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Communities of Practice Anna Chapman

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Anna Chapman Study Support Manager

James Dawson Assistant Head Selwyn Primary

Jassica Khanom Disability Sports Officer & Legacy Advisor for 2012

Paralympics Quiz Let the Games begin!

Question 1 Where & When 1st Unofficial Paralympics

A) Italy, 1944 B) England, 1948 C) England, 1952 D) Japan, 1956

1. Answer B: Held in 1948 at a hospital in Stoke Mandeville Organised by German-born neurosurgeon Ludwig Guttmann. World War Two veterans with spinal cord injuries - precursors of the Paralympics Games

Question 2 Where & When 1st Official Paralympics:

A) London, 1956 B) Rome, 1960 C) Tokyo, 1964 D) Tel Aviv, 1968

2. Answer B: first Olympic-style games for athletes with disabilities Rome1960 400 wheelchair athletes from 23 countries competed. Winter Paralympics began in 1976.

Question 3 2008 Beijing Paralympics, how many athletes competed? A) 3,000 athletes B) 3,500 athletes C) 4,000 athletes D) 4,000+ athletes

3. Answer D: Grown over the past 4 decades to become the world's second largest sporting event after the Olympics. More than 4,000 athletes, 150 countries competed at Beijing.

Question 4 How many Paralympics games have been held prior to 2012? A) 10 B) 11

C) 13 D) 15

4. Answer C: The 2012 Paralympic Games will be the fourteenth. Will take place between 29 August and 9 September 2012.

Question 5 How many times have the Paralympics been held in the UK before? A) Never B) 1 C) 2 D) 3

5. Answer A: Never before have the Paralympics been held in the UK because the last Olympic games were held back in 1948 while the Paralympic games began in 1960.

Question 6 How many sports programmes are in the Paralympics in 2012? A) 18 B) 20 C) 25 D) 28

6. Answer B: 20 different sports are held which include, cycling, rowing, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and shooting.

Question 7 Trischa Zorn, born in USA 1964, is the most successful Paralympic athlete to date. Blind from birth, she is a swimmer. How many medals has she won? A) 40 B) 45

C) 55 D) 60

7. Answer C: She has won 55 medals of which 41 are gold, competing 6 times (1980 to 2004)

Question 8 Who is the youngest British Paralympian to win an individual gold medal? A) Joanne Round B) Eleanor Simmonds C) Hollie Arnold D) Daniel Lucker

8. Answer B: Eleanor Simmonds age 13, was the youngest ever to win an individual gold medal. She was the second youngest British Paralympian in history after swimmer Joanne Round's appearance in Seoul in 1988 at the age of 12.

Question 9 “People with the disability of being deaf are not involved in the Paralympics however they have their own games, the Deaflympics� True or False

9. Answer True: The first Summer Deaflympics were held in Paris. Winter Deaflympics were added in 1949. The Summer and Winter Deaflympics are sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, IOC. They are held every four years.

Question 10 And finally. . . What are the four Paralympics values? No options given‌

10. Answer Determination Inspiration Courage Equality

Disability Provision in Newham 1st London Borough to sign up to the GLA's regional plan for disability sport ‘Inclusive and Active’

Playground Champions

Aims: • Engage children with disabilities • To raise awareness of disability • Support extended school clusters • Raise awareness of Paralympics

St Francis Primary John F Kennedy Special Godwin Junior Abbey Lane Children’s Centre St James Junior William Davies Primary Monega Primary St Stephen’s Primary St Antony’s Primary

Selwyn Primary

Brampton Primary

Cleves Primary

Kensington Primary

Britannia Village Primary

Roman Road Primary Hartley Primary Langdon Secondary

Training • Held in four schools in each quad • Designed for all members of staff • Award for attendees in multi-skills

Selwyn School E13 Learning Community - Support staff - Support students - Raise awareness - Extended schools

Discuss with your table/neighbour how you might raise awareness around the Paralympics and or use Playground markings to develop inclusive programmes

Communities of Practice Anna Chapman

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Anna Chapman - Communities of Practice  

Presentation from the ESP National Conference 2009. Presented by Anna Chapman, Study Support Coordinator, Newham Learning Support Services

Anna Chapman - Communities of Practice  

Presentation from the ESP National Conference 2009. Presented by Anna Chapman, Study Support Coordinator, Newham Learning Support Services

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