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Building Schools For the Future Dr Jon Spence

Building Schools for the Future

Developing Partnerships for change Dr Jon Spence

Aim of the session

•  To Identify how interested parties can influence change •  To provide an example where partnership has resulted in effective change •  To suggest how partnerships can be developed between Schools, Universities, Businesses and Local Authorities.

The role of the University in School!

Working Together

•  In order to bring about change we must work together to form a ‘community of practice’ •  The aim of a community of practice is to create, expand and exchange knowledge and develop individual capabilities. •  Within the community we must have passion and commitment •  The community will last as long as the topic remains interesting and learning continues.

To Consider

•  Who Do you work with? – Is it a community of practice? •  Who do you want to work with? •  Why don’t you?

Managing Change

•  In order to bring about change we must: –  Identify what needs changing –  Bring together interested parties –  Plan for change –  Work together to ensure success –  Remain focused on the reason for change

Careful planning will lead to success

Case Study Primary School Physical Education Provision

The Roehampton Community: The Issue •  •  •  •  • 

Inappropriate/insufficient Initial Teacher Training Poorly prepared teachers Inappropriate curriculum Poor facilities Teachers lacking confidence and competence to deliver a high quality PE experience for all •  School Sport Partnerships keen to have an impact and LA’s with specific targets

A Solution!

•  Creation of a community of practice involving 13 SSP’s, 8 Local Authorities (and latterly a business) •  All involved believed passionately that they could make a difference to the teaching and learning in Physical Education –  The University had the knowledge and expertise –  The SSP’s had the infrastructure and expertise –  The LA had the ‘power’ and contacts.

Stage 1

•  Improving teachers confidence and competence to teach PE –  Teachers had expertise in children’s learning –  SSP had expertise in the subject –  University had the ability to influence •  Working together the SSP’s and the University developed a programme of support for teachers to give them greater confidence and competence to provide a high quality learning experience

Teacher Support

•  Local needs identified and catered for: –  Courses (evolving and progressive) –  Modelling –  Discussion –  Materials •  All involved were committed to bringing about a change in philosophy and to developing a greater understanding of Physical Education

Stage 2

•  As Teachers grew in confidence and competence, the community needed to develop to meet additional demands •  Facilities/the learning environment became a barrier to further change •  A business with a similar philosophy and appropriate ethos joined the community •  Equipment, facilities and training were developed to aid the developmental approach to the teaching of the subject

Facility/equipment development

•  The community, in particular the University, have contributed to the development of equipment and training provided by the company •  Teachers will be trained at the university utilising specifically designed and developed facilities/ equipment •  Staff from all partners will be trained by the company to enable them to train others in the community

The problems of business involvement •  Working with a business brings different challenges –  Careful selection of partners is essential •  The need for profit does not always meet the educational philosophy and targets of the community •  Ensuring the company have similar goals to the community is essential •  All partners will need to feel the benefits if the community is to continue to operate successfully


•  Passion, commitment and drive are the keys to success •  Working together is better than working alone •  Pupils benefit from the range of partners involved •  All member of the community will benefit from the strengths of the others •  Cliché Time! –  "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

•  Find like minded partners who want what you want and are determined to get there •  One person can be the catalyst for change but working together will see the greatest results.

Dr Jon Spence Roehampton University Physical Education Subject Leader/enterprise manager

Dr Jon Spence - Building Schools for the Future  

Presentation from the ESP National Conference 2009. Presented by Dr Jon Spence, Enterprise Manager for PE, University of Roehampton.