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Generation’s School …a happy place to learn

Name: _____________________

Monday Name five words that rhyme with see.

 Write a thank you note for your parents.

Tuesday Follow these directions: Take a pot / plate. Spread wet cotton. Sprinkle coriander seeds. Take care. Watch it grow. Create your own transport using junk material.

 Cut and paste two words that you can read from newspaper headlines.

 Write five ‘op’ words. Draw Pictures.

 Copy and solve: 10 deer. 7 ran away. How many left?

Think and write a riddle with your father and share with others.

Holiday Homework 2011-12


Class: KG ____________


You are going to the seaside. List what you would need to take with you.

Who does the work in my house?  cleans the room  takes care of grand parents  Write and  draw.  Ask someone to tell Draw a plan of you a story. how your family Draw the character sits at the main you liked. meal each day Label each  person.  Take a walk with Go to a book shop your parents. Draw and buy a book. and label 2 things Read it. you saw on the way.

Read a story to your parents/grandparents.

Write a story about a giant. Ask someone to read it.

 Learn and write your address and telephone number.

Stretch out your Most yummy meal arms to the sides. my mom cooks: Make circles in the  name of the dish air. 10 forward  main ingredients then 10 backward.  how much it Do it with your cost?  family. Look in the mirror. Visit a park and Draw a picture of draw about it. yourself. Write what do you like about yourself.

Teach someone a poem you like.

Read the newspaper with your father. Find and circle the vowels.

 Visit the school website. Follow any one recipe to make salad with your mother. Eat and enjoy it.


Who came to visit your family during vacations?  write name  day  how long he/she stayed?  what did you do?

 Tick the Square when an activity has been completed.  Make sure you do the written work for all the boxes with  in the booklet provided.  Remember to write the date for each Homework.  Please sign this sheet and return it to the teacher at the end of the holidays, along with the booklet.

 _______________ Child’s Signature _______________ Parent’s Signature

Generation’s School …a happy place to learn

Reading Homework 2011 - 2012 Dear

______________________ • Ask someone in your family to read the story to you. • Then practise reading the story by yourself. • Now read the story to your family. Try to read it better each time.

Dear Parents, Ask your child to read the story to you. Praise him/her for the effort. Make flashcards of words that were difficult to read. Help your child read these flashcards, and the story again. Your child is required to read at least 10 storybooks (English) during the holidays. Please send the following on the first day of school. 1. The list of the books read. 2. The books read.

Books read

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

Child’s Signature _____________________________ Parent’s Signature _____________________________

Holiday Homework - KG  

    Cut and paste two words that you can read from newspaper headlines. Name five words that rhyme with see. Who does the work in my hou...

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