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#ESPORTSPROBLEMS The Two-Year Pandering Compilation

December 2013

wow such pandering

many conrads


#ESPORTSPROBLEMS The Two-Year Pandering Compilation is brought to you by #ghostfiretankdigs and 8mmspikes Images: GHOSTCLAW, fusefuse, and itsjustatank

I promised a second year compilation in my blog. Fearful of being the subject of a broken ESPORTS promises rant blog by certain people who are sadly in this community, I’ve decided to deliver. This is most definitely a pandering edition though, and I encourage you to vote for me in the popularity contest on! —itsjustatank

ugh I think I need to put on shoes to leave the house today. would rather be dead —Heyoka

firebolt did you see i got muted for 16000 fucking days? i got muted for 50 fucking years.

50 YEARS. —kollin

You know what makes me sad by the way? It’s that I can never make a Sayle Starleague because that would be SSL as well, and it’s already taken.




@GHOSTCLAW I’m protoss. I don’t macro. It’s a miracle I even have five control groups hotkeyed. My templar are definitely not in their own group. —Plexa, criticizing GHOSTCLAW

My team has to offer me a pussy but I can’t make mind on which race to take knowing I have asthma. —Stephano I don’t ever want to hear production value used ever again. —Kennigit

fuck. khan changed their name to galaxy. i don’t know if i can be a samsung fan any more. —shirokaisen

Oh my god I locked myself out of my house. Oh my god nobody is home... Shit shit shit! I have to run to get the keys GAAAAH Oh god... my keys aren’t here. Where did my keys go? —Day[9]

Oh jesus... Suppy is mis-spelled “Supply” in all our assets for tomorrow... —TotalBiscuit

this has been #ESPORTSPROBLEMS

the two-year pandering compilation


#ESPORTSPROBLEMS: The Two-Year Pandering Compilation  
#ESPORTSPROBLEMS: The Two-Year Pandering Compilation  

You asked, we delivered.