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Issue 89 | MARCH 2018

Pure bliss Jo Hartley

Also inside this issue: TEARING UP THE RULE BOOK Eclectic art in Dubai

CHILLED CHILTON World champion Tom


ROMAN HOLIDAY Monte Mario’s marvel

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2 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

contents Issue 89 | MARCH 2018

6 | Interview | JO HARTLEY

Actress Jo Hartley is currently starring in Sky One’s comedy Bliss, Andrew Peters got to the bottom of Jo’s love for acting.

14 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design asks and answers what makes a garden a unique space?


18 | Travel | ROME

While some city breaks can leave travellers feeling frazzled, Chantal Borciani finds an escape that provides the perfect blend of Rome razzmatazz and relaxation.

26 | Motorsport interview | TOM CHILTON

Reigate resident Tom Chilton became the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) champion at the end of last year. As Tom returns to the British racing scene, Euan Johns touched base with him for his thoughts on the new challenges ahead.

30 | Art | M.A.D GALLERY

Away from the pristine sandy beaches and tucked away in Dubai’s industrial heartland, the M.A.D Gallery is ripping up the art and design rulebook, as Sterling Brent found out.


40 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month: Osteria Romana in Knightsbridge.

46 | Artisan food | EAT SURREY

Shirlee Posner introduces essence readers to Rose Cottage Smallholding in Aldershot.

50 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Gemma James, a Partner in the commercial property department at Mundays LLP, discusses new rules regarding Minimum Energy Efficiency standards and advises caution to commercial landlords.

53 | Tax | EVERFAIR


For US citizens, worldwide income and gains are generally reportable and potentially subject to US income tax, even if not currently resident in the USA, as Gillian Everall of Everfair Tax explains.

56 | Theatre interview | JESS ROBINSON

Vocalist Jess Robinson is a quadruple award-winning act and is currently tour with her show Here Come The Girls.

58 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

64 | Interiors interview | ALI MAPLETOFT

Ali Mapletoft’s love of luxury goods steered her into founding Age of Reason, a luxury fashion and home accessories brand. Aimee Connolly found out more.


66 | essence | PROPERTY

The pick of the area’s finest houses from the best estate agents.

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Pure bliss The dictionary’s definition of bliss is perfect happiness. I’m not sure our interviewee Jo Hartley’s current Sky One comedy drama of the same name would qualify. It concerns living with a bigamist husband, although perhaps if it was Stephen Mangan… From a young age Jo always loved to act and explains to essence what kickstarted her career and how she’s been able to fully live the dream. There are many different ways to invoke a state of bliss and one of the best must be visiting Rome. The city remains one of the world’s most alluring destinations and in this issue of essence Chantal Borciani finds the perfect bolthole, a 1960s’ luxury hotel perched high above the city on verdant Monte Mario. Offering everything from museum-quality artworks in the lobby to Rome’s leading gourmet restaurant, when in Rome… Not a lot of people would know, but there is a world champion in our midst – Tom Chilton won the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) title at the end of last year and Euan Johns sought out the Reigate speedster to talk about his return to racing in the UK. We’ve all been tempted to tear up the rulebook at some stage, but the M.A.D art gallery in Dubai has some very unusual and eclectic works, one of which we’re sure you noticed on the essence front cover this issue. Arachnophobes beware! Finally, foodie expert Stephanie Brookes visits Osteria Romana in Knightsbridge and Shirlee Posner introduces us to Rose Cottage Smallholding’s fabulous rare breed pigs. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of gardening, health and beauty, legal and financial advice. Don’t miss our selection of competitions, events and places to visit, together with the pick of some of the region’s finest properties. The essence team

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6 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Interview | JO HARTLEY

Pure bliss

Actress Jo Hartley has starred alongside some of our country’s acting heavyweights: Julie Walters, Damian Lewis, Vicky McClure and John Simm, to name a few. She has also played Eddie the Eagle’s mum, but came to fame as Cynthia in This is England. Currently starring in Sky One’s comedy Bliss, Andrew Peters got to the bottom of Jo’s love for acting. Heather Graham, Stephen Mangan and Jo Hartley in Sky One's Bliss PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BSKYB

Q Jo, what made you want to become an actor? A I’ve wanted to act since I was a little girl. I found it quite magical how some actors could just transform themselves into different characters, I’ve always loved stories. The moment I realised I wanted to be an actor was whilst I was in The Sound of Music at secondary school. I played Gretl. My family was in the audience and auntie Betty was visiting from New York. I remember feeling that buzz as I walked out onto the stage, thrilling. It stayed with me. Growing up, I was always a huge fan of films. >>>

MARCH 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 7

Interview | JO HARTLEY

Q Starting acting later than some, how did you adapt and learn the profession? A Well, I began acting when I was 11 years old and I’ve never really stopped. I was 28 when I had my first professional gig, Dead Man’s Shoes. Before that I attended Oldham Theatre Workshop, Questors Theatre in Ealing and I took private classes during the period up until I became a professional actor. I recently read an amazing book called To The Actor by Michael Chekhov. I’m always learning, seeking, and pushing myself. Technically I learn so much by being on set and watching other actors.

Quick five Film or book? Film. Favourite film? The Wizard Of Oz. Cat or dog? Dog.

Q In your opinion, what’s the most important aspect of being an actor? A Many things. Authenticity, finding the essence of the role, trusting the process and don’t act. I need to look after myself: mentally, physically and spiritually. Keep an open mind, allow yourself to be vulnerable and unselfish. Find the truth behind the words. Always listen, collaborate, it’s not just about you, and allow the spirit of the character to work through, be moulded into whatever the script requires. Prepare well, know the character and backstory, know your lines like knowing your address, meaning don’t be thinking about them whilst performing. Personally, I believe I attract roles depending on where I am. I focus on strengths, but also try to do what scares me. A healthy attitude, good sense of humour and remaining teachable helps. Always treat people as you would like to be treated.

Old or new? New. What would be your motto? The best is yet to come.

Q You frequented the famous Hacienda nightclub in its heyday – do you have fond memories of those times? A So many. Some of the best nights of my life were danced out there in my early twenties. It was a great scene to be part of. Lots of my friends were in bands at the time, Stone Roses, Oasis, Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets, we would all meet up and head down to town. I remember what I wore the first time I went in the Hacienda: white Levis, red jumper and brown brogues, I was on a date. It was the best place on earth for about five years. I never missed a weekend. Q How did you go from being a young girl from a working class background with a passion for drama to now ‘living your dream’? A Living the dream is right, and that’s a great question. Hard work, passion, determination and persistence. I always knew I wanted to be an actor, the question was how to achieve it? My family supported me all the way, I couldn’t have done it without them. Learning not to take rejection personally is important. Regardless of background or class, if you are determined and have self-belief, you will succeed. Coming from a working class background has had its advantages. I was brought up with a strong work ethic and I guess I might never have worked with Shane Meadows (This Is England director). He kickstarted my career, believed in me and I’m grateful to him for that.

8 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Jo and Stephen Mangan in Bliss PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BSKYB

Q Did you imagine the This is England saga would have the impact it has had? A No, the life of it has evolved beautifully. I remember we all got a standing ovation at the Rome Film Festival. A memorable moment after all that hard work, that was when I realised it was special. I’m happy This Is England found a life, everyone involved is so beautiful, they care, and it really shows. We are family. >>>


Interview | JO HARTLEY

“You can’t take yourself too seriously. I remember going to the Rome Film Festival for This Is England  and being on the red carpet next to Robert De Niro and Nicole Kidman, but come the Monday I was handing out KitKats in a promotion in Macclesfield!”

Profile: Jo Hartley

Stephen Mangan, Jo and Spike White in Sky One's Bliss PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BSKYB

Q What changed for you after that role in the first series (This Is England ’86)? A Many things, life certainly got much better for me after that. Varied work opportunities came my way. I did my first comedy after TIE ’86, The Mimic, I loved making that. Such fun times. The boys wrote the part of Jean for me after watching This Is England. Q Many of your earlier roles were serious, but you’ve recently had some fun with others, Eddie the Eagle and David Brent: Life on the Road to name two. Would you want to play an out and out comedy role? A Yes, I’d love that. Like Jim Carey, or Laurel and Hardy. Maybe something more off beat, like Napoleon Dynamite. I’ve always had a silly side, although technically comedy can be challenging. You can’t just play for laughs, it’s not about being silly, again it’s about finding truth. The writing has to be smart for it to work, it’s all about timing and pace. I’m always creating characters with mates and I loved working with Ricky Gervais on Life On the Road. He knows how to do it, such a talented man. I’d really like to work with him again. Q Who have been the biggest influences on your acting career? A Gosh, so many... Actors: Judy Garland, Jack Lemmon, Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, Marlon Brando, John Turturro, Katharine Hepburn, Sam Rockwell, Julie Walters, Frances McDormand, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche...the list goes on. Directors: Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, John Hughes, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone, Michael Haneke and, of course, the wonderful Mr Shane Meadows. >>>

Jo Hartley was born in Oldham, Lancashire and attended North Chadderton Comprehensive School. At the age of 11, she performed in The Sound Of Music as Gretl where Jo got her first taste for acting. Later, she went on to join Oldham Theatre Workshop where she stayed for several years. At the age of 17, Jo’s father died, so she decided to travel and put her acting on hold. After five years of working and living in Japan, she made a decision to come home and revisit her acting aspirations. Jo joined Questors Theatre Group in Ealing, London and engaged in one-on-one tuition with various different acting tutors based in London and Manchester. In 2002, at a commercial casting, Jo met awardwinning British film director Shane Meadows. After working together on This Is England, Shane invited Jo to audition for Dead Man’s Shoes starring Paddy Considine. Dead Man’s Shoes was Jo’s first feature film and she has been acting professionally since. Jo has starred alongside some of our country’s acting heavyweights, with Julie Walters in The Jury, Damian Lewis and Vicky McClure in Stolen and John Simm and Joanne Froggatt in Moving On. Perhaps her most famous role has been as warm and lovable Cynthia in the multi award-winning This Is England. She appeared in the highly acclaimed Eddie The Eagle as the mother of Eddie, played brilliantly by up-and-comer Taron Egerton and directed by Dexter Fletcher with a cast that included Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken and Keith Allen. Then followed Life On The Road, a feature alongside Ricky Gervais, who revisited his career-defining character David Brent ten years on from The Office.

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24/10/2016 09:10


believed in it. Change is possible, that’s my own experience. Physical violence towards women effects men too, it just felt right to say yes. It’s about unity. Q You are currently starring in Sky One’s drama/comedy Bliss. Can you tell us a little more about this? A Sure. It’s about a man with two families who know nothing about each other. My character, Denise, has a son with Andrew, and Heather Graham’s character, Kim, has a daughter. Andrew (Stephen Mangan) doesn’t set out to get himself into this mess, but he’s hopeless with women. I wouldn’t say he’s a bad person at all, he’s just weak and very selfish. He hates confrontation. What’s heartbreaking is he truly loves them both. The series highlights how selfish choices affect others dramatically and how people-pleasing really doesn’t pay off. When I read the scripts, I was gripped. David Cross, the creator, is incredibly talented. His work is complex, layered and unique. I was so happy when I got the job, it’s been a dream and an honour to work with such a fantastic team. I hope people love it, so we can do more. v essence INFO

Bliss is currently airing on Sky One.

Q If you could choose a role, current or past, what would it be? A Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under The Influence. (John Cassavetes, 1974). Q Would you ever be tempted to go and try to break America? A Sure, I’d love to work in America. I’ll work hard and see where my journey takes me, put it out there. My auntie Betty worked with the filmmaker Otto Preminger for many years. Let’s see what the universe has planned for me, I’m excited. Q You’ve done some writing, would you like to do more? A Yes, I’m currently working on a project with my writing partner, Maria, who lives in New York. We connect each day for a couple of hours and I’ve learned some discipline. It feels like the natural thing to do after being inspired by friends and peers, Johnny Harris, Alice Lowe, Michaela Coel, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and, of course, the amazing Sharon Horgan, who is an executive on Bliss. I had a conversation with the producer of Bliss, Clelia Mountford, whilst in New York last year and she inspired me. So Maria and I put pen to paper. I had an idea and we just chipped away at it. I love collaborating and I’m excited about what the two of us have created. Let’s see what others think. We’ll be knocking on some doors soon. Q What made you decide to get involved with the Draw the Line campaign? A I was asked to get involved, it was an honour to be asked, and I

12 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

One to watch: Clifford Samuel Clifford Samuel recently starred in the BBC One drama McMafia opposite James Norton, Juliet Rylance and Faye Marsay. The series premiered in January this year to critical acclaim and has already been picked as one of the highlights of 2018 in television. Clifford Samuel began acting at the Anna Scher Theatre. He is from North London and born of Nigerian heritage. Since graduating from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Clifford has been part of the Royal Shakespeare Company, making his debut in Julius Caesar and The Two Gentlemen of Verona in Stratford-uponAvon before touring the United States with the plays. He has most recently starred in Boudica opposite Gina McKee at Shakepeare’s Globe in London. Clifford’s further theatre credits include The Events (Young Vic), The Lightning Child (Shakespeare’s Globe), The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Theatre 503), Statement of Regret (National Theatre) and Obama The Mamba (Lowry).


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Blurring the lines

Using small sculptures in natural materials that echo the trees and shapes of surrounding woodland, a winding chipped bark path and a mixture of native and focal plants creates a very natural space where boundaries are blurred to perfection with surrounding woodland. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, RHS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW, ARTISAN GARDEN, 2017

Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design asks what makes a garden a unique space? Here she explains why location, the brief, the budget and a garden’s peculiar series of opportunities and constraints all play a very important part in the mix.


erhaps more than anything else one of the key aspects that can give a garden or a space its own unique identity is its edges and boundaries, and the way in which they define and constrain the space and flow within and the relationship with what’s around it. We often wonder how best to blur the edges between building and garden, and between ‘managed’ garden and ‘wilder’ landscape. And as garden designers we constantly make decisions that manipulate those same edges and redefine them – by blurring them or ‘greening’ them we try to make them disappear, hiding fences and walls; by using indigenous plants we disguise the edge between private garden and wilder location; by creating hybrid spaces we blur the boundaries between house and garden and introduce furniture and other objects that remind us of the indoor, but invite us to be outside. Some of the gardens we design can only be described through their boundaries and edges, starting with the drama of a window or a pergola leading the eye to the far end – an edge concealed and turned into an intriguing focal point. We like to introduce internal boundaries and edges too, by framing views and forcing us to take a break, by creating different A screen is a good edge defining solution, being less strong and solid than a wall, but introducing enough definition to a garden to encourage circulation and discovery. Plants can climb and mingle in the spaces in between, softening the look. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, PRIVATE TWICKENHAM GARDEN, 2017

14 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

‘rooms’ with screens and embellishing them with plants, and simply by working with what’s already there, bringing new and old boundaries and edges together, mixing new solutions and restoring or blurring old ones. Boundaries and edges are there to challenge our senses and our behaviour, and when we design we like to consider ways in which we can do so in an unexpected manner, creating little surprises along the path, pushing us to stop and think and become emotionally involved with the space we find ourselves in. Front gardens and entrances provide the perfect setting to introduce strong and solid boundaries, but what happens when we challenge this idea and choose a more blurred, flowing and soft divide between house and front garden and street or greater landscape? Does that create an even more dramatic entrance? A few years ago, at a garden design conference in London, I remember looking at some images of a stunning American garden where instead of creating a clear cut division between road and house, the designer decided to blur the external boundary by ‘moving’ the surrounding forest very close to the front door, with some woodland elements making their way into the porch. By choosing hard materials for the front door, steps and landing, built using the local wood with natural finishes and colours that echoed the neighbouring landscape and by bringing the trees and middle shrubbery inside the house, the

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Lower fences and gaps in panels link the private garden space to the surrounding landscape. The mix of soft naturalistic planting and strong architectural specimen creates a bit of drama whilst preserving flow and harmony. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, RHS HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW, SECRET PARTY SHOW GARDEN, 2015

Profile: Alladio Sims

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd was established in 2015 after Jon Sims and Emanuela Alladio collaborated on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Emanuela’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast. Jon and Emanuela in the show garden they created for the Istanbul Flower Festival in 2016

Thyme colonises this path blurring the boundary between border and walkway. It is a small but pleasant surprise. IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, RHS HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW, THE SECRET GARDEN PARTY SHOW GARDEN, 2015

house became part of the forest, freed from its own boundaries, unified with nature and the surrounding spaces to establish the perfect flow. At the time everyone seemed fascinated by this concept and liked the idea of dissolving and blurring the edges. And I began to wonder wouldn’t it be useful if we considered boundaries as an essential part of the design brief and process and looked at ways in which we can utilise them to give a garden a more unique identity? Clearly, blurring the boundaries gives us the freedom to use plants more creatively. Once the harsh angles and edges have gone, plants are the perfect material to soften and conceal. And the best way to achieve surprising results is to throw in the mix different layers, shapes and textures – bold architectural silhouettes with dainty annuals against the sturdy foil of perennials dotted with some ordinary native plants to keep the flow going with the surrounding landscape. Indeed, combining plants with interesting forms and textures is the best way to mimic the intricacy of nature and to soften the transition between edges. Still, solid boundaries can be useful too, to entice movement and a sense of discovery of what’s beyond, and both planting, hedges and screens are useful tools to create strong layers that entice us to discover what’s just beyond or behind the hidden corner. Sometimes these junction points are there because of specific conditions that exist within and outside each garden, but often we introduce them and manipulate them to create the desired space. Indeed, as designers, it is our job to constantly make decisions that manipulate and redefine edges and boundaries and our role is to recognise them so that we can respond to them in a way that will make our gardens positively unique.v essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham), Surrey Website: www.alladiosims.co.uk Email: Hello@alladiosims.co.uk

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Times are a chang’n

We at the 1853 shop are excited about the year ahead and we are just putting together a full calendar of complimentary tastings at our shop in Weybridge to focus on the key wineries that our company owns.

Our main forthcoming events are as follows: Early March – early spring wines, aromatic white wines  Mid March - Houghton, Western Australia. Jack Mann birthday celebration  End of March - Easter chocolate and wine  End April – St George’s Day – port and fortified wines


ccolade Wines, our owners have their European commercial offices based at the same location behind our shop so we will be trying to really deliver that true Cellar Door experience over the next 12 months. Directly from the vineyards to the glass. To this effect we will be renaming and rebranding the 1853 shop in Weybridge to Cellar One over the coming months to pay homage to one of our wineries original wine cellars in South Australia, called Cellar One. We will also be creating a Cellar One online wine club to be launched in the summer. We will keep the readers of essence updated on all these exciting plans. As part of our service we will we will be having complimentary events throughout the year the year ahead focused on our wineries, but also linking in with other cultural events and local societies. If you would like to be involved we would love to hear from you.

16 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

essence INFO

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Buckler's Hard

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Winchester for two in an executive room (subject to availability) with dinner in the hotel’s

The hotel is ideally based to explore Winchester and the surrounding area on the second day of the break, with nearby historic attractions of Jane Austen’s House and Museum, Gilbert White’s House and the beautiful Georgian market town of Alresford. The Holiday Inn Winchester is also next door to the Winchester Science Centre with one of the largest planetariums in the country, as well as within easy reach of South Downs National Park.

Winchester website.

Morn Hill Brasserie on one of the nights up to the value of £80, plus a bottle of Prosecco and breakfast on both days. Entrants can opt out of having their data shared with essence Magazine and sponsors (to receive the hotel’s monthly newsletter with offers). Please state on entry. Employees of essence Magazine and Holiday Inn are not allowed to submit entries. The winner to agree to follow up publicity in essence Magazine and on the Holiday Inn

Beaulieu National Motor Museum

For a chance to win, simply visit www.essence-magazine.co.uk and answer the following question: Name the Holiday Inn Winchester’s two AA Rosette Award-winning brasserie: a) Morn Hill Brasserie b) Big Hill Brasserie c) King Alfred Brasserie Closing date for the competition is Tuesday 3 April 2018 and the break must be taken by Monday 31 December 2018.

Holiday Inn Winchester

competition MARCH 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 17

Eternal lure of

THE ETERNAL CITY While some city breaks can leave travellers feeling a bit frazzled, Chantal Borciani finds an escape that provides the perfect blend of Rome razzmatazz and relaxation.

Rome at sunset with a view of St. Peter's Basilica PHOTO COPYRIGHT: SILVERJOHN | 123RF.COM

18 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Travel | ROME Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Apollo and Daphne sculpture at Galleria Borghese PHOTO COPYRIGHT: HSUEH-YI CHEN | 123RF.COM


ark Twain wrote: “From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in Rome… a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.” Viewed from the balcony of our hotel, with the city trickling out beneath us as a carpet of twinkling lights, and St Paul’s Basilica glowing like an orb in the distance, Twain’s words ring truer than ever. Nowhere is quite as enchanting or as illustrious as the Eternal City. The last time I was in Rome I was five years old. I spent the day with my nonna (grandmother) and father and all I vividly recall is a letterbox-red sauce drizzled over a bowl brimming with orecchiette. It was more pasta than I’d ever seen and it was stupendous. It’s a beautiful sunny day when I lay eyes on Rome again. Its stone facades and peach townhouses vivid against a chalky blue sky. My dad and I wander through the buzzing centre, much as we did decades ago, he leading the way through the winding streets of his favourite city. When in Rome

Rome brims with heart, with energy, with vitality. The air is a symphony of whirring Vespas, melodic Italian chatter, enraptured tourists and clinking glasses, all knitted together by the baritone of that famous Roma traffic. After a compulsory espresso kick-start, we begin in the Centro Storico, gazing skyward at ancient arches, and stroll through cobbled piazzas and around walled gardens. It’s easy to find a plethora of tour guides and hop on/off buses, but we enjoy exploring as much as the final destinations, so stick mainly to wandering on foot. We thread our way through the warren of pretty townhouse-flanked streets, their finestras open and white curtains billowing in the autumn breeze, to


We walk off our pasta indulgences along the Tiber, stopping at the ornate Santa Maria in Vallicella church before crossing the river to Vatican City: a world of gold, marble and masterpieces.

find the Spanish Steps. The steps and piazza may be somewhat overrun with backpack-slung teens and tourists these days, but the church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti, which sits at the top of the famous staircase, still provides much Renaissance charm. Picking our way through the throngs of people, we wind our way towards the Trevi Fountain where Oceanus and his marble-hewn chariot and sea horses leap from the building above the turquoise water. It’s as if the whole city stops and stares – the Fontana is really to be enjoyed by day and night if time allows. For lunch we stop at Roscioli, a small but celebrated trattoria set at the back of a gourmet salumeria. The air is perfumed with cured meats and salty parmesan and it’s no surprise the produce is delectable. Dishes are simple and expertly crafted. The rigatoni with three kinds of parmesan (36-month matured red cow breed, a 30-month matured ‘Bruna’ alpine breed and classic reggiano) dishes up levels of velvety flavour. The carbonara tossed with crispy pork cheek, Paolo Parisi eggs and Roman and pecorino cheese and the homemade gnocchi that sells out within the hour – showstopping. With 2,800 wine labels, deli meats and cheeses it’s impossible to leave hungry or empty-handed. We walk off our pasta indulgences along the Tiber, stopping at the ornate Santa Maria in Vallicella church before crossing the river to Vatican City: a world of gold, marble and masterpieces. The Vatican museums’ seven kilometres of hallways are adorned with one of the world’s most breathtaking art collections. As it’s late in the day, Michelangelo’s centrepiece ceiling in the Sistine Chapel is fortunately a little quieter (locals will wisely tell you to be in at 9am sharp or wait till the last entry – two hours before the museum closes). >>>

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Travel | ROME

Eighteenth century French tall case Boulle Clock, with tortoiseshell and bronze inlays, Rome Cavalieri hotel PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ROME CAVALIERI HOTEL

The Planetarium Suite rooftop terrace, Rome Cavalieri hotel PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ROME CAVALIERI HOTEL

Rooms with a view

Having roamed with the best of them, we grab a taxi to our hotel. The Rome Cavalieri perches atop the leafy hill of Monte Mario and overlooks the city and it is from here that Twain’s words really come to life. From its elevated position, the gladiatorial ruins, majestic spires, secluded parks, modern offices and terracotta rooftops extend to the horizon and fill every inch of our panorama. From our balcony, we watch the sun dance across St Paul’s below us and toast with prosecco into the evening as the wide avenues become scarves of fairy lights swirling around the city. This surely is the best view in town. Remaining faithful to its locale, the Cavalieri reflects history, culture and art in its very design and is home to a museum-worthy collection of over a thousand treasures, including masters’ paintings, rare artefacts, tapestries and sculptures. Around every corner we find displays of the private art collection and masterpieces that would usually be roped off, only to be admired from metres away. The public areas are dotted with Louis XV and Galleria Borghese PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ANDREW PETERS

Andy Warhol’s Dollar Signs hang in the Penthouse Suite, Karl Lagerfeld designed the sofas, the bathroom taps are Swarovski crystal and guests enjoy what must surely be Rome’s finest roof terrace. First Empire furniture, including the cradle of Napoleon’s son, the ‘King of Rome’, and bejewelled costumes of celebrated ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev are displayed outside the Imperial Club Lounge. While art hotels may be de riguer, this hotel feels authentic, ingrained with art and culture and akin to an art gallery in its own right, sharing collections with the Metropolitan in New York and the Louvre. A series of four masterpieces by Giuseppe Zais are displayed above the reception, while three of the finest works of Giambattista Tiepolo take centre stage in the grand lobby: breathtaking. Suffice to say, for out and out luxury (and the best views), Rome Cavalieri hits the mark. The hotel sits in a 15-acre private Mediterranean park, a ten minute ride from the city centre, and is home to Rome’s only three Michelin star restaurant, La Pergola, which takes prime position on the top floor of the hotel and boasts a spectacular roof terrace making the most of the mesmeric view. For royals, celebrities and guests wanting to push the boat out in serious style, the Penthouse, Planetarium and Petronius Suites are the crème de la crème. Andy Warhol’s Dollar Signs hang in the Penthouse Suite, Karl Lagerfeld designed the sofas, the bathroom taps are Swarovski crystal and guests enjoy what must surely be Rome’s finest roof terrace, complete with 200m2 terrace, hot tub and private access to the gastronomic delights at La Pergola via a private walkway leading to the restaurant. >>>

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22/02/2018 08:30

The Rape of Proserpina sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Galleria Borghese PHOTO COPYRIGHT: WIESŁAW JAREK | 123RF.COM

Rome's magnificent Colosseum PHOTO COPYRIGHT: IAKOV KALININ | 123RF.COM

City and sanctuary

We are treated to more delightful Roman sunshine the following day and spend the morning lying by the Cavalieri’s large outdoor pool (there are three outdoors in total, including a children’s pool). It’s a transformative offering for a Rome holiday; the city is a ten minute drive away and yet guests can enjoy a countryside, poolside sun escape in the same breath. The hotel shuttle buses run regularly to and from the hotel and when the city has zapped the visitor of sightseeing strength, the oasis of pools, restful gardens and the hotel’s 2,500m2 Grand Spa Club, complete with mosaic Turkish bath and Roman pillared steam rooms, provide a fabulous sanctuary. During winter months, the glassed ceiling indoor pool with its quirky log fire will suffice. After a banquet-style late breakfast, we take the shuttle bus into the city and head for Galleria Borghese. The seventeenth century garden villa sits on the edge of Rome’s most famous park and displays Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love, a host of Caravaggios and Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne sculpture – gallery visits must be booked in advance. We exit the park on its east quadrant, passing the ornate Villa Medici, and stop for a velvety cappuccino which swiftly turns into a tasting with the café owner of her homemade Amalfi limoncello. Pepped up Roma style, we forge a path to one of the most intact Roman structures in the city – the Pantheon – where the afternoon light cascades through the 30ft hole in the dome’s apex into the grand chamber below. Our weekend of sightseeing draws to a close amid the echoing passageways of the iconic Colosseum. The top floors have recently been opened to the public offering dazzling views of the oval amphitheatre and this iconic Rome sight is the perfect crown on this city break, which overflows with history and spectacle.

Penthouse Suite at the Rome Cavalieri hotel PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ROME CAVALIERI HOTEL

Eternal evenings

We opt for nightcaps at the Imperial Lounge Club, a seventh floor bar at the Rome Cavalieri exclusively available to guests staying in the rather more expensive suites on the Imperial Club floor. Serving a range of complimentary food and beverages throughout the day from light breakfasts to afternoon tea and hors d’oeuvres, its private capacious balconies are some of our favourite secluded spots in the entire hotel. Peaceful and exclusive, we sit gazing at the view once more, prosecco in hand. If all roads do indeed lead to Rome, visitors will not be disappointed. Just be sure to take the road up the hill for the best view in town. v

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essence INFO

Nightly rates at Rome Cavalieri start from 290 euros (approximately £250) in a king deluxe room. Website: www.romecavalieri.com

Relaxation and refinement

Château de Berne Hotel & Spa, located in Provence countryside, is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux network. This beautiful and spacious spa offers 800 square metres of wellbeing and pampering with products by Cinq Mondes©, along with breathtaking views over vines and olive groves. Features include an indoor upstream pool and swan neck fountain, jacuzzis, a sauna, steam room and two VIP duo cabins with whirlpool baths. ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT CHÂTEAU DE BERNE HOTEL & SPA


genuine pledge of quality, with expert knowledge in spa treatments, Château de Berne offers guests and visitors alike a genuine moment out of time in this haven of peace, with celebrated Cinq Mondes’ treatments and rituals. The Spa also offers three single cabins, a special ‘exfoliation’ room fitted with a steam room, two privatisable duo cabins with whirlpool baths and a beauty salon. The Spa’s beautiful, sunny terrace, with its exceptional vista over vines and olive groves, is a must-do part of the Spa experience.

Cinq Mondes spa treatment brand is now present in over 30 countries and acclaimed by top-ranking spas the world over. The Cinq Mondes’ product range consists of natural and unique cosmetic treatments, inspired by ancient beauty recipes. Specially designed for professional spa care, they combine efficiency and safety and are the fruit of extensive phyto-aromatic research. The range adheres to the strict Nature Laboratory Charter (Charte Laboratoire du Naturel®) to guarantee the highest-quality, dermatologically-tested products, containing only organic or natural ingredients, free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicon, mineral oils and artificial colouring. A pioneer in the elaboration of petrochemical-free formulas, Cinq Mondes has always given priority to active biological ingredients with equal efficiency and sensory benefits. All products are certified with the Ecocert-Cosmebio label.

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Website: www.chateauberne.com Telephone: 00 33 494 604888 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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Reading lounge EDITOR’S PICK

Rise Up Women!

The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes Marking the centenary of female suffrage, this definitive history charts women’s fight for the vote through the lives of those who took part. Bringing together the voices of women from all walks of life who were drawn into the movement, it provides a newly expansive view of a cause which inspired and shaped a country. Between the death of Queen Victoria and the outbreak of the First World War, while the patriarchs of the Liberal and Tory parties vied for supremacy in Parliament, the campaign for women’s suffrage was fought with flair and imagination in the public arena. Led by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia, the suffragettes and their actions would come to define protest movements for generations to come. A hundred years on, author Diane Atkinson celebrates the lives of the women who answered the call to ‘Rise Up’: a richly diverse group that spanned the divides of class and country, women of all ages who were determined to fight for what had been so long denied. This is a meticulously researched, vividly rendered and truly defining biography of a movement. By Diane Atkinson RRP: £30.00 • 688 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781408844045 Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing www.bloomsbury.com

Madam & Eve

Women Portraying Women


A COPY OF Madam & Eve Go to www.essence-magazine.co.uk and answer the following question. Name the publisher of Madam & Eve. Is it: a) Cornerstone b) Smith Street Books c) Laurence King Publishing Normal competition rules apply.

24 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

In this thought-provoking book, artist Liz Rideal and curator Kathleen Soriano explore the specifically female development of artistic practice since the 1970s. They also explore the impact that various feminist movements have had on the development of contemporary art. The authors introduce a range of artworks by two hundred female artists, dividing the chosen works into five themes: Body, Life, Death, Stories and Icons. Madam & Eve is not only a visual celebration of art by women, but a testament to the significant contribution made by female artists to the visual

document of the last half century. Liz Rideal is an artist and reader in fine art, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Kathleen Soriano is an independent curator, broadcaster and chair of the Liverpool Biennial. By Liz Rideal and Kathleen Soriano RRP: £40.00 240 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781786271563 Publisher: Laurence King Publishing www.laurenceking.com

I Can Get Paid For That? 99 creative careers to live a life less ordinary

Did you know you can get paid to sleep? What about earning a living from eating, or fancy a stint processing the mail in Antarctica? Covering creative careers from a wide range of sectors and industries, this book shows outlandish and interesting ways to make money. While some of the featured careers may not be for everyone, others may be the perfect fit. I Can Get Paid For That? is an uplifting guide for those that think differently. It’s the alternative career guide you never got at school. Author Jo Stewart is a writer and editor who has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Saturday Paper, International Traveller, Canadian Geographic, VICE, The Telegraph (UK), Metro (UK) and The Times (UK). Jo has worked on expeditions to some of the world’s most unforgiving places, including Shackleton: Death or Glory, a documentary project screened worldwide on Discovery Channel. By Jo Stewart RRP: £10.99 208 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781925418422 Publisher: Smith Street Books www.smithstreetbooks.com

Literature | REVIEW

From Journey’s End to The Dam Busters

The Life of R.C. Sherriff, Playwright of the Trenches Kingston playwright R.C. Sherriff came to fame with his First World War drama Journey’s End, based on his own experiences as a young officer on the Western Front. Its success made him a household name and opened the door to a highly lucrative career as a novelist, playwright and screenwriter in Hollywood and Britain. Many of his films The Invisible Man, Goodbye Mr Chips, The Four Feathers, Odd Man Out, Quartet, and, of course, The Dam Busters, are still well known, but the man behind them much less so. This book rediscovers Sherriff using his own words. His letters, diaries and manuscripts shed light on a man who ironically gained his greatest success from the trench warfare he found so difficult to bear. Author Roland Wales became interested in R.C. Sherriff when his two sons attended Sherriff’s old school, Kingston Grammar. He worked closely with the Surrey History Centre in their successful bid for Heritage Lottery Fund support of the Sherriff Archive, including writing a well-reviewed play, How Like It All Is, examining the links between Sherriff’s wartime experiences and his subsequent work. By Roland Wales RRP: £25.00 400 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781473860698 Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd www.pen-and-sword.co.uk


Women & Power:

A Manifesto

London Rules

Acclaimed classicist Mary Beard presents a revolutionary manifesto for our time, exploring women in power from Medusa to Merkel and presenting a new feminist roadmap. Hard-hitting, unapologetic and wise, Mary explores the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, considering the public voice of women, our cultural assumptions about women’s relationship with power, and how powerful women resist being packaged into a male template. With personal reflections on her own experiences, Mary asks: “If women aren’t perceived to be within the structures of power, isn’t it power that we need to redefine?”. Professor of classics at Cambridge University, Mary Beard’s best known publications include SPQR and Pompeii (accompanying the BBC television series). By Mary Beard RRP: £7.99 •128 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781788160605 Publisher: Profile Books Ltd www.profilebooks.com

London Rules might not be written down, but everyone knows rule one. Cover your arse. Regent’s Park’s First Desk, Claude Whelan, is learning this the hard way. Tasked with protecting a beleaguered prime minister, he’s facing attack from all directions himself: from the showboating MP who orchestrated the Brexit vote, and now has his sights set on Number Ten; from the showboat’s wife, a tabloid columnist, who’s crucifying Whelan in print; and especially from his own deputy, Lady Di Taverner, who’s alert for Claude’s every stumble. Meanwhile, the country’s being rocked by an apparently random string of terror attacks, and someone’s trying to kill Roddy Ho. Over at Slough House, the crew are struggling with personal problems: repressed grief, various addictions, retail paralysis and the nagging suspicion that their newest colleague is a psychopath. But collectively they’re about to rediscover their greatest strength – that of making a bad situation much, much worse. It’s a good job Jackson Lamb knows the rules, because those things aren’t going to break themselves. “Mick Herron is the John le Carré of our generation.” – Val McDermid By Mick Herron RRP: £12.99 352 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781473657373 Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton www.hodder.co.uk

M: Maxwell Knight, MI5’s Greatest Spymaster A true tale of espionage to rival any le Carré thriller, M is the extraordinary history of Britain’s greatest spymaster and the double lives of the men and women under his agency. To his friends, he is Max, to most of his colleagues in MI5 he is better known as ‘M’. Maxwell Knight was a paradox and rumoured to be part of the inspiration for the character ‘M’ in James Bond despite his lack of qualifications. He was the first in MI5 to grasp the potential of training female agents and a man who did more than any other to break up British fascism during the Second World War – in spite of having once belonged to the British Fascisti himself. ‘M’ is about more than just one man, as author Henry Hemming reveals for the first time in print the names of seven men and women recruited by Knight and then asked to infiltrate the most dangerous political organisations in Britain at that time. Until now, their identities have been kept secret outside MI5. Drawn from every walk of life, they led double lives to protect the country they loved. With the book’s publication it will now be possible to celebrate the lives of these courageous individuals. By Henry Hemming RRP: £9.99 416 pages • Paperback ISBN: 9781784752040 Publisher: Cornerstone www.penguinrandomhouse.co.uk

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Motorsport interview | TOM CHILTON

Stepping up a gear Local boy Tom Chilton became the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) champion at the end of last year. The change in racing format this year will see him returning to the British racing scene. Euan Johns touched base with Tom for his thoughts on new challenges. Q Tom, born in Reigate and still living in Reigate – you obviously like the town. What’s the best thing about it? A Yes, I love the Reigate area very much. A lot of my close friends and family live here and I love them all dearly. I like the town as it always has a clean and happy feel to it. It also has some great history behind it from the castle and caves to the stunning Priory Park, so it’s more than just a town and place to live to me. It has great schools, shops, churches and viewpoint, plus it’s also only 30 minutes to London or Brighton and between Gatwick and Heathrow, which has always been handy for my job, especially in the World Touring Car Championship. Q Do you know a local Italian menswear shop – Fortanini? Giuseppe Fortanini currently sponsors young karting driver Alfie Prince. A I know exactly where the Italian men’s shop is in Reigate and to be honest I feel bad as I’ve never wandered that far up the high street as I usually stop at M&S to grab some food! I didn’t know he sponsored any drivers. I will be going up there to say hi now, so thanks for the heads up. Q Both your younger brother Max and you are in the motorsport industry – what attracted you both to the sport? A Motorsport has been engrained in us from a young age with our father being a massive petrolhead. To cut a long story short, it started in a pub many moons ago involving my dad and a few of his best chums making a bet on who could find the best Ford Escort Mark 2 for under £100 which had failed its MOT. This turned into racing in a field with these amazing rear drive cars, and then the wives became jealous each weekend they were away having fun. So they came along to race too. Best part was my mum was busy or didn’t want to race, so Dad said to me why don’t you race the women? I started off racing a Ford Escort Mark 2 with my dad’s mates’ wives at eight years old. Max started at the same age, but in the British Comer Cadet Karting Championship which was a higher level than I was racing. We both got the motorsport bug and love going sideways, being competitive, having fun and making good friends.

Q Max took a different racing route (Indy and F1). What attracted you to touring car racing? A Our main racing roots from a young age mainly stemmed from the size of our bodies in a funny sort of way, with myself being too healthy in the love handle department! In single seater racing, especially F1, you need to be a maximum weight of 75 kgs and preferably under that. So suited and booted with helmet that’s hard to achieve when you’re over six foot. Q Any brotherly rivalry at all? A Luckily we don’t have to be competitive with each other as we race in completely different championships. But I know he really hates being beaten by me at anything: whether that’s at golf, PlayStation or the fastest route by car into London, which as we all know is just down to who’s missed the most traffic jams and red lights! Q When did you first race competitively? A When I was 14, in BRSCC Tcars at Castle Combe (Wiltshire), just after passing my National B racing licence at 13 years 10 months of age. Q You travel the world during the WTCC. Do you mind this or does it sometimes get a little much on top of the BTCC racing calendar? A Last year was the hardest of my life with racing, but at the same time, the best. As much as I loved it winning lots of races in the world championship which all went into the title, it didn’t give me enough time to focus on the British. I was jetlagged and had no time left between racing, looking after the children and keeping up on my fitness training. I felt if I carried on like that I would burn myself out and not have made the most from myself in one Championship. >>>

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Q Favourite way to relax whilst not racing? A I have a physio session every week which really helps to straighten my body out and relax me. I also enjoy going for a jog around Priory Park to unwind. Only a runner really understands that one though! Q Last year was a very good year for you as you won the WTCC Independents’ Trophy. What were the highlights? A To say you are world champion at anything and have a big shiny trophy in your living room makes you remember what a great year it’s been. Every time I look at that trophy, I experience a flood of memories. Everything from crossing the finish line in first place at Monza, holding off an ex-world champion in the same car, to holding big drifts in the wet at Motegi in Japan and pulling out the biggest lead of my life by 13.1 seconds. All the drivers are good friends of mine and in the WTCC we have happy hours when we all meet for drinks after the drivers’ briefings for a catch up. I don’t know any other championship that’s tried to keep this family feel. I think it’s extremely healthy and nice to all be in a WhatsApp group and have some banter. It’s very easy at our level of competitiveness for things to get messy on the track: you can well imagine there’s the potential for some serious tension. This is the same in all forms of motorsport, but what’s good is we are all friends off the track and I genuinely feel this leads to more respect on track. The racing is extremely good considering in the TC1 cars we have some down force that is usually a killer for overtaking. We don’t give anyone an inch, but like to think we put on a great show.


Tom Chilton, British World Touring Car driver, joined forces with Sébastien Loeb Racing in 2016 to get behind the wheel of their Citroën C-Elysée race car, a machine that provided Tom with podiums and race wins and his first WTCC Championship title. After 10 highly successful years in British Touring Cars, where he was the youngest race winner at 19 years old in 2004, he went on to take 12 wins, 45 podiums, the manufacturer’s title and the 2010 BTCC Independent Championship. He made the jump to World Touring Cars in 2012 and was immediately on the pace picking up a best Yokohama Independent Championship finish of third in 2015. Last year he won his first WTCC title.

“I’m fully focused on one full championship next season, the BTCC. I love the fans in the BTCC and I love the racing. It’s such a competitive championship; no other series in the world is as close as the BTCC, every win and podium feels so special.” Tom Chilton 28 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Q Your association with Sébastien Loeb Racing appears to be a good one. What’s changed for you from other teams you have been with? A SLR is a highly professional team and I would say it’s been the best I’ve ever worked for. No stone is left unturned and there are never any excuses. Everything at that team works like clockwork. Q Do you think you can push on from this in 2018 in the new World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) format as it looks as though the racing will become even more competitive? A The problem for me in WTCR is it’s a world cup now, not a championship and harder to achieve any support at all from sponsors or manufacturers. Commercially, for me, the best option is now the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). I’m really excited about moving to Motorbase Performace with Nestlé Shredded Wheat and racing with Gallagher again. To be back in a Ford Focus brings back lots of good memories from when I was 2010 BTCC independent champion. Can’t wait for the season to start. Q You’ve appeared regularly on Top Gear over the years. What’s been the highlight? A BBC Top Gear has been my TV highlight and all nine episodes I’ve filmed have been great. I think the most fun we had though was the bus race and when I had to roll the double decker bus. I don’t think many people can say they’ve done that because, as I can vouch, they don’t go over very easily! We had to put sandbags on the top floor and I had to clip lots of high ground on the inside and get a tap from behind to get her to roll over. I never thought it was possible, but I was getting a Scandinavian flick coming off the tarmac at Lydden Hill Race Circuit onto the rallycross track and it seemed safe to a point! Q Fancy being Stig…or have you already? A I would be happy to be the Stig…sadly I’ve been too busy with racing and wouldn’t be able to commit full time. essence INFO

Website: www.tomchilton.com

Five star holidays

come with five star fun

Quote ‘essence’ to receive a unique booking reference and to be put in touch with our recommended ATOL protected luxury travel partner.

Two luxury five star family resorts; Chia Laguna Resort in Sardinia and The Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal offer a luxury break for parents whilst Campioni sports academies keep children thoroughly entertained in a safe and friendly environment.


he Campioni Soccer Academy is a professional football school for children of all abilities between six and fifteen years old. Former Premiership players Wes Brown, Joleon Lescott, Andrew Cole, Andrew Johnson and Michael Johnson will be passing on their skills to make this an unmmissable and unique experience. The course aims to improve technical skills, attitude, decision-making, and general fitness. Qualified dance teacher and fitness expert Kevin Adams, will head up the Campioni Dance Academy for the more theatrically minded guests staying at Chia Laguna. The two-hour daily street dance classes for children of all abilities aged six years and above, are held in the resort’s air-conditioned conference centre. Kevin has worked with Mariah Carey, The Spice Girls and Boyzone to name but a few and the end of week dance show is a great finale not to be missed! Campioni’s academies are much more than just a kids club and many families return to reunite with friends and socialise with the footballers and Campioni team. Have your own piece of paradise with football and dance fantasies on the side!

Andrew Cole, Manchester United Legend

essence INFO

Website: www.campioni.co Email: info@campioni.co Telephone: 07976 740 860 Socal media: @campioniacademy

“I had the privilege to work alongside Campioni coaching children last year and enjoyed the experience enough to join the company. I’m looking forward to putting my training shoes on again this summer”


ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Campioni Events proudly sponsored MCM

w The Campioni Soccer Academy costs €550, the Campioni Dance Academy costs €400 per child for the week, price includes a kit, bag, cap and water bottle w Sessions run weekdays 10am–midday w Chia Laguna, Sardinia 28 May–1 June/2 July–3 August 2018 w Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal 23 July–3 August 2018 (soccer only at Pine Cliffs)

Get in touch for details on our corporate event 14 May – The adults turn to play with Andrew Cole at Selhurst Park!

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Arachnophobia: It's a creepy spider with an L'EpĂŠe 1839 in-house-designed and manufactured movement. MB&F's founder, Maximilian BĂźsser created this piece after seeing the giant spider sculpture, Maman

30 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018


There’s a method in the


When we think of Dubai, our minds jump to images of shopping malls big enough to fit fountains in, pristine sandy beaches, prices that’ll make eyes water and, of course, the tallest building in the world. But tucked away in Dubai’s industrial heartland, the M.A.D Gallery and its exuberant exhibits are ripping up the art and design rulebook, as Sterling Brent found out.


o the unenlightened, Dubai’s sprawling Al Quoz area, located a mere two and a half kilometres inland from the Burj Al Arab, is a dusty, sand-swept industrial zone, filled with nameless backstreet garages, tyre fitters and concrete contractors. However, to those in the know, Al Quoz – and Alserkal Avenue in particular – is Dubai’s creative heart: a hotbed of galleries, specialist retailers, museums and the odd trendy café. Typically unpretentious, the creative establishments here rely on word of mouth and reputation for business. Footfall in Al Quoz is basically non-existent and so clientele is kept to the most exclusive of UAE residents. It’s this creative community that lead to the MB&F M.A.D Gallery setting up on the bustling Alserkal Avenue, rather than a downtown gallery with a Burj Khalifa view.

The MB&F concept

Geneva 2005. After years of conforming to the rules of corporate watchmaking, Maximilian Büsser had his ‘Falling Down’ moment, escaping the safe world of horology with a myriad of defiant ideas that would start a rebellion which he called MB&F – Maximilian Büsser & Friends. His friends consisted of fellow creatives, all of whom were blessed with a restless streak. Maximilian wanted to assemble a group of radical artists with a penchant for the extreme – rebels without constraint – rock star watchmakers and sculptors.

Above: The M.A.D Gallery’s artists are handpicked by founder Maximilian Büsser (pictured below) to join the MB&F rebellion

The MB&F M.A.D Gallery

To display the kinetic art, horological machines and Mechanical Art Devices of the evergrowing MB&F family, Maximilian opened his first M.A.D Gallery in Geneva in 2011. This was followed by the launch of the M.A.D Gallery Taipei in 2014, with the Dubai branch opening its doors in January 2016. The gallery in Alserkal Avenue not only houses a complete range of MB&F Horological Machines and Legacy Machines, but also a number of carefully-curated pieces from across the globe, each piece representing the pinnacle of mechanical art devices. From arachnid-inspired wall clocks to custom-built motorcycles, the M.A.D Gallery certainly lives up to its name... >>>

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Comic book artist Jean Giraud was a huge inspiration for Renaud Marion

Air Drive

On the walls of the Alserkal Avenue gallery, Renaud Marion’s Air Drive Project showcases nine visionary photographs of ‘flying’ cars. Inspired by sci-fi films of the past, the French photographer created his interpretation of future transport, but with a twist: the cars are all based on classics from the 1940s through to the late 1960s. To get the look, Marion photographed each car in situ in and around Paris, making sure the backdrop was as ‘Luc Besson’ as it could be. Back in his studio, he digitally removed the wheel wells, creating the iconic ‘flying’ look.

Renaud Marion photographed each classic car in both Paris and Geneva


Joining Marion’s Airdrive concept on the M.A.D Gallery’s walls is a completely different art piece – a clock that will have arachnophobes reaching for a rolled-up magazine. Arachnophobia was inspired by a giant spider sculpture that MB&F’s founder, Maximilian, had seen in Geneva and although much smaller, at 405mm in diameter, this table-cum-wall clock is an intimidating piece of work. The high-end L’Epée movement has been reimagined as the head and abdomen, with the visible moving parts adding to the overall ‘live’ effect. It’s not for everyone, however, Arachnophobia’s presence can’t be denied.

Chicara Art

The gold-plated spider weighs 1.96kgs compared to the black version’s 0.98kgs

“A clock that will have arachnophobes reaching for a rolled up magazine.”

Chicara Nagata is a Japanese graphic designer who also builds motorcycles. Each of Nagata’s works of art takes between 7,000 to 8,000 hours to complete and are completely rideable, as he builds each motorcycle around a classic bike engine. To realise his wild imagination, Nagata manufactures up to 500 components himself, forming parts out of steel, aluminium, chrome, brass and copper. Nagata also sources specialist parts from Harley Davidson, Triumph and Bob Newby Racing, which he carefully integrates onto his designs, which, as it happens, won him first place in the AMD Championships – the world’s most recognised custom bike awards. Right: These hand-built motorcycles take up to 8,000 hours each to create Above: Ironically, Nagata was almost killed in a motorbike accident when he was 16 >>>

32 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018


Each number has its own filament

Sleep Walker

Nixie Machine

Back in 1993, Berlin-based Frank Buchwald decided to turn his science-fiction illustrations into working pieces of art, creating all manner of space-age sculptural lights. For the M.A.D Gallery, he collaborated with Dalibor Farny, a passionate engineer, to create the Nixie Machine II, a clock utilising For Frank Buchwald, metal is the perfect material with Nixie tubes. Also known as cold cathode which to work creatively displays, the numerals inside the tubes glow a seductive orange and are ‘fed’ by numerous steel tubes. Telling the time has never been so alluring.

Inspired by the unlikely duo of cartoons and polished steel, China’s Xia Hang formed arguably the M.A.D Gallery’s most eye-catching sculptures. Stepping through the door, Poseidon greets the visitor, a huge stainless steel creation that is the amalgamation of two of the planet’s most feared predators: the attack helicopter and the great white shark. Watching over it is another striking piece, the 90x65x90cm Mutton Head – a sculpture of polished steel that challenges the conventions of the art of sculpting.


Swiss artist Fabian Oefner’s Disintegration series is one of the most well-known of the M.A.D Gallery’s works, as it has been picked up by a number of automotive websites and blogs. Using iconic sports car models as a base, Oefner painstakingly takes two months to deconstruct and photograph his works, taking over 2,000 images in the process. After photographing each of the exploded components, Oefner comps the image together to create a real photograph that looks like a 3D rendering. Above: Fabian Oefner begins each piece by deconstructing a high quality scale model Below: Each engine component is photographed separately

Top: Xia Hang can create beauty as well as brawn Above: Xia Hang is a pioneer in the adoption of the ‘sculpture of play’

essence INFO

MB&F M.A.D Gallery Dubai Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971 04 330 7366 Email: info@madgallery.ae Website: www.madgallery.net Artists: Renaud Marion, Maximilian Büsser, Chicara Nagata, Frank Buchwald, Xia Hang and Fabian Oefner

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MEET YOUR MATCH Beautiful friendships start here

Sara Eden Introductions is the UK’s foremost dating, introduction and matchmaking agency with offices in Central London and Royal Windsor. For almost 30 years it has brought together thousands of couples that would otherwise never have met. Matchmaking is both a skill and an art.

Sara Eden Introductions is a matchmaking service which understands that professionals, academics, managers and business people can find it hard to meet the right partner for a variety of different reasons. They have the experience and imagination to understand what makes two people compatible, and to see potential couples forming loving, long-term relationships. The secret to success is simple; investing the time getting to know members personally in order to reach an informed, rounded view to find the best matches. This is a personal and very professional service that aims to take the pressure off and make the experience enjoyable, informative and above all, fun. The vast majority of new clients are recommended by couples that have met each other through Sara Eden Introductions.

“As you would expect, we are very much looking forward to Valentine’s day on February 14th, that special day dedicated to love and all things romantic. But how can one day be enough? We say make room for romance every day.” Karen Mooney, Founder and Managing Director (pictured right). essence INFO

Sara Eden Introductions London Office: 16 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP Telephone: 020 7499 9626 Windsor Office: March House, 13 Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire Telephone: 01753 830350 Email: info@sara-eden.co.uk Website: www.sara-eden.co.uk ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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a look great, feel great treat for spring from Sure Aesthetics

Sure Aesthetics is offering the chance to look and feel great with a treat worth £150. Sarah Horwood, Sure Aesthetics owner, says: “Spring can be a challenge for our bodies if we do not treat them properly. This combination of facial treatments and nourishing supplements will really make you look radiant from the inside out.” There are two clinically proven facial treatments to choose from, so whether it’s an anti-ageing treatment to plump out the skin and look younger, healthier and fresher, or to improve the skin’s surface, reduce skin scarring, sun damage, control excess oil and inflammation or to reduce wrinkles, these will help. 

Also included in the prize is an eyelash tint or eyebrow shape and a goodie bag containing a week’s supply of Isagenix products and supplements for nutritional cleansing, health and wellbeing. For a chance to win simply visit www.essence-magazine.co.uk and answer the following question: can cause skin damage through over exposure? Adverts_Layout 1What 22/01/2018 14:21 Page 1 a) The moon b) The stars c) The sun

01932 878300

A 15% discount at Sure Aesthetics is offered to all entries not drawn as the winner, valid until 30 April 2018. Contact details must be supplied and passed on to Sure Aesthetics for the discount voucher to be offered. 


Tick this box – to claim your discount voucher.

essence INFO For further information on Sure Aesthetics and its range of treatments, please call Sarah on 01306 770180, email  clinic@sureaesthetics.co.uk or take a look at the website www.sureaesthetics.co.uk.


2-4 Church Street, Weybridge, KT13 8DX

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Party time

Spring is here and Parties to go has spent the winter preparing a host of delights to wow and get you in the mood to treat yourself.


e all know brunch is the best meal of the day. This is, of course, is down to the alcoholic beverages at 12 o’clock; the boozy bourbon milkshakes Parties to go make are particularly good! Parties to go offer a barbecue brunch that will make any event one to remember. Have your guests met at the door with a Mimosa or a milkshake made by their cocktail barman. Parties to go will tempt your friends, colleagues and loved ones with leek and apple sausages, bacon and hotcakes; all grilled over the embers in charcoal barbecues. You can relax and enjoy Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and chives, American-style blueberry pancakes, chorizo hash and spinach baked eggs, to name just a few of their delicious recipes. Sipping on a freshly-made fruit smoothie you can rest easy knowing the Parties to go team has everything under control. Though the true beauty of a brunch-based event is its versatility; it works just as well as a small get together with close friends, or a corporate event or even as a wedding breakfast with a difference. Many of Parties to go’s menus are on their website: www.partiestogo.co.uk.

If you have a query or want help with an event, please get in touch using the contact details below. essence INFO

Website: www.partiestogo.co.uk Email: carole@partiestogo.co.uk Telephone: 020 8947 5337 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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Bridal beauty tips

Brides to be: it is time to prepare. Whilst there may be a myriad of wedding decisions keeping everyone occupied, make sure you think about yourself! This month we explore alternative beauty treatments that may not have been considered, says Naomi Diamond of Epsom Skin Clinics. Helpful tips leading up to the big day:

w Stay hydrated! Whilst undertaking exercise routines, attempting weight loss and to aid healthy skin, it is important to stay hydrated. We all know drinking water is good for us, but starving the skin of water can lead to lost muscle tone where it will not support weight loss. Also, invest in a dry body brush and use it every other day. Work in sweeping motions towards the lymph nodes to help with cellulite: the aim is to get the circulation flowing and stimulate hard fat. w Life is busy enough, but time becomes very precious leading up to a wedding. Set aside a few hours at least once a week to treat yourself. Purchase a nourishing cuticle oil to promote strong nail growth and healthy cuticles for those ‘up close’ wedding ring pictures. Phenomen Oil from Jessica has vitamin E, rice and jojoba oils to deeply moisturise and can also be used on dry elbows, knees or chapped lips. For dry skin or eczema sufferers, try various body lotions and potions, but remember a doctor can always prescribe something stronger to target stubborn areas. For the beautiful bride experiencing problematic and oily skin:

Many people suffering from acne may be at the end of their tether having tried multiple treatments, products and medications, which some may find have helped improve the skin, but not necessarily targeted the root of the problem. AGNES is a treatment that carries out selective sebaceous gland destruction. There are thousands of sebaceous glands over the face and these help to keep skin lubricated with oil; in an acne-prone skin these glands are more active and therefore over produce oil leading to spots. Studies suggest most acne recurs from the same damaged sebaceous gland and this is where AGNES comes

38 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

in. To treat the recurring spot, Epsom Skin Clinics use a radio frequency needle to coagulate and remove the gland resulting in less spots and less future scarring. The same principle can be applied to treating fat pads under the eyes and sagging skin/eye bags using a non-surgical approach. For the bride who wants to hide a tattoo:

‘Think before you ink’ is a sentence that can come back to haunt from time to time, but there is another option! Laser tattoo removal, although uncomfortable, could reduce and fade unwanted ink before the big day. Epsom Skin Clinics offer the R20 Technique, which means clients can have up to four treatments in one day and we have many brides starting sooner rather than later. Alternatively, or combined with laser treatment, brides can use camouflage make-up. Ask your make-up artist about it and have a practice session before the big day. For those worried about fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks:

A collagen boosting treatment can be used to treat ageing skin or those with scars. EnerJet is a system that delivers immediate and long-lasting results. Pneumatic technology provides precise and controlled release of hyaluronic acid into the dermis that immediately makes the skin appear rejuvenated and hydrated with more volume. It can also be used to break down scar tissue and improve the appearance of stretch marks by increasing collagen. Complement this treatment with some good skincare products such as the Swisscode Genistein collection that increases collagen by 53% in 28 days. So all you brides to be out there, book a consultation with Epsom Skin Clinics at the earliest opportunity to ensure there’s plenty of time to treat any concerns. Let us take one thing off your mind.

essence INFO

Epsom Skin Clinics Website: www.epsomskinclinics.com Telephone: 01372 737280 (Epsom) or 020 8399 5996 (Surbiton) PHOTO COPYRIGHT: DOLGACHOV | 123RF.COM


Your recipe for great skin, founded by MasterChef finalist Angela Langford perfect pores 30ml £31.00 Pore perfecting face serum: rose, cypress and hyaluronic acid Rose petals, cypress and juniper are blended with electric daisies and hyaluronic acid to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Angela says... “This natural serum is great for improving the appearance of pores and smoothing skin. This is the recipe for repelling wrinkles and improving your complexion.” sweet cheeks 100ml £18.00 Balancing and cleansing face wash: papaya, cypress and rose Rose petals are blended with papaya, cypress, orange blossom and witch hazel to produce a non-foaming, gentle face wash that doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils. Angela says... “For those prone to oily, combination or congested skin, this face wash is for you. It is the recipe for beautifully balanced, clean and clear skin.” bloom & glow 15ml £20.50 Radiance restoring face oil: chia seed and sea buckthorn Chia seed and sea buckthorn are blended together to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This oil improves skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation and restores radiance. Angela says... “Perfect for sensitive, easily inflamed or generally out of kilter skin. This is your recipe for gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin.”

Visit the website for seasonal offers and packages and sign up to the newsletter. 0% finance available. www.epsomskinclinics.com

As a predominately online skincare brand, we realise you may not have previously seen our products. We therefore encourage new customers to try products by using our Skincare Sample Pack Service.

essence INFO

Website: www.angelalangford.com Telephone: 01460 929596 Email: info@angelalangford.com

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MY MONTH IN FOOD Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month: Osteria Romana in Knightsbridge.


n a quiet side street in the heart of Knightsbridge, discover a true slice of rustic Italian cuisine, specifically, the traditional, and often forgotten, dishes of Rome. Osteria Romana’s founder, Andrea Reitano, wanted to recreate bygone dishes of the Eternal City and to unearth many of his grandmother’s treasured culinary techniques and recipes. Such is the dedication to authenticity, much of the produce is sourced directly from markets in Rome. Fresh basil on every table for use in a delicious dip PHOTO COPYRIGHT: OSTERIA ROMANA

choice leaves, added them to a small serving bowl, along with a good drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. We were given a generous basket of freshly-baked bread, which we used to mop the green-flecked oil. The basil is then removed, allowing plenty of room for the feasting to truly begin. I eagerly started proceedings with an order of fried artichokes which arrived in a golden cluster. The batter, light and crisp, encased the mild, softness of the artichoke. As the natural flavour of artichoke is incredibly mellow – it’s not one of the showiest vegetables in terms of flavour – yet, when seasoned with salt and good squeeze of lemon, it makes for a highly moreish starter. Roman-style gnocchi and black truffle was the dish which was by far the star of the show. This particular gnocchi is made to a traditional Roman recipe with semolina rather than potato flour. The Fried artichokes

On a particularly rainy Saturday afternoon, we made our way to Knightsbridge and on arrival the welcome we received felt like a true Italian greeting: warm, gracious and hospitable. It instantly revived our rain-soaked spirits. As we were led to our table, the scent of aromatic basil instantly permeated our area of the restaurant. A charming little addition diners observe is the fresh basil plant centrally placed on the table – fortunately, it is there for an actual purpose. Our waiter promptly snipped a few

40 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018


Osteria Romana's warm interior PHOTO COPYRIGHT: OSTERIA ROMANA


Osteria Romana's tempting cacio e pepe

semolina gives the gnocchi a wonderfully light texture which absorbs the creamy, truffle sauce. This specific texture of gnocchi was the perfect counterpoint to the rich, earthy truffle. It’s the kind of starter remembered for days, if not weeks. The beauty of an authentic Italian restaurant is that fresh pasta is an unequivocal must. And while I was certainly debating whether or not to try the Roman-style saltimbocca, the simplicity of freshlymade pasta was too tempting to pass up. The dish of cacio e pepe (pasta with cheese and black pepper) is served in the pan, glossy in its rich cheese coating, speckled with a generous seasoning of black pepper. Some may think a pasta dish served in this way is perhaps a little gimmicky, yet it cleverly allows each strand of the egg-rich pasta to fully absorb the sauce from the pan. I also appreciated the fact there wasn’t any heat lost when transferring to a plate. The fresh pasta still had that al dente bite, and the freshly ground black pepper gave the creamy cheese coating a much needed spicy note. I’m something of a creature of habit when it comes to desserts and when I spy tiramisu on a menu, it goes without saying it will be ordered without

hesitation. My expectations are always high as this traditional Italian dessert has been a favourite of mine since I was a child. Osteria Romana certainly cannot be faulted for portion size: the dessert that arrived was easily enough for two. The unctuous creaminess, hiding a rich coffee-laden sponge, reaffirmed my love of this dessert. I can’t say I dine out in Knightsbridge all that often, but I feel I may actually become a regular to this decidedly affluent part of town. Knightsbridge, as we know, is renowned for its high-end boutiques and world-famous department stores, yet, for me, the draw of Osteria Romana and its authentic Roman cuisine is certainly the most sought-after commodity in the area.

essence INFO

Osteria Romana 3–4 Park Close, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PQ Websites: www.osteriaromana.co.uk and www.stephaniebrookes.com Email: info@osteriaromana.co.uk Telephone: 020 7584 5819

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Adverts Issue 68_Layout 1 03/02/2016 15:12 Page 4

Vintners | THE 1853 WINE SHOP

Winter’s last hurrah

I think it is fair to say that everyone is now fed up with the winter months and are very much looking forward to spring and the better weather and longer days it brings.


t is also time to start thinking about changing of the guard in terms of wine choices, generally shifting from reds to whites. It is a bit too early though to be thinking of pale southern French rose wines for the summer. I love stocking up on lively, aromatic whites for those early sunny spring days that just put zest back into the soul after the winter months. There is nothing better to compliment these occasions than with exuberant gooseberry and grassy Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or South Africa. As we are not on the home run as yet for the hottest months of the year when light whites work best, we want to combine lively wines that still have a bit of weight so we would suggest a nice Viognier or Chenin Blanc too or even something a little more eclectic such as a Spanish Albariño or white wine from Alsace.  It is a great time of year to be drinking Champagne or Champenoise method sparklers from around the World which again really lift the spirits-the bubbles adding that extra spark. Especially recommended for that special person and occasion on Mother’s Day this year and hopefully the British weather delivers too with the sunshine.  With Easter not too far away I am looking forward next month to recommending some big, lush reds to go with one of my favourite food matches – chocolate!  w Leasingham Bin 7 Riesling 2014 Clare Valley, Australia – £11.99 w Flagstone Word of Mouth Viognier 2016 Coastal Region, South Africa – £12.99 w Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Marlborough, New Zealand – £9.99 


essence INFO

The 1853 Wine Shop The Coach House, 2 Heath Road, Weybridge KT13 8TB

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At their best right now Crates Local Produce, located in Horsham’s historic centre, bursts with fresh, seasonal food offering taste, health and economic benefits.




Possibly one of the ugliest vegetables, this alienlooking root should not be passed by. It has a wonderful celery-like flavour with nutty tones, is incredibly versatile and can be eaten raw in salads or roasted, steamed, boiled, mashed or turned into a rich and nutritious soup. It also has a very long storage life if kept cool. Known throughout the world and also referred to as turnip-rooted celery or knob celery, celeriac originates from the Mediterranean basin. It’s a nutritional all-rounder, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and, unlike potatoes, has a low calorie and starch content.

44 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018


Consumers still steer away from veal, but by not buying it are missing out on a delicious meat now produced very ethically in this country. The key is to source rose veal from our own home turf as opposed to milk-fed veal that is often still the result of calves kept in confined spaces. A higher demand for our own veal will result in less male dairy calves being either destroyed or exported to the continent to veal farms. Rose veal is full of flavour and similar to older beef, but more tender with a smooth texture. All the cuts are the same, so it lends itself to roasting, mincing, casseroles or simply grilling or frying.

essence INFO

Crates Local Produce 24a Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EB Telephone: 01403 256435 Website: www.crateslocal.co.uk Follow on Twitter @crateslocal or Facebook page Crates Local



In season recipes Root chips SERVES FOUR AS A SIDE DISH

Ingredients: One celeriac Two large carrots Two large parsnips Two large sweet potatoes Four beetroot Or more or less than any of the above or other root vegetables One garlic bulb Four tablespoons of rapeseed oil (or olive oil) Salt to taste

Roasted honey and rosemary veal SERVES FOUR

Method: w Wherever possible, scrub the root vegetables rather than peel and cut into chunky chip sizes of around three quarters of a centimetre thick. w Thoroughly dry the chips, especially the more moisture retaining vegetables such as beetroot. w Coat the chips in oil by simply tossing them in a bowl and lightly coat a baking sheet with oil. w Ensure the oven has reached 220ËšC, sprinkle the chips with salt to taste, add gloves of garlic and cook for around half an hour or until golden.

Ingredients: Veal shoulder of around one kilogram Three tablespoons oil Three leeks Six tomatoes Six celery sticks Four large or eight small carrots Six to eight small, new potatoes Four cloves garlic Two cups red wine Four tablespoons honey Two sprigs fresh rosemary One orange, zest of Two cups beef stock Method: w Using a covered pan suitable for the hob and oven, brown off the meat on all sides in the oil and set aside. Otherwise use a saucepan and transfer to a casserole dish later. w In the same pan, lightly cook the leeks, celery, spring onions and garlic for a few minutes. Transfer to a casserole dish if required. w Add the carrots, wine, rosemary, orange zest, honey and stock. w Place the joint on top of this, cover and cook in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes at 220ËšC. w Add the scrubbed potatoes, whole if small new potatoes, or cut smaller, and continue to cook for a further 30 minutes.

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Rose Cottage Smallholding

From city number crunching to mucking out in Ash Shirlee Posner meets a tech savvy business consultant, James Middleton, who has embraced a life of wellington boots, rare breed animal husbandry and beekeeping in rural Surrey at Rose Cottage Smallholding.


riving to Rose Cottage Smallholding in Ash Vale was well worth the journey. This is one of those heartwarming tales of a new start-up producing food sustainably with provenance. Rose Cottage’s website states clearly that it’s a confusing arrival and we thought we had taken a wrong turning when we arrived at a commercial estate. We eventually realised that visitors do actually drive PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JAMES MIDDLETON through the industrial estate to the entrance of Rose Cottage. With just a pocket of land, there is enough space on the smallholding to farm on a small scale. Our host James Middleton met us and he told his story. The house and land had been in the family for five generations and Jo and James wanted to make sure farming continued on the family land. So the idea for her and James to move from Crystal Palace to the smallholding in Ash Vale materialised. James, it turns out, has been able to take on roofing, fence building, land clearing and, with a course under his belt from Merrist Wood in Small Farming, now rears animals too. His growing skill set and abundance of energy is a huge asset. Overgrown with brambles and stinging nettles James and Jo and a few of their friends worked on it during evenings and weekends to clear the land. Also during evenings, James attended a course to learn the basics of running a smallholding. James and Jo started their smallholding with a clear mission to work with primitive rare breed animals that grow slowly in a free-range environment producing

46 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

delicious meat. Their pigs, goats and sheep are allowed free access to woodland, which is stocked with meadow flowers for summer grazing and other suitable natural food sources. The first pork was ready six months after the couple started the project. Butchered by a local firm and vacuum packed, it’s available to order from the Rose Cottage Smallholding website or for collection when the very small farm shop is open at weekends. James and Jo currently have a range of joints, sausages, chops, belly joints and bacon on offer from their freezer. Their bacon is a traditional cut (middle bacon) that isn’t seen very often being the back and streaky bacon together in one large slice. Not separated as is the norm, this green bacon is delicious, full of flavour and texture: forget those rubbery, water leaking supermarket specimens, this is bacon PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JO SCOTT worth getting up for! Starting with large black pigs, James and Jo have also farmed Ginger Tamworths, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, they say, are a delight to work with. In addition to buying joints from the farm shop, join James and Jo’s pig share scheme. Pay £100 deposit, choose a breed, visit, keep an eye on its progress and after six months pay the balance and take home around 35 kilos of pork joints. Choose the joints and sizes and select the flavour of the sausages. This is a bespoke service that offers customers a unique experience and involvement throughout the meat rearing process. The meat arrives packed and ready to eat or freeze for later and is perfect for anyone who loves good quality food

Artisan food | EAT SURREY

Vietnamese pork belly

James shared one of his favourite recipes for this delicious Asianinspired pork belly dish. Remove the rind before cooking to allow the marinade to season the pork more intensely. The dish is served with rice cooked in half water, half coconut milk, but feel free to serve with plain boiled rice. Don’t skimp on the fresh herbs and lime juice, they are essential to the dish adding freshness and acidity. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: DAN EDWARDS

Serves two for a filling, fragrant dinner Ingredients 500g Rose Cottage pork belly, rind removed Six tablespoons Hoisin sauce 45ml/three tablespoons clear honey 45ml/three tablespoons rice vinegar 45ml/three tablespoons soy sauce Three centimetre piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated For the salad Half a cucumber, cut into ribbons using a vegetable peeler A handful of radishes, washed and thinly sliced Three spring onions, finely sliced

Fresh mint and coriander leaves, roughly chopped Two tablespoons roasted salted peanuts, lightly smashed in a pestle and mortar For the salad dressing One small red chilli, finely chopped One garlic clove, crushed or finely chopped Juice of one lime One and a half teaspoons coconut or light brown sugar One tablespoon rice vinegar Coconut rice Fragrant Thai rice cooked in half water and half coconut milk using the absorption method

Method w Put the meat in a large casserole dish. Mix the Hoisin sauce, honey, vinegar, soy and ginger, then pour over the pork and massage well. Leave to marinate in the fridge for at least four hours. w Heat oven to 160˚C/140˚C fan/gas 3. Place the pork and its marinade in a snug roasting tin, lined with foil. Pour over 50ml water, cover with foil and roast for two hours, or until tender, basting halfway through. Take the pork out and increase oven temperature to 200˚C/180˚C fan/gas 6. Remove the foil and pour the sauce into a small pan. Bring the sauce to the boil and let it bubble until thick and syrupy. Brush some of the sauce all over the pork and pop back in the oven, uncovered, for 20 minutes until sticky and caramelised in places. Transfer to a chopping board, cover lightly with foil and leave to rest for 20 minutes. Prepare the rice. w To prepare the salad, toss all the ingredients (except nuts) together in a bowl. To make the dressing, combine all the ingredients. Reheat the remaining sauce from the pork, adding a splash of water if it has become too thick. Toss the dressing through the salad and divide between two plates, then top with the smashed peanuts. Cut the pork into thick slices and arrange alongside the salad and rice. Drizzle over the remaining sauce and serve.

and wishes to know exactly what sort of life an animal has had too. New to the mix in a couple of months will be the first stock of rare breed goats’ meat. Prized worldwide for its unique flavour, goat is not so common here, but growing in interest in culinary circles. James has selected Boer goats: the herd arrived in late summer and after the PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JO SCOTT billy goat did his job, the kids were born on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These goats are delightful and very chatty but, more importantly, living a happy life. Bred for their full flavoured, low cholesterol and lean meat, this is an exciting time for this new venture. James and Jo also have rescue chickens for their eggs and a soonto-arrive colony of bees. Their rare breed lamb is not currently for sale to the public, but that may change. It was hard not to admire this venture for starting off with a hard-core local food ethos and finding a way to make it a reality. James explained, “We’ve chosen to keep rare breed stock as they’re slower growing and produce tastier meat. We’re also excited by the heritage of traditional breeds and their place in smallholding history; we’re keen to do our bit to help keep these fantastic breeds going. Farming in this slow and natural way is ethical and responsible and ensures the animals have an enjoyable and stimulating life.” In addition to his farming skills, James is tech savvy with active social media platforms making it easier for this tucked-out-of-the-way business to engage with potential customers. Recognising that the smallholding does not have passing trade, Rose Cottage has signed up to become a supplier at the Guildford and Woking Food Assemblies. James is also a very keen cook – he has taken on the whole River Cottage vibe. Why not try the recipe James and Jo shared for Vietnamese pork? It’s on my to make list for the weekend. essence INFO

Rose Cottage Smallholding Rose Cottage, Hollybush Lane, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU11 2PX Telephone: 07966 000390 Website: www.rose-cottage-smallholding.co.uk Rose Cottage Smallholding PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JAMES MIDDLETON

Shirlee Posner is a food writer and blogger at www.eatsurrey.co.uk and provides social media management, web copywriting and food photography.

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Tangy lemon meringue pie


tickets to see Jason Gardiner in

Why not inject a splash of colour and a citrus tang to the tastebuds with a good old fashioned lemon meringue pie? It can appear a little time consuming – although, shhh, we make it speedier here by using readymade, roll out pastry – but a slice of pie with crisp pastry, sharp homemade curd and soft puffs of meringue is worth it, we think! Ingredients 200g caster sugar Two tablespoons plain flour Three tablespoons cornflour Quarter teaspoon salt 350ml water Juice and zest of two lemons 30g butter Four egg yolks, beaten 375g ready made shortcrust pastry Four egg whites 75g caster sugar Method w Heat the oven to 180˚C/350˚F. w First, roll out the pastry. If using readymade shortcrust, simply lay over the tart case and trim. Blind bake first by cutting a circle of baking paper and placing over the pastry with ceramic baking beans on top and bake for about 15 minutes. w Prepare the lemon curd. In a medium saucepan, whisk together the caster sugar, flour, cornflour and salt. Stir in the water, lemon juice and lemon zest. Cook over a medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until the mixture comes to the boil and then stir in the butter. Place the egg yolks in a small bowl

and gradually whisk in 100ml of the hot sugar mixture. Then whisk the egg yolk mixture back into the remaining sugar mixture. Bring to the boil and continue to cook while stirring constantly until thick. Remove from the heat and pour the filling into the pastry case. w Prepare the meringue. In a large bowl, whip the egg whites until foamy. Add sugar gradually and continue to whip until stiff peaks form. Spread the meringue over the lemon curd, making sure it goes right to the edges. w Bake in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the meringue is golden brown. For best results, cool to room temperature for about an hour and then chill in the fridge before serving.

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Website: www.jenscupcakery.com Telephone: 07751 553106 Email: mail@jenscupcakery.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenscupcakery Twitter: @jenscupcakery Blog: http://ilovejenscupcakery. wordpress.com

How far would you go to get what you want? The ‘all-female’ camp KILLER cult classic finally makes its way to London this spring following its critical acclaim off-Broadway. Ruthless! The Musical tells the story of beautiful and talented eight-year-old Tina Denmark who will do anything to play the lead in her school play...ANYTHING!  The show started off-Broadway 25 years ago and discovered young performers, including Britney Spears and Natalie Portman, and famously spoofs Broadway musicals from Gypsy to Mame, as well as iconic films including The Bad Seed and All About Eve. Starring Jason Gardiner (Dancing on Ice) with Lara Denning (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), Kim Maresca (Ruthless! Off Broadway), Harriet Thorpe (Great Britain) and Tracie Bennett (Follies), the show is directed by Richard Fitch. For a chance to win a pair of tickets for a show between 16 to 26 March 2018, simply visit www.essence-magazine.co.uk and answer the following question: What was the name of one of Ruthless! The Musical’s previous stars? a) Shakespeare b) Britney Spears c) Pointed Spears

essence INFO Book now for the stage mother of all musicals playing at the Arts Theatre in London for a limited 14 week run from 16 March. Website: www.ruthlessthemusical.com Terms and conditions: One reader will win a pair of Band A tickets to see Ruthless! The Musical at the Arts Theatre, London. Valid for performances from 16 to 26 March 2018, subject to

TOP TIP: Make sure the meringue is spooned on top whilst the lemon curd is hot/warm as this helps seal the meringue and stop it separating from the pastry when it cools.

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availability. No cash alternative. Travel and accommodation not included.


Elmbridge Community

Help us to empower the heart of our community The Elmbridge Community Fund works with donors looking to give something back to their local communities. By providing funding for voluntary groups in the Elmbridge area, we empower them to continue to provide support to those who need it most.

Recent grants SAY Youth Club, Cobham A grant of £2,400 was awarded to support the club’s expansion to help older teenagers.

Music in Hospitals & Care A grant was awarded to fund two concerts held at care homes in Elmbridge. With your help we can continue to support our community

Looking for something different? Create your own authentic, off-the-beaten-track, Sri Lanka experience with

Donate at cfsurrey.org.uk/elmbridge

Join us for Drfor No Looking

something different?

Following our short promotional film, we invite you to join us for a free showing of Dr No. Meet the team, enjoy a complimentary Create your own authentic, off-the-beaten-track, glass of fizz and sample the Everyman menu. Sri Lanka experience with

Everyman Cinema, Esher 25 April 2018 at 1pm

Visit www.pmw.co.uk/dr-no to register or email mail@pmw.co.uk. WWW.ISLANDADVENTURES.LK




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Company Registration No: 5442921

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Energy performance emergency for commercial landlords

Don't be a fool on 1 April 2018! Gemma James, a Partner in the commercial property department at Mundays LLP, asks: do you own a commercial property? In theory, letting it to a tenant should be a sound investment, but you could be in danger of losing your right to rental income.


n Energy Performance Certificate (‘EPC’) is no longer just a pretty piece of paper with bright colours and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of a building. In the past, a low rating may have simply led to a tenant being prepared for higher energy bills or using it as a pre-letting bargaining chip to negotiate building improvements or rent adjustments. Now the implications are much more serious for properties with EPC ratings of F and G, and potentially D and E. The facts The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (‘MEES’) were introduced by the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. From 1 April 2018, landlords will not be able to grant, extend or renew leases of buildings with ratings of F or G and will have to improve them to a higher standard before being able to do so. From 1 April 2023, this will extend to existing lettings, so that they cannot continue unless a building is improved to at least an E rating. Your commercial premises could be affected unless it falls within an exclusion or exemption such as: w Buildings which do not require an EPC (e.g. have no roof or some listed buildings). w Leases of less than six months where there are no renewal provisions to make it longer and the tenant has not already been in occupation for over 12 months. w Leases of more than 99 years. w Buildings where a qualifying exemption has been registered by the landlord on the official Exemptions Register before 1 April 2018, the main categories being:

50 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

w despite using reasonable efforts, the

landlord has been unable to obtain any necessary third party consent to carrying out the improvement works; w the improvements would reduce the value of the property by at least 5%; w all relevant energy improvements still haven’t achieved the required rating; w the capital cost of the improvements would not be cost-effective within seven years; w a temporary six month exemption in limited circumstances where the landlord has just become the landlord. Cautions and precautions w Failure to comply with the Regulations could lead to a penalty notice, publicity and a financial penalty. The penalty will initially be the greater of £5,000 or 10% of the property’s rateable value up to £50,000. However, if you are still in breach after three months, it will increase to the greater of £10,000 or 20% of the property’s rateable value up to £150,000. w A building previously graded D or E could be downgraded to F or G when a new Certificate is issued because of changes in assessment methods and building standards over the years. EPCs only last a maximum of 10 years, so be prepared for a lower categorisation on your next Certificate. If a new EPC results in a downgrade, this could leave you at the end of a lease term with an unlettable premises and a tenant arguing that any dilapidations claim is diminished because the works required for compliance with the MEES overrule any repair works for which the tenant might otherwise have been liable. w Keep an eye on timing, because renewing a D or E rated EPC well before its 10 year

expiry could unnecessarily bring forward the need for improvements if the new EPC downgrades it to F or G. For the same reason, consider inserting a clause in any lease of the premises prohibiting the tenant from obtaining a new EPC. w Check that your lease contains a rent review assumption that the property is available immediately for the permitted use to try to counter any argument by the tenant that a new rent should be lower where the building is substandard. w If your building is exempt, ensure that you register it on the Exemptions Register by 1 April 2018. w Check the service charge provisions in any lease carefully and try to ensure that any improvement costs can be clawed back from

Gemma James is a partner in the commercial property team and acts in connection with all types of commercial property from retail shops, offices and warehouse units to restaurants and bars, for private and corporate landlords and tenants. Gemma deals with sales, purchases and lettings and both conventional and Islamic finance transactions associated with residential property for commercial investment and private clients. +44 (0)1932 590645 gemma.james@mundays.co.uk



the tenant as part of the service charge. Also try to reserve a right in the lease to enter the property to carry out energy efficiency improvements if you wish. w If granting a lease, consider whether to explicitly state that the tenant is liable for all energy efficiency improvements required to ensure the building complies with MEES Regulations. Mere reliance on the usual style lease clause requiring the tenant to comply with statute is insufficient because the MEES Regulations impose their duty on the landlord, not the tenant. w Try to limit the tenant’s alterations rights so as to prevent it carrying out works which might lower the EPC rating. If you own residential property, bear in mind that the Regulations are slightly different. For example, existing lettings will be affected from 1 April 2020 (rather than 2023 as with commercial) and there are fewer exemptions and exclusions. Landlords should be aware of the costs, complications and quarrels likely to ensue as a result of the MEES Regulations. Don’t be a Fool this April: take legal advice, heed the cautions, and take precautions! v

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Mundays LLP Cedar House, 78 Portsmouth Road, Cobham KT11 1AN Telephone: 01932 590500 Website: www.mundays.co.uk The contents of this article are intended as guidance for readers. It can be no substitute for specific advice. Consequently we cannot accept responsibility for this information, errors or matters affected by subsequent changes in the law, or the content of any website referred to in this update. © Mundays LLP 2018.

How to prepare to grant or assign a lease of commercial premises

Oliver Lewis is a solicitor in the commercial property team. Oliver acts for companies and individuals from a range of industries and offers advice on all aspects of commercial property transactions.

If you are the owner of commercial premises, you may be considering letting all or part of them to a tenant to generate rental income. Alternatively, you may yourself be a tenant of commercial premises which, due to a change in business plans, you no longer intend to use and you plan on either assigning your lease or granting an underlease. So, what steps can you take to begin the process and what documentation can you begin to compile to help reach completion as quickly and as hassle free as possible?

If you have not already found a new tenant, a commercial agent should be instructed to provide a valuation of the +44 (0)1932 590627 oliver.lewis@mundays.co.uk market rent for the premises and assist with finding a tenant. An agent will also assist with deciding the terms on which you want to let the premises. Where you are a tenant and wish to assign your own lease or grant an underlease, you should review your lease to check whether your landlord’s consent will be required before doing so. Be aware that your landlord may only give consent subject to certain conditions being met (which will also be set out in the lease).

What documentation will a new tenant ask for?

Once a new tenant has been found and you have instructed a solicitor, the first step is to compile a legal pack containing documents relating to the premises. The documents that a new tenant is likely to ask for are detailed below. The more complete this pack is, the less likely there will be delays in the process later due to additional tenant enquires.

w Energy Performance Certificate – (it is a legal requirement to produce an EPC when dealing with commercial premises. If a valid EPC is not already held, an accredited assessor should be appointed to produce a certificate). w Asbestos survey and management plan – (this is unlikely to be required for properties built after 1999). w Land Registry compliant plan of the premises. w Most recent electrical and gas safety certificates. w Air conditioning inspection report. w Fire safety assessment report. w Any subsisting guarantees, warranties and/or insurance policies. w Any planning or building regulations approvals or certificates or correspondence from the local authority. It is recommended that a solicitor be instructed as early in the process as possible. As well as guiding you through the initial stages and the transaction more generally, your solicitor will be able to put you in touch with recommended property agents as well as suitable professionals to assist with producing any of the above documents not already held.

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High speed, luxury private helicopter charter


Whether you wish to beat traffic gridlock at popular events like Cheltenham, Ascot or Silverstone, or you simply would like to achieve a more productive working day – chartering a private helicopter will complement your lifestyle…


any of us strive for a work/life balance, but accomplishing it is no easy feat. Chartering a private helicopter as a form of executive travel is an efficient mode of transport ensuring you experience the most effective and enjoyable use of your valuable time. It has been reported that recently the UK has the highest volume of private charter operations in Europe. More and more individuals recognise the convenience of travelling by private charter. As well as transporting clients to golf courses, meetings and events, Capital Air Services provide helicopter transfers for clients using private jets. On average, flying by helicopter reduces travel time by at least two thirds compared to ground transportation. Flying direct to the London Heliport if possible from your home, Blackbushe, Fairoaks or Farnborough Airports is reduced to just fifteen minutes with minimal check-in time. A familiar sight at popular social occasions, Capital Air Services’ corporate helicopters are fast being recognised as a quick and stress free way to travel to and from popular sporting events – enabling you to stay until the last race without worrying about the building traffic! Operating for over 25 years, Capital Air Services offers a 24/7 luxury, bespoke service across the UK. Its modern and sophisticated fleet of IFR capable, twin engine Airbus and Sikorsky helicopters are fully equipped for day and night flying, essential when events and meetings overrun in to the hours of darkness. This is a key consideration when booking a private charter and something not all companies offer. Twin

52 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

engine helicopters are capable of flying in and above cloud, so reducing the chance of flight cancellations due to adverse weather conditions therefore enhancing safety. Frequent flyers may consider the purchase of their own aircraft which may be more affordable than you think! Capital Air Services’ provision of management and pilot services free owners from running their own flight operation leaving them to enjoy the benefits of helicopter travel without the worry. Owners have the the option to offset some of the operational cost by allowing Capital Air to charter their aircraft when it is not needed for personal use. Owner of Capital Air Services, Michael Hampton, and his dedicated operations team, are on hand 24/7 to find the best and bespoke charter flight solution for you in terms of cost and convenience. For those interested in purchasing their own aircraft, Michael would be happy to guide you through the best purchasing process and suggest the best helicopter for your needs. “Safety and confidentiality have always been our mantra. We take pride in excellence and have built an outstanding reputation by providing an exceptional service for private charter and management.” essence INFO

Capital Air Services London Oxford Airport Michael Hampton, managing director and helicopter pilot Telephone: +44 1865 370739 Email: operations@capitalairservices.co.uk Website: www.capitalairservices.co.uk Quote ‘essence Magazine’ for your bespoke travel quote Capital Air AOC no is GB2049.



Do you have US tax filing obligations? For US citizens, worldwide income and gains are generally reportable and potentially subject to US income tax, even if not currently resident in the USA, as Gillian Everall of Everfair Tax explains.


t is important to be aware of tax filing obligations. A US citizen may still have an obligation, even if they have never lived in the USA, or left several years ago, and all income is from ‘foreign’ sources. It is a requirement to file a Form 1040 if income exceeded a certain threshold, regardless of its origin, whether it was already taxed at source, or is going to be taxed by the overseas country where the citizen is resident. When considering relevant threshold amounts, always remember that the report amounts are in US dollars and any foreign monies received will need to be converted and exchanged. If, historically, a joint return with a spouse was filed, there is a different exclusion that relates to joint income. Although US citizens living outside the USA have an automatic filing extension until 15 June for filing the US 2017 return, interest and penalties will still occur if the 2017 US tax due is not paid by Tuesday 17 April. A further automatic extension may be applied for to extend filing to 15 October and, if required, another discretionary extension to 15 December, but this is not guaranteed. Should there be a need and failure to request an extension, financial penalties will be incurred.

For US citizens living and working overseas, they may not owe tax to the IRS. This can be due to two main US tax rules: ‘Foreign Earned Income Exclusion’ (FEIE) and the ability to claim Foreign Tax Credits. FEIE allows citizens to exclude $102,100 of foreign earned income from US tax for 2017, and Foreign Tax Credits enable the offsetting of UK tax paid on specific income sources, and potentially capital gains, against US tax on the same amounts. It is important to always ensure the correct forms relevant to tax affairs are included with the return. Penalties for omitting them could be $10,000 per form, or a proportion of the asset’s value on the form. For expatriates, additional key forms include Form 8938: Statement of Foreign Financial Assets and Form 8621: Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company, which is required where non US-based collective investments, such as UK unit trusts, are owned, even if held in an ISA. Finally, don’t forget the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) which applies when some investment incomes, including capital gains and rental income, exceed certain thresholds and the Alternative Minimum Tax which can result in unexpected US liabilities arising.

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Gillian Everall is Managing Director and Head of Private Client Tax Services for Everfair Tax based in Weybridge. Everfair Tax specialises in UK, US and Expatriate Tax and provides a unique tax advisory and compliance service to help manage personal or international complexities and the changing of family or business circumstances.  Telephone: 01932 428536 Email: gillian@everfairtax.co.uk Website: www.everfairtax.co.uk

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What is your appetite for risk?

As with all investments, your capital is at risk

Investment portfolios to suit your taste Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation Visit www.pmw.co.uk or call 01372 471550

An evening with

THE STARS For those looking for something a little different, enjoy the vocal talents of Jess Robinson. Quadruple award-winning act Jess has appeared on stage, radio and screen in many guises. In 2015 Jess showcased her impressions (including presenter Alex Jones) live on The One Show, and last year appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, making her way to the live shows. Jess will appear as a panellist in ITV’s new programme The Imitation Game later this year and on tour with her show Here Come The Girls.

“...by some way the best, most exciting impressionist we have...” Rory Bremner

56 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Theatre interview | JESS ROBINSON

Q Jess, as a classically trained singer, what made you choose to do impersonations? A When I was growing up I was surrounded by different musical styles. My grandpa, who I was very close to, was a jazz pianist, so as well as my classical training, I was influenced by the voices of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. My sisters loved musical theatre shows and my auntie was crazy about Kate Bush. I had always imitated teachers at school to entertain my friends: the reaction and laughter my singing impressions brought to people became addictive. Q How do you choose the singers you impersonate? A I like singers who have really distinctive voices or styles – who you’d know in the first few seconds of hearing a song on the radio. I love mixing things up too, by making people sing songs you’d never normally hear them sing, for example, Julie Andrews covering a Lady Gaga hit or Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’, is really funny. Q What is the importance of comedy in your show? How do you bring on satire in your performance? Do you think satire is an inherent part of impersonations? A I enjoy making people laugh. I love the laughter that comes from the surprise of hearing a familiar voice singing or saying something completely out of character, or a bit naughty, as well as just sending up the things they do and say usually. I’m not a political comic, my brand of comedy is all about escapism and fun. I like to take people out of their lives for a couple of hours and away from all the nasty things happening in the world. I believe there’s something for everyone in my show: leave backgrounds, politics and beliefs at the door. Just come and be entertained! Q If someone were to impersonate you, which characteristic do you think they would pinpoint? A Ha ha, that’s a great question. Probably my loud laugh, my childish playfulness and my hyperactivity. And if they were really going to get it spot on, I’ve been told I have a pouty mouth and ‘blinky eyes’ – whatever that means! Q Do you feel that using other people’s voices in your impersonations brings you closer to them, despite probably not knowing them? A I guess it does, yes. It’s acting really. By studying a person, the way they speak and move and react to things, you do start to feel as if you know them. I recently did an impression of Stacey Solomon to Stacey Solomon, live on a BBC Radio Show. She’s someone I really like and enjoy watching, but with comedy impressions you still have to push a person’s voice and mannerisms. I was worried she might be offended, but she was lovely and a good sport. She said: “You could be my best friend.”

With a few other impressions – generally people who aren’t with us anymore – the voice and act becomes a bit more of a tribute than poking fun. I love singing as Billie Holiday or Judy Garland and I feel really vulnerable and raw as Amy Winehouse, knowing what she went through and what drove her. Q What makes your show different and exciting? Can you give us a brief preview of what to expect? A There really is something for everyone aged 9–90. You can expect an evening packed with fabulous music, spot on celebrity impressions, stand-up vocal gymnastics and big laughs. As ITV said: “It’s like a mega concert with all your favourite stars”… except they’re all coming out of one person! v essence INFO

Jess Robinson: Here Come The Girls will be at the Dorking Halls on Friday 6 April and Camberley Theatre on Wednesday 11 April. Website: www.jessrobinson.co.uk Twitter: @JessieRobinson

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Spotlight on... Horses in Art Reimagined, Watts Gallery Compton, Guildford To Sunday 15 April An unparalleled exhibition at Watts Gallery, Horses in Art Reimagined celebrates how contemporary artists depict the horse and is inspired by G F Watts’ equestrian sculpture, Physical Energy. Diverse media will be on show including photography, collagraph, oil painting and sculpture. Visitors have a unique opportunity to see and buy work by eight of the foremost equestrian artists of today: Helena Bowen, Philippa Cannan, Alex Jakob-Whitworth, Heather Jansch, Victoria Keeble, Kate Lloyd, Jo Taylor and Sarah Young. The image, right, is entitled Pearl Horse by Kate Lloyd whose photography of horses in the wild provides a unique glimpse into their lives.

Information: wattsgallery.org.uk

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond

Tickets: atgtickets.com/richmond

Monday 12 to Saturday 17 March Great Expectations

Starring Nichola McAuliffe as Miss Havisham in this classic tale. Tuesday 20 to Saturday 24 March Pressure

Written by and starring David Haig, Pressure tells the tale of two Allied meteorologists 72 hours prior to the D-Day landings. Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31 March Thoroughly Modern Millie

Based on the 1967 Academy Award-winning film, a dynamic musical featuring many hit songs.

New Victoria Theatre Woking

Tickets: atgtickets.com/woking

Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 March Awful Auntie

Based on David Walliams’ tale of frights, fights and friendship. Monday 12 to Saturday 17 March Birdsong

Marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, this acclaimed stage show is based on Sebastian Faulks’ novel.

58 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Sunday 18 March Russell Watson: Canzoni d’Amore

A live performance from ‘The People’s Tenor’. Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 March Rambert

A triple bill from this world-class dance company: Ghost Dances, The days run away like wild horses and A Linha Curve.

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon Wimbledon

Tickets: atgtickets.com/wimbledon

Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 March Crazy For You

Feel-good musical starring Tom Chambers and Claire Sweeney. Monday 19 to Saturday 24 March Of Mice and Men

Set during the Great Depression, a classic from Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Saturday 10 March MoonBrella

Multi-sensory show for under fives. Saturday 17 March A Necessary Woman

Based on a true event to celebrate the 2018 suffrage centenary.

Pearl Horse by Kate Lloyd

essence | EVENTS

the/diary MARCH 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 59

Dorking Halls

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Tickets: dorkinghalls.co.uk

Tickets: yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

Friday 9 March Jon Richardson: Old Man

Saturday 10 to Saturday 17 March Cats

Talented comedian and star of 8 Out of 10 Cats on tour.

From Guildford School of Acting musical theatre students.

Epsom Playhouse

Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 March A Spoonful of Sherman




Tickets: epsomplayhouse.co.uk

Celebrating 100 years of Sherman family music.

Sunday 4 March Griff Rhys Jones: Where Was I?

Saturday 24 March An Evening with John Simpson

Comedic stories, anecdotes and reminiscences from forty years.

The BBC World Affairs Editor visits Guildford for an audience Q&A session.

Saturday 10 March The Jungle Book

A new musical adaptation of this family favourite.

Farnham Maltings Farnham

Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk

Thursday 8 March The Drive

Two estranged friends take a Nordic road trip... Saturday 17 March Big Howard’s LOL-tastic Yukfest for Kids and Well-Trained Adults

Fabulous stand-up and interactive digital animation for ages five plus. Tuesday 27 March Jane Eyre: An Autobiography

A new production from writer/ director Elton Townend Jones.

G Live

Guildford Tickets: glive.co.uk

Friday 16 March Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot

Lots of silly new jokes, homemade props and comedy without a message from the punmaster.

The Electric Theatre

Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31 March Love from a Stranger

Classic thriller from the pen of Agatha Christie.

Music Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Friday 9 March The Red Stripe Band

Jazz, blues, swing and rock ‘n’ roll. Saturday 24 March Geoff Achison & the UK Souldiggers

Blues-rock experience.

Dorking Halls Dorking

Tickets: dorkinghalls.co.uk

Friday 6 April Jess Robinson: Here Come The Girls

Incredible vocalist performing spot-on celebrity impressions. See the essence interview with Jess on page 56.


Tickets: epsomplayhouse.co.uk

Tickets: electric.theatre

Friday 23 March Rock for Heroes

Creaction Theatre and The Herald Players present an all-female production of Shakespeare’s tale of foul murder.

60 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

The Stranglers, G Live

Epsom Playhouse


Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 March MacBeth

A Spoonful of Sherman, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

A live rock band and singers perform music from artists such as Dire Straits, Status Quo, Queen, David Bowie and more in aid of Help for Heroes.

The Doodle Dance Show, Spark Festival 2018, Farnham Maltings PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS NASH

essence | EVENTS

Spotlight on... Simply Aston Martin Beaulieu, West Sussex Sunday 8 April Some advance notice is required for this stand-out event, the first of Beaulieu’s new season as Britain’s most revered motoring marque is celebrated in style with more than 300 Aston Martins roaring into the grounds of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Last year’s display included rarities such as an original DB1 from the late 1940s and the marque’s new arrival DB11. Organisers are hoping 2018’s event will build on this success and contain a diverse display of historic models, post-war classics and modern-day favourites. Admission tickets to this event include entrance to all Beaulieu attractions, including the National Motor Museum, the World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, Beaulieu Abbey and its beautiful grounds and gardens.

Information and tickets: beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-aston-martin Left: Simply Aston Martin 2017 at Beaulieu PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BEAULIEU.CO.UK

G Live

Occam Singers

Tickets: glive.co.uk

Tickets: occamsingers.co.uk

Monday 26 March The Stranglers

Saturday 24 March Haydn: The Creation

Influential, popular band always deliver a superb live experience.

Part of the Guildford Spring Music Festival and in collaboration with Guildford Chamber Choir and Surrey Mozart Players.


Guildford Spring Music Festival 2018 Various venues

Tickets: gsmf.org.uk

Friday 16 to Sunday 25 March

Music and events to inspire including saxophonist Jess Gillam at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford on 16 March; Sarah Walker of Radio 3 in conversation with award-winning actor Edward Fox at St. Catherine’s School, Bramley on 18 March; John Lill and John Suchet: an evening with Beethoven on 22 March and lots more.

Leith Hill Musical Festival Dorking Halls

Information: lhmf.org.uk

Sunday 11 March Messiah – Handel

A joyful season of singing begins with Handel’s Messiah.

Holy Trinity Church, Guildford



Haslemere Museum

Dorking Museum

Tickets: haslemeremuseum.co.uk

Information: dorkingmuseum.org.uk

Saturday 3 March Civilisations Festival Day

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays


Tickets: surreyconcerts.co.uk

A range of events including talks, object handling sessions and an art workshop for children to coincide with the broadcast of BBC Arts’ Civilisations series in spring 2018.

Saturday 17 March Seana Davey

Farnham Maltings

Surrey Concerts

St James Church, Weybridge

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration of classical and Irish harp favourites.

The Boileroom Guildford

Information: theboileroom.net

Throughout the year

A creative community hub for music, the arts and events.

Vivace Chorus

Guildford Cathedral Tickets: vivacechorus.org

Saturday 3 March Baroque Treasures

Favourites from Bach and Handel.


throughout March A New View

In association with Capel Camera Club, an exhibition of landscapes and images of Dorking.

Guildford House Gallery Guildford



Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk


Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March Spark Festival 2018

Until Saturday 10 March The Sunday Times Watercolour

The Maltings’ annual children and young people’s multi-arts festival with a programme of workshops, pop-up craft, exhibitions and performances for all the family. This year the Festival includes The Doodle Dance Show on Sunday 25 March, a playful, interactive story-show where all the family can create a wonderful world on a giant piece of paper. See website for more events.

Competition 2017

See 87 works selected by a panel of leading figures from the art world.

McAllister Thomas Godalming

Information: mcallisterthomasfineart.co.uk

Until Tuesday 6 March Near Distances

Observations of near and distant landscapes by painter Kevin Darke.

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Cinemas Cranleigh Arts Centre 01483 278000 or cranleighartscentre.org Farnham Maltings 02152 745444 or farnhammaltings.com Odeon Esher 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s89/esher Odeon Epsom 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s88/epsom Odeon Guildford 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s92/guildford The Screen Walton 01932 252825 or screencinemas.co.uk The Ambassadors Cinema, Woking 0844 871 6743 or ambassadortickets.com/cinema

Museum of Farnham West Street, Farnham Information:

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum Woking


Information: thelightbox.org.uk

To Saturday 2 June Out of the dolls house: 100 years

To Sunday 4 March Turner in Surrey

of women’s suffrage and fashion

How women’s role has changed.

Explores J.M.W. Turner’s work produced on his travels locally.

To Saturday 22 December Behind Closed Doors:

To Sunday 11 March Marcel Ronay’s Art: Tranquility and

300 years of Willmer House

Stability after two World Wars

The Museum celebrates the 300th anniversary of its home – Willmer House – with a series of events including a May garden party with gin bar and music from local bands and this temporary exhibition about the history of Willmer House.

Artworks created in England during the forties and fifties.

New Ashgate Gallery Farnham

Information: newashgate.org.uk

Saturday 3 March to Saturday 14 April Rising Stars 2018

New craft by emerging makers. Saturday 3 to Saturday 24 March The Pastel Society

New artworks on view from this Society founded in 1898.

The Art Agency

Saturday 17 March to Sunday 24 June Picasso: Paper and Clay

Celebrating the artist’s experimentation with drawing, printmaking and ceramics.

The Poverty of Gold

Jon Dibben Jewellery, Smithbrook Kilns, Guildford Information: jondibben.co.uk

To Sunday 11 March The Power of Fairtrade

An exhibition of Jon Dibben’s Fairtrade gold designs at the shop and workshop.

Compton, Guildford Information: wattsgallery.org.uk

Information: theartagency.co.uk

Until Sunday 15 April Horses in Art Reimagined

Painter whose inspiration originates from the west coast of Scotland and the south coast of England, along with Virginia Water and Papercourt, Ripley.

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Mane Chance Sanctuary’s wonderful Shetland ponies

Watts Gallery


Throughout March New Collection by Janet Nelson

Willmer House by Thomas Hunter, Behind Closed Doors, Museum of Farnham

See Spotlight on page 58. Tuesday 6 March to Sunday 3 June A Pre-Raphaelite Collection Unveiled: The Cecil French Bequest

A ‘forgotten’ collection of later Pre-Raphaelite artworks.

Ramster Gardens, Chiddingfold

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National Trust

Out and about

National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore. We list a few here, but visit nationaltrust.org.uk for more.

Albury Vineyard

Claremont Landscape Garden Esher

Information: 01372 467806

Sunday 11 March, 10am–5pm Mothering Sunday at Claremont

Silent Pool, Albury

Tickets: alburyvineyard.com

Saturday 31 March, 11am–4pm Family-friendly open day

Wine tastings and plenty for children with a vineyard bunny run, colouring and chocolate.


Holt Pound, Farnham

Mums enter free.

Tickets: birdworld.co.uk

Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April,

Friday 30 March to Sunday 15 April Easter holiday ‘eggstravaganza’

10am–4pm Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Hatchlands Park

Enjoy an Easter egg trail, crafts and entertainment, including the Jenny Wren Farm. Activities differ by date, so check website.

Information: 01483 222482

Brooklands Museum

Family-friendly trail.

East Clandon

Sunday 11 March, 10am–5pm Mothering Sunday


Enjoy a special Mother’s Day treat in the café. Mums go free.

Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 April,

Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April, 10am–5pm Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Follow a nature-themed trail and claim a chocolate treat.

Polesden Lacey

Great Bookham, near Dorking Information: 01372 452048

To Thursday 3 May Adventures in Asia: a socialite abroad

Celebrating Maggie Grenville’s travels throughout Asia in the twenties and thirties.

Winkworth Arboretum Godalming

Information: 01483 208477

Sunday 11 March, 10am–4.30pm Mothering Sunday at Winkworth

Tickets: brooklandsmuseum.com

Easter holiday ‘eggstravaganza’, Birdworld PHOTO CREDIT: COLIN MCKENZIE

and natural organisations, meet the Born Free charity and participate in children’s activities.

Mane Chance Sanctuary Down Lane, Compton

Ramster Gardens Chiddingfold

Tickets: ramsterevents.com

Sunday 18 March, 10am–5pm Two for one offer


Celebrate the arrival of spring with a special two for one offer on adult entry to these beautiful gardens.

Saturday 24 March, 7.30pm Scalextric race night

RHS Wisley



Nine races with prizes for winning owners and drivers at Trinity Centre, Guildford.

Saturday 24 March to

Saturday 31 March, 10am–3pm Easter egg trail

Sunday 15 April Easter Lindt Gold Bunny hunt

See the horses and Shetland ponies and win a chocolate prize.

Follow the trail to chocolate gold.

Monday 26 March to

Painshill Park

Woking Leisure Centre

Sunday 15 April, 10am–5pm Lindt Gold Bunny hunt



Tickets: painshill.co.uk


Easter family fun at the Palace.

Friday 30 to Sunday 31 March,

Sunday 11 March

Haslemere Museum

11am–4pm Easter ‘eggstravaganza’

10am–5pm Easter holiday family fun

Car rides and an Easter egg trail.

Hampton Court Palace East Molesey

Tickets: hrp.org.uk


A trail around the woodland.

Tickets: rhs.org.uk/wisley

Surrey Half Marathon

Surrey’s largest half marathon in the beautiful countryside around Woking and Guildford.

Tickets: haslemeremuseum.co.uk

Tuesday 20 March, 2.30pm Palaeontology: tea and talk

Palaeontologist Dr Andy Swan discusses the Museum’s extraordinary fossil collection.

Herald of Spring

Farmers’ markets Camberley Saturday 17 March, 10am–3pm Cranleigh Every Friday, 9.30–11am Epsom Sunday 4 March and 1 April, 9.30am–1.30pm Farnham Sunday 25 March, 10am–1.30pm Guildford Tuesday 7 March, 10.30am–3.30pm


Haslemere Sunday 4 March and 1 April, 10am–1.30pm

Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April,

Information: epsom-ewell.gov.uk

Milford Sunday 18 March, 10am–1.30pm

10.30am–4pm Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 10 March, 10am–5pm

See the spring flowers in bloom.

A trail and chocolate treat.

This year’s theme is Mother Nature, so learn about local green

Ripley Saturday 10 March, 9am–1pm Walton-on-Thames Saturday 3 March and 7 April, 9.30am–2pm Woking Thursday 1 March and 5 April, 9am–2pm

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OUT of Africa

Ali Mapletoft is changing the way we view sustainable fashion. With a background in filmmaking, it was a love of luxury goods that steered this natural creative away from the film industry and into the world of ethical design. Ali founded Age of Reason, a luxury fashion and home accessories brand, filling a gap in the market for high-end designs that have a message and purpose. Aimee Connolly caught up with Ali to find out more. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: EMMA GUTTERIDGE

Q Ali, have you always wanted to be a designer and how did you get started in the industry? A I was a short film director when I started the brand, but I think it was my upbringing in the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa that really gave me a fever for design. My parents are artists who owned a pottery and gallery and I grew up in remote mountains around craftswomen: weavers, potters, basket makers and painters. Our house was full of hand-woven tapestries, rugs and beautiful African pots. I love high quality materials like natural wool and silk: there’s nothing quite like creating something beautiful out of incredible materials. Q Were there any challenges in starting your business? A In some ways ignorance was bliss. As a filmmaker I had a network, so starting from scratch was daunting and lonely at times. It’s a challenge building a brand that people recognise for quality, integrity and meaningful design. There aren’t any shortcuts; I just keep making my pieces as well as they can be, and I gather up talented people on the way to join my team. Q What is the story behind the name Age of Reason? A Playing around with names when starting out was great fun – I wanted a name that was timeless but conveyed a strong message. I chose the name after the Age of Enlightenment because I believe that beautiful, luxurious fashion and interior pieces can be made in a sustainable, empowering way. We manufacture in the UK with a small team using the best materials we can find. Our production line is fairly paid, independent and largely female.

64 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018

Q Age of Reason is changing how people view sustainable fashion and homeware. What first motivated you to create a brand that focused on ethical and sustainable design? A I love buying things with a story, and if the workforce is empowered and thriving I want to know about it. Working in Soho can be dangerous – I’ve done a lot of shopping in London department stores! I noticed a gap six years ago when I found it amazing how very few sales assistants could tell me how or where something was made. I found it genuinely baffling in a luxury environment and it put me off buying on a number of occasions. I wanted to create a brand that sang integrity. Q What’s a typical working day look like for you? A I try to start my day with coffee, reflecting on how I want my day to go. It’s like meditation with caffeine, which suits me just fine. My husband gets the children ready, which really helps.

Interiors interview | ALI MAPLETOFT

I head to the studio at about 9am, after breakfast. I never start the day with emails: they come later in the day after I’ve done at least one exciting, creative thing. If I’m drawing, I enjoy listening to singer-songwriters like Patti Smith, or my Mum’s old favourite, Joan Armatrading. I’m a sucker for Nina Simone too. She made an incredible contribution to music. I tell my daughters what her achievements meant then and now as a woman of colour. Women and their histories inspire me – there’s always a moodboard on the wall featuring inspiring women: Florence Welch, Susie Cave, Munroe Bergdorf and Adwoa Aboah are all up there. I’ll always step out to get lunch because I love to walk. Afternoons are for meetings and plotting new paths. Q What would a tour of your home reveal about you? A You’d learn that I love accents of popping colour and texture. I’m not about clutter – I’d rather have a few standout pieces and keep the rest chic and pared back. I love a statement chair with a shaped cushion on it and developed a passion for Street Art from time in London, so paintings by Pure Evil and Eine adorn the walls. I need books in my life, so great shelving is a must and you’d learn that someone in the house played guitar! Q What three home comforts couldn’t you live without? A It doesn’t matter how busy I am, I always take a bath and read a

bit at night. I love a luxurious candle to accompany this little ritual – I have a Bella Freud ‘Ginsberg is God’ candle on the go at the moment. I love good tea and coffee, great bedding and more books. Q If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? A I’d probably be a filmmaker or writer. As long as I’m creating something that has impact, I’m happy. I need joyful adventure, freedom and powerful creation. I think being any kind of artist would give me that. Q What’s the best advice you ever received? A A friend reminded me: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” I have a great team of people supporting me. I don’t pretend to do this alone. Q What does 2018 hold for Age of Reason? A I’m extremely excited about growing into the brand I’ve always dreamt of. The home interiors range will grow and I’ll be adding more wall art to my collections. There will also be a top secret collaboration with an organisation that champions women – watch this space! essence INFO

Websites: www.age-of-reason-studios.com, www.amara.com This article first appeared in The Lux Pad, www.amara.com/luxpad.

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Finding your next home... Knight Frank www.knightfrank.co.uk

Trenchard-Arlidge www.trenchardarlidge.co.uk

John D Wood www.johndwood.co.uk

Curchods www.curchods.com

Grosvenor Billinghurst www.grosvenorb.co.uk

Wills & Smerdon www.willsandsmerdon.co.uk

Winkworth www.winkworth.co.uk

APW Lettings www.apwproperty.com

Savills www.savills.co.uk

Jackson-Stops www.jackson-stops.co.uk

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Regency House ÂŁ4,495,000

Eaton Park, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 Set on the ultra-exclusive Eaton Park, on a south west facing plot, Regency House has been designed by the one of the greatest living classical architects in the world, Hugh Petter, Adam Architecture. Designed in the late Georgian style with classical Regency detailing, the proportions and composition are reflective of this period. Regency House is finished in a stunning self-coloured lime render with ruled lines to emulate fine stone work into the final coat. No expense has been spared in the construction of this timeless home. Boasting some 8,600 square foot (GEA), it is the style, flow, fit and finish that ensures Regency House stands out from the crowd.



8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

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Burwood Park Situated within the highly regarded private gated estate of Burwood Park is this unique property, nestled in a cul-de-sac adjacent to Broadwater Lake, in a half acre plot. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, four reception rooms. Approximately 391.7 sq m (4,216 sq ft). EPC: C. Freehold. Guide price: ÂŁ2,250,000

Burwood Park An impressive family home presented in immaculate condition and built by Runnymede Homes in 2011. Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, three reception rooms. Approximately 577 sq m (6,212 sq ft). EPC: B. Freehold. Guide price: ÂŁ2,995,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk

Weybridge An immaculate family home located on a private gated road and set behind its own private gates in a mature plot with outdoor pool and large terrace. Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, six reception rooms. Approximately 506 sq m (5,561 sq ft) EPC: B. Freehold. Guide price: £3,250,000

Burwood Park As you enter the impressive entrance hall you are immediately overwhelmed by the quality and natural light accentuated further by the hand crafted Oak staircase providing access to the first floor. Knightswood Oak is an exceptional house. Seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, five reception rooms. Approximately 790 sq m (8,512 sq ft). EPC: B. Freehold. Guide price: £4,750,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk

Artist impression

Club lounge

Entrance foyer

Main entrance

One & two bedroom luxury retirement apartments now selling in Virginia Water Augustus House, Station Parade, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4BB Privately-owned apartment Exclusively for the over 70s

Elegant club lounge and bistro restaurant^ Dedicated Estates team 24-hours a day

Landscaped gardens Guest suite for your family and friends#^

Call us today to arrange a priority appointment and benefit from reserving the apartment of your choice off-plan 0800 882 1252 mccarthyandstone.co.uk/augustushouse

Extra charge applies. #Subject to availability.




Expert fitness advisors in-store Try before you buy We stock over 50 of the top home fitness brands. From treadmills, exercise bikes, home gym packages & weights to nutrition, we offer an unrivalled choice of home fitness equipment to try in-store.

POWERHOUSE FITNESS 12 Park Street, Camberley, GU15 3PL 0127 6819611


Register your interest. Please call 01372 225 007 or visit shanlyhomes.com Computer generated image of Oaks Meadow indicative only. Internal image of a previous Shanly Homes show home.

The Warren, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 5RH Nestled in one of the finest locations in the village, the property is an imposing example of the stylish homes designed by the renowned architect Frank Herbert Chown in the 1930s. Classically styled and superbly presented, this six bedroom 1930s family home is in a premier private road location. It has been meticulously maintained and enlarged over the years to deliver comprehensive family accommodation, ideally suited to today’s lifestyle. With original features, including beautiful oak joinery, exposed oak stripped flooring and leaded windows in oak mullioned frames. These features are further enhanced with a careful blending of contemporary sanitary ware. A beautifully appointed kitchen/breakfast room with granite worktops and conservatory brings the gardens of over an acre into the home.

Townhouses on the Thames Octagon have returned to London to launch Bishops Row, a terrace of nine elegant houses situated alongside the Fulham banks of the River Thames. These deceptively spacious townhouses, ranging from 4,375 6,150 sq ft, come with 4/5 bedrooms and 4 reception rooms, with access to the river footpath running between Putney and Hammersmith bridges. On the ground floor, the enviable kitchen/breakfast/family rooms open onto private west-backing walled gardens, and feature modern linear cabinets in a dark satin lacquer finish, quartz worktops and top-of-the-range integrated Miele appliances.

Marble effect panelling and bespoke

Additional accommodation includes a

bronze lighting creates a clean, modern

gym, wine room and cinema room on

finish in the open plan space.

the lower ground floors, leading out to

To the first floor, the drawing rooms have limestone fireplaces,

a unique covered courtyard garden with “walk on” glass ceiling.

complemented by herringbone timber

The sizeable master suites span the

flooring and plush inset carpets, each

entire top level of each home, with

leading onto a private spacious rear

large walk through dressing rooms

terrace. Across the hallway and behind

and private balconies, while the marble

glass doors sits the dining rooms, with

en-suite bathrooms are filled with

two floor-to-ceiling windows allowing

natural daylight from the overhead

even more light into the formal areas.

light wells.

BISHOPS ROW Guide prices from


Showhouse open 10am–4pm Thursday to Monday or by appointment


16/02/2018 17:22


The fourth floors are home to a family bathroom and the additional double bedrooms, each featuring built in wardrobes and two also enjoying en-suites. Innovative outdoor space includes the covered lower courtyard gardens, landscaped space to the front and rear, as well as private balconies and terraces. The pièce de résistance in outdoor living comes in the form of the roof top terraces from Plots 8 and 9, which give residents unbeatable views towards the River Thames. Plot 9 will also feature a lift to all floors. Launching the Showhome within Plot 1 in early February, Octagon brought Kim Harvey of Kim Harvey Interiors onboard to create an aspirational scheme within the London townhouse. In addition to the high quality finishes and specifications synonymous with the Octagon name, each room has been given a personal feel, with bespoke cabinetry and hand sourced artwork throughout.


Kim comments; “This is my first opportunity to work with Octagon since founding my luxury interiors company, and to come on board at the concept stage is exciting, allowing us to create a truly aspirational home to show their potential purchasers. “The Bishops Row townhouses are surprisingly large inside, so we are focusing on creating free flowing spaces within the show home to demonstrate how flexible the different rooms and levels can be. Using sophisticated tones and textures, from greys, bronze finishes and woven leathers to herringbone and geometric prints, the scheme is contemporary and elegant with a tailored finish, inspired by classical British style and history.” Bishops Row offers exceptional transport links in to the West End and the City. Nearby Putney Bridge station provides access to Sloane Square and London Victoria, whilst Fulham


Broadway and Parsons Green takes 17 minutes to Oxford Circus and just half an hour to Canary Wharf. Heathrow Airport is 32 minutes away from nearby Hammersmith Underground. Fulham has a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants and bars, whilst Bishops Park and the river provide some peace and quiet. Nearby Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rated schools include Fulham Cross Girls School, London Oratory School as well as independent schools such as Fulham Prep School. For further information please contact Octagon on 020 8481 7500 or Strutt & Parker on 020 7731 7100.

020 8481 7500 | OCTAGON.CO.UK

16/02/2018 17:22

www.johndwood.co.uk • telephone: 01372 462211 GARSON ROAD, WEST END, ESHER KT10 AND IS PRICED AT £1,375,000 Situated in the picturesque West End village area of Esher is this substantial detached family home. The property offers in excess of 3,000 sq ft of accommodation including six bedrooms, three bath/shower rooms, lounge/dining area, kitchen/breakfast room, family room, study, utility/storage area, off street parking and wonderful rear garden with home gym/games/bar room. This beautiful area is renowned for Garson’s Farm and cricket on the village green on Sunday afternoons during the summer months. Esher town centre and main line train station are within close proximity, along with the A3 trunk road providing easy access to London Waterloo and the City. EPC Rating: D

WHITTETS AIT, JESSAMY ROAD, WEYBRIDGE KT13 AND IS PRICED AT £1,600,000 Riverside views – a stunning contemporary house of approximately 2,928 sq ft situated in a private gated development on an island approximately 0.5 mile from Weybridge town centre, and with services to London Waterloo from Weybridge station. Featuring flexible accommodation over three floors with open plan spaces, high vaulted ceilings providing natural light, covered balconies from the master bedroom and first floor reception room, with ground floor reception room access to a private terrace and garden leading to the water’s edge. Two allocated parking spaces. EPC Rating: C



A magnificent, detached six bedroom modern family villa with a bright and welcoming double height entrance hall and plenty of entertaining/reception space downstairs. The property is contemporary, being finished to a high standard and would provide a blank canvas for it new owners to move straight into. Set within a quiet cul-de-sac, the house has a double garage, driveway and lovely mature garden and offers privacy as it is set behind private electric gates.


A beautiful detached property built to a high specification by the renowned Monro Homes. One of only two homes positioned behind their own electric gates with private gardens and both within easy reach of the village, sought after schools and excellent transport links to central London and beyond. Outside the property is approached via electric gates and has driveway parking for several cars and a double garage. The enclosed rear garden is mainly laid to lawn with a patio area which is ideal for entertaining and can be accessed via the principle rooms.

SUNNINGDALE | 01344 291639 sunningdale@winkworth.co.uk




St George’s Hill


Situated in the heart of the St George’s Hill exclusive estate is this superb detached home. Originally built by Heritage Developments it occupies a stunning plot of just under 0.7 of an acre, backing directly onto St George’s Hill Golf Course. South facing to the rear. EPC D 01932 843322




Homes of this nature are becoming very rare. From the turreted bay windows running to the right hand elevation and the ornate wooden facias, coupled with the original checkboard tiled entrance porch, this impressive home blends character and modern living perfectly. EPC D 01932 843322




Essence Magazine - Mar 2018.indd 1











W W W. C U R C H O D S . C O M

16/02/2018 10:17:49







Well proportioned family home with potential in a private cul-de-sac. Short walk of local shops and Howard of Effingham. Three reception rooms. Kitchen/ breakfast and utility. Four bedrooms. En-suite and family bathroom. Double garage. EPC: D. No onward chain.



01932 864242


Within walking distance of the station and local amenities, a refurbished and enlarged four bedroom, three bathroom family home with spacious ground floor receptions, a 100 ft. south-west facing garden, integral garage and cul-de-sac location. EPC: E. No onward chain.


01372 843833



An exceptionally attractive Victorian attached cottage, approx. 2,000 sq. ft, with period character features in mostly walled garden. Five reception rooms. Large kitchen. Cellar. Three double bedrooms. En-suite and family bathroom. Walk of shops. No onward chain. EPC: E.


01932 864242



In an enviable location – a private road within a stone’s throw of Oxshott Woods and ten minutes to station. A substantial five bedroom, four bathroom home with four reception rooms plus conservatory, in almost half an acre, including a significant pool and leisure chalet to enhance family living. EPC: D. No onward chain.

01372 843833

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

Independent expert help with property insurance claims Disasters are unfortunate and stressful, and dealing with your insurance company and its adjusters doesn’t help. Let Claim Makers deal with the stressful parts, while you focus on what’s important. Unlike insurance companies, brokers and adjusters, the policyholder is Claim Makers’ sole priority. They work to ensure your claim is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your home or business is restored to perfect working order. Claim Makers seek to recover the true cost of repair and replacement, down to the letter in your policy, and do not bend to adjusters seeking to discount or reject your claim. Claim Makers take on full responsibility of managing your claim; collecting evidence from you and presenting it to the insurers and adjusters, and when required working with solicitors, forensic engineers, surveyors and architects towards ensuring the policyholder obtains the fair and true cost of repair and replacement. w Stress free – Claim Makers handle all interactions with insurers and adjusters. w In your corner – 100% dedicated to you, not the insurance companies or adjusters. w Complete – Get your life or business back on track, no matter the damage. w Your claim – Obtain the true cost of repair and replacement.


“What we do is fairly straightforward. We fight for the rights of the homeowners and businesses to ensure they receive the compensation they are rightfully entitled to so that they can get their property back in order” Claim Makers Limited essence INFO

Contact Claim Makers today for a free, no obligation assessment on: w NEW DAMAGES w OLD DAMAGES w PREVIOUSLY SETTLED AND UNDERPAID CLAIMS w REJECTED CLAIMS Telephone: 0208 004 3972 Email: info@claimmakers.co.uk Website: www.claimmakers.co.uk PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ANDRIY POPOV | 123RF.COM


Air-conditioning leaks w Broken pipes w Dishwasher leaks w Fire damage w Hot water leaks w Subsidence w Mould damage w Plumbing damage w Roof leaks w Sinkholes w Smoke damage w Storm damage w Theft w Vandalism w Vehicle hitting a building w Water damage Claim Makers Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (No. 10570745) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 782455).

80 essence-magazine.co.uk | MARCH 2018





L O N D O N • T U N B R I D G E W ELL S • A S H F O R D

T. 01892 526 996


High speed, luxury private helicopter charter

“When your greatest resource is your time, know your value and take a helicopter” Michael Hampton, Capital Air Services managing director and pilot

Telephone: 01865 370 739 | operations@capitalairservices.co.uk  quote ‘Essence Magazine’ for your bespoke travel quote London Oxford Airport CAPITAL AIR SERVICES AOC NO IS GB2049

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essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...

essence issue 89  

essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...


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