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Germain-des-Prés),开设了第一间精品店。七 年后,品牌又在塞纳河右岸,巴黎著名的购物 圣地玛莱区(Le Marais)设立另一间精品店。 如 今 ,品 牌 共 有 七 间 精 品 店 面 向 大 众 开 放 (巴 黎 共 有 四 间 店 铺 ,其 他 三 精 品 店 设 在 纽 约、首尔和伦敦)。 Cire Trudon 充 分 利 用 其 在 香 薰 蜡 烛 制 作 方面的卓绝经验和品牌的杰出声誉,决定在 今 年 进 军 香 水 界 , 打 造 全 新 品 牌 Maison Trudon,并推出一个男女皆宜的香水系列,系 列由五款香水组成。品牌邀请到 Antoine Lie、 Yann Vasnier 及 Lyn Harris 三位名扬四海的香 水大师打造此香水系列。法国香水大师 Antoine Lie 和 Yann Vasnier 分别打造了 Bruma 和 Mortel 香水。英国香水大师 Lyn Harris 则研 发了另外三款香水:Olim、Deux 及 Révolution。 虽 然 品 牌 的 历 史 悠 久 深 厚 ,在 创 意 总 监 Julien Provost 统 率 之 下 ,Trudon 还 是 选 择 以 现代手法打造出主题与品牌传统相一致的 香水产品。 쐽

and his court as one of its main clients. Despite being a favourite of the aristocracy, the candlemaker (already with an established reputation) survived the Ancient Regime and, when Napoleon was crowned, it was still the Trudon house that supplied the French imperial court. Even upon the revolution, which had the biggest repercussions in this field – the arrival of electricity in the late 19th century –, wax remained firm. Fast-forward to the early 21st century, in 2007, the company changed its name to Cire Trudon and became exclusively dedicated to making scented candles. In the same year, it opened its first boutique in Saint Germain-desPrés, on the left bank of the river Seine. It opened another seven years later, this time on the right bank, in the Le Marais neighbourhood. Today, the house has a total of seven shops open

to the public (another two in Paris and the rest in New York, Seoul and London). Making the most of its experience acquired as a scented candle-maker and its excellent reputation, this year, the brand decided to venture out into the world of perfumery by creating a new brand, Maison Trudon, and launching a line comprising five unisex fragrances. To achieve this, it invited three master perfumers who have proven their worth: Antoine Lie, Yann Vasnier and Lyn Harris. The first two created Bruma and Mortel, respectively, while the English perfumer is responsible for the three other products: Olim, Deux and Révolution. Despite the advanced years of the house, whose creative director is Julien Provost, they opted for a modern approach but still with themes in-keeping with the tradition of the brand. 쐽 澳门精华 | 2018年 2月- 3月 | 81


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