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(XONE) Out now

Released: June 6 This Sundance Film Festival multi-award winning drama finally makes it to this side of the pond, with Chronicle’s Michael B Jordan – the new Human Torch in the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot – getting rave reviews. He stars as a youngster who decides to better himself after feeling ‘something in the air’ on the last day of 2008 – crossing friends, family and enemies in the process.


Microsoft builds on the success of the original Kinect Sports game – by providing an expanded multiplayer experience with lots to enjoy. Again, the Kinect controls are sometimes hit-and-miss – particularly poorly implemented in the soccer offering of this new package – but new games like wave racing and rock climbing work pretty well, and are welcome additions. Throw in improved ten-pin bowling and tennis, which both (most of the time) prove engaging, then this definitely advances your Kinect peripheral on the Xbox One – even though the motionsensor still isn’t perfect.



(360/PS3) Out now

Released: June 6 Nicole Kidman stars as legendary Hollywood star Grace Kelly in this story focused on her marriage and identity crisis during the backdrop of a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainer III and France’s Charles De Gaulle over tax laws in the early 60s. Unfortunately the early reviews of this drama – which co-stars Reservoir Dogs’ Tim Roth – aren’t particularly glowing.


There’s no denying the production values and carnival atmosphere that ooze through every pore of FIFA’s World Cup version of their hit football game. The game itself has only been slightly tweaked since the last FIFA ’14 incarnation, with 100 new animations providing better passing mechanics, a new set-piece tactics system, and the addition of Brazilian-inspired dribbling flicks and tricks, being the only barely notable refinements. Of course this is arguably another footballing cash-in – but this offers just about enough to be Rio Grande.



(WIIU/PS4/XONE/PS3/360/3DS/PC) Out now

Released: June 13 Reviews from the States have been favourable of this possible new horror franchise – with its clever use of spine-tingling dread ahead of the usual gore. When Kaylie’s (Karen Gillan) brother Tim (Brenton Thwaites) is released from prison after being convicted of the brutal murder of their parents – she’s convinced it was a malevolent force unleashed through an antique mirror that really killed them.


Spider-man games are a frustrating experience – historically taking one step forward then two steps back. This latest web-slinging experience frustratingly fits into that category as the right moves made a few years back in Shattered Dimensions haven’t stuck – despite this having the best swinging mechanics ever seen in a Spidey game, and some great production values. But sadly when Peter Parker’s alter-ego is on the ground it really offers little that’s amazing, with combat that simply doesn’t have the same bite as Batman’s Arkham series – and all the hallmarks of a rushed movie tie-in.


3 DAYS TO KILL Released: June 20 Kevin Costner stars as a dying CIA agent who’s determined to give up his high-stakes life to reconnect with his young daughter (True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld). But he has to take on one final assignment – tracking down the world’s most ruthless terrorist – after being offered an experimental drug that could save his life, in this action-thriller from the director of Terminator: Salvation.


This gloriously high-def sequel to the critically-acclaimed downloadable games Trials HD and Trials Evolution – two of the best-selling games ever on XBLA – finally gets a brand new world for next-gen consoles. Now you can master crazy motorbike trickery throughout a futuristic high-tech world of platform-racing challenges and obstacle-laden courses in both single and multiplayer – that’s every bit as engrossing as the original games. Despite it generally being more of the same – this is top-class stuff that fans should undoubtedly lap-up.


JERSEY BOYS Released: June 20 Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood helms this biographical musical drama, made famous by its award-winning turns on Broadway and the West End. It tells the iconic story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey, who come together to form the iconic sixties group The Four Seasons, with Christopher Walken headlining a relatively unknown cast.


Saving the best till last is the best way to end this month’s gaming round-up – with this little RPG gem. Ubisoft’s truly enchanting game – as your young princess looks to recapture the three sources of light that have been stolen by the black queen in the kingdom of Lemuria – is an absolute pleasure to play. With sensational art and design values, coupled with wellbalanced combat in a diverse world, this ten-hour plus adventure is one of the standout gaming surprises of the year – and at a decent price point.


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