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Good vibrations…

time to tune into your mood and find the positive vibes. W hat kind of mood are you in right now? Take a few seconds to ponder that question, then ask what mood you have been in all week, month and year. When we think about that question we normally say we are either in a good mood or a bad one. The mood you’re in right in this moment is sending out a signal or energy pulse, electromagnetic frequency – whatever you like to call it – you are sending it out there. Think about the mood you are in right now, are the feelings that are underneath it supportive or destructive? Positive feelings such as optimism, excitement, love, generosity, happiness, hope, abundance (this is not just boiling down to how many £££’s you have in the bank but of abundant love, friendships etc), can all elevate our mood. Negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, worry, hopelessness, hurt, disappointment, revenge and the like dampens our mood or should I say our spirit. We think about a mood as good or bad but if you go into the question a little deeper you can generally find out what is the dominant feeling. Feelings count, feelings are everything, the feelings we emit are those that are sent out to the vast energy field around us, drawing and pulling equal energy towards us which can draw in or attract something of equal energy, this could be the nasty comment, moody shop assistant, unhelpful boss and other irritable people. Whereas when we have a feeling of love, optimism, happiness, peace – yes you’ve guessed it, we draw to ourselves that equal energy. Or at least what you will see is evidence of this as you go through the day. Our feelings can go up and down the scale quite quickly, and it’s our job to be able to ‘check in’ with how we are feeling during the day before we get to the place of the heavier energies that pull more of the stuff we don’t want. Make no mistake, this takes time to get a


handle on, we have so much outside stimulation from people, technology, what we listen to on the radio, watch on TV, read on social media and the like. In every given moment we have the choice to allow feelings to stick to us. When you start to allow your feelings to be your guidance you will know instantly if you are going up or down on the energy/feeling scale and from there you can adjust them. It can be as simple as removing yourself from company that is pulling you down, or taking a moment on your own to regroup your thoughts. Or getting a good therapist to help you with issues that are affecting you right now.

Sometimes though, we need some solid props to get our feelings back up the scale, here are a few suggestions… • Spending healthy time alone – being alone is not the same as being lonely! • Eating foods that offer nourishment rather than fake stimulants. • Getting out in the sunshine

• Earthing – getting your bare feet into some grass/sand • Taking a walk on the beach or in nature. • Listening to music that uplifts you. • Journaling, writing down all the feelings good and bad – get them down, get them out! • Watching a film that inspires and/or uplifts you • Take a cyber space detox – yes turn off social media, computer etc • Turn off the TV and avoid the hypnotic way in which media can over stimulate our minds • Surround yourself with people that elevate you or make you laugh . Feelings matter, they are your own internal sat nav so tune in and let them guide you. Nothing is more important than finding the good feelings for health and happiness.

Karen If you would like to join Karen in her cleansing, and education programmes please get in touch. Karen is a Registered Nutritionist, and a member of BANT, life coach based in Peterborough.

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