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Compact and Powerful Outstanding performance Amazingly compact Excellent design Advanced ergonomics

New design Strong image Sturdy materials User friendly

Touch/Keypad Product Range

Pure Coffee

Quick Milk

Top Milk

Top Milk XP

Keypad Keypad user interface

• User-friendly 10-key keypad user interface • Customize for 5, 9 or 16 drinks • The drinks selection graphics can be easily customized by the user

• The LCD display enables the barista to check on the serving progress and the status of machine’s functions

Touch Touchscreen interface

• 5.7” full color VGA Touchscreen • Eight customizable pages • 48 selectable products

• 131 amazing pre-programmed icons or upload your own

Touch Touchscreen user interface

The easy-to use touchscreen user interface guides the barista through the choice of products.

Progression Bar Brewing buttons (up to 48 products) Navigation area Up to 8 pages The background color can be modified for each page

Area for messages


Touch Touchscreen user interface

USB Load & Show = Promotional & Training Opportunities Upload images & videos to the ONE using a USB drive

• Upload promotional videos

The EGRO ONE allows you to upload promotional videos to be played while drinks are being made.

• Upload training videos

Upload training videos to the ONE using the USB port. Training videos can be accessed through the manager’s secured menu.

• Promotional images

Upload and show images while drinks are being made.

• Custom Screensavers Create custom screensavers of your own images

• Custom Icons Upload your own drink icons


Compact Design = Less Counter Space The ONE Pure Coffee is only 12 inches or 30cm wide and the Top Milk versions are only 24 inches or 60cm wide.

Large Hopper Capacity = More Coffee

Two hoppers can hold up to 1.30 kg / 2.9 Lb of coffee can be easily removed for cleaning or exchanging beans.

Touch/Keypad LED Lights = Design and Function Lights change color depending on the function the machine is performing. Blue lights – waiting, ready to make a drink White lights – brewing a drink Red lights – heating or rinsing, caution Green lights – action required during daily cleaning (such as empty grounds drawer)

Touch/Keypad iSteam™ = Perfectly Consistent Milk Foam The patented iSteam™ wand steams and froths milk to a rich creamy froth automatically with the push of a button.

• Automatically shuts off The iSteam™ automatically shuts off when the customizable final temperature of milk is reached.

• Complete control of milk foam level

Achieve the perfect level and texture of foam for cappuccinos and lattes with a broad range of emulsion levels.

• Cool to the touch

iSteam™ is the safest steam wand on the market, it is completely cool to the touch even during operation.

Touch/Keypad Compact Fridge = More Counter Space The ONE Top Milk and Top Milk XP models are equipped with a 6.5 liter fridge for milk storage.

• Patented Milk Line Rinsing system

The patented MLR system is hygienically safe, as it rinses the milk delivery lines with cold water and blows them clean with cool air.

• Position fridge beneath the counter for more space

This mini fridge may be placed beneath the counter for additional counter space.

• Digital temperature gage

The external digital temperature gage shows the internal temperature of the fridge at all times.

Touch/Keypad Option Self = User Friendly Self-Service

The optional self-service package includes features which make the Top Milk safe and user friendly for a self-service application.

• Lock Package

Includes locks for the bean hoppers, coffee grounds drawer, powder inlet and USB port.

• Central drink outlet

The Option Self version also includes a central outlet for coffee, hot water and milk. This version does not include a steam wand or hot water outlet.

• Cup Positioners

Small cup positioners on the drip tray let the user know where to place the cup.

• Promotional Video

On the ONE Touch versions it is possible to play a promotional video while the machine is delivery a drink maximizing the self-service experience.

Touch/Keypad Dual Milk Pump System = Fast Speed of Delivery The dual pump system of the Egro ONE Top Milk XP, delivers steamed and frothed milk fast.

• 250 Drinks per hour

Up to 250 milk drinks can be made on the ONE per hour, or four per minute.

Simultaneous Delivery = Fast Speed of Deliver Deliver coffee, steam milk and pour hot water at the same time.

• ABM.07 (Advanced Boiler Management)

The ABM.07 function electronically controls the boiler and water system ensuring that the boiler is always ready.

Touch/Keypad 4 -Tea™ = More Drink Options

The hot-water temperature control system for tea, has four different temperatures and endless programmable dosages.

• Hot and cold water mixed electronically Hot and cold water are mixed electronically to obtain the perfect temperature for your drink preference.

• Automatic dosing

Dose the same amount of water every time and offer different sizes of tea with the auto-dosing feature.

Touch/Keypad Dura Brew = Low Cost of Ownership Patented sealing technology of Dura Brew, brew group significantly increase the time between PM visits.

• One PM per year

Average volume customers are able to extend the time between PM visit to one full year, versus the industry standard of 2-4 times per year.

Touch/Keypad Easy Clean System = Maintenance Insurance

The Easy Clean automatic daily cleaning system of the ONE ensures that machine stays in peak performance.

• Step by step prompts with pictures User is prompted during daily cleaning with step by step instructions including pictures.

• Cleaning Block

The ONE will block usage if it’s routinely cleaned per the customizable cleaning schedule.

Touch/Keypad Easy Fix Software Ownership

= Low Cost of

Easy-Fix software feature allows technicians to quickly program drink parameters or diagnose an issue with the touch of a button.

• Easy to understand programming

Programming custom drinks on the ONE is easy thanks to advanced filtering of options, drop down lists, copy & test feature and logical organization of parameters.

• Organized Technician sub-menus

The ONE’s technical menu is neatly organized into several logical programming menus, which reduces the training time required for technicians.

• Records history

Total drinks produced, last six times the machine was cleaned and last known error history is all recorded on the machine’s internal memory card. Technicians or managers can access and review this information via the touchscreen or keypad user interface.

Touch/Keypad Power Management = Energy Savings The ONE feature several built in features to conserve energy when it’s not in use.

• Screensaver (ONE Touch)

The ONE can play a customizable screensaver featuring your own BMP or JPG images. Completely customizable.

• Auto dim of display

The screen will automatically dim after a customizable programmed time.

• Auto shut-down and power-on time

Users via a manager access menu, can set a time for the machine to turn-on and shut down. Each day of the week is completely customizable.

Touch/Keypad Product Range

Pure Coffee

Quick Milk

Top Milk

Top Milk XP

Egro ONE Touch Superautomatic Espresso Machine  
Egro ONE Touch Superautomatic Espresso Machine  

Read about the amazing, powerful and extremely compact Egro ONE Touch superautomatic espresso machine.