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Alone   By     Rachael  Peel     The  thundering  war   of  the       LAND      And  the       Waves     Loud  cries   Filling  the  air   Windows  breaking   Hearts  do  too  

Sweeping away     What  the     Scientists  do   Shadows  waving   Waving  goodbye   To  the  ones  who  had  died   And  who  travel  through  the  air   Cursing   The  monster   Praying  for  another  life   To  Jesus  Crist   It’s  too  fierce   It’s  too  strong   People  believe  to  defeat   They  are  wrong   Being     Alone   Alone  in  the  dark   And  the  shadows  follow  you  

You that’s  alone   And  things  to  go  through   And  things  to  go  through   Alone   Alone   Alone             A  Stinging  Story   By  Rachael  Peel   Here  we  are.  We  are  going  to  be  all  right  as  long  as  everyone  does   what  there  supposed  to  do.  The  lifeguard  says,  “What  ever  you  do  don’t   play  with  them.  They  are  jellyfish.  No  poking.  No  squishing.  And  do  not   fidget  with  them.  OK?”     We  nodded  and  rolled  our  eyes,  as  if  it’s  such  a  scary  brainless  animal   that  might  kill  us!  Oh  no!    You  know  I’m  sarcastic.     Boom!  Off  my  family  goes!  Running  through  the  soft  sand  towards   the  waves.     Wow,  if  I  was  that  lifeguard  I  would  just  say  “You  ignored  me!  Not  my   fault  if  you  got  stung!”  Looking  around  I  found  I  was  the  only  one  standing   by  the  lifeguard.  As  I  slowly  lowered  my  head  toward  him…  Boom!  There  I   go!  The  flexible  liquid  flowing  through  my  legs  and  arms,  carrying  me  away   from  the  soft,  wet,  slimy  shore.  Well  I  didn’t  care.  As  long  as  I  was  safe.    I   mean  I  was,  but  by  the  time  I  came  out  of  the  water  for  lunch,  I  completely  

forgot about  the  warning  that  lifeguard  gave  us.  Maybe  because  that   lifeguard  was  a  bit  ugly  and  also  because  I  didn’t  know  what  he  was  saying.   I  generally  don’t  listen  to  ugly  people.   Sorry,  but  I  was  just  paying  the  most  attention  to  the  bright  flowing   waves  like  the  hair  of  a  beautiful  teenage  girl.  What  is  wrong  with  not   listening  to  a  Chinese  lifeguard?  Those  jellyfish  wouldn’t  sting  me.  …Right?   No  way.  Oh!  So  far  this  has  been  the  day  of  heaven,  and  now  why   would  a  mean,  ugly,  blue  jellyfish  ruin  my  day  of  awesomeness?  There  I  go   again  splashing  and  squirming  through  the  cold  evening  waters.  I  run   around  playing  tag  and  four  people  capture  the  flag…  (By  the  way  you  need   more  people,  but  that  is  another  story)  We  finally  started  really  going  out   into  the  salty  wild.  We  found  a  romantic  fish  couple  probably  on  their   honeymoon  and  also  a  great  family  of…………     “No  Way!!!”  We  were  going  to  have  fun  with  this.  A  family  of  jellyfish.   We  are  now  going  to  swim  through  the  place  of  horror.     “Aaaaaaaa!”  Pain  entered  my  body.  I  felt  like  I  was  going  to   completely  black  out  and  become  unconscious.  But  I  made  it  to  the  shore   alive.  I  didn’t  see  my  family.  Did  they  make  it?  I  looked  around  in  the  blue   evil  ocean  and  around  the  shore  but  no  mom,  no  dad  and  no  brother.    I   walked  around  and  decided  to  go  back  to  our  shaded  area  and  there  they   were.  And  as  they  saw  my  legs  they  shouted,    “Go  get  a  stick  and  flick  that  creature  off  of  you!”  I  looked  down  and   lowered  my  head  to  get  a  better  look.    I  ran  around  the  beach  screaming  for   a  stick  and  found  some  stick  way  on  the  other  side.  I  thought  that  jellyfish   was  dead  as  I  swept  it  off  my  useful  body  part.     There….  aah  I  am  perfect  again,  but  when  I  looked  down  I  found   scratches  and  purple  swollen  parts  and  so  we  rushed  to  the  hotel  doctor.     We  were  safe,  but  not  listening  to  the  lifeguard  was  a  bad  idea  after   all.  That  lifeguard  was  some  grown  up  I  personally  didn’t  listen  to,  and  I   was  a  bit  embarrassed  showing  up  in  front  of  him  since  those  swollen  parts   kind-­‐of  proved  I  didn’t  listen  to  him.  Well  now  I  am  a  bit  against  the  ocean   now,  but  I  still  love  swimming.                

Opinionated Language  From  Japanese,  Taiwanese,  And  Chinese  Dispute   • “Mine,  mine,  mine,  mine!!!!”  from  “Finding  Nemo”   • Japanese  call  them  Senkaku  islands   • The  Chinese  call  them  daiyu   • The  Taiwanese  call  them  taiyutai   • Officials  from  Japan,  China  and  South  Korea  are  working  out  details   toward  the  start  of  Free  Trade  talks  on  Thursday.   • The  meeting  comes  amid  soured  relations  between  Japan  and  neighboring   countries  due  to  territorial  disputes.       • But  concerns  are  mounting  that  heightened  tensions  between  Japan  and   both  China  and  South  Korea  over  disputed  islands  may  affect  the  start  of   the  talks.       • The  U.S  has  to  help  Japan  if  China  or  other  countries  begin  to  attack   physically.   • We  are  different  countries  so  we  can  have  different  ideas   • Burning  Japanese  flags  do  not  help  with  fixing  the  problem   • The  demonstrations  of  china  is  not  only  hurting  japan  in  feeling,  but  is  also   causing  more  problems   • In  some  ways  japan  has  been  helping  japan   • China  not  letting  Japanese  in  karaoke  shops   • China  using  new  aircraft  carrier  as  a  reason  not  to  mess  with  them   Opinionated  Language   • Vandalizing  a  picture  of  Noda  wishing  he  was  dead   • People  are  overreacting   • Breaking  glass   • Red  flags  waving   • Ripping  flags   • Smashing  Toyotas     • Chucking  bricks  and  rocks   • Burning  flags   • Hating  U.S   • Crossing  the  line  of  closeness   • Nuclear  strikes   • Long  resentment   • War  crimes   • World  war  2   • Flexing  their  muscles   • Standing  by  allies  

• Kill All!   • Fight  to  death   • Armed  ships   Japan  is  going  to  be  very  ticked  off  when  China  and  Taiwan  invade  their  land.   China  is  saying,  “  Lets  have  a  war!  Yeah”  when  they  don’t  even  look  at  the  past   and  what  the  future  is  going  to  be  like.     China’s  Demonstrations     Using  kids  to  represent  anger   Breaking  a  lot  of  glass                      

Scripts Music- Wii Sports Mina- Main Reporter Alissa- Reporter +Translator Rachael-Japanese Interviewer Music Mina- Hello. This is M.A.R news. Today we will be talking about the Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese conflict of the isolated islands in the East China Sea. The Japanese call this Senkaku Shoto. The Chinese call it the Daioyutai islands, and the Taiwanese call it the Taiyutai islands. Right now, this conflict is growing and becoming an even bigger international problem. It has also become very violent. Here are some examples of what is happening. Lets hear some words from reporter Alissa in Beijing, China. Alissa- Hello, this is Alissa reporting from the Japanese embassy in Beijing. Today, people have gathered and are having a demonstration against Japan. Many of the people are holding Japanese flags and saying “NO!” The demonstration is getting wilder and wilder. Let’s see

some of this chaos. Scene Mina- Can we solve this problem by looking at a map? Going by the Japanese name Senkaku Islands are located in the East China Sea. Taiwan is the closest by around 75 miles. Japan is the second closest by around 100 miles, and China is the least closest by around 125 miles. All of the nations are exceptionally close, but is this the only reason for ownership?

Now we have an interview from Yoshikawa Shion, a professional interviewer. Rachael says STUFF and Alissa Translate. Rachael-




What I believe is that even though the Chinese burn the Japanese flag, break Toyota cars, or vandalize Japanese companies, this will not solve the problem. 最近、香港は、先覚諸島に、行って中国のハタをたてました。香港も、 もしかして


になります。しかし、中国は、アメリカに、日本に助けを求めさせない ように 、アメリカに、言いました。皆は皆で、だれ の助けを求めずに、国と国で、戦った方がいいと思います。公平じゃな いと思います。 Lately, Hong Kong has gone to Senkaku Shoto and put the Chinese flag up. Maybe, Hong Kong and China are grouped together with one another. This is a really huge problem. Therefore, China has told

America not to help the Japanese. In my opinion, everyone should not ask for any help and fight with their country’s strength. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone. 知っているかもしれませんですが、中国では、反日デモや、日本が、も っともっと怒ることをしています。日本は、今のごろ、デモなどはして いないですけど、そろそろやった方がいいと思います。なぜ先覚諸島は 日本の物なのかをもっと表現しないといけません。 I believe you all may know this but China has had many demonstrations, or things that Japan would get furious for. Right now, Japan isn’t doing any demonstrations but I think they should. They must express their thoughts in why the Senkaku Shoto Island is theirs and not the other country’s. Mina- Thank you, Shion. A few moments ago, we have received a scene where the Chinese and the Japanese threaten each other with their water hoses. This was one of the ways the two countries thought would fix the situation. Show scene of water fight. Mina- Now some words from our American interviewer, Casey. (Sunglass and jacket. Act American.) So, like that water fight was totally not useful ‘cause like, it’ll get my face wet and like, why does America have to help in this stupid water fight thingy whatev. ‘Cause like, what if they have a war about water? Its goanna be all that stupid islands fault, do you like get… Rachael- The violence is something China is putting force into. Taiwan is claiming that they should take the island because they’re the closest. Alissa- it seems like the end to this situation isn’t close yet and the countries are still fighting. Will it end with war or not? Why do the countries really want this island as theirs?

Mina- The reason is because the island holds oil and is a good fishing area. It has some specialties that the countries want. Which hands will the islands go to? How violent will this be? We’ll meet you next week at… All- M.A.R news!


Main Ideas  about  Splat     1.Bad  kids  eventually  get  in  trouble       a.  They  may  get  away  a  few  times     b.  Eventually  get  caught      2.  Kids  are  bad  because     a.  They  want  to  get  noticed     b.  Get  attention     c.  Bored      3.  Good  humor…                a.  Needs  a  lot  of  detail                b.  Some  gross  parts                c.  Make  your  own  violent  game                d.  A  meaning                  e.  Some  fails  and  some  victory    

            4.  Kids  do  bad  things  because…     a.  They  want  to  have  fun     b.  They  are  bored     c.  They  want  to  do  bad  things  (a  bit  obvious)     5.  Kids  get  caught  because…     a.  They  do  bad  things     6.  Some  Points    a.  Good  can  sometimes  be  bad    b.  Bad  can  sometimes  be  good     7.  A  meaning    

a. Something good  can  lead  to  being  bad.  Such  as  when  the  kids  decide   to  make  person  targets  they  lead  to  a  whole  big  throwing  game  in  the   band.   b. Bad  things  can  lead  to  being  good,  like  cool  contests    

This was  taken  when  I  was  still   1  years  old.This  is  just  me  smiling  while  my  mom  was  singing  a  nersery  


Twins In  Action   By     Rachael  Peel   Dedicated  to  my  family  and  teachers    (Especially  my  brother)   Sometimes  I  get  sick  of  my  brother.  Having  a  brother  who  is  a   horror  and  I  just  can’t  get  over  with  having  to  share  my  existence  with   him.     Playing  games.     He  cheats.     Trying  to  give  me  advice  on  soccer.     He  screams,  ”  Dribble  it  better  you  weird  person!”  you  know  that   doesn’t  help.  When  did  I  learn  to  live  with  him?  Well  that's  not  all  you   should  know.     You  see  dealing  with  some  person  like  the…the…  brother  is   sometimes  a  pain,  but  I  mean  being  with  him  is  better  then  being   alone.  Playing  fair  is  better  then  cheating,  giving  good  advice  like,   ”Almost  there!  Keep  going!”  Is  way  better  then  screaming  in  my   sensitive  ear…right?  Try  to  be  a  better  brother.  Please?  Only  if  he  had   the  sense  to  be  better.  I  can  see  him  in  my  mind  swirling  around   looking  for  more  pranks  to  do  on  me.       Now  having  a  twin  brother  is  pretty  hard  to  understand  you   know.  Well  if  I  were  to  be  alone  then  I  would  rather  be  with  someone   and  if  it  had  to  be  my  brother  Justin,  then  I  would  still  be  with  him.   Sometimes  I  take  a  shower  with  him  and  my  little  cute  brother  and   sometimes  I  don’t  mind  him  not  doing  all  my  little  brothers  washing.   Sometimes  I  just  think  that  maybe  having  a  brother  isn’t  a  bad  idea   after  all.  He  is  sometimes  very  useful  like  when  he  keeps  me  company   on  the  train,  but  that's  basically  all  he  does  that  is  suitable  for  me.     He  points  a  vicious  finger  at  me  and  screams  with  salty  tears  in   his  boring  eyes,  “  She  did  it!  There  is  no  proof  that  I  did  it.”     I  sometimes  am  tired  of  a  knock  on  the  door  saying,  “  You  want  a   drink?  Because  I  do.  If  you  want  I  will  go  with  you.”    Now  that  will  never  work  with  me.  I  will  not  go  downstairs  in   the  middle  of  the  night  to  get  a  drink  of  water.  And  if  I  were  to,  I  would  

go myself.  I  officially,  by  strict  rules  do  not  take  trips  in  the  late   lightless  place  of  night.     That  black  hair.  That  bulldog  robe,  (that  he  really  loves)  that   messy  bed  bug  strung  still  inside  his  hair.  It  reminds  me  of  a  zombie.   Never  mistaken,  he  is  one.  In  my  opinion.       Getting  over  with  red  marks  across  my  face  is  almost  impossible.   Telling  gets  me  in  more  trouble  anyways.  Apologizing  from  myself  is   like  is  never  enough.  In  his  rules  he  really  doesn’t  accept  apologies.   That  chill  through  your  spine,  while  he  tells  on  you  is  incredibly   uncomfortable.  And  I  will  promise  you,  he  always  does.  My  life  is  just   one  pile  of  junk,  but  if  I  work  on  not  really  fighting  then  maybe  I  can   actually  share  my  existence  with  Justin.       I  thought  that  this  would  be  the  end  of  the  world.  Would  it?  Well  I   would  never  accomplish  such  a  task  like  getting  over  a  twin  brother.   It's  an  impossible  mission.  No  doubt.  Totally  impossible.       Can  I  get  over  with  him  telling  on  me  or  will  I  get  revenge…ha  ha!  Be   aware  brother.  Here  I  come!

September-October Writing  
September-October Writing  

September-October Writing