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How to please the teacher 1. Always prepare for classes. Teachers like it when students are interested in their subject. Do your homework, prepare a theory. Bonus for the student is a good knowledge, which is sure to be useful at the exam (and often at the future work). 2. Do not hesitate to ask questions and clarify confusing times. There is no better way to show interest in the subject. And if you join the discussions (but without fanaticism - do not strongly argue!), Then the teacher will have the most pleasant impression. And you, again, deepen your knowledge of the subject.

3. Do not be late for classes and lectures. No one likes sucking. Many even perceive delays as a manifestation of indifference and disrespect. 4. Be neat and polite. You do not have to flatter. It's about simple domestic courtesy. Say hello, say good-bye, do not be rude. Everybody like when they are addressed by name. This is all better than the faceless "sorry, but can I ask you?"

5. Avoid conflicts. If you are wrong in something (not ready for subject or you are late) - it is better to admit your guilt and promise not to do so more than to start stepping back.

6. Turn off the phone in lectures and in class. If you urgently need to answer the call (very urgently), leave the room and talk. After the lesson, go to the teacher and explain the situation. If the previous items you have everything in order, then there will be no complaints. That's life. Anything can happen.

7. Clearly follow all instructions and tasks. If the teacher calls to the board, and you are not ready, you don’t need to stand in a defensive posture and deny everything. It is better to try to answer, or immediately admit that you are not ready. After class, explain the reason to the teacher (if you can say it) and, again, promise not to do it again. If your task was essay and you didn’t have time for preparation, you can choose some of online services. So why not try this out ?

8. Listen carefully at class and make notes in the abstract. You’ll show your discipline and interest in the subject.

How to please the teacher  
How to please the teacher