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around the country doing this? Biff told So, why do Biff and the fellow Steampunks travel People don’t dress up anymore – you life’. l ‘norma the from me – “Well, it’s a great escape n’t wear to the office. As a would I hing go to the Opera and see people wearing somet to reinvent ourselves and let a unity opport the and fun have to need we society flamboyant part of us out. rtive and welcoming,” adds Trudy. "I love it because everyone is so friendly and suppo e your outfit or Steampunks will improv can you how on advice some get “You'll always encounter a Steampunk, please ever you if that add would I share their art with you. And or a doff of the hat as well as a curtsie bow, a with smile and say hello. You'll be rewarded quick polite chat."

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more about the Steampunks? The good Fancy your own break from reality and finding out can find them on Twitter You rd. Stamfo in news is some of them are based ok. (@SteampunkStam) or look up ‘Steampunk’ on Facebo May, but if there’s enough interest The next gathering at Nene Valley Railway is next themed Christmas/Steampunk event an Victori they’re also looking at the possibility of a the idea of that! fancy you if touch in get so rd Stamfo in year this

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