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Multi-skills and Play Steve Peyman


A £50 million campaign launched in 2005


Single biggest grassroots sports development initiative in UK


Aims to impact lives of over two million young people by 2015


Supported by Government


Embraced by communities across the UK

!   Cricket teaches teamwork, leadership & respect !   Reaches into ethnic communities like no other sport !   It’s wholly inclusive !   Appeals to both genders !   Provides for those with disabilities !   Effective theme for learning across the curriculum

And yet in 2004 fewer than 10% of state schools provided any form of meaningful cricket…

!   3,344 schools registered !   378,000 participants !   177,000 from BME !   65,000 with special needs !   Over 5000 teachers involved !   1500 coaches involved !   103,000 hours of activity (83,000 hours delivered in schools) !   6400 children have joined a cricket club (23% girls)

“Process of social learning that occurs and shared practices that emerge and evolve when people who have common goals interact as they strive towards those goals.�

!   To increase and enhance the delivery of cricket in schools !   To enhance teachers skills and knowledge !   To develop core physical skills of young people !   To develop young people’s social skills through cricket !   Long term sustainability

Chance to shine Regional Managers

Head Teachers

School Sport Coordinators

Cricket County Board Development Managers


Primary Link Teachers

Club Volunteers

Classroom Assistants

Young People/Leaders


Lunchtime Supervisors

Competition Managers

Partnership Development Managers



!   Formal training !   Specialist coaches !   Ongoing support and mentoring !   Cascade training sharing of good practice !   Teacher – Coach !   School to club transitions

What skills children develop: Physical Skills

Social Skills

Hand-eye coordination

Team Work




Respect for others


How to win


Dealing with defeat & setbacks

!   Progressive and sustainable programme (minimum 3 years) !   Structured coaching and competition programme !   All sessions delivered by local qualified coaches !   Sessions fun and enjoyable !   Young people allowed to progress and develop their skills !   Specific Spirit of Cricket sessions delivered !   Established school – club links

!   840 schools received Playground Markings through Chance to shine !   Bright, colourful targets and markings to motivate and encourage children to play games and participate multi-sport activities !   Designed to develop the FUN-damental skills of agility, balance, coordination and speed !   Helps address the challenge of children’s inactivity and levels of obesity !   Provides structured play and enhances free play for children !   Enables more contact time with children, less set up time for teachers, coaches, lunchtime supervisors, young leaders and parents !   Emphasis on ‘FUN’ and enjoyment whilst, at the same time developing essential basic sports skills !   Develops numeracy and literacy skills

!   Helps children to develop a sense of wellbeing !   Helps children develop emotional responses !   Helps children develop learning skills !   Helps improve children’s interpersonal skills !   Helps to increase community cohesion !   Play is, above all, FUN!

Chance to shine in isolation would meet the needs of cricket, however, through its collective approach and multi-agency working hits a much wider agenda. This proves the concept of a Community of Practice is a more beneficial and effective method of working.

Multi-skills and Play Steve Peyman

Steve Peyman - Multi-skills and Play  
Steve Peyman - Multi-skills and Play  

Presentation from the ESP National Conference 2009. Presented by Steve Peyman, Operations Director, Chance to Shine.