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story about the potentialities of the good life around which people execute all sorts of collateral agreements.� Let me not content myself with opposing the collateral agreements that will be executed during Trump’s presidency, but also work toward altering the metastructure of consent within which their execution occurs.

10. In addition to particular acts of violence, there is also structural violence. My not performing particular acts of violence does not free me from participation in structural violence. To diminish my complicity in structural violence and to resist structures of violence is a project that is contingent on a prior project, namely working to see those structures, learning to see them as violent. Analogously, there are particular acts of hate, and there is structural hate. Let me refuse to perpetrate acts of hate, yes, but let me also be perspicacious in learning to see structures of hate, and tireless in working to resist those structures and to diminish my complicity in them. Let me not only fulfill the decision not to add to the sum of acts of hate, but also muster will and action and vision enough to resist the whole that is the Hate State.


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