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常言道,“浪子回家”,克劳斯开始接手经 营 Mühlbauer。回到维也纳,他重新设定品牌 的全盘理念,重新进行市场定位,并且追本 溯 源 ,秉 承 初 衷 。“我 知 道 ,一 定 要 设 计 新 帽子。可不管如何,我深信要让公司归本溯 源 。具 有 个 人 特 色 的 帽 子 是 让 我 们 公 司 独 一无二、脱颖而出的关键因素。” 除 了 设 计 更 吸 引 年 轻 人 的 新 产 品 外 ,克 劳斯沿用了品牌一百多年来的手工制帽工 序 。另 外 国 际 化 也 是 他 带 领 公 司 迈 入 正 轨 的重要一步。在一个像奥地利这样的小国, 克劳斯明白(生意)蓬勃发展很难。调整策 略和国际视野非常重要。 现 在 ,Mühlbauer 帽 子 有 一 多 半 都 销 往 国 外市场,在数不清的国际知名商场出售,如

in Vienna, he redesigned the whole concept of the brand, repositioning it on the market yet still taking it back to its origins. “I knew there had to be new hats. Regardless of anything, I was convinced in taking the company back to its original roots. Our hats with a personal signature were the elements that made our company so unique.” Along with the new creations, with a more appealing design that would catch the attention of younger people, he maintained an artisanal process that was over a century old. Internationalisation was another important step in taking the brand in the right direction. In a market as small as Austria’s, Klaus knew it would be hard to flourish. A change of strategy and an international vision was needed. Today, more than half of Mühlbauer hats are shipped from Vienna to foreign markets, and can be found in countless internationally renowned stores, such as Le Bon Marché and

Merci in Paris, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, 10 Corso Como in Seul, and Isetan and HP France in Tokyo. Alongside those sales points are two flagship stores in Vienna. Designed following a contemporary line, Mühlbauer hats are made entirely by hand using traditional craftsmanship techniques. “The fascination for making hats lies in designing for the most visible part of the human body, the head. The combination of sure instinct and know-how can result in true wonders of creation: endowing style and identity.” Besides the high quality standards that define the brand, the various collaborations with renowned international designers, such as Vanessa Bruno and Human Made by Nigo, have contributed to conquering more and more admirers the world over. Along with its two collections launched every year, Mühlbauer also offers a bespoke service, with made-to-measure hats according to the client’s preferences. 쐽

巴 黎 的 乐 蓬 马 歇 百 货 (Le Bon Marché)和 梅 西 百 货 (Merci)、香 港 的 夏 菲 尼 高 (Harvey Nichols)、首 尔 的 10 Corso Como、东 京 的 伊 势 丹 (Isetan)和 HP France 等 。此 外 ,公 司 在维也纳还设有两间旗舰店。 Mühlbauer 帽 子 设 计 遵 循 当 代 风 格 ,采 用 传 统 工 艺 技 巧 ,完 全 手 工 制 作 。“制 作 帽 子 让人着迷之处在于,我们是为人体最为人注 意的头部进行设计。准确的直觉和卓越的技 能才能造就真正让人赞叹的作品,为戴帽者 增添风格与个性。” 除 了 以 高 品 质 为 标 准 外 ,品 牌 还 同 法 国 时 装 设 计 师 凡 妮 莎 ·布 鲁 诺 (Vanessa Bruno)、 日本潮流设计品牌 Human Made by Nigo 等许 多知名的国际设计界达人进行各种合作,以 优雅的帽子征服了世界各地越来越多的粉 丝。Mühlbauer 每年推出两个系列,还提供定 制服务,根据客户的喜好量头定制帽子。 쐽 澳门精华 | 2018年 2月- 3月 | 89


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