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I want to thank Shelia Goss for bringing my character to life. This issue is dedicated to her and her readers. A little about me. I’m an ex-model who now has the #2 Talk Show in my market, only behind, you know who. The Hailey Barnes Show has expanded some since readers got a chance to see Shelia’s characters from Double Platinum on my stage. R & B singer Parris and super-sexy producer Casper were a hot couple. You’ll have to get your copy of HOLLYWOOD DECEPTION to find out if this celebrity couple is still together. Although I’m a fictional character, the articles in this issue are about real people. Real people who were willing to share their stories on topics that I love to discuss on my show. I hope you enjoy this issue. Hailey Barnes Find out more about me in Hollywood Deception by Shelia M Goss

CHEATING SPOUSE Reasons Why I Stayed

Cheating is one of the hottest topics on The Hailey Barnes Show. Shelia Goss interviewed several people to find out why they decided to stay after they discovered their spouses cheating. Some names have been changed but the stories are real.

Lisa, a writer, opens up about her husband’s affair: In 2004, my husband asked me to have another child (our third). When I was about seven months pregnant, I noticed he was coming to bed later and later. One day I caught him whispering to someone on the phone. When the call ended, I saw her name. I asked who she was and he said a friend. I told him I wanted to meet her, but he ignored it. There were signs, lots of them. However, due to my condition, I had to ignore them. I was having some heart problems and needed to stay stress free. So I waited until I delivered my son and a few months later I dealt with the situation. I knew the right time would present itself. Did you stay after you discovered their indiscretion? Lisa: Yes I stayed. But after a series of nonsense, I put him out a few days after our son's christening. After a month, he realized he wanted to be home with the kids and me and begged to come home. How long did it take you to forgive that person or have you forgiven them? Lisa: I had to forgive him quickly. After I put him out, I almost went insane. I went to church and cried, hard and long. I got a tattoo (a big one) to try to heal my pain. It was the only pain I could control. I barely ate or slept, so I lost a lot of weight. I needed to forgive him to save my life and to be a good mother to my kids. So two weeks after I put him out, I forgave him. As for trusting him, it took me another two years to trust him again.

NPain (the name she prefers to go by for this article) admits to being on both sides—the cheater and the cheated. Were there signs your man was cheating? NPain:Yes, there were signs he was cheating. I didn't ignore the signs, but there were so many other things going on within our relationship. I chose to continue to deal with him. I chose to continue to deal with him until I was in the position to do what I wanted to do for me. I asked him directly if he was cheating and he lied until the chick called me and told me what was going on. Why did you decide to stay after discovering his affair? NPain: I stayed so that I could continue to do what I needed to do for me. I stayed out of convenience and circumstance. Once I was in the position I needed to be in, I put him out and never turned back again. Did you forgive him? NPain: I forgave him but I never forgot. I guess it took nine months to a year to forgive him. Once the baby came I needed to put my energy towards something more important, my priorities. I have never forgiven him for the way he treats his daughter and I will probably never forgive him for that. You just don't mistreat kids; especially your own. A man always puts his children first—period.


Lanora’s husband cheated multiple times, but she stayed. How did you find out your husband was cheating? He was spending too much time with a woman who he said and I thought was just his friend. God revealed the actual act the night it happened in a dream...a vivid dream. So did you stay and for how long? Yes, I stayed for more than one indiscretion (his and mine) for 22.5 years. Did you ever confront any of the women? I never confronted the women even when one was his best friend's wife and a friend of the family. How did his cheating affect your kids? I always encouraged and still encourage the girls to be close to their father. However, because of the things he did to me, one of my daughters has gone through a lot of the same things I did with her father. Did it take you long to forgive him? It didn't take long to forgive him. I had to. The Word commands it of me daily. Your husband didn’t have but one, but several affairs, so why did you decide to stay? I stayed because I believe in marriage and making every effort to make it work. I felt guilty because it was unfulfilling, a violation to my vows and it dishonored God. What advice would you give someone who may be dealing with a cheating spouse now? Everyone has a different level of tolerance of how much they can take and how long they can take it. First and foremost, they should be prayerful. Once the spouse is confronted about his/her behavior and they refuse to stop and change, they have to decide if they want to move forward in the same state or take action and let it go. I won't tell a woman to leave her spouse unless he/she are being abused; otherwise, they have to decide through prayer what is best for them. Don't let it go until they have exhausted and done all they were suppose to save their relationship.

Readers have you ever been cheated on? Did you stay? Why or Why not? Leave your response on today’s blog post over on


Many would be surprised that a National Best Selling author, known for her explicit sex scenes in her books, is single and celibate. She wanted to remain anonymous, so she’s using a pen name—Lexi. Lexi, how long have you been celibate and why did you choose to be celibate in the first place? I have been celibate for over 10 years now. I decided to be celibate because I refused to bed my way to love. Sex distracts from the real issues people face in relationships…especially if the sex is good.


Over ten years is a long time. Has it been difficult holding on to your stance all these years? Not really. When you think, I only want to sex UP, from your last experience, you can quickly see that the choices are thin and there is NO need to rush.

How have men reacted to you when you tell them you're celibate? They don’t believe me for the most part. Does it make them try harder to make you go against your vow? Most definitely. They think celibacy is the new ‘sex game’. What advice would you give to women who have considered taking a vow of celibacy? Make sure you really want to. It means, no kissing, hugging, sex toys none of it. It means, thinking past all that and onto the inner YOU deeper than your womb. It means, accepting that you are a woman and understanding what that totally means, emotionally, and physically. It means as the bible said, pummeling your body and leading it as a slave. It doesn’t mean man bash until a cute one comes along and tickles your fancy. It’s a STANCE. It’s a promise to abstain… meaning ‘go nowhere near’. It’s not just a rest period. It’s a determination to do this no matter how long… there is no time period on it. It goes as long as it goes until you get to where you’re going. Have you considered breaking your celibacy? Yes, I considered it once during the first year. I didn’t. And I considered it once about 6 years in, but didn’t do it. And I’m considering it now…can’t speak on the future. What will make you break your celibacy? As I said before, it goes as long as it takes to find out what you were trying to know. I have reached that point in my sexuality and self. I know how I am and all the other things about myself that I wanted to find out without the distractions of sex. Now I’m ready to add that back to my life. It’s just a matter of sexing UP now and still, there has been NO one worthy. Are there any other women practicing celibacy? If so, please share your stories on the blogs over at

HOLLYWOOD DECEPTION Two friends, one woman, and one deranged fan. Former supermodel and talk show host Hailey Barnes has a knack for catching her guests off guard with difficult and personal questions. Her tough interviews have earned her a Daytime Emmy, but while her professional life is at its peak, she’s not satisfied with her personal life. Hailey wants what she can’t have, and that’s her ex-college sweetheart’s hand in marriage. Her on again/off again relationship with Trevon keeps her name in the tabloids, and that works for her, until she receives a wedding invitation in the mail—inviting her to Trevon’s wedding to another woman. He’s ready to settle down, just not with Hailey. Besides dealing with a broken heart, the ex-supermodel is dealing with a deranged fan who has resorted to sending her disturbing mail at her Hollywood studio and her home. Hailey decides to use the opportunity as a quest to convince Trevon she should be his bride. Trevon and childhood friend Garrett Morgan are co-owners of GT Securities, a security firm that caters to celebrities. Hailey’s plan backfires when Garrett heads her case instead of Trevon. When explayboy Garrett starts developing feelings for Hailey, Hailey’s life becomes even more complicated. As Garrett investigates, all evidence points to the person Hailey least suspects. With fans like this, who needs enemies? HOLLYWOOD DECEPTION - Coming April 2010


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Hollywood Deception  

Ex-model Talk Show Host Hailey Barnes magazine highlighting real life issues and promoting Hollywood Deception by Shelia Goss

Hollywood Deception  

Ex-model Talk Show Host Hailey Barnes magazine highlighting real life issues and promoting Hollywood Deception by Shelia Goss