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Supplement | AUTUMN 2016


DECOR essence





Also inside this issue

DESIGN DESIRE Interior aspects

Modern day Totter


MODERN LIVING Home technology


DECOR Autumn 2016 cover: Delcor Windsor chair

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Acting editor: Andrew Guilor Contributing editor: Katie Wood Contributors: Emily Bird, Rebecca Peters, Joanna Johns, Ruth Marshall, Andrew Peters, Jane Pople Production manager: Rebecca Peters Designers: Jason Mayes, Sharon Smith telephone: 01932 988677 email: Advertising sales: Katie Wood telephone: 07971 937162 email: Marketing email: telephone: 01932 988677

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Welcome to this essence autumn interiors supplement in which we primarily highlight ideas for the downstairs of the home. In this issue we look at design Barnaba Fornasetti, a master of design following in his father’s footsteps, and a modern day rag-and-bone man in the form of Paul Firbank, busy turning scrap into heritage heirloom items on the Kent coast. We consult kitchen, heating, lighting, technology, flooring and interior design specialists to provide advice and forecast the trends for next year; our focus ranges from floors and fireplaces to wallpapers, space saving and technology. We also cast an eye over our shoulder back in history at some landmark designs that still have influence today. We hope you’ll find ideas and inspiration that will prove useful for whatever you have planned for your home over the coming months. The essence team 4 | Design icon Barnaba Fornasetti is the figurehead of one of the most renowned and recognised design brands in the world. Jane Pople explains why. 10 | Modern living Andrew Peters looks at the increasingly important aspect of technology in the home. 16 | Kitchen class With a footfall to rival any room, the kitchen is the hub of any home. Joanna Johns looks at how to make this favourite place to congregate work for you. 24 | Desire for design Interior design is an art form that stretches the creative juices to the full; three interior designers share their experiences, thoughts and expertise. 34 | The Rag and Bone Man Decor meets Paul Firbank, contemporary craftsman and modern day totter.

38 | The heat is on The cooler evenings mean we’ll be reaching for the central heating controls. Rebecca Peters offers an efficient and very elegant alternative. 46 | Top three Viki Lander, Creative Director at Ensoul Interior Architecture, provides an insight into her top design trends for next year. S1

Humphrey Munson design and make award-winning beautiful handmade kitchens. Each and every bespoke kitchen is handcrafted in our Felsted workshop by a team of the finest cabinetmakers who combine a passion for their craft with expert technical knowledge. With a rich history of master cabinet makers stretching back to the late 1800s, over a century later Humphrey Munson have preserved their reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of beautiful handmade kitchens. Today, Humphrey Munson take an innovative approach to the traditional kitchen cabinet design and manufacture process, drawing upon their heritage to influence their joinery methods and using only the best materials, informed design and finest craftsmanship. The Spenlow Kitchen design (shown) comprises a large open plan kitchen and dining space, utility room, boot room and laundry room. The home serves the family first but also is built for entertaining on a reasonably large level.

Features include the legendary Wolf dual fuel range cooker with charbroiler and teppanyaki with bespoke extraction by Westin. Opposite the Wolf range cooker and integrated into the island are a Miele microwave and Miele sous chef warming drawer. The large island acts as the main preparation area and includes a Villeroy & Boch Double Butler Sink with insinkerator waste disposal, Perrin & Rowe Callisto Mixer Tap with rinse and a Quooker Pro Vaq 3 Classic tap finished in polished nickel. The eurocargo recycling pullout bins are located in the island with a Miele dishwasher located either side. Choosing the iconic Sub-Zero fridge freezer provides ample storage. The dining area has a Weathered Oak Refectory Table by Humphrey Munson. The table seats 10, so works really well for entertaining friends and family in the open plan area. Seating is by Vincent Sheppard, perfect for a family with young children because they are so easy to maintain.

Barnaba Fornasetti with Tema e Variazioni book PHOTO COPYRIGHT: FRANCO PETAZZI


Supplement | AUTUMN 2016


Barnaba Fornasetti is the figurehead of one of the most renowned and recognised design brands in the world. His late father Piero founded the Fornasetti empire, and Barnaba has taken the baton on seamlessly as Jane Pople finds out.


arnaba Fornasetti continues to create objects, furniture and fashion items for the brand and has just realised the Tema e Variazioni: The First Series, 1–100, a super-luxurious handmade tome. It celebrates his father’s iconic series of ‘Theme and Variations’ dinner plates, based on a portrait of the Italian born opera singer Lina Cavalieri, his muse. There are just 100 editions, each numbered and signed by Barnaba himself, this beautiful new book features the first 100 of these designs. Q The world of Fornasetti has proven to be timeless, remaining hugely popular for many decades, what do you think is the key to this success? A Fornasetti is timeless and not related to fashion trends or design in the strictest meaning of the word. It deals more with graphic designs decorating various surfaces. The décor can be employed in several different contexts that are not necessarily connected with a product or a commercial and physical object. That’s why Fornasetti’s aesthetics are able to stir the collective unconscious images in our brains. A Fornasetti object is not a simple object: it can communicate with those who are still naturally good at perceiving and it can console people from modern life’s troubles. People need more and more decoration because it has the same function as music: it seems not absolutely necessary but it definitely is. It’s like food for our souls. Q What led to the decision of creating the “Tema e Variazioni. The first series PHOTO COPYRIGHT: FRANCO PETAZZI 1-100” book? A I think we are living the digital era’s peak and it’s time to deconstruct PHOTO COPYRIGHT: FORNASETTI its myth by introducing crosscurrent and almost obsolescent projects so to underline the importance of time in human being’s work, through the artisan processes and the pleasure of the research of high quality details. Just keeping this book in your hands and looking at it closely, the images that everyone knew only printed on plates are now having a new birth. The limited-edition choice is born naturally when we decided to select the first 100 variations and to use a different brass matrix for every single number of the book. By the way, it is a higher number of editions if compared with the usual circulation of such quality books and compared to the “life” of a matrix and its reproduction capacity. I thought that such a slow and long-lasting project sounds like a challenge in our era where time is money and we have fewer occasions to handle cultural values independent from economic restrictions since we are involved in a daily timesaving competition.

Above: Piero Fornasetti Left: The Fornasetti Archive

>>> S5


Left Tema e Variazioni: The First Series Below The Fornasetti Archive


Q Do you have a particular favourite variation, or Fornasetti design piece? A I don’t have any favourite object. Usually my enthusiasm is focused on what I’m creating in the moment. I’m trying to employ the decoration without thinking about a specific item. At the moment our Atelier is working on its usual production, but we’re also focused on two different projects that will involve Fornasetti as a publisher and an Opera producer. For the first time in Italy we’ll stage the original version of the “Don Giovanni”. It will be set up with a 30 ancient instruments orchestra by complying with the original score as it was performed for the first time by W.A. Mozart in Prague in 1787. Of course Fornasetti will design the scenography.

and labels also rejects this. There is surrealism in Paolo Uccello. See how vast the horizon is! This is a fixation that I fight, the obsession with labels – surrealism, neorealism, romantic, postmodern. We have the habit of buying ‘signatures,’ and no longer invest in beautiful things that we like. An artist who wants to be successful is no longer an artist; he is a person who wants to have success. If he conforms to fashion, he will arrive late because by now everyone has already conformed. Therefore, perhaps, the idea is not to conform but to be original. For example, I am suggesting the idea of creating fashion items that never go out of fashion.” Moreover, being an authoritarian father, he strengthened my nature and he taught me to fight and resist against conformism and mediocrity.

Q What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from working extensively in the art & design world? A I think that nowadays for a designer – no matter the work he does – the most important thing is to keep in mind sustainability.

Q Who or what influences you most and what keeps you inspired? A My father’s work influenced me because I was born in that context and I was in my element since I was a child although not yet an active part of it. Today I got an entire archive and it’s an amazing incitement. When I need to find ideas I loose myself in this archive so huge and rich to become my main source. It helps me in exploring an artistic world perfect to obtain images to manipulate. However, I reach the major concentration in an outdoor ambience – totally free of images – that is the swimming pool where I’m used to swim, but I have to say that inspiration comes always working.

Q As a renowned expert in the world of design what advice would you give to someone looking to begin such a career? A Don’t be obsessed by being contemporary. Use technology just as a tool, just like the pencil for a drawer, a brush and a canvas for a painter. Bear always in mind the classical orders for proportion and balance, spaces and shapes. Q What was the best lesson you learnt from your father and how have you applied it to your life? A The imagination. My father was used to say, “I don’t believe in periods or in dates. I simply don’t believe in them. I refuse to determine the value of an object by its date. I don’t limit myself, and nothing is too esoteric to be used as inspiration. I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual. But I am also a rationalist, against the bohemian precepts of Scapigliatura. One who rejects art movements

Q What do you think is the key to becoming an expert? A There is no key since I don’t consider myself an expert and more experience I gain more I realise to be less expert. essence INFO

Discover the world of Fornasetti available now at Amara. Website: This article first appeared in The Lux Pad,





W E BELIEV E In bringing people together. So do our dining collections. Some extend, ready for when the whole family descends. Some are compact, perfect for a cosy supper for two. And all of them are designed to look beautiful, so they’re as much of a joy to look at, as they are to be around. Wardley dining table in natural oak, £1,000. Wardley dining chairs in natural oak, £285 or hand-painted birch, £255.

And until 31 October receive a £50 voucher for every £500 spent on any of our dining collections. st Neptune Weybridge, 10 Church Street, KT13 8DX, 01932 901234, £50 voucher of fe r c l o s e s 31s t O c to b e r 2 016 . Fo r f u ll d e t a il s p l ea s e a s k i n - s to re o r v i s i t n e pt u n e.c o m /of fe r s

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ACCESSORIES Piero Fornasetti (1913–1988) was a Milanese painter, sculptor and interior decorator, a renowned creative visionary whose work completely transformed 20th century decorative art. He created over 13,000 products and, in terms of variety and diversity, his production of objects and furniture is one of the largest collections of the last century. Widely revered for his masterful application of two-dimensional art to three-dimensional form, he adapted his graphic illustrations into striking pieces, always retaining a sense of humour in the way he used his artwork. “Our work is limitless, full-time. There is no schedule, day or night. Whatever I do, I translate my dreams into reality”

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All available at

Soli teapot

Tema e Variazioni wall plate

Bocca bar stool and (below right) tray




Examples of residential technology solutions from Cre8tive Rooms

And so sang The Jam almost 40 years ago. Home Automation and working from home more often is the modern world. Now and increasingly in the future these two things will combine to play an important role in saving that precious commodity no one has enough of, namely time. Andrew Peters explores the possibilities.


s we all know technology is in a constant state of flux and of course that includes home technology. It’s moving so quickly and is therefore hard to keep abreast of any changes and advances. It seems as soon as a new product is released companies are planning the next one, two, or three

steps ahead. There’s no denying the benefits advances in technology have provide, life is simply easier and more convenient than it was. Those arduous everyday tasks that used to take out valuable time and effort are now becoming more digitalized and effortless by the day. It’s easy to see these advances as we look around us and home innovations are by no means immune. Here we look at modern examples of how technology is transforming home entertainment, all available at the touch of a button without even stepping out of the front door. However with all technology it’s perhaps best seen in the flesh. Visiting showrooms to see actual systems in situ, to touch, to listen, to feel and to see how they work is advantageous. Ironically despite the fact technology can buy technology there’s no substitute for physically experiencing something you’re going to live with and enjoy for some time.


Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

Enhancing the modern home

Home study


here ‘s recently been a huge increase in demand for the latest home entertainment systems and technology. As this market is evolving so quickly, essence asked Cre8tive Rooms to highlight some of the latest trends and products currently available in the Residential Technology Sector. Where space is at a premium lots of homeowners are converting under used garages, loft spaces or building garden rooms for either a home cinema room, traditional games room or an indoor Sports Simulator. Sports Simulators, particularly Golf Simulators have had a huge resurgence in popularity as the technology now offers unrivalled similarity to the real thing. It enables you to really improve your game from the comfort of your home. We’ve fitted golf simulators in private homes as either a single screen, or a wraparound three-screen solution. The camera-based system allows a golfer to practice all aspects of their game. Over 200 of the world’s greatest golf courses, including all the British Open venues are also available to be played. There’s now a wide range of professional sports simulators in the market, from cycling to F1 racing, football, rugby and shooting, for less than you’d think. All of our systems, from home cinema to golf, integrate with other services such as Sky TV, Blu-ray and major games consoles, such as Playstation and Xbox. The full home cinematic experience Home Cinema technology is rapidly moving forward and the quality of the viewing experience is incredible. Many new homes will now come with a home cinema as standard. In addition to sound quality, the latest 4K projectors have taken things to a new level and larger viewing screens at less cost per square-inch than traditional screens, have significantly enhanced quality. Advances in Home Cinema Screen technology come with the development of a black screen option, which delivers amazing aesthetics, ambient light blocking and increased contrast levels due to the black colour. This means the 4k image achieved in a well-lit room, with the curtains open or downlights on, is second to none.

Designing your audio Many homes nowadays all feature some form of audio solution but this often isn’t given the thought this deserves. When audio is fully designed and considered at the design stage, with the same priority as lighting, a fully immersive sound solution can be achieved. This spreads the sound evenly throughout the house without ‘sound hotspots’. Aesthetics can also be properly considered, with speakers complementing rather than detracting from the overall interior. It’s worth considering especially if you are undertaking any home renovations or an extension. Control your home with the touch of a button Smart home technology is another area that has greatly improved recently. Amongst all the products on the market we prefer the Savant Home Automation System. It’s easy to use and provides superb control for the whole home via a single app regardless of location, utilising a mobile phone/iPad or Savant remote. All video and audio is managed by the Savant system, which can also control lighting, heating, CCTV and blinds. It even allows keyless entry, utilising finger print recognition, completely removing the need to carry a front door key.

ith the dark evenings and difficult winter driving conditions almost upon us, now’s a good time to consider a home office or study. Even with the smallest space it’s possible to create a bespoke working area as Homewood Furniture’s Interior Designer, Paula Nakhai explains. A TUC study published earlier this year marking National Work from Home Day, found that the number of home-workers has increased by a fifth over the last decade. But not all have the ideal set up; a kitchen table or sofa might provide a short-term solution, but to be most productive a dedicated work area is a necessity. A beautiful home office can increase productivity and be a really uplifting space. A spare room can be easily transformed, but before rushing off to the nearest furniture store with a tape measure, have a good think about the option of bespoke furniture. To be efficient it’s important to have an area designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing – a place where you will be happy to spend time and that is conducive to work. Firstly think storage, as a workspace should be uncluttered with everything having a home. Having a bespoke wall unit with shelves, draws and cabinets is a perfect solution, and will make full use of the wall space. Now the desk, if space allows it’s better positioned with your back to a wall with a full view of the room. Again a made to measure desk will utilise space to the max. Take advantage of any natural light but guard against glare on the computer screen. Using light colours on walls helps create a calm environment. The beauty of bespoke furniture is being able to choose from the variety of materials and finishes to suit personal décor.

Cre8tive Rooms keep abreast of the latest technology to maximise the home technology experience. The team of experienced AV engineers, builders and electricians, assure a hassle free, total solution with one point of contact and a full after care service.

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To discuss any technology upgrades to your home contact the Cre8tive Rooms team Telephone: 01483 688044 Website:

For those without a separate room any area within a room can be transformed into a cosy workspace. Pay attention to wall decorations, place a piece of artwork to inspire and provide a focus away from the screen. Investing in a specially made desk will make the area feel special and personal. So before settling for the sofa or kitchen table look around to see if a room or area can be a more inspirational workspace. Furniture and space go hand in hand, and it’s amazing what can be achieved with innovative craftsmanship.

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Website: Telephone: 01932 450176 S11



Flexibility and finesse Set your music free

The collection of Bang & Olufsen wireless speaker systems offers all-in-one command of your digital music, anyway you want and at a level of quality that will let you discover all the details beautiful music has to offer. Introducing Beosound 1 & 2 These wireless speakers are designed for convenience, crafted for mobility and feature an impressive 360-degree sound performance, and rock-solid aluminium exterior crafted for mobility. Integrated access to Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn, featuring the BeoLink Multiroom Technology connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home.

About Bang & Olufsen of Guildford Custom installation Our experts install the perfect, custom tailored Bang & Olufsen experience in your home. From large-scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, we can accommodate your needs. From initial consultancy to final implementation, the seamless convenience with one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote is our goal. The importance of a good setup Our experienced personnel will help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. For example the precise placement of a BeoLab 18 or 19 within a room will have quite a large effect on performance. Tailoring larger solutions to your home Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the correct solution to suit you. Our experts will examine a home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space. Trusted third party partners We only work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names. This provides both a solid technical support base and the possibility of integrating virtually all-home automation systems into your Bang & Olufsen setup.

essence INFO

Bang & Olufsen of Guildford 8A Tunsgate, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3QT Telephone: 01483 457900 Website: great-britain/bang-olufsen-of-guildford/ Email:


Above: BeoPlay A9: Powerful, Iconic Music Streaming system. Updating a modern classic with an innovative user interface and integration of more digital services. Left: BeoLab 18: Acoustic work of art, BeoLab 18 delivers an exceptional wireless sound performance, total placement flexibility and carefully chosen materials that highlight the iconic shape of the loudspeaker Below left: BeoSound Moment: BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that integrates your music and streaming services into one. Moment can provide precisely the atmosphere you are looking for. Start a continuous, highperformance sound experience that fits your mood, with just one touch.

MUSIC EVERYWHERE Introducing the flexible Beosound 1 and BeoSound 2. A new family of wireless speaker systems with built-in music ser vices. Designed for seamless streaming and a power ful 360-degree sound experience. BeoLink Multiroom unites your Bang & Olufsen products into one liberating wireless system. Play dif ferent music in dif ferent rooms or let one tune flow throughout your home. Just touch your Bang & Olufsen product to instantly join the music stream, or control the experience from the BeoMusic App. Visit us in store now to experience our full range and receive your free gif t.



BANG & OLUFSEN GUILDFORD – 8A Tunsgate | GU1 3QT 01483 457900 –




The silk and general artificial flower market is becoming an increasingly popular way to enhance either part or all of a home, and provide focal points to enable people to make a statement.

Flower arrangements bring warmth, sophistication, a finishing touch and provide elegance throughout the home. Demand for silk and artificial flowers has grown across the board. Focal Point Designs offer a full planning and design service providing ideas for the type of flowers, the size, shape and colour of any vase to complement any interior design. Based in Surrey, the company specialises using both fresh and artificial flowers, helping to create memorable experiences for the home, events and special occasions. Adopting a professional approach and personal touch, quality is paramount to realise clients’ aspirations. With the many types of flowers and foliage available expert advice is required to create stunning and bespoke arrangements. Why are silk and artificial flowers and foliage becoming more popular? Katie believes the quality is improving all the time and the variety of flowers available has increased. “Although we all love fresh flowers, the cost of weekly fresh flowers adds up so quality artificial flowers have become popular. There is also demand for more bespoke styles people cannot purchase in a shop. Clients like to have a regular arrangement in one or more rooms and feel it’s an investment to have these flowers throughout the year”. The company offers an all year round service. “Come Christmas, my customers request seasonal colours like gold, silver, white branches and even fairy lights inserted into particular table or standing vases”. Most clients keep them up all year round as they are made to complement their home style and colour scheme. “Using neutral or bold colours and in a particular style and size, our bespoke designs can be versatile to use around the house or when entertaining guests, they are perfect for a dinner party inside or outside”. Katie Wood, Managing Director

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For more information contact Katie Wood Managing Director, Focal Point Designs Telephone: 07971 937162 Email: Website:


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T 0203 590 6728 M 07768 396332 E




With a footfall to rival any other room in the house the kitchen is the loved hub of any home and a favourite place for people to congregate. Whatever the size and shape it’s important to make the most of the available space and ensure your kitchen works for you.


o will it be classic contemporary, chic, rustic, Scandinavian, modern, minimalist, English country, industrial or colourful? Beauty and functionality is the most sought after and required combination in many things, but perhaps even more so when it comes to looking for the perfect kitchen. A contemporary kitchen is expected to not just impress with sleek design but with 21st century high-tech functionality too. Over the years the kitchen has developed to become more of a meeting place for the family, open to and introduced closer to the other living


areas. Leading interior designers feel this trend will see further development in future years, turning the kitchen from a place of food preparation into a furniture set to match people’s unique lifestyle. It’s already grown to be a space where family and friends can socialise and enjoy time together. As more people have taken pleasure in preparing food those labouring over a hot stove have wanted to be involved in conversation and not isolated for the duration of the task in hand. Designed, unique home and décor pieces of furniture are amongst the most popular contemporary kitchen ideas, complemented by

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

distinct seating, lighting and state-of-the-art decorations. Kitchen cabinets with luxe metallic, glass or mirror doors are paired with airy-open shelves to honour minimalist trends and to give a personal touch. Pullout pantry shelves and drawers, and specially designed sliding and corner systems provide convenience and ease of use. Numerous and sometimes almost industrialstyle lighting elements can contribute to the overall modern style and provide appropriate light in every area as required. All this is built and set under a ceiling to impress, on polished or matt tiled floors of natural materials, against the background of decorated walls, and a colour palette ranging from white, through unconventional vibrant tribal colours, to neutral grey or black. These are the kitchens of our contemporary and future times. Essence asked two wellknown suppliers for their thoughts and recent experiences.

Adaptations ‘Work’s’ range

Adaptations pride themselves on being one of the leading contemporary kitchen designers in Surrey specialising in sourcing new and innovative products. Supplied by the prestigious German manufacturer Eggersmann the ‘Work’s’ range is a completely new concept in kitchen design. Based on the vision of a kitchen “workshop” it emphasises functionality, aesthetics and design. It encompasses the short distances, perfect arrangement, access, and structure found any professional kitchen.

The range’s striking feature is the bank of tall frameless mirrored door units that rotate through 180 degrees to expose an array of cleverly designed storage solutions. The concept originated from professional cooks who believed the idea of having everything within individual cabinets was out-dated and inconvenient. The extensive range of accessories can be selected to suit individual needs, and are available in a mix of materials, including wood, stainless steel and white ceramic. Illustrated are matt black cabinets, the ‘’Spy mirror’’ doors to help create a feeling of light and space. Islands are split to create individual zones with different functions, and include a stainless steel top with integral sink and Quooker boiling water tap, a wood top in Heart Ash for preparation, and an ultra-thin hob top in matt black with a flush fit gas hob by Barazza. The kitchen is well equipped with Miele appliances and includes a single oven; a combination oven and microwave, a steam oven and a vacuum drawer for sous vide food preparation. In addition, there is an integrated dishwasher, built in wine cabinet and ceiling extractor. ‘The Works’ range is also available in a number of alternative colours. The team pay close attention to current trends, but the focus is always on a client’s individual requirements. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is a very good starting point! >>> S17


The sheer amount of materials and textures available allow the mixing ultra matt finishes, both stunning and practical, together with beautiful real wood veneers such as Olive Wood, Walnut and Ash. Ranges come in number of concrete effects which can be mixed with lacquered finishes to provide a more urban look, and are currently developing a range of open shelf units in contrasting colours and materials to add a new dimension to designs. The company works with a wonderful manufacturer of bespoke reclaimed oak furniture, from banquette seating to entire islands. The exclusive Reclaimed Oak Food Bench, on display in their showroom, has attracted a great deal of attention. It’s been pivotal in the design of many installations, and adds an eclectic element and warmth to the contemporary style of the cabinetry. It’s a perfect blend for people living in traditional styled houses that want to bring contemporary design into their home. The introduction of new worktop materials such as Dekton and Neolith offers a very practical alternative to traditional natural stone materials. Some of these composite materials have beautiful bold veining to add a dramatic impact. Add to this a beautiful wood floating breakfast bar or a table top by Spekva and the design is complete.


Working predominantly in Surrey and South West London but also undertaking international commissions, Adaptations offer a turnkey solution or are equally happy working with architects, contractors and designers. Kitchens start from £25,000. essence INFO

Adaptations 53–57 High Street, Cobham, Surrey KT11 3DP Website: Email: Telephone: 01932 584940

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

“It’s about creating an environment where the whole family can be together. It’s about creating the heart of your home.” Karon Read, senior kitchen designer, Neptune

Neptune Modern country living: in the kitchen

The shift to open-plan living has been a gradual one. First we saw it take over new-build properties, where big open spaces suited its more modern architecture. Now, the trend for multi-tasking spaces is being celebrated in homes classic and contemporary with period-era buildings welcoming bright and airy extensions and no longer feeling afraid to knock down a dividing wall or two. The room that open-plan tends to pivot around is the kitchen. For those who are yet to experience Neptune, theirs is a world of beautifully crafted furniture for every room of the home. Perhaps what Neptune are best known for is its four kitchen collections: Chichester, Suffolk, Henley and Limehouse. Many of the homes Neptune designs kitchens for have a strong focus on open-plan living. The kitchen has become so much more than simply a

space in which to cook. Kitchens now have to have a dining room element to them, a huge amount of storage space, and even sometimes a touch of living room, be it a sofa section or even a single armchair. Even in the smallest of kitchens, an open-plan scheme can be devised. A simple side return can become a high-level dining spot, and dressed with elegant stools and a beautiful worktop it can still very much work as a sophisticated space to have a little supper party. In larger spaces, an extendable kitchen table is a real must. And in any-sized kitchen, it’s important to be creative with storage. From cabinets and drawers to dressers and stylish potboards (don’t forget shelving), there’s a host of ways to keep kitchens organised and functional but never without form. essence INFO

For more ideas or to book a complimentary design consultation contact Karon Neptune Weybridge 10 Church Street, Weybridge, KT13 8DX Telephone: 01932 901234 Email: Website: >>> S19


DECOR LOVES Neptune Castlefield stripe throw mustard


Neptune’s Blyton three wick mustard candle – a perfect gift or ambient addition to your new look kitchen Neptune Caspar armchair

5 KITCHEN DESIGN TIPS Work with a designer who understands your requirements and can translate them into your unique vision to create a space you look forward to being in to cook and entertain.

Neptune Laura Emma mustard cushion

Don’t forget that storage is very important so plan with this in mind and that everything will work for you. Draw an imaginary triangle between the hob, sink and fridge to make food preparation efficient and easy. Arrange the preparation area in a way that allows conversation and enables the cook to socialise and not be isolated. Make sure you have more electrical sockets than you think you will need, you can never have enough.

Neptune Fitzroy large lamp Oliver flint shade Neptune Blyton 10x15cm Charcoal candle

Neptune Sefton throw Cobble



Neptune’s collection of elegant, artisanal paint colours is designed to work together beautifully so you have the freedom to mix any shade and any colour. All our paints are ecological, water based and very easy to use.


Supplement | AUTUMN 2016


The Reclaim Workshop team is dedicated to creating high quality, stunning kitchenware made solely by using reclaimed wood. Our team of craftsmen has refined their craft to offer the perfect piece for your kitchen. Walking into the workshop your senses are struck by the sights, smells and sounds. The sight of oak and mahogany in their natural state is a thing of beauty; the smell of different woods being sawn and planed is a delight. The quality of work is stunning, ranging from small chopping boards to large kitchen islands topped with end grain butchers blocks. It’s obvious these handcrafted products are lovingly finished down to the last detail. The end grain cutting blocks are arranged in random patterns giving each piece a unique signature not found in pieces that use uniformly sized wood. The larger kitchen islands contain over 1,200 pieces and are priced from £1,900 to £4,900 reflecting the craftsmanship and quality.

essence INFO

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A carefully planned lighting scheme can easily transform a home both inside and out writes Joanna Johns.


he expression ‘seen in a different light’ is part of the English language and expresses how varied things can look in differing conditions. The tone and intensity of light can alter the colours in a room. How often have you marveled at the way the same paint seemingly looks a completely different colour on one wall juxtaposed to another, something purely and simply down to the different light each receives. Lighting is a perhaps the forgotten design tool at your disposal and shouldn’t be ignored. Nothing can quite change mood and ambience so quickly as lighting. Functional and hardworking its profound effect can bring an area to life and make it a more welcoming place to be. It can create the illusion of space, highlight architectural features, emphasise decorated and textured surfaces and create contrast. Lighting adds drama and can change the atmosphere in a room at the press of a button or flick of a switch. All rooms require a variety of lighting, a combination of all the different types that are available: down lighting, up lighting, wall washing, feature lighting, colour and control. Used together and in a complimentary way it’s possible to build layers of light to provide an overall effect. A well-planned scheme can be adapted to differing light levels throughout the day and for changing needs. The art of good lighting is to subtly make an area feel welcoming, good lighting systems stem from a thorough understanding of the light/shade balance. Remember though that installing wiring and light fittings is subject to strict safety regulations, so always seek the advice and skill of a qualified professional. ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF THE LIGHTING HOUSE EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN


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“The Lighting House has been very supportive on the bespoke development projects we have set them. Good with communication and quick to market without compromising technical requirements or standards. I would use them again.”

Cuckooland Zodiac Paper Lamp Shade in Goldfish Orange £45

PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT – THE LIGHTING HOUSE Great lighting is an integral part of a design or build project. You need the freedom to be creative, whilst keeping to your budget and timescales. Working within the commercial and high-end residential sectors the Lighting House team offer a very personal service including: A free of charge sourcing service Understanding clients are busy we save time assisting in the search for the correct lighting solutions including: searching manufacturers catalogues/website; contacting potential suppliers for information; if provided with an image or description we will find it!

Marks & Spencer

Choice of lighting With a growing stable of over 400 manufacturers to choose from The Lighting House is a leading supplier of fittings from well-known and global brands. Constantly sourcing the latest innovations means offering clients an extended mix of internal and external fittings. On the books is a number of smaller, less known factory’s offering alternative styles. This plethora of choices to will satisfy the requirements of any project. Competitive pricing Constantly researching the market ensures clients always obtain the best prices.

Homesense Rose Gold Lamp £39.99

Bespoke lighting If looking for something of a more individual and unique nature in order to make a statement, supply us with a sketch or idea and we’ll work to provide a fitting that provides a special focus. A number of factory’s produce bespoke fittings in a variety of materials and finishes to meet any requirement. Customer service Many years experience and a first class team mean any enquiry or order is handles smoothly, with one main contact to ensure continuity.

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The Lighting House clients include Accor, Radisson & Mercure Hotels, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Marks & Spencer. Contact Trudie Styles for more information. Telephone: 01252 459037 Website: S23



DESIGN Interior design is an art form that stretches the creative juices to the full. We all have our favourite themes and periods, but whatever décor we choose there’s always some seasonality to bring into the home. Joanna Johns offers some tips for the coming winter months.


he throw away culture is disappearing as people seek original, heritage and quality items. There’s an abundance of handmade and crafted goods with provenance to be found at, amongst other venues, large fairs such as the recent Big Arts show in Milford (www.thebigartshow). These items span art, textiles and printed fabrics, ceramics, glass and mixed media. It’s all about those unique finds that can add a special touch. Autumn doesn’t necessarily entail a lack of greenery and flowers, it’s about how you style it. There are many beautiful faux arrangements available (see article on transforming your home page14 Faux is a great way to go and is guaranteed to last the season. Gleen inspiration from classic old Dutch Master’s paintings of tulips, peonies, hydrangeas and asters set against inky backgrounds. The Global fusion style is steadily gaining ground on the interiors scene (see the Halsted Design feature in the essence October issue). A mixture of tribal prints and African inspired handmade goods oozing pattern, texture and bohemian rustic beauty. These are perfect for autumn and encompass everything from rugs, cushions and blankets to wall hangings, lampshades and ceramics. These add instant warmth, depth and interest to any interior. Dark saturated colours can be embraced to create a cosy and sophisticated look for these colder days. Rich earthy shades, deep olives, smooth chocolate browns, murky blues, and charcoal greys. Contrast these with hits of saffron yellow, spicy reds and orange to make a room special. With lighting add a shimmer with soft-brushed gold and brass fittings. The polished look is waning, so search for tarnished antiquated finishes or oxidized metals and match with warmer copper. If sparkle excites, then look for oversized chandeliers and play around with scale for some added drama. Using mixed materials that contrast is increasingly popular in home accessories. Opposites attract so raw concrete set against delicate brushed golds, aged woods against matt finish marble and soft smooth leathers interwoven with rough hessian twine. With temperatures on the way down, autumn is perfect to start bringing in knitted mohair blankets, tufty longhaired sheepskins and patterned cushions. This will echo the increasing popular Danish philosophy of Hygge (the art of enjoying life’s simple pleasures), and create a calm contentment when snuggling up in front of the fire.


Enzo chair Darlings of Chelsea

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assignment T

homas Coombes Interior Design aims to produce timeless homes bespoke and practical to each client. Our team has expertise in textiles, interior architecture and design, advertising and colour, allowing us to offer a range of skills for any situation. We in and around Surrey, but as many of our clients have properties abroad we do design abroad. One such was for a client’s properties in Grimond, South of France. The owners of Villa Bastide are clients we have worked with for many years so have a good understanding of their requirements. For this project the brief was to create a tranquil space whilst being sympathetic to the age and style of the property. They required a relaxed French country feel integrated with some modern pieces to create a more contemporary look. Naturally the distance was a challenge as just popping around the corner to do site visits or checking an aspect of the design wasn’t an option. Keeping the style of the existing property and its surroundings, obviously different to more local projects offered different challenges. The lighting was based on creating a relaxed ambience to compliment the Villa’s beautiful and serene surroundings. We incorporated many styles of lamps in varying shapes and sizes with finishes such as glass and antique silver to provide a rustic yet contemporary look. It was important to the client the lighting created romance and warmth, linking the hues and tones of the interior with the nature around. With the fabrics the clients specified a neutral palate and natural fabrics to remain sympathetic property. Stunning linens for upholstery and the curtaining, keeping the interior light and airy with the main focus to combine the natural outdoor space with the interior of to make this a stunning property. >>> S25



Thomas Coombes


rior to moving to this property our clients were living in a much smaller house in the area and made the decision not to bring any of their existing furniture with them enabling us to start from scratch. An exciting prospect but it was vital that we got every detail right so that the finished result was stunning. The owners wanted a home that was practical for their family and lifestyle whilst giving an aura of glamour and luxury. The first phase of the project was the downstairs of the house where the oak staircase is a very imposing feature. It was important to our clients that the staircase was no longer the focal point of the hallway and to detract from it we commissioned a beautiful bespoke three tiered, chain chandelier from Tigermoth lighting which created a stunning centrepiece. The colourway of the walls and carpet were also changed to compliment the oak rather than clash with it. We mirrored the chandelier in the dining room with a smaller version which we hung over a beautiful Tom Faulkner dining table. Porada mirrors in the hallway and dining room added opulence and gave an extra wow factor.


Another challenge was the living room which, a very large space with multiple windows overlooking the beautiful gardens. The clients did not wish for this space to be too formal as they wanted to feel they could use it on a daily basis. This was a particular challenge to deliver an elegant look that also gave the feeling of a cosy family area. We achieved the desired look with luxurious silks and velvets in rich sumptuous tones for window dressings and upholstery alongside faux fur throws and rugs for a more welcoming feel. Beautiful accessories and coffee table books were added to give the room a more ‘lived in’ feel, and stunning table and floor lamps set the mood. The final item added to the room was a baby grand piano which finished the room off perfectly. Our clients were delighted with the scheme and we are now designing a new kitchen for them to finish off this beautiful family home. essence INFO

Website: Telephone: 01372 464735 Email:

We achieved the desired look with luxurious silks and velvets in rich sumptuous tones for window dressings and upholstery alongside faux fur throws and rugs for a more welcoming feel.

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Wooden it be nice? It’s coming up to the time of the year when sprucing up your floors just seems like the right thing to do, and with the Christmas break not that far away, it’s the perfect time to start planning your floor make-over and adding that perfect finishing touch to your home.

Salina fabric by Manuel Canovas

HUNTER WHITEinteriors inspiring bespoke DESIGN

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Interiors of quality and individuality

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Hunter White design offers interior design and interior architecture services to homeowners, developers and commercial clients in the south of England. Working on a wide range of properties, from new, luxury developments to historic listed buildings, they create custom-designed interiors of the highest quality.

If you’re looking at replacing your ordinary flooring with wooden flooring, then make sure you do your research before you go ahead with this simple, yet effective move. Thankfully, wooden flooring is comfortable, durable as well as light on the pocket, which makes the benefits all the more interesting and worthwhile. There’s no doubt that wood flooring adds something very special and luxurious to your home, and its amazing versatility allows you to change the character and personality of your room so easily.

Q: Which of the following is a method to install wooden flooring? a) Glue & Nails b) Click-Lock c) Floating d) All of the above

So if you haven’t considered wooden flooring before, then why not give it a go?

Terms and conditions:

The closing date for entries is 31st October 2016, and the winner will be selected in a prize draw and notified in writing. All you need to decide is which floor you want and when you want them to deliver your lovely new floor!

• Entrants must email their answer along with their name, address and daytime contact number to

We’ve made it even easier for you to bite the bullet and change your flooring – we’ve teamed up with west London flooring experts Nexus Flooring, to give you the opportunity to upgrade your flooring for FREE! Check out their great selection of both solid and engineered wood flooring on, and get the ball rolling. Nexus Flooring are giving away £1,000 worth of flooring to one of our readers – all you have to do to enter is answer the following question and send it with your full contact details to and we’ll enter all the correct answers into a grand draw.

• The winner will be selected randomly in a grand draw and notified in writing by Nexus Flooring. • Entrants must be over 18 and resident in the UK. • The winning contestant will have the choice of any flooring type sold by Nexus Flooring to the value of £1000. Should the winner require additional flooring for their room they may purchase this at the normal displayed RRP. • Nexus Flooring will arrange delivery of the goods to anywhere in the UK, but the winning contestant will be responsible for the fitting of the flooring. • There is no cash alternative to the prize and is non-transferable. • The winner must select, confirm their prize and delivery requirements by 31st December 2016.


Inspired design The concept of style in interior design is as much about how a room feels as how it looks. Colours, textures, light and shade, furnishing and accessories should all harmonise, not just for visual effect, but also to enhance the quality of lifestyle offered by an individual property. Hunter White Design, whether working with developers or directly with homeowners, take time to understand clients’ aspirations before applying their experience and creativity to capture them. Perfect functionality Space is the most valuable asset in a property, so clients are encouraged to invest in making the most of what is available. Individual spaces should flow effortlessly from one to another, each contributing its distinct character within the whole concept. As professional interior architects, Hunter White Design are able to realise the full potential of any layout, whether by restructuring, reorganising room uses and circulation routes, or simply by creating a unified decorative scheme. Understated elegance Every commission is individual, but the basic principle at Hunter White Design is to create interiors of quiet luxury, with impeccable specifications. Aiming to achieve elegance without compromising on comfort or character is the goal. Colour and lighting are deployed strategically to create the perfect atmosphere. Furnishings, accessories, or artworks are used to reflect personal choice, but should also complement the scheme and be beautiful and interesting in their own right.

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For an informal discussion about what Hunter White Design could do for you call 01730 893193. Website: Email: S27





Ruth Marshall of Ruth Marshall Interiors offers her take on the hottest trends for 2017.

Nobel’s Colour of the Year 2017 was recently named as ‘Denim Drift’ – a timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending on the light, colour combination, and situation. Akzo’s colour trend predictions are always spot-on, and this year is no exception. Another stand-out colour trend for the coming season is the use of deep emerald and sage greens. These colours look stunning on upholstery when combined with tan leathers and brass lighting in an otherwise neutral room, but can take on a far more opulent role when combined with dark woods and other jewel colours such as deep purple or royal blue. AzkoNobel Colour of the Year 2017 – Denim Drift


eptember is my favourite month in the interiors calendar. It’s the month that sees two great trade shows for interior designers – Maison et Objet in Paris and Decorex in London. Interior designers come away feeling inspired to specify some of the latest and greatest for their clients. The shows are the perfect opportunity to identify upcoming trends.

True colours

Greys, grey-blues and nature-inspired colours all continue to flourish this autumn. Blue captures the mood of the moment – it’s the colour of life – a versatile colour that can be combined with delicate pastels for a crisp and airy feel, or alternatively used with darker colours to create a more dramatic and moody ambience. Multinational decorative paint company Akzo


Top textures, perfect patterns

Natural textures will feature large in 2017. Materials such as wood, smooth terracottas and stunning geometric encaustic tiles continue to be popular flooring choices. It’s also great to see cork making a comeback, but don’t worry, it’s far more exciting than the flat cork tiles of old, and you could consider an entire wall of cork in a playroom or open plan living space. It’s great for absorbing sound and creates an interesting feature wall for you to pin whatever takes your fancy. Layering your fabrics and accessories is the key to cosying – use heavy weave linens on upholstery and layer up with cosy wool knit throws, adding cushions in lush velvets, raw silks and faux fur to generate luxury and warmth. If you like a calm, neutral scheme, then mixing the fabric textures will add interest and make your room so much more inviting. If you

Sanderson Magnolia & Blossom wallpaper

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

Heathfield Andromeda light in dark teal satin

Byron & Byron Floral Collection Neons

Kelly Hoppen ridged vases

prefer more colour then why not introduce some bold indigo blue or bright coral into your scheme. These colours will look great combined with a co-ordinating (or clashing) floral print or graphic geometric design from the more colourful autumn collections. Windows of opportunity

Windows are reassuringly uncomplicated – the place for swags and tails is at tall windows where the architectural style of the property dictates an elaborate window treatment. Simple, smart tailored curtains add a more timeless appeal to a room, and hand finished deep double pinch pleat curtains hung on a pole look great in most rooms, with single pleat or ‘wave’ curtain headings providing a crisp, no fuss look in a more contemporary space. Roman blinds are also a great choice for contemporary interiors, and there’s no need for inconvenient, ugly cleat hooks and cords anymore as blinds are now fitted with child-safe breakaway connectors that will ‘break’ at a weight of 6kg. There’s a limitless choice of designer curtain poles, ranging from traditionally crafted wood with elaborately carved finials through to funky poles in bright neon colours for the young-atheart, with clear acrylic poles at the other end of the scale for those of you who don’t want their curtain poles to play a starring role. Back to the wall

The beauty of walls painted in a timeless chalky heritage colour will never fade, but for people looking for something a little more daring there is a vast range of digitally printed large format wallpapers and panels that are an artwork in themselves. The beauty of digital printing is that you can have just about anything printed to fit the wall in question, but there are also plenty of large-scale papers and panels out there that could

also fit the bill. I love these floral panels from Sanderson’s stunning new Waterperry Collection – perfect in a sunny garden room – a true celebration of the gardens of England that taps into the current trend for large botanical motifs. Bold as brass

One very noticeable shift at the interiors shows was a move towards warmer metals, with antiqued brass, bronze, and dark steel dominating many of the new lighting and furniture collections. These metal finishes are much softer than the polished chrome and brushed steel of late, and work wonderfully well with the current bluegreys and greens. Shown is one of my favourite lights – Andromeda – a Mid Century inspired antiqued brass ceiling light with adjustable arms and swivel head fittings that would work in most design schemes. Pleated perfection

Geometric, origami-style ceramic accessories abound – with matt finishes in neutral colours – a look that works so well with other natural textures. Succulents look amazing in these pots, particularly when coupled with a lovely brass or gold bowl to add some contrasting colour and feel. Kelly Hoppen is the master of ‘East meets West’ design, and has a wide range of accessories in this style. essence INFO

Website: Email: Telephone: 0203 590 6728 These are just a selection of the trends that caught my eye this autumn. If you are about to embark on a pre-Christmas interiors project, remember to set your budget and follow your heart. It’s nice to keep things up to date, but remember that trends are just that – trends – they come and go, so it’s important that some elements of your room will stand the test of time. It’s far more important that you feel really comfortable with your choices to ensure that your home still feels like home when the work is done and you walk through that door. Don’t leave it too long though – if you need to place orders for long lead items remember that the cut off dates for pre-Christmas deliveries are looming! S29


MATERIAL difference Walls should be an object of beauty in their own right as important as furniture and art, writes Rebecca Peters. 1. Cole & Son Geometric II Puzzle P 105-2011. 2. Farrow & Ball Arcade. 3. Farrow & Ball Enigma. 4. Cole & Son Mariinsky Giselle 108-5025. 5. Cole & Son Mariinsky Petrouchka 108-3011.







eaching for the colour chart is more often that not the quickest and easiest solution to instigate a change of décor. However it may not be always the most effective. There are a huge variety of materials to adorn walls, some of which have been around for millennia such as, wood, stone, tiles, cork and leather. All provide a very tactile and decorative effect to any wall covering. A very viable alternative to these materials is wallpaper, and suppliers continue to innovate and produce a myriad of finishes to rival any of the above. Indeed with the variety now available a little additional effort end expense can produce an interior worthy of any show home. In doing so you’ll certainly add appeal and more than likely value to any property.

TOP TIPS TO CHOOSING WALLPAPER w Decide whether you want to highlight the interior with a feature wall

or support furniture and art with an understated surface. It’s always contrasts that make a space interesting. w Whichever design and colour you opt for always choose a paper with a high quality finish. A softer tone of ink and print mark achieves a refined and sophisticated finish. w Try large samples on a wall first to see how they work, and live with them for a while. It’s important to see how the wallpaper works with the light and room size at all times of day. w Afraid to be bold? Simplicity can be stunning too, choose a neutral design that features a textured or reflective pattern, such as Eco White Light ( Using white as a canvas the paper plays with the effects of light on texture and pattern. w Research trends, then follow your instinct and go for it! w Want to make a statement? Then check out Belgium duo Studio Jobs Archives wallpaper or the new range of Farrow and Ball 1940’s block printed inspired papers; after all you only live once!

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5 S31



As a natural material wood is extremely versatile and varied, with a plethora of beautiful finishes and textures, Rebecca Peters explores.

N From top: Warehouse Collection – Raw Cotton Foundation Collection – Wentworth


othing can beat the beauty and charm of a wooden floor. It brings warmth under foot, and comfort and character straight to the heart of any room. Wood is one of nature’s most wonderful natural resources it’s clean, easy to maintain, light reflective, durable and adds marvellous texture to any home. A floor is an essential element that will set the tone and feeling of any area. It’s one of the major design decisions to be made, and one that can radically change the look of a room. Its surface, tone, dimensions, sound and quality all contribute to the success of the other elements present. Wooden floors have always been popular, and increasingly so due to the variety of engineered wooden floors currently available. These are ideal in areas subject to more extreme conditions, such as inconsistent temperatures, moisture or heavy traffic. Apart from the many different types of hardwood, choice of plank width, extra thin board and limitless colours, there’s a whole array of stunning contemporary new finishes and styles. Now’s the time to break with the habit of using the same old thing, seek new ideas and indulge in the world of lavish new finishes, combinations, varying reflective surfaces, enhanced textures, bright colours, and even wood with the addition of other elements. Finishing has become increasingly important, and can change the feel and look of a floor by using different techniques. There are many re-interpretations of traditional craftsmanship and materials all exuding the splendour and quality of the past. The

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

Above: Classic Collection – Kielder

Italian art of inlaid parquet shows how traditional and modern can blend to produce high impact results. There are manufacturers now producing unique flooring with designs that include wood combined with marble, glass and a variety of other hard materials. If you’re looking for something simpler, you can opt for curvedlength flooring, which is manufactured
 hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow 
a tree’s growth while cutting the boards. Innovative technology utilises wood scanning systems and software that places curvy boards in a puzzle that is unique. Advances in technology have also meant the more economical use of this natural resource allowing more floors per forest. Wooden flooring continues to undergo dramatic changes and it’s an exciting time. There’s much on offer whatever style you are considering.

Terminology Solid wood: Often raises the height of the floor and can be more difficult to maintain. Solid wood tends to expand and contract, so is more suited to ground than upper floors. Engineered hardwood: The preferred option for many, made up by layers of plywood and composite material, topped with solid wood. Suitable for universal use in the house as moisture and dampness has no effect on it. Grain and colour: Wood flooring comes in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Depending on the house wood grains vary so are ideal for any style. Finishing: The choice of pre-finished or unfinished wood is an important question. Prefinished wood: The finish is already applied and therefore the final product can be seen to avoid any surprises at installation. Unfinished wood: This is finished on site so the actual finish is only seen after installation.

Above: Project Collection – Calico Left: Classic Collection – Salcey

INNOVATIVE WOOD FLOORS WITH AN ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT Ted Todd have over 20 years of experience and offer an inspiring selection of floors that place creativity and design at the heart without compromising quality. Each of the eight collections offers something different. Project – affordable, versatile and on-trend engineered floors. Warehouse – trend setting engineered floors with undulating textures and open grains. Foundation – sturdy 15mm engineered European Oak and American Walnut. The Create Design System – allows you to mix and match tones and formats to create your very own look. The Classic Collection – delivers 20mm engineered floors made out of 100% hardwood. Strada – a highly practical collection marrying 20mm engineered boards with a unique 12-coat lacquer system for the ultimate durable finish. Patterns and Panels – contain stunning statement floors in herringbone, chevron, squares and panels. Signature Solids – encompass high-quality 20mm solid wood floors for floors that are made to last for generations.

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Website: to order samples on-line London Design Centre 4 Farm Street, Mayfair, London Telephone: 020 7495 6706 S33




Paul Firbank is a contemporary craftsman and modern day totter. He and his partner Royal College of Art alumni Lizzie Gossling have worked on international interior projects for hotels and restaurants, as well as with interior designers, architects and private clients. Andrew Peters caught up with a very modern reincarnation.


Supplement | AUTUMN 2016


ondon didn’t officially have rag-and-bone men until 1588 when Elizabeth I granted privileges to mudlarks and to those who collected rags for making paper. Fast-forward more than 400 years and the once-thriving profession and common sight on streets and suburbs vanished. The last ‘totter’ was documented as Alf Masterson; he parked his barrow and faithful Jack Russell (he no longer used a horse and cart) over 10 years ago. This centuries old practice morphed commonly into today’s car boot sales and so didn’t disappear without trace. Paul and partner Lizzie produce some stunning bespoke and functional furniture and lighting made from historic engineered and architectural components that they spot potential in and divert from the melting pot. Open to all kinds of commissions, large or small, multiples, or unique pieces their mantra is the more challenging the better! Q How would you describe what you and Lizzie do? A At The Rag and Bone Man we rework ‘scrap with heritage’ such as end of life planes and rare car or motorbike parts into bespoke lighting, furniture and interior accessories. Whether we’re transforming a 1940’s Lycoming R680 radial engine into a chandelier for the owner of hotel, or re-purposing a collection of racing car components owned by a race driver into a bespoke bankers light, the same principles apply. It’s our passion for channeling the character and quirks of every component and the quality and finish for which The Rag and Bone Man brand has become renowned.

“It’s our talent for channeling the character and quirks of every component and the quality and finish for which The Rag and Bone Man brand has become renowned.”

Q Do you think there’s a younger generation that doesn’t know what a rag-and-bone man was or did? A The Rag and Bone Man reworks British traditions for a generation of customers who are passionate about heritage, provenance and sustainability. Our clients are intrigued by the story of The Rag and Bone Man and find joy learning about this history that is part of British culture. We currently work with clients across the globe including America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Q Why did you recently relocate from London to Margate? A Margate is a diamond in the rough; its transformation and regeneration have recently been accelerated by the growth of creative industries in the area. Nicknamed ‘Hackney on Sea’ it’s an exciting place to be, with plenty of opportunities to collaborate and still keep a good connection with London. We moved to Margate in 2014 and have now set up a 1,800sqft workshop in the heart of Cliftonville.

>>> S35


Q What has been your most enjoyable project to date? A Highlights include working as a lead designer on repurposing an end of life aircraft as part of a commission for Channel 4 called Supersized Salvage. We also really enjoyed the recent commission by BBC Arts which covered the final assembly of a pair of occasional tables made using industrial diamond encrusted stonemason saw blades, large heavily modified c.1920’s cart jacks with Aston Martin brake disc bases. (see website) Q What are you currently working on? A At the moment, a chandelier for a clients’ home using a Pratt and Whitney JT8 Mixer Nozzle from a 737 Jet. I’m also working on a pair of lazy chairs adapting the original seating from an old Daimler. She wanted to give the seats to her two sons before they flew the nest in memory of her late father who had owned the car. I’m also about to embark on a chandelier commission for a restaurant in London, and we’re working on a beautiful 1942 DeHavliland Goblin Engine for it. It’s a beautiful item and a privilege to have it in the workshop. The transformation will be documented with a short film. We also have a project with the RHS and London Design Festival next year. Q You undertake private commissions. Do you prefer a free license to be creative? A We do private commissions, and also create our own designs that we sell to private individuals, collectors, dealers, interior designers, architects and hotels. Q How would you describe the company’s style? A Masculine and elegant, industrial luxe, our pieces have been described by clients as future heirlooms so we like to think they are timeless.

“Masculine and elegant, industrial luxe, our pieces have been described by clients as future heirlooms so we like to think they are timeless.”

Q Do you work with other materials or is it solely metal? A We mainly work with metal. However we do collaborate with other artisans such as the Bill Amberg Studio on the leatherwork details we produce for several of products. Q What do you do in your spare time? A Riding my 1950’s BSA B31 or our 1930’s F Neate racing tandem, going to galleries and shows and travelling when possible. We have just bought a house and look forward to making some new The Rag and Bone Man pieces for that too. essence INFO

The Rag and Bone Man Ltd Email: Telephone: 07733 365774 Website:


JEREMY HOUGHTON Contemporary art favouring themes of light, space, transience and change

2016/2017 Artist in Residence for Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing and the Americas Cup m 07981 655515



Cooler evenings mean we‘ll reach for the central heating controls. With increasing fuel prices there may be slightly more hesitation in turning on that switch. Rebecca Peters offers an efficient and elegant alternative…


veryone relishes the distinctive smell and cosy feeling of a fire. The glow of the dancing flames often invokes fond memories of laughter, banter and a traditional Christmas, with the entire family opening presents gathered around a roaring fire bathed in its glow. As appealing as this may sound, few people are aware an open fireplace is notoriously inefficient, sending a lot of heat straight up and out of the chimney. It’s estimated an open fire is, incredibly, only about 25% efficient and possibly even lower in some cases.


There are no hard and fast rules about the correct dimensions for a chimneypiece but there are some useful guidelines. The mantle shelf should not reach the halfway point to the ceiling. This cuts the wall into two halves and produces a clumsy look to the fireplace. The mantle piece should never go over the edges of the chimneybreast, ideally sitting a little from the edges of the breast. If the breast is small in relation to the overall room size the chimneypiece should fill the whole breast, as it’s important the scale of the chimneypiece suits the room. A common mistake is to choose too small

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

STOVE TALK a chimneypiece, so if in doubt, go for a larger surround and make a statement. Always consider a chimneypiece should be the focal point in a room. A fireplace can be a standalone feature not necessarily relating to other decorative features in any scheme. Where period detail isn’t a consideration the only real consideration is ensuring the correct scale is achieved, irrespective of selected style. The only constraint to a bespoke fireplace is the properties of the material selected for its manufacture. Certain materials, are only available in smaller sections and do not lend themselves to designs that include large, plain areas of material. Some stones and marbles are suitable for intricate detail; others simply cannot be carved with any complexity. The best solution is to contact a professional installer who can advise on an existing chimney, chimney liners and safe installation ensuring the best possible performance.

Here are some very good reasons why installing a wood-burning stove will bring benefits to your life.

Efficiency A stove is a very efficient way to burn fuel as it throws out around 85% of its heat into the room. So you can turn down the thermostat and reduce the heating bill. Environmental appeal You can power your whole house with a boiler stove and a multiple energy system including solar power. You will require a small room to house everything. Burning wood is carbon neutral and the ashes make great fertilizer for the garden. It’s cosy What could be better than sitting in a warm room, experiencing the radiance and light and smelling the wood with the wind howling outside? Basic need There’s something primeval about burning wood as making fire was one of the earliest human skills. You can source the wood yourself and chop it up to reconnect with your inner self Proper installation The size of room and existing fireplace (if applicable) need to be considered carefully stove and room size go hand in hand. If in doubt consult a professional. Christmas What completes the circle? – A gently crackling fire providing a central point around which people gather.


Managing Director Stephen Bolden shared his thoughts about his company. Philosophy

“We only install one fireplace ...yours” From walking into the showroom and selecting a fireplace to the final installation, a client’s needs and requirements are of the utmost importance. Selecting the perfect fireplace

We have a large range of fireplaces, gas fires and wood burning stoves to choose from. Our consultant’s

task is to match these products to any customers’ requirements. We offer to visit a customer’s home to ensure the chosen fireplace is suitable. A full installation team, registered with HETAS and Gas Safe, undertake everything from simple installations through to technically complicated flue systems. What customers can expect

At the Guildford Store are 10 live gas fires and 4 live wood-burning stoves, a display of over 40 fireplaces from traditional to contemporary in a range of materials from wood, sandstone, slate, limestone, marbles and granites. We source our products from some of the premier manufacturers in the industry including BFM Europe NUFlame, FDC, Montpelier Marble, Dimplex, ACR Stove OER and Principal Bath stone to name but a few. >>> S39


Surrey has such a varied mix of properties from small traditional cottages, to large country houses to contemporary apartments, each one different and every customer wanting to make their fireplace the heart of their home.

ranges of fireplaces, gas fires, wood-burning and multi-flue stoves to Surrey. Our established second showroom is at Longacres Garden Centre, and offers a superb variety of products for clients in the Ascot, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Camberley, Windlesham and surrounding areas.

New developments

The team

We’ve recently introduced a new product range of Bromic Smart-Heat electric outdoor heaters. These outdoor heaters provide efficient heating for commercial and residential locations whilst producing a perfect blend of aesthetics and function ability. With four different models of varying heat power available, each model delivers efficient heating and control with its smart heat control options. There is a heater on display at our Longacres garden centre showroom in Bagshot and a recently installed one at Camberley Cricket Club.

Our professional sales team includes myself, Kevin, William, David and Chris. Sam and James work on installations and finally Martin in purchasing with Valerie and Linda make up our admin team. All of us have the same aim to deliver unrivalled service to the people of Surrey.

Working throughout Surrey

The future

This year and next will see the continuing improvement of the Guildford Showroom, new


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Guildford Fireplaces Ltd 113 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4UQ Telephone: 01483 503333 Longacres Garden Centre, London Road, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5JB Telephone: 01276 686568 Website: Email:

Design specialists for bespoke faux floral arrangements, creating timeless elegance, sophisticated focal points and finishing touches to homes and offices. We know how important those finishing touches are and offer a service to cater for all types of room designs as well as offering seasonal arrangements and fresh flowers for all occasions. With our personal design consultation we will source the vases, planters and flowers and can advise on other decorative pieces for the home as well as offering a replenishing service to add or alter particular styles made for you. Please call now to order your faux or fresh flower Christmas arrangements and wreaths. “Truly inspirational and with a professional approach, Katie has class with a twist of edginess to her designs, that have made our house into a home and guests comment each time they visit.” Sarah and Thomas, Weybridge private client. Telephone: 07971 937162 •





Is there anything more timeless and sophisticated than the Breton stripe? In the style stakes nothing beats the design for laidback glamour than the distinctly French number usually spotted on tops and knitwear which have been seen on the high street, the catwalks and in the finest holiday destinations for nearly a century writes Emily Bird. IMAGE COURTESY OF CHANEL

Coco Chanel with Gigot



ot just for the fashion forward, the Breton stripe quickly spread to the interior world with the same relaxed feel where it has graced the most stylish of abodes over the years. With a rich history, the Breton stripe had an intriguing journey before it became the height of style, here we delve into the depths of the nautical print which is never going to go out of fashion. The Breton stripe has long been associated with nautical design thanks to its naval origins in the mid-1800s when French seamen were given the striped cotton or wool top as part of their military uniform. As the French navy were based in Brittany (Bretagne) at the time, the design became known as the Breton shirt, the marinière or the tricot rayé and even the number of stripes were said to be sacrosanct with each garment exhibiting 21 lines representing each of Napoleon’s victories against the British. The design itself was rumoured to have been created as it stood out against the sea, making a sailor who had fallen overboard more visible to rescuers, showing that even at this early stage the stripes were there to be noticed. The iconic stripe’s origins ensured that the design would forever be associated with the sailor and just fifty years after it was introduced as the official French navy uniform, the striped pattern exploded onto the fashion scene and hasn’t left since. Coco Chanel is known for the introduction of many fashion staples into the public consciousness from the Chanel suit to the little black dress and Chanel No.5 perfume is still arguably the most popular, or at least most renowned perfume to this day. The legendary French fashion designer is also hailed as the champion of the Breton


Jean Paul Gaultier 2015–16 PHOTO BY IN DIGITAL


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Websites: This article first appeared in The Lux Pad,

decades and was often associated with bohemian or artistic style. The design’s emergence in the film industry in the 50s and 60s when it was worn by the likes of James Dean, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn launched the Breton stripe into the spotlight, leading to a resurgence of interest. The Breton stripe had and still has androgynous appeal perfectly lending itself to the catwalk, with many top designers using the pattern in their haute IMAGE COURTESY OF MARIMEKKO couture collections over the years. With the exception of Coco Chanel herself, no designer is quite as synonymous with the sailor stripe than Jean Paul Gaultier. Adopting the design in his first ready to wear collection in 1983, the ‘La marinière’ was the star of the show and has been featured in many shapes and forms in various Jean Paul Gaultier collections since. The designer’s most beloved men’s perfume Le Male features the iconic Breton stripe on a sailor’s torso and he still reportedly requires his press team to wear the striped ensemble at catwalk shows. An essential wardrobe staple, the Breton striped top is loved by high-fashion followers and high street devotees alike and it is very much the same when exploring the nautical stripe for the home. Frequently seen in bathrooms, dining areas or outdoor spaces, the Breton stripe gives any interior a fresh, open feel making it an ideal feature for these types of rooms around the home. Offering a summery edge to interiors, it is one of the most workable prints out there and can be restyled time and time again with ease. Whether paired with minimalistic decor and fresh white accessories or a bold shade for a further pop of colour, the timeless print is always on trend. In the home the design has also moved away from stripe, which she first gleaned inspiration from the traditional black, navy or red stripes on white to whilst on holiday on the French coast where she include bright and bold multicoloured schemes for a spotted the marinière. A version of the top went on modern update on the trend. It is also one of the few to appear in the designer’s 1917 nautical collection eye-catching prints which can easily be matched with and furthered Chanel’s success of emancipating other patterns from damasks to florals for those with women through fashion by moving away from the a penchant for energetic interior styles. The nautical origins of the design are never far behind when the restrictive garments worn up until that time. The new laidback look proved popular and has Breton stripe is added to the home and often the remained a wardrobe staple ever since with Retro effect is a sophisticated coastal look reminiscent of Chick explaining that it went through periods where Coco Chanel first set eyes on the legendary of increasing popularity throughout the coming sailor’s top. S43

Design diary PICK Art fairs and festivals for the calendar.

LONDON ART FAIR Islington Business Design Centre 18–22 January 2017


nnually launching the art world year, this event will see over 100 carefully selected galleries from the UK and overseas present their best in Modern British and International contemporary art alongside talks, tours and performances. The Lightbox, Woking celebrates its 10th year in 2017 and is the chosen museum partner for the 2017 fair. It will be presenting major works from The Ingram Collection in a unique exhibition ‘Ten Years: A Century of Art’. In addition to the main Fair you’ll also find two curated sessions focusing on younger galleries, new work and contemporary photography; Art projects and Photo50; definitely one to clear the diary for.






From left: London Art Fair at Business Design Centre, Islington; Dod Procter (1891–1972) The Golden Girl, 1930 Oil on canvas; The Lightbox, Woking PHOTO COPYRIGHT: IAN RUDGEWICK BROWN

Supplement | AUTUMN 2016

CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK Various locations 23–25 May 2017


lerkenwell is one of the most important design hubs in the world, home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. It has a rich design history stemming from the Industrial revolution. Design Week activity is staged across an area measuring roughly 2.5sq miles and reflects Clerkenwell’s unique variety of buildings that have been transformed into studios, showrooms and workshops. These have attracted many architectural, design and creative practices over the past two decades. Hundreds of new products will launch here, from small home accessories to large investment pieces. The main exhibition venues will be full of the latest and best new products in contemporary design from Britain and beyond. Each venue has a distinct offering, showing the breadth of creativity that makes this week such an important part of the London design calendar. It’s a great place for inspirational contemporary designs and new product launches, not to be missed.


AFFORDABLE ART FAIR Battersea 20–23 October 2016

You don’t need to be an experienced art collector, or an expert in contemporary art to find a piece to fall in love with. With 110 galleries bringing 1,100 artists and all the art priced between £100 and £5,000, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Diverse and inspiring collections of original and contemporary paintings, editioned prints, photography and sculptures by household names and established artists. Confirmed galleries include Linda Blackstone Gallery, Liberty Gallery, Jealous Gallery, Eleven and a Half and Eduardo Alessandro Studios.


THE WORKS ON PAPER FAIR Royal Geographical Society South Kensington 9–12 February 2017 The 2017 fair will present work for sale from leading dealers in early, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary art, with the specific criteria that all are works on paper. The fair is the only one of its kind showing just works on paper. It provides a rare chance to purchase a vast yet specially selected, expertly vetted range of drawings, watercolours, original prints, posters and artists’ books.

From top: Lang Temple Bar, Newman; Gabian Boys Gathering Sticks, Jennings

The 2016 fair saw sales of pictures by artists such as John Varley OWS, Francis Wheatley R.A, Sir George Clausen, Dame Laura Knight, Stanley Spencer and John Minton as well as David Hockney and other Twentieth century and contemporary artists. Every year, the fair features a loan exhibition of pictures not normally on display to the public. The loan exhibition for the 2017 fair is a selection from the rarely seen and highly regarded Eton College Collections, which now includes some 1,500 drawings and watercolours. The loan exhibition will feature some of the biggest names in early English watercolour, such as Thomas Gainsborough, J.S. Cotman, Thomas Girtin, J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Rowlandson and Samuel Palmer, as well as major Twentieth Century works. “The wonderful thing about the Works on Paper fair is that it attracts all sorts of people, not just collectors of drawings, but also museum curators and scholars” Stephen Ongpin, 2016 exhibitor.

Website: S45

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2 0 1 7

Trends are notoriously hard to predict but we placed Viki Lander, Creative Director at Ensoul Interior Architecture, on the spot to provide decor with an insight into her top design trends for 2017.


Supp_Ensoul_Layout 1 05/10/2016 21:30 Page 2

Supplement | OCTOBER 2016

INJECT PERSONALITY Whilst 50 shades of grey continues to dominate the interiors world we are seeing a move away from this to create interesting and personal homes. Smart use of colour, pattern and texture brings a space to life. With imagination, bravery and application and by using paint colours, striking wallpapers and wall coverings, textured or patterned rugs and carpets, all can transform a blank canvas into something very special. The addition of beautiful furniture, carefully curated accessories, photo and books on tables and shelves, bold and personal art, interesting light fittings and lamps will all add the finishing touches.

“A lot of people come to us to push their boundaries with colour and to make it work for them.”

GO BESPOKE The ability to design a home to your precise taste can transform a property. Something that ‘just looks fine’ but doesn’t work very well, can be altered into something life changing. Refurbishments are fundamentally about reconfiguring space to suit personal lifestyles. Over time needs change from owner to owner and also for the same owner as well. Children arrive and grow up, jobs change or increased home working drives demand for a home office. All these create a requirement to reconfigure a living home, and make the best use of space and technology. Bespoke areas, and an increasing trend for unique furniture introduces a sleeker look and an opportunity to use more interesting materials. At Ensoul we are seeing

>>> S47

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“Ensoul means literally 'to endow with a soul’.” more special projects requested; such as a 3.5m long Calacatta marble dining table; an Onyx bar and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, all currently on our drawing board.

ADD LIFESTYLE With work and life pulling in so many directions and smart phones upping the ante, there’s a definite trend for putting in more enjoyable lifestyle elements into the home and garden to unwind and relax wherever possible. Where space is not an issue, walk in dressing rooms, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools with spas, cinema rooms, bars and temperature controlled wine rooms have all become must haves for today’s luxury properties. Where space is an issue extensions are being constructed to accommodate them. Smart technology has really come of age in the home, but the smartest item we recommend is to install commercial grade IT network for super-fast broadband and IP telephony. This provides fantastic download speeds, seamless home working and with the advantage of a lower phone bill. No longer just a Californian or Australian phenomenon, the ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ has become a great attraction for those wishing to enjoy BBQs and outdoor living all year round. So what’s involved? Think fitted kitchen runs with lots of stainless steel in the form of grills, fridges and cocktail stations; infra red heaters for much needed heat during the colder months; sliding glass doors and louvred roofs to create both inside outside options. Add fabulous furniture inside, to lounge, dine and party with family and friends. essence INFO Ensoul Interior Architecture is an award winning firm providing turnkey refurbishment and architectural services across Surrey, Sussex and selected Home Counties. Website: Email: Telephone: 020 3637 0700


Looking for that perfect lighting for a design project? Seen lighting you want to use, but don’t know where to get it? Need a bespoke design produced?

Lighting the way to great design w t 01252 459067 e 49

Salina fabric by Manuel Canovas

inspiring bespoke interiors Find out more by visiting or get in touch to arrange a meeting with our head designer

call:01730 893193

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essence DECOR 2016  

Welcome to this essence autumn interiors supplement in which we primarily highlight ideas for the downstairs of the home. In this issue we l...