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Welcome Telephone 01244 571 602 Hope you all had a lovely Easter and a relaxing break. Always a welcome, nice long break this time of year, and ideal to have that first stab at the garden, and to knock it into shape after the winter. And it’s a bonus if the weather’s nice!

Let’s hope there will be a successful outcome for the locals and the agricultural land on the corner of Alyn drive, Rossett. I remember John from Harwoods Lane walking his dog on there once and falling over a few years ago, and because of the long grass and his age he couldn’t get up on his own. It was another 20 minutes before the next dog walker came along to help him up! It wasn’t funny at the time but I’m sure he’ll look back and laugh.

Lot’s happening in Wrexham at the moment: still rumblings of Power stations, local ‘fracking’ concerns, super prisons, and the loss of the local authority leisure centres. And whilst we’re only small villages within the borough we’ve not escaped change either with the local authority’s decision to close Gresford Library. I’m pleased, however, that the locals have rallied round and like a phoenix arising out of the flames Gresford and District Community Library has been born. The library will open on Tuesday 6th May from 2pm til 5pm with an official grand opening on Saturday 17th May at 11am, not 11pm as I printed last month. I’m sure you all worked that out though! Well done to everyone that has been involved. I wish the library a successful future and I am sure it has one with the passion of the locals behind it, and the ideas such as creative writing and history courses being mentioned. I will be popping in soon and I hope everyone else will visit and make use of its facilities on an ongoing basis.

You can tell Spring is here as I seem to have received lots of events and group meetings for the notice board, and I was beginning to wonder if I’d fit them all on. I hope I have and sincere apologies if I haven’t, but it has been a particularly busy month. If your event isn’t taking place until a date in the future that another edition can cover then you may find I have had to carry it over for a mention in the nearer edition. Enjoy the May bank holidays and don’t forget to visit the library in Gresford.

All the best., Jill



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March 2014 WRAPS Statement At the beginning of 2013 WRAPS (Wrexham Residents Against the Power Scheme) was formed to challenge the 1200MW power station development proposed by St Modwen and Glenfinnan to be known as Wrexham Power Ltd. or the Wrexham Energy Centre. The objections to the proposal were based on the belief that the proposal was the wrong scheme for Wrexham and the Industrial Estate. The 1200MW proposal was so large that: 1. all electricity produced would be exported through a new 400kV overhead line that would spoil a rural landscape with 15-19km of 47m pylons, 2. a grid connection at 400kV rather than to the Scottish Power 132kV system would be unable to deliver any local benefit even to businesses on the same Industrial Estate. On 5 March 2014 the developers proposed a revised scheme, one quarter the size at 299MW and making use of the existing Scottish Power 132kV infrastructure. WRAPS has consequently sought the opinions of its membership to determine its response to the revised proposal on the basis of the limited information now available.

The response is as follows: WRAPS is pleased to see that the developers of Wrexham Power have taken notice of local concerns in the revised proposals, although WRAPS would like to see greater emphasis on CHP (Combined Heat and Power) to enable higher efficiency, lower emissions and greater benefit to local businesses. WRAPS is also pleased that less harm is proposed to the local landscape resulting from any necessary upgrade of the existing Scottish Power overhead lines compared to the earlier proposed 400kV line and pylons. Embedded generation within the 132kV system brings the prospect of technical and financial benefit that the earlier scheme could not offer; again this is welcomed. Based on the limited information made available WRAPS will not challenge this revised proposal but will monitor the details as they are publicised to highlight any surprises or deviations from our current understanding, and to seek the minimum adverse impact from the development. WRAPS would expect WCBC to ensure genuine deliverable benefits are secured for local businesses and that the residents of Isycoed also benefit from the development, in addition to any mitigation proposed. S W Whitby C.Eng Mech E. Chair of WRAPS


No - it doesn’t need tidying! My little study isn’t very big, but it’s crammed with all kinds of books, stationary and endless objects. Drew Pritchard would be proud of it, but my wife isn’t. She hates it and is dying to tidy it, but if she does, you know what will happen don’t you I won’t be able to find a thing! Mind you, I do understand how frustrating it is for her to see a room like this, and if you have ever seen the collectors programme on T.V., how on earth do their wives put up with a complete house full of it! But it all happens so easily, doesn’t it, such as the old car in the garden that you are restoring suddenly becoming two when you buy another model for spare parts. A car enthusiast friend of mine always liked something with ‘a bit of class’, so in the ’70s he bought a 1948 Lea-Francis 14 h.p. saloon, polished wood, leather and all. He had a smile on his face whenever he drove it, but one day something broke, and he had to park the car on the grass verge at the end of his garden until he could find a replacement part, but the time rolled on, the neighbours began to scowl at him and his wife became so angry that one day when the gypsies came around looking for scrap iron- she gave them the car!

When he got over the shock he went out and bought himself a real ‘Car of Character’a 1959 French Panhard, which is the oldest make of car in the world, first appearing in the late 1890s. This PL17 model was a large and comfortable 5-seater with a 15ft. long streamlined body, which was very necessary when you only have an 851 c.c. flat-twin air-cooled engine to propel it. Mind you, this was an engine that was made to last using needle roller bearings and hydraulic tappets for quietness, and produced 42 b.h.p. in standard form, but my friend had the 60 b.h.p. ‘Tiger’ model, with front wheel drive via a four speed gearbox, and could do nearly 80 m.p.h. with a following wind! “ It will return 50 m.p.g. at 50 m.p.h.” he used to boast “It’s got independent front suspension, and the handbrake operates on the front wheels.” he purred with pride. It cost £999-17s-6d when new, and he drove around Wrexham in it with an even bigger smile than before- until someone ran into the back of it one day, and it was a write-off! “I miss that car” he told me sadly, then, with a twinkle in his eye he said “Do you know, I’ve always wanted to own a steam roller--------!

Grade II GeorGIan house, Greatly renovated & extended four bedroom accommodatIon wIth perIod features. set In approx three acres, Gardens wIth commandInG vIews.

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MaRfoRd £485,000

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Rossett £379,950

Rossett £250,000



Welcome OPENING Tuesday 6/5/14 2.00pm till 5.00pm with

GRAND OPENING Saturday 17/5/14 at 11.00am with local author Judy Turner COME ONE, COME ALL ... YOUR VILLAGE NEEDS YOU! Tel. 01978 855144

Wrexham Art Group is well established and was formed 65 years ago by a group of amateur artists in Wrexham. It originally met in the Art School, then the library, and now we meet at Bethel Chapel, off the Old Chester Road at Gresford, Wrexham. The hall is a comfortable, well lit venue. Members come from a wide background of interests and painting or drawing experience. We meet regularly once a month on Saturdays throughout the winter. Each month we have a different tutor, who demonstrates his/ her working method and then helps with a workshop using their techniques. This means that members get experience and teaching with a variety of media and techniques, helping them to develop in their own way. In the summer we arrange painting days every fortnight.

These are outside at venues offering different sorts of scenery and subject matter. This is a sociable activity, with a convenor for the meeting.

We have two exhibitions each year when members can show and sell their work. There are other activities too, such as the Problem Solving Group, where members can bring a piece of work that presents a difficulty for discussion and ideas for resolving the problem. Currently the Group has about 40 members. We welcome new members, whatever their level of ability. New members who may not have done any art work since school days are often pleasantly suprised at how quickly they develop new skills. Contact can be made with the Secretary through the website:

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After losing five stone I became stuck. Stuck in a pattern of eating well and exercising but not being able to shift any more weight. I knew where I was going wrong – not enough exercise. The makeshift gym I had set up at home had served me well for five stone but I knew I needed to up my game if I wanted to hit my eight stone target. Being quite shy and self conscious I was absolutely terrified by the prospect of joining a gym. I had a stereotypical view of what I thought a gym would be. A friend told me about the friendly atmosphere at RPM Fitness and it seemed to be the answer to my prayers. As I nervously walked into RPM my fears vanished as quickly as my stereotypical views. The staff couldn’t have been more lovely. I signed up there and then and it

was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve since lost another stone and a half ( Easter has just been so it’s probably now just over a stone but I’m too scared to weigh myself!) and I am feeling full of energy and confidence. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and really care about the gym members’ well-being and progress. They want me to succeed as much as I do. Small groups in training sessions ensure progress is monitored well and although each individual in the group is at a different fitness level, you are never pushed beyond what you are capable of. I’m now really starting to see the benefits of my hard work and I’m finding the group sessions much more enjoyable as my fitness improves – but I really need to work on my press-ups! One thing at a time...

Barbara Whitley

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A diary of Douglas the Westie

West Highland Ramblings Hi Readers, Well at long last Spring has arrived and we can all enjoy the warmer weather. As I become a more mature gentleman of refinement I prefer to arise slowly in the darker mornings, slowly partaking of my brecfast. But no, Himself is there like some holiday camp PT Instructor, yelling walkies. Well at least now I can see where I am walking. I have had quite an exciting month since last writing and the highlight was my first caravan trip of the year to the Brecon Beacons at Easter. As a special treat I was taken on the Brecon Mountain Railway, I was somewhat annoyed that they had not put on a private carriage, however I did travel in the Observation Car. I did note that others, including humans, were con fined to the Guards Van. As avid readers will remember I am a big fan of that area and I am sure my little legs are about ½ inch shorter after all the walking I was made to do. The Wardens on the caravan welcomed me with open arms – clearly my name had spread throughout the membership of the Camping and Caravan Club. They did ask if I could stay on as an assistant Warden, well more of a celebrity meeter and greeter. My big disappointment was that I couldn’t work out was where Himself had hidden all my Easter eggs… I am still looking for them!

What a blessing it was on Easter Sunday when it rained most of the day and nobody seemed too bothered about me remaining firmly in my basket! Other exciting news is that all sorts of news canines are starting to appear in the Burton and Rossett area to join the masses who read my article. I expect the news of a great literary talent residing in the area is attracting them from far and wide! Particular mention goes to Billy the Springer Spaniel who seems a remarkably intelligent animal and also to the latest addition Khara the Cairn who is due to arrive at the end of this week to take up residence locally. I have great hopes in that direction but more of that next month when I have chance to find out more and introduce myself to her! I was actually stopped by Archie the Jack Russell and he asked me why I hadn’t mentioned him in my articles. It can be quite tiresome at times being a celebrity. Whilst I am on the topic of small dogs I have to mention Ted the Chiwawa who has been visiting Auntie Janet from his home in Sheffield. I am particularly looking forward to meeting him as I understand he is considerably smaller than myself so at last the chance to meet a dog that I can tower over! Ah well bye for now, must look for that Easter egg. Cheers for now, Douglas x

Taxman warns against rebate phishing scams HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is warning taxpayers not to be caught out by email phishing scams which offer tax rebates in return for bank account or credit card details. A record-breaking 8.48 million tax returns were filed online by last week’s 31 January filing deadline. However, the three months prior to the deadline also saw customers report 23,247 phishing emails to HMRC – up 47 per cent on the same period a year earlier. During 2013, customers reported over 91,000 phishing emails to HMRC. Anyone responding to this type of email risks opening their bank account to fraudsters and having their details sold on to other organised criminal gangs. As a result of customers forwarding these emails to HMRC, the department was last month able to close 178 websites which it found were the source of these emails – up from 65 in January 2013. During 2013, HMRC closed down 1,476 websites sending these types of scam emails. Gareth Lloyd, Head of Digital Security at HMRC, said: “HMRC never contacts customers who are due a tax refund via email – we always send a letter through the post.

“If you receive an email claiming to be from HMRC which offers a tax rebate, please send it to and then delete it permanently. We can, and do, close these websites down, and do all we can to ensure taxpayers stay safe online by working with law enforcement agencies around the world to target the criminals behind these scams.” HMRC strongly advises customers who receive such an email to: • Check the advice published at where examples of these fake emails are listed; • Forward suspicious emails to HMRC at and then delete it from your computer/mail account; • Avoid clicking on websites, links or attachments contained in suspicious emails; • If you have responded to one of these emails you should forward the email and disclosed details to; • Read the advice from HMRC action has led to websites being closed down around the world, including in the USA, Russia and elsewhere.

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Recipe of the month

Chicken & Asparagus Penne (can be made gluten-free) What you need


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How you do it Cook the pasta according to pack instructions. When cooked, drain and toss with a splash of olive oil and keep warm. Gently heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan then add the chicken, cooking it until it turns golden. (This should take about 8 minutes.) Remove the chicken from the pan and put aside. In the same pan heat another tablespoon of olive oil before adding the asparagus, garlic and chilli flakes and sautĂŠing for 2 minutes. Return the chicken to the pan and cook for a further 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add the pasta to the mixture and toss well before dividing it between two plates. Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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County Councillor for Gresford

Andrew Bailey Planning Appeal for Red Lion

As I am sure you all know that the appeal by the brewery/unnamed supermarket chain, for use of the Red Lion car park, is to be held on 28-30th of May (although the inspectors verdict will be some time later). The committee verdict last June was quite clear; your local councillors are united on the planning case against this proposal and will be fighting the corner at the appeal. This will be centred on the planning case against, with the interests of the wider community a paramount concern.

Gresford and District Community Library

Here is a short update on the new entity that should be up and running when you read this. The Gresford and District Community Library is to be ready for business on Tuesday 6th May between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. After this, opening hours will be Tuesdays 2-5pm; Fridays 10am7pm; Saturdays 10am-1pm. Local author Katie Flynn (among her other nom-deplumes) is to officially open the new service on Vicarage Lane at 11.00am on Saturday 17th May. It was highly gratifying to see so many prospective helpers at our recent meeting. If you would like to volunteer for Gresford and District Community Library via you would be most welcome.

Parsonage Close/Newtown Gresford

Firstly an apology, in that my feedback on the future of the old playground in this area could have been much better, but we

Contact details: Woodvale, Pant Lane, Gresford, Wrexham.LL12 8EU e-mail tel 01978 855144 learn our lesson and move on. However the decision is now made and as I mentioned in March, alternative uses are being looked at. After taking soundings, I have asked officers to draw up plans for around six affordable two bedroom housing units here. I am insisting on two things however. Firstly, that any plans will be subject to scrutiny by nearby residents at an open meeting and secondly, that there are full 100% nomination rights for those in local need in perpetuity.

Exams now upon you Good Luck!

As a long term school governor (even though I am now a generation removed from the parental stresses of those sitting exams), I know it is an anxious time for our students. May I wish you Good Luck if you taking exams this month and next, all the best in what you are striving for and a big thank you to the parents, guardians and teachers who have helped and guided you.




















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As the old saying goes “One Swallow does not make a summer� - true enough , though it is an encouraging sign when the first one appears. My earliest Swallow sighting this year was a single bird heading north over Gresford Flash on April 5th. The first local record of House Martins came from Ron Salkeld who spotted a pair over Rosemary Lane on April 15th. Where House Martins spend the winter is still something of a mystery but ringing records have shown that many of our breeding Swallows spend the winter in South Africa. By now summer migrants are well into their breeding cycle.

Were it not for their distinctive songs most of our warblers would pass unnoticed as they are what frustrated would-be bird identifiers describe dismissively as Little Brown Jobs. One of the most widespread and easiest to identify by sight and sound is the Blackcap. Males, as the name suggests,

have black caps and sing vigorously. The song is loud, musical and far carrying. On a recent frustratingly slow stop-start crawl up the Wrexham by-pass I was able to hear at least six singing Blackcaps at intervals in roadside scrub between Rossett and Chester. For insectivorous birds like Blackcaps and Swallows the attraction of northerly climes is a profusion of around a million species of bugs, flies and other invertebrates providing a nutritious diet for their chicks. Sites with a combination of standing water, mud, grass, scrub and trees hold huge numbers of invertebrates and are particularly attractive to a wide variety of bird species. Last month one such mixed habitat, Llay Pool, hosted passage migrants including Pintail, Common Teal, Gadwall, Shoveler, Oystercatcher, Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, White Wagtail, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Sandmartin as well as resident species such as Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Buzzard, Stock Dove, Lesser Redpoll, Great Crested Grebe, Coot, Lapwing, Mallard, Tufted Duck and Greylag Goose. Ravens have also been seen recently in that area. They may have been passing through, however there are records of Ravens breeding locally. In 2004 a pair reared 3 chicks on Chester Cathedral tower. Chirk, Nr Wrexham LL14 5NA 01691 773 257


Food only May 9 June 13 July 11

Su tes Carpets ar dea edroo g Fur ture eds L R se Rec ers

Phil Jones

Recreational Newsdesk Grabbing all of the headlines this month are Marford and Gresford Albion Football Club who reached the final of the Under 14 Wrexham Youth League Cup final at The Racecourse. They did the village proud despite eventually losing 4-2 to Penycae. The game looked beyond them at half time when they were trailing 2-0 but enter centre stage Sam Postle

who made a massive impression scoring two goals of sheer class. Albion at that stage had total control so they went on all-out attack in search of the winning goal but disaster struck when their opponents netted twice in the dying minutes to lift the cup. Manager Mark Postle

deserves much credit for what has been achieved this season and all 16 players in his squad proved to be wonderful ambassadors for our village. Staying with Marford and Gresford FC, the future looks really bright with the two Under 11 sides being hand picked to participate in a series of exhibition matches. There is much positive news to share with regards to the Village Festival on the 25th August. The whole focus being to remember the Gresford Colliery mining disaster of 80 years ago and show our respect to those who lost their lives. In addition we wish to celebrate 65 years since the formation of Gresford Trust and additionally recognise that this year will mark 100 years since the start of the First World War. All 16 of the various stakeholder groups across Gresford and Marford have indicated their strong support and following our next meeting in May we will be able to finalise the contributions of these groups. To have an involvement please call me on 07525-824-679. Some big decisions are about to be taken by the Gresford Village Trust shortly. Standing down as Chairman of Gresford and District Trust Village Trust is Chairman Emlyn Jones who has been at the helm

now for 5 years and he has indeed been the most popular of figureheads. He has been a role model of a leader and has provided some strong guidance during his term in office. Changes are also afoot at Gresford Athletic Football Club with manager Sam Ainge stepping down for personal reasons. During his spell in charge he has seen his team win 5 major trophies and has the team regularly challenging for league honours in the Welsh National League Premier Division.

Finally, summer must be around the corner as I have noticed more and more village folk using the tennis courts. It is just as well as I was about to pluck up courage to ask Anne, Jen and Rosie could I join them for a game of doubles. Perhaps next year ladies now I have found by Dunlop Maxply in the loft.

Hugh Jones

Alyn Drive The overwhelming response of local residents to the fencing off of land fronting Alyn Drive reflects the interests and concerns of the community. Firstly, may I try to put what has happened into context. The land is privately owned and registered to Watkin Jones. The land is designated as agricultural and their action of fencing off the land is a perfectly legal act. There are no designated footpaths or rights of way recorded on the Wrexham County Borough Access Map. Following the fencing work, I arranged for a Planning Officer and Council Ecology Officer to visit the site. I subsequently met with Council Access Officer to discuss options. I have also met with North Wales Police to follow up the suggestion that birds’ nests might have been destroyed. The Council Ecology Officer confirms that there is no evidence of nesting birds in the hedgerow that was removed and therefore there is no action that the police can take.

I am now working with a group of local residents to make an application to obtain a ‘Modification Order’ to the definitive access map, based on established use. Unfortunately, this is a very long winded process. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to engage with Watkin Jones to see if it would be possible to reach an agreement for local access. I find their failure to engage extremely short-sighted, as the fact that there is to be formal claim logged with the Council for public access, could impact on their sale of the land. I am still hoping that it will be possible to meet the reasonable aspirations of residents to continue to walk the river path and at the same time allow the owners the legitimate right to use their land. I am also proposing to involve the Ramblers’ Association in support of this action.


w w w. oa k w a re hous e .c o.u k

Tel: 01244 67 65 6 5

Central Trade Park




Wendy Harris

Police Advice •

shed Burglaries

There has been a spate of shed burglaries in the local area over the past week. If you have any information relating to these incidents or see any suspicious activity please contact the North Wales Police Control room by dialling 101.

advice Re shed security • Ensure the shed is in good condition. • •

Replace any damaged or rotten areas with new wood. Fit 2 heavy duty pad bolts or hasps; a third down from the top and a third up from the bottom.

• •

Use large, quality padlocks with hardened shackles. Fit key operated locks on the corners of each opening window, or consider screwing them permanently shut from the inside if you never open them. Fix mesh or bars on the inside of the windows. Extend your house alarm if the outhouse is attached to your building or purchase an inexpensive battery operated shed alarm. Thread a chain through all garden tool handles, lawn mowers, cycles and other items and use a strong padlock.

Use threaded coach-bolts with large washers or ideally backing plates to prevent the bolts being pulled through the wood; screws can easily be pulled out of the thin doors.


PCso 2118 Wendy Harris Tel/Ffon 07854 398 801 Marford & Hoseley PCso 3425 troy Williams Tel/Ffon 07775 220480 PCso lisa davies Tel/Ffon 07557 847798




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Councillor for Rossett

Hugh Jones Thank You

To all the volunteers who took part in our Village Litter Pick, too numerous to name and, on behalf of the Village Hall to Mark Cowper, Dave Gill, Ant McCarthy and Dave Powell for their back breaking efforts in the Hall grounds.

Grass Cutting

This is becoming a real concern for residents in parts of the ward. The reduction of £300,000 (50%) in the budget has resulted in the number of cuts on public open space being reduced to two per year. We have had an aggressive growing season which has not helped. In certain communities residents are considering cutting the grass themselves. I have met with the Chief Executive to discuss the implications and continue to press for extra cuts in residential areas.. In the more rural parts of the ward the colourful spring flowers have proved how unnecessary excessive cutting was. The future policy for rural areas will be to maintain visibility lines for road safety.


The degree in which budget cuts and service reshaping are beginning to take effect is becoming more evident. The cuts have to come from a relatively small percentage of the budget. The net budget is £227 million, however, when the costs for statutory education, social care and child protection and care are taken into account, the remaining £90 million is what is left from which to take £45 million.

ContaCt details: e-mail tel 07769 706999

Rural Bus Service

I have received a petition from local residents regarding the threat to rural bus services following the reduction of £126,00 in funding from the Welsh Government for supporting these services. We are hoping to maintain services, albeit at a reduced level. I recognise the importance of these services to our more isolated communities.

Bus Shelter, Croeshowell Lane

We have been trying to provide a bus shelter for service users A surveyor from the shelter company has carried out a survey. Unfortunately the pavement is too narrow to accommodate even the smallest shelter without encroaching on to privately owned land. The footpath has to be clear enough to allow wheelchairs and push chairs to have unrestricted access.

Network Rail

I am meeting with Network Rail to discuss the implications for the Village from the dualing of the track. This includes options for the Broad Oak crossing.

Darland Lane Flooding

This project is continually thwarted by problems, the latest being that landowner, whose permission is required to facilitate

access to the pond, has now withdrawn from the negotiations. I am arranging an urgent meeting with senior officers to discuss our options. I am fully aware of the need for residents to be protected from the consequences of flooding and will continue to press for a solution.

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served in Oscars Brasserie (Excluding Special Occasions) served between 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Whitney Tribute Night Friday 27th June 2014

Come along and enjoy a Three Course Evening meal plus entertainment from our Whitney Tribute Act then dance the night away until 12:30am….

£26.95 per person

Early Bird MEnu Back by popular demand!

Starter & Main Course for only

£12.95 per person

served between 12:00pm - 7:00pm Monday until Friday

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our nEw Main MEnu Minimum of two main courses to be ordered Available Monday – Sunday Rossett Hall Hotel, Chester Road, Rossett, Wrexham, LL12 0DE 3 Chester Road, Gresford (Behind Texaco Service Station)

Telephone: 01244 571000

Councillor for Marford & Hoseley

Mike Edwards Preparatory work to Drilling for Gas Rejected

The Planning Committee refused an application last month for a borehole to look for methane gas in the coal seams under parts of Marford, Gresford and Holt. Since this plan only involved drilling to extract core samples in a field near the Borras to Holt road, it could well be allowed at appeal. If, however gas is eventually discovered in large enough quantities to be commercially viable, we can expect an application to extract methane gas from the coal by a method similar to the fracking of shale beds which has been highly controversial elsewhere. It will not then be easy to allay fears of environmental damage such as pollution of water reserves.

Planning Appeal Red Lion Retail Unit

The appeal against the Planning Committee’s decision to refuse the application to erect a shop on the Red Lion car park will finally to be heard from 28th May in the Council Chamber. I hope that the inspector will agree with my opinion that the access is too dangerous for all the extra cars and deliveries that would result from a shop on this site.

Maes-y Pant Entrance

The recent fine weather has allowed the contractors to complete the footpaths and resurfacing at the entrance to Maes y Pant woods off Pant Lane. This was a requirement of the planning permission which allowed the woods to be opened to the public and the installation of a small car park. The resurfacing etc. was funded by a generous grant from the Community Council.

Contact details: e-mail tel 01978 854992 Other work in the old quarry is partly funded by grants from bodies such as Natural Resources Wales, the Woodland Trust and other environmentally conscious bodies, but also from the Friends of Maes-y-Pant. If you have not yet joined, I hope you will soon.

Marford and Gresford Luncheon Club

The summer meetings of the Luncheon Club are on 20th May, on 3rd and 17th June and on 1st and 15th July at 12.30pm at Marford Community Centre. Please ring Beryl Blackmore on 01978 855691 if you have not booked a meal at the previous meeting.


Please continue to report any potholes left over from the winter, together with lighting failures, dog fouling etc. The easiest ways to inform the Council are via the http://www. website, by telephone (01978 298989) or drop in to the Contact Centre in Lord St. I am always happy to hear your news and suggestions; I look forward to your comments.


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call now on 01244 571300 doddleston house, bellmeadow business park park lane, pulford, chester, ch4 9ep

May 24, 25, 26th (bank holiday weekend)

10am-4pm Sale of plants

mainly Alpine & Herbs and some pots & hanging baskets We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have supported us over many years of trading. Nat and Helen

tel: 07779115236

Burton Hall Road. Rossett. Wrexham. LL12 0LA

RHI (renewable heat incentive) is now available for solar thermal 19.2p/kwh for 7 years and is available with a £600 government grant.

Wrexham 01978 312659 Cheshire 01606 42853 email:

S Freedom of the County Borough W NE

to be Considered by Council

at Llwyn Isaf, Wrexham and every July the event is commemorated in St Giles Parish Church.

Photo: Sergeant Adrian Harlen/MOD

At its next meeting Wrexham Council will consider granting the Honorary Freedom of the County Borough to the Welsh Guards. The Welsh Guards were formed on 26 February 1915 by Royal Warrant of His Majesty King George V and will celebrate their centenary next year. Since its formation the Regiment has had many historic links with the county borough not least that it has recruited many men from the area to serve in the Regiment. The Welsh Guards Falkland Islands Association Memorial to those Guardsmen that died during that conflict is situated

Armed Forces Champion, Cllr David Griffiths, said: “I look forward to presenting this report to Council which I am sure will be welcomed by everyone present. The granting of the Honorary Freedom of the County Borough will formally recognise the contribution the Welsh Guards has made to the County Borough and their relationship with the Authority and people of Wrexham.” Leader of the Council, Cllr Neil Rogers, said: “The Welsh Guards have marched in Wrexham several times before and, if Freedom is granted, their Freedom March will be another event that we can all look forward to. If agreed the Welsh Guards Freedom March will take place on 18 July.” The last time the Guards marched in Wrexham was in 2010 as part of a tour of Wales. The Welsh Guards are currently deployed on a 6 month tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, with 12 Mechanised Brigade.

Advertising Feature

Decisions – what if you can’t make them? Each of us hopes to remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, and there can come a time when we are not physically or mentally able to make decisions for ourselves. For this reason it is worth planning well in advance so that someone you know and trust can manage your affairs for you, if the need arises. The legal power to act on behalf of someone who is mentally or physically incapacitated is known as a ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’ (LPA). Anyone aged 18 or over (the ‘donor’) can choose one or more trusted friends, advisers or relatives (the ‘attorneys’) to make decisions on their behalf if and when they are unable to make the decisions themselves. Without one, even close family members may not have the authority to make such decisions. There are two different types that can be arranged, each requiring completion of a separate (but similar) legal form and also requiring a separate fee. You can choose to put in place one or both. However, it is generally advised to arrange both types so that your affairs are fully covered. A Property & Financial Affairs LPA enables the attorney to make decisions regarding how your money and assets are managed, and how your property and other financial affairs are handled.

A Personal Health and Welfare LPA enables your attorney to make decisions which impact your medical condition, including where you live and your day to day care or specific medical treatment. It can also give the attorney power to refuse or consent to treatment on your behalf. If you lose the mental capacity to make your own decisions, without an LPA in place, an application would need to be made to the Court of Protection for them to designate somebody to act on your behalf. This is a very time consuming and expensive process, and would also mean that you have no control over who is chosen to act as your deputy. Attorneys still have to be careful how they deal with your estate, as their power only extends to managing your affairs. Whilst an attorney can sell your property if required, they would not be able to transfer your house to a relative as this would be disposing of an asset. It is highly advisable to obtain professional advice in setting up an LPA, and most Solicitors charge a flat fee for doing so. This is not usually at the top of people’s priorities, but could be invaluable should you become unable to make your own decisions. Advice relating to a Lasting Power of Attorney involves a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place.

Contributed by Warren Hadlow & Medwyn Edwards, Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management Limited. Telephone: 01978 311611 – e-mail

Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management Limited represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website

Gardening Tips

“A weed is but an unloved flower.�

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The garden should be in full bloom in May but as the weather becomes sunnier and drier, weeds will be quick to take advantage of the warmer weather as well. And although summer is just around the corner, night temperatures can still be fairly chilly. Washing up liquid makes a great insecticidal soap when mixed with water. Mix 1 to 3 tablespoons of washing up liquid into 4 litres of water, add a tablespoon of vinegar and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Mist spray the entire plant. Small left over soap bars (the ones that no one likes to use)

can be used as well. Just dissolve in warm or boiling water and let cool down before applying to any plants. Mosses and weeds seem to take over paths now. Salted boiling water and a stiff broom can help with that. It may need to be repeated, but will not damage surrounding soil and plants and is the safest where pets are concerned. Mulch, mulch, mulch - bare soil is an invitation for weeds to seed and take root. Be aware of those still cold nights - Use old bubble wrap to line your pots and containers to help warm the compost and prevent late frosts from damaging delicate new roots.

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The King’s School, Chester

King’s National Sports honours for 11 pupils

King’s is delighted and proud to have 11 pupils currently with English, Welsh, and British national honours or International honours, and many more rowers working toward selection for their respective national teams. 14 year old, Matthew Willis, of Marford, won and was crowned the national champion of English Schools’ Cross Country (Junior Boys).

Matthew was then selected to represent School and Country at the International Schools’ Cross Country Championships in March. Here Matt was narrowly beaten into second place by the Republic of Ireland’s Patrick Maher. Matthew achieved the top UK ranking. In addition his other achievements to date are: British Triathlon Champion, he is ranked 2nd in UK for 1500m (U14 boys) and also ranked 1st in UK for 3000m (U14 boys).


#KingsChesterSeniors For girls and boys, 11-16

Year 5 Discovery Days 3rd and 4th July 2014

Colour their lives forever Visit King’s and uncover an enlightening approach to learning for girls and boys, aged 11-16. A vibrant environment and stimulating education will develop true potential, enriching your child’s life forever.

Call: 01244 689 553 Email:

All customisation done in house!

Football Kits Rugby Kits Hockey Kits

Basketball Kits Volleyball Kits Kits... you’ve got the picture

Now also supplying embroidered workwear!

Call us now on: 01978 798 024

Unit 21B Penley Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 0LQ

Members Wanted Only £20 OAP £15

This is a not for profit community facility. 3 recently restored tables. Just off High St, Gresford, Wrexham LL12 8PS Near the Royal British Legion

Telephone: 07792 266 595 or 07713 856 456

Fostering Fortnight 12th May-24th May Bythefnos Gofal Maeth Cenedlaethol Mai 12-Mai 24

Annual General Meeting Thursday 15 May 2014, 7.30 pm Gresford Memorial Hall For sale

ROSSETT WI Meetings are held in the Presbyterian Church Hall, Rossett

2005 plate, metallic blue Vauxhall Corsa Automatic, 1.4 engine Only 15000 miles, old lady has recently gone into home Immaculate and nearly new!

At 7.30pm The next meeting is on the 11th June

Contact Richard on

When Andrew Clay will Host a workshop in sugarcraft Don’t forget to bring a pinny.



Hosts 1st Marford Guides Friday June 13th Gresford Methodist Church 11.30am: Display of Wartime Memorabillia (if you have items to loan please contact me)

12.30 - 1.30pm: light lunch available 2pm: the Pulford Handbell Ringers Candles can be lit in church in remembrance of those who fell. Tickets £4 incl lunch & entertainment ............. Saturday 14th June All Saints Church, Gresford, 7pm - 9.30pm GRAND CONCERT - Songs from 1914- 1918 Sirenian Singers plus a Community Group & guides (please get in touch if you would like to sing) Tickets £5 adults, children under 15 £1 Drinks available plus a raffle Contact Beryl Blackmore 01978 855691

New members are always welcolme. Why don’t you come along and try your hand at sugarcraft

TABLETOP SALE St Margaret’s Church Hall,

Chester Road, Wrexham

Saturday May 17th at 9.30am Refreshments available

For further details or to book a table, phone Wxm. 853883


Saturday 21st June, 4.30 pm Rossett Presbyterian Church

Station Road, Rossett Tickets £5.00 each are available from Mr M Thompson (Church secretary. on: 01244 570723 or email:

Welcome to Pulford W.I

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7.30p.m in Pulford Village Hall. Tea and cakes are included. The speakers are interesting and cover numerous topics and we have days out and an annual lunch. There is a darts group who meet weekly for social games.

New members would be very welcome. Contact Mavis Torgersen 01244 570521

darland High school Pta

CURRY and QUiZ niGHt at darland school Friday 16th May, 7pm tickets £10

Includes meal and entry to quiz Prizes / Bar / Vegetarian option available All proceeds to support school projects. Email: or phone 07974 127768 for tickets or more information


home made cakes, refreshments and raffle

WED 21st May 2pm-4pm the Church Room Rossett Parish Church car park

PUlFoRd & PoUlton loCal HistoRY GRoUP WednesdaY 21st MaY

10th VILLAGE FESTIVAL Saturday August 23th Darland Sports Centre and school grounds, Chester Road, Rossett LL12 0EN 12.30pm until 5.00pm. If you want to know more, want to do more or would like a stall do get in touch.

Contact Stuart on 01244 577993 or Barbara on 01244 571557 See you there

A.G.M. followed by an illustrated talk “Out & About with the History Group” by Mr Mike Nethercott in Pulford Village Hall at 7:30pm Admission: Members £2, non-members £3 More information: Hon. Sec. Jenny Nethercott 01244

WednesdaY 18tH JUne

“Diary of my grandfather” A talk by Mr Edward Hilditch in Pulford Village Hall at 7:30pm

Admission: Members £2, non-members £3 More information: Hon. Sec. Jenny Nethercott 01244 571040


Easter is a wonderful time at Rossett House Nursery For more information about places please contact CLAIRE or RACHEL

01244 571872 Rossett House Nursery

Llay Road, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HT

Essentials Rossett May 2014  
Essentials Rossett May 2014  

The latest edition for Rossett.