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ESP Editor Sharon McAllister celebrates the 30th anniversary of Hereward Radio… I can still remember the excitement we all felt when my friends made their Hereward Radio debut and as we listened back to ourselves on the cassette tapes our families had recorded us on! The city’s new local radio station had set down its roadshow at Werrington Community Centre and my friends were picked out by DJ Stewart Francis to take part in an on-air competition. OK so it wasn’t the Radio One Big Weekend or anything but this was BIG… well for us anyway! It was the first time we had a local radio station broadcasting just for us and little did I ever imagine that one day I’d be working there, let alone reading the news.

Hereward Radio in the former pub Rose and Crown

This month I’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Hereward Radio at a reunion on July 10 and reminiscing about the days when commercial radio exploded into our living rooms and a new broadcasting era began. The station was named after the legendary 11th century Anglo Saxon rebel Hereward the Wake and broadcast round-the-clock programming as part of the nationwide emergence of independent radio. Soon cars around the city sported ‘I go to bed with Hereward’ stickers and listeners were taking part in quizzes like Pick Your Poison. Hereward Radio began life in a former Bridge Street pub – The Rose and Crown but seven years later it relocated to brand new purpose-built studios on the top floor of the new Queensgate Centre. It was in the late 80s that I joined the team originally answering the phones on the Hereward Helpine and eventually joining the news team. Former news editor at the station and BBC and Anglia TV

Rob Jones

Kev Lawrence

freelance journalist Pat Beasley, now retired and living in Spain told ESP – “I have many happy memories of the time I once spent with Hereward. Apart from its entertainment value it provided a launch pad for many young journalists and presenters who went on to make their mark in the wider world of radio and television entertainment.” Many local presenters like Rob Jones, Simon Potter, John Bradley, Steve Allen and Kev Lawrence remain in the city, of course Kev fronts what’s now become Heart as Hereward was bought out and renamed. Former Hereward presenter Paul Stainton now hosts the BBC’s Peterborough breakfast show and many others from Hereward went on to establish Lite FM, now relaunched as Connect. Former Hereward breakfast show presenter, and ESP’s Wickedly Perceptive columnist Sarah Tempest hosted the show for three years with Matt Jarvis and says it was a great era – “They were some of the maddest but best times of my life and many a time he and the listeners made me laugh ’til I cried. It was a dream job and we met so many amazing people during that time, including the people we ended up marrying!”

Sarah and Matt

A NEW VOICE FOR PETERBOROUGH This month a new radio station takes to the airwaves in the city broadcasting throughout the Peterborough Festival and hoping to gain a full time license. Radio Peterborough is a new, not-for-profit community station broadcasting for one month on 102.2FM. It’ll initially include everything you need to know about the Festival but after that it’ll include all local news and views with a Radio 2 style music policy.

Keith and Claire

The faces behind the project are Wayne Fitzgerald and Peter Tibbs who both have significant experience in broadcasting with Wayne originally launching Lite FM.

Wayne told ESP – “We want this to be a truly community station for Peterborough and need to hear from anybody who wants to be involved in this exciting project.” The station sees a return to the airwaves for the popular Keith & Claire show which ran for ten years on Lite FM and Keith Dalton, now also a writer for ESP, told us – “It’s wonderful to see a move to bring real local radio back to Peterborough. I’m looking forward to locking horns with my regular Saturday adversary once again!” p m ag .co.u k ( July )

Wayne Fitzgerald and Peter Tibbs

In the longer term, Radio Peterborough has ambitions to establish a Radio Academy which will train local people of any age who have an interest in broadcasting and the media.

Peter Tibbs told ESP – “It’s been a personal aim of mine to bring a training academy to the city to help give young people some direction. I’ve been involved in one in Corby which has been a great success. It feels good to put something back into the community.” If you’d like to be involved in Radio Peterborough email or call 01733 704123 (Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm).

Weekday Schedule on 102.2FM 7am – 9am Chris Holland 9am – 12pm Keith Dalton 12pm – 2pm Wayne Fitzgerald 2pm – 5pm Tom Hooper 5pm – 7pm Dave King Pete T’s 70’s show runs in the evenings

Weekend highlights… Saturday 10am – 1pm Keith & Claire 1pm – 5pm Rob Jones Sunday 4pm – 7pm Country Highway

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ESP July 2010  

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