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WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM After a disaster with ferries and lorries back in July, Placebo have managed to fit a second date in their schedule to visit Mallorca. An alternative rock band formed in London in 1994 by a chance meeting of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal and now joined by drummer Steve Forrest since 2006. Due to their penchant for androgynous attire/makeup and raw guitar riffs, they have been described by some as a glam version of Nirvana. Best known for hit songs such as " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " " and a cover of " ". Their style has varied greatly: Their first album featured a raw sound and a fairly minimalist instrumental lineup, but following albums have had a slower, more melancholic tone and they started experimenting with synthesisers and other, less traditional, modes of sound production (particularly after Black Market Music). To date, they have released six studio albums, six EPs and twenty seven singles. They have gained considerable international recognition and success having sold over one million albums in the UK alone plus in excess of over ten million worldwide. 20:30

Paco de Lucía is thought by many to be one of the greatest living guitarist in the world. In 1958 he made his first public appearance and a year later he was awarded a special prize in the Jerez flamenco competition. At 14 he was touring with the flamenco troupe of dancer Jose Greco who he worked with for three seasons. From there the rest is history. 22:00

Mederos is a bandoneon player and a leading authority on the art of tango. Born in Buenos Aires and still living there today, the city has always been his muse. The sounds of his bandoneon conjure up musical images of life, evoking a journey through the hidden corners and turbulent times of his home city. 21:00

From 2004 EUROCLÀSSICS has presented 25 productions of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana across Mallorca, each one a total success and with many of them sold out. In total, over the last 6 years, they have performed in front of over eleven thousand people. For the first time in August 2008 they brought their spectacle to the Auditorium de Palma and included big screen video projections made specifically for this production. The music itself is a scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff in 1935 and 1936 and is based on 24 of the poems found in the medieval collection Carmina Burana. It is part of Trionfi, the musical triptych that also includes the cantata Catulli Carmina and Trionfo di Afrodite. The best-known movement is "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" ("O Fortuna") that opens and closes the piece. A fantastic piece of music although it is still remembered as the music from The Old Spice ad. 22:00 from box office or

October 2 - October 6

WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM A favourite of the late John Peel, Nina Nastasia's rare gift of a voice is an intimate, winged presence that is able to either freeze or melt your heart; that can powerfully soar and twist, or brush ultra-gently against you, suddenly summoning goose bumps. Picking over themes of love, longing and loss, childhood, dreams and human dramas, her beautifully concise, hook-laden songwriting and the spare arrangements of her band have a certain gritty, rustic charm and intensity. Simultaneously tough and fragile, her songs crackle and smolder with an intimate emotional honesty and a dark undertow. 21:00 on the door or in advance via (between Jaume III & Sant Feliu)

TaPalma is a celebration of Spain’s greatest culinary contribution to the world, TAPAS! 55 tapas bars and restaurants in Palma will be offering a huge selection of delicious mini bites, all for the shockingly low price of 2 euros a piece. Each participating restaurant enters one of their creations into the TaPalma competition and a panel of judges will award the best Tapa of 2010 to the corresponding chef and restaurant. It is a great social outing as the city is flooded with eager and hungry foodies, plus it is also a wonderful way to discover restaurants you never even knew existed. Just pick up a leaflet from one of the venues and take yourself on one of the four very different gastronomic routes through the streets of Palma and enjoy some excellent food Photo thanks to Fosh Food

Map leaflets also available tourism offices.

The Campbell Brothers present African-American gospel music with electric steel guitar and vocal. This tradition is just now emerging from the House of God Keith Dominion Church, where for over sixty years it has been an integral part of worship and a vital, if little known, American tradition. As the music moves from sanctuary to concert hall -- including the Hollywood Bowl, the Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Symphony Space - audiences are now able to appreciate a performance both devoted and rocking. 20:30 box office or

A refreshing sound from this indie band. Their second album won them a best Spanish band at the MTV awards. Renowned for their live performances and relentless touring across the US and around Europe they have created a sound that grabs you and makes you want to get up and dance. 23:30

Mallorca Ballet Season 16 October Boris Eifman, Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Director, has created over 40 ballets and won the highest awards in the Rusian arts is a ballet based on the novel by Pushkin, often referred to as “an encyclopaedia of Russian life″. Eifman transports the piece to the present day, while maintaining the poetry and philosophy of the original work. Eifman’s name is always associated with the most interesting experimental and bold interpretations of classic works and his production of was seen as one of the biggest cultural events of 2009. His message is enhanced by a mix of Tchaikovsky’s classical music and contemporary music by Sitovetsky. Artistic images help to create a blend of reality and fantasy, provoking a powerful emotional experience. 22:00 box office or call 971 734 735

October 8 - October 16

WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM Horacio Hernandez, affectionally known as “El Negro” is one in-demand drummer! He has graced the efforts of Carlos Santana, and Afro Cuban sessions of Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and Michel Camilo. He may be Cuba’s most famous exported present-day drummer. He had defected from Cuba to Italy, and now makes his home in the melting pot of New York City. His debut as a leader, Italuba, was nominated for a Grammy. Now he is back with Italuba II, a mélange of rock, jazz, and Afro Cuban rhythms. 20:30 box office or

Rockabilly is the music in-word at the moment, everywhere you turn another rockabilly band springs up from through to our very own superb But you have to give it the these guys, headed by the sexy Vinila who found fame through her own burlesque show and watched closely from behind by The Lucky Dados, or should that be lucky Dados, this is a top notch boogie band. Get the glad rags on! 23:30

Christian Scott, born in 1983 in New Orleans is a Grammy Award nominated jazz trumpeter, composer and producer. He has been heralded by JazzTimes as "the Architect of a new commercially viable fusion" and "Jazz's young style God." The nephew of jazz alto saxophonist Donald Harrison, since 2006 Scott has released four studio albums, and one live recording. The trumpeter is noted for his use of an unvoiced tone, which he calls his "whisper technique." 20:30

For the past ten years this trio have broken down the walls of jazz convention and created an uncompromising body of work. Few jazz groups in recent memory have amassed such acclaim, and few have inspired such controversy. While the bulk of their output has been original music, they have deconstructed songs in the pop, rock as well as the country and classical music idioms. 20:30

A completely new edition of Disney Live! starts its world-wide tour in Spain. Disney Live! is a great theatrical spectacular with top quality artists and has been enjoyed around the world. Mickey and his friends will shake it up with stars of the Sirenita, Aladdín and Toy Story from Disney/Pixar in their new tour Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival. In this superb production Disney’s best known and loved songs have been jazzed up with an attractive mixture from the original music and the latest sounds, including a bit of hip hop, pop, swing, reggae and rock. An impressive star cast list include all your favourites with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Ariel, Sebastián and Úrsula, Yasmín, Aladdín and the Genie, Woody, Buzz, Jessi and more all coming together to make a great show for the whole family. Come and see them altogether in Disney Live! Mickey' s Music Festival, a live concert experience that will leave you with memories that you will remember all of your life.

October 17 - November 14

WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM Forging a new acoustic sound that defies categorization while striking universal chords, Tin Hat makes freewheeling chamber music for the 21st century. Hailed by the press for "interweaving Old World Europe with post-modern America, south-of-the-border sensuality with concert-hall propriety, and odd-metered syncopation with deeply soulful grooves" (The New York Press), the ensemble has created an original American ethnic music of its own device. “Modern melancholy, modern jubilation, modern swagger and modern volatility” - for the last few years Tin Hat has reminded us that things aren’t exactly as they used to be. 19:00

Praised by for his pure melodic genius, Tom Harrell is widely recognized as one of the most creative and uncompromising jazz instrumentalists and composers of our time. He is a frequent winner in and magazines' Critics and Readers Polls and a Grammy nominee. Harrell is also a Trumpeter of the Year nominee for the 2010 Jazz Journalists Association Awards. Each of Harrell’s 24 albums has found its way onto various critics "Top Ten" lists worldwide. His warm, burnished sound on trumpet and flugelhorn, and the unparalleled harmonic and rhythmic sophistication in his playing and writing, have earned Harrell his place as a jazz icon to aspiring musicians and devoted fans alike. 20:30

Mallorca Ballet Season 20 November with the Balearic Symphony Orchestra The Düsseldorf Opera Ballet (Ballet Deutsche Oper am Rhein) is one of the largest neoclassical troupes in Germany and the in-house dance troupe of the Düsseldorf Opera and the Duisburg Theatre. It has performed in virtually all the countries throughout Europe, Russia and Asia and is currently directed by the award winning Martin Schlapfer. This finale to the current Mallorca Ballet Season includes a live performance by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra. The progamme consists of with music by Strauss and the by Mendelssohn. 21.00

with special guest Omara Portuondo As Cuban revolutions go it was an entirely peaceable uprising - but its impact could not have been more profound. On the release of the Buena Vista Social Club album in 1997, few outside the specialist world music scene took much notice of the record’s elegantly sculpted tunes and warm acoustic rhythms. Then something extraordinary occurred, the album was spectacularly reviewed by a few discerning critics, but although their words of praise did Buena Vista’s cause no harm, they cannot explain what happened. From here on the album sales kept steadily rising week by week eventually going gold, reaching sales in excess of 5 million copies and winning a Grammy. It has been listed by the New York based magazine as Nº260 in . The present line-up comprises thirteen musicians from Havana, and has already been a great success, "taking the atmosphere up to a breathless level" during their 22 sell-out concerts in the UK, which "left audiences awe-struck" . Each of the artists has their own take on the gamut of Cuban music, and they've put their individual stamp on son montunos, danzón, cha cha cha, boleros, and Cuban jazz. 20:30

November 14 - November 27

WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM The aim of this choir was to carry the message of the "good news" or "good spell" (the original meaning of the word 'gospel') out into the world. The choir was to give each of its singers an equal opportunity to express their God-given talent in a personal way and thus also a stage for their spiritual convictions. Over the past few years the group has become one of the most popular and well-booked black gospel choirs in the world. These exceptional artists perform some of the best known and most beautiful of Gospel songs in a two hour programme. They will perform all your favourites including and . 20:30

Stunningly good looks...sensational voices as rich as Irish evening so enjoyable you’ll want to take all the boys home with you... Now, for the first time in Mallorca, let your hair down, sit back and heighten your senses of pleasure as you experience THE TWELVE TENORS. Along with all the favourite tenor arias you would expect – the thrilling included, of course - this hugely talented group of twelve of Europe’s finest singers performs some of the greatest music of the 20th Century, opera, pop, musicals, jazz and swing. With their wonderful harmonies, young, sexy looks and radiant smiles, the crowds go wild for THE TWELVE TENORS! Accompanied on stage by an eight-piece band, their repertoire has included and many more. 20:30

Located in the grounds of a beautiful finca just 20 minutes from Palma the Son Amar spectacular has been thrilling audiences for more than 40 years, entertaining thousands of visitors every week with a pot pourri of international cabaret and dancing. Showtime at Son Amar includes a delicious meal, music, dance, magic and one or two surprises. Settle in with a glass of cava and an assortment of appetizers to the sound of Son Amar’s accomplished resident band, Sounds of Soul, accompanied by soul singer Arthur Hensen. Then sit back, enjoy your meal and be entertained by music & dance from Latin America, Bollywood, Irish Celtic dancing plus Flamenco from the Son Amar Spanish Ballet. Be dazzled & mystified by the magic of Miguel Gavilán and amazed by the ariel acrobatics of Bogdan Tsurpryk. The evening ultimately draws to a close with a finale celebrating the genius of Michael Jackson with Eno and the entire team of the Son Amar dancers. All in all one of the best dinner shows and nights entertainment you can find in Mallorca. Look out for coming news of the Christmas and New Year special nights. Platinum: 90€ · Gold: 60€ Show only: 40€

Come and enjoy some great chilled jazz in the heart of the Porto Pi shopping Plaza. With our regular groups, Geoff Frossel Trio or Palma Jazz Trio performing alongside some exciting guest artists. Recent weeks have seen bassist Alec Dankworth, (son of Johnny Dankworth) as well as exciting US saxophonist Tony Pagano. Make sure you check our website for the latest news.

December and ongoing

WWW.DIGAMEMALLORCA.COM Wally Wood was best known for his his work with EC Comics and of course . He was the first inductee of the comic book industry’s in 1989 followed three years later into the Helped make E. C. and MAD huge hits in the 1950s. He drew for all the major comic publishers including D C, Marvel, Gold Key, Fawcett, Fox Features, Archie. He is probably best remembered for his sci-fi illustrations, in which earthy earth women, bug-eyed-monsters, laser-wielding spacemen, and sharply shadowed spaceships jumped off covers and pages. He also worked in everything from war stories to westerns, crime to celebrity (Dorothy Lamour, Judy Canova), super heroes to zombies. This exhibition showcases over 150 original pieces of his work including the complete story boards of o and much more.

Tues - Sat 10:30 - 13:45 & 17:00 - 20:15, Sun & Holidays 10:00 - 13:45

"Enredos" is a series of photographic prints that see the cobweb as a metaphor of today´s electronic networks. Paradoxically, we allow ourselves to be trapped by cobwebs of our own making. These works illustrate how technologies create complex emotional connections that simultaneously bring us together and imprison us. Daniel Canogar was born in Madrid in 1964. He studied Image Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, graduating in 1987. Between then and 1989 he lived and studied in New York, earning a specialist photographic Masters Degree. He returned to Madrid, where he continues to live and work.

Tues - Sat 10:30 - 13:45 & 17:00 - 20:15, Sun & Holidays 10:00 - 13:45

Located in the new basement level this is an interactive exhibition created by this young artist from Cordoba. Observation, relation, interactivity, [1] subjectivity, multiplicity, infinity and space are just some of the questions his work asks of you.

Tues - Sat 10:30 - 13:45 & 17:00 - 20:15, Sun & Holidays 10:00 - 13:45

“HOME 2010, the most important place in the world” A collection of work by: Céline Lachkar – Maïa Jancovici – Nadia Yosmayan – Sophie Truant – Veronica Seidel. ABA art is a space dedicated to contemporary art in all its expressions, creating a platform for promoting young artists and a meeting-point between reality, creativity, reflection; between artists, art collectors and art lovers.

Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:30

An exhibition of collaborative paintings by New York artists Jennifer Coates, Holly Coulis, Ridley Howard and David Humphrey. Each work was created by 3 of the 4 artists who took turns in which order they add their own personality to this set of paintings. Each addition is totally unplanned and the previous artist was not aware of what had happened to their work once it has left his or her studio.

Tues to Fri 10.30 -19:00. Sat, Sun and holidays 10.30 -16:00 Mon closed.

Autumn art

Surrounded by the walls of this beautiful 16th century Manor house is the famous " Magna theatre" where Son Amar proudly presents its new summer show 2010. They continue to delight and surprise their audience with amazing and unforgettable acts making this a truly magical evening and the best dinner show in Mallorca.

Reservations 9 007 12345 (free) or


DINING DEALS ONLY PAY 30€ BUT SPEND 50€ Some of the listed restaurants have agreed to make available a limited number of for our readers to spend in their restaurants. These can only be purchased through Dígame for 30€ or less giving you great savings. Check for the current availability, price and any restrictions. We only have a limited supply so don’t miss out, get in early, this is your chance to eat at your favorite restaurant or try a super new one at a reduced price!

The Rose is a charming restaurant where you instantly feel relaxed and at home. Owners Martin & Roswitha have a great deal of experience in running a restaurant and it shows. Martin uses his culinary expertise to create interesting and delicious dishes that make the most of seasonal produce. In addition to the main menu there are weekly specials and a selection of light options making this an ideal place to stop for either lunch or dinner. There is something for everyone – you can sit on the terrace and watch the world go by, relax in the delightful courtyard garden or enjoy the cosy ambience inside. A firm favourite with many clients returning again and again, it is perfect for a special occasion, family get together's or a romantic dinner for two.

Carrer de Ciutat 3, Puigpunyent 971 614 360 12:30-15:00 & 19:00-23:30 Closed: all day Tuesday & Wednesday lunch

This restaurant, featured and recommended in many gourmet journals and magazines, is characterised by a warm, lively and friendly atmosphere where good food and good fun reign supreme. Chef Alexei creates imaginative dishes using fresh seasonal market produce, while brother Sascha welcomes his guests in with a unique panache. Excellent menu del dia 16.95€, which includes a glass of wine.

Simply Fosh Restaurant is a new concept in the centre of Palma by well-known chef Marc Fosh. Although he calls it 'a stripped down pocket-friendly version of Mediterranean cuisine', Marc's philosophy has not changed - and, as the name implies, Simply Fosh is all about 'going back to basics' and 'enjoying good, fresh, healthy food at affordable prices in stylish surroundings'.

Cotoner 42 Santa Catalina, Palma 971 453 125 Tue-Sat 13-15.30 & 20.30- 23.00 Sun 13.00-15.00

Carrer de la Missió 7a Palma 971 720 114 Mon-Sat 13- 15:30 & 19:30-22:30

You will find this exciting restaurant tucked away just 5 minutes walk from Plaza España in Palma. Located in a converted garage workshop with a clean and modern feel this extremely innovative and creative restaurant continues to amaze it’s clientele with it’s modern approach to traditional Mediterranean cuisine along with excellent service and good value.

Calle Pablo Iglesia 12 Palma 871 948 947 Closed Sat lunch and all day Sun


Pepe is one of Mallorca’s most exciting young chefs. Not only is his food an art form but on visiting his restaurant you get to see some of his own excellent creations on the walls. A real treat of a restaurant for both the palate and the eye. Along with excellent “modern home cooking” (as described by Pepe) he has a great selection of wines from his home country, Argentina. A relaxed and excellently priced restaurant that is easy to find, located just of the via Cintura.

Michael Reljic’s Picasso is one of the unsung heroes of the Palma restaurant trade. Offering some of the best in fusion food, a style he was creating before it became the fashion statement it now is. His dishes are truly influenced from across the world including Caesar salad topped with Yakitori chicken or Thai Prawns, Grilled lime kofta with yogurt, lime and mint or just some simple 5 spice char grilled prawns.

Ideally situated on a cliff overlooking Portals, with views over the bay of Palma. Fragrant gardens surround the terrace to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy the finest Mediterranean cooking prepared daily from the freshest ingredients. With a menu del dia or noche plus a la carte menu always available, Kim and her highly trained staff enjoy offering a friendly and efficient service. The perfect place to indulge all the senses. Open 7 days from mid June.

San Francisco de Sales 18, Palma 971 750 234 13:00 - 16:00, 20:30 - 23:00 Closed all day Sunday

Plaza Progreso 9, Santa Catalina Palma 971 731 495 Mon-Sat 19:30 - 23:00

C/ Oratorio 1, Portals Nous. 971 676 179 / 971 677 254 11:00 - 16:00 & 19:30 - 22:30 Open every day

Come and relax in the latest addition to Lizarran located in the heart of the Porto Pi shopping centre. Our aim is to bring you great value miniature gastronomy that caters for all tastes. Try our freshly made pintxos (slices of crusty bread with a delicious array of toppings), tapas, ham & cheese platters, salads and dishes that promise to be a unique experience for your senses.

Terrazas, Planta Superior/Top Floor, Porto Pi, Palma. Tel: 971 750 234 13:00 - 16:30, 20:00 - 24:00 Closed all day Sunday

Terrazas, Planta Superior/Top Floor, Porto Pi, Palma. Tel 971 403 358 Mon -Wed 09:00 - 00:00 Fri & Sat 09:00 - 00:30 or later

Call our friendly team - 971 131 644

Welcome to CHINA ¡BOOM! a totally new Chinese food experience at Porto Pi, Palma. Fresh ingredients cooked to order with dishes designed by Spain’s renowned Chinese chef Chiu Kam Hoy. If you are on a shopping trip, visiting the cinema, coming to one of our events or just want a trip out, you will find good value and a friendly welcome every time. Menu del dia 3 courses and a drink for just 9.90€ Take away available.

Official paperwork: NIE Nº, Residencia, Tax Office, Business Set Up Health Cards: Spanish, European & Pensioners Registrations: School, Town Hall & Doctor Insurance: Home, Medical, Vehicle & Business Vehicle Administration Vehicle Registration & Transfer of Plates Translation: Meetings, Documents & Websites Benefits: Newborns, Working Mothers & Rental Subsidy Property: Long Term Rentals Administration: Virtual Office Service

CLASSIFIEDS La Llonja, Palma Open every day from 5.00pm until the early hours for cool drinks, cool music and cool people. Quiz night every Tuesday at 8.00, winner takes all. C. Valsecca 10, Palma. Tel 971 728 449

Now moved to bigger premises, Prudencia Rovira 16, Poligono Can Valero, Palma close to the football stadium. Call Dom 645 509 311

Need a website? We can get you up and running with a 3 page website with 6 months hosting from only 250â‚Ź From business cards to brochures Tel 636 807 459

Make your party swing with music from the golden era. Bringing you the best in jazz hits and more. Make that private or public event go with pzazz! Call 646 848 949 5 piece ensemble, all from the Balearic Symphony Orchestra available for garden parties, corporate events and concerts of all types. Create the right feeling for your event. Call 0034 636 807 459.

. Pet travel by Road or Airfreight. Experienced, caring service for your pets, between Spain / UK, Worldwide. Contact us animals@ call Spain: 635 155962 / 656 894477 or UK +44(0)1483200123 +44(0)7736251800,

Let the marketing professionals help you. With over 50 years of experience in marketing, pr, sales promotion, design and print production we can help get your business on the right track. Contact us for more info or call 636 807 459

Business networking for women, regular meetings, events, support and advice. More details at

Look and feel better naturally, Anti-aging therapy using acupuncture now in Palma, better than botox, safer than surgery, call for a free consultation 971460034, 663988701, .

Professional hair styling & colouring in a relaxed environment using Matrix products . Pet travel by Road or Airfreight. Experienced, car- (no.1 in US Salons) plus creative gel & acrylic nails - NEW Minx ing service for your pets, between Spain / UK, Worldwide. Contact us range of nail fashion - designs inc. animals@ call Leopard skin, silver & gold (lasts Spain: 635 155962 / 656 894477 2/3 weeks). Mon/Fri 09:15-19.00 Sat 9:15or UK +44(0)1483200123 14:30 .Avda de la Playa 7, Local 61, +44(0)7736251800, (alley next to Economic cafe) mamova 971 680 548 / 676 157 730 Powerful ritual to resolve your longstanding conflict with family partner/colleague this autumn! Counseling. SEICHIM-REIKI Healing sessions. Call Ilse: 971-675908 / 644429298

Mayni Cristina Aceves, Master of The Reiki Alliance, will teach bilingual English/Spanish courses during October in Palma de Mallorca. See web for further details Tels: 971245262 / 60965574

Back/Neck pain, Sports Injuries, Neurological Conditions, Post-operative Rehabilitation, GP/Consultant linked, Insurances recognised Home/Boat visits also available Tel: 971 558 832 / 679 226 435


971 254 030

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The communication network for women in Mallorca


+34 649 18 95 95

British Supermarket Iceland Frozen Food Many UK favourtes incl bacon, shreddies & Quorn plus gluten free products Mon-Sat 10 ‘til 7

lears Illes Ba

Tel 971 677 563 Miguel de Cervantes, Costa d’en Blanes

Take off with us. 20 years flying on Mallorca. Take an evening trip for two to five persons. Call 607 647 647

Legal, accountancy and tax services in English and Spanish. t. 971 591 118 • f. 971 681 127 • m. 696 035 931 /

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