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LAUIL 603 Extended Practice Editions Project - Contextual Research

Movie Title: Mountain Aired: 29th April 2018 on BBC iPlayer

Film Credits Director: Jennifer Peedom Narrator: Willem Dafoe

iPlayer Description: Jaw-dropping exploration of our obsessions with high places and how they have come to capture our imagination. Only three centuries ago, climbing a mountain would have been considered close to lunacy. The idea scarcely existed that wild landscapes might hold any sort of attraction. Peaks were places of peril, not beauty. Why, then, are we now drawn to mountains? Filmed by the world's leading high-altitude cinematographers and set to a specially curated musical performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Mountain captures the fierce beauty of some of the world's most treacherous landscapes and the awe they inspire.

Cinematography: Jennifer Peedom

Notes The script to this movie coupled with the soundtrack sit alongside the jaw-dropping visuals beautifully and emulate the true sense of how I see landscapes, especially as a creative. Everything from the composition and frame work, use of shape, scale, pace and flow etc. Use of scale - The camera angles and effort gone into to trying to achieve the true nature and scale of the subject matter is really successful and helps bring the idea of "Mountain" to life. Atmosphere - emersion / immerse Camera angles and frame give a sense of the audience being there, in the moment Camera angles play - adventurous and not typical "straight on postcard shot" visuals Personal, intimate, unique

Key imagery wide and BIG skies Mountains Long & angles Weathered rock Creases and cavities Climbers Long exposure Isolation

summits Clouds Sweeping shots Rock formations Dominance of scale panoramas Symmetry & non-symmetry fear

Peaks Close up angles bases of the mountains Snow and ice ski / snowboarding Play of light and shadow frame filled shots height / vertigo / sheer drop

Rubble Barron Landscape Dramatic Juxtaposition between mountain & man on and off-piste Moon, stars, night sky old film reels mixture of full colour and black & white footage

Key words and Inspiring Quotes from the Film: (Basically, it’s all poetry and amazing - I did my best to refrain from writing the whole hour long script word for word! :)) "wild landscapes" "Peril not beauty" "Shunned, not sought out" "Spellbound" "Drawing us into their dominion, often at the cost of our lives" "Because the mountains we climb are not made only of ice, but also dreams and desire." "The mountains we climb are mountains of the mind" "A realm to be revered from below but never entered" "Only gods and monsters dwell at height" "Mountains are wild and ungovernable" "A fascination has become an obsession" "Now, our need for mountains runs deep and wide for most of us exists most of the time in environments that are humanly arranged and controlled." "sensations are thrillingly amplified" "bone deep cold" "Stomach turning vertigo" "And so the peaks summon us still..." "today mountains are considered one of nature’s most exquisite features"

Thoughts It is ok to indulge in obsessions. A creative alternative looks at a subject close to the heart of my Editions passion project for this module. Probably one of the most influential and inspiring pieces of work I have seen in a long time. The many links this movie has with my practice; how it gives an alternate look at a comparable subject matter - links closely with the recent subject matter I have been exploring in my work, shape and landscape, frame, composition - my practice, what excites me in my work - the list of creative and directional similarities is endless! Just the boost in inspiration I need and I'm really beginning to feel where this is all going‌For this project AND potential future direction of my practice‌ (for now). Watch this documentary!

603 Contextual Research: BBC Mountain Documentary  
603 Contextual Research: BBC Mountain Documentary