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Justin Lawson

Watching competitive FIFA and esports is now a thing. Yes, it has many sceptics, but then back in the 1800s I’m sure there were plenty of people commenting on how kicking around a leather ball on a field wouldn’t take off and just look how far it has come. Tel: +44 (0)203 750 6028 Twitter: @esportsWorldFC


Chris Lafferty Tel: +44 (0)203 750 6024 Twitter: @esportsWorldFC1

As with many new ventures the success usually comes down to one thing, do you have an audience for your product. You only have to look at the viewing figures for eDivisie matches in the Netherlands to tell you that there is. The edivisie received more than 15 million views, with around 50,000 views per match.

Website and magazine designer

Following the successes of eDivisie we interviewed Marc Rondagh who gave us an insight into the success and how he sees esports going forward. The Netherlands are really leading the way and we are sure it won’t be long before every professional team have their very own esports player. Tel: +44 (0)7843 811 240 Twitter: @esportsWorldFC2

Also in this issue we talk to our cover star, Guillermo ‘Kid M3mito’ Trevino. The Houston Dynamo player became the first to win the eMLS Cup and he tells us what it takes to make it as a pro player.

Steven Lafferty



Fnatic Gfinity elite series winners

Esports World Football talks to Gfinity elite series winners Zimme and Rannerz from team Fnatic

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Esports World Football caught up with Kid M3mito, the high scoring goal machine, who went the entire competition undefeated

News round-up

Get all the latest news from the world of FIFA

eDivisie showing the way forward

The launch of eDivisie in February 2017 was a huge success. Esports World Football speaks with Marc Rondag to find out more

Alan “CaliSCG” Ortega - San Jose Earthquakes Chris Lafferty of Esports World Football talks to Alan “CaliSCG” Ortega and finds out what it takes to be a pro

An interview with Adam Ryan of Aerox Esports Adam Ryan a future star in the making has just qualified for his first tournament and shares his recent experiences with Esports World Football

Emerging markets

Justin Lawson of Esports World Football speaks with Tom Smith, managing director of Global eSport Resources (GER)

An interview with the champs

Dutch Predators manager Addidas-10 talks about the team founded by Dennis Slotboom and their current success

An unusual interview

English League 2 North VPG team Unusuals FC talks formations, players and how to develop the VPG

An interview with the U’s

Damon Graham, director of VPG team Oxford United eSports discusses their teams performance and future plans

Global Series Playoff round up

Over 20 million took part, but only the top 128 FIFA players made it through to the EA Sports Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam

MSDossary goes Rogue Reigning FUT Champion Mosaad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary signs for Team Rogue.

of Hashtag Utd tweeted “Did not expect this Dossary!!@ Sick team to sign for, congrats!”

Having qualified for the Global Series Playoffs earlier this year by winning FUT Champions Cup, MSDossary very recently decided to leave the Falcons Esports team adding “Today is the end of my relationship with @FalconsEsport I would like to thank them for everything and it was an honour being part of this team.

Jamie O’Doherty aka FUTWIZ Jamie added “Congratulations Champ all the best”

I wish them all the best in the future. In a move not seen by many George Hughes, social media manager

A very popular player on the FIFA scene moving to one of the largest teams in esports. Commenting on his joining Going Rogue added “Let’s give a warm welcome to reigning FUT Champion Mosaad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary! He looks to continue to dominate this Monday at the @FIFAeWorldCup Global Series playoffs in Amsterdam.”

Gorilla leaves Unilad Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing has left Unilad to join FazeClan. Seen by many to be the World’s best FIFA player Gorilla has dominated the competitive gaming scene over the last three years both online and in live events. Gorilla has amassed numerous Gfinity events wins and finished last year as the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Champion.

FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018 will take place in London Following the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series playoffs which took place in Amsterdam thirty-two gamers will remain to face off against each other in London and decide this year’s eWorld Cup Champion. EA and FIFA reported that more than 20 million have competed in the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series. Speaking about FIFA’s partnership with EA FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer Philippe Le Floc’h said: “Our partnership with EA has elevated

Commenting on Twitter Gorilla added “It’s happened! So excited to announce that I have joined @FaZeClan Honestly a dream come true, to be representing the best team & to be side by side with @ FaZeTass. The final step in my career and I can’t wait to get started, BIG things to come! #FaZeUP”

competitive FIFA gaming into a worldwide phenomenon that combines the power of football with the spectacle of entertainment in astounding ways. Of course, 2018 is a landmark year for global football with the FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia and a landmark year for competitive gaming ending fittingly at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 London, one of the most historic football cities in the world.” SVP and GM of EA Competitive Gaming Todd Sitrin said: “The FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018 will be a signature moment for competitive FIFA after a season-long journey that has engaged millions of players and spectators. In partnership with FIFA, we accelerated the growth of competitive gaming through the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series, rallying the global football community together within this singular ecosystem.”

Fuchs launches NFG eSports

is on the cusp of something great, prize money is growing, viewing figures are growing, leagues are growing but so too is frustration at the game play.

Austrian International and Premier League winning Leicester City footballer Christian Fuchs has launched an esports team No Fuchs Given Ltd (NFG).

It is rare to see a top level player rage quit at such a prestigious tournament especially when trailing on aggregate by only two goals. Was he making a point that needs to be made?

The team has signed a number of professional FIFA gamers to represent the team around the World in tournaments. With plans also to move into other esports at a later date.

Having a player sent off early on and struggling to get into the game with his opponent utilising negative tactics, but still tactics none the less. Where does everyone stand on this.

The first player to be signed by the team was the Singaporean self declared craziest motherfucher in Asia, Chiang ‘Hibidi’ Wen Jun who is known for slightly risky tweets such as the recent “Heading to Beijing next week for the inaugural FIFA Online 4 eWorld Cup, any of you white boys wanna give this a go?” A challenge meant with humour and not malice.

Tournament rules saw him disqualified from the remainder of the event however, @Kurt0411Fifa shared his viewpoint on this incident “Regarding @DrErhan’s situation: Once again instead of people talking about what happened in the game and how easy it is to time waste they talk about a “ragequit” which caused no one any issues. This is why it will be my obligation to raise hell in London”

Other members joining the team included LouFIFA commenting “Delighted to be part of @NFG_esports as a part of the first ever esports team set up by an individual footballer. Your boy LouFIFA is finally pro”

Yevhen Mostovyk a preofessional FIFA player from the Ukraine added “Feel sorry for @DrErhano. Time wasting must be prohibited, especially on World Cup level. Shit.”

Another player also joining is Remdog who adds “Looking forward to grinding FIFA 19 and pushing for spots at all events”

Krasimir Ivanov who goes by Krasi again backs up the point on time wasting being a problem in the game “2 weeks ago we saw a player rage quit the stage because of the kick off glitch. Today another one did the same bc of time playing. When I participated in events a few years ago time playing was banned”

Rusher_7 states that he cannot wait to get going and he is looking forward to teaming up. This move follows Ruud Gullit who has developed his own team and recruited a crop of gamers to represent Team Gullit.

To rage quit or not to rage quit Two time FIFA eWorld Cup champion, Ethan ‘DrErhano’ Kayman rage quit on main stage at FIFA eWorld Cup in Amsterdam this weekend. Is rage quitting the problem or is there a deeper issue risking damaging the game that so many million people love playing. FIFA

There were some comments criticising the rage quit but the large majority seem to empathise with DrErhan and his frustrations at the time wasting. Will we see EA Sports or FIFA do anything about this moving forwards?

EA SPORTS™ reveal FIFA 19 release date The most prestigious club competition has arrived on FIFA 19. The legendary tournament has been woven into every mode in FIFA 19 giving the player the ultimate Champions league experience. Play the famous competition from the group stage to the final at the The Wanda Metroplitano Stadium in Madrid. You will also be able to build your dream squad with live UEFA Champions League and Europa League content updates in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Ronaldo returns as the cover star for FIFA 19 and he will be joined by Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr for the Champions and Ultimate Edition covers. As well as European football FIFA 19 also has a number of new tricks up its sleeve Active Touch System This new system fundamentally changes the way you receive and strike the ball, enabling closer control, improved fluidity in movement, more creativity, and increased player personality when. First touch gets an overhaul with new tools such as the disguised touch, flick-up volleys, or even skill specific animations like the Neymar Trap, so that you can stay one touch ahead of your opponent and create scoring chances. Dynamic Tactics The reimagined tactical system gives players the tools to set multiple tactical approaches, deeper pre-match customization, and new

options for in-match adjustments. Each tactical approach combines formations, mentalities, and attacking and defensive play styles so that you can easily customize your play in any situation. 50/50 Battles User reactions and player attributes determine the outcome of loose ball duels across the pitch. Thanks to increased teammate intelligence and spatial awareness, every challenge matters in the fight for possession. Timed Finishing Get another level of control over every shot with the Timed Finishing system, which puts user in charge of how accurately they connect with the ball. Trigger a timed finish by double tapping the “shoot” button when attempting a strike. The precision and timing of the second button tap determines the result of the contact; perfectly timed strikes increase a shot’s accuracy and power, while poorly timed contacts make the shot more likely to miss the mark. Whether it’s a hit from outside the box, a precision header, or a deft touch, timed finishing adds a higher layer of control to finishing in FIFA 19. Real Player Motion Technology The game-changing animation system, which brought enhanced player personality and movement fidelity to EA SPORTS FIFA, is back with increased coverage of the entire pitch. Enhanced animations for tactical shielding, impact balancing, and physical jostling take realistic player movement, responsiveness, and personality to unbelievable heights.

Definitely not overrated FIFA 18’s World Cup mode is available to download for free and it includes four new Icons.

The footballer now TV pundit is mixing it with some more than decent company, but let us not forget the player he was in his heyday.

Former England striker and England legend Gary Lineker has reacted to his FIFA Ultimate Team Icon card on twitter using the word overrated. We and many others disagree and we can only put it down to modesty.

No English player has scored more World Cup goals than the Leicester born poacher. Lineker scored 48 goals in 80 appearances for England winning the golden boot in the 1986 World Cup. Big players delivery on the biggest stage in the biggest games and who could forget that goal against Germany to take the 1990 Semi-final into extra time.

The former Spurs player now rates higher than Ronaldinho, Sergio Ramos, David De Gea and Luis Suarez to name a few.

England Icon, Yes. World Cup Icon, yes.

Brondby win FIFA eClub World Cup Brøndby win FIFA eClub World Cup in Paris after seeing off some stiff opposition.

three goals to his tally putting ‘Fredberg’ and Brøndby in a precarious position in the final.

The tournament that took place in May was stacked with some of the top teams and players from around the world. UNILAD and PSG eSports went into the tournament hotly tipped to go far, but after poor starts neither was able to make it out of the group stages.

Before the final whistle, ‘Fredberg’ was able to pull one back giving his teammate ‘Fifaustun less of a mountain to climb going into the second leg of the final.

While other teams impressed throughout the competition it was Brøndby and TEAM ENVY who peaked at the right time and paved their way to the final, after some impressive semi-final performances. The first leg of the final saw ‘Eisvogel’ take on ‘Fredberg on PlayStation and after taking the lead ‘Eisvogel’ then added another

Manchester City big in China Manchester City, the current Premier League Champions, have become the first Premier League club to launch a FIFA Online team in China. The team will play in the competitive Online Star League (FSL) which kicks off a new season on 15 June 2018. The team will consist of five players, including Zhang Jun, last season’s Most Valuable Player, as well as Aruya and Liu Chao, who have both excelled in the FSL over the past two seasons. The team was unveiled recently at an exclusive launch event held at the Star Alliance Esports Center in Beijing, which was attended by representatives from Manchester City, Tencent, and the Chairman of the Association for Chinese Esports (ACE), Xu Ye. At this launch it was revealed that the remaining two spaces on Manchester City’s all-new FIFA Online team would be filled by Manchester City supporters, who will earn their place by taking part in a nationwide competition. Commenting on the team, David Tang, Regional Director of China at Manchester City said: “We are delighted to enter the exciting world of gaming in China, the biggest market in the world for esports.

With the final looking out of reach for Brøndby ‘Fifaustun’ put on an absolute masterclass against ‘Aero’. After pulling back the three goals needed to draw level, ‘Fifaustun then added another three goals to his tally before sailing to victory with a 6-0 win, giving the Danish team their second eClub World Cup win in as many years. With the tournament in its second year, Brøndby remains the sole victor.

“Our new FIFA Online team comes in addition to our dedicated esports players at Manchester City, as well as at our sister clubs New York City and Melbourne City, highlighting Manchester City’s and the wider City Football Group’s commitment to both esports and our growing fanbase in China. “We are looking forward to watching the team play in the FSL as they strive to become Champions and add to the success we have enjoyed on the pitch this season.” Tencent Executive Shulun Gao added: “It’s great to see Manchester City’s commitment to esports grow with their entry into the Chinese gaming market. Manchester City have already made a significant contribution to the esports industry. “They were one of the first Premier League clubs to sign a professional esports player and the digital content and fan experiences they have created since then have been unparalleled. “FIFA Online is incredibly popular across China, and it is an exciting prospect for us to have an esports team in China, which supporters can identify with the reigning Premier League Champions. The new season starts very soon, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for FIFA Online.”

d r a rw

o f e i y a s i w

e v h i t g D e in w o Sh

BY JUSTIN LAWSON The launch of eDivisie in February 2017 was a huge success. EsportsWorldFootball speaks with Marc Rondagh, business development manager at the Dutch premier league Eredivisie, to find out more

Tell us a bit more about the process behind the eDivisie getting involved with esports? It was a struggle! To bring together so many organisations and create a format to keep all happy was certainly challenging. Every three years the Eredivisie, senior directors and representatives from member clubs go on a field trip, the purpose of which is to get

MARC RONDAGH, EDIVISIE together and throw ideas around to come up with innovative ways to keep the Eredivisie relevant and at the forefront competing with other leagues across Europe. Dutch football has a good history and hopefully it will have a good future. It was on one such trip in 2015 where we went to Silicon Valley in the US and experienced our first taste of esports and saw its potential. Although much of the planning was undertaken in 2016 the eDivisie was launched in association with the 18 Eredivisie clubs, EA SPORTS and Endemol Shine Nederland in February 2017. The eDivisie is a unique platform for the Eredivisie and Eredivisie clubs to reach youngsters and increase the involvement of existing fans in their club. We see the eDivisie as an extension to the existing range of football we offer, in which we can focus even more on young people. For the clubs it is a fantastic platform for increasing the fans’ involvement and jointly generating new content. Moreover, in time the eDivisie will create an even greater experience of Eredivisie football in a stadium.

Can you tell us a bit more about the format? We have designed the eDivisie to play parallel to the games the Eredivisie teams play during the season, so for the first half of the season the teams compete on PS4 creating a winner. So if Ajax was playing FC Twente on the weekend we would have the eDivisie fixture during the week before. This gives more football coverage across the week expanding the time that the Eredivisie is relevant and bridging the gap between the virtual and the real football for the teams.

We now have teams developing their recruitment or players and even loaning players out. Ajax is looking to attract young football fans worldwide with the help of esports they recently recruited American FIFA pro Joey Calabro and have also this month announced that Bob Van Uden will play the rest of the season for the Japanese club Sagan Tosu.

We hear matches are shown on FOX Sports, how did that come about and what are the viewing figures like at present? FOX Sports owned the rights to the Eredivisie until 2025 so when we created the eDivisie EndemolShine Group agreed to produce a pilot which proved really successful and now we have a regular show taking place on FOX Sports.

“This is the Holy Grail for all gamers involved in FIFA”

The second half of the season is then played on Xbox and at the end of the season both winners meet each other where they play one game on the Xbox and one game on the PS4 to get an aggregate overall winner. This year the final is on May 11. Both the Xbox winner and the PS4 winner get through to the playoff towards the FIFA eWorld Cup held in August. This is the Holy Grail for all gamers involved in FIFA.

Have all the Eredivisie teams created esports teams? The structure of the eDivisie is unique in that all 18 esports players are officially part of the Eredivisie clubs.

Originally the teams only needed to secure one gamer to be involved but some clubs now have more. FC Twente for example have 4 gamers and some have technical management teams creating research on competitors in advance of matches.

In season one we anticipated matches would get about 2,000 views however they ended up getting an average of over 30,000 a game and some games as many as 200,000 viewing. We are coming to the end of the second season now and have average viewing figures of 50,000 per game which is big enough to fill the biggest stadium in the Netherlands: Amsterdam ArenA soon to be called the “Johan Cruijff ArenA”.

Do you have both league and cup competitions? Currently we just operate the league as described. That is not to say we will not look towards cup competitions or special tournaments at some stage.

Can you share any of your plans for the future? We want to keep on engaging with young fans and introducing them to both electronic football and real football and one of the ways we are going to do this is through a ‘Fans Cup’. This will start next season and every club will run tournaments to find their number one gaming fan with each of the clubs putting forwards a fan to compete in a Cup competition. None of their existing contracted players can enter this. EWF Esports World Football


FNATIC impressive performances throughout the tournament, he went on to beat UNILAD’s Tass in his leg of the final, which also earnt him a place in the Global Series Playoff’s in Amsterdam. This fete is all the more impressive after ‘Rannerz’ revealed to Esports World Football that he didn’t even own a copy of FIFA 15, OR 16. The performances didn’t go unnoticed as ‘Rannerz’ was delighted to re-signed with RomaFnatic: “To me, Roma is much more than just a team to play for. Their passion, values and goals stand side-by-side with mine. A future here is exactly what I envisioned and hopefully we can continue our recent success as a team. The team has the best of both worlds. A great football club in Roma joined by one of the largest esports organizations in Fnatic.”

Rannerz In what he described as the best moment of his career so far Conran ‘Rannerz’ Tobin was part of the RomaFnatic team that recently beat UNILAD in the final of the Gfinity elite series.

With the tournament win under his belt looking to the future ‘Rannerz’ said: “My short term goal at the moment is to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Finals, but my main goal in the future is to win a major.” With his family and friends impressed and very happy at his success his advice for youngsters who wanted to follow in his footsteps was to try your best to qualify for EA events via FUT Champs to have the best chance of getting signed. The Gfinity title winner will continue to represent both organisations, with his team mates, in FIFA tournaments around the world, beginning with the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam on May 26.

Speaking to Esports World Football, ‘Rannerz’, the pro FIFA player from Limerick Ireland, who is studying financial maths in UL said: “Playing in the Gfintiy elite series was an Incredible experience, from the production to playing the games, everything was just done so well. With the added fun of a live audience and prize money on the line it was just an incredible experience.” With a style of play that is a mix of possession or direct play, depending on situation, ‘Rannerz’ put on an outstanding display in the final. “I was in disbelief at first followed by a tremendous amount of excitement to win it, especially as we went into the final as underdogs.” “I played a countless amount of pro vs pro games in preparation for the tournament and it paid off.” ‘Rannerz’ said that he didn’t consider getting into the barber’s chair like team mate Zimme to get the famous R9 haircut. “Nope, can’t be seen with that haircut at work!” After finishing in the top 32 in Barcelona ‘Rannerz’ was drafted in by RomaFnatic for the Gfinity Elite Series. With some 12

Esports World Football

Rannerz and Zimme lift the Gfinity Se ries 2018 trophy


Having recently been named an inaugural member of Sweden’s national FIFA team Esports World Football caught up with the high flying Swede who formed part of the winning duo that took the Gfinity Elite Series crown in London earlier this year. But before we talked about FIFA, first things first, had the hair grown back yet? “The hair is starting to grow back, it doesn’t seem like an R9 haircut anymore though which is sad.” Said Simon ‘Zimme’ Nystedt, who promised his Twitter followers that he would get the famous R9 haircut if he and team mate Conner ‘Rannerz’ Tobin won the Gfinity Elite Series. The Swede who recently won the FIFA All Stars Cup in Lisbon explained how he has been playing FIFA for approximately 10 years, yet it has been only the past 4 years that he has played it more seriously. “I started searching on the internet for online tournaments that I could participate in. Then I found the Swedish Championship in FIFA. I competed in it and it went really well. Then it just started off from there.” Having proven himself as a player on the competitive FIFA scene he contacted Roma/Fnatic and asked if they needed a new addition to the team, they said yes, and he became part of one of the leading teams in FIFA esports. With an attacking style of play ‘Zimme’ put in some outstanding performances on his way to winning the Gfinity Elite Series with

Zimme team mate ‘Rannerz’. The Semi-Final against ‘Eisvogel’ was an epic match that had everything. “It was so intense to play, I couldn’t believe it when I scored the equaliser in the 90th minute to take it to extra time, and then the equaliser yet again in the 120th minute this time to take it to penalties. That game was the best competitive game I’ve ever played I think.” Having beat ‘Eisvogel’ in the Semi-Final ‘Zimme’ went on to take another major scalp in the final in ‘Shellzz’ “I felt that I took my chances and that everything went my way that night. I was so confident before the final so I knew before that I was going to win. “It felt amazing to win the whole series, especially because it had been a long time since I had won a tournament and to finally stand there as a champion was so nice.”

true to his s y ta s e m im Z the word and gets R9 haircut

The FIFA eWorld Cup is coming up and here at Esports World Football we wanted to know if there was a particular haircut he would treat his fans to if he were to go all the way and win it. “If I go on and win the world cup I would do any kind of haircut actually, so I’ll probably put a tweet out where my followers could vote on haircuts to do, haha.” EWF


GLOBAL SERIES PLAYOFF ROUND UP BY CHRIS LAFFERTY At the start of the competition over 20 million took part, but only the top 128 FIFA players made it through to the EA Sports Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam. 64 Xbox players and 64 PlayStation 4 Only the best qualified and with so many familiar faces descending on the Dutch city it was fair to say that these playoff were stacked. There were going to be losers, there were going to winners and there were going to be plenty of upsets along the way, as the crème of the crème fought it out to reach the ultimate goal of London and the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Global Series Playoffs round-up

The Playoffs began with the Swiss format and would see 128 Xbox and PlayStation 4 players whittled down to 64, with the magic number of 4 wins needed to progress to the next stage.

Survival Day (Xbox) Xbox One was up first and by the end of the first day, which was dubbed ‘Survival Day’, ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Msdossary’ both booked their places in the last 32 having both impressively notched up a 5 win undefeated streak. ‘Msdossary’ looked to have carried his form over from his recent FUT Champions Cup win. The Saudi Arabian looked like the main man to beat with a 6-0 aggregate thrashing of M Mino, but Gorilla looked just as impressive, especially went he went up against Kurt0411 and claimed victory with a 6-3, maintaining his unbeaten record for the day.

et as Semi-final ups s out Rafsou knock e Gorilla favourite FaZ While none of the favourites were knocked out of the tournament on the first day the amount of talent on display suggested that there would be plenty of upsets over the 3 days of competition.

Qualification Day (Xbox)

Home Favour ite Ajax Dani went out to M egabit in the semi-final 14

Esports World Football

Having jostled for a decent position in order to make it to the 4 games needed to make the last 32, Qualification day would see who would be going through to the knockout stages of the tournament. There were plenty of surprise eliminations, including Hashtag Ryan’s close defeat to Fabio Denuzzo and Kid M3mito’s drubbing at the hands of Sakul in the final match of the day. F2Tekkz, the Barcelona champion was definitely one to watch at the start of the playoffs, but

winner. Having made it through to the FIFA eWorld Cup Final, players would also be playing for seeding for the finals in London, as the last 16 became 8 before being whittled down to the last 4.

Semi-finals (Xbox) ‘Rafsou’ Vs ‘FaZe Gorilla’ Rafsou took on and beat yet another of the world’s best in ‘FaZe Gorilla’ to make it into the final of the Global Series Playoffs Final. In what was a tight first half ‘Rafsou’ took the lead towards the end of it and was able to keep his nose in front over the two legs. A late flurry by ‘Gorilla’ brought the game back to 5-4 on aggregate before ‘Rafsou killed the game in the final minutes to take the score and the match 6-4. ‘Megabit’ Vs ‘Ajax Dani’ Megabit took an early 4-1 lead into the second leg, but it was ‘Ajax Dani’ who got an early goal to get himself back in the game before Megabit went onto take an unassailable 7-2 lead into the second half of the second leg. ‘Ajax Dani’ went all out for goals in the second half, but it was too little too late with game finishing 8-3 to Megabit.

Final (Xbox) ‘Megabit’ Vs ‘Rafsou’ The final was set Germany Vs France. Neither players had many chances and it was a penalty conceded by ‘Rafsou’ that gave Megabit the chance to take the lead and soon after scoring the penalty Megabit doubled his lead with a well taken goal. ‘Rafsou’

Dark horse R afsou made it all the way to the final losing to Mega bit

was unable to make the last 32 with the chance of progressing to the London and the eWorld Cup. Having played their way to a place in the last 32 the following players went on to win their Round of 32 match and secure a place in the Grand Final: MSDossary, Hashtag DreamR, ICHOR Resende7, Rafsou, NRaseck7, Crafty, FaZe Gorilla, GoalMachine21, AeroFIFA, AFC Ajax Dani, JSSF107, Kurt0411, SKC Alekzandur, Fabio Denuzzo, MegaBit, and Sakul.

Decision Day (Xbox) The final day of the FIFA Global Series Playoffs Xbox saw the final 16 competitors go up against each other in order to crown an eventual

or there Always there it finally abouts Megab final wins a major


Survival Day (PS4) Following on from the Xbox One players it was now the PlayStation 4 players chance to turn on the style. Starting with the Swiss format, once again, 64 players would be reduced to 32, who would then be drawn and pitted against each other in a two legged knockout game with the last 16 winning the ultimate prize of qualification to the eWorld Cup Grand Final and a chance to win the Global Series playoffs.

Nicholas99FC was one step too far for Stefa nopinna in the semi-final

went on the offensive looking for goals and he was able to level the score, but it was Megabit who took the first leg 3-2 with an 88th minute goal. Megabit drew first blood in the first half of the second leg and when he added another goal to his tally Megabit took control of the game. Having come so far ‘Rafsou pulled back a couple of goals to take the game to 5-4 going into the final half of the second leg. In a tense final half Megabit restored his two goal lead and with another goal in the dying minutes Megabit took the Global Series Playoffs final.

Once again it was survival day with 4 being the magic number to progress to the next stage. Lose 4 and you were on your way home. Two players dominated on the first day for the PlayStation competitors. ‘Nicolas99FC’ who beat fellow Argentinian ‘Diegog1996’ 9-0. The Spaniard ‘Jra Lion’ also impressed with five wins. New York City FC player NYC_Chris failed to win a single game. Having impressed in the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona many were shocked that the New York City player was eliminated on the first day without a win to his name. VfB Stuttgart star ‘VfB DrErhano’ also made an early exit from the competition far sooner than anyone expected. As two big names fell at the first hurdle other big players also found themselves in a precarious position on survival day with serveral pros going into the second day 2-3. Former FIFA Interactive World Cup champion Hashtag Agge being one of those big name players who had found himself on the wrong end of needing four wins to progress going into the second day.

Qualification Day (PS4) There were 16 Global Series Playoff scarves up for grabs today and a chance to get that all important spot to take part in the Grand Final in London. After a first rate performance on survival day ‘Nicolas99FC continued to dominated his fellow competitors finishing the Swiss round with a mammoth 7 wins from 7. ‘Nicolas99FC then went onto to become the first player to earn his scarf and a place in the Grand Final having beat Lukas_1004 in his last 32 round match.

Suprise pack age Web11 made it to the semi-final falling to B04 M4RV 16

Esports World Football

The following players followed ‘Nicolas99FC’ into London and the Grand Final: YimmieHD, Eisvogel, StefanoPinna, Marcuzo, andoniiPM, MaestroSquad, damie, Web, Hashtag Boras, TheStrxngeR, MoAubameyang, Honey Badger, M4RV, Hashtag Agge, deto

Decision Day (PS4) Once again ‘Nicholas99FC’ dominated in the quarter-finals, as 16 became 8 and 8 became 4.

Semi Finals (PS4) ‘B04 M4RV’ V ‘Web11’ In the first Semi-final ‘B04 M4RV’ took on ‘Web11’ the only Asian player to have booked a place in the last 16 and London. In what was a commanding first leg performance ‘B04 M4RV’ scored 4 goals without reply to take a substantial led into the first leg of the Semi-final match. Web11’ scored early in the second leg to give himself a chance to get himself back into the game, but it was not to be and after winning the second leg 5-2 ‘Web11’ gallantly lost 6-5 on aggregate.

me up B04 M4RV ca g to just short losin in the final Nicolas99FC

‘B04 M4RV’ moved onto the final in what turned out to be a closely fought match. ‘Nicolas99FC’ V ‘Stefanopinna’ The second Semi-final saw a closely fought first leg that finished with both players scoring a single goal as the match progressed into the second leg. The second leg turned out to be a carbon copy of the first as both players cancelled out each other with a goal. In a match that looked set to be going into extra time and possibly penalties ‘Nicolas99FC’ pulled a last gasp winner out of the bag to take him into the final.

Final (PS4) ‘Nicholas99FC’ Vs ‘B04 M4RV’ Three days of immense competition left two of the best gamers in the world to see who would win the Global Series Playoffs on PlayStation 4. Argentina’s ‘Nicolas99FC’ would be facing off against Germany’s ‘M4RV’ with the chance to take the title. The German was first to strike taking the lead before the Argentinean hit back twice leaving the score 2-1 in his favour as the whistle went for half time in the first leg. The second half saw ‘Nicolas99FC’ start well taking the lead to 3-1 and he then added another just before full time taking a 4-1 lead on aggregate going into the second leg. ‘Nicolas99FC’ was first to score in the first half of the second leg and that’s how it stayed right up until half time leaving ‘M4RV’ a mountain to climb going into the second half of the final leg. An early goal in the second half and a late penalty for ‘M4RV’ was enough to give him the second leg victory, but it was ‘Nicolas99FC’ who was crowned champion taking the title with a 5-3 aggregate win. EWF

t as Never in doub dispatched C F 9 9 s la o h ic N is path everyone in h


GUILLERMO ‘KID M3MITO’ TREVIÑO Guillermo ‘Kid M3mito’ Treviño is no longer a player flying under the radar and with his name forever written into the history books as the first ever winner of the inaugural eMLS Cup, EsportsWorldFootball. com caught up with the high scoring goal machine, who went the entire competition undefeated.

What was it like playing in the first eMLS Cup? It was an amazing experience and with it being the first ever eMLS tournament this made it even more special. But nothing can beat the feeling of winning it.

How does it feel to be the first ever winner of the eMLS CUP? It was amazing because it pretty much puts me in the history books of esports. Winning was awesome, but doing it on an unbeaten run made it even better.

On the spot Guillermo ‘Kid M3mito’ Treviño

Photo courtesy of Houston Dynamo


What did you do to prepare for the tournament? In the run-up to the tournament, I played against other pros from the other conferences. I knew that I wouldn’t be facing those players unless we met in the finals, so I knew I didn’t put myself at a disadvantage. As well as playing US pros I played against others outside the US including some who were going to be competing in Manchester at the FUT Champions Cup.

Who is the best player in the world right now? I’m not sure about the world, but from the Americas, I gotta say Javier Munoz the Colombian. He’s doing really well, right now. So, in my opinion, he’s probably one of the best.

Who is your favorite MLS player? Alberth Elis – Houston Dynamo, centre-forward - I like his style of play. He’s really creative. He has everything, pace, power, dribbling. I love seeing him play when I come here to watch him live.

“I wanna play him. I should have replied to him to tell him he’ll just get embarrassed, he’d get beat 20-0! Hopefully, we can get it on”

Alberth tweeted that he wanted to play you? Yeah, I saw that. I was gonna reply, but I didn’t know how to. I wanna play him. I should have replied to him to tell him he’ll just get embarrassed, he’d get beat 20-0! Hopefully, we can get it on.

Who are your go to players in your FUT squad? My go to players in my FUT squad. It can be anyone, right? I gotta say my defense always comes first, It’s what I have to go with, I love my defense. I always have to go with a great backline, so I go with the Icons, such as Maldini, Ferdinand, Valencia, and Marcelo. I trust all of them. I prefer going defense first. As you can see in my team, where I took the hit on the MLS side Especially In my midfield, I didn’t mind taking a hit there because I prefer my defense to be solid. (The eMLS Cup rules required each competitor to field at least three players from their local MLS club, and play at least two. Treviño fielded Houston

Dynamo defender DaMarcus Beasley, midfielder Juan David Cabezas and forward Alberth Elis; and he mainly played with Cabezas and Elis.)

What do your friends and family make of your eMLS Cup win? My Mum was actually quite excited and surprisingly so was my Dad. My Dad was just shocked because he never thought I was this good, so I finally got the chance to show him that I was actually quite good. Now, he knows I’m not just wasting my time on a game, so that was pretty awesome.

Before the tournament were there certain players who you considered as competition, or was it more a case of playing your own game? Yes. I actually did. Our rivals Dallas and Kansas City were probably the toughest from our conference. I knew they were going to be hard from the get-go because I had faced them before in other events last year, but I knew I could beat them and obviously, I did, I never had doubt in myself. When I played the guy from Kansas I knew I had to play his style. He really likes to control the ball. He doesn’t let you get the ball, I had to counter that by doing the same to him. I had to keep the ball, frustrate him first, that’s what I did and it worked.

What do you need to do to become a gamer? I have to say the first step is to never be afraid to lose. Every day you learn something new. I took many losses in the past. Like in FUT Champions, or even before FUT Champions existed. My brother used to beat me all the time and I just learned from him. I took away all the stuff he would do to succeed and I see what other pros do as well, you just put that into your game and you improve and just keep grinding. Practise and practise some more.

Are there any tips you can give to youngsters who play FIFA and want to be in your position? I have to say always practice. FUT Champions is pretty annoying, it’s 40 games a weekend, but having that mentality, you gotta have that mentality when you go against big players, the pro players, and FUT Champions. You have to play 40 games, it sucks, but when you grind out that many games you always have to stay positive. To get top 100 you can only lose twice, so you can’t let making a mistake at the back get you frustrated. You can’t let a simple thing, like a mechanic of the game, affect you because then it’ll throw you off your whole game. Will ‘Kid M3mito’ able to extend his unbeaten run going into the Global Series Playoffs. One thing for sure is there will be plenty of goals for this sharpshooter. EWF Esports World Football


San Jose Earthquakes Alan “CaliSCG” Ortega

ALAN “CALISCG” ORTEGA Esports World Football spoke with San Jose Earthquakes pro, Alan ‘CaliSCG’ Ortega, to find out what it was like to participate in the inaugural eMLS Cup. What do you do to prepare for a tournament?


me going to Boston to compete in the eMLS Cup. Yeah, they all think it’s pretty cool.

What did you do to become a professional gamer?

Playing against other top pros that are really good really helps. The player that really helped my was Hasib Zulfic. He’s on PlayStation and he recently got signed with Columbus.

A lot of it, as with anything is dedication. Dedication to learning the game, the in’s and out’s, the dedication to put those hours in. It’s just like with anything you want in life you just gotta put the dedication into it.

In your opinion who is the best esports FIFA player in the world right now?

Are there any tips you can give to youngsters who play FIFA and want to be in your position?

I would have to say, possibly, for me it would have to be Gorilla from FaZe Clan. He’s just on another level of the game. I know he hasn’t won anything recently, but he just knows what to do and what preparation to do and what it takes to win.

I would say definitely sacrifices are gonna have to be made. So, when your friends wanna go out on a Saturday night you’re gonna have to say no, you just can’t. If it’s something you want then you need to want it bad enough because there is going be someone else who will also want it just as bad as you.

Who are your go to players in your FUT squad? My definite go to is David de Gea, just because if my defence fails then

They’re not gonna be going out, they’re gonna be at home practising. Learn how to make sacrifices and get that determination in.

“My definite go to is David de Gea, just because if my defence fails then they still have to get through him. He’s just incredible on this game”

they still have to get through him. He’s just incredible on this game. Probably my another go to would be Cristiano Ronaldo because he does things and get the goals you need in the game, whether they’re really technical, or whether it just game luck he makes it happen.

What do your friends and family make of your esports career? My parents think it’s really cool. They’ve seen just how far I’ve come. One of my friends got me hooked on FIFA, probably like four years, five years ago. He got me hooked and so for him to see where I’m at now it’s pretty cool. My family didn’t really understand until they saw

Who is your favourite MLS player? My favourite player I would have to say is Danny Hoesen from San Jose Earthquakes. He’s just phenomenal on the ball. I like watching him play especially when I get a chance to see him play live.

What MLS Player would you like to play at FIFA 18? Fatai Alashe. He tweeted me out and said he’d want to get a game in. That would be fun. EWF

Esports World Football


ADAM RYAN AEROX ESPORTS Which team do you represent when you play? I represent is Aerox Esports. They are a leading UK gaming organisation that compete in various games and have a wide variety of sponsors.

How did you get to play for them? I was contacted by the CEO of Aerox. We had a very positive number of chats about why they wanted me to be part of the team. I had various other offers at the time but I felt Aerox was unique and the correct organisation to help take me forward and meet my goals, looking back now I think this was a great decision. The CEO Curtis has been really supportive and has helped me identify weaknesses in my game I didn’t know about. They also have a few other players one being Joey who I had the pleasure of competing with at the FeCWC qualifiers representing Aerox.

myself because I hadn’t qualified for any of the major tournaments and I knew I wasn’t performing at my best. When I qualified for Gothia eCup it was a huge relief for me. I knew I needed to obtain LAN experience In order to take my FIFA to the next level and I’m sure the Gothia eCup will help me with that. I’m also really happy because I get to visit Sweden a lovely country and I can’t wait to go there!

We have heard there was allegations of cheating by some gamers, how did this affect the ladder system? That is correct. Some players were creating multiple accounts and exploiting the system to match against themselves to get free wins and move up the ladder. The player in first place was disqualified

Adam Ryan Aerox Esports What was is it like playing competitive FIFA? Playing competitive FIFA is my favourite thing to do. The feeling of winning is like no other I’ve felt and the adrenaline that goes through my body when I play is amazing, that is what makes me keep playing FIFA. However, competitive FIFA has many moments where you feel down because you are going through a bad period or aren’t meeting your targets but I know that eventually if you keep playing you will meet your goals. The feeling of performing well and winning is amazing but it does not come easy, there are many set backs which happen before you reach your goal but I think it is important to learn from these set backs and turn them into positives.

You have just qualified for the Gothia eCup, how does that feel? It feels simply amazing. Qualifying for my first LAN event was my goal this year, I had been feeling a bit down and disappointed with 22

Esports World Football

for cheating. The team involved with Gothia deserves a lot of credit because they identified this and dealt with it extremely well and the cheaters were eliminated. If that player wasn’t banned then I would not of been able to qualify.

What will you do to prepare for the tournament in July? To prepare for the tournament in July I will be playing a lot of head to head games against many other top players. I will also be experimenting with custom tactics and formations to find out what I think is best to use going into the event. The format is head-to-head and not ultimate team so as an ultimate team player it is important for me to play a lot more head-to-head and get to know what works and what doesn’t. I was slightly shocked that I won the qualification spot at my first attempt because I had never played head-to-head before on this FIFA so I know I need to take a step back from FUT for now and focus on that.


Who is the best player in the world right now?

What do you friends and family make of your gaming?

It is really hard to call, there are so many top players in the world who are performing to standards beyond belief but if I had to choose I would have to go with Gorilla (Spencer Ealing) the current world champion. Every year Spencer manages to reach the top level of competitive FIFA. He manages to qualify for every single event without fail and go far in almost every competition which is very difficult with standards being so high. I also think he has a unique and very entertaining play style he always plays to outscore his opponent. He relentlessly attacks using a variety of skill moves and fast paced passing to out smart his opponent.

Overall my Family are really proud of how I am doing with competitive FIFA so far my father is very supportive and he is coming along to Sweden with me, I don’t think my mother really understands it. My brothers are always begging me to qualify them for the weekend league and telling their friends about me.

Who is your favourite player?

Some of my friends think it’s great that I’m playing competitive FIFA because they know I really enjoy it and put a lot of effort into it. I have one friend in particular who is the most supportive of all. He always motivates me and coaches me during big games or at times when I felt nervous. He also lets me borrow his Beats headphones for the qualification month so I appreciate that too :)

My Favourite player is Hashtag Boras. Ivan is one of the most versatile players in the FIFA scene. He has so many back up

Whereas some of my other friends hate it because sometimes I have to sacrifice going out with my friends or going to real life football training to

“The up and coming. Adam Ryan a future star in the making has just qualified for his first tournament and shares his recent experiences with Esports World Football”

play styles and formations that he can change to and out smart his opponent. The thing I like about Ivan is he knows how to do absolutely every control in the game and uses various combinations that others wouldn’t and instead of keeping these tricks to himself he uploads them to his YouTube channel In order to help out the community to improve their game. I have a lot of respect for Ivan because he has certainly helped me improve my game and he is a great role model and someone who I aspire to be like.

Who are your go to players in your FUT squad? At the moment my go-to-players in attack are R9 Ronaldo, CR7 and my favourite player TOTS Son. My midfield is dominated by prime Vieira and I use a prime Desially and Ferdinand in defence. My play style is very much based around slow build up in a 4-2-3-1 formation that speeds up in the final third. I think my attack is extremely good because all my attackers are capable of producing long range shots and game changing moments if I am struggling to break through my opponents defence.

compete in tournaments or finish my weekend league games.

What do you need to do to become a gamer? You need to be willing to put countless hours into the game to truly master it and learn all the in-game mechanics. You can have all the skill in the world but you must also have the attitude to go along with it. If you have a bad attitude and become too angry when you are playing you will lose focus and when this happens every good player will punish you. As I said earlier you also need to be prepared for many set backs and times where you do not meet your desired goals. But it is at these times when you need to closely analyse what went wrong and make changes so that it does not happen again. You also need to be prepared to make sacrifices and take risks. An example of this is FUTWIZ Zelonius quit his full time job to try and make it in the professional scene, luckily this payed off for him but it won’t pay off for everyone so you need to be sure about your decisions. EWF


Emerging markets

TOM SMITH Justin Lawson of EsportsWorldFootball speaks with Tom Smith, managing director of Global eSport Resources (GER) about their role in esports and the vision of Saudi Arabia eSport Federation Can you tell our readers a little bit about Global eSport Resources (GER) and what you do? GER provides global esport strategy, planning and execution. Founded to service the needs of the burgeoning worldwide esport industry the company is built on the experience and expertise of its principals. Our team has broad experience in consumer product and the entertainment industries, specific esport industry knowledge and extensive international experience.

BY JUSTIN LAWSON expressed in the Crown Prince’s 2030 vision for Saudi Arabia and we are honoured and excited to be a part of this movement.

Tell us about the Crown Prince’s Saudi 2030 Vision? Saudi 2030 vision is a visionary plan for converting and expanding Saudi’s economic base so by 2030 the GNP is 50% derived from oil and 50% from other sources. To do this the Crown Prince has made three new agencies…one for culture, one for entertainment, and one for sport. The Crown Prince’s vision for growth within these categories will create significant new employment and opportunities, new revenue sources and most importantly bring Saudi into the 22nd century and become a truly world player, especially in esport.

You are involved in activities such as the Saudi Arabia eSport Federation’s (SAFEIS) first ever FIFA esport tournament. How did that come about and what was your involvement?

I cannot imagine this is all that you have been working on, what else can you share with us?

Global eSport Resources is the connection to the international market for SAFEIS. We have a mandate from the Kingdom to connect their esport activities to the world. For this first-ever tournament we were able to secure a sponsorship with SCUF gaming for the controllers and with Phenix to deliver real-time streaming of the event to the world.

Correct, Global eSport Resources has just announced the deal with the Arab Federation for esports to create the digital portal for 11 Arab countries with a combined population of around 300 million people including 80 million gamers. This portal will be the first-ever one-stop hub for all things esport and gaming for the 11 countries. We are very excited to help build the Middle East into a world power of esport.

Was the event a successful?

What are your goals and visions for GER?

Absolutely! We had an amazing response both domestically in Saudi Arabia as well as internationally with over 12 million live views of the real-time streaming of the tournament from over 35 countries.

Global eSport Resources is actively supporting and are committed to executing the vision of Prince Faisal and the larger vision of the Crown Prince to create an esport industry that model it as a true profession for the youth of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Federation.

Have you got to meet Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud, president of SAFEIS and what is his knowledge of esports like? Yes, I have with Prince Faisal many, many times. He is an active gamer who passionately believes in the vision that esport can be a catalyst for the social change for the high numbers of youth in the country. Esport will be a strong emerging domestic industry as

We also strive to bring the esport world community to the Middle East through partnerships that truly support the desires of the gamers in the region. Additionally it is to help them win gold in the Asian games of 2020 and in the 2024 Paris Olympics. EWF

“We had an amazing response both domestically in Saudi Arabia as well as internationally with over 12 million live views of the real-time streaming of the tournament from over 35 countries”

Esports World Football


DUTCH PREDATORS Esports World Football’s Justin Lawson caught up with Karim alias Adidas-I0 manager of the Dutch Predators a VPG esports team to discuss the way they dominated the league, emerged as champions, and of course their plans for the future. Share with us the history of your team? The team was founded by Dennis Slotboom aka DennisBergkamp__ who started the Dutch Predators in 2009. They finished that season in the top 5 of the world. I joined the team in 2010. Back then we were only with 6-7 people and we played with 6-7 of us. So some of us have been together for a long time. In early March this year, we decided to join the VPG. And we started looking for players. And the rest is history.

What was the standard like? The league in which we played was not a high division. It is the division 3. So we secretly expected that we would win the title, because we have guys with a lot of experience. There were only 2 or 3 teams that made it difficult for us. But was it a difficult league? No. Why did you choose the VPG over VFL and other formats? I think VPG is the best-known pro clubs organisation at this moment. So that’s why we chose VPG over VFL. Also you can create your own team, logo and name. Your own creativity and brand were important to us. We are a relatively new team that’s in development, this way we can grow as a team and get better and reach higher division. Who knows, maybe we will transition to the VFL in the future.

An interview with the champs Which of the VPG leagues do you currently play in? We have just finished the season after a tremendous run winning the EUR League One and are now promoted into the EUR Championship. So we are looking forward to next season and hopefully we will win another league title.

Tell us about how the season has the gone? Well, we won the league by a clear 17 points. But that does not mean that it always went well. There were a few ups and downs in the team. There was no consistency in the team. Some games we play very well and some games we played bad and sometimes we were lucky, we certainly deserved to lose some games. I think the nerves have played a big role in our games. But we finished with a record of 22-3-1. And that is pretty good record for a fresh new team. 26

Esports World Football

You have had some commanding victories, which was your largest and why did it all go right? We had dominated most of the games with big numbers honestly. But our biggest victory was against Bulgarian Lions. We won the game posting a score of 12-0. The game was one of those games where went everything goes according to plan. We played as a team and we all knew what to do. A big part of our game is about the possession play and high pressure. If that works out in a match, then we control the game.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a team? Team spirit, team atmosphere and keeping the players happy with their given playtime. I think most managers experience this problem and the biggest challenge is keeping the players happy. But you cannot keep everyone happy all the time. Sometimes you


come into a situation where you have to let a player go because he ruined the team atmosphere. Then there is also people not coming online on time. That’s also been a problem for us. Managing a team is not as fun and easy as you think.

Is it hard coordinating everyone to be available for matches or are players pretty committed? No not really. most players are always available. Of course I also have some players who often cannot play, but whom I would like to see play every match.

Who do you rate as the best player in your side? Hard to say. There are many good players in the team who can play

have a lot of possession. It can also be either very attacking or defensive. The LAM and the RAM can play as a LW/RW and can support the fullbacks. And the CAM has a free role. So I like that.

What is the best team you have faced? At this moment I say Samurai XI. Because that is the only team we lost against and narrowly with a score of 1-2. They made it hard for us. So yeah, GG to them!

How far do you think your team can go? I am confident that we can go far with this team. If we continue to play well and build up more experience, then anything is possible. We can even go to the Premier league in the future. This team has high potential.

“I am confident that we can go far with this team. If we continue to play well and build up more experience, then anything is possible”

football and have been important to the team in different way. In every position we have fantastic players who have a high potential. But if I have to name someone, than it’s Danny Müller. Our striker. He finished with 31 goals and 20 assists in his first VPG season with no 11v11 experience at all. If you can score and create scoring opportunities for your team mates as a striker, then you are a top player for me.

How about what the most crucial position to have a strong player in is? Central back. I think that’s the most difficult position in FIFA Pro Clubs. That position requires a lot of communication with the players and chemistry must be important in the defense. So its hard to find a player that understands that.

What formation do you prefer and why? 4-2-3-1. It lets you control the tempo of the game and easy to

Recently I had a go at FIFA and lost 1-0 to my 8yr old. What tips can you give me and any new players to the game? Smh.. Never touch FIFA ever again and sell it on eBay ASAP! The only tip I can give you is: believe in yourself and practice, practice and practice. I got better in 1v1 because I played for 6 years as a ANY in pro clubs. Playing with 75 overall CPU players is a good practice for yourself. It worked for me at least.

How would you like to see VPG develop? That VPG one day has over 1 million users. They already have 100k users within 7 months? And that VPG and EA have a deal together so that pro clubs will be as big as FIFA Ultimate Team. So that’s why I want to thank VPG for all of this. That they organize this and put pro clubs on the radar. Its growing everyday. So I’m very confident that pro clubs will be a big deal in the future because of VPG! EWF



An unusual interview Esports World Football’s Justin Lawson caught up with Unusuals FC to find out more about the team currently playing in the English League 2 North and it’s ambitions.

season, this became a little easier. Now the battle is to keep stability in the team and get the results we all want. There’s some good teams out there, even in our low division.

When was the team formed?

Is it hard coordinating everyone to be available for matches or are players pretty committed?

The team was formed quite recently, December 2017. Some of us had already played together in another team and wanted to try leading our own.

How did the team come about? After a season with Rosenborg VPG, me and a couple of other players wanted to have our own team with our own style of play and identity. I decided to have a go at managing, having had a little experience as co-manager for the aforementioned club.

You entered the VPG English League 2 North. Why did you choose the VPG over VFL and other formats?

It can be, yes. We’ve had some ups and downs in that regard, but we’ve mostly been able to field full teams. The lads have been flexible and committed, but we’ve always had the running rule; “real life comes first”. As of right now, this is just a game to us, so we show understanding if people can’t play at times. Having flexible players has helped us tremendously as well, with players being able to play in several positions to provide good cover for unforeseen circumstances.

Who do you rate as the best player in your side? This has to be the most difficult question of the lot.

I wish there was a more intricate answer to that question, but it’s quite simple really; we had our experience in VPG, and had never really heard of VFL at the time.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a team? The biggest challenge at first was finding players, really. Then the challenge was finding the right players and keeping them. But after a 28

Esports World Football

There’s a lot of good individual players in the squad and a lot of very good, flexible players. At the end of the season last year we had a small award ceremony, where I gave out awards for different achievements during our first season. Back then, the player of the season went to our CDM: Joggi. We’ll see where that reward (named the Golden Unicorn) goes after this season.


“In VPG I think good defenders are rare and could very well prove to be one of the more crucial positions to have strength in”

Well that was a very diplomatic answer. How about what the most crucial position to have a strong player in is?

Clinical Shottas are a side this season which have impressed me and are currently in the top 3 and Absolution eSports have also created a very good team.

I think you need strong players in every position, across the entire central line.

How far do you think your team can go?

I’ve always played offensive positions myself and I like to have good finishers and good creative attackers who can do that little extra, but in VPG I think good defenders are rare and could very well prove to be one of the more crucial positions to have strength in.

What formation do you prefer and why?

I think if we manage to keep our current players and make a couple of more signings, for backup and otherwise, we can easily get promoted. This season we have shown progress, both in results and the way we play, but we’ve lacked a bit of consistency throughout the season sadly, which is where we should improve next season. On our best days, we can hang with anyone, and that’s the truth.

I’ve always been a fan of 4 2 3 1, but we currently use 4 1 2 1 2.

This week I have lost heavily to my 10yr old and 1-0 to my 8yr old. What tips can you give me and any new players to the game?

It’s a position that might be a bit harder on the individual player, but if the two strikers up top do their job and central defenders play well together with the wingers it can be really effective.

The easy answers is practice, but I’m not entirely sure that it’ll do any good. This new generation have knack for the techno-stuff and they learn quicker. Try to be like Batman and use confusion and theatrics.

The week where we made the formation change, we scored 32 goals! This included a day where we won 8-1 in a cup match and 12-3 in a league match, so it does work if we do it right.

How would you like to see VPG develop?

What is the best team you have faced?

The first thing that comes to mind is a mobile-app. I think they are working on it, but that has to be their first priority going forward. Has to be!

We’ve faced a lot of good teams in our two seasons. Some of them we lost to, and others we won against.

That said, I would like to see EA Sports actually acknowledging the VPGcommunity and try to work something out together in the future. The community is growing too big and too quick for them to keep ignoring it.

Pro Ballerz was a good side, promoted in their first season.



OXFORD UNITED ESPORTS How did the team come about and who initiated the move to become Oxford United’s esports team? The core of the team was set up around the same time I got in touch with Oxford United. As marketing manager of VPG I sent an initial email to the club, as a neutral club with a great history and I thought they would be a good addition to the massive things to come on the site. It took quite a long time for the announcement to happen due to more important things going on down at the club in regards real life and the grass based football team so we decided to start the season under the VPG eSports name. We were good to go around the mid season point and it was merely a case of changing our club name on the website and creating all social media pages and letting the fans know. It was hard keeping the news on the down low until the announcement but it was worth it in the end.

The more you progress the harder the competition gets. For us in League 1 South we had a handful of very hard games which took us out of our comfort zone. The top end of the table was very tight with some great teams but anyone that has played competitive leagues before knows that on the dawy anything can happen.

Tell us about how the season has the gone? The season has just ended and looking back it was a successful campaign. We may of missed out on top spot but promotion was our aim and we managed to finish 2nd taking us to the Championship South next season. We went on a nice little cup run in the South Cup but for us our priority was always promotion so winning the cup or the league title would of only been a bonus.

An interview with the U’s You entered the VPG English League 1 South. Why did you choose the VPG over VFL and other formats? In my opinion VPG is the biggest and best site for competitive pro clubs. With the progression of the site and many real life teams partnering it’s only going to get bigger. We wanted to join League 1 South to match the virtual league to the clubs real life league allowing us to work from the bottom and progress forwards. I personally have played numerous competitive leagues and VPG is without a doubt the best and most enjoyable.

What is the standard like? Like any league there are always top teams, reasonable teams and those that don’t quite cut the division. But overall the standard on VPG is very high especially the Prem division. This is without a doubt the most competitive pro clubs 11v11 league at the moment. Some of the best named teams around are all competing for the hefty prize fund and to be honest no other league comes close to the standard of the Prem. 30

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We had many players come and go throughout the season which at times affected some performances but that’s what playing in a competitive league like this is all about. It takes time to find players who fit the system and players that link up well with each other. Overall the season went well and scoring 121 goals and having the best goal difference in the league was a massive achievement for us. So, myself and the team are happy!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far as a team? Our biggest challenge was our second game against Elite. Not only was it a title deciding game but we were on a 12 game unbeaten streak. Sadly, we lost 1-0. After the loss the morale in the team dropped massively as we knew Elite wouldn’t slip up again. We set out with promotion on the minds at the start of the season but for us that was our grudge match and we really wanted to beat them on the return fixture. It’s hard to take any loss but we showed our character and bounced back!


Is it hard coordinating everyone to be available for matches or are players pretty committed?

player on the pitch. As a goalkeeper determination, desire and a strong state of mind is key.

We have set routines on match night’s and that’s usually to come online a couple of hours before the league games to get some training and warm up games in.

What formation do you prefer and why?

We have a very committed bunch of lads so people are always available even if not selected. There are times when some players can’t make games due to real life commitments which can’t be helped but we have cover players who help us out when needed.

Who do you rate as the best player in your side? All my players are exceptional in their own way so it’s hard to pick. Based on the season just gone, our stand out player was Emil Hinge

We have experimented with a couple of formations and the one that suits our style best is the 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation with the central, left and right attacking midfielders and lone striker.

What is the best team you have faced? The best team we have faced this season has got to be Elite. They were the only team to beat us in the league both home and away and they are by far one of the best possession teams I have seen on VPG in my numerous seasons playing here. They have everything you could ask for in a competitive 11 man team and they are only going to get better in time.

Esports World Football’s Justin Lawson caught up with Damon Graham Director of VPG team Oxford United eSports to discuss their origins, seasons performance and plans for the future

Andersson (Speedyfifa506) he was our most influential attacking midfielder. He received the players player of the season award which was voted by the squad and finished top CAM in the league and is the current best performing CAM on the whole of VPG. In the 24 games he played he scored 20 goals, picked up 25 assists and a staggering 91 key passes.

How about what the most crucial position to have a strong player in is? All positions are vital in a way and require a strong player but if I would have to choose one position I would have to say the goalkeeper. They are the backbone to any team, a mistake anywhere else on the pitch can be covered by 9 other players. A goalkeeping mistake often means a goal. They must have strong character for that and a stable goalkeeper can give a defence confidence which then gives a midfield more stability which allows the attackers to play free. One save could change the dynamics of the whole team and effect every

How far do you think your team can go? Our goal when we started was to build a strong foundation and progress to the premier league and compete with the best of the best. With the introduction of a second team this will be a great way to add fresh talent to the squad, introduce many Oxford fans to the project and help us reach our goal.

How would you like to see VPG develop? The development so far is going well and improving everyday but in time I would love to see 11v11 Pro Clubs the biggest and best Esports mode around and to see many more professional teams involved. With the way VPG is growing and many real life professional teams getting involved and also well established gaming teams like Epsilon, it makes you wonder ‘how long’ until this is taken seriously and on the top of the tree where it belongs. EWF

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Issue 01  

Esports World Football, Issue 01 launched in June contains interviews with Guillermo 'Kid M3mito' Trevino of Houston Dynamo, Marc Rondagh of...

Issue 01  

Esports World Football, Issue 01 launched in June contains interviews with Guillermo 'Kid M3mito' Trevino of Houston Dynamo, Marc Rondagh of...