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Knucklehead Written By Jon Scieszka

Book Report by BJ Magalei, 5M Knucklehead is about a boy named Jon. Jon seems to be cursed and gets into a lot of trouble. His brothers treat him like garbage and he is not ready to face this at a young age. The book talks about different lessons that Jon learns and how this helps him to be successful in life and love his family. One thing you have to know before any thing is about Jon’s family. Jon has five brothers. Jim is Jon’s favorite brother because they were always nice to each other. They stuck up for each other by telling the truth about what they actually did when they’re in trouble. Tom is the biggest troublemaker. Tom never listens to his older siblings. He never had respect for Jon and Jim. Gregg broke his collarbone and had a lot of injuries. Brian is not really mentioned a lot but he is annoying. Finally, Jeff is the youngest and is harmless. Jon and Jim are a team against all of their younger siblings. It has been years since this routine has been going on. Jon goes to catholic school where the teachers are his worst nightmare. He is the easy target because he always

makes trouble. Jon cuts class and stays at the playground to play. His teachers catch him and they make him write a note to His parents of what he did. One of my favorite stories in the book was when Jon and Jim were in the room. They were babysitting and they gave Jeff, their youngest brother, a cigar they found on the street. Jeff broke it just by biting the cigar. Jon and Jim got in trouble because they were taught to not touch cigars. Luckily nothing really happened to Jeff. Things got out of hand when they tied tom to his bed because he kept on getting out. Mom grounded all three of them. At this point Jon wanted to die From Jon’s life, I learned that it is important to respect my elders and to be a good friend. From the advice of his teachers and his parents, Jon became a good man. I learned that it is important to love my family. When Jon got older he learned to respect his brothers and to not hold grudges.

Staying Home  

         By  Ben  Magalei     For   the   past   two   weeks   I   had   to   stay   home   from   school   because   of   this   thing   called   a   virus.   It   caused   me   to   get   a   really   bad   sore   throat,   earache   and   stomach  ache.  It  had  attacked  my  sisters   before   and   hurt   it   their   kidneys.     Apparently   it   has   come   for   me   but   this   time  it  attacked  my  liver.  So  I  was  stuck   like   this.   The   next   week   it   got   worst   and   I  got  a  high  fever  and  vomiting.  I  went  to   the   doctor   three   times   before   I   started   getting  better.       Now  you  may  think  that  it  was  nonstop   work.   That’s   where   you’re   wrong.   The   first   day   after   seeing   the   doctor,   we   went   to   a   restaurant   where   I   was   forced   to   eat   even   when   my   throat   hurt.   My   doctor  gave  my  mom  this  pill  that  I  had   to   drink.   The   first   few   days   were   hard  

then my  dad  taught  me  a  technic  and  so   I   actually   ask   my   mom   when   I   need   to   take  it.       My   grandpa   came   from   Texas   recently   on   Thursday   and   on   Friday   we   went   to   the   football   game   at   our   school.   I   ate   a   lot   of   meat   that   now   I   feel   better.   My   throat  feels  better.       The   best   part   about   staying   home   was   learning  to  drink  my  pills.  And  sleeping   a  lot     The  worst  part  about  staying  home  was   getting   away   from   technology   and   not   using  it  for  a  long  time.     Oh  look,  time  for  school.  J


Our lower   field   is   having   problems   with   nature.   First   there   is   artificial   turf   and   then   there   is   plastic   grass.   I   know   this   kind   of   thing   takes   the   fun   out   of   nature.   Nature   is   way   better   than   fake   things  in  my  opinion,  because  if  there  is   all   fake   trees,   we   would   not   like   the   polluted   air   and   we’d   not   be   able   to   breath.       But   there   are   two   questions.   Why   is   there   artificial   turf   or   fake   grass?   This   is   what   is   wrong   in   the   world   right   now.   People   are   building   replicas   of   things   that   have   to   do   with   nature   and   changing   their   texture.   I   personally   think   something   is   wrong   with   those   guys’  heads.  It’s  just  sick!  You  know?   How   do   other   people   feel   about   the   plastic  grass?   Austin  in  5M,  “I  like  the  plastic  grass   since   I   do   not   get   an   allergic   reaction  

from it.   I   like   to   breath   when   I   play   football.”   Kai,   my   classmate   and   friend   says   that   everyday   he   finds   fake   grass   and   turf   in   his   shoes.   If   you   want   to   know   what   I’m   talking   about   please   go   to   ASIJ   and   you   will   definitely   see   what   I’m   talking   about.   My   good   friend   Alan   Goff  gets  allergic  reactions  to  grass.       Every   single   day   I   find   some   grass   and   some   turf   in   my   shoes.   I   would   sooner   have   grass   stains.   According   to   my  classmates  about  a  lot  of  classmates   want   real   grass   and   a   lot   of   kids   also   want    want  fake  grass.  So  its  pretty  nice   to  know  peoples  opinions.  I  find  it  hard   to   believe   that   that   much   people     want   fake   grass.   And   I   get   that   but   why   does   everybodyelse   want   fake   grass?     That   sums  it  up  for  now.  SUPPORT  NATURE!          

Which president  should  you  choose?  A  lot  of   people  have  asked  me  this  question.  I  have  a  lot   of  proof  that  Mitt  Romney  is  a  bad  choice.  I’m   not  voting  for  Mitt  just  because  my  friends   aren’t.  I’m  voting  for  Obama  because  he’s  been   doing  a  good  job  ruling  and  he’s  fixing  what   George  Bush  did  to  the  economy.       Mitt  wants  to  raise  taxes  for  the  middle   class  (non  wealthy  people)  and  lowering  them   for  millionaires  (people  with  millions  of  dollars)   like  him.  Oh  yeah  recently  I’ve  heard  that  Mitt   has  not  been  paying  his  taxes.       Education?  Ok  no  that  you  have  asked  I   know  that  Barack  Obama  wants  to  improve   education  for  kids  like  me.  Mitt  likes  it  just  the   way  it  is.  I  think  kids  should  get  a  better   education  as  well.     Military   Obama  has  stopped  the  Iraq  war  that  was   going  on.  Obama  wants  more  recruits  for  the   army  to  fight  off  all  of  America’s  fears.     Sorry  for  you  Romney  lovers,  but  is  he  the   man  you  really  know?  I’m  not  trying  to  ruin  any   careers.  I’m  just  proving  a  point.    

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Writing that speaks  

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