on dogma, long on taking responsibility for our lives by focusing our thoughts on the good we desire in our lives and in our world.

MIND & BODY SPIRITUAL gathering. We offer classes, and CENTER: HUB FOR THE all are welcome to join any of SPIRITUAL SEEKER our small groups. An example of Our center is relatively new. a small group is a “sangha.” This This philosophy emphasizes group meets monthly to support the common threads running each other in affirmative prayer through the major wisdom and other spiritual practices. teachings. For instance, common The goal is to help each other beliefs in the law of cause & effect. meet the challenges of daily life, Buddhist and Hindu religions call while we grow spiritually, both as it karma. In Christianity… “As individuals and as a community. you sow, so shall you reap.” The Along with a life-affirming, Golden Rule is a common thread. positive, no fire-and-brimstone “Do unto others as you would message, and the support of have them do unto you.” We take small groups, Ben Cook-Feltz a broad philosophical view of offers light-hearted and fun, yet world religions, have respect for inspirational music. Ben plays the and study them in some of our keyboard and sings. advanced classes. Perhaps you, like many of us, We are a small, growing have struggled unsuccessfully to community of spiritual seekers. embrace traditional religion. The We enjoy rubbing elbows with idea of a judgmental God… the open-minded, positive people who idea of being born a sinful being… appreciate a joy-filled, uplifting the idea of a loving God preparing



not only heaven, but also hell… are examples of teachings that did not resonate with me. How about you? It is comforting for me to know that there is but one Power in the universe… a Loving Power. It is comforting to know that I can use this Power in my life. Since It experiences life through me… through everyone… our words, thoughts, and expectations have creative power. Yes, comforting and powerful! After working as a stockbroker for over 30 years, Rev. Joanne Biewald became a minister ordained through Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden, CO. “I started as spiritual leader of a center founded a couple years ago, which embraces the philosophy of Science of Mind.” Mind & Body Spiritual Center meets on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. at the Banks Building, 615 First Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis MN. 612-759-0870. revjoanne@ spring 2016






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Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

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spring 2016


The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition


N THIS EXCERPT from her book THE MISSING ELEMENT: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition, author Debra Silverman explains what she is asking of the reader as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


the fire of the sun drive your surrendered to the awesome destiny each day. We cannot feminine power of a womb live without either. Herein lies filled with fluid. Herein lies the the wisdom of accepting your mission with full conviction. wisdom of silence and trust.

WATER: For nine months we

AIR: Air is everywhere—the

universal source of breath and language. No one can live without breathing or communicating. Herein lies YOUR ELEMENTAL the wisdom of wonder and MISSION I want to enroll you as an consciousness. agent of change—and you’ll EARTH: The patience of a need two things. One is to mountain, the generosity of a become acquainted with the tree. Earth is the immovable Four Elements as they exist rock, tirelessly waiting for our inside you. The other is to respect. Will we care for her? If cultivate the observer’s position we don’t, don’t worry, she will so that you can stand back and survive. We may not. Herein make change by altering the lies the wisdom of respect and way you see and live your own balance. story.


FIRE: The heat of your heart and


Modern life is stalking us to change. With so many books being written about it, spirituality has never been as popular and commonplace. As individuals and as a species we are growing. It’s an unfortunate truth that we learn the most through mistakes. It is easy to judge humanity, our neighbors, our human nature, and our own idiosyncrasies. We have danced with evil, played with guns, tried to control and scare the Feminine into submission, and nearly destroyed the Earth.


Evolution occurs by learning through our mistakes, and we have a long history of making mistakes: nuclear bombs, the holocaust, 9/11, countless wars, to mention only a few examples. Can we forgive human nature, the species, and its long path down evolution lane? Would I love to change the way we learn our lessons? You bet I would. Would I love to assist people to learn the easy way? Sure. As a parent I want to offer a positive future to my kids. My work is meant to share what I have found that holds wisdom and hope. What I’m calling the Missing Element is twofold: 1) it is the observer inside you— the part of you that can stand outside of judgment and see yourself with a more wise and

compassionate approach— much like our elders did. And 2) the Missing Element also refers to the Elements that make up your personality and more specifically, the element, which is your weakest. Allow me to help you to see through the eyes of love. All is well, and we are exactly where the prophets of old predicted we would be—that we would reach a time when we had to get on our knees and return to basics. Water is wet, fire is hot, earth is heavy, and air is everywhere. The Good News: You have the personal power to make a difference. The power to create change resides inside you. It’s so much simpler than you know. And it starts with you.

Debra Silverman works on an individual basis as well as in workshops to impart emotional wisdom through a simplified language that describes the qualities of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. She received an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She trained at York University and studied Dance Therapy at Harvard.

spring 2016


Live Well.

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