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YEAR S 1999 -2 019




1999 -2 019

For the last two decades this specialist hotel sales and marketing company, through their team of experts, has been celebrating excellence at their collection of luxury boutique hotels in the Caribbean.


It’s all about experiencing the hotels

16-17 It’s all about experiencing the island flavours


Curtain Bluff, Antigua

18-19 Jamaica Inn, Jamaica


Little Good Harbour, Barbados

20-21 Sandy Haven, Jamaica

10-11 Bequia Beach Hotel, The Grenadines

22-23 Paradise Beach, St Kitts & Nevis

12-13 Young Island, St Vincent & The Grenadines

24-25 East Winds, St Lucia

14-15 It’s all about the hotel restaurants

26-27 It’s all about the Caribbean



ounded in 1999 by Annette Quinn and Helen Edwards, both of whom already had more than a decade’s knowledge of the West Indies through their work in the industry. Over the subsequent 20 years they have built a portfolio of independent hotels with character and have never ventured away from hotels within the Caribbean islands, so retain and continually improve their specialist knowledge of the region. Their whole team love sharing their passion for these boutique gems with their travel trade partners and potential guests.

St Kitts & Nevis Jamaica Sandy Haven


Guadelope Dominica

Jamaica Inn

We are proud that Essential Detail’s reputation has been built around personal service, synonymous with our privately owned resorts that are recommended for their uniqueness, their impeccable service, and delicious food. We encourage travel agents, tour operators and travellers to tap into the extensive, in-depth knowledge of the islands that our team has and we hope our endless enthusiasm is infectious!

St Vincent Bequia Bequia Beach Hotel

Young Island

We recommend island hopping through the beautiful islands and there are always new experiences to explore with every destination you visit, every time you visit. We are asked so often if we have a favourite island or hotel which is an impossible question to answer as they all have a unique appeal.

Curtain Bluff

Paradise Beach Nevis

We are excited to be celebrating Essential Detail’s 20th Anniversary – the brand has always specialised in authentically Caribbean boutique hotels and remains true to this vision working with some of the best-loved hotels in the region.


CA RIBBEA N SEA in touch with our To find out more do get w.e ww m experienced tea

Martinique St Lucia East Winds Barbados Little Good Harbour

Grenada Trinidad

We love

I T ’ S A L L A B O U T. . .

TheBeach Paradise Beach Nevis Bequia Beach Hotel Sandy Haven Jamaica Inn

The Spa Curtain Bluff Young Island Jamaica Inn East Winds

TheFamily Curtain Bluff Bequia Beach Hotel Little Good Harbour Paradise Beach Nevis

Our Caribbean hotels are abundant with an array of wonderful guest experiences but some will suit a certain type of traveller more than others. We are here to help with that decision making. Where are the best beaches, how does each hotel cater for families, where are the most indulgence spas and the most private suites? Opposite you’ll find some of the answers by us highlighting six ‘experiences’ to which our hotels are particularly suited. Everyone at Essential Detail has personal experience of our hotels on many occasions ... so please call us

+44 (0) 9877 6099

e h T The All-inclusive e c n a The Suites Rom Little Good Harbour Jamaica Inn Parad ise Beach Nevis Bequia Beach Hotel

You ng Isla nd Sa ndy Haven East Winds Nev is Parad ise Beach

East Winds Curtain Bluff Young Island Jamaica Inn


Find out more about this hotel by visiting CURTAINBLUFF.COM


this is a million upgrade, ished with a multirb fu re ly ng suites enjoy ni d un an St ere all rooms rld-class resort wh wo e, siv clu beaches. in nd lly sa fu ulous white ion on one of two fab at loc t on tivities hfr ac ac ts be a merous spor nce superb and nu rie pe ex ll peutic wi ra ts es the Gu the variety of diving), and sample a ub sc ional ng at di er clu en (in ved by multig ocean-side spa. Lo the at ts en m at tre everyone. ply something for families - there’s sim

Excellent experiences ... The amazing welcome from all the staff… a true home from home The luxury of two gorgeous beaches… one either side of the bluff Savouring the utmost in luxury… a totally refurbished resort Beach and sports activities included … simply the best throughout the Caribbean

A LITTLE HISTORY Established over 50 years ago under the same private ownership and with us at Essential Deta il for almost 20. Curtain Bluff has become one of the leadi ng hotels in the region today.


Find out more about this hotel by visiting LITTLEGOODHARBOUR BARBADOS.COM

BARBADOS Something refreshingly different on the west coast! A unique combination of mid-17th Century Bajan history with a twist of stylish modern day elegance reflected in the villa suite accommodation. The ever popular Fish Pot Restaurant is right on the water’s edge offering the most delicious menus on island. This is a place where the main aim is to ensure ultimate guest relaxation without any fuss.

Excellent experiences ... Relaxing in the privacy of your suite or cottage… luxury with a Caribbean vibe Mouth-watering food and exquisite views… at the water’s edge Fish Pot Exploring beaches and more… Barbados’ history and natural wonders The breath-taking rolling surf of the east coast… at sister hotel, The Atlantis Historic Inn

ISTORY A LITTLE H we met owner 17th Century fort, a of e ck in sit e th on Set ilding the hotel ba n when he was bu ures pt ca at th Andrew Warde m hotel ge eated a boutique . by ne go s ar 20 00. He has cr ye d’s beach life in an isl e th of e nc the esse


A LITTLE HISTORY Owner Bengt Mortsted commented recently that a decade had passed since he opened the hotel – then just 10 rooms, a romantic little restaurant and a ‘rum shack’ on the beach! With him we have watched the hotel blossom.



A retro-boutique resort on the totally stress-free island of Bequia, now a sought-after hideaway escape. The gorgeo us, individually styled suites, cott ages and villas, many of whi ch are right on the beach combin e with a casual beachfront restaurant and local cockta il bar to create the perfect chil l-out holiday spot. Guests also love the hotel’s Jack’s Bar at Prince ss Margaret Beach nearby – a cool spot for lunch or dinner .

Excellent experiences ... The plethora of fresh delicious local dishes… and 3 dining options Stepping back in time to discover this exquisite island… pure natural beauty Simply the beach which is the best on Bequia… and arguably the region

Find out more about this hotel by visiting BEQUIABEACHHOTEL.COM

Day trips to neighbouring islands and Tobago Cays… a must-do for any Bequia visitor


A LITTLE HISTORY We have enjoyed working with Young Island for almost 20 years and the management and owners are passionate about keeping the romantic, private island experience in tact… there is nowhere quite like it.

ST VINCENT & THE GRENADINES An understated all-inclusive resort on a totally private, stressfree island; the perfect barefoot hideaway escape. Rooms and suites are in pretty thatched gazebo style cottages with quirky outside showers. To experience more of the Grenadines simply sail away on the hotel’s private catamaran and enjoy some of the best sailing waters in the Caribbean, before stopping for lunch on the escapist islands of Mustique and Bequia.

Excellent experiences... An all-inclusive private island hideaway… pure barefoot luxury Local cocktails at the new-style hotel bar… the resort’s social hub Sail & Stay… board a catamaran for a complete Grenadines experience Tasty cuisine and home-made breads… six different freshly baked flavours

Find out more about this hotel by visiting YOUNGISLAND.COM


Jack’s Beach Bar, Bequia 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCING...

We share a similar passion to our hotels when it comes to cuisine. We all feel that great quality locally sourced fresh food and fine wines are essential ingredients to a successful holiday! Each of our hotels offers superb restaurants which are renowned on the islands for their considerable knowledge of cuisine, innovative ideas and approach to eating and drinking, as well as being set in the most gorgeous locations. Some even have celebrity chefs and, in our eyes, offer award winning experiences for any discerning diner.

Bequia Beach Hotel’s 3rd restaurant, the chic Jack’s Beach Bar is located off property on lively Princess Margaret Beach. Serving great cocktails paired with some of the finest local ingredients and the freshest seafood, landed minutes away on the beach ... you’ve not been to Bequia until you’ve experienced Jack’s!

The Fish Pot, Barbados

ados! This A reason in itsel f to visit Barb part of s form t uran resta well know n fort tury -cen 17th l orica hist ue a uniq h at Little which sits directly on the beac ood lover Goo d Harbour. If you are a seaf e. this is the plac

Young Island, St Vincent

An intimate beachfront and true al fresco style dining experience, with great food and lovely attentive staff. Choose from an eclectic menu from continental to authentic, deliciou s Caribbe an dishes.

Paradise Beach, Nevis

The Beach Restaurant is a glorious waterside hub available for private villa guests only, as an alternative to dining in their villa, with a private chef, or indeed elsewhere on Nevis. Twice weekly there is a mouth-watering lobster bake and delicious fresh salads and catch of the day are always popular.

The Terrace, Jamaica

At Jamaica Inn guests dine by candlelight under the stars with live music enjoying cuisine infused with local flavours. There’s a nightly changing menu where you can choose up to six expertly prepared courses.

Bongos Restaurant, Jamaica This is a great spot on Negril at Sandy Haven for intimate fine cuisine. Guests enjoy top liquors and wines and the traditional Jamaican dishes. There’s a modernist chic appeal which will certainly satisfy the bon vivant.

Flamboyant, St Lucia

Sublime cuisine at East Winds with fresh local ingredients and classical French techniques, set in a beachfront veranda with live entertainment from a Steinway Grand Piano, superb Jazz or a local Shak Shak band.

The Sea Grape, Antigua

h, open Set on Curt ain Bluff ’s Bay Beac the from feet to the sea breeze, just ious delic s offer e Grap Sea , water’s edge as an ers dinn ate intim and hes lunc arind alter native to the gour met Tam Tree Rest aura nt.




Flying fish and cou cou – traditionally served on Saturdays with lemon, shallots and spices and shallow fried in breadcrumbs, served with creole sauce and a local cornmeal and okra dish.

St Vincent & The Grenadines

Roast breadfruit and fried jack fish – the breadfruit itself is tied to St Vincent’s culture and heritage and its unique shaped leaf can be seen engraved into flower pots everywhere.

St Lucia

Shrimp creole – large shrimp are marinated in habanero pepper, garlic, onion, lime juice, herbs and a dash of the best St Lucian dark rum, and served with tomato sauce rice and salad.

Each Caribbean destination has its own favourite dish which the islanders are passionate about, using locally sourced ingredients readily available from the soil or the sea! Set your taste buds ablaze with the vibrant cuisine of the West Indies, which is a fusion of traditions brought from many different countries. The island populations have created styles that are unique to the region. Ingredients which are common in most islands’ dishes are rice, plantains, beans, cassava, bell peppers, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and coconut, plus various meats and fish that are locally available. A characteristic seasoning for the region is a green herb and oil based marinade which imparts a flavour profile which is quintessentially Caribbean in character. Ingredients may include garlic, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, celery, green onions, and herbs like cilantro, marjoram, rosemary, tarragon and thyme. This green seasoning is used for a variety of dishes like curries, stews and roasted meats.

To whet your appetite you’ll find opposite a selection of the delicious popular flavours from the islands.


Ducana and Saltfish – ducana are sweet potato dumplings sweetened with coconut flakes, cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins, and served with saltfish combined with onion, peppers, tomato


Jerk chicken – a real island favourite, this spicy chicken dish is baked with garlic, jerk seasoning, onion and a can of beer and served, of course, with rice and peas.


Mangoes – are beloved in Nevis and nearly everyone has a mango tree in their back yard! There are 44 varieties ... the Tenney, Haden and Bull Stone to name but a few.

and cider vinegar.


RY A LITTLE HISTO our consistently been part of This iconic hotel which has ry rsa ive ann h 60t its brated portfolio over the years, cele s. ner ow ily fam e vat in 2018 under the same pri management and staff are The warmth of the family, . gevity of the wonderful Inn key to the success and lon

JAMAICA An intimate all-suite hideaway on a stunning private cove beach, where peace and relaxation are the main focus. Attention to detail sets this small luxury hotel apart. It’s all about the guest rooms with their spacious furnished verandahs and outside living, but the impeccable Cottages have to be the suite experience-ofa-lifetime, right on the cliff edge with stunning ocean vistas from every vantage point.

Excellent experiences...

The incredibly warm welcome from owners and staff… key to the hotel’s success Exquisite food dining under the stars… simply a magical setting Amazing cocktails… with Martinis, shaken not stirred Guests experiences include turtle hatching… guiding their journey from beach to sea

Find out more about this hotel by visiting JAMAICAINN.COM


Find out more about this hotel by visiting SANDYHAVENRESORT.COM

JAMAICA A privately owned, genuine boutique hotel in Negril where all rooms are superbly appointed with pampering extra touches and amenities. The design is exquisite and contemporary with a stylish nod to Jamaica in terms of the art and decor. The location has to be the best for those seeking a true Jamaica vibe with local rhythmic bars and eateries close by.

What’s special...

Every beach experience available… on a 7 mile white sand beach Opting to dine out is a must on some evenings… the local vibe is infectious Pampered extras… beach cabanas and soaking tubs Visit spectacular waterfalls to be at one with nature… or horse riding in the sea

RY A LITTLE HISTO collection and to the UK A relative newcomer to our in few true boutique hotels market, this is one of the ich wh le sty ut abo e nat sio Negril. The owner is pas ightful décor. is reflected in the hotel’s del


NEVIS Chic luxury villas and beach houses nestled in sweetscented aromatic gardens which lead down to simply the best beach on Nevis. The speedy water taxi from St Kitts is a unique and easy arrival experience. The quality is top notch with each sumptuous accommodation providing all creature comforts, including a private pool. Plus a slick concierge service to look after all guests’ need

A LITTLE HISTORY We’re delighted to welcome Par adise Beach to our portfolio in our 20th year. The beach houses and villas are stunning and the prop erty’s passionate UK owner’s exacting attentio n to detail will ensure high guest satisfaction for yea rs to come.

Excellent experiences... Beach dining, a private chef… or visit local plantation house restaurants Indulgent in-villa spa treatments… to further enhance relaxation Have fun exploring Nevis… cultural sites, botanical gardens, hiking and cycling Take a yacht charter or catamaran trip… pop over to St Kitts

Find out more about this hotel by visiting PARADISEBEACHNEVIS.COM


Find out more about this hotel by visiting EASTWINDS.COM

ST LUCIA Unstuffy yet impeccable, Eas t Winds is what a boutique hote l really should be … an intima te, exclusive-inclusive hotel of true quality and charm with the friendliest of staff. All 30 roo ms and suites, along with the hotel’s facilities have been beautifully refurbished, reflecting a loca l stylish flair which guests love . It’s all about relaxation, the finest cuisine, superb wines, and tailor made guest activities to enhance the guest experie nce.

Excellent experiences... On a natural private bay… there’s cocktail service and gentle water-sports tuition Garden tours, chocolate making, yoga, pilates… and more Champagne is simply on tap… whenever and wherever The variety and quality of the food is unbeatable… all-inclusive boutique value at its best

A LITTLE HISTORY hotels to join our East Winds was one of the first special hotel very a is this portfolio in 1999 and py guests that return indeed. The high number of hap l team who deliver is testament to the dedicated hote . nce erie an amazing inclusive exp



Experience St Lucia … • The most picturesque of islands with its famous Piton Mountains, lush rainforests, and idyllic beaches • An abundance of activities include zip-lining, diving, yachting and riding

The boutique collection of very special hotels featured in this brochure all enjoy dropdead-gorgeous Caribbean locations, on islands which offer incredible and exciting diversity. Everyone has a different concept of their ideal holiday experience, and we truly believe there’s something for everyone.

Experience Barbados … • Bajan dining offers unique tropical flavours and an array of fabulous restaurants • Bajans are globally renowned for their warm and welcoming hospitable nature • Perfect year-round conditions and blossoming marine life make Barbados a diver’s paradise Find out more

• Over 32 beautiful islands and cays, with just 9 inhabited

• Rum, reggae and relaxation, Jamaica offers perfect cultural and musical experience

Find out more

• Unassumingly luxurious, this sought after island is ideal for romance • Antigua is renowned as a sailing and yachting haven

Find out more

Find out more

Experience Jamaica …

• Green turtles thrive in this protected environment

• Discover 365 beautiful pink and white sand beaches

• Twin centre appeal as the north and south offer distinct experiences

Experience St Vincent & The Grenadines … • 2015 sees the launch of the country’s first International Airport

Experience Antigua …

• Warm waters and white sands, perfect beaches for all ages

• Affordable and diverse – Jamaica epitomises Caribbean luxury and styled barefoot elegance

Find out more

Experience Nevis… • Climb Nevis Peak... 3,232 ft! with one of the island’s legendary guides • •

Toast the sunset at Sunshine’s Bar with its world renowned Killer Bee cocktail Spot green Vervent monkeys along the roadside as you cycle around the trails and tracks of Nevis.

Find out more


Essential Detail 7 Hampton Court Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 4AE T. 020 8977 6099 E. W.


YEAR S 1999 -2 019

With thanks to the following organisations for supplying information and photography for this publication: Caribbean Tourism Organization; Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc; St Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Office; Saint Lucia Tourism Authority; Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority; Jamaica Tourist Board; Nevis Tourism Authority.