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Generation’s School …a happy place to learn Holiday Homework 2011 – 2012

Name: _____________________




Plan and have a Read a short story watermelon party with from Young World your friends. or Hiba Kidz. Retell it to your mother. Draw the scene you like the best.

Visit the school website. Read word problems. Copy and solve in booklet.

Read an article with your father. Cut and paste its headline in the booklet.

Review division. Write and solve. 2 12 3 21

 Read a story book, one page daily and time yourself. Record the reading time. Did you improve your fluency and speed?

Read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and write a new ending to the story.

Use polite words. Record the number of times you’ve used them in a week and plot on a horizontal graph in the booklet.

Learn and practise times tables and complete.

* Jazakallah * excuse me * sorry * please

Learn Surah Alkafiroon and recite in front of your family.

4 27

(4x4) +10 =_____

Visit a post office, buy at least 4 stamps of different values. Paste in your booklet.

Draw and make a list of five words with short vowel sound, that end in ‘ing’ e.g. lapping.

Clean your cupboard with your mom.

Read and learn a small hadith with translation.

Look up the dictionary for the meaning of ‘drawbridge’. Write six words you can make, using the letters in this word.

Time yourself and make jelly. Write: a) the time you took b) the steps in sequence c) draw and label.

Read a favourite book or story. Use lots of expressions in your voice. Record the story on e.g. a tape recorder and listen to it. How does your reading sound? How can you improve the way it sounds?

Draw and write a poem about summer. You can rhyme these words run, climb, ride, jump, skate, swim, read.

Write a letter to your friend. Post or E-mail it, telling him / her interesting things you have done.

Visit the school website and click on the given link. Read the nasheed and share with your siblings.

Have a family conversation around something you are learning , e.g. spending money wisely, growing plants, etc.

 Read the poem from website and answer the questions in the given worksheet.

Search on Google one recent natural calamity in the world. Write the type of disaster and where it occurred.

(5x8)+ ____ = 50

Learn the names of 8 cities of Pakistan. Look up a map for help.


5 39

(4x7)+10 =_____


Use a ruler to measure and record the length of a mango and a cucumber.

Class: II __________

Tick the square when an activity has been completed.  Make sure you supply written answers for all the boxes with  in a booklet. (Use four A4 size papers.)  Remember to write the date for each homework.  Proofread your homework. Does it make sense?  Please sign this sheet and return it to the teacher at the end of the holidays. _______________

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WORLD PROBLEMS 1. Farmer Ben has 175 sheep and his friend farmer White has 139 sheep. How many sheep do they have altogether? 2. Till last year Farmer Ben had 98 sheep. How many more sheep does he have now than last year? (link for Nasheed)

Generation’s School …a happy place to learn

Reading Homework 2011 - 2012 Dear

______________________ • Ask someone in your family to read the story to you. • Then practise reading the story by yourself. • Now read the story to your family. Try to read it better each time.

Dear Parents, Ask your child to read the story to you. Praise him/her for the effort. Make flashcards of words that were difficult to read. Help your child read these flashcards, and the story again. Your child is required to read at least 10 storybooks (English) during the holidays. Please send the following on the first day of school. 1. The list of the books read. 2. The books read.

Books read

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

Child’s Signature _____________________________ Parent’s Signature _____________________________

Generation's School … a happy place to learn

Suggested Reading List for Class ll



Oxford Reading Tree e.g. The Rainbow Machine stage 8 stories


Green Island stage 9 stories Oxford Literacy Web e.g. The Spooky Eyes stage 8


The Troll’s Hat Enid Blyton e.g. The Tale of Flop and Whiskers

Alligator Books Euro Books

Noddy USBORNE Young Reading e.g.The Dinosaurs Next Door

Usborne Publishing

The Burglar’s Breakfast Favourite Tales e.g. Peter and the Wolf The Three Fishes


Holiday Homework  

Holiday Homework for Class II

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