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出诚实的意见,而不是粉饰每件事。除了我 自 己 的 直 觉 外 ,他 们 的 意 见 是 我 唯 一 考 虑 的建议。

What is the process for a new collection? From the concept, design developments, fabric sourcing, sample making to constructing the final garments takes months of preparation. The design process cannot be rushed. I recently partnered with Macau Fashion Brand Inhabited Centre (澳門服裝品牌孵化中心) who provide factory labour to manufacture my ready-to-wear designs but when it comes to custom-made pieces I do it all myself from design to sewing.

创作一个全新系列的过程是怎样的? 从初始概念、设计开发、寻找布料、制作 样品到成品完成要用数个月时间准备。设计 过程不能仓促,我最近同澳门服装品牌孵化 中 心 合 作 ,他 们 提 供 人 手 制 作 我 设 计 的 成 衣,但定制服装,从设计到缝制都是我自己 全力完成的。

What’s your goal...? My goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and a well-known Macau brand globally, to put Macau fashion on the global fashion platform.

你的目标是……? 我 的 目 标 是 成 为 成 功 的 企 业 家 ,成 为 全 球 闻 名 的 澳 门 品 牌 ,把 澳 门 时 装 推 广 到 全 球时尚平台上。 你对澳门时装业有什么看法? 澳 门 有 几 位 很 有 才 华 的 设 计 师 ,但 城 内 缺乏创意,因为这里没有发展和学习创意的 氛围。由于澳门没有学习艺术的需求或没有 发展空间,设计师不得不到海外发展。 政府项目只青睐于商业化、赚钱的基本款 式设计;他们对更具创意、敢于冒险的设计 师不感兴趣。这限制了本地设计师的创造性, 迫使他们调整设计以符合政府的项目需求。 你对澳门的年轻设计师有何建议? 我会明确地跟他们说,在入行前,如果对 自己及自己想要定位的品牌形象没有百分百 的信心或把握,都要三思而后行。这个行业 的 竞 争 非 常 激 烈 ,创 立 自 己 的 品 牌 也 非 常 艰难。运气和努力是成功的关键……别总是 给自己放假! 쐽

studios in London, Macau and China which I use for client fitting. The e-commerce business is the way forward as it reaches a bigger audience. Any very special client...? Since I launched my brand in mid-2015, I am very lucky to have worked with so many celebrity stylists. They showcased my clothes in the very famous Birmingham Clothes Show, and British band Years and Years. Above all, Paris Hilton would be my all time favourite client, however; I would love to dress her in one of my newer collections.

What do you think of the Macau fashion industry? There are a few talented designers in Macau but it lacks creativity. This is because there is no environment for creative growth or learning. Designers have to move abroad because there is neither capacity nor demand to learn the arts in Macau. The government schemes only favour the commercial, basic and moneymaking designs; they do not aid the more creative, risktaking designers. This limits the creativity of local designers, forcing them to adjust to the government’s scheme requirements.

Did you have any difficulty starting out as a fashion designer? I mean, at first I was not very familiar with the business side of things. These were areas I didn’t learn from university as it was only a fashion design course, not a business course. I had to figure it all out by myself through life lessons, research and asking people, which I’m still learning as my brand grows.

Do you have any advice for Macau’s young designers? I would definitely tell them that if they’re not 100% confident or sure about themselves and the image they want to project to think twice before entering the industry. It’s very competitive and also launching your own brand is hard work. Luck and working hard are the key to success... and not taking too much time off! 쐽

You’re now preparing your new collection in London... Yes, I’m in the process of creating my new collection, which will be first revealed in London, then in China and Macau, with fashion shows spreading throughout the first half of 2018. It will be a collection of 20-30 looks. This time, I will include women’s wear, as last year I only showcased menswear. This is because of the demands by so many clients asking me to do more women’s wear. The collection will include Nuno Lopes signature statement pieces and also more ready-to-wear pieces. Do you feel stressed when preparing a new collection? Extremely stressful and it’s O.K. to have selfdoubt in the process. I have a very strong support system both from my family and partner. They are my best critics, as they would tell me honest opinions, instead of sugar-coating everything. Their input is the only advice I take, apart from my own instinct, of course. 澳门精华 | 2018年 2月- 3月 | 27


Launched in 2011, Essential Macau is a bimonthly printed luxury lifestyle magazine targeted at the most affluent visitors to Macau. Contents...


Launched in 2011, Essential Macau is a bimonthly printed luxury lifestyle magazine targeted at the most affluent visitors to Macau. Contents...