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Issue 91 | MAY 2018

Versatile star of stage and screen Annabel Scholey

Also inside this issue: A REAL LIFE LARA CROFT Hannah D. Scott SENSATIONAL SPYDER Audi’s R8 V10 Plus MONACO’S FINEST Louis XV restaurant



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contents Issue 91 | MAY 2018

8 | Interview | ANNABEL SCHOLEY

Annabel Scholey stars alongside Nicola Walker in BBC One’s new, currently airing series The Split. Despite her prominence on screen, she has had an illustrious career on the stage. Andrew Peters caught up with her ahead of the The Split’s release.

16 | Performance interview | HANNAH D. SCOTT


Louise Alexander meets a real life Lara Croft, New York based Hannah D. Scott, to talk about risking life and limb and how the international stunt world doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves.

20 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Emanuela of Alladio Sims Garden Design Limited shares her top ten tips for creating a garden worthy of an RHS show.

24 | Travel | MONACO

Monaco, the glitzy Mediterranean principality, is home to acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse’s favourite restaurant, the Louis XV. Kevin Pilley sampled a touch of the high life.

28 | Motoring | AUDI

Engineering expertise and an exotic appearance are not always perfect bedfellows, but the new Spyder combines both perfectly, as Euan Johns discovered.


32 | Fashion | V&A MUSEUM

The Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition Fashioned from Nature opened last month and examines the complex relationship that man has had with nature through fashion over the past 400 years.

38 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month: Blanchette in Soho.

50 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Kevin Healy, Partner at Mundays LLP, looks at ways of safeguarding our most precious asset from fraud.

52 | Finance | PMW


Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren, discusses the possible reasoning behind President Trump’s imminent imposition of trade tariffs on China and the implications for investors.


Lauren Dickinson Clarke offers an array of luxurious home accessories and is passionate about supporting UK manufacturing: each object being crafted in the home of ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent.


Surrey Sculpture Society’s first exhibition of 2018 takes place at the Birtley Estate in Bramley, with more planned for the rest of the year.

60 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.


66 | essence | PROPERTY

International market comment, together with the area’s finest houses, including a stunning new country estate, Harford Manor.

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4 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

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32 Versatility Nowadays versatility is increasingly becoming a necessity. Long gone are the days of a job for life and with the burgeoning spectre of robotics, it pays to keep as many options open as possible. This is certainly a mantra that essence interviewees Annabel Scholey and Hannah D. Scott maintain. Annabel started in theatre and notched up notable performances with the RSC and The Old Vic. More recently, she’s played Amena in Sky Atlantic’s Britannia and currently stars in BBC One’s The Split. She explains how she’s always kept an open mind over the roles she has taken. Similarly, the secret world of stunts is where Hannah D. Scott earns her living, but she is also an actress which has come in very useful during a varied career. Elsewhere in essence, The Principality of Monaco has always been seen as a playground for the wealthy and is home to Alain Ducasse’s triple Michelin star rated Louis XV restaurant: Kevin Pilley samples its special fare. As spring finally puts in an appearance, Euan Johns looks at Audi’s R8 Spyder V10 Plus, one of the best open tops currently on the market. Stella McCartney is a passionate exponent of sustainable fashion and the current V&A exhibition Fashioned from Nature examines fashion’s impact on the environment and possible future solutions. Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design shares her top tips on how to produce a garden worthy of an RHS show, while foodie expert Stephanie Brookes visits Blanchette in Soho. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of health, beauty, legal and financial advice. Don’t miss the diary of events and places to visit, together with market comment and the pick of some of the region’s finest properties, including Harford Manor, an astonishing modern country estate. The essence team

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Despite her new-found prominence on our screens, Annabel Scholey has had an illustrious career on the stage spanning performances from The Old Vic to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Andrew Peters caught up with her ahead of the release of new BBC TV series The Split in which Annabel takes the lead alongside Nicola Walker. >>> PHOTO BY JOSEPH SINCLAIR, MAKEUP BY SAM COOPER, HAIR BY POLLY MITEVA FOR PAUL EDMONDS

8 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018


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Annabel Scholey as Maddie (centre) with Hannah Arterton (left) as Taylor and Katy Brand (right) as Lil in Walking on Sunshine PHOTO COPYRIGHT: 2014 VERTIGO FILMS

Q Annabel, your mother was a nurse, your father a retired fireman and your sister is a teacher. What made you want to become an actor? A Yes, I am the one who defected! I always danced and sang from when I was very small and so it was never even really a conscious decision that I would be in the industry somewhere… It just sort of happened over many years. I loved performing and was very focused on it growing up. Mum and dad always took us to the theatre, which I loved, but it was when I started drama classes myself and was introduced to Shakespeare that I really fell in love with acting. I enjoyed the language and pretending to be different characters and I think I felt most comfortable doing drama rather than dancing and singing. My nerves would always be horrendous with those, but not with acting. Q Born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, you now live on the south coast. Is there still a lot of the Yorkshire girl left in you? A I will always be a Yorkshire lass at heart and very proud of it. My family is still there and it was my home for 18 years. It’s a beautiful county and I still visit a lot, so I get the best of both worlds. Q You studied at The Oxford School of Drama, which was, and remains, a small, but highly regarded school. How did you choose it? A I auditioned all over the country, had some rejection and a couple of acceptances, but Oxford felt absolutely right for me. I was from Wakefield, very naive and so was very happy to stop off in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside for a few years before moving to London. It’s a fantastic school and the classical training there really suited me. Hard work though! Q You started acting in theatre and much of your early career was spent on the stage, has this proved to be a good grounding for your career? A Absolutely, yes. I needed it and loved every second of it and hope

10 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

to do another play soon. You really can’t hide on the stage. If you’re bad then people will see it! I learnt from some of the best actors we have and got to know them. I made some of my best friends doing theatre and some of my proudest moments were whilst working on the stage. Q What’s the most important aspect of being an actor? A Maintaining a sense of self. If you don’t have that then it can be a very harsh world to live in. Realising it’s a long game and that rejection is part of it and that it’s not personal is very difficult, but ultimately the way to survive. Be yourself at all times. Q You liked to sing and dance at a young age, so apart from a chance to test those skills, replacing Kylie (Minogue) for the part, and the two and a half months in Puglia, Italy, what was so good about your first film, the feel-good-musical Walking on Sunshine? A What can I say? It was absolutely amazing! The people, the locations, the food… we recorded an album (something I have to say I never thought I’d do!), but most importantly being in Italy was incredible. It’s my favourite country. >>> Annabel Scholey and Giulio Berruti in Walking on Sunshine PHOTO COPYRIGHT: 2014 VERTIGO FILMS

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Sky Atlantic's Britannia PHOTO COPYRIGHT: SKY UK LTD

Q The part you play is Amena, one of five strong women in the drama. What aspects about her do you like best? A Well, she’s not particularly a nice person, but I do enjoy playing her a lot! She’s ruthless and determined, so I suppose I can admire that in her. As a character to play, I love her slyness and distain for most other human beings… it’s fun to play a bad guy. Q Is there any of her in you? A Erm… I hope not. I’d say maybe her focus and determination, but that’s it.


“The best thing you can do is avoid being put in a box, it’s a sensible approach if you want longevity in the business – and I want to do this forever.” Annabel Scholey Q We interviewed Lee (Ingleby) a short time ago: you were his romantic interest in Inspector George Gently – was it good to play a character a little closer to home? A I loved working with Lee. He’s a fantastic actor and a really great bloke. It was a lovely job. A bit rainier than Puglia, but I loved being part of the series and trying out my Geordie accent…hmmm….not easy. Q You’ve recently starred in Sky Atlantic’s Britannia and have described the series as unlike Game of Thrones and rather psychedelic. Can you explain that a little more? A I think I meant that Britannia has a completely different vibe to GOT. It is an epic period drama as is GOT, but the similarities stop there. There is certainly a very 1960s’ hippy vibe to it, which Jez and Tom Butterworth (the writers) were aiming for; the tribes smoking strange substances, people hallucinating and taking trips to the underworld, it’s completely bonkers.

12 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Q The Britannia role is physically demanding: was that easy for you? A I really enjoy physical parts. I suppose that’s down to my dance training, but I’m always happy to learn new physical skills such as horse riding and stage combat. I’m in my element really if it’s physically demanding. Q They say history repeats itself, so do you see any parallels between 43AD and today? A I think there are some similarities yes: the world is still unsettled. There is violence worldwide over territories. We are currently trying to separate ourselves from Europe…in 43AD we were trying to remain in control of Britain. In 43AD the tribes here were fighting each other and today we find the left and right at loggerheads. There are similarities for sure. Q I know you like Italy having worked frequently there (RSC Richard III, Walking on Sunshine and Medici), would you have liked to have been one of the Romans rather than Celts? A Well, funnily enough, I sort of end up with the Romans at the end of this series so…I always find Italy in the end! Q Who have been the biggest influences in your acting career? A So many people! Starting with some excellent teachers at drama school, then actors and directors I have worked with: Zoë Wanamaker, Tim Pigott-Smith, Sir Peter Hall, and actors my age from whom I have learnt and admire from watching their work. >>>

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Annabel Scholey as Nina Defoe, left, and Nicola Walker as Hannah Defoe in BBC TV’s The Split PHOTO COPYRIGHT: SOPHIE MUTEVELIAN/SISTER PICTURES/ BBCW/SUNDANCETV


Q You’ve had such a varied career to date, has that been a conscious decision? A Not at all. I have gone with the opportunities that came my way, but I always wanted to avoid being typecast and have managed to do that so far. Q Jodie Whittaker is, of course, the new Doctor Who, and you’ve worked with her before. If asked, would you like to take a trip in the TARDIS? A I would definitely take a trip with Jodie…she is the best. An amazing woman and actress, so yes, sign me up! Q You’re soon to be seen in BBC TV’s The Split with Nicola Walker. Can you tell us a little about that? A The Split is a six-part drama about a family of divorce lawyers: mum and three daughters. Nicola Walker plays Hannah, the eldest, and I the middle sister, Nina. Our baby sister, Rose (Fiona Button), is a nanny. It follows our professional lives within the Defoe family firm and its rival firm Noble and Hale. At the heart of the drama is the family and all the intricate and messy relationships within it. Beautifully written by Abi Morgan, it’s full of brilliantly flawed, but ultimately good, characters struggling to work out what it is to love. Q If you could choose a role, current or past, what would it be? A I would choose Nina Defoe from The Split. I loved playing her and found her a challenge.v essence INFO

Abi Morgan’s The Split, starring Nicola Walker and Annabel Scholey, is on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

14 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Profile: Annabel Scholey Annabel started her career playing Diana Rivers in Jane Eyre, and went on to star in Being Human and BBC3’s Personal Affairs.

Annabel has had an extensive theatrical career, playing in many productions. At the RSC she took the lead role of Cressida in Peter Stein’s Troilus and Cressida. She then took on the role of Anya in Sir Jonathan Miller’s production of The Cherry Orchard alongside Joanna Lumley. She has worked in various productions at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester, including House of Special Purpose directed by Howard Davies. She starred as Hermia in Sir Peter Hall’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream alongside Dame Judi Dench, and then in his West End production of The Rivals as Julia Melville. Other theatre credits include The National Theatre’s production of Antigone at the Olivier with Jodie Whittaker and Christopher Eccleston, Peter Nichols’ Passion Play at the Duke of York’s Theatre with Zoë Wanamaker, Owen Teale and Samantha Bond and then in The Almeida’s hugely successful Mr Burns. Annabel was the lead actress in the 2014 musical film Walking on Sunshine, and more recently she played the Contessina in the eight-part series Medici: Masters of Florence. The second series to Medici will be out later this year, and while Annabel will make an appearance in it, she promises the Contessina will be “somewhat older and wiser in this one”. After Sky Atlantic’s Britannia, Annabel takes a lead role in the upcoming BBC One six-part drama The Split written by award-winning writer Abi Morgan and also starring Nicola Walker. Beyond that, she is thinking of another film role in the near future and maybe returning to theatre as it has been two years since her last play.



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A real life


Not many people when asked what’s their main ambition would reply: “To be set on fire”, but stuntwoman Hannah D. Scott is one. British born Hannah talks to Louise Alexander about risking life and limb for the silver screen, and how the international stunt world doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.


ased in New York, Hannah D. Scott recently landed on her feet to work as the stunt double for Bel Powley alongside Liv Tyler in Wildling, a Hollywood blockbuster released last month. Her skills and passion haven’t been reserved just for the film industry as she has also used them to help in real-life disasters. Q Hannah, what stunts did you undertake in Wildling? A I got to play around in this film as the character morphs into something animalistic. I worked with an attack dog, Blackjack, which was interesting as dogs lose attention and you can’t control what they do. So if the dog decides he’s bored and done, he’s bored and done. I did some high-fall work, jumping off a 30ft cliff. Oddly enough this is actually considered a low-fall in the stunt world. The rest was more gymnastic, back-bending out of trees like a harpy! It was a great team to work with: huge kudos to Manny Siverio, the stunt coordinator.

16 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Performance interview | HANNAH D. SCOTT


Q What’s been your most dangerous stunt? A Every stunt holds risk, even a basic trip and fall can result in concussion. I definitely enjoy falling out of buildings and off the odd cliff. High-fall is not a favourite for everyone and there are many factors to consider. If there is a miscalculation jumping or prepping the airbags, it could be fatal. Even the weather can affect the bag itself, or perhaps when you jump, the wind comes up. Knowing when not to jump, saying ‘no’ if you don’t feel the factors are all in place, is vital. The thing to understand is it is real. The coordinators are highly skilled professionals, they make it all happen, and take any and every measure to make things safe. Unfortunately accidents happen, but considering the amount of stunts done around the world every day, the incidents are low. Coordinators are little known to the public and they get so little thanks in many ways. Q What stunt haven’t you done that you’d love to do? A I’d love to be set on fire. For some reason, that’s high on my list of priorities. My poor Mum! “Mum, I’m going to get burned today.” Q You are a stuntwoman and qualified actor, is this common? A To find an actor who is classically trained with a stage background who is also a stunt person is certainly a rarity, and I don’t say that with ego. The two worlds are very different. Q Why did you have to separate the two? It must be worth its weight in gold having both talents in one person? A I really had to fight to prove myself; I had to separate the skills when applying for roles to make sure the stunt world know I am stunts, I have that hat, and vice versa in the acting world. The acting world thinks stunt performers can’t act, and the stunt world thinks actresses don’t like to hit the ground. With so many productions such as Marvel and Gotham in New York, it’s a huge benefit to be able to act and do stunts. Q Were you sporty at school? A Yes, I trained as a gymnast and I’ve always been throwing myself around. I focused on precision and that is a trait I still use today. My dream was to be an Olympic competitor and I trained with the British team, but a bad injury forced me to stop. I also trained in Karate and Kung-Fu. Q How did you get into stunts? A I was in a stage show that incorporated a lot of martial arts and one of my cast mates recommended me for a stunt role. She knew I loved martial arts and had the ability to push myself to the limit. I agreed to do it, but had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I kept in touch with a stunt coordinator and jobs kept popping up. Q How would you advise someone who wants to head for the bright lights? A Don’t look for fame, that’s a fantasy and not what it’s about. It’s about the journey and the work, as clichéd as it sounds. I would say, just do it, try. Why not? It’s tough: finding work is hard anyway and if you’re in my situation you have to navigate work permits in the US.

Wildling Wildling is a Maven Pictures film starring Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif, Bel Powley and James Le Gros and was released last month. Anna (Bel Powley) has spent most of her life in the care of a mysterious man she refers to as ‘Daddy’ (Brad Dourif) who has kept her locked in the attic out of fear of a child-eating monster called the Wildling that lives in the woods. When Anna is 16, she is rescued by Sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler) who helps Anna start her new life as a normal teenager. But as her body starts to develop, her childhood nightmares return, leading Anna to discover the secret of her true nature. The film is an interesting take on a girl facing the changes of womanhood. It is directed by Fritz Böhm and produced by Liv Tyler, Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray and Charlotte Ubben.

One thing that is different to acting and a necessary for stunt performers is called ‘hustling’. This means literally walking the streets, finding out where films are being shot, meeting coordinators and reminding them that you are still around and available for business. It is accepted conduct for stunt performers, but not acting. It’s exhausting, but necessary. In the same vein, as an actor, I have been on line at 5am, doors open at 9am, waiting to sign up and hope for an audition slot. That’s pretty common here. Q And the upside? A I have had more opportunity to work in the US than anywhere else. It feels like things are possible and you can progress if you’re willing to put the time in. There is something so magical about New York. The artistic community here is fascinating, determined, visceral and vulnerable, hard-ass but open. I can only speak for New York, but it’s... the Yellow Brick Road. People work so hard here and just go for it: tomorrow is another day and we will find a way. It’s infectious. Q Do you think there is more access to auditions in the UK than the US? A Yes, but if you aren’t Equity you’re up at 4 or 5 in the morning to put your name on a list to hope there is a cancellation. There are multiple ways to submit yourself online, these platforms don’t exist in the UK as far as I know, or not to this level. Q Have you done any theatre? A Yes, I have done a lot off-Broadway. The Good and the True was most memorable...and terrifying. I was called in as a last minute replacement. And had to learn my lines in literally a day and a half. Q Are you an adrenaline junkie? A Definitely, there is a danger edge to what I do on a daily basis, but I have to say the more stunts I do there’s a hunger for the next one to be bigger and better. I push myself physically and mentally, but that’s what makes stunt people perform at their best. However, safety is first, no matter what. >>>

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 17

Hannah performing in Butoh Electra, Irondale Center NY

Q How are you going to transfer your skills to the next generation? A I teach kids in my spare time when I’m not working. I help teach Jeet Kune as I know what it’s like to have a bad teacher and I don’t ever want to be a negative influence. I love it, I adore the kids. Mini ninjas!

Q Do you think there are enough places to train for stunt people? A This is a point of contention, especially in New York because there is a huge lack of resources to be able to facilitate training. Los Angeles is different, Atlanta as well, probably because they have space. When I was training for Wildling one of the options was to go to Atlanta or LA, pay to stay for five days and train because there was nowhere in NY. Q Do you think there should be more recognition for stunt people? A Absolutely. I don’t think people realise what our job entails. There’s a campaign: #standupforstunts which asks for stunts to be a category at The Oscars and at other awards. The Stuntman’s, the Stuntwomen’s Association and Stunts Unlimited are all legendary. I would love to be considered as a member for the Stuntwomen’s Assocation. Such a huge inspiration. Q How often do you train and what martial arts do you do? A I have a huge passion for Jeet Kune Do: I started four years ago and train four hours a day, four to five days a week. I combine all my skills: I work JKD, but also Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), boxing, SAMI Combat Systems and Kali, all components that can create ‘my’ Jeet Kune Do, what works for my body, skill set and needs. It’s gruelling, but it’s a huge part of my life. Q Am I right in saying you are the first woman in the US to be certified in Panantukan for SAMI? A Yes, I trained relentlessly for this, three to four hours a day. SAMI was developed in Austria by Peter Weckauf and Panantukan is the art of close-combat fighting known as ‘street boxing’ or ‘dirty boxing’ where there are no set rules. It’s an incredible system. I travelled to Austria to undertake a seven day, 10am–4pm instructor course. Out of 50 people there were three women. Q Hannah, what’s your opinion on the #metoo campaign? A I’m glad things are moving towards change. I’m seeing more female writers and directors, and we’re seeing stronger female roles that aren’t sexualised.

18 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Q Tell me how you helped during Hurricane Sandy in the US? A Hurricane Sandy was devastating. The morning after, a friend and I walked for a couple of hours to get downtown and started by helping climb tower blocks with water supplies, taking note of anyone left behind, joining with anyone we could find. A day or two later I joined with some locals and created hubs in the street, areas where people could either come for help or drop off supplies. It was there that I and others created a system where we could track who had help and who didn’t. I used Facebook mostly. I would search anything to do with the hurricane and blast all the pages asking for help. I left my email address and phone number anywhere and everywhere, either for people who needed help or who could help. When I was on the ferry or trains, I pretty much demanded help, rallying people to create teams for rescue. Over the days, we began to connect with other like-minded groups and created an app: a lady called Taylor Swope spearheaded that which became a not-for-profit organisation, Yellow Boots, now Boots on The Ground. We actually saved lives physically and mentally. Q You must have been utterly emotionally and physically drained? A I was, and financially. I did it for almost a year as a volunteer. The Red Cross actually told me to stop what I was doing as I was working relentlessly and making myself sick. Q What’s the future for Hannah D. Scott? A I know the US, New York, is my home and I would love to write and produce my own work. I’m sure I’ll be getting hit and slammed in the near future though...I hope so! v

Profile: Hannah D. Scott Hannah as Sorel in Hay Fever by Noel Coward, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket

Hannah D. Scott, 37, was born and grew up in Luton, studying at the Bedford High School and later Harlington Upper. She’s proud of her UK roots and returns as often as she can. Hannah left home at 18 to study at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and she has travelled the world, stopping off in her beloved Australia for a while, and is now based in New York. She recently worked on Orange is the New Black, Blindspot and The Good Cop staring Josh Groban and Tony Danza, directed by British director, Alex Hardcastle.

See multi-award winning

THE KING AND I and enjoy afternoon tea at The Langham, London for £120

‘London’s theatrical event of 2018’ (Sunday Express), the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King And I will be playing at London's iconic Palladium for a strictly limited 14 week run from June. Making their West End debuts are the original Broadway stars; reprising her Tony Award-winning performance is ‘Broadway musical’s undisputed Queen’ (The Sunday Times), Kelli O’Hara (Anna) alongside Tony and Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe (The King).

Afternoon tea at Palm Court (left) at The Langham, London

Set in 1860s Bangkok, the musical tells the story of the unconventional and tempestuous relationship that develops between the King of Siam and Anna, a British schoolteacher whom the modernist King, in an imperialistic world, brings to Siam to teach his many wives and children. With one of the finest scores ever written including Whistle a Happy Tune, Getting to Know You and Shall We Dance?, and featuring a company of over 50 world-class performers, The King and I is a testament to the lavish heritage of gloriously romantic musical theatre. The greatest musical from the golden age of musicals. A once in a life time opportunity. Essence readers can take advantage of this special package to see the show and indulge in afternoon tea at Palm Court at The Langham, London where the tradition of afternoon tea was born 150 years ago and lives on in luxurious style today. This £120 package includes a Band A ticket to see The King and I and Afternoon Tea at Palm Court at The Langham, London valid until Saturday 29 September. To book this special package, call 020 7087 7757 or visit kingandimusical.co.uk and quote the promo code KINGTEA when prompted. Terms and conditions: The Afternoon Tea package includes a Band A ticket to see The King and I and Afternoon Tea from a set menu at The Langham, London. Valid for all performances including matinees until Saturday 29 September, excluding 3 July 2018. Afternoon tea served from 1pm and the last booking time is 4.30pm. The package is subject to allocation availability. No cash alternative available. Please note, tables must be reserved at The Langham, London before attending by calling 020 7636 1000.

Kelli O’Hara and Ken Watanabe in The King And I PHOTO COPYRIGHT: PAUL KOLNIK

“I doubt I’ll ever see a better production in my lifetime.” The Wall Street Journal


reader offer MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 19

How to be RHS WORTHY Emanuela of Alladio Sims Garden Design Limited shares her top ten tips for creating a wonderful garden worthy of an RHS show in our homes.


Frame the view: most gardens are viewed from the house and in order to work they need to relate back to it; the key details of the architecture of the house need to be repeated within the garden and the views out need to be nicely framed and lead the eye, inviting you out to discover the garden.

2 3

Keep it simple: keep the material choices to a minimum, for instance one type of stone used in different finishes for inside and out, or for areas of the garden with different characters, and use repetition in the planting too to create a sense of harmony.

Evergreen trees and hard materials such as rocks give the garden a structure that will make a space look good all year round. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, ALLADIO SIMS SHOW GARDEN AT ISTANBUL BESIKTAS FLOWER SHOW, 2016

Create a private haven: introduce a secluded area that feels intimate and tranquil where a glass of wine can be sipped or it is possible to sit and relax. Introducing vertical elements such as a semi transparent screen, a wall or a tall hedge works Pretty flowers never last forever. Consider how a plant will look after it’s at its best, wonderfully, creating an unexpected space that breaks when the flowers are gone. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, ALLADIO SIMS SHOW GARDEN down the emptiness of a garden and spurs us on to walk AT HAMPTON COURT PALACE FLOWER SHOW, 2015 and discover what’s beyond.


Create spaces that look good in every season: May and June are the months of the year where a garden looks at its best, with lavender, geraniums, alchemilla, roses etc. all flowering their socks off. Yet these plants can also go over quickly and leave an empty gap for many months to come. Try and avoid planting that fades too quickly and choose instead a good backbone of evergreen shrubs that offer a long season of interest and perennials with pretty seedheads for structure in the winter.


Disguise the ugly bits: every garden has a view or wall that should not be viewed. Use plants and paths to lead the eye away, distracting you to look elsewhere.

20 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Profile: Alladio Sims

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd was established in 2015 after Jon Sims and Emanuela Alladio collaborated on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Emanuela’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast. Jon and Emanuela in the show garden they created for the Istanbul Flower Festival in 2016

6 7

Boundaries are key: use hedging to frame a sharp and clean lawn or a well-defined border. This will produce neat shapes that will help keep maintenance to a minimum and will make the garden look crisp and fresh. Let the plants speak for themselves: don’t overcrowd them but give them space to breathe and to become established. Think about it in terms of layers of vertical interest and bring some taller perennials towards the front to break the mould and create a dynamic border and more interesting look.


Be bold: choose more of the same thing, so for instance put together two plants of the same colour (such as bronze fennel and black phormium) to create a good textural foil for the rest of the garden. A similar result can be achieved by repeating similar shapes at different levels (such as round pots, round lawns, allium heads etc.).

Plant in bold groups to make an impact. Grasses are long lasting and perennials with seed heads will give a skeleton in winter too. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, PRIVATE LONDON GARDEN, 2016

9 10

Don’t be afraid of grasses: grasses add a softness and a texture that is invaluable to any garden and they have very good longevity too, especially the ones with interesting seed heads.

Use splashes of colour to draw attention: but keep the overall picture harmonious by restricting the colour palette. The effect you are trying to achieve is pleasing and not a muddled mix! v essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham), Surrey Website: www.alladiosims.co.uk Email: Hello@alladiosims.co.uk

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Like father, like son

With Easter behind us, Cellar One is looking forward to Father's Day and here here it highlights one of the great winemaking families it is lucky to call friends and colleagues, the Hardy family. True pioneers, the Hardys started one of the best-known and loved wine brands we see today, producing amazing fine wines in addition to wines for everyday enjoyment. A tough task to achieve both.

CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS AT CELLAR ONE MAY Thursday 10 May: Blend your own wine with Dr. Chris Wednesday 23 May: Regional Australia with Paul Lapsley


ith Father’s Day not too far away, meet the father and son who have gained an amazing reputation in the wine industry within their own right, as well as being part of the Hardy wine dynasty. Andrew Hardy, dad (pictured above, left), and son Henry (right) work separately for two of Cellar One’s cool climate boutique wineries. Andrew is head winemaker for Petaluma and Croser in the cool Adelaide Hills, whilst Henry is brand manager for Stonier, our cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir producer on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. The amazing personalities of winemakers are often reflected in the bottle, and this is true of Andrew who has been at Petaluma for decades and was protégé to the legendary Brian Croser. When Petaluma was privatelyowned, the Bollinger family were partly involved and Andrew recollects it was always nice to have chilled Bolly in the fridge at work at all times!

Henry, though younger, is part of a hugely passionate team from cellar door to winemaking at Stonier, under head winemaker Mike Symons. Stonier make the equivalent to premier and grand cru white and red burgundies so effort, passion and tenacity go hand-in-hand. Cellar One is excited to be receiving some of their single vineyard wines over the coming months. To celebrate these men and honour their blood, sweat and tears, Cellar One will hold two complimentary tastings for Petaluma and Stonier this month, hosted by cellar door manager Raz. Also, true VIP and group winemaker Paul Lapsley visits the UK this month. At a not-to-be-missed tasting on Wednesday 23 May, Paul will explain regional Australia. What he does not know about Australian wine is not worth knowing. Booking is essential!

JUNE Saturday 16 June: Fathers and Sons – Petaluma Friday 29 June: Introducing Stonier in context with Mornington Peninsula

essence INFO

Cellar One The Coach House 2 Heath Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TB ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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British Luxury Since 1977 Visit the largest range of quality garden furniture in Walton on Thames, featuring exclusive fully waterproof and virtually stainproof cushions – great for the unpredictable British weather or even the odd wine spill.

Call: 01932 242707

Visit: www.bridgman.co.uk

Auckland House, New Zealand Avenue, Walton on Thames KT12 1PL

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18/04/2018 12:36:51

Ringo will be coming...


24 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse admits that he remains more attached to the Louis XV restaurant than any other in his global empire. Even in Monaco, the glitzy Mediterranean principality where cosmetic surgery is a casual form of art, it rates as one of the best. Kevin Pilley sampled a touch of the high life.


hey were talking yachts when I arrived. A man at the next table looked at me over his glasses as if he instinctively knew that my only private means of water transport was a lilo. The woman beside him shot PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ELENA ELISSEEVA | 123RF.COM me the same sneer of withering contempt as if she suspected that the Vaucluse asparagus and crushed black truffles would be wasted on me and the turbot and caramelised endives would go over my head. The Félix Hippolyte Lucas ceiling fresco bore down on me. The tapestried walls pressed in. Haughty courtesans looked down from their gilded fin de siècle portrait frames, branding me a philistine in l’art de table, a child of Colonel Saunders rather than Careme or Escoffier. “Je propose une flute de Billecart Salmon champagne rose followed by un Clos Saint-Joseph avec votre coquillages et peut-etre un Château de Beaucastel Vielles Vignes Châteauneuf-du-Pape”, said the sommelier, leaving me with the wine list. My throat went dry. My heart lurched. My Adam’s apple did a bungee jump. I noticed that one bottle of Château Pétrus 1945 would cost me about hundred times my Visa limit. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to eat in an Alain Ducasse restaurant. Someone once described him as ‘The Muhammad Ali of cooking’. I was in his Louis XV restaurant PHOTO COPYRIGHT: IRSTONE | 123RF.COM in Monte Carlo. It was my first time in a ‘temple of taste’ and ‘shrine to savoir-faire’. In the old days, with its lavish splendour and staff in nankeen breeches and gaiters, “My love of the area is deep Monte Carlo’s Hotel de Paris was a magnet for the haute monde. It became a place of and carnal...the Riviera is uninhibited self-indulgence, a byword for the high life. The rich and famous all went still the prodigal inspiration there. A Russian grand duke once smashed sixty magnums of Champagne against a marble pillar just for a toast. Fourteen hundred bottles of fine wines were consumed of my cuisine.” Alain Ducasse every day in its heyday. The one kilometre long cellars of the grand nineteenth century palace hotel now hold 250,000 cellars or ‘cave’. It is considered one of Europe’s finest and most valuable collection of wines. Upstairs, the restaurant offers a choice of sixteen different mineral waters, as well as fifteen different coffees, sixteen different teas and fifteen types of cigar. Ducasse has helped establish the luxurious and super-trendy Mediterranean resort as one of the great gastronomic destinations of the world. A local helicopter firm even offers a gourmet taxi service up to the auberges and excellent restaurants in the >>>

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 25

Gamberoni de San Remo at Le Louis XV PHOTO COPYRIGHT: PIERRE MONETTA

Monaco sunrise, viewed from La Turbie PHOTO COPYRIGHT: MANJIK | 123RF.COM

neighbouring French department of Alpes-Maritimes. Monaco’s masterchefs have become celebrities and as famous as former residents and visitors like King Farouk, the Prince of Nepal and Charles Wells, the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Although it is only the size of London’s Hyde Park, Monaco has the highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere. The famous ultra-chic principality on the French Riviera, eleven miles from Nice, has been connected with the name of Michelin for many years. Prompted by the waiter, I had a ragout of cod and Perugina sausage thickened by the swimming bladder of a Norwegian stockfish, then Pyrenean suckling lamb. I got through three napkins just drooling at the dessert trolley. Over one lunch for two heady hours, surrounded by the opulent chic and conspicuous choc of one of the world’s greatest restaurants, I fulfilled my jet-set fantasy and sampled the ultimate of sensual delights. I wanted to say “Bravo”, but it sounded corny. I wanted to praise the Niçoise peas and make discerning comments about the Xeres vinegar, but I didn’t know where to start. The waiter said it all for me when he came to the table: “Culinary art is the search for the absolute. Here we set an impeccable ideal. Our kitchen renders very good what is already very beautiful.” He smiled, letting me digest his words. “Perhaps next time I may recommend the strained Muscat pumpkin soup, followed by our veloute of Breton lobster with chestnuts and maybe bass filet with sautéed cuttlefish and anchovy fritters. It is exquisite.” He kissed his fingers. The couple on the table beside me were still wearing their pearlsbefore-swine expressions. He was puffing away at an unfeasibly large, long cigar. She was swilling an ancient cognac. As I passed them on the way out, I wanted to say: “The Château d’Yquem is so hit or miss here. Such a shame there was no eel on today either. But Alain told me that the fishermen in the Straits of Messina are on strike. Of course, it would never have happened in King Farouk’s day.” In my mind I also heard my fingers clicking towards the waiter and the voice of an experienced epicure and globe-trotting gourmand saying: “Put a case of Pétrus in the back of the Lamborghini, garçon. And book me the same table for the same time tomorrow, will you? Ringo will be coming. Miss Bassey too. I don’t know about Herr Becker.” In my mind’s eye, I saw the man’s eyes popping and his nostrils flaring as he choked on his outsized Cohiba. v

26 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Service amuse bouche at Le Louis XV PHOTO COPYRIGHT: PIERRE MONETTA

essence INFO

Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris is located on Place du Casino, MC 98000, Principality of Monaco. Telephone: 011 377 98 06 88 64 Websites: www.hoteldeparismontecarlo.com www.EasyJet.com flies daily to Nice www.visitmonaco.com

A passion for wine Château de Berne Hotel & Spa, located in the Provence countryside, is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux network. The estate lies a few miles from Lorgues at the southern end of the Haut-Var, handy for the Var uplands, the Lac de Carcès and Verdon Gorge. It is an exceptional terroir in Provence and astonishing destination for wine lovers.


hâteau de Berne estate’s vines have benefited from a favourable geographical location and continental microclimate since 1750. Its wine growers enrich the work of nature every year by fertilising the soil with organic matter and supervising the planting and growth of vines with meticulous care. The estate spans 1,235 acres of beautiful countryside and its 297 acres of vines produce 750,000 bottles of acclaimed wines from Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Carignan, Viognier, Merlot, Sémillon, Ugni-Blanc and Rolle grapes. In parallel to the wine growing expertise, each generation has brought its own creative talent, coupled with the modern equipment and facilities needed for Berne’s wine specialists to produce good yields of exceptional wines. Committed to respecting

nature, environmentally-friendly growing techniques are used at each stage of the wine growing process. Visitors can enjoy lingering at the Château wine shop (La Cave) that sells an extensive choice of vintage wines, including some exclusive blends, plus delicatessen products, regional specialities and produce grown at the vineyard. Visitors can also enjoy learning about wine through a variety of activities and workshops offered in package form, including vineyard tours, cellar tours, guided wine tasting, blind tasting, grape harvest days and even a wine blending contest. essence INFO

Website: www.chateauberne.com Telephone: 00 33 494 604888 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

“The characteristic square bottles symbolise the estate’s deep attachment to tradition, combining quality and elegance while maintaining the spirit of our ancient wine growers.” Château de Berne

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Audi’s sensational

SPYDER Engineering expertise and an exotic appearance are not always perfect bedfellows, but the new Spyder combines both perfectly, as Euan Johns found out.

28 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Motoring | AUDI


n old friend of mine makes a habit of changing his car to a soft top as soon as there’s the first hint of spring sunshine. Well, he’s had to wait a little longer than usual this year, but the wait was well worth it as he has a great option to ponder – the R8 Spyder V10 Plus from Audi. Open air and this Audi are a powerful draw, so I’ll be interested to see his decision. The R8 recently celebrated its tenth birthday and for that alone it should win an award, if for no other reason than it thrust the rather staid German marque firmly into the limelight. At its heart, the Spyder has the same engine that resides in the Lamborghini Huracan, so that gives an idea of what we’re dealing with here. It translates into some real power and to avoid a spell at Her Majesty’s pleasure, drivers will have to go easy for the first three gears. Push it on the remaining three and expect to hear police helicopter blades fairly shortly afterwards. The R8 is an addictive drive and even the most conservatively-natured drivers will have to reign themselves in when coming out of corners. With the top down, there is full exposure to the wondrous sound emanating from this machine, from engine and


MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 29

New Lindberg Ads June 2016_Layout 1 01/06/2016 18:30 Page 3

30 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

“The Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus completes the R8 model line. The Spyder is now also available as a 610PS top version in addition to the Coupé. It benefits from many years of experience in motorsport and combines breathtaking dynamics with the emotion of an open-top sports car.” Stephan Winkelmann, former managing director of Audi Sport GmbH

exhaust alike. What’s under the bonnet does go some way to easing the additional strain placed on the wallet that amounts to close on £25,000 above the entry-level model. There’s also the weight loss of 25kg, ceramic brakes and lots of carbon fibre trim inside and out. It all contributes to making the car a match for pretty much all its peers. For the record, the raw figures are 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 203mph. So, back to my soft top friend. Very often drop top supercars are purchased on the grounds of character above capability, heart ruling head, but in this instance it’s not the case. The R8 is amazingly adroit and fast, with looks matching the ride of which there are three options. As a necessity, drivers will have to keep the car in Comfort mode on British roads, the stiff chassis dictates it to be so. For the more design and artistically minded, there’s the Audi exclusive programme that makes the choice to personalise almost limitless. There are 11 regular paint finishes, with the palette extending to freely selectable colours and matt-effects. The convertible top is available in three colours and the side blades in five. As with the door sill trim, side blades can be personalised with insignia as well as designed in colours according to taste. Parts in carbon or titanium black are available for many areas of the exterior and interior. There are numerous upholstery types, inlays and colours that add to the wide range of options to keep everyone happy. The R8 Spyder V10 Plus is a unique proposition and at a shade under £150,000 it’s £55k less than the Huracan offering a similar level of engine induced endearment. If we’re going to be critical of this magnificent machine, then it would have to be in the accommodation of the taller driver. Anybody above average height will find their head making a bulge in the cloth roof. But hey, nothing’s perfect, but this is as close as you can get. Roll on summer. v

essence INFO www.audi.com

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Ensemble, Stella McCartney, Winter 2017 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: STELLA MCCARTNEY

32 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Fashion exhibition | V&A MUSEUM

Dressed to kill British muslin day dress decorated with beetle wing cases, 1868–9 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON

Right: Silk train (detail), woven with a pattern of roses, c.1890s PHOTO COPYRIGHT VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON


hink globalisation and concerns about the environment are new concepts? Think again. After visiting this new exhibition at London’s V&A Museum, you may come away with a different view. It looks at how designers have always been inspired by nature and along the way have helped destroy it. It’s a warning and comes against a backdrop of good news that a microbe has been found that decomposes common plastic into its constituent parts in days rather than years. Is it natural? Of course it is: nature has been the inspiration for most developments throughout mankind’s short existence; architects, musicians, artists and scientists all owe a huge debt to the natural world. Man’s relationship with nature has never been a simple one from the moment human beings clothed themselves with animal skins, initially borne out of necessity and then increasingly through fashionable adornment to make a statement or satisfy a whim.

In this seemingly more environmentally-aware era, a timely Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) exhibition Fashioned from Nature opened last month and shows until January 2019. It examines the complex relationship that man has had with nature through fashion over the past 400 years.

Nature had a hand in the colour of royalty. Until William Perkin produced the colour in the laboratory, purple or mauve (as he called his creation) came from the innocent sea snail Murex. Huge numbers were required to dye clothes and therefore purple garments were expensive and rare. The colour found fame and favour with the Romans, being adopted by Julius Caesar following his visit to Cleopatra. The V&A’s exhibition is an exhaustive illustration, both beautiful and in certain instances macabre, sometimes both. So the beautiful nineteenth century emerald green flecked bodice and skirt presents a picture of it being worn by a very elegant lady. On closer examination, however, the floral decoration consists of literally thousands of beetle wing cases. There was a brief American trend for wearing live beetles ornamented with jewels and chained to a lapel. There’s plenty from that era to get the jaw dropping, such as the earrings made from the iridescent heads of Red-Legged Honeycreeper birds. Practices such >>>

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 33

Woven silk train for an evening dress, France or Britain, c. 1897–1905 IMAGE: VEE SPEERS. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON


as wearing live fireflies originated from tribal customs in Central and Southern America: all food for thought. One of the many plus points to be gleaned from the exhibition is the fact that nature’s beauty is there for all to see. A range of stunning fabrics adorned with skilfully printed or woven flora and fauna bears evidence to this. Of course, when thinking of more modern advocates mirroring nature, fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen springs to mind. He once stated: “Everything I do is connected to nature in one way or another.” In his creations he was as irreverent as he was worshipful of the natural world he came to know as a young ornithologist. Christian Dior had a different angle, having been keen on growing flowers when young. He later translated this love into designing “clothes for flowerlike women.” It is, of course, the fashion industry’s perennial problem, exemplified by Dior who strove to impose something new for each season, to be in awe of the new; the relentless quest to produce something the eye has not seen before, to startle and dazzle. The ever-evolving fashion scene really began in the seventeenth century with Louis XIV who insisted on his courtiers changing clothes every six months and then cartwheeled forward resulting in garments using materials from all over the world, an early form of globalisation. The ship leagues, horse and barge miles all notched up to feed a designer’s creativity.

34 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Fashion exhibition | V&A MUSEUM Earrings made from heads of Red-Legged Honeycreeper birds, circa 1875 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON

Speckled Crimson Ruff by Michelle Lowe-Holder, 'Flock & Fold' Collection AW11

Suit, camouflage printed cotton, designed by Richard James, 1998 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON


Comment was made in the late eighteenth century about the use of dyes and their polluting affect on the waters. The first exponent and father of environmentalism, Alexander von Humboldt, catalogued and at the same time lamented man’s impact and ever increasing requirements and demands from the world and its resources. So fast forward to today, have things changed? Well, clothes are far more of a commodity now as the revolving door of fashion becomes ever faster. We buy more clothes now and they don’t last as long. The 1930s’ tweed jacket could still be worn today: how many clothes manufactured today will be around and fit to wear in seventy years time? The future? Well, the exhibition’s advisors from the Centre for Circular Design and Centre for Sustainable Fashion are keen to point out that everything is natural as it all comes from planet earth. The exhibition provides some pointers as to what’s possible, for example, Stella McCartney’s recyclable suits. The most eye-catching example is perhaps Emma Watson’s Calvin Klein-designed, red carpet, showstopping dress made from recycled plastic bottles. Desire will not go away, it is an inherent human characteristic to service. This and an ever increasing population begs the question: can we use all the waste we create? The challenge for fashion and life in general will be how efficient we can be offering some fashionable food for thought. v essence INFO

Fashioned from Nature Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL Open daily: tickets £12.00 (concessions) Website: www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/fashioned-from-nature

Calvin Klein Green Carpet Challenge dress worn by Emma Watson to the MET Gala 2016 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: MATT BARON/REX/ SHUTTERSTOCK

Fashioned from Nature: exhibition profile Fashioned from Nature shows how fashionable dress draws on the beauty and power of nature for inspiration, with exquisite garments and accessories from Christian Dior, Dries van Noten and Philip Treacy. It explores how fashion’s processes and constant demand for raw materials damage the environment, featuring campaigners and protest groups that have effectively highlighted this issue such as Fashion Revolution and Vivienne Westwood. It also looks at the role of design in creating a better, more sustainable fashion industry. The exhibition showcases contemporary designers of desirable, creative and sustainable popular fashion. Menswear and womenswear from Stella McCartney, known for a commitment to and success in developing new alternative sustainable materials, is displayed alongside an upcycled dress by Christopher Raeburn. At the 2016 Met Gala, actor Emma Watson wore a Calvin Klein look made from recycled plastic bottles. With separate parts, it was intended to be re-worn in different ways. The look was created as part of the Green Carpet Challenge with Eco-Age, an initiative to pair sustainability with glamour. It is shown at the exhibition with a floral dress from Erdem’s Green Carpet Challenge collection. Fashioned from Nature draws attention to the use of innovative fabrics. Vegea use grape waste from the wine industry to form a leather-substitute and its Grape gown will be on show, as will a Ferragamo ensemble made from Orange Fiber derived from waste from the Italian citrus industry alongside an H&M Conscious dress made from recycled shoreline plastic.

About the sponsor: European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) From grower to point of sale, the organisation brings together all players in the European flax fibre industry. Founded in 1951, CELC is the specialist representative of enterprises in 14 European countries overseeing the fibre from plant to finished product.

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Get bikini ready

Had those sunglasses on recently? Summer is definitely on its way as we now start examining ourselves in readiness for the swimsuit season. Check out a few of Epsom Skin Clinics’ beauty recommendations here to help achieve that desired look for the sunshine to come.


et’s start with some basic homecare to get us ready for the up and coming summer season. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies, so don’t neglect it! Exfoliating and moisturising the body is necessary to improve skin texture and tone. Removing dry and dead skin cells will achieve a gorgeous glow and leave skin looking more even. Moisturising on a daily basis using hydrating and firming body creams maintains hydration and improves elasticity. Also try body brushing with a short, firm bristled brush. The trick is to brush firmly and reasonably quickly, in one direction, towards the lymph nodes. This can help to smooth any cellulite.

My summer favourite

Heliocare is a range of sun care products that provide a high level broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection whilst hydrating. Also with a patented anti-oxidant, the range protects skin against premature ageing caused by daily sun

36 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

exposure. With products specific to the face and body, there’s something for everyone and it’s safe to use on children. There are also oral capsules to provide anti-oxidant protection from the inside. Hair reduction

Laser hair reduction is an effective way of permanently reducing hair growth and now is the time to start. Using heat, treatment targets the blood supply of hair, reducing it significantly, but also making what remains a lot thinner, softer and weaker. Approximately six to eight treatments will be required for body areas and eight to twelve treatments for the face. The results will make remaining hair growth easier to manage and remove from home. Vein treatment

Veins on legs can prevent the wearing of shorts or skirts. However, help is at hand! There are multiple ways of treating different veins that can appear on


legs. Laser targets the inactive vessel and causes it to collapse on itself; it is then removed from the body naturally leaving skin looking clear. Larger and slightly raised vessels can be treated with sclerotherapy where a solution is injected into the vessel causing it to shrink. This is a specialised treatment carried out by a skilled nurse with years of experience. Epsom Skin Clinics offer an innovative treatment to effectively treat varicose veins with a vascular consultant. This minimally invasive procedure uses laser to close larger vessels – it has little downtime and is very successful. All these procedures will reboost confidence with smooth flawless skin.

Your recipe for great skin, founded by MasterChef finalist Angela Langford perfect pores 30ml £31.00 Pore perfecting face serum: rose, cypress and hyaluronic acid

Body sculpting

Rose petals, cypress and juniper are blended with electric daisies and hyaluronic acid to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Angela says... “This natural serum is great for improving the appearance of pores and smoothing skin. This is the recipe for repelling wrinkles and improving your complexion.”

Accent Radio frequency treatment can be used for both the body and face. It causes heat within the skin to create a tightening effect and to stimulate collagen. The treatment can also be used deeper as more of a body sculpting treatment and to smooth the appearance of cellulite. A treatment once every two weeks would be needed, on average requiring eight to ten in total. Results are fantastic and offer the body a boost to complement diet and fitness regimes. Dermaroller is a skin rejuvenating treatment that uses needles to stimulate collagen and remodel skin. When used in a combination package with laser skin rejuvenation, these two treatments can effectively improve the appearance of scars and shrink stretch marks. Booking a consultation with one of our therapists could start you on a treatment plan to inspire confidence and ensure you’re feeling fabulous for summer.

sweet cheeks 100ml £18.00 Balancing and cleansing face wash: papaya, cypress and rose Rose petals are blended with papaya, cypress, orange blossom and witch hazel to produce a non-foaming, gentle face wash that doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils. Angela says... “For those prone to oily, combination or congested skin, this face wash is for you. It is the recipe for beautifully balanced, clean and clear skin.” bloom & glow 15ml £20.50 Radiance restoring face oil: chia seed and sea buckthorn Chia seed and sea buckthorn are blended together to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This oil improves skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation and restores radiance. Angela says... “Perfect for sensitive, easily inflamed or generally out of kilter skin. This is your recipe for gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin.”

essence INFO

Epsom Skin Clinics Website: www.epsomskinclinics.com Telephone: 01372 737280 (Epsom) PHOTO COPYRIGHT: MAKSIM TOOME | 123RF.COM

Visit the website for seasonal offers and packages and sign up to the newsletter. 0% finance available. www.epsomskinclinics.com

As a predominately online skincare brand, we realise you may not have previously seen our products. We therefore encourage new customers to try products by using our Skincare Sample Pack Service.

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Website: www.angelalangford.com Telephone: 01460 929596 Email: info@angelalangford.com

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MY MONTH IN FOOD Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Blanchette in Soho.



t’s no secret that if you follow me on social media, I have a true love affair with Paris. Photos of the City of Light are posted regularly on my pages, usually to remind me of dishes I’ve come to love and know so well. I’ve always felt incredibly fortunate to visit so often, and to indulge in the culinary delights of the city. It’s with those dishes in mind that I was eager to sample the French-inspired cuisine of Blanchette. Opened in 2013 by brothers Yannis, Malik and Maxime, their love of great food and almost thirty years in hospitality has helped create a restaurant reminiscent of the traditional bistros of Paris. Their menu offers a tempting variety of small, sharing plates of beloved French classics, while also bringing their own, modern interpretation.

38 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

We started with an order of Cheese Beignets with onion confit: perfectly formed little fritters designed for that pre-lunch nibble. The moment you bite into the crispy cheese batter, a pillow-soft cheese filling emerges which was equally satisfying and deceptively rich. The savoury cheese is complemented by a deliciously sticky, sweet onion confit. The following dish of Duck Rillettes with pickled endive, Piment d’Espelette and toasted sourdough was a beautifully constructed dish. I found the sharp, acidity of the pickled endive addictively moreish, combined with the earthy duck and that final, satisfying crunch of the sourdough. It felt like a very grown-up snack. And that’s the thing about Blanchette, it’s a thoroughly sophisticated affair. As I glanced around the room, I never once noticed anyone being rushed or hurried on, so certainly in keeping with the Parisian way. My personal greed kept me from lingering over any one of the initial dishes as the larger plates were Cheese Beignets PHOTO COPYRIGHT: STEPHANIE BROOKES




now in my sights. Confit Duck Leg with swede, chestnuts and truffle butter was received with much anticipation. On my visits to Paris, duck confit is perhaps the dish I order most often, so I took great delight in this familiar, rustic offering: the soft, pink flesh of the duck, along with the sweet, creamy swede was a comforting combination to say the least, and certainly up there with some of the best duck confit dishes I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. The added richness of the chestnuts and that salty, crispy duck skin was utterly divine. The following order of Braised Lamb Shoulder with anchovy, rosemary and soubise sauce was a soft, flaky, unctuous mouthful – the meat practically melted on to the fork. For a non-lamb eater like myself, I have truly been converted. It was, in fact, my favourite moment of the entire meal. It’s also something special when a dish keeps drifting back into your mind weeks later. The side dishes offered plenty of classic, bistrostyle inspiration with the addition of Frites and

Béarnaise – one of life’s culinary pleasures. A generous bowl of salty, crispy frites paired with a buttery, tarragon-rich sauce was a meal in itself, and a totally indulgent accompaniment. Baked Ratatouille with smoked aubergine and melted raclette was ordered as the token vegetable dish. However, it felt decidedly more indulgent than usual: a generous golden cheese crust encased the soft, fleshy aubergine coated in a rich tomato sauce. It’s the kind of veggie side dish which would make me eat my five-a-day with extreme diligence. A dessert was, of course, completely unnecessary, and yet the Chocolate Fondant with beurre noisette ice cream and griottine cherries called out to me. I knew I would regret the omission later that day if I didn’t partake. As expected, a molten chocolate centre oozed from the moment a spoon touched the cocoa-rich sponge, and sour cherries added a much-needed contrast to the velvety, chocolate centre. I was almost regretful that I didn’t take longer over the final course, as I simply didn’t want to leave. Fortunately for us, Blanchette is a restaurant that doesn’t want diners to leave either. For a lazy afternoon with friends, or a more intimate meal for two, Blanchette hits just the right note. It’s the kind of easy, neighbourhood restaurant you wish was within walking distance of home, yet a train ride into central London is worth the effort. This restaurant already has the makings of a true Soho stalwart. essence INFO

Blanchette Soho 9 D’Arblay Street, Soho, London W1F 8DR Websites: www.blanchettesoho.co.uk and www.stephaniebrookes.com Telephone: 020 7439 8100 Email: info@blanchettesoho.co.uk

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BRITISH POLO GIN The gin and tonic has been the polo players’ choice of refreshment for over 150 years. British officers were the first to mix gin with their tonic ration in the mid 1800s. British Polo Gin’s roots and provenance are inextricably connected with the sport. British Polo Gin differs from other gins for all the right reasons. The gin is 100% organic, distilled in small batch releases of just 150 bottles, is four-times distilled and has an alcohol content of 42.7%. For a gin being certified by the Soil Association and vegan friendly/gluten-free is highly unusual. British Polo Gin is not only becoming a favourite amongst gin lovers, but also converting non-gin drinkers.

“British Polo Gin® enjoys associations with rich and prestigious heritage institutions, including Mosimann’s and Fortnum & Mason”

Hand crafted in a wood-fuelled still and meticulously crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be.

BRITISH POLO GIN BOTANICAL NO.3 Based on the polo player with the most creativity and verve, No.3 contains a blend of botanicals ranging from elderflower to vanilla to citrus, and so does not have the ‘punch’ present with many gins. Enjoy ‘on the rocks’, or taken with strawberry and basil alongside tonic, or simply as a traditional gin and tonic with a citrus garnish.

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Vintners | CELLAR ONE

To blend or not to blend? Toby Spiers, Head of Fine Wine Partners and Cellar One, talks about one of the dark arts of winemaking – the art and science of wine blending. What is a blend? Why blend? Is blending good or bad?

Wine snobbery can cast blends as something inferior: a jug wine or the slops. If a tank of liquid has no provenance or unique character to be bottled on its own, I suppose it is inferior, or more politely ‘lacks character’. But what happens when you have two great wines with tremendous qualities? Surely that warrants a little experiment to make a better wine? To make something better should be the main reason for blending and, as the winemaking bible goes, that is to make a wine better than its component parts. This does not mean the wines were useless to begin with. Like a fine cut of meat or fish dish without a sauce or jus, the end product is good, but could be amazing. If we look to our friends over in Bordeaux, we can have our first lesson in blending. Let’s go to the famous Cabernet Sauvignon grape heralded on the left bank of Bordeaux where it likes a gravelly soil. Generally speaking, Cabernet Sauvignon on its own may be a bit hollow, or empty, when it first hits the palate. This is where the superstar of Bordeaux’s right bank comes in, Merlot. Merlot is very good at filling the gaps that Cabernet Sauvignon leaves behind which is why most left bank blends tend to be around two thirds Cabernet Sauvignon and the balance mainly Merlot with other amounts of Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot to finalise the seasoning. If we look further afield in France, some of the most famous wines that we prize every day are blends. Champagne is a blend of three grape

varieties generally, including the ‘ABC’s’ club favourite grape, Chardonnay. (ABC: Anything But Chardonnay). Furthermore, Champagne is a word to describe a rather large area and can be made up of a vast array of grapes from many different villages and grape growers. If we finally head down to the Rhône Valley, there is Chateauneuf du Pape, one of France’s most famous names for red wine, which is potentially blended from over ten different grape varieties, all adding their own element. It’s very rare for a wine to not be a blend in some way, unless it has remained in the same tank all its life without any additional wines being added and bottled alone. Even then, should we ask: Would a bit of something else make a bit of difference? Complexity from other flavours? More acid or less? More tannin or less? More alcohol or less? More oak or less? The list goes on. Don’t be put off by blends, dive into them, as you’ll generally gain something better at the price as you are paying less for the label. You may even have a bit of an unexpected rock ‘n’ roll as there are in many cases some really interesting grape varieties used which you may not have known or tried before, which are a bit too overwhelming on their own, but super as a pair.

essence INFO

Cellar One The Coach House, 2 Heath Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TB

Toby recommends:

w Flagstone Noon Gun Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier: £9.99 w GB 23 Chardonnay and Viognier: £8.99 w Grant Burge The Holy Trinity Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre: £29.99

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At their best right now Crates Local Produce, located in Horsham’s historic centre, bursts with fresh, seasonal food offering taste, health and economic benefits.




The radish is of the same family as cabbage and there are many varieties, differing in size, colour and ‘heat’. Many greengrocers and markets extend beyond just the traditional Cherry Belle. More tubular is the French Breakfast with a white tip and mild flavour, whilst Easter Egg is available in a mix of colours and is more peppery. One of the largest is the Daikon, also known as Mooli, a white radish with a mild flavour, it is crunchy and so makes a great addition to any salad or stir fry and pickles well. Radishes make a perfect accompaniment to fish or meat. Choose firm radishes for salads, but don’t worry if they soften before use, as they will still cook well.

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New potatoes

The most famous of all new potatoes is the Jersey Royal. It is protected by a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) ensuring the variety can only be commercially called Jersey Royal if grown on the island itself. However, there are plenty of other really good varieties, one in particular is International Kidney that is the same variety as the Jersey Royal but grown elsewhere. This is a favourite grown at Morghew Park Estate in Kent. The Estate also produces many other varieties appearing a good couple of months after the Jerseys, and well worth the wait.

essence INFO

Crates Local Produce 24a Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EB Telephone: 01403 256435 Website: www.crateslocal.co.uk Follow on Twitter @crateslocal or Facebook page Crates Local



In season recipes Quail with caramelised radishes SERVES TWO AS A MAIN

Ingredients: Four quails One lemon Four bunches fresh radishes, small round or small tubular variety Two shallots Two cloves garlic Two tablespoons rapeseed or olive oil One tablespoon butter One teaspoon honey Seasoning Method: w Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6 and prepare the quails by washing, patting dry and putting a quarter of lemon inside each bird. Place in an ovenproof shallow casserole dish. w Wash, dry, trim and cut in half the radishes. w Heat the butter in a pan and, once bubbling, add the honey and seasoning before adding all the radishes, garlic and shallots. Lightly brown. Add all to the casserole dish ensuring to brush the honey butter mixture over the quails. w Cook for 20 minutes until the birds are a golden brown colour. w Serve with any combination of additional vegetables and potatoes or even couscous.

Mustard potato salad with ham SERVES TWO OR FOUR AS A SIDE

Ingredients: 600g new potatoes 100g of thickly sliced ham Six spring onions, finely chopped Handful chopped chives Half cup mayonnaise – try Rapeseed for flavour and colour Half cup sour cream or crème fraîche Two teaspoons wholegrain mustard Two teaspoons Dijon mustard

Mustard potato salad with ham Method: w Wash (scrub if required) potatoes rather than peel and cut into half or quarter depending on size. w Boil or steam the potatoes just until you can easily put in a fork, but try not to over cook. Allow to cool or just to become warm and dry. w Mix the mayonnaise with the cream or crème fraîche, mustard and spring onions. Fold in the cooked potatoes in a large bowl or dish, sprinkle on the chives and serve with the ham.

Quail with caramalised radishes

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Pictured: 180cm Marlow Table and Six Dining Armchairs ÂŁ2,829

Handmade British luxury furniture since 1977 As luxury furniture specialists since 1977, Bridgman place emphasis on quality, style and durability in every single piece, designing and manufacturing garden furniture which has become well known throughout Europe. Using the finest materials and skilled craftsmen, they have designed unique ranges of luxury furniture that stand the test of time. Conservatory furniture

Our range of conservatory furniture boasts an array of dining and lounging sets complete with virtually stain proof cushions. When it is too hot or too wet to stay outside – bring the outdoors in, with our range of conservatory furniture that is guaranteed to stand the test of time without compromising on style. Luxury home accessories

For that extra special touch, Bridgman have teamed up with iconic brands Georg Jensen, Villeroy & Boch and Voyage Maison to bring you a range of stunning accessories.

essence INFO

Bridgman New Zealand Avenue Walton on Thames Telephone: 01932 242707 Website: www.bridgman.co.uk ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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Citrus clotted cream cake

with rosemary and grapefruit drizzle Clotted cream creates a beautifully light sponge which, paired with the citrus flavours and moistened with tangy grapefuit and scented rosemary, offers a delightful twist on the traditional lemon drizzle. Ingredients Two large eggs 225g caster sugar 200g self-raising flour 227g tub clotted cream Zest of one orange and one lemon For the drizzle Juice of one orange, one pink grapefruit and one tablespoon of lime Four tablespoons granulated sugar Two fresh rosemary sprigs, plus a few more pieces for decoration Method w Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Grease and line a one litre loaf tin. w Whisk the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy.

w Gently beat in the clotted cream and the orange and lemon zest. w Sift the flour and fold into the mixture with a pinch of salt. w Spoon into the tin and bake for about 50 minutes, depending on the oven, or until a toothpick comes out clean. w Prepare the drizzle about five minutes before the end of baking by combining the orange, grapefruit, lime and rosemary and heating until it starts to bubble. Let it cool for two minutes, then add the sugar and put to one side. w Take the cake out of the oven and using a skewer prick holes all over the top and then spoon the

Surrey Sculpture Society

drizzle over. This helps make the cake super moist. w Leave for 10 minutes on a cooling rack before turning out of the tin. Leave to cool completely. w Just before serving, add a teaspoon of granulated sugar over the top and a few sprigs of rosemary. Easy and elegant.

essence INFO

Website: www.jenscupcakery.com Telephone: 07751 553106 Email: mail@jenscupcakery.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenscupcakery Twitter: @jenscupcakery

TOP TIP: For a fancy afternoon tea with something more dainty, buy mini loaf cake cases and split the mix between them instead. Adjust the cooking time accordingly.

2018 Exhibitions Come and discover a vast range of sculptures created by our many members from Surrey and the South East - from new and emerging talent to highly acclaimed sculptors, exhibiting their unique work in beautiful garden settings and historic buildings. Our ‘Understanding Sculpture’ programme of events for 2018 includes a series of lectures by renowned sculptors and our Landmark indoor arts event will feature talks, demonstrations and opportunities for school visits. More details on the SSS website.

4 - 28 May Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden at Birtley Estate, Bramley 23 June - 22 July RHS Garden Hyde Hall Chelmsford

Affordable Art Created by members of the Surrey Sculpture Society for your home and garden

18 August - 23 September RHS Garden Wisley Woking 26 September - 5 November Savill Garden Englefield Green 22 - 25 November Landmark Arts Centre Teddington (indoor exhibition & arts event)

For exhibition and new membership details visit: www.surreysculpture.org.uk 46 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

For the best care in Surrey A beautiful home-from-home nestled in woodland adjacent to the Silvermere golf course and lake. First class care from highly trained and professional staff, and with restaurant quality dining. Hair salon, spa, free all-day café, and lovely landscaped grounds to enjoy the outdoors and even get gardening! A sector-leading Well-being Programme to support your mind, body and soul, with a daily schedule of activities and events within the home as well as regular trips out in our own private minibus. No deposit or joining fee • All-inclusive care Ready furnished bedrooms • No charge for meals in bedrooms

Call 01932 642318

or Search ‘Silvermere Care’ online or on

Silvermere Care Home Redhill Road Cobham Surrey | KT11 1EF

Home from home

Silvermere Care Home in Cobham is Avery Healthcare’s flagship retirement and care home. Set in an idyllic lakeside setting adjacent to Silvermere Golf Club, this woodland retreat offers the highest level of quality care and support for both residential and dementia care, hotel standard services and a real sense of community. Unlike many premium care homes there are no joining fees, it is all-inclusive no matter how much care you need and rooms come fully furnished.


he Memory Care suite at Silvermere Care Home perfectly reflects the progressive and sector-leading Avery model of care for people living with the many forms of dementia. Silvermere’s highly-trained staff work together with a resident and their family to provide skilled support, ensuring the focus is always on maximising a person’s remaining cognitive abilities as they continue to live their life well, in a calm environment that reflects the most up-to-date dementia care research. The Silvermere well-being programme provides residents with the best support for mind, body and soul. The home appreciates that every resident has different interests, skills, abilities and ambitions and so each person’s experience of wellbeing is unique. Rose O’Mara, Silvermere home manager, says: “We work in partnership with residents and their families to create individual well-being plans that help each person live life to the full. The well-being programme consists of an extensive

range of activities including indoor, outdoor and communitybased initiatives.” There are exercise classes and informal physical activity sessions for all abilities, fun activities to stimulate the mind to support mental agility, recreational and leisure pursuits including a range of creative arts and crafts, literary and musical groups, social and entertainment events to share time with family and friends and meet new people, opportunities to continue involvement within the local community and keep in touch with the wider world. The home even has its own private vehicles to take residents on outings. Silvermere Care Home has beautiful landscaped gardens with raised vegetable beds, popular with the gardening club, where residents grow produce and herbs used by the chef in the daily restaurant-quality dining room menus. Residents also have free access to WiFi and iPads to support communication with family and friends over email and Skype, plus a well-stocked library. All bedrooms are stylishly furnished and decorated to a high standard, with single rooms to suites for couples with their own kitchenette and lounge. There are quiet and comfortable lounges for meeting friends or relaxing with a good book. The home’s beauty therapy and hairdressing salon offers ladies the chance to get pampered and for gentlemen a barber offering wet shaves. essence INFO Telephone: 01932 680007 or search ‘Silvermere Care’ online or on Facebook. ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling For adults, young adults, children and Enabling couples people to help themselves Enabling people to help themselves We can all have difficulties in everyday life and encounter problems that we simply find hard to cope with alone. You may feel worried, anxious, low, confused, isolated or may be experiencing difficulties in relationships. These feelings and thoughts may persist and become overwhelming. In these circumstances it is difficult to know which way to turn. At times like these it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist who will enable you to explore your concerns in a safe, contained environment, to help you develop appropriate strategies and techniques to cope with your life difficulties in a more effective way. We offer clinics in Weybridge and East Molesey.

Take a step forward and contact the practice for a free telephone consultation:

Telephone: 01932 705 760 www.thepractice.co.uk 8114 The Practice 4pp DL lealfet AW.indd 1-2

24/10/2016 09:10

How safe is your house?

Protecting your property from fraud Kevin Healy, Partner at Mundays LLP, looks at ways of safeguarding our most precious asset from fraud.


Kevin Healy has extensive experience in the field of property development, in particular commercial land acquisitions for residential developers, including joint venture agreements, development agreements and conditional contracts. He acts for a wide variety of clients including residential developers, national and local companies, private individuals and charities including housing associations. Kevin can be contacted on 01932 590 638 or kevin.healy@mundays.co.uk

n an age of ever growing and increasingly more sophisticated cybercrime, ID theft, fraud and money laundering, more and more of us are being vigilant in the emails we accept, where we send our money and monitoring our credit rating on the numerous ID theft protection websites such as Experian. How many of us, however, think to protect what is our single largest asset, our home? A recent spate of high profile legal cases has exposed the risk posed to homeowners and landlords from unscrupulous fraudsters, as well as highlighting the increase in these types of fraud. Two cases, in particular, should be noted:

w P & P Property Limited v (1) Owen White & Catlin, and (2) Crownvent Limited In this case a fraudster posing as the owner of a property in Hammersmith instructed a lawyer and estate agent on his behalf to advertise and dispose of the property. He said he was living in Dubai and needed a speedy sale as the property was unoccupied. A quick sale took place and completion monies sent to a Dubai bank account. The fraud only came to light when the real owner walked past his property and saw builders ripping out the kitchen.

w Dreamvar (UK) Limited v Mishcon

de Reya A fraudster impersonating the owner of an unoccupied and unmortgaged property purported to sell the property to a development company. The developer planned refurbishment and onward sale, however, the fraud was discovered by the Land Registry.

50 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Protect your identity from ID theft by maintaining robust and secure passwords on all accounts and electronic devices. Take care on how you dispose of personal information such as old bills and to whom you provide personal details. More than 50,000 homeowners have signed up to the Land Registry’s free Property Alert Service since its introduction in March 2014. This free service is one of a number of measures introduced by the Land Registry with the aim of helping members of the public protect themselves from fraud. According to national statistics, fraud has increased significantly year on year since 2012. It is now more important than ever to be cautious and vigilant when it comes to protecting your assets and in particular your home. The Land Registry’s innovative system allows homeowners to detect fraud and fraudulent activity as early as possible by sending them email alerts when certain activity is carried out on the monitored property. Monitored activities include a mortgage being taken out against the property, or an application to change ownership details. Each homeowner can monitor up to ten registered properties in England and Wales. This is particularly useful for landlords as rented properties are more at risk. A property is also more likely to be targeted by fraudsters if it is empty, there is no mortgage secured against the property and if it is not registered at the Land Registry. The Property Alert Service from the Land Registry is a very useful tool in providing an early warning of suspicious activity, however, it does not automatically prevent fraud from happening. It does not prevent an action from



taking place, but it does notify an owner as soon as an unregulated activity is attempted. There are a number of options for those looking to safeguard their property and simple steps can be taken to try and protect yourself: w If the property is unregistered, take legal advice on how to submit your title deeds to the Land Registry as a voluntary application to have your deeds registered. It is only compulsory to register title if you purchase a title that is unregistered at the point of sale or charge. w You can ask your solicitor to apply for a restriction to be placed on the Register if the property is rented, it is empty or if there is no mortgage registered against that property. This restriction will state that the property cannot be transferred or mortgaged without your solicitor or conveyancer supplying a certificate to the Land Registry and that the person applying to change the Register is you. Any solicitor or conveyancer is obliged to carry out identity checks on their clients whenever a transaction takes place. w It is absolutely vital to keep your contact

details up to date with the Land Registry so that they are able to contact you if necessary. You are allowed to give up to three contact addresses, which may be an email address or an address abroad. w As mentioned, sign up to the free Property Alert Service offered by the Land Registry. This can be done online at www.gov.uk/ property-alert or you can telephone the Property Alert team on 0300 006 0478. It is possible to monitor up to ten properties in England and Wales, even if you do not own them, so you could monitor for instance an elderly parent’s property or a property where you act as an attorney for the owner. If you suspect a property fraud is taking place, or has taken place, then you should call a property fraud line at the Land Registry on 0300 006 7030. If you have any concerns regarding property fraud, talk to the Mundays’ conveyancing team who would be happy to assist you. w Keep your ID information secure. It is also important to be vigilant when buying a property. It is the responsibility of the

seller’s solicitor to properly identify its client. However, a good fraudster can obtain false ID documents. There are obvious ‘red flags’ to look out for: w Does the property look occupied? w Did you never meet the seller at the home, or at all, and does the state and condition of the home match the people you are buying from? w Has the seller accepted a low offer without any haggling? In short, if something doesn’t feel right, then speak to your solicitor and ask them to make further enquiries.v

essence INFO

Mundays LLP Cedar House, 78 Portsmouth Road, Cobham KT11 1AN Telephone: 01932 590500 Website: www.mundays.co.uk The contents of this article are intended as guidance for readers. It can be no substitute for specific advice. Consequently we cannot accept responsibility for this information, errors or matters affected by subsequent changes in the law, or the content of any website referred to in this update. © Mundays LLP 2018.

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 51

A PHONEY WAR Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren, discusses the possible reasoning behind President Trump’s imminent imposition of trade tariffs on China and the implications for investors.


hilst watching the high (or ‘low’ depending upon your perspective) lights of yet another Donald Trump press conference, my mind skipped back to when I was around five or six years old and my favourite toy was Action Man. He was definitely the must-have toy of the early 1970s. Somebody who looks after other people’s money must spend most of the time looking forward so it is therefore therapeutic to occasionally indulge myself by reminiscing. You are probably wondering what President Trump has in common with Action Man; the latter definitely the strong silent type, whose actions spoke louder than words. The 45th President of the United States is certainly not inclined to silence. I realised that my memory was triggered by a later addition to my growing army; an Action Man that would speak when I pulled on the cord attached to the centre of his chest. The novelty soon wore off and I must admit that the constant repetition of his limited vocabulary became somewhat irritating. I was therefore not too disappointed when his speaking career came to a premature end as a result of a parachute malfunction. The latest presidential skirmish, about trade and in particular the supposed inequality of the bilateral trade agreements between the US and China, spooked financial markets. Such markets were already feeling a little woozy having reached new dizzy highs early in the New Year, and were looking for a legitimate reason to retrench.

52 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Stronger than expected indications of inflation in the US economy had already made investors worried about US interest rates rising faster than expected. So the prospect of a full-blown trade war and a consequent reduction in world trade, global economic growth and corporate profitability had investors looking for the exit. Certainly, there are not many investors who would agree with Trump’s contention that “trade wars are good and easy to win”. Trade is not a zero-sum game, where the victors export and the vanquished import. It has long been proven that trade benefits both sides, specifically because it enables the efficiency that comes from specialisation and the creation of truly global supply chains. A good example is Apple’s iPhone. Apple is one of the wealthiest companies in the world, largely as a result of selling a staggering 1.2 billion iPhones. The iPhone is designed and developed primarily in California and assembled primarily in China. Apple would not have sold so many phones if they were made in California because the costs would be too high for the price of the phone to be within reach of enough consumers. Equally, phones designed and developed in China have not (yet) sold in the same quantities because they are not as functional or engaging. Nevertheless, Trump does have a point that the current arrangement is no longer fit for purpose and requires adjustment to reflect the pace of growth and structural change in the Chinese economy.

Finance | PMW

During the last 10 years, the output (GDP) of the US economy has increased by less than a third whereas the output of the Chinese economy has quadrupled. In addition to the huge increase in scale, there has been a shift in the structure of the economy, with services rather than industry becoming the largest component. Combining these two statistics reveals that the services output of the Chinese economy has grown five-fold over the last 10 years. This illustrates the growing power of the Chinese consumer and is a consequence

of rising wages. China is no longer the low cost manufacturer of the global economy and is itself ‘offshoring’ production and jobs to other countries; principally in emerging Asia and Africa. Trade agreements are currently tilted in China’s favour by the fact that whilst Chinese companies have largely unfettered access to US markets, US companies must form joint ventures with Chinese companies in order to access Chinese markets. This was a very smart way for the Chinese government to ensure the progressive transfer of intellectual property to the Chinese economy. It probably didn’t seem like much to give away when the industrialisation of China was in its infancy but, with the annual trade deficit between the US and China now at $375 billion, there is reason to act. Cutting the deficit by simply raising import taxes on Chinese goods will not solve the US’s deficit problem because US consumers will just buy more from other countries. The better solution for the US (and global economic growth generally) is to be granted better access to Chinese markets, particularly financial services, by removing the joint venture requirement. So, it would seem that Trump’s endgame is clear and his negotiating technique is nothing but transparent. As with so many of his ‘interventions’ he ‘kicks’ things off with unreasonable demands, communicated with an aggressive demeanour and then reins back so that those who are on the other side of the negotiation can claim a degree of success. All Presidents and Prime

Ministers should certainly read Trump’s 1987 book “The Art of the Deal” to help understand his strategy. Maybe he is a great deal-maker because so far, he appears to be winning concessions without (metaphorically) firing a shot. Or maybe he is simply fortunate that with the US’s supreme economic and military power (and his apparent willingness to use it), he always has the winning hand; just like the Action Man adventures of my childhood. What does all this mean for investors? The likelihood is that financial markets have over-reacted to the prospect of a trade war. Those who are pursuing an appropriately balanced and globally diversified approach should therefore benefit from increasing global economic growth. That is something we would be delighted to help you with. v

essence INFO

Simon Lewis is writing on behalf of Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd (PMW), Chartered Financial Planners, based in Esher. The Company has specialised in providing wealth management solutions to private clients for 49 years and was recently voted Family Office of the Year 2018 at the City of London Wealth Management Awards. Simon is an independent financial adviser, chartered financial planner and chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. The opinions outlined in this article are those of the writer and should not be construed as individual advice. To find out more about financial advice and investment options please contact Simon at Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd. Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Telephone: 01372 471 550 Email: simon.lewis@pmw.co.uk If you would like to receive similar articles by email please visit: www.pmw.co.uk

“The likelihood is that financial markets have over-reacted to the prospect of a trade war.” MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 53

Labour of love Lauren Dickinson Clarke offers an array of surreal and luxurious home accessories. She is passionate about supporting UK manufacturing: each object is crafted in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart and home of ceramics. Megan Leigh caught up with Lauren to discuss her design process and inspiration.


esisting her family’s wishes for a career in dentistry, Lauren Dickinson Clarke decided to explore her artistic inclinations. After studying fashion design at university, Lauren learnt the beauty of creating by hand. After five years of working in fashion, she rediscovered her passion for drawing and crafting to create her first ceramic design, The Creation of Madam. Q Lauren, across your designs there’s a real emphasis on handcrafted details and craftsmanship. Why are these so important to you? A Craftsmanship has always been close to my heart. There’s something beautiful and almost poetic about someone who gives so much of themselves to their work. When an object has been lovingly crafted, there is something just magical about it. Q How do you take an idea to the finished product? A All my pieces begin as illustrations. Inspiration occurs at the most unusual times and once an idea strikes I put pen to paper. There is a very long drafting and redrafting process before they are applied to a physical product. The final illustrations need to be tweaked to suit the shape of the finished piece. Once the design is completed, the illustrations are applied by decals onto fine bone china. The pieces are fired, glazed and hand-painted with a shimmering 22 carat gold rim. It is a true labour of love from start to finish. The most important questions I ask when I’m designing are: “How will this make our customer feel?” and “What interaction will occur between the customer and this creation?” Q Who or what inspires you the most? A I’ve always been inspired by neo-classical art and architecture. Surrealism has a place in my heart too, as do some of the greats, such

54 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

as Monet and Lippi. But I’m often curious about modern movements. The Moody Muse collection was inspired by the concept of the muse, these illusive women who inspire and motivate selfexpression. This in turn led me to ponder on modern self-expression. I found myself being intrigued by meme-culture and how we are often communicating visually through emojis and gifs. The Moody Muse collection is the result of these ponderings – a strange merging of art history and modern communication means. So, as you might tell, inspiration can strike from many a varied place! Q What does your typical working day look like? A Oh my goodness, I wish I had a straight answer for this! Every day is so different, depending on the time of year. The best days are the ones when I am alone with my pens. Q Do you have a favourite design or product that you have created? A I would say that I have two favourites – The Creation of Madam and The Shoe of Eden.

Left to right: The Performer, The Provocateur and The Poet PHOTO COPYRIGHT: LAUREN DICKINSON CLARKE

Interior accessories | LAUREN DICKINSON CLARKE



Laura Dickinson Clarke at work

Q Are you working on any new projects at the moment? A We’re about to release our range of Moody Muse scented candles having created the scents from scratch with one of the finest perfumers in Europe. Each candle comes complete with its own matching hat! I am also working on an illustration at the moment which is inspired by the gardens of the Getty Villa. It’s an exotic motif with pearls and diamonds in place of the foliage and flowers. My goal is to create a whimsically surreal motif, but with the added glamour of fine jewellery. Q How would you describe your own home style and what is your favourite room in your home? A I have to confess, my home is a live-in mood board. Every wall is plastered with drawings and doodles, ideas and scribbles. I’ve always loved the idea of a home being the gallery of you, your desires and dreams. Mine certainly is! My favourite room is the lounge because it holds so many cherished memories of good times with friends. Q What is the best advice you have ever received? A I have been lucky enough to receive a lot of very helpful advice over the years. A friend once told me that whatever I do, I have to stay true to myself and my vision. Whatever life throws at you, your gut always knows what’s best. Always trust your instinct.

Q If you didn’t work as a designer, what would you be and why? A I would most likely work in branding or film-making because I love the idea of producing a body of work which elicits an emotion from the people who view it. I think that being able to provide a moment of escape or fantasy is a wonderful thing. This is the motivation that inspires my work every day. Q What does the future hold for Lauren Dickinson Clarke? A Over the next year we will be expanding our reach into new markets. So far our designs have been embraced in China, Kazakhstan, Korea and Europe. If all goes well, my range will soon be available in Russia and the US, which is very exciting. But more importantly, I will be working hard to craft new pieces that build an emotional connection with customers. We’ll continue to dream, design, create and hopefully inspire others along the way. essence INFO

Websites: www.laurendickinsonclarke.com, www.amara.com This article first appeared in The Lux Pad

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 55

Reading lounge EDITOR’S PICK

Pearls Before Poppies

The Story of the Red Cross Pearls In February 1918, prominent society member Lady Northcliffe conceived an idea to help raise funds for the British Red Cross. Using her husband’s newspapers, The Times and the Daily Mail, she ran a campaign to collect enough pearls to create a necklace, intending to raffle the piece to raise money. The campaign captured the public’s imagination. Over the next nine months nearly 4,000 pearls poured in from around the world. Groups of women came together to contribute one pearl on behalf of their communities. Those donated ranged from priceless heirlooms to imperfect yet treasured trinkets. Working with Christie’s and the International Fundraising Committee of the British Red Cross, author Rachel Trethewey expertly weaves the touching story of a generation of women who gave what they had to aid the war effort and commemorate their lost sons, husbands and fathers. By Rachel Trethewey RRP: £20.00 288 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9780750968294 Publisher: The History Press www.thehistorypress.co.uk

The Stars are Fire 1947. Fires are racing along the coast of Maine after a summerlong drought, ravaging thousands of acres, causing unprecedented confusion and fear. Five months pregnant, Grace Holland is left alone to protect her two toddlers when her difficult and unpredictable husband Gene joins the volunteers fighting to bring the fire under control. As Grace awaits news of her husband’s fate, she is thrust into a new world in which she must make a life on her own, beginning with absolutely nothing; she must find work, a home, a way to provide for her children. In the midst of devastating loss, Grace discovers glorious new freedoms – joys and triumphs she

56 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

could never have expected her narrow life with Gene could contain – and her spirit soars. And then the unthinkable happens, and Grace’s bravery is tested as never before. In what would tragically be her final novel, in The Stars are Fire Anita Shreve delivers a virtuoso drama that sweeps in both the devastation of loss and the strange fortitudes tragedy can bring. Shreve’s last work underlines fiction’s loss of a profound storyteller. By Anita Shreve RRP: £7.99 320 pages • Paperback ISBN: 9780349123585 Publisher: Little Brown Book Group www.littlebrown.co.uk

Fruit: Recipes that Celebrate Nature We often associate fruit in recipes with preserves, cakes, sorbets, and desserts – all sweet dishes. However, fruit can be an incredible complement to savoury dishes too. Adding blackberries to a duck breast with chard or caramelised pears to a pork and sage recipe creates incredibly tasty dishes with great depth of flavour. We are already familiar with some classic pairings, such as lemon and chicken, apple and pork and cranberries and turkey, but there is a whole world of flavour combinations. This book shows how to best incorporate fruit into everyday cooking. The book is arranged alphabetically by the central fruit used in the dish, twenty different fruits in total, including apples, apricots, blackberries, cherries, citrus fruits, figs, peaches, plums, quince, rhubarb and strawberries, as well as dried fruits. The recipes are generally contemporary versions of Mediterranean classics (with some inspired by places further afield, such as an apricot-sweetened chicken korma curry). With 120 delicious recipes, this book promises to be a kitchen staple that will be used again and again. By Bernadette Wörndl RRP: £25.00 240 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781925418446 Publisher: Smith Street Books Ltd www.smithstreetbooks.com

Literature | REVIEW

Painter to the King “Novels about art and artistry are plentiful; many are very good. But in Painter to the King Amy Sackville has written not only by far the finest World novel of itsAround kind thatthe I have ever read, in 80 Trees but one of theJonathan finestDrori historical novels Illustrations by Lucille Clerc of recent years.” – Sarah Perry, ● An inspirational illustrated gift book that tells The Guardian. the stories of 80 trees from around the globe Includes surprising facts about familiar trees It is 1622. ●Summoned by his king, as well as lesser known trees that have had an Philip IV of important Spain,influence painter Diego ● Specially commissioned illustrations are botanically accurate also imaginative Velázquez departs his but native Seville From India’s sacred banyan tree to the fragrant to attend the royal court of Madrid. cedar of Lebanon, trees offer us sanctuary and mention the raw materials for Velázquez’sinspiration–not arrival tomarks the everything from aspirin to maple syrup. In Around the World in 80 Trees, expert Jonathan Drori uses beginning of ascience complex relationship plant to illuminate how trees play a role in every part of human life, from the romantic to the between artist and that regrettable. Eachsubject of these strange and true tales – populated by self-mummifying monks, tree – goats and ever-so-slightly radioactive nuts will endureclimbing for the next 38 years. – is illustrated by Lucille Clerc, taking the reader on a journey that is aspainter informative asbears it is beautiful. Over that time, the witness to the shifting fortunes of a court gradually collapsing under the weight of its own excess. At storm’s centre sits the king, a man entombed by responsibilities to his people and his own growing grief. The years pass and still no heir, his sadness submerged in a sea of advisers and courtiers. Through it all Velázquez observes and paints, recording the king and the daily drama of the court. His position is unique, existing just outside the maelstrom of kingship, but still seeing all. A portrait both of an artist and the act of art-making, the author presents an exploration of art and time, shot through with a contemporary narrative of search and discovery.


Around the World in 80 Trees



Jonathan Drori is a Trustee of The

Woodland Trust and The Eden Project, an Ambassador for the WWF and was for nine years a Trustee of the Royal Botanic

Gardens, Kew. In 2006 he was made CBE. Lucille Clerc is a French graphic

designer based in London, working in

the creative industries for a diverse range of international clients.


By Amy Sackville RRP: £14.99 336 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781783783908 Publisher: Granta Books www.grantabooks.com


Trees are one of humanity’s most constant and most varied companions. From India’s sacred banyan tree to the fragrant cedar of Lebanon, they offer us sanctuary and inspiration – not to mention the raw materials for everything from aspirin to maple syrup. In this book expert Jonathan Drori uses plant science to illuminate how trees play a role in every part of human life, from the romantic to the regrettable. Stops on the trip include the lime trees of Berlin’s Unter den Linden boulevard, which intoxicate amorous Germans and hungry bees alike, the swankiest streets in nineteenth-century London which were paved with Australian eucalyptus wood, and the redwood forests of California, where the secret to the trees’ soaring heights can be found in the properties of the tiniest drops of water. 978 1 78627 161 7 80 illustrations 256 pages

232 x 150 mm

£17.99 • Hardback MAY 2018

By Jonathan Drori RRP: £17.99 • 256 pages 80 illustrations • Hardback ISBN: 9781786271839 Publisher: Laurence King Publishing www.laurenceking.com

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership

A war-ravaged Britain is emerging from the Second World War. It’s a new start too for writer Juliet Ashton, keenly seeking out material for a new novel. Fate, however, finds its way, as the chance find by a Guernsey native of a book belonging to Juliet opens a surprising door. Soon, what began as a writerly search for inspiration will result in changes she could never anticipate. Set against a background of both physical and psychological recovery from the monstrosity of war, Mary Ann Shaffer ekes out a gentle but still penetrative comedy of manners, where the exchange of letters between two bibliophiles gradually draws together two different worlds. Simultaneously, we learn of the deep and often terrible sacrifices made by a small island community that found themselves abandoned to the power of the Nazi war machine. Mary Ann Shaffer, who was born in West Virginia and lived for most of her life in California, tragically passed away during the manuscript’s editing: the final drafts were completed by her niece Annie Barrows.

In this highly anticipated book, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks like, and how it drives sound decisions. His journey provides an unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader. Comey served as director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017, appointed to the post by President Barack Obama. He previously served as US attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the US deputy attorney general in the administration of President George W. Bush. From prosecuting the Mafia and Martha Stewart to helping change the Bush administration’s policies on torture and electronic surveillance, overseeing the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation as well as ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, Comey has been involved in some of the most consequential cases and policies of recent history.

By Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Burrows RRP: £8.99 256 pages • Paperback ISBN: 9781408810262 Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC www.bloomsbury.com

By James Comey RRP: £20.00 304 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781529000825 Publisher: Pan Macmillan www.panmacmillan.com

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 57

Indian Beads by Katie Netley

58 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Releasing by Jonathan Hateley


for Surrey Sculpture Society’s 2018 exhibitions Surrey Sculpture Society is a self-funding group that provides exhibition opportunities for its members and aims to encourage an appreciation of sculpture within society. The first exhibition of 2018 takes place in the stunning surroundings of the Birtley Estate in Bramley, with much more planned for the rest of the year. Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden Birtley Estate, Bramley

Surrounded by breathtaking views, Surrey Sculpture Society’s first exhibition of the year opens at the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden at Birtley Estate, Bramley on Friday 4 May and runs until Monday 28 May. As last year, the Society will be joining forces with Surrey Hills Enterprises, a Community Interest Company, to curate this major arts event that It is a Happiness by Felicity Raybould promises a great family day out and celebration of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Society’s exhibition and sculpture trail at Birtley Estate will feature over 180 works created by emerging and professional sculptors. The high-quality exhibits are set within the stunning 48 acres of woodlands, meadows and lakeside, with an indoor exhibition located in a marquee by the lake. Linked demonstrations, art courses and activities suitable for all ages are available, and as part of Surrey Sculpture Society’s ‘Understanding Sculpture’ programme, there will be guided tours for local schools with demonstrations and onsite drawing. Cream teas and light refreshments, profiling local food and drink, will also be part of the event or visitors can bring picnics, relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape and inspiring sculptures. RHS Gardens

For those who enjoy visiting Royal Horticultural Gardens, Surrey Sculpture Society returns to RHS Garden Hyde Hall at Chelmsford from Saturday 23 June until Sunday 22 July. This will be followed by the Society’s highly popular annual Sculpture Trail, now in its twenty-first year, at RHS Garden Wisley at Woking from Saturday 18 August until Sunday 23 September.

The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park

Early autumn colours provide a perfect backdrop to Surrey Sculpture Society’s new exhibition and sculpture trail at The Savill Garden, Englefield Green, part of Windsor Great Park and managed by The Crown Estate. The event will open on Wednesday 26 September and runs until Monday 5 November with a sculpture trail leading visitors through hidden gardens, exotic woodland, a rose garden and tranquil havens of this internationally renowned garden. Landmark Arts Centre

Surrey Sculpture Society’s final major event of the year will be at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 November. This multi-media interactive indoor arts event is designed to encourage the public to experience sculpture in many dynamic ways and will include workshops, talks, demonstrations, video footage, 2D sketches and paintings, all set in a dramatic cathedral-like building. The many affordable and original sculptures created by the wellregarded artists of Surrey Sculpture Society can form eye-catching focal points in gardens, conservatories and interiors and all sculptures on display at each event are for sale. essence INFO

For more information on exhibition programmes and opening times visit www.surreysculpture.org.uk.

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Spotlight on... Investec Derby Festival

Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom Friday 1 and Saturday 2 June


Renowned as the greatest flat race in the world and a prestigious social event in the British calendar, the Festival is held over two days in June on the unique undulations of the Epsom Downs. One of the oldest flat races in the world, running since 1780, the Derby is Britain’s most valuable race worth £1.5 million in prize money. Her Majesty The Queen attends annually, alongside many other famous faces and over 100,000 people eager to see the best racehorses in Europe. With plenty to enjoy away from the racing, including a funfair and an after party hosted by Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley, ticket prices start from £7.50.

Information: epsomderby.co.uk

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon Wimbledon

Tickets: atgtickets.com/wimbledon

Tickets: atgtickets.com/richmond

Sunday 20 May King of Pop – The Legend Continues

Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 May The Winslow Boy

Dancers, special effects and MJ impersonator, Navi.

Terence Rattigan’s family drama. Tuesday 15 to Saturday 19 May Iolanthe

Fabulous Gilbert and Sullivan. Monday 28 May to Saturday 2 June Monogamy

Contemporary comedy from Torben Betts starring Janie Dee.

New Victoria Theatre Woking

Tickets: atgtickets.com/woking

Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 May Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

King’s remarkable rise to stardom.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Friday 25 May Phill Jupitus, Juplicity

Comedian and TV star performs.

Dorking Halls

Monday 7 May My Dad Wrote A Porno Live


The team behind the hit podcast takes the show on tour.

Monday 14 May Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert

Wednesday 9 May Tim Vine – Sunset Milk Idiot

Tickets: dorkinghalls.co.uk

Stand-up comedian on tour.

Silly jokemeister on tour.

Epsom Playhouse

Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 May My First Ballet – Swan Lake


Tickets: epsomplayhouse.co.uk

Ballet for children.

Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 May BANOS Musical Theatre

Wednesday 30 May to Sunday 10 June Shrek The Musical

Based on the story and characters from the classic animated film.

60 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

presents Oliver!

Marking the Society’s 90th year as a performing society, the musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel.

essence | EVENTS


MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 61

Farnham Maltings

The Electric Theatre

Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk

Tickets: electric.theatre

Thursday 17 May Count Arthur Strong:

Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 May Guildford Opera Company

Alive and Unplugged

Critically-acclaimed comedy.

A performance of Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore.

Gag House

Sunday 27 May The HandleBards


The Back Room, The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford Tickets: gaghousecomedy.com

Saturday 19 May Guildford Gag House

Professional live comedy every third Saturday of the month.

G Live


Cycle-powered Shakespearean theatre described by Sir Ian McKellan as “uproariously funny”.

Torchlight Mysteries Theatre Company Stepping Stones School, Undershaw, Hindhead

Tickets: steppingstones.org.uk/



Tickets: glive.co.uk

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May The Hound of the Baskervilles

Tuesday 8 May The Michael Jackson History Show

Musical satirist and stalwart of BBC Radio 4’s Now Show.

A fast-paced spoof of Conan Doyle’s novel presented as part of a Heritage Celebration Weekend at Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s family home, in aid of independent special school Stepping Stones.

Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 May Bill Bailey – Larks In Transit

The Woodfield Entertainers

Musical tribute and production. Thursday 10 May Mitch Benn

Intelligent, entertaining and effortlessly funny comedian.

Loseley Park Guildford

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall

Tickets: woodfieldentertainers.co.uk

Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 May A Director’s Cut

Tickets: loseleypark.co.uk

Songs, sketches and dancing in the Entertainers’ May Revue.

Sunday 3 June The Tempest

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Performed outdoors in the Walled Garden by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

Rose Theatre Kingston


Tickets: yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 May Monogamy Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 May Merrily We Roll Along

To Sunday 6 May Much Ado About Nothing

Stephen Sondheim and George Furth classic musical.

Monday 14 to Saturday 19 May Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain

New thriller starring Robert Powell and Liza Goddard. Friday 25 to Sunday 27 May The Railway Children

Fresh adaptation for the stage.

62 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Phill Jupitus, Cranleigh Arts Centre

See listing under Richmond Theatre.

Tickets: rosetheatrekingston.org

A major revival of Shakespeare’s masterpiece starring Mel Giedroyc.

The Winslow Boy, Richmond Theatre PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALASTAIR MUIR

Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 May This House

A timely, moving and often amusing insight into the workings of British politics. Friday 1 to Saturday 9 June The Producers

Based on Mel Brooks’ Academy Award-winning movie.

Violinist Leticia Moreno, Investec International Music Festival

essence | EVENTS

Spotlight on... Surrey County Show Stoke Park, Guildford Monday 28 May, 8am to 6pm Need something to do on the end of May bank holiday Monday? Look no further than the Surrey County Show at Stoke Park in Guildford which must rank up there as one of the best family days out in Surrey with something for everyone. With rural life at the heart of the Show, who could resist hundreds of horses, cows, sheep, pigs and goats, alongside gun dogs, sheep dogs, hounds and terriers? This year’s Grand Arena entertainment includes the Bolddog Ling stunt motorbike team with its heartstopping tricks and grand prix showjumping, alongside a heavy horse musical drive. Don’t miss the live music, acres of shopping and rural crafts, a fun dog show, falconry displays and the ever-popular Food Theatre featuring chef Brian Turner. As if all this wasn’t enough, there is children’s entertainment in the form of a petting farm, Punch and Judy, The Sheep Show, face painting, donkey rides and lots more. A day that really is not to be missed.

Information: surreycountyshow.co.uk PHOTO COPYRIGHT: SURREY COUNTY SHOW


Investec International Music Festival

Musical Glories of France


Various venues

Information: guildford-cathedral.org

Information: iimf.co.uk and tickets:

Saturday 5 May



Tickets: theboileroom.net

Thursday 3 May The Belcea Quartet

Saturday 19 May Rock 4 Refugees

A mini festival raising funds for Dorking Refugee Support and Refugee Community Kitchen. See website for line-up.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Saturday 26 May Noble Jacks

High energy, footstomping rhythms.

G Live

Guildford Tickets: glive.co.uk

Saturday 12 May The Shires

Biggest-selling UK country act performs at G Live. Monday 14 May Nils Lofgren: 50 Years...Up The Road

E Street Band member and solo artist celebrates 50 years of touring.

The Quartet performs works by Mozart, Janáček and Mendelssohn at The Menuhin Hall, Stoke D’Abernon. Friday 4 May An Evening of Song

Singers Anna Huntley, Anna Patalong, Ben Nelson and Paul Curievici perform with pianists Wu Qian and Tessa Marchington at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford.

Guildford Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral Choir and Southern Pro Musica perform Maurice Duruflé’s Requiem.

Schubert Weekend University of Surrey

Information: surrey.ac.uk/events

Friday 18 to Sunday 20 May

Tenor Ian Bostridge performs Winterreise – Winter Journey.

Surrey Concerts

St Andrew’s Church, Cobham Tickets: surreyconcerts.co.uk

Friday 11 May Sitkovetsky Trio and friends

Saturday 26 May Tim Owen

The programme includes works by Stravinsky, Brahms, Beethoven and Andy Akiho at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford.

Classic/romantic, modern and singalong piano and vocals.

Vivace Chorus

Festivals and fairs Farnham Spring Festival Gostrey Meadow, Farnham Information: farnham.gov.uk

Sunday 27 May, 12 noon–6pm

A great family day with sporting masterclasses, mini funfair, live music, fun games and streetfood.

Farnham Walking Festival Various venues

Information: farnham.gov.uk

Sunday 20 May to Sunday 3 June

37 walks on offer, ranging from short strolls and circular walks to a 14-mile hike across the North Downs Way.

Happy Days Festival

Imber Court, East Molesey

Saturday 12 May Gala Concert

Guildford Cathedral

Information: hdfestival.co.uk

Tickets: vivacechorus.org

See London Mozart Players conducted by Leonard Elschenbroich with Leticia Moreno on violin and Maxim Rysanov on violo at St Teresa’s, Effingham.

Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 May

Saturday 19 May

Performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9 and Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms with the Brandenburg Sinfonia.

Fabulous music festival with legendary artists performing including Cameo, Gloria Gaynor, The Farm and lots more. Under 12s go free.

MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 63

Cinemas Cranleigh Arts Centre 01483 278000 or cranleighartscentre.org Farnham Maltings 02152 745444 or farnhammaltings.com Odeon Esher 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s89/esher Odeon Epsom 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s88/epsom Odeon Guildford 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s92/guildford The Screen Walton 01932 252825 or screencinemas.co.uk The Ambassadors Cinema, Woking 0844 871 6743 or ambassadortickets.com/cinema

Hartsfield Manor Food and Drink Festival

Museum of Farnham

Sandy Lane, Betchworth


Tickets: hartsfieldmanor.co.uk


A Pre-Raphaelite Collection Unveiled: The Cecil French Bequest, Watts Gallery

Saturday 12 May, 2–9pm

To Saturday 22 December Behind Closed Doors:


The best food and drink suppliers from around Surrey and live music.

West Street, Farnham

300 years of Willmer House

Haslemere Charter Fair

The Museum celebrates the 300th anniversary of its home.


New Ashgate Gallery

Haslemere town centre


Monday 7 May, 1–5pm

Historic fair includes fairground rides, stalls and amusements.

Surrey Vegan Fair

H G Wells Conference and Events Centre, Woking Information: hgwells.co.uk

Saturday 19 May, 10am–5pm


Information: newashgate.org.uk

To Friday 1 June Peter Jackman

Icelandic landscapes.

Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden

Birtley Estate, Bramley Information:

Third annual Fair with stallholders, speakers, films and food.



The Lightbox Gallery and Museum

Art & Soul 2018

Information: thelightbox.org.uk

Marley Common, Haslemere Information: theartfulgallery.co.uk

Saturday 2, Sunday 3, Friday 8, Saturday 9, Sunday 10, Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June

Over 100 works of art from 21 award-winning artists on show at local artist David Paynter’s studio and home in Haslemere. See paintings, drawings, ceramics, glass, metals and a sculpture trail around David’s beautiful gardens.

64 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Saturday 5 to Monday 28 May

Featuring over 180 sculptures. The Hummingbird by Jacqui Shipp, Art & Soul 2018


To Sunday 24 June Picasso: Paper and Clay

The artist’s experimentation with varying media.

Watts Gallery

Compton, Guildford Information: wattsgallery.org.uk

To Sunday 3 June A Pre-Raphaelite Collection Unveiled: The Cecil French Bequest

A ‘forgotten’ collection of artworks.


essence | EVENTS

National Trust

Out and about

National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore. We list a few here, but visit nationaltrust.org.uk for more.


Claremont Landscape Garden Esher

Information: 01372 467436

Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June Victoria’s birthday trail

A half term trail celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Holt Pound, Farnham Tickets: birdworld.co.uk

Saturday 26 May Discworld Day

In honour of Sir Terry and to fundraise for the Birdworld Conservation Fund, see special guests from the Discworld family at the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament. Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June Love Your Zoo Week

Information: 01483 561389

A national initiative to raise awareness of zoos. Don’t miss the additional talks, feeding sessions and activities.

Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June Half term: Nature, who leads

Bocketts Farm Park

Dapdune Wharf Guildford

the pack?


Craft activities and games for families exploring wildlife’s social set up along the River Wey.

Tickets: bockettsfarm.co.uk

Polesden Lacey

Great Bookham, near Dorking Information: 01372 452048

Friday 4 May to Thursday 29 November Power Play

Discover how Polesden Lacey’s owner, Maggie Greville, gained so much social power.

Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June Spring spectacular

Extra activities this half term include bird of prey flying demonstrations (Tuesday to Friday) and circus skills workshops.

Brooklands Museum Weybridge

Information: haslemeremuseum.co.uk

Tickets: rhs.org.uk/wisley

Monday 28 to Thursday 31 May May half term

Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June Family Gardening Festival

In addition to Museum Explorer Workshops, Mill Cottage Farm visits the Museum on Thursday 31 May between 11am and 3pm with a selection of friendly farm animals to feed, groom and stroke.

With a ‘Get Set, Grow!’ theme.

Mane Chance Sanctuary Down Lane, Compton

Information: manechancesanctuary.org

Sunday 6 May Open Sunday

Saturday 12 May The 1940s relived

Ramster Garden

Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June Half term: Go Wild activity packs

Tuesday 29 May to Friday 1 June Half term family fun

Pick up a bag full of craft activities and games to do whilst exploring the wild woods of Polesden Lacey.

Car rides will operate up Test Hill or along the Members’ Banking of the old racetrack.

Winkworth Arboretum

Great Weybridge Cake Off


RHS Wisley


Meet the horses and learn about this fabulous Sanctuary’s work.

Discover Asian artwork.

Maggie’s Asian treasures

Haslemere Museum

Tickets: brooklandsmuseum.com

Highlights include a vintage market, dance marquee, a display of pre-war vehicles, re-enactors and lots more.

Until Friday 20 July Beyond the dragon:

Discworld Day, Birdworld


Information: ramsterevents.com

Open daily until Sunday 10 June

Historic woodland garden.


The Brook Fete

The Pirrie Hall, Brook Information: brookfete@hotmail.co.uk

Monday 28 May, 1–5pm

Attractions include traditional games, stalls, barbecue, tea and Pimms tents and a dog show.

WWF Living Planet Centre Woking

Information: wwf.org.uk

Tuesday 29 and Thursday 31 May May half term: Amazing habitats

Explore extraordinary animal habitats and find out fun facts whilst creating an egg box animal home. Sessions last 45 minutes and are bookable online.

Farmers’ markets Camberley Saturday 19 May, 10am–3pm Cranleigh Every Friday, 9.30–11am Epsom Sunday 6 May and 3 June, 9.30am–1.30pm Farnham Sunday 27 May, 10am–1.30pm

Artisan Food and Craft Market, Monument Green, Weybridge

Guildford Tuesday 1 May and 5 June, 10.30am–3.30pm

Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June Children’s half term trail


Milford Sunday 20 May, 10am–1.30pm

Rediscover the outdoors with this fun children’s trail.

Saturday 5 May

Information: 01483 208936


See website for details.

Haslemere Sunday 6 May and 3 June, 10am–1.30pm Ripley Saturday 12 May, 9am–1pm Walton-on-Thames Saturday 5 May and 2 June, 9.30am–2pm Woking Thursday 3 May and 7 June, 9am–2pm

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MODERN masterpiece Harford Manor in Berkshire is a country house like no other. It's contemporary with ‘new build’ a completely inappropriate description for this creation. The property is inviting and warm, as essence found whilst exploring this modern country gem. >>>

66 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018



“The design intent has been to combine the wow factor of contemporary design with the intimacy of a home. That’s not easy with a blank canvas.” Richard Bellman MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 67


t’s been five years in the planning and building. The company behind it is bespoke developer Quada, headed up by Richard Bellman. We met on a cold cloudy day to be shown round.

As you enter the house there are beautiful coffee table books about Harford to admire, the rulebook is nowhere to be seen as that was discarded long ago when Richard conceived the idea to build on 40 acres in rural Berkshire. Richard is enthused as he shows us around this remarkable house that includes many of his thoughtful and personal touches. You could move in tomorrow and be perfectly happy with what’s there but also add your own stamp as the canvas is tastefully left for a new owner to complete. Where do you start? Well the galleria (or entrance) is an unexpectedly, for a modern house, inviting space that leads into a welcoming lounge from which the rest of the house effortlessly flows. So not a grand staircase in sight, a refreshing start. This residence at £30m is pitched at a rarified market, and for an owner looking for a country estate with modern (and equestrian) facilities close to the main travel arteries. You really wouldn’t believe it’s so close. From one of the many balconies you could be in the wilds of Cornwall, and that’s without a single leaf (yes spring is late this year) on any of the many trees surrounding the house. As a reality check you can see Windsor Castle just five miles away perched on its chalk plinth. There, before your eyes, is a reminder of a starting point of castles and grand houses – Windsor was chosen as a site by William the Conqueror and from buildings such as these (as Richard enthusiastically points out) came the manors and grand country houses. Harford Manor is the modern embodiment of these forebears. It’s hard to get over in words how almost cosy, yes cosy (that may sound ridiculous for a 23,000 sq ft house) this living space is. It represents a living style that Richard champions, and in doing so takes criticism and approval squarely on the chin. Criticism may be aimed at the (red brick) exterior by some and takes a little getting used to, but the landscaping ensures the home forms a discreet backdrop to the stunning grounds.

68 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

Richard is a passionate, creative man with a clear aim to break established preconceptions of what contemporary is and, I believe, succeeds in doing so. I came to the property with a built in bias against contemporary, as let’s face it there’s a lot in current contemporary design that look similar and could do with a touch more imagination. Much appears to be rather bland or mirrors a winning Georgian formulae. Quada have another project on the go in Henley, and as with the Blue Jay property completed three years ago in Esher, it will have Quada’s distinct imprint offering a unique living style to suit the modern age. Damien Hirst featured in essence a few years ago and stated “all art starts life as contemporary”. Indeed it does and this is a perfect example of how to get things beautifully right, no doubt Harford will find its buyer shortly.

essence INFO Email: Richard.bellman@quada.co.uk Websites: www.harfordmanor.com, www.quada.co.uk

Finding your next home...

BARNES Private Office www.barnes-london.com

Knight Frank www.knightfrank.co.uk

“You want the same sensation walking into the house as when using your iPhone, where the house has soul and reflects the other key aspects of your life.” Richard Bellman

Trenchard-Arlidge www.trenchardarlidge.co.uk

John D Wood www.johndwood.co.uk

Curchods www.curchods.com

Grosvenor Billinghurst www.grosvenorb.co.uk

Quada development profile Blue Jay is a 13,000 sq ft new build set in one acre of walled gardens in Claremont Park, Esher. Completed and sold in 2015, it has five ensuite bedrooms, cinema, indoor pool, gymnasium, wine cellar, staff accommodation and a design approach that characterises Quada’s concept of combining contemporary design with producing a home that reflects current day lifestyles. Whilst the house is deliberately modern, the design and external layout had to respond to the 300 year old listed walls by Van Brugh that surround the property – which originally formed part of the kitchen gardens belonging to Claremont House, a royal residence. Blue Jay’s ‘cross’ design and centrally located position within the grounds optimises views of the walls from within the house. Website: http://www.quada.co.uk/#projects/22

Winkworth www.winkworth.co.uk

APW Lettings www.apwproperty.com

Waterfords www.waterfords.co.uk

Jackson-Stops www.jackson-stops.co.uk MAY 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 69

8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Heathway £1,695,000

Sheath Lane, Oxshott, Surrey KT22 ‘Heathway’ is a fabulous five bedroom family home, arranged over three floors which has been the subject of a comprehensive remodelling programme by our clients. Sheath Lane is a much favoured convenient location, close to Oxshott train station and village. Accessed via the large driveway is this recently redeveloped family home. Set behind a wooden gate, the front of the property has a detached garage and driveway offering parking for numerous cars. The back garden offers a patio area, perfect for alfresco dining and a large lawned area, extending to 35 metres. The accommodation consists of large, open plan kitchen/ breakfast room with fitted bespoke River Woodwork cabinets, Siemens appliances, secret larder and kitchen island with a wine fridge. The dining/lounge leads off from the kitchen with access to the garden. The sitting

room has a log-burning stove and views over the front garden. The ground floor accommodation is completed by a study, utility room and guest cloakroom. The first floor features four bedrooms and a family bathroom with the master bedroom having an ensuite shower room and dressing area. The second floor has two double bedrooms and another family bathroom. Nearby, Oxshott village offers an excellent selection of local shops and boutiques, pubs, restaurants and schools. Sheath Lane is conveniently located within easy reach of Oxshott station with frequent direct services to Waterloo and the A3 junction providing routes into London and the M25 with links to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The excellent private and state schooling in the area includes the nearby Danes Hill and the ACS International School.

8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Appleton £2,350,000

Water Lane, Cobham, Surrey KT11 Appleton is situated Cobham’s popular and leafy Water Lane and offers a rare chance to buy a property of this scale and quality in the heart of Cobham, built by renowned property developer Portchester Estates. The reception rooms lead off the impressive hallway and feature a double aspect drawing room with bi-fold doors to the garden and a dining room. The bespoke kitchen/breakfast/family room is fitted with stonework surfaces, Miele appliances and larder and refrigeration equipment. The ground floor accommodation is completed by a utility room and guest cloakroom. The first floor features four bedroom suites with the master bedroom having an ensuite bathroom and dressing room. The second floor has a fifth ensuite bedroom and a media room.

Nearby, Cobham village offers an excellent selection of local shops and boutiques, a Waitrose supermarket, wine bars, cafés and restaurants. Leisure pursuits can be easily reached, including several golf courses, a fitness centre, tennis, cricket and rugby clubs. Water Lane is conveniently located within easy reach of both Cobham and Stoke D’Abernon station with frequent direct services to Waterloo and the A3 junction providing routes into London and the M25 with links to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. The excellent private and state schooling in the area includes the nearby Reeds School, and also Danes Hill in Oxshott and the ACS International School.

Burhill, KT12 A stunning and beautifully presented Grade II Listed period cottage dating back to C17th set in an acre of land and backing onto the 5th fairway of the Old Course at Burhill Golf Club. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms. Approximately 265 sq m (2,852 sq ft). Freehold. Guide price: ÂŁ2,500,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk/Weybridge

Burwood Park, KT12 A beautiful home with an elegant design and blend of contemporary and traditional features, perfectly positioned for Walton station, the A3 and M25. 0.5 acre south facing plot. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 reception rooms. Approximately 764 sq m (8,228 sq ft) EPC: B. Freehold Guide price: ÂŁ3,950,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk/Weybridge



Larchwood is an outstanding seven bedroom detached home built by Osborne Developments in 2011 and designed by the current owners who have together created a timeless classic to include tall Georgian windows, bespoke handmade staircase, a solid concrete structure and underfloor heating throughout. Larchwood is located in Heathfield Avenue, one of the best roads in Sunninghill with its easy access to the village offering an excellent array of shops and restaurants. Ascot and Sunningdale are also close by offering mainline stations to London Waterloo, Reading and Guildford. EPC: C.


A beautiful six bedroom detached property built to a high specification by the renowned Monro Homes. One of only two homes positioned behind their own electric gates with private gardens and both within easy reach to the village, sought after schools and excellent transport links to central London and beyond. EPC: B.

SUNNINGDALE | 01344 291639 sunningdale@winkworth.co.uk



APW Lettings, Weybridge 134 Oatlands Drive • Oatlands Village • Weybridge • Surrey • KT13 9HJ t: 01932 857300 e: weybridge@apwproperty.com Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm

www.apwproperty.com White Eaves, 14 Oakfield Glade, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9DP Available now £5,500 per month Walking distance to Weybridge Station and High Street. Detached four bedroom family home in private road. Amtico wood-effect flooring throughout. Eat-in kitchen with separate utility room. All bedrooms are ensuite. Light, neutral decor. Private, enclosed back garden and double garage.

Godolphin House, Godolphin Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0PU Available now £5,950 per month Walking distance to Weybridge Station Spacious Tudor-style detached family home, walking distance to Queens Road shops and restaurants. Character home with modern open plan kitchen/breakfast room with separate utility room. Ensuite master bedroom with dressing room. Set within stunning substantial grounds with landscaped gardens in a private road with a double garage.


The Furrows, Walton-on-Thames

Prices From £795,000

Finesee Homes introduce this select development of six, four bedroom family homes in a quiet residential location in Walton-on-Thames. The development is located just a short walk to nearby train station and town centre. The properties offer generous family living in this sought-after location. ALMOST READY FOR OCCUPATION - ENQUIRE FOR DETAILS

01932 247777 warren-fraser@curchods.com

Maximum exposure on the UK’s leading property websites when you sell or let with Curchods Essence Magazine - June 2018.indd 1

16/04/2018 12:53:35






An exceptionally attractive Victorian attached cottage, approx. 2,000 sq ft with period character features in mostly walled garden. Five reception rooms. Large kitchen. Cellar. Three double bedrooms. En-suite and family bathroom. Walk of shops. No onward chain. EPC: E.



01932 864242

PRICE £1,995,000

In an enviable location – a private road within a stone’s throw of Oxshott Woods and ten minutes to station. A substantial five bedroom, four bathroom home with four reception rooms plus conservatory, in almost half an acre including a significant pool and leisure chalet to enhance family living. EPC: D. No onward chain.

01372 843833


Guide £900,000

Residential road, short walk station and shops. Four bedrooms. 23' drawing room. 23' refitted kitchen/diner. En-suite and family bathrooms. Garden cabin. Double garage. 140' south backing feature garden. New oak internal doors and Neville Johnson staircase. EPC: D.


01932 864242



In the heart of Oxshott, an attractive, character semi-detached Victorian cottage, with garden and three garages. Two receptions, two bedrooms, kitchen, utility room and bathroom. Walking distance to most amenities including the station. EPC: D.

01372 843833

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

Brentmoor Road, West End GU24 • £1,250,000 Located on one of West End’s most sought after roads bordering Brentmoor Heath, this newly constructed four bedroom detached residence has been built and finished to a high specification. The property is on a southerly facing plot with the garden measuring in excess of 80ft and easily accessible to Holy Trinity and Gordon’s schools.

The Withy, Windsor Road, Chobham GU24 • £1,250,000 Set within the heart of Chobham Village, this extended four bedroom detached residence with two bedroom annexe offers 2,860 sq.ft. of accommodation on a south easterly facing plot of 0.6 acres overlooking fields. It has the bonus of being offered to the market with no onward chain complications.


Winterdown Road, West End, Esher KT10 • £1,495,000 • EPC rating: F

Situated in the picturesque village of West End is this exquisite detached family home with a wealth of wonderful features, offering four bedrooms, front to rear lounge, immaculate open plan kitchen/dining room, and charming rear garden, on a premier plot with far-reaching views across the cricket green and duck pond. Esher town centre is within close proximity, along with the main line train station providing routes in to London Waterloo in under 30 minutes.

Imber Park Road, Esher KT10 • £1,195,000 • EPC rating: D

A magnificent period property offering five bedrooms, three bathrooms (two en suite), two reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast/ sun room, utility, wc and benefitting from a wonderful south facing garden. There are a wealth of period features including high ceilings and fireplaces, making this the perfect family home. The property is located in a very highly regarded road within close proximity to Esher station with trains into London Waterloo in circa 30 minutes.


Property comment | BARNES PRVATE OFFICE

BREXIT, THE MACRON EFFECT AND CATALONIAN INDEPENDENCE Alex Newall, Managing Director of Barnes Private Office, analyses the recent political instability across Europe and the resulting impact it is having on the European luxury property market.


It comes as no surprise that the European Luxury Property market has been affected by recent events across the EU, notably BREXIT, the election of Emmanuel Macron and the Catalonian independence vote. Nevertheless, since the financial crash of 2008–2009, the demand in the luxury property market has remained high and we have seen a general trend in the increase of the number of transactions with the average asking price of property remaining high. However, a series of economic and political shockwaves experienced across Europe has resulted in some investors acting with caution in the traditionally popular cities of Barcelona and London. For Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), residential property is still viewed as a safe, long-term investment. If coming from the Middle East, Russia and further afield, purchasing property in Europe offers their families a relatively safe, luxurious and stable base outside of their home nation. However, the announcement of BREXIT in the UK, coupled with adverse taxation changes for non-domiciled individuals, remittance taxes, and higher stamp duty land tax has resulted in a decline in market volumes in Prime Central London (PCL) as some investors choose Paris, Lisbon and parts of Switzerland instead. With lower market volumes over the £2 million mark, comes lower prices and market opportunities that are only seen every second or third generation come to light. And despite everything, London is still one of the world’s most attractive capital cities in the world in which to invest. Now ranked third in the BARNES Global Property Handbook, following behind New York and Paris, London has lost the top stop for the first time in 10 years. The increased interest in France is mostly down to the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France. Macron took over from a highly unpopular and widely criticised Hollande whose anti-finance stance proved to be incredibly unfavourable amongst UHNWIs. This stunted luxury property market growth across the country, but mainly in Paris and along the Côte d’Azur. By comparison, President Macron welcomes foreign investment into France and is praised for his

80 essence-magazine.co.uk | MAY 2018

liberal economic policies, leading to prices increasing by 20% in Paris. The number of transactions grew by more than 25% in 2017 compared with 2016. Whilst we remain optimistic for further growth of the French market, it should be noted that the government’s promise of replacing the former Impôt sur la fortune (wealth tax) with the revised Impôt sur la fortune immobilière (real estate wealth tax), has yet to come into effect. Spurred on by the BREXIT vote, the Spanish province of Catalonia held a referendum at the end of 2017. Ultimately, the central Spanish government in Madrid condemned the referendum illegal. Catalonia declared its independence on October 1, 2017, a decision that resulted in widespread civil unrest in the region and in some cases clashes between civilians and the police. The resulting regional instability led to the vast majority of high value deals being withdrawn, mainly in Barcelona, although we did have a handful of sales fall through across the country. As Spain’s richest autonomous region, property prices were consistently high year on year. This drop in sales volume has led to a reduction in property prices, and similarly to London, we are seeing a market correction. Not unexpectedly, the correction has generated interest in the region again, albeit slowed by comparison to pre-referendum sales. In the BARNES Global Property Handbook we identified that many property sales were concluded between 20% and 30% off the asking price in Barcelona, which provided foreign investors an opportunity to take advantage of lower prices in what is still a desirable tourist and business destination.

essence INFO

BARNES Private Office 7 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London SW1W 0BD Website: www.barnes-privateoffice.com Email: bpo@barnes-international.com Telephone: 020 7935 5797





L O N D O N • T U N B R I D G E W ELL S • A S H F O R D

T. 01892 526 996


Planning a party or celebration? With over 20 years’ party planning experience our inspirational and knowledgeable team would be delighted to discuss ideas for your next event! From production and AV to award winning catering, bars and entertainment, you can be assured of a magical and memorable event. Bring your party to life! ‘Often intangible, always admired, the secret to hosting a spectacular occasion lies in imagination and creativity translated into perfect service and execution.’

0844 875 0040 | sales@eventist.group www.landmarkbirthdays.co.uk

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essence issue 91  

essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...

essence issue 91  

essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...


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