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Chicken Bites: Ingredients: 1 Cup


(boiled and shreded)

1 pinch


1 pinch

black pepper

1 pinch

green chillie (finely chopped)

1 tbsp

fresh coriander

4 tbsp

Mayo garlic

2 slices

Bread slices (cut into circles and make 8 circles).

(finely chopped)

Method: Mix chicken with all ingredients given above and put 1 tbsp full on bread circles and pour a dot of ketchup on bites for garnish enjoy yummy bites with chilled glass of tang.

Mayo-cheese Macaroni: Ingredients: 1 Cup

elbow macaroni

½ cup


2 tbsp

cheese spread

1 pinch


1 pinch

black pepper

1 tbsp

chilli garlic sauce.

1 tsp



Method: Boil macroni, oil it and keep aside. Mix mayonnaise, cheese spread, salt pepper and chilli garlic. Then add with macaroni. Serve hot write nachos.

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Reading Homework 2011 - 2012 Dear

______________________ • Ask someone in your family to read the story to you. • Then practise reading the story by yourself. • Now read the story to your family. Try to read it better each time.

Dear Parents, Ask your child to read the story to you. Praise him/her for the effort. Make flashcards of words that were difficult to read. Help your child read these flashcards, and the story again. Your child is required to read at least 10 storybooks (English) during the holidays. Please send the following on the first day of school. 1. The list of the books read. 2. The books read.

Books read

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

Child’s Signature _____________________________ Parent’s Signature _____________________________

Generation's School … a happy place to learn

Suggested Reading List for Class I Title


Oxford Reading Tree e.g . Robin Hood stage 6 stories


Oxford Literacy Web e.g . Sports Day stage 6


The Rescue stage 6 Read-it- yourself Level 3-4 e.g. The Elves and the Shoemaker Level-3 Peter and the Wolf Level-4


Holiday Homework  
Holiday Homework  

Holiday Homework for Class I